The Ultimate Video Game Multiverse Timeline
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????10,000 BCE??Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja tribe, barely survives after his hunting party is ambushed and killed by a sabretooth tiger as they travel to the land of Oros. Resigned to proceed alone, Takkar meets Sayla, a woman also from the Wenja, and once they arrive at Oros, Sayla informs Takkar that the Wenja are scattered and homeless across the land after their village was destroyed by Ull, leader of the Neanderthal-like Udam tribe who live in the northern mountains, and hunt down the Wenja to cannibalize them. Takkar then starts gathering the Wenja he meets around his cave, eventually encountering the shaman Tensay, who helps him to learn the ability to tame the local animals.

After repelling an attack from Ull to his newly established village, Takkar enlists the help of three other skilled Wenja: Jayma, a veteran huntress, Wogah, a one-armed craftsman, and Karoosh, a one-eyed warrior with his own vendetta against the Udam. With the help of Tensay, Takkar also discovers that the Udam are eating Wenja flesh in hopes of gaining immunity from a terminal disease that is wiping out their tribe, then tracks down and apprehends the Udam commander Dah to learn more about the Udam's techniques. The Wenja reject Takkar's decision to give shelter to a member of the enemy tribe at first, and attempt to execute Dah behind his back, until Takkar himself arrives in time to rescue Dah and chastise the tribe for performing the execution without his permission, earning Dah's gratitude and help. When the agrarian and Aztec-like Izila, another, more advanced tribe that lives in the marshlands of southern Oros, begin capturing some Wenja prisoners for slavery and human sacrifice to their Sun god, Takkar invades their domains to rescue them, coming face to face with their leader Batari. After he refuses to become Batari's slave, a war begins between the Wenja and Izila. Takkar then infiltrates the camp of an Izila commander named Roshani and captures him, allowing him to live in exchange for some Izila technology in both warfare and agriculture.

After preparing himself enough to face Ull and Batari, Takkar storms the Udam and Izila's main fortresses, passing by all opposition before confronting and killing their commanders. While Batari is burned alive during a solar eclipse, Ull urges Takkar to take care of his two children with his dying breath, which Takkar accepts, taking them with him to his village in safety. With both rival tribes defeated and Wenja's dominance secured, Roshani agrees to stay with the Wenja and teach them how to grow food, while Takkar reluctantly agrees to mercifully kill Dah, ending his suffering from the Udam's disease. Takkar then celebrates his victory with the other villagers.
Far Cry PrimalFRabidRetrospectGames
????10,000 BCE (Sometime after Far Cry Primal)??Ull's daughter is seen taming a cave bear, implying that she has acquired the same skill to tame animals as Takkar.Far Cry PrimalPost-Credit scene from Far Cry PrimalThe BlueSlayer
????1937??Crimson Skies takes place.
????1986(?)??The events of Top Gun: Hornet's Nest possibly take place on this date.
200017:00Operation Steel Wind: A group of armed terrorists pertaining to the Free Europe neo-nazi movement seized control over the Belgian Embassy in London and held the ambassador and several of the embassy's employees hostage. Rainbow Six were able to eliminate the terrorists and rescue the hostages.Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixTom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Mission 1 - Operation Steel Windphflieger
27thNovember 2006??A U.S. Navy SEAL fireteam consisting of Kahuna, Boomer, Specter, and Jester is sent in to neutralize an emerging terrorist threat. A new group calling itself the Iron Brotherhood, made up of former Spetsnaz operatives, is using a barge as a base for buying and transporting weapons. They are making their trades with a known black market organization, the Zemy, and the two are rendezvousing in international waters off the coast of Alaska. The team are to eliminate the terrorists, gather intel, and scuttle the freighter. With the intel that the SEALs gathered, SOCOM is able to locate the Brotherhood's headquarter, a ghost town in Alaska. The team is tasked with securing the compound, destroying any weapon caches that are present, and detaining a terrorist named Kola Petrenko, codename Pincushion. Information from Pincushion revealed that the Brotherhood has taken control of an oil platform in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea. Most of the oil workers had been killed, but some are being held captive by the terrorists. The Brotherhood is also threatening to destroy the platform, which would result in a disastrous oil spill. The SEALs are sent in to infiltrate the platform and neutralize all threats, including the Brotherhood's leader, Stanislav, codename Spectrum. They are successful in taking down all of the terrorists and defusing all bombs on board.

In Thailand, a group calling themselves the Riddah Rouge, led by a man named Sudarak Thongkon, has acquired sensitive and highly valuable biological data from a smuggler out of Sri Lanka. The terrorists murder him and his crew, then off-load the data and move it deep into the jungles of Thailand. With a potential biological threat on their soil, the Thai government asks for assistance, and the United States responds by sending in the SEALs. Kahuna's team are inserted into the area and proceed to travel upriver to intercept and retrieve the data. After moving from one island to another and neutralizing numerous patrols, the team finds some documents. Unfortunately, only half of the bio data is among them as the other half had been moved elsewhere. With the bio data in their possession, the Riddah Rouge has taken the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand and his wife hostage. The terrorists demand ransom money and threaten to execute the two if their demands are not met. Intelligence tracks their movements and are able to locate the hostages at an abandoned temple in the jungles of Hohn Kaen. The team move in under cover of night and safely extract the Ambassador and his wife. While no ransom is paid for the pair, the Riddah Rouge manage to manufacture a small amount of biological agent. Their plan is to use the agents to destabilize the Thai government. The SEALs are assigned to assault another abandoned temple. While there, the team either captures or kills Thongkon, codename BAD DOG, and secures the biological agents. With their leader in custody, the Riddah Rouge disbanded.

In the Congo, a new mercenary organization known as Preemptive Strike has established a base of operations deep in the jungle. They are recruiting European strong-arms and are actively stockpiling weapons and ammunition. Concerned about this new threat, the Congolese government has requested aid from the United States. The SEALs are sent in to recon and collect intel about the group. After disabling communications and destroying the mercenary's munitions in their staging area, the team finds out that the remaining mercenaries have ambushed and captured a patrol of U.S. Marines. The marines are being held at the mercenary base camp where they are being tortured for information. The SEALs are able to rescue the POWs and eliminate the mercenary leader Magnus, but not before finding out that one of the captive Marines is missing having been moved to an abandoned German bunker built during World War I with a network of underground tunnels and pillboxes. The "death trap" is no match for the SEALs and they successfully liberate the final Marine with the help of the U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter sending missiles at designated pillboxes 1, 2 and 3.

In Turkmenistan, members of a terrorist group, the Allah Sadikahu, have attained several portable nuclear devices from various black market organizations. An informant named Basim Maccek, codename Mr. Pickle, has knowledge about the nuclear devices moving through the region, but has gotten himself captured in the process. He is imprisoned in a Turkmen Detention Center in the mountains and the SEALs are sent in to release, escort, and extract the informant. The recovered informant confirms the presence of two suitcase nukes in Turkmenistan and their location. The Sadikahu have concealed the devices in a desert cave network close to the Afghan border. With no time to lose, the team travels to the nukes' location. After an intensive firefight, the team manages to destroy the nukes and the cave system. The Sadikahu's ruthless leader Mullah Bahir Al-Qadi, however, is not present at the caves. He and his brother Imad have retreated to a deserted bombed city in Central Turkmenistan. Kahuna's team is once again sent in to find and neutralize the Al-Qadi brothers. The SEALs fight against countless terrorist defenders and race against the clock as Mullah and Imad Al-Qadi, codename Fat Cat and Kitten, call for helicopters to come and extract them.

In the end, both brothers are killed and the mission is completed.
????2057??In 2057, crime is rampant and jails are overpopulated. The government forms the Committee of Recreational Termination (C.O.R.T.) in order to eliminate the surplus of convicts. In this competition, convicts must take part in deathmatches in which one will survive and be declared winner.DeathDrome
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