TimestampEmail AddressNameAffiliation
What actions will/do you take to better support ECRs?
May the press contact you for quotes?
Any other comments?Job Title
7/2/2017 7:54:07
Steven BurgesseLife
Work with the journal to support ECR initiatives, webinars, meetings, feedback from ECRs into journal policy. In the process of planning the best way to help implement change in the way ECR are evaluated. Will love to help support the Bullied into Bad Science Campaign in any way I can.
7/2/2017 JacksonImperial College
Use JIFs wisely. Provide pastoral and professional support. Encourage them in every way I can. Listen to their problems.
Good campaign. Cambridge is perhaps the worse at bullying, from what I've heard from students and colleagues.
Professor of Basin Analysis
7/2/2017 CurryImperial College
Oppose over-reliance on journal metrics & university rankings; support diversity, inclusion and a good work-life balance; share my experience willingly
YesGood luck!Professor
7/2/2017 Tobias Imperial College London
Support them in completing publications and applications
YesSenior lecturer
7/2/2017 Tom Monie
Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge
Encourage open science; support development and provision of relevant training programmes to ECRs
Went through the highs and lows of the ECR experience
Academic Director for STEM
7/1/2017 21:48:18
Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp.
Mentor, orientate YesGreat initiative
7/2/2017 21:39:00svazire@ucdavis.eduSimine VazireUC Davis, USA
I try to encourage transparent and reproducible research practices through mentoring, reviewing and editing, and on search committees and grant panels. I also write papers and conduct research on how to improve transparency and reproducibility.
Associate Professor of Psychology
7/2/2017 Colquhoun FRSUCL
Blog, talk, radio and TV. Also I work on bad statistical practice.
A brilliant initiative, and sadly necessary
Research professor
7/1/2017 BartleyUCLFight for better conditions of employmentNo
7/2/2017 22:19:39
Nicola LowUniversity of Bern
DORA signatory, teach non-IF journal choice, support my PhD and post docs, departmental commitment
Are you interested in international extension?
7/2/2017 22:06:36hpashler@gmail.comHal Pashler
University of California, San Diego
I urge colleagues to insure that our recruitments are based not upon number of papers published, or publishing in glam journals, but rather work of solidity and substance on important topics.
YesDistinguished Professor
7/1/2017 A Lawrence FRSUniversity of Cambridge
Support their campaign and continue to fight against the present system as best I can
7/2/2017 NobisUniversity of Cambridge
I'm already trying ! I believe the library has a role not only in teaching people how research is evaluated by the use of largely imperfect metrics, but by not buying into bundled deals (including offset arrangements) .where these adversely affect the ability of researchers to publish where they wish.
I am so very impressed by this campaign, and the energy that has been put into it (but I guess you know this!)
Head of Science Information Services
7/2/2017 Cronin University of Cambridge
Educate them about their options and campaign/advocate on their behalf wherever possible.
Research Support Librarian
7/1/2017 21:01:59
Malcolm MacleodUniversity of Edinburgh
Disruptive research illustrating the current systematic flaws
Happy to help however I can
7/2/2017 0:04:07
Wael AgurUniversity of GlasgowOnline supportYes
7/2/2017 K. Maini FRSUniversity of Oxford
I encourage my group to publish good science in good journals and not to run after the vanity journals.
NoStatutory Professor
7/2/2017 18:37:13
Dorothy Bishop, FRS, FMedSci, FBA
University of Oxford
1. Running BBSRC course on reproducible methods for ECRs; 2. Running day of talks on reproducibility in Oxford in Sept; 3. Starting discussions at high level with Oxford University to propose we have a policy on this. 4. include requirement for evidence of open/reproducible science in job application. 5. see my blog for relevant posts, e.g.
Great and much needed initiative.
Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology
7/2/2017 John Ball University of Oxford
As a member of the Executive Board of the International Council for Science I advocate a system in which access to the scientific literature is free for authors and readers, and in which inappropriate metrics are not used to evaluate individual researchers.
7/1/2017 17:17:33
Sheena AsthanaUniversity of Plymouth
Co-writing, managing expectations and the difficult balance between idealism and the need to play the game
Good campaign. Perverse incentives affect us all
7/3/2017 11:40:22
Marcus MunafoUniversity of Bristol
Promoting an open science culture and a healthy, collaborative and collegial work environment (see:
Professor of Biological Psychology
7/3/2017 12:23:21
Stuart Semple
University of Roehampton
Provide the best mentoring and advice I can give; encourage and explain the value of production of the best science/publications, rather than striving for the ‘sexiest’ science/publications in ‘vanity’ journals; encourage open access and transparency in all aspects of research; discuss frankly how to manage potential conflicts between an idealist approach and maximising chance of career success.
Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology
Maria Fitzgerald FMedSci FRS
University College London
Contact editors to question their decision making processes
Only because I've found the press very difficult in the past
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
7/3/2017 RiceUniversity of Edinburgh
Try to be as supportive as I can be towards the ECRs with whom I have contact.
Professor of Computational Astrophysics
7/3/2017 12:49:38
Andrew D WilsonLeeds Beckett University
Use my leadership roles as a platform to implement the required changes
YesSenior Lecturer
7/3/2017 FrithUCLPromote Slow ScienceYesEmeritus Professor
7/3/2017 Frith
Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL
encourage fewer, more thorough publications and support open access
Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology
7/3/2017 BarnesUCL
Keep my PhD students well informed about the publication process and bias
NoSenior clinical lecturer
7/3/2017 14:25:16
Chris ChambersCardiff University
I will continue to push for Registered Reports ( to be offered at all empirical scientific journals. I also only hire post-doctoral ECRs in my lab who have open science experience, and together with Felix Schonbrodt I am developing a modular certification scheme for valuing open practices in hiring policies:
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
7/3/2017 14:34:35rolfzwaan@gmail.comRolf Zwaan
Erasmus University Rotterdam
I include open science practices in my courses and editorial practices, give talks on the topic, blog about it (, and comment about it in the media.
7/3/2017 14:57:05bjoern@brembs.netBjörn BrembsUniversity of Regensburg
Let ECRs decide on project, evaluations and publication venue
7/3/2017 15:19:45
Timothy GowersUniversity of Cambridge
I will continue to make judgments based on academic quality rather than basing them on proxy measures such as where work is published. In general, I will campaign against the measurement culture that inhibits good science.
Royal Society Research Professor
7/3/2017 15:21:42
Fanis MissirlisCinvestav Mexico
Focus always on the science and promote stable working conditions that encourage generosity, collegiality and sharing of ideas, reagents, technologies and insight.
Please do take note of 3 employment tribunals against Queen Mary University of London who fired scientists that complained about the application of stupid metrics. Magoulas v QMUL, Allen v QMUL, Missirlis v QMUL. All in the public domain as they reached the employment appeal tribunal.
Professor of Physiology
7/3/2017 ReesCambridge UniversityGlad to respond to queries No
emeritus Professor of Astronomy and Cosmology
7/3/2017 AzadibougarShiraz UniversityConstantly nag about bad policiesYes
I am not sure how effective this will be, or if its effects will ever reach me. But I agree with the argument and hope for change.
Assistant Professor
7/3/2017 Julian BuddUniversity of SussexNoResearch Fellow
7/3/2017 17:53:21
Gimena del RioCONICET
create a global network of researchers and develop a global plan
It wuld be good to translate this literature and make it circulate in other languages
7/3/2017 18:18:19
Adrian Izquierdo
City University of New York
YesDoctoral Lecturer
7/3/2017 20:08:52i.rohlfing@uni-koeln.deIngo RohlfingUniversität zu Köln
Inform ECR about the benefits and opportunities for open research and encourage them to seize the opportunities
7/3/2017 20:11:20david@cos.ioDavid MellorCenter for Open Science
advocate for more open publication, funding, and hiring processes
YesKeep up the good fight!Project Manager
7/3/2017 KingSwansea University
Endorse immediate open publishing and try to publish research in Open Access journals. Publish data, protocols and tools online (open access). Advance gender equality and diversity in my research group.
YesAssociate Professor
7/3/2017 KilnerUniversity of Cambridge
For colleagues in my Department: training, mentoring, shoulder to cry on, lobbying for cultural change
For prospective colleagues: fairer and more rounded assessment at recruitment: based on a rounded skillset and good science - not just a few 'big' papers; and acknowledging there is more than one successful route through science for men as well as women
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
7/3/2017 Murray-RustUniversity of Cambridge
I have supported ECRs by setting up Fellowship Programs (Panton Fellows, Shuttleworth Flash Grants, ContentMine Fellows) to give them space to develop their ideas unhindered by the artificial and often unjust restrictions of the current system.
I applaud any ECR who speaks out - it takes courage.
Reader Emeritus
7/3/2017 22:43:23daniel.odonnell@uleth.caDaniel Paul O'DonnellUniversity of LethbridgeSupport DORA principles and Open ScienceYesProfessor
7/4/2017 1:09:05inge.genee@uleth.caInge GeneeUniversity of LethbridgeNo
Associate professor of linguistics
7/4/2017 4:07:20
Desmond J. Smith
Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Argue against the use of meta-criteria such as the h-index when evaluating a promotion dossier, whether employed by the candidate or intramural or extramural reviewers.
I applaud your efforts to encourage scientists to evaluate their colleagues' work based on its actual quality, not where it is published.
7/4/2017 Gatti
Trinity College, Cambridge
Creating availability and awareness of open science processes within the Faculty
This is a critical issue for scholarly research - how research is disseminated and evaluated must be under the control of researchers. It is wonderful that ECRs are taking the lead in this, you have my full support.
Lecturer in Economics
7/4/2017 12:23:56
Helder Mendes Baiao
University of Oporto (Portugal)
Let's see what happensYesGood luck for allPostdoc researcher
7/4/2017 MaddenUniversity of Exeter
Support THEIR publication strategies. Fund their OA publications where possible. When in a position to appoint, ensure that is is appropriate skills and experience that count - often skills are best advanced by overcoming previous failures, yet this may not produce publishable evidence!
NoAssociate Professor
7/4/2017 16:33:22
Tristram Wyatt
Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Senior Research Associate, Emeritus Fellow
7/5/2017 13:44:03icouzin@orn.mpg.deIain Couzin
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
To promote a thorough, careful approach to science and to facilitate open access to all outcomes, materials and techniques.
7/7/2017 23:17:56
Chris Ward
The University of Manchester
This is not just an ECR issue. It is a problem with science in general. Worldwide.
Reader in Stem Cell Biology
7/8/2017 13:21:32helena@karlfeldt.netHelena Karlfeldt
Stockholms Sjukhem's unit for research, development and education
Voice my support. Fight the current system while I'm pursuing my PhD.
NoResearch assistant
7/10/2017 15:19:28
Jamilla HussainHull York Medical SchoolI am a doctoral studentNo
I consider this to be a really important initiative, the current model for publishing research and assessing researchers is reducing the value of research and impacting patient care in the NHS- it must change.
Clinical research fellow
7/12/2017 19:36:24
Naomi PenfoldeLife
In my job, I contribute to work to build as excellent an alternative publishing infrastructure as possible so that when they feel able to consider the alternatives, these options serve them well. Through this work, I meet many people involved in advocating for open, building new tools, and supporting researchers. Wherever possible, I will connect people to better tools, to peer support, and to opportunities I know about that may help them to pursue a research career in the way they wish to practise research. I pledge to support ECRs in the 'open' community as best I can.
NoInnovation Officer
7/13/2017 RussellUniversity of Cambridge
Only publish in open journals, be active in ensuring department recruitment is based on science not journal names, encourage use of pre-print servers, support pre-prints and SF-DORA in all research funding committees I serve on.
Professor of Genome Biology
7/20/2017 23:04:14
MaisonneuveConsultant, Paris France
Increase the awareness of these actions among the French scientific networks, and the recently-named research integrity officers!
Former associate professor Public Health
7/20/2017 Thorsteinsson
University of New England, Australia
Support the use of open access (e.g., articles, data, and software) and encourage submitting research findings (incl. data) to open access journals and platforms.
YesAssociate Professor
7/21/2017 9:32:01
Laura FortunatoUniversity of Oxford
I currently lead the Reproducible Research Oxford project (, which provides training in effective computing practices for reproducibility, and I have incorporated such training in graduate level teaching I am involved in more broadly. I consider and promote open research practices in peer evaluation.
YesA great initiative!
Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology
7/24/2017 16:47:36
Melissa Bateson
Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, UK.
I act as an advisor or independent mentor for several ECRs. I aim to set an example by actively choosing to publish my work in Open Access journals and publishing my data and data analysis scripts to provide full transparency. I have been successful in my career without ever publishing in Science or Nature.
YesProfessor of Ethology
7/25/2017 16:39:20salllyfractal@hotmail.comSally IngramNoneAll I canNo
Wonderful - all power to your campaign ...
Natural Philosopher
7/26/2017 NettleNewcastle University
Oppose the impact factor culture higher up in the university; embed open science policies in my collaborations; speak up in hiring and grant decisions
I am inspired by your campaign
Professor of Behavioural Science
8/11/2017 6:27:09
Patrice F ReyThe University of SydneyOnly publish in open access journals.YesAssociate Professor
8/14/2017 5:17:50ragh@ces.iisc.ernet.inRaghavendra Gadagkar
Indian Institute of Science
1. Implement practices that support good science, at a personal level.
2. Encourage and help ECRs to do the same.
3. Lobby in favour of practices promoting good science and help ECRs to do good science, when I am on decision making bodies.
4. Speak and write on these issues as frequently and as widely as possible.
We need a mass movement in favour of good science and to eliminate bad science. There is no one better placed to lead this movement than ECRs. They need the full support of established scientists and science administrators and indeed, the media.
9/1/2017 11:42:36michelle.kelly@inserm.frMichelle Kelly-Irving
Inserm/ University of Toulouse III
1. support whenever possible open access publication and posting of preprint papers
2. strive for transparency on issues of funding research, paying for publication, and other aspects of institutional decision-making
3. Support and encourage ECRs to become active partners in institutional organisations, and be specifically aware of issues around diversity and inclusion of women and minority groups who are often systematically absent from decision making or leadership positions
I work in France, where this is a very pertinent set of problems
Tenured Inserm researcher
9/5/2017 12:42:48lieke.schultze@cwi.nlLieke SchultzeCWI
Give information and encouragement to go open, some funding. Keep on pressuring publishers to open up, become transparant and affordable; otherwise no more licenses.
NoLibrary manager
9/10/2017 1:09:50info@mario-albrecht.deMario AlbrechtNone
Help with documenting severe cases of academic bullying such as listed at AntiMobbing.EU and giving advice to ECRs how to deal with the international research mafia who is well organized and politically connected.
ECRs who support this antimobbing compaign face a high risk of the premature determination of their academic career due to the powerful international research mafia of journal editors and university professors who require bullying for maintaining their hegemony in science and politics worldwide.
Former University Professor
9/17/2017 16:49:00
Cristina Legido-QuigleyKing's College London
Support the points raised in this letter. Preprints, open access, working towards ECR job security, ECR voting & in hiring panels, etc.
YesSenior Lecturer
9/21/2017 11:05:59i.keck@moringa.pubIngo R. Keck
Moringa Science Publishing
I started an Open Science publisher ( ) and offer free workshops on open science
9/26/2017 of Liverpool
I am a public advocate for open science, including all of the points on your list. I am doing so on my blog, in meetings and articles. Also, importantly, I will challenge anyone using "this is a science/nature paper" as a shortcut for "a great paper": these are among the small things we need to do to change the culture.
YesKeep up the good work!Senior Lecturer
10/16/2017 8:01:07
Andreas Prokop
The University of Manchester
Full support in independent applications, promoting better positions on papers (e.g. communicating author, final position), advice, always discuss and consider the difficult balance between good publishing practice in sensible journals and the HIF requirements for their careers.
I am an advocate of #scicomm, and this is an excellent example of fostering dialogue within the science community. Model initiative! You should improve your brand by designing a logo that accompanies your current mission statement.
11/12/2017 14:57:08tag@granular.comY-h. TaguchiChuo University
Consider the study itself, not journal where the study is published
11/14/2017 9:30:06prummer@nexus.ethz.chMichael PrummerETH Zurich, SwitzerlandCouncel and mentor.NoStaff Scientist
1/8/2018 LeonelliUniversity of Exeter
Raise awareness of Open Science and how to balance those requirements with current evaluation practices; promote social engagement and relevance, interdisciplinarity, collaboration; reward labour-intensive activities such as data collection and curation, professional service and community-building which are underestimated in current academic assessment; continue to highlight concerns of ECRs, and the crucial importance of supporting them, in policy circles.
Brilliant initiative - I encourage making contact with the Global Young Academy and the various National Young Academies around the world for further support and endorsement
Professor of Philosophy and History of Science
1/16/2018 W. MackayUCL
Promote diversity in academia
Ignore journal impact factors
Encourage Open Academia through submission of preprints, open access publication, and, where relevant, open data
Great initiative - problems endemic also in the humanities and social sciences
2/26/2018 LangleyUniversity of ExeterNoPhD student
3/6/2018 19:23:49v.m.kern@ufsc.brVinícius Medina Kern
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil
Fight antiethic or antiscientific ECR evaluation schemes (doing). Support ECR initiatives for decent work conditions.
ECR and even students are being evaluated and punished in Brazil (not renewing scholarships, for instance) based on antiethic or antiscientific criteria - e.g., for not publishing in the 1st year of Master's, for not publishing in the same journals their professors publish. The federal government (main, and frequently only funder) says it's wrong but has done nothing so far.
3/18/2018 15:53:39alejandrina.cristia@ens.frAlejandrina Cristia
LSCP, Département d’études cognitives, ENS, EHESS, CNRS, PSL Research University, 75005 Paris, France
lead by example, create and divulge training material for open science
3/30/2018 HarrisUniversity of St. Andrews
Support and encouragement around career development and publishing. I will work to promote the best science, and to push to move away from blunt instruments of 'quality measurement' like metrics and fashionable journal titles.
4/21/2018 20:44:53
J.B. ShawMERLOT Member
Finding and connecting people/researchers with common interests...
My niece, Katherine McLean, is an early career researcher in biomedical research.
Open Education/Open Science Advocate
4/23/2018 8:01:44
scott mclaughlinUniversity of LeedsNo
Lecturer in music composition
7/23/2018 16:38:25anap.ayala@utoronto.caPatriciaUniversity of Toronto
Advocate on transparent and reproducible research practices through mentoring, reviewing and editing, and on search committees, training, organizing events, and participating in webinars, meetings, initiatives, and conferences. Share tools that promote and facilitate open science, transparency, reproducibility and assessment.
NoGreat initiative!
Research services librarian
7/24/2018 12:54:24
Barbara ZontaUniversity of Oxford
I am committed to training and raising awareness of open, reproducible and robust research to post-graduates ( MSc and PhD students). They are the next generation of ECRs!
MSc Pharmacology Course Director
8/1/2018 DominikUniversity of St AndrewsYes
Please get in touch with me about the work done by the Global Young Academy on this topic. - Great to see increasing momentum developing...
Reader in Physics & Astronomy
8/2/2018 11:25:36thomas.uillemaud@inra.frThomas GuillemaudInraDirecteur de recherches
10/3/2018 DominikUniversity of St Andrews
Raise awareness that "the system" evolves and active engagement will make a difference; foster a culture of open debate and constructive criticism
Reader in Physics & Astronomy
10/10/2018 16:59:36
Costas Bouyioukos
Universite Paris Diderot - Paris VII - UMR 7216
Ass. Prof. of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
11/28/2018 13:47:10
Martin DonnellyUniversity of Edinburgh
Research Data Support Manager
11/28/2018 Ferus
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Everything that's necessary to do (ideally before ECRs even know that it could/would be of interest for them)!
Interim Head Librarian & Open Access officer
11/29/2018 9:32:01
Demmy VerbekeKU Leuven
support fair OA, only do peer review for fair OA journals, only serve on editorial boards of fair OA journals
YesHead Artes
11/29/2018 13:47:56c.e.g.steglich@rug.nlChristian Steglich
University of Groningen AND Linköping University
Associate professor in sociology
11/30/2018 11:35:58antonio.banfi@unibg.itAntonio BanfiUniversity of BergamoNo
full professor of roman law
1/2/2019 23:36:14berkman@uoregon.eduElliot BerkmanUniversity of Oregon
I will: support my trainees in their efforts to learn and practice open and reproducible science; practice open science in my own work to lead by example; value and talk about open and reproducible science in my work as an associate editor and grant reviewer; and prioritize open science practices during faculty searches.
YesAssociate Professor
1/3/2019 22:16:18olavo@bioqmed.ufrj.brOlavo B. Amaral
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
I have been lobbying both Brazilian funding agencies and my own Institute for removing impact factors from researcher evaluation (as is currently the case in Brazil), supporting preprints as valid publication outputs, adding slots in structured CVs for measures to promote reproducible and open science (e.g. preprints, protocol registrations, shared data) and adding rigor and transparency as criteria in the evaluation of research. I am an ambassador for ASAPbio in Brazil and the coordinator of the Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative, a national effort to estimate the replicability of Brazilian biomedical science. I also organize a periodical event at our university called No-Budget Science, which aims to foster independence in ECRs for developing research projects based on existing data. Finally, I spend a a lot of time discussing reproducible and open research practices with ECRs in graduate courses in biostatistics and responsible research conduct.
Good luck with the initiative! I will try to make it more widely known in my university. That said, the concerns are very much those of ECRs in leading institutions in the developed world, and might not be all that representative of the pressures on those working in low- and middle-income countries (which can also be counterproductive, but in other ways, such as by focusing on the sheer number of publications, rather than on publication in top-notch journals). Any plans for bringing more of those on board?
Associate Professor
1/22/2019 21:52:07
Gabriel Finkelstein
University of Colorado Denver
I will judge their work fairly and assist them when I can.
The problem extends to the humanities, too
Associate Professor of History
3/15/2019 7:19:18bmarwick@uw.eduBen MarwickUniversity of Washington
Help ECRs I work with to post preprints, make data and code openly available with publications, and educate them about publishing practices and economics
YesAssociate Professor
5/19/2019 12:49:49
Egon WillighagenMaastricht University
Hire people that understand that closed science is not knowledge dissemination. Support their choices, encourage preprints, value software and data is primary research outputs. Be an open scientist.
YesUniversitair Docent
7/8/2019 10:17:55tanward@ethz.chDeepak TanwarETH ZürichNoPhD student
8/13/2019 19:12:42bmarwick@uw.eduBen MarwickUniversity of Washington
I support encourage transparent and reproducible research practices in archaeology through mentoring, reviewing and editing, and elsewhere. I advocate for increased transparency and reproducibility in my institution and professional societies. I write papers, do research, lead training, and develop software to improve transparency and reproducibility in archaeology.
YesAssociate Professor