OSU-Buffalo Offense
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TimeYard LineDownDistanceRBTEWRFormationPlay TypePlayPlayerYardsPlusMinusNotesAir YardsOpposing Defense PlayOpposing Defense PersonnelNumber of RushersPass Accuracy
11:49O 37110113Shotgun Trips LeftRInside Read ZoneJ. Hall5Handoff, well blocked, positive yards333
11:27O 4225113Shotgun Trips RightRInside Read ZoneJ. Hall9J. HallTackles made it to LB's to provide blocks for extra yards. Hall, nice move to avoid unblocked lineman333
11:21B 49110113Shotgun Trips RightRInside Read ZoneJ. Hall2Hall, up middle, good read333
10:56B 4728113Pistol Double WidePRead Zone Play Pass, D Smith47Miller, Smith, O-line47 yard TD Pass. Miller, First Pass TD, O Line well blocked. D Smith, nice adjustment to ball in air. 473335Dead On
EXTRA POINTB 3XX222Crap LeftRQB Run GuitonGuitonGuiton broke tackle to get into Endzone for Xtra PtConfused
8:25O 39110014Ace Trips Left, Open RightPMotion, Swing Pass LeftWilson18WilsonShoestring tackle or Wilson might have scored. Swing Pass, Wilson Nice Cut, Good Blocks by Trips Receivers.03334Dead On
8:15B 43110113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftRDave R with Pulling GuardHall0NorwellNorwell did not seal block on his pull, Hall was stopped for no gain, if Norwell had turned in to seal Hall may have had a big run. 333
7:54B 4229113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftPDrop Back, Middle PassFields25MillerMiller, Nice throw in between 2 defenders. 253333Dead On
7:20B 17110113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftPDrop Back, Quick PassSpencer10SpencerESPNESPN - Missed the beginning of the play. Spencer, extra yards53333
7:13B 0717104Shotgun Trips Left Open RightPRoll Left, Out PassFields7Miller7 yard TD Pass. Miller, squared shoulders on throw to his left. 73335Dead On
EXTRA POINTB 03XX113Crap LeftPSwing Pass behind Crap LeftHallxNorwell, Guiton, O-lineNorwell, Nice Kick Out Block on D End, The rest of the O Line blocked down and devasted the D Line. Guiton delivered a nice pass to Hall, Hall could have walked into endzone. 0Confused2
4:24O 16110113Pistol, Trips Left, Open RightPENALTYMewhort, MillerPossible Grounding on Miller, O Line Did not Block, Holding on Mewhort.3335
4:17O 08118113Shotgun, Double WidePBack Out, Short PassHall2J. HallHall fell down.23335
3:47O 10216113Shotgun Trips Left Open RightROption RightHall10NorwellNice Block by Norwell to seal left side. 333
3:00O 1937104Shotgun Double WidePDrop Back Middle PassBrown8BrownBrown, Nice catch with defender draped on his back. 83333Dead On
2:30O 27110113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftRDrop Back Pass, ScrambleMiller13BrownBrown, Nice block on D back333 5
2:05O 40110113Shotgun Trips Left Open RightRMiddle Read ZoneHall6LinsleyLinsley manhandled Nose Guard333
1:26O 4624113Shotgun TE Right RMiddle Read ZoneHall5NorwellNorwell pulled through hole and neutralized defender333
0:53B 49110113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftPDeep Out RightBrown0BrownIncomplete Pass, Brown dropped ball. O Line - Good Protection. Brown Drop3335Catchable
0:46B 49210113Shotgun Trips Right Open LeftRead Zone LeftHall49Linsley, Norwell, O-Line49 yd TD Run. Linsley Pancake, Norwell Pancake, Good Blocking by entire O Line333
EXTRA POINTB 03XX122Crap Left, Shift, KickX Pt KickBasilExtra Point Good
14:24OSU 171st1013ShotgunpassSackB.Miller-4The whole O-line really ole'd this one. Mack came off a block well and LBs were blitzing, Looked like Heuerman and Philly Brown were open on short out crosses, but Braxton never had a chance7
13:42OSU 132nd1412ShotgunpassD. Smith9DeckerMack got by Decker on this play for a near sack3Dead On
13:04OSU 223rd514ShotgunpassC.Brown (Philly)17Wide open in the flat10Soft zone, no blitzDead On
12:33OSU 391st10113Shotgun, Open Left I think because TE was dropped backpassIncomp0MillerMiller overthrew a wide open D.SmithBad
12:27OSU 392nd10113Shotgun Open RightrundiveJ.Hall6DeckerDecker and Norwell nice blocks, Hall did a cut back to the right and had a nice wide open hole
11:49OSU 453rd414ShotgunpassHeuerman3Why you drop out a 3yrd out when we need 4, I don't know, but3ZoneCatchableOn Target, however, if Braxton would have thrown it to his outside shoulder he could have turned up field and had a chance for the 1st down, maybe
11:28OSU 484th1113ShotgunrundiveHall0HeuermanDecker ended up doubled up because Heuerman motioned around and wiffed on Gilbo who got the stuff on HallGilbo on the sack
10:23OSU 421st10014Shotgunrunend around/FumbleD. WilsonFumble, -1WilsonFirst fumble for Dontre's career, gotta protect the rock kid
9:18KRKRKRKRKRKRHeuerman13Didn't seem to want to kick it deep to Wilson
9:14OSU 351st1014PistolrundiveJ.Hall-1OL chose to double up the DT and the LB came thru untouchedBlitzLB w/the stuff6
8:50OSU 342nd1114PistolpassHeuerman9Miller on a boot leg out left, hits Heuerman on a dump off in the flat as the D collapsed on Miller2Dead On
OSU 443rd1passE. Spencer5ESPN made me miss the formation and pre-snap stuff w/Cris Carter interview5ZoneDead On
OSU 501st10113PistolrunScrambleB.Miller-3Pass play intended, Miller scrambles OB for a loss of 3 but he made a nice move to avoid a sack before the scramble
7:26OSU 472nd1314ShotgunpassShort outInterceptionMillerMack went up and got it, pass intended for D. Wilson1Mack on the INTBad
KRKRKRKRKRKRKRD. Wilson53WilsonNice return, nice cutbacks, great speed
6:59BUF 371st1014ShotgunrundiveJ.Hall37J. Hall, O-lineNever touched him for the TD
4:47OSU 411st1014Shotgunrunoff tackle outside drawj.Hall-1SpencerSpencer ole'd on his block and Hall got caught in the backfieldn
4:06OSU 392nd12014Shotgun, empty backfieldpassIncomp to Spencer0SpencerDropped a very catchable ball, but would have gotten lit up, maybe he was already bracing for the hit6Dead On
3:59OSU 393rd12104ShotgunsacksackB.Miller-5DeckerDecker let Mack get by him again, Mack is good but Decker was his whipping boy all dayn
3:50OSU 334th18PuntPuntPuntJohnsonAlmost blocked, he had to short leg it, or maybe that's his technique, Never seen him punt before, hopefully won't much
:57OSU 291st1014ShotgunRunShovel pass J. Hall11Decker might have been holding, he seems to be coming up a lot negatively
:44OSU 401st1014Shotgun, Trips LeftPassIncomp passIncomplete to J. Hall0Miller, J. HallHall wasn't really looking to catch the ball, Miller was getting swarmed but couldn't have been worse0CatchableShovel pass that was out in front, pretty on target if Hall had been looking
:41OSU 402nd1005Shotgun, 4 out leftPenaltyHolding-10 (pen)ESPNNo clue who held, ESPN was showing Brown (corey not devin, beth) but it better not have been DeckerBadLed Brown who was open out in the flat and he had to dive for it, still caught it but knocked the wind out of himself, I'll grade it overthrown (slightly)
:13OSU 302nd20113ShotgunrunQB drawB.Miller9MillerGood designed QB draw, Miller made a few good cut backs, broke a couple tackles
15 : 00OSU 25110113Shotgun Right/AceRunInside Zone ReadJordan Hall-1Mewhort, Norwell, Boren, M. Hall, Decker, HeuermanMillerStarted 2nd half with a safe zone read, but Braxton either predetermined to hand it off or made the wrong read, and the unblocked read defender tackled Hall for a loss. Would have been an easy gain if Brax kept. We also had 1 on 1 coverage to the field side (I think Spencer is there off camera), but we did not challenge it. "+1" to Mewhort, Norwell, Boren, Hall, Decker, Heuerman - good push all across line, would have been a nice gain if Brax had made correct read3-4ish
14 : 27OSU 24211113Shotgun Left/AcePA Pass*Package Play* IZR w/ X flash screenDevin Smith5Miller, SmithVery interesting play here. Appears to be a packaged play where the line and Hall run IZ, while Fields and Devin run a quick WR screen. Braxton sees 2 on 2 on the outside with the corner playing soft, so he chooses the quick WR screen. It's a good choice and they pick up 5 yards. "+1" to Brax, Devin - accurate throw and what looks like a good read on the packaged play, catch and spun up field for an extra couple of yards2Cover 13-4ish/4-3 with Viper4Dead On
13 : 52OSU 2936113Shotgun Trips Left/Trey Left Open/Trio LeftPass (Sack + Fumble)Indeterminate pass, hard to say due to sackMiller-9Mewhort, Norwell, M. HallDecker, MillerUgly...can't tell much about the pass routes from limited camera angle. Heuerman ran an "okie" or an small drag that he stops and reverses field towards the sideline. Philly appears to run some sort of In or Curl. Line has good protection except for Decker. Decker gets beat on a pure speed rush that results in a strip sack. Thankfully Decker falls on the fumble.-3 for Decker - got destroyed off the edge allowing his man to strip sack Braxton, thankfully recovered the fumble... -1 for Braxton - held the ball slightly too long on a quick pass play, needs to hold onto the ball when hit3-4ish/4-3 with Viper4
13: 09OSU 20415---Spread puntPunt43 yard punt, no returnJohnston43JohnstonGood protection, no return
10 : 15OSU 9110113Shotgun Right/Ace RightRunIZ Read - KeepMiller5Miller, Norwell, Mewhort, M. HallBrax makes a good read on the IZ, keeping it for 5. Mostly good blocking on the line, though Boren got stood up a bit. Good solid pickup. "+1" to Miller - correct read on the keep, got upfield for 5, +1 Mewhort, Norwell, Hall for good run push. Boren got stood up but kept his man at bay, Heuerman wasn't a big factor. +1 to Chris Fields for an excellent block on his DB3/4/2013
9 : 50OSU 1425113Shotgun Quads Left (TE inelligible left)Run*Package Play* IZ (no read) w/ X flash screenHall6 (4 after contact)J. HallM. HallInteresting play here that we get a good gain out of, but I think that Braxton does not make the optimal choice here. We have 3 WRs to the left with the TE also on the line left. This gives us quads left, but the TE is not an elligible receiver. UB's DBs are visibly confused how to respond to this and only have 2 players within 8 yards of our trio of WRs. Devin steps back for a quick screen and the other 2 WRs set up to block for him. It appears that Devin could have easily picked up 5+ yards. Instead Braxton hands off to Hall who finds a crease and should be stopped for a 2 yard gain. He manages to break that tackle and get out of the mess before stumbling forward for a 6 yard gain and a first down. A successful play due to Hall, but I think the screen would have been the wiser read. "+2" Hall for breaking what looked like a sure tackle in the hole and turning a meh play into a nice first down3/4/2013
9 : 32OSU 20110113Pistol Trips Right (2 WR and TE right, TE on line) / Trey RightPA Pass (Scramble/Sack)PA rollout pass to the right, brokenMiller-2Heuerman, DeckerA simple PA pass rollout to the right that goes wrong. Decker steps left with the rest of the OL, then has to reach right to stop his rush. He shoves the lineman to his right, apparently expecting Heuerman to be there and pick him up. Oops. Heuerman did not step left with the other lineman and directly attacked OLB Mack (and did an admirable job). Mack shifted over right before the snap so it's possible that Decker did not see him. Either Decker or Heuerman was in the wrong here, as it resulted in a D lineman running right at Braxton after the PA fake. Braxton tries to make the best of it and reverses field, rolling out to the backside of the play. He has a lot of grass in front of him and just one defender to beat, but his leg cramps up just as he is about to cut, so he falls for a 2 yard loss. Ugh.3 - 44
9 : 12OSU 18212113Shotgun Twins Left, TE in backfield behind LTRunInside Dive with the 3 - 4 DE being kicked out by pulling TEHall4Decker, M. Hall, Boren, Mewhort, HeuermanNorwellKenny G comes in for Braxton who went off with a cramp. No read on this play, it's a give all the way. Heuerman, lined up in the backfield like a FB, pulls and kicks out the unsuspecting DE. OL does a pretty good job getting hats on guys in the second level, except for Norwell who falls down and whiffs on his LB. This LB combines with a safety to make the tackle for a 4 yard gain. The safety was down in the box and simply unaccounted for. UB was likely keying on the run as this was the first play that Kenny G came in for. Decent run that could have gone for more if Norwell gets a piece of his LB.3 - 4
8 : 28OSU 2238112Shotgun Right OpenPass (Penalty Defense - Hands to the face)Pass of some kind that became a sack/fumble but was negated by penaltyMiller15 - thanks to penaltyJ. HallMillerBraxton back in. Another ugly play. Let's see what went wrong.Protection starts out okay. Decker starts out looking for the defender in the slot to come on a blitz, but that defender alters his course and chases Hall on his route out of the backfield. Seeing no danger coming from the outside, Decker turns inwards to "sauce the ribs" and help Hall. Meanwhile, Mewhort is doing okay at forcing his man upfield. Norwell is getting pushed back by Mack but manages to keep Mack in front of him. That is, until Mack grabs hold of Norwell's facemask and encourages Norwell to take a good look at the skies above the Shoe. Mack is flagged appropriately for this penalty, and the rest of this play would not have happened without Mack's illegal rush.With a good handle on Norwell's face, Mack is able to drive him back into Miller. This forces Braxton to scramble to his right. Unfortunately, remember that slot defender who stopped his blitz to pick up Hall? Well he decided to be tricky and come back with a delayed blitz, now coming back free right at the scrambling Miller. Braxton, being his usual self, makes this guy miss, but Mack has finally let go of Norwell's facemask and catches him from the side.He slams Braxton down on backwards upon himself, causing Braxton to lose the ball as he slams into Mack's helmet. I can't blame Braxton for trying to make something happen, but he probably should have tried to throw it away and he definitely can't fumble. Keep in mind that Mack was only in the backfield because he used illegal hands to the face to disengage from Norwell, so this play isn't perhaps as horrible as it seemed. I can't really blame Decker for not picking up the delayed blitz after 4 seconds, so I will just have to give credit to the defense there.Delayed Nickel blitz?3 - 4
7 : 54OSU 37110113Shotgun Trio Right / 1 WR left 2 WR right TE on line rightRunIZ Read - KeepMiller-3Mewhort, Boren Vannett, M. Hal, DeckerSimple IZR. By playing their 3-4 ends inside the tackles, this play is much harder to execute than against a standard 4 - 3. The read defender heads towards Hall, giving Miller a "keep" key. He does so, but the DE does an excellent job of diving back and getting ahold of Miller before he can get anywhere. I wouldn't mark this down as a bad play by Braxton, but rather a great play by the DE and a result of having to read a player much closer to the mesh point than normal.3 - 3 - 5
7 : 20OSU 34213113Pistol Trio Right / 1 WR left 2 WR right TE on line rightRunDave RightHall12 (11 after contact)J. Hal, Decker, Norwell, Mewhort, Boren, VannettEveryone's favorite, "Dave" is still with us! The DE (that just blew up the IZR in part thanks to being lined up inside of Decker) gets demolished and washed down the line by Decker, leaving a big hole for Norwell to pull into, where he nicely picks up the LB. Hall maybe should have cut right off the block instead of left, but he makes his choice work as he runs right by a diving LB (who was probably overpursuing because he thought Hall would hit the other hole) and then making his way to the second level for a pickup of 12.3 - 3 - 5
6 : 48OSU 4631113Pistol Twins Rt TE Wing RtRunDave RightHall2Vannett, Decker, M. Hall, BorenSlightly different formation, essentially the same play. If it works keep running it, right? This time the DE is lined up outside shade on Decker, so Vannet, from a FBish alignment, kicks out the DE while Norwell pulls through. It's not as big of a hole, but it's plenty clean enough for Hall to squeeze through for the first down.
6 : 20OSU 48110113Shotgun Trips Left (2 WR & TE split left, 1 WR split right)PassSwing pass rightHall1In case you haven't noticed yet, Mack is a beast. Here Heuerman makes a pretty decent attempt at blocking him in open space, but Mack is too much. Heuerman appears to get Mack somewhat sealed to the outside, so Hall attempt to cut inside the block. Unfortunately, Mack sheds the block just as Hall gets there, resulting just a 1 yard gain instead of 5 or so. I did not give Heuerman a minus here, as it's a tough matchup and he held his own.negative 5 (swing pass)3 - 3 - 54Dead On
5 : 37OSU 4929113Shotgun Trio Rt (2 WR split, TE on line, 1 WR split left)PA Pass turned to Scramble Run*Package Play* - IZR with a 5 yard hitch to Devin on the backside...turned into a successful Braxton scrambleMiller15MillerAnother interesting packaged play. The line blocks IZR. Braxton identified the corner playing well off of Devin so he chose to run the quick hitch. After the PA fake, however, the unblocked read end jumped up to block the quick pass, so Braxton wisely pulled it down and scrambled for the open space himself, picking up 15 yards before cramping up again. A wise choice.3 - 45
5 : 17UB36110113Pistol Twins Left, TE in backfield behind LTRunDave LeftHall3M. HallDave left, just like the Dave play a few back except that Hall is pulling this time. The line does fine but Hall does not pull through the hole fast enough, so Hall runs into the back of him before the hole is cleared. Hall falls forward for a few yards, but if Hall had pulled through quicker it could have been a bigger gain.3 - 4
4 : 45UB 3327113Shotgun RightRunIZR - KeepGuiton6GuitonIZR, defense shows no respect for Guiton and he correctly pulls it and gets good yardage. Somehow Mack, the opposite OLB, makes the play. Dude is a monster.3 - 4
4 : 11UB 2731113Pistol Left, TE wing leftRunDave LeftBall5BallDave left, the DE is lined up tight, so Heuerman attempts to log him and seal him inside instead of kick him out. Hall pulls around outside of this block and does a decent job at falling on a LB coming around the edge, taking him out of the play. The defense blitzed a slot defender, so Ball has no choice but to head right into the line. The hole is a bit of a mess but there are hats on hats, so Ball stumbles his way forward for about 5 yards.Slot blitzEither 3 - 4 or 3 - 3 -5 depending on what you consider the slot man
3 : 59UB 23110113Pistol Left, TE wing leftRunDave LeftBall2Heuerman, M. HallThey ran hurry-up and got up to the line and ran the same play again. Heuerman seemed unsure whether to kick out or log the DE that was tight on the line. He eventually gets inside and attempt to kick him out. At this point, Hall is already there and attempts to pull around Heuerman instead of inside him. Ball hits the hole inside Heuerman and is met by the LB who Hall was supposed to pick up.3 - 4
3 : 22UB 2128113Pistol Right, TE wing RTPA PassPA Pass to wide open Fields on corner routeGuiton to Fields21GuitonPA Pass, Fields in the slot ran a corner route and nobody covered him. Touchdown Buckeyes. It doesn't get easier than that. From the limited camera angles, it looked like the outside receiver ran a post, causing the deep corner to follow him and vacating his deep quarter zone. It appears he was supposed to hand off the post to the safety and stay with the corner route. Guiton put the ball on the money and took advantage of the busted coverage.21Cover 4?Usual 3 - 4 / 3-3-5 hyrbrid6Dead On
12:18Own 2110122S-gun Double Tight Twins RightRunInside ZoneJ. Hall1Safe play coming out of out endzone
11:37Own 32911h3S-gun Right Twins RightRunQB Lead RightMiller1Hall is lead blocker for Miller
10:55Own 438113S-gun Double Slot Double Wide OpenPassQB ScrambleMiller41MillerSwing route by Hall
10:11Own 4511011h3Pistol Left Twins RightPA PassPlay Action PassSmith15Linsley5 receiver route with Hall/Heuerman short, Pass interference on the defense covering D. Smith
10:03Buff 4011001h4S-gun Left Double Slot Double WideRunJet SweepMiller-3BrownHigh snap by Linsley forces Miller to keep, play was intended to go wide to D. Wilson
9:20Buff 43213113S-gun Trips Left OpenPass4 verts passBrown0Poor adjustment by C.Brown on slightly underthrown pass
9:13Buff 43313113S-gun Trips Left Open EmptyPassQB ScrambleMiller16E.Elliot in slot stays in to block, Vannett is lined up as a WR
8:32Buff 2711001h4S-gun Right Twins RightRunInside ZoneWilson 3Play appears to be IZ Read, DE unblocked but Wilson immediately runs it outside
7:52Buff 2427113S-gun Trips Left OpenRunInside Zone ReadElliot2If Miller keeps he probably gains more than 2
7:22Buff 2235113S-gun Trips Left OpenPassPassElliot0Difficult to see routes, Elliot immediately runs a swing route and as Miller scambles Elliot stretches route down sideline but pass is high and Elliot can't bring it down
7:10Buff 2245FGFGBasilFG Good 39 yards
4:08Own 25110113S-gun Left Twins LeftRunInside DiveJ. Hall3Straight give to Hall with formation side DE unblocked
3:39Own 282711h3S-gun Left Twins LeftQB ScrambleInside Dive Fake, WR quick screenMiller8Can't see the WR to see why Miller didn't throw the quick pass. but he tucks and runs for 8
3:07Own 3611011h3Pistol Left Twins LeftRunDaveM. Hall2M Hall pulls to lead J Hall through hole, but J Hall beats M Hall to the LB who makes the play
2:22Own 3828014S-gun Right Twins RightRunInside ZoneWilson6Play is run away from unblocked DE by Wilson
1:46Own 4432113S-gun Trips Right OpenQB ScrambleDrop Back passMiller-15 routes, Hall and Heuerman short, Miller reads those 2 and then starts to scramble
0:58Own 4343PuntPuntJohnston42Punt fair caught
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