Master Regatta Task List 6.3.5.xlsx
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Master Regatta Task List 6.3.5
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Recent Changes - 1.11.2019
• Cleaned up empty spreadsheets and formatting. Added sheet with 135 tasks only, and Regatta Calculator
Work In Progress: Add new Regatta Tasks (Factory + Events + Seasonal), Add missing images, Update Task Tips, Add/Create Task Planner
About the Master Regatta Task List
• The Master Regatta Task List includes every task available during Regattas. You can use it to plan ahead in Regattas or learn how to do each task faster.
Min/Max Level have to do with probabilities of a task appearing. At Min Level task will begin appearing. Above the Max Level a task will appear less.
• If you have any
missing task information you are free to add it to the sheet such as missing task times, points, and amounts for tasks and tokens.
• Red = Collect Task, Orange = Harvest Task, Yellow = Ship Task, Green = Factory Task, Blue = Regular Task, Purple = Event Task, Pink = Season Task.
• Boosters with a ✔ =
Recommended, O = Optional, and N = Not Recommended. If you are low on Task or Regatta time, Boosters are recommended.
• Instant = If task can be completed Instantly.
Yes = Instant, Yes+B = Instant with Booster (*with 115 Fields), Yes+S = Instant with 8 Shelves
• The use of a booster depends if you want to spend cash to finish a task faster or earn more rewards.
How to use Filter Views for Advanced Sorting
• You can access Filtered Views for any sheet by going to (Data > Filter Views... > Create new filter view) or using the Filter Shortcut in the toolbar.
Example: To filter by 135 tasks. Click the down arrow beside Score, then hit Clear and scroll down to select 135 to only show 135 tasks.
• You can sort by your own filters in a Filter View. Any changes made in Filter Views do not affect the original sheet.
Click the tabs below to view Regatta Task Information.