Virtual Programming Ideas
Get inspired while planning your virtual events for your community with these ideas. Email BBYO On Demand with new ideas!
Bob Ross Painting NightFollow along to the master, Bob Ross, and one of his episodes and create your own masterpieces, with dozens of episodes on the Bob Ross YouTube Channel.
Book ClubForm an online Book Club with new hits or favorite classics with ideas from Goodreads and check out this free book site.
Chapter BusinessKeep up with Chapter Business through Good and Welfares, inducting new members, constitution updating, swag creation (Tips for Branding AZA Swag).
Chapter InitiativesAdopt a BBYO Chapter Initiative and take the fun virtual.
Cooking Classes & CompetitionsRally your friends and family to offer online Jewish cooking classes or competitions with favorite family recipes or new ones you find online together.
Dance ClassesFind a playlist you all like (or collaborate to make your own) and send it out to everyone, or pick a line dance you’ve wanted to learn and get to it.
Coffee HouseFind a playlist you all like (or collaborate to make your own) and send it out to everyone, or pick a line dance you’ve wanted to learn and get to it.
EsportsUsing native online features of the Switch, Xbox, and Playstation, create chapter tournaments for everything. Check out Challonge to make a bracket for your tournament.
Exercise ClassesReel in your friends, advisors, or staff to lead online exercise and workout classes
IC Chapter ShowcaseLet’s make BBYO International Convention 24/7, have fun running an IC Chapter Showcase Program.
Jackbox GamesFire up that Zoom call and start a Jackbox game, like Quiplash, or take your turns at epic Kahoot tournaments.
Jewish Learning (Chevrutah) StudyHonestly, there’s no better time to ask questions. Explore through Sefaria (a great compilation of Jewish text by topic), MyJewishLearning, the BBYO Judaics page, or HebCal and think about crafting some fun, interactive, study sessions for your chapter. (Want an educator to help? Email azabbg@bbyo.org and we’ll connect you.)
Master ClassesHave something you’re passionate about? Run a virtual Master Class, where someone shares a new skill, secret talent, or epic life hack with the group.
MeditationAsk local professional facilitators to offer meditation for your chapter. (Need contacts? Email us at azabbg@bbyo.org and we’ll connect you!)
Mental Health Skill SessionsGoing over different skills teens can use to improve and help their own mental health (vision boarding, stress ball building, breathing techniques).
Party Timeshow off those IG story masterpieces, but take it to the next level and throw virtual birthday parties for members and prospective new members.
Reverse Scavenger HuntPut together a list of items, bring everyone together on Zoom, and give 45-60 seconds for everyone to find an item that fits each description. You can get points for being first or having the highest quantity. Split people up into teams and level it up.
Show and Tell Competitions Who has the cutest baby photo? Best family alumni artifacts? Bring it back to the good ‘ole days and have some show and tell fun.
Silent DiscoHop on a Zoom call with your friends, have everyone download Pulse Social Radio, one person makes a station and sends it out, everyone adds songs, and get your groove on. Thanks for the idea, BBYO New England!
Song SessionOrganize a Jewish music webinar, song leading training, or song session sing-a-long (Want an expert to join you? Email azabbg@bbyo.org and we’ll hook you up with a BBYO song leader or musician!)
Study HallMight as well study together for those end of year exams. Host a Virtual Study Hall around common courses and set it up so members can win prizes and food deliveries (Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and more). Oh, and share your best Quizlets.
TED TalkEver wanted to build your own TED talk? Thanks to our partners at TED Ed, you can take TED Masterclass for free – via a fun app where you can create, deliver, and share your own TED Talk. Limited spots available, email Amanda Cohen (acohen@bbyo.org) to claim yours and get started.
TikTok Competition TimeIt’s almost time for Passover. Tag @BBYOInsider with your best renditions of gathering your chametz, scheming your afikomen adventures, and capturing top-notch Pesach pranks for some prizes!
Trivia TournamentsCompete with your friends in a never-ending trivia tournament via Geoguessr and Sporcle
Watch PartiesHang out in your own custom space on Watch2Gether to listen to music, shop with friends, and talk during movies; watch videos and shows on twoseven; have a Netflix Party (download the extension on Google Chrome); and use Zoom for this too. Thanks for the idea, BBYO New England!
What do you meme? BBYO EDITIONLaughing does not need a language. One meme pic at the time ppl can comment a funny situation of convention, chapter or Jewish stuff. Also there could be a price for the person winning most rounds (?)
Zumba/YogaLet's take a breather. Use Zoom and open a YouTube video to go through together. Check out Yoga with Adriene or LIVELOVEPARTY.TV as a start.
Zikaron B'SalonGet up close and virtual and host Zikaron B’Salon conversations with Holocaust survivors online (email azabbg@bbyo.org and we’ll connect you with our BBYO Grandparents).
Virtual ChofeshWho doesn’t love a Virtual Chofesh? Set hours and study breaks for teens to drop by and hang out online