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Experiential Learning Program - 2017
Project Details
Project Type/Category
Project Brief DescriptionRemarks/StatusFaculty AdvisorFaculty ContactGroup Members
1Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP) Marketing StrategyYaqeeen is NOWPDP's disability consulting initiative. The project is located in Karachi. Yaqeeen wants institutions to develop a marketing strategy which brings the project into the limelight. Some basic objectives of Yaqeeen: Accessibility for the disabled, Sensitization of the Public, Employment of the disabled & Policy Framework which protects the rights of the disabled. No EnrollmentDr. Amber Gul Rashidarashid@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2654
2Ori-Tech Oils (Pvt Ltd)New Ventures/Feasibility StudiesThe first Pakistani company to be approved by General Electric USA operating in Sindh & Punjab. It offers a complete range of industrial oil. It wants to step into the AutoMotive Oil Industry in Pakistan considering the potential of the industry. It needs students to perform a comprehensive analysis of the oil industry applying important concepts of Entrepreneurship, adopting the required business models along with developing the uniqueness of this brand against its competitors.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Shahid Qureshimqureshi@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2625
1. Qazi Shakeeb Uddin (06931) - Group Leader
2. Osama Bin Tahir (07362)
3. Zuhayr Sheikh (07488)
3Readyslexics (Pvt. Ltd)Marketing Strategy & Financial ManagementReadyslexics offers remedy to children with learning disabilities particularly Dyslexics. The company is located in Karachi. It requires students to come up with profitable, innovative and practical marketing strategies in accordance with the current competition. No EnrollmentDr. Amber Gul Rashidarashid@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2654
4Indus Motor Company (IMC)New Ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing StrategyIMC needs introduction of Financing and Insurance Options for its customers through a study examining the existing dynamics and the future potential with the challenges ahead. IMC is located primarily in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad but operates in Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan as well. Following will be the deliverables of this project:

-To recommend the financing and insurance plan that IMC would offer to its customer
-To estimate potential revenue forecast for the next 4 years
Enrollment ProcessedZuhair Ismailzmismail@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0333-2233918
1. Sagar Thorani (07470) - Group Leader
2. Zain Dandiya (07196)
3. Muhammad Jawwad Admani (07357)
4. Fahad Javed (07204)
5. Tuba Nasir (07559)
6. Mariam Mehtab (07378)
5Unilever Pakistan LimitedNew Ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing StrategyUnilever operates in Karachi & Lahore. Unilever's dessert category is ruled by Walls which runs 5 different brands that target particular individuals. Unilever wants to understand the current consumption trends along with the different target audiences. It wants to identify the what, why and how of decision making by understanding consumer preferences and linking them to their individual brands.Enrollment ProcessedMohsin Ali Patelmpatel@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2605
1. Sami Irfan (06926) - Group Leader
2. Kiran Imran (06927)
3. Munazza Arif (06962)
4. Talha Khalid Zubairi (07544)
5. Shafaq Shafqat (06956)
6Why GenNew Ventures/Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Sales/Business DevelopmentWhy Gen requires students to work on Corporate Sales and Business Development by targeting different companies by use of Brand Ambassadors. The company needs marketing strategies and ideas for its products along with new corporate clients on board. The work will mostly be home based. No EnrollmentMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
7Al Salwa Foods Private LimitedNew Ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain ManagementAl Salwa Food is new in the market. At the moment it is only exporting its goods to UAE without any brand name to the big hpyer stores like LULU, Choritam, and Carrefour. Now they have decided to sell in the local markets as their own brand name 'Al Salwa Foods'. They want to conduct a feasibility cum SWOT analysis to find out the scope in local market. The report should focus on competitors positioning, price mechanism, social media marketing, and branding plan.Enrollment ProcessedZuhair Ismailzmismail@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0333-2233918
1. Faizan Rafiq (06938) - Group Leader
2. Bilal Naushad (07372)
3. Rutba Imtiaz (07193)
4. Ahmer Iqbal (07370)
5. Arsalan Waseem (07192)
8Avari Hotels & Beach LuxurySocial Media Marketing & AnalyticsAvari Hotels & Beach Luxury is one of the finest hotels and resorts operating in Karachi for the past many years. They are currently focusing on its marketing and image branding to their target segments. Therefore, the project needs to focus on creating a soial media strategy keeping in view the basic concepts of hotel and hospitality industry. The group will be required to understand and advise on statistics and analytics on social media dashboards.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Najam A. Anjumnaanjum@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2695
Cell: 0331-5001440
1. Mariam Imran (07382) - Group Leader
2. Abdul Rafay Shaikh (06916)
3. Syed Fariz Ahmed (06907)
4. Adil Masood Khan (07426)
5. Aamna Khan (07158)
9VenueHook.pkStrategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, and Financial ManagementVenueHook.pk, Pakistan's first online venue marketplace, where you can Search, Compare and
Contact Top Venues for your next event anytime from anywhere, be it wedding, board meeting,
birthday party or exhibition, completely FREE and in a smart way. Their customers are tech savvy and
smart Individuals, Corporate Clients, Event Mangers, Students, Institutions, NGOs, Sportsmen,
Theatre/Media Producers. They have divided the whole project under the following tasks:
- Improvement in vendor acquisition strategy and model.
- Marketing strategy formulation and implementation.
- Identifying and reporting growth as well as expansion strategy to other cities and countries.
- Any other tasks related to sales (Corporate), operations and marketing as and when needed.
No EnrollmentDr. Kamran Mumtazmmumtaz@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2665
10CompareOn Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Process re-engineering and Change ManagementKarlocompare.com.pk is a financial aggregation and lead generation platform enabling customers to search and apply for personal finance products. Helping consumers save time and money, together with the ability to scan the market to make informed decisions. The platform currently offers comparison for Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Travel Insurance, Auto Insurance and Broadband services. This is a free service for consumers. The task that their company would like ELP students to assist them on are:

Process Engineering for customer acquisition for the various product verticals keeping in view the following:
• Privacy preferences of consumers in the Pakistani environment
• The current acquisition methods used by our providers (insurance companies, broadband, Banks)
• Process optimization with limited resource allocation as we are a startup
• Challenges to providers (geographical, internal and external regulations)
No EnrollmentSyed Asim Alisasim@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-2444289
11Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP) Human Resource Restructuring, Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Financial ManagementNetwork of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP), is a non-governmental organization which works to promote an inclusive society through holistic and sustainable endeavors in the areas of education and economic empowerment.

NOWPDP has been re-establishing its HR department hence, they need a group of students for relevant market research and to help develop following aspects of their HR department:

- Market research on salary bands, compensation & benefits and other aspects;
- Market research and development of different HR functions, including but not restricted to learning & development;
- Research finance aspects related to the developmental sector;
- Establishing new marketing strategies for our internship program.
No EnrollmentMirza Sardar Hussainmirzasardar@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2624
12Bulleh Shah Packaging (Private) LimitedNew Ventures/Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, and Supply Chain Management
Corrugated boxes are widely used for diverse packaging solutions. Each box is made to hold something just right, protect it from damages and keep it from spilling. Bulleh Shah Packaging’s boxes are eco-friendly, recyclable and light-weight. These inherent advantages lead to the corrugated box being used for every purpose - in various industries like food, textile, cigarette, cosmetics, dairy, home appliances etc.

However, BSP wants to conduct a closer investigation on past supply and present demand of corrugated boxes in the North Karachi region. The purpose of this study is to consider gaps between the domestic supply and the overall demand for corrugated boxes in the region. This will give BSP an insight to tap into new markets and revive business where necessary.
Enrollment ProcessedDr. Najam A. Anjumnaanjum@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2695
Cell: 0331-5001440
1. Gul-e-Syeda (06911) - Group Leader
2. Hammad Muniem (06924)
3. Maliha Riaz Dala (07165)
4. Nida Yaseen (07161)
5. Rashida Rangoonwala (06935)
6. Sameen Beg (07381)
13Atlas Asset Management LimitedNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Marketing StrategyAtlas Asset Management Limited (AAML), an Atlas Group Company, was incorporated in 2002 as an unlisted public limited company and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as an asset management company for managing open-ended funds and closed-end funds. AAML is also a licensed pension fund manager to manage voluntary pension funds. AAML strives to be a market leader in providing quality fund management services with customer satisfaction as its aim, and is consistently committed to offering its investors the best possible returns on a diverse range of products, meeting not only the customer'(s) current requirements but also exceeding their future expectations. With its strong emphasis on systems and controls, quality human resource and backing of Atlas Group, AAML enjoys a distinct advantage. They want to investigate on the following areas:

1) Setup of alternative funds
2) Changes in Regulatory environment
3) In line with international best practices
4) Future Outlook/Potential
No EnrollmentHilal Anwar Butthabutt@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0336-5013803
14JS Bank LimitedNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Learning & DevelopmentHR Learning & Organization Development division of JS Bank wants to design the real life training into gamification training for the bank’s employees. Gamification is the use of game dynamics and mechanics in trainings to engage and motivate employees to take trainings. The purpose is to enhance employee interest and maximize training investment. Main objectives of this project are to:

• To establish game dynamics (scenarios)
• To establish game mechanics (teams, competitions, rewards)
•To establish game components (questions/answers, points, levels, badges)
No EnrollmentHilal Anwar Butthabutt@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0336-5013803
15Ismail Iqbal SecuritiesNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Financial Analysis & ManagementIsmail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited (IISPL) is an independent corporate entity established to cater the growing needs of the financial institutions in the most effective and smooth manner. IISPL is a member of Karachi Stock Exchange providing comprehensive financial services in the areas of Equity Sales & Investment Advisory, Research, Portfolio Management and Private Equity, Commodity Market.

Currently, they have a twofold project. The first is related to demand of derivatives in PSX while the second is related to portfolio investments by Chinese investors in the Pakistani equity market. The Pakistan Stock Exchange deals in plain vanilla instruments, mostly shares of companies and deliverable future contracts. More advanced derivative instruments have either been mostly unsuccessful (e.g. the cash-settled futures contract), or have faced delays in getting introduced, (e.g. options). The first part of the project seeks to evaluate the scope and demand for derivative products in the Pakistani financial industry. The second part deals with portfolio investment by Chinese investors and determination of the capital controls or tax constraints (if any) that have kept them away from PSX.

Students are required to (i) determine the scope and demand for derivatives, and (ii) determine the hurdles that Chinese investors may face when investing in companies listed on the PSX.
No EnrollmentTBA
16Colgate Palmolive (Limited) PakistanNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyThe purpose of the project is to carry out a market research for a liquid detergent that is made for delicate clothing. The product is suited to consumers belonging to higher SECs who shop at modern retail environments. Benefits of using liquid detergents include long lasting fragrance, color protection for clothing, a gentle wash for delicate fabrics and possibility of conveniently pretreating stains. No EnrollmentMohsin Ali Patelmpatel@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2605
17Gerry’s InternationalHuman Resource Restructuring and Process re-engineering and Change ManagementGerry’s Group has become Pakistan’s leading aviation-services company, with diverse interests and an international footprint. Like all great journeys, Gerry’s had a humble beginning; today the Group is in Airport/Airline Management Services, Visa Processing, Information Technology, Travel & Holidays, Freight & logistics, Airport Ground Handling, e-commerce and Food & Beverages business.

Gerry’s International is one of the leading general sales agents operating in Pakistan. Having over 11 well reputed International Airlines, Gerry’s International and the Group represent these airlines in Pakistan taking care of all operational aspects such as marketing, sales, ticketing, finance and human resource management. The ELP project should summarize the following:
- To analyze and understand various divisions of the company.
- Creating a campaign and strategies to reduce work place negativity.
- Implementing the campaign.
- Designing a training program
Enrollment ProcessedAbdul Rahim Suriyarahimsuriya@hotmail.com1. Madiha Noman (06906) - Group Leader
2. Hamza Ashfaq Ibrahim (07214)
3. Shamail Siddique (0759)
4. Shiza Saleem (07379)
5. Raima Jamil (06904)
18Pakistan State Oil (PSO)Market Research & Marketing StrategyProject Dropped by the companyDr. Minhaj A. Qidwai
19GoLive Pvt. Ltd.Market Research & Marketing StrategyThefunkids.com is an internal product of GoLive Pakistan which focuses on providing best parenting tips to the young moms. Thefunkids.com is fun learning portal for the kid which helps the child mental development and has all the products which helps to groom the child in a fun environment.

The objective of this project is to carry out offline and digital research from the Young Mothers on the difficulties they face with the kid and what information do they gather on internet. Moreover, the project requires you to discuss on the possibilities of mom talk and how open are they to participate and help other moms. By the end of this projects, company wants you to analyze the research critically and develop a long-term strategy and execution plan for thefunkids.com. They also need an execution plan that would include the UI, UX and content of the website and the activities for next 1 year. To compliment your work, a feasibility report should be shared for the execution plan you will share with the company management.
No EnrollmentDr. Amber Gul Rashidarashid@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2654
20Mushko Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd.Financial Management, Management Control System, and Strategic Analysis & ManagementMushko is in top 100 emerging I.T companies in Pakistan & in this era of innovation & fast changing business environment, new players are continuously coming and now in I.T industry a price war is started among I.T companies, Mushko have an immense pressure to keep competent in industry in order to maintain market share, avoiding liquidity crunch, evade legal claims of tax and other local laws, need of a sound system of management control system & application strong Reporting system along with define Standard Operating System for accounts and finance.

Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management. We need to focus on following areas:
• Management Reporting System
• Controlling System for reduction of cost wherever possible
• Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) regulations.
• Risk Management for financial decision.
No EnrollmentAman Ullah Saiyedausaiyed@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8297206
21Mushko Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd.Human Resource RestructuringHuman Resource Department at Mushko is still needs a lot of improvement to meet the desired standards pertaining to Human Resource Management. The areas that require improvement within the HR department are selection of the best talent along with evaluation of the resource with regards to compensation package, appraisal activity, best HR practices in IT industry as well as HR policies, succession planning, workforce mobility and employee engagement.

The purpose of this project is successful utilization of people to attain specific as well as organizational goals. Human Resource Management typically means to engage, improve and preserve sufficiently capable employees, to implement the activities essential to achieve organizational aims. Main objectives are:
• Defining Organizational structure and driving productivity;
• Building coordination between organizational departments;
• Offering Employee satisfaction.
No EnrollmentDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
22Patex PVT LTD.Management Control Systems, Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Supply Chain Management, Resource Mobilization strategies, Financial Management, and Process re-engineering and Change ManagementPatex Boards, a family owned business and a subsidiary of Pakitex Boards Pvt. Ltd, is Pakistan's leading manufacturer of premium grade plywood, veneer board, laminated board, laminated MDF and plain particle board (chipboard). The Company is going through a paradigm shift. As one of the market leaders, the organizations wishes to adopt the current market best practices and flourish.

Through this ELP, they need the identification and comparison of company process flows and points which can assist in the betterment of the company process flows and practices. They need a detailed analysis of the company internal systems, process flows management control systems, compliances, change management and current traits of the company culture.
No EnrollmentKhusrow Uzairkuzair@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0300-2140403
23Jubilee General Insurance Company LimitedNew ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Resource Mobilization strategies, Financial Management, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementFounded in 1953, Jubilee General Insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in
Pakistan. Currently, it ranks among the top three insurers in the country, and in this elite
group it is the only one rated “AA+” for Insurer Financial Strength by both PACRA and JCR-VIS. Also, Jubilee General is the only financial institution in Pakistan to be accorded the
Financial Strength Rating of “B++” (Good). To further escalate on the retail fronts, JGI aims at an aggressive retail business strategy to expand its reach exponentially. Through this ELP endeavor, the company wants to achive the following objectives:

> Gain an understanding of consumer’s perception, behavior and expectations when it comes to insurance in Pakistan;
> Identify where the change and innovation is needed to increase the reception for insurance and meet the changing needs and preferences of the customers. To develop and position products to meet these changing needs and preferences;
> Understand and Analyze the low penetration in Pakistan’s GDP;
> Explore and Suggest- New channels, ideas and rectifications where necessary. Give suggestions what role each one of the stakeholders can play to improve the current scenario.
Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Hoorain Kapadia (06888) - Group Leader
2. Hina Noor (07587)
3. Hiba Naqvi (07434)
4. Ayesha Anwer Gheewala (06879)
5. Sameen Jawaid (06845)
6. Mehreen Shah (06890)
24Bayer PakistanHR Process Restructuring, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementLife Science industry is highly competitive in Pakistan and therefore it has become a challenge for Bayer to adopt practices that would help us stand out in the market. Since recruitment and selection is a critical function in the success of the company, therefore, Bayer is working towards having a well-defined recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to get the best fit for the vacant positions. As sales is a vulnerable area, attrition rate is very high. Thus, recruitment is a constant process. The project is based on the study of recruitment process and generate ways of dealing with attrition and making hiring process manageable and efficient.

The main objectives of the project are:
1. Review and analyse the recruitment strategy across MNCs and give recommendations to make the process robust to attract the right talent.
2. Assist Recruitment team to develop an effective internal database to structure the search process for the candidates and hence, optimize the hiring process.
3. Proposal for a cost efficient testing system for field level positions.
No EnrollmentDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
25Bank AlfalahPolicy Benchmarking StudyBank Alfalah is working on developing a high performance culture and as a part of that process they are interested to conduct an EVP study. Along with that, they want to look at their organizational policies with a fresh set of eyes to align them with the results of EVP and the kind of culture they want to develop. Furthermore, they need to understand the policies/practices of selected companies to understand how they position themselves and benchmark against that. ELP project would include review of Bank Alfalah's organizational policies; study and document process flow for delivery, conduct a research on selected organizations in Pakistan within and outside of banking sector, prepare benchmarks of various kinds of policies; highlight impact/pros and cons, and identify areas of ‘competitive advantage’.No EnrollmentDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
26EFU Life Assurance LimitedStrategic Analysis & ManagementLife Insurance in Pakistan has always been considered to be targeted at Middle to High Income population. Recently a shift is been seen in other markets (East Africa, Far East ,South America) where a shift in the mindset has been noted and worked well for these markets. Witnessing rapid change through technology driven innovations and initiatives here in Pakistan it is expected that this shift and the learnings can be useful and can be successfully applied here. ELP project delivarables will be as follows:

1. Identify the countries/markets where micro/inclusive/mass market insurance has been really successful;
2. Identify min 5 new (to Pakistan) product ideas catering to this segment. This should definitely include micro savings insurance plan;
3. Assess and analyses the structure and performance of these products;
4. Identify the most feasible e2e process and technological support that we need for these products to become successful;
5. Suggest recommendations for adoption within the local frameworks.
Enrollment ProcessedAman Ullah Saiyedausaiyed@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8297206
1. Yusra Syed (07360) - Group Leader
2. Nida Hameed Khan (07177)
3. Sarah Feroz Aziz (06933)
4. Syeda Sania Rizvi (07375)
5. Zubair Ahmed Khokhar (06893)
6. Nida Shahid (07211)
27EFU Life Assurance LimitedMarketing StrategyEFU Life has launched very recently launched its corporate campaign on a 360 degree scope with a marked presence on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Cinema, Social, and Digital. This project will require students to conduct a post campaign analysis using both qualitative and quantitative research tools for both user and non-user groups. For quantitative, minimum sample size of 1000 respondents. This analysis should be run in February 2017, giving the campaign a 2 month period post launch for a reasonable assessment on the marked KPI’s.No EnrollmentYasmin Zafaryzafar@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2629
28HeyDay PakistanBusiness DevelopmentIce cream is about spreading joy and happiness through the delight of frozen creamy goodness. That is precisely the model of HeyDay classifying itself as the premium soft serve ice cream of Pakistan based in Karachi. With a playful attitude, HeyDay spins a new take on old-school soft-serve by creating fun, innovative and unique combination ice creams, toppings & frozen treats that appeal to a diverse customer base. The Goal for HeyDay Product manufacturing was to combine conceptual & innovative thinking with high quality ingredients & products in an effort to make the IDEAL Soft Serve - that not only Stimulates amazing taste, but in fact, gives an appealing visual presence. Currently, HeyDay is expanding its outlets within Karachi, so for that purpose the group will mainly focus on Business Development Function.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Kamran Mumtazmmumtaz@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2665
1. Ayesha Farooq (06880) - Group Leader
2. Ayesha Farooq (07179)
3. Ayesha Ismail (06849)
4. Jawaria Arif (06868)
5. Sakina Tahir (06884)
6. Yusra Tasneem (06928)
29Al Khair - Natural Product CompanyMarketing StrategyAl Khair is a natural product manufacturing company focuses on providing beneficial products aligned with a healthy life style. The company feels that allopathic medicines are not preventing any disease, mostly, they just provide temporary cure but also deteriorate the patient’s health due to multiple side effects. In order to improve the lifestyle of people, we want to penetrate natural products through doctors, as a prevention, as well as cure, providing multiple and cost-friendly benefits. From ELP intervention, the company wants to have:

1. Identification of methodology to promote natural products to doctors;
2. Identification of right doctors;
3. Test Marketing.
No EnrollmentDr. Kamran Mumtazmmumtaz@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2665
30AutocomManagement Control Systems, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementWith the growing market trends and industrial developments, Autocom is taking a hike and paving way towards the road of expansion. Keeping the same in view, they seek to engage students in a number of projects primarily in helping the organization during this transition period. The main objective of ELP project is to study the current organization structure with policies & procedures, and develop a plan to implement process re-engineering concepts. Also analyze the workforce at Autocom and propose a change management plan for them to yield a smooth transition period.No EnrollmentDr. Najam A. Anjumnaanjum@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2695
Cell: 0331-5001440
31L’Oréal PakistanTrade Marketing and Merchandising The development of visibility tools in general trade can help L'Oreal drive the right penetration with visibility footprint in deep GT. The challenging aspect however is the development of the right, cost effective tools with right ROI and consumer engagement feasibility, without compromising on L’Oréal Beauty Métier. The main task of the ELP team would be to collect market information, customer and consumer insight on brand equity, instore visibility, merchandising tools available in deep GT for various companies. They need to assess performance and quality of material and share relevant insights. The team also has to continuously share insights on various factors that influence shopper behavior for beauty category.Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Aly Zain Mansoor (05621) - Group Leader
2. Aleena Fatima (06856)
3. Saba Asif (06876)
4. Sana Amjad (07021)
5. Ayesha Ahmed (07151)
6. Amna Kashif (06846)
32AMF Enterprises Pvt LtdNew ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, and Supply Chain Management
AMF Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a new business venture established in 2015. AMF basically deals in import different categories of products mainly food and niche segments. Currently, AMF has imported lentils and chick peas from Australia whereas the future projects in pipeline are to import premium tea, beverages and snacks from different countries. For this purpose, they need resource from marketing, finance and supply chain background who could collaborate with each other and go through the aggressive marketing and supply chain research about the different portfolios of products and prepare feasibility report for them accordingly. Future product launch will be heavily dependent on this research and financial work. Enrollment ProcessedMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
1. Nawal Asif Khan (06954) - Group Leader
2. Mustafa Mubashar (07213)
3. Yawar Khalid (06913)
4. Ali Saood (07553)
5. Ammar Sohail (07157)
6. Fazal Mobeen Zafar (07199)
33Progressive Education NetworkMarketing Strategy, Resource Mobilization Strategies, and Financial ManagementProgressive Education Network is a non-profit company, with a mission to provide quality education to the underprivileged children across Pakistan. They adopt public schools through a public-private partnership with Education Department, and then implements its reforms to improve their standard of education and provide basic facilities. The goal is to have more than one million children in PEN managed schools in 2025. In addition, a minimum of five million Pakistani children should be registered regular users of our technology based educational tools by the same time. Progressive Education Network has been working for uplifting educational standards of Design fundraising strategies, donor relationship management, design to run charity drives, strategies to organize fund raising events and manage motivated pool of volunteers who can assist in fundraising. Main objectives of the ELP project will be:
1. Draft a database of prospect/potential donors via market research;
2. Identifying required resources to fund PEN project;
3. Outlining the best strategies for approaching stakeholders (donors and partners);
4. Design a strategic plan to roll out word of working of PEN to masses using social media and other platforms.
No EnrollmentDr. Najam A. Anjumnaanjum@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2695
Cell: 0331-5001440
34TaplandoNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyTaplando is a game development studio producing casual, viral, mobile games for global audiences. They have decided to expand their expertise and produce high quality VR games which relay a ‘life changing experience’ & have shock value. For this matter, they are interested to involve students in ELP Research Project which would cover the following aspects of VR:

1. Data about the VR games available and their downloads, revenue, etc.;
2. What kind of games can be created for the masses;
3. The competitive landscape in terms of competition;
4. Marketing distribution channels.
Enrollment ProcessedMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
1. Sania Alam (07366) - Group Leader
2. Tarab Majaz (7176)
3. Maira Salahuddin (06900)
4. Azka Anwar (7499)
35Dawlance Group of ComapniesSupply Chain ManagementIn order to revise efficiency within its Supply-Chain Department, Dawlance Group of Companies is looking to develop and alter the warehouse layout which is a bottleneck for operations. For this matter, they require a layout of finished goods warehouse (Karachi) and a template or a software to change the warehouse layout as the company grows. Also, possibly execution of revised plan on ground.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Abdul Basitabshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3355574
1. Syed Faraz Alvi (06853) - Group Leader
2. Danial Ali Baig (07195)
3. Sheharyar Saleem (07172)
4. M. Abdul Ahad (07181)
5. Muhammad Ali (07527)
36Dawlance Group of CompaniesProcess re-engineering and Change Management, Supply Chain Management, and Management Control SystemsMain objective of this project is to restructure the logistic system for spare parts that ensure the timely, cost effective and damage free delivery to customers. Proposal should lead to more effective logistic system, improve the quality of the logistic services, decrease the logistic cost and enhance customer satisfaction.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Kamran Mumtazmmumtaz@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2665
1. Amna Ziauddin (06908) - Group Leader
2. Humza Maniar (06946)
3. Saba Sabir (06918)
4. Rabeea Fatima Shahid (06919)
5. Sidra Tariq (06959)
6. Uzair Yaqoob (06902)
37Dawlance Group of ComapniesManagement Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Resource Mobilization StrategiesMain objective of this project is to devise a Customer Experience Management System. Increasingly, customer experiences include not only interactions through traditional channels, such as website purchases, phone calls and live chat, but also social media, text and other burgeoning communication mediums through which customers can engage with companies. Through a comprehensive effort, the task is to increase Customer Loyalty and Enhancement of Customer Experience, and identify and Removal of customer dissatisfaction element from all touch points.Enrollment ProcessedKhusrow Uzairkuzair@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0300-2140403
1. Shuja-u-Rehman (06844) - Group Leader
2. Aisha Methani (07067)
3. Huda Haroon (06855)
4. Mariam Munir (06837)
5. Maryam Dada (06859)
6. Shahzaib Shahzad (05255)
38STEMERSNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Marketing StrategyStemers Lab is a high tech initiative targeted towards the school going generation in Pakistan who want to set themselves apart from the conventional learning by building a passion for Science. Stemers provides the opportunity and resources to learn cutting edge technologies through courses offered on Robotics, Game Development, 3D Modelling and printing etc. With the vision of leading provider of STEM/STEAM education in Pakistan, their purpose is to integrate real world ideas with the latest in technology. Through ELP, Stemers team would like students to:

> Perform Market Survey and develop marketing strategy for the launch of our new facility;
> Business development by compiling list of Potential Schools;
> Gain an understanding of people’s perception of STEM education in Pakistan;
> Develop Social Media marketing strategy;
> Assist in basic organization of the firm.
Enrollment ProcessedDr. Abdul Basitabshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3355574
1. Romasa Ali (06063) - Group Leader
2. Ayesha Zafar (05155)
3. Farheena Jamil (05598)
4. Danial Kodvavi (05303)
5. Farid Ahmed (06965)
39Camelion PakistanNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyCamelion Pakistan is the official/sole distributor of Camelion international operating in Pakistan since 2001. Camelion specializes in the research, development and manufacture of quality-constructed battery, charger, flashlight, lighting and related energy products. This project is related to a new product, Camelion Power banks. It requires students to target new market segments and design a marketing strategy for the brand. The project would require students to target individuals, corporations and other organizations in order to promote the brand. The main objective of this project is to tap the corporations who are looking for energy solutions and corporate giveaways for their company as many companies have already been approaching our representatives. Students will be given tasks and targets which they’ll expected to complete and report to the company on the due date. Information will be shared with the students and they’re expected to analyze and work with the given data.Enrollment ProcessedZuhair Ismailzmismail@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0333-2233918
1. Ahmed iqbal (07149) - Group Leader
2. Khawaja Muhammad Bilal Khalid (07359)
3. Muhammad Arslan Saleemi (07206)
4. Asad Hussain Memon (07171)
5. Bisma Imran (07166)
6. Nauman Bashi (07519)
40JS Bank LimitedNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Resource Mobilization strategies, and Financial ManagementImpact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. The growing impact investment market provides capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, and affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education. The main objectives of this projects are:

- Study, analyze and create projections regarding Impact Investment in Pakistan;
- Identify projects that will help JS Bank leverage its position as a financial institution in creating
impact on lives of the people;
- Conduct detailed financial, social & environmental feasibility of the identified projects;
- Develop timeline, deliverables and performance criteria to measure success of each project;
- Identify the requirements for aligning with various institutions (US AID, UN agencies, World Bank,
ADB etc.) to fund these projects;
- Develop financial model best suited to finance the identified projects (Equity investment, Debt
investment, social impact bonds etc.).
Enrollment ProcessedShahid Zakiszaki@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8228753
1. Moiz Zafar (06920) - Group Leader
2. Ahsan Lakhani (07162)
3. Syed Abbas Haider (06925)
4. Shahbaz Mujtaba (06944)
5. Elisha Yousaf (06068)
6. Ahmed Ali Raza (06912)
41Market IQStrategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, and Resource Mobilization StrategiesMarket IQ is a big data marketing platform to help businesses grow their revenues and drive brand affinity. Clients: Barclays, Nasdaq, DowJones, HSBC, etc. In 2013, the company embarked on a strategy to help small businesses grow. It was quite apparent that small businesses didn’t have the time or resources to invest in big data analytics. Hence, they started offering their platform to SMBs with a goal to help small businesses use data to augment the decision making process, and use digital to grow their business.

Market IQ wants to empower small businesses them with big data insights, and help them grow. They want students who share the same ideology to come and work with them. These students will be a part of a team that breathes Silicon Valley culture, parties hard, and works harder. Their tasks would be to identify pain-points of small business owners, craft marketing strategies to reach more small business owners, and execute those strategies.
Enrollment ProcessedAsad Aliasadali@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0345-2279193
1. Faryal Shahzad (07182) - Group Leader
2. Aqsa Sohail (07510)
3. Hiba Rehman (06932)
4. Saneeza Asrar (06869)
5. Shazmina Abbas (07356)
42The Aman FoundationNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Marketing StrategyThe students will be closely involved with Aman Foundation’s business unit TELEHEALTH to devise a concrete strategy to implement the concept of Telemedicine in the Pakistani context, and to expand the scope of current Aman Telehealth services to a bigger beneficiary base targeting all socio-economic classes. The students will be expected to conduct a preliminary research to gauge acceptability of Telehealth and Telemedicine and incorporate the findings to devise a comprehensive strategy. Moreover, students will be involved in a business development process, whereby they’ll be expected to develop strategic partnerships with organizations to support Telehealth as a venture.No EnrollmentDr. Amber Gul Rashidarashid@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2654
43The Aman FoundationProcess re-engineering and Change Management, Business Development, Strategic Analysis & Management, and New ventures/Feasibility Studies1. The students will be closely involved with Aman Foundation’s business unit TELEHEALTH & Urban Health Institute to identify gaps in current services (software, IT systems, data management, Trainings curriculum, R&D), suggest improvements and take lead in implementing the approved plan.

2. Business Development of UHI: Develop UHI links in the external market whereby using personal contacts. Pitching health and safety training to external organizations and building grounds for longer term collaboration. The target would be to generate at least 5 MOUs.

3. SUKH Initiative:
Captured learnings, analysis, briefs, documentation will be published on ACHP-Sukh web site and different materials in hard form. Students will prepare all this publications along with marketing strategy
Enrollment ProcessedAsad Aliasadali@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0345-2279193
1. Sara Pirzada (06964)
2. Vareesha Khan (07207)
3. Sidra Shehzeen (06898)
4. Faizan Nasir (05683)
5. Shahanza (07209)
6. Syed Owais Wahab (05554)
44The Aman FoundationProject communication and publicationPakistan suffers from a very high maternal mortality rate, and a Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) of 35% with a high unmet need for family planning. In Karachi, which is ranked amongst the top ten most populous cities of the world and with a population estimated to be more than 21 million, the reported contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) is 45%. However, compared to other similar cities internationally, CPR in Karachi is lowest among its peers Dehli and Jakarta.

Aman Community Health Program is enthusiastic to get value addition in its above discussed project by this group. The area of working is as follows:

• Communication of Project
• Project learning’s Publication
• Dissemination of all output: All the captured learnings, analysis, briefs, documentation will be published on ACHP-Sukh web site and different materials in hard form. Students will prepare all this publications along with marketing strategy.
No EnrollmentDr. Minhaj A. Qidwaimaqidwai@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0322-2377379
45Acumen PakistanNew ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, and Resource Mobilization strategiesAcumen raises charitable donations to invest in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty. Acumen has invested in Nasra Public School (“NPS”) which provides low-cost, high quality pre-primary, K-12 co-education. NPS has been supported by Education Trust Nasra School which has over 60- years of experience of providing high quality education at an affordable cost. Historically NPS has not been an area of focus and has acted as a platform for absorbing excess students at the Trust however post investment from Acumen, the management is looking to scale this up as the first sustainable school chain in Pakistan offering a high standard of education at a low fee level. It has already established 14 branches post Acumen investment and has an aggressive plan for establishing more braches going forward.

At this juncture, wherein NPS is transitioning from a relatively low scale to a school with a mid-size/large network, it would be really interesting if ELP can facilitate in writing a strategy report for making this transition. This strategy report should entail, what is the right kind of model for NPS to scale i.e. organic growth vs franchise model, its merits and de-merits, key areas to focus on while transitioning, benchmarking it to model which have already scaled i.e. Beacon house/City School for a sanity check, requisite infrastructural upgrade and other nuances which will we flesh out at the time of formal engagement.
No EnrollmentDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
46TelemartNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyTelemart, being one of the fastest growing companies in the Retail and E-commerce sector, is planning on to expand and increase their sales in order to generate maximum revenue. The E-Commerce Side is almost stagnant when it comes to the amount of orders and sales generated through the website therefore, Telemart wants to conduct a feasibility study on Affiliate Sales Program (For normal people to sell Telemart’s Product and Earn Commission/incentives) and its Implementation. Following will be the deliverables of this project:

1. Research Report on the prevalent affiliate sales programs running in Pakistan and Abroad;
2. Feasibility Study on Affiliate Sales Program & how would it impact Telemart’s current Sales Volume, Profits and Order quantity;
3. Hands on planning, marketing & implementation of Telemart Affiliate Sales Program.
Enrollment ProcessedYasmin Zafaryzafar@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2629
1. Kashif Bhojani (07594) - Group Leader
2. Omair Khalid (06871)
3. Saad Ahmed (06891)
4. M. Mustafa Siddiqui (06840)
5. Saifullah Tariq (06885)
47INDUS MOTOR COMPANY (IMC)Supply Chain ManagementThere is a rapid development in the use of information, communications & technology (ICT) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) globally. It is now specially recognized as a key enabler to eliminate the bull-whip effect, however, this culture is still to nurture in developing nations like Pakistan. In SCM, ICT is now specially recognized as a key enabler being applied in many organizations to eliminate the bull-whip effect and this has been a major struggling issue for IMC.

IMC would like to conduct a study focussing on drivers and barriers influencing the adoption of information, communications & technology (ICT) in the area of Facility Management (FM) particularly during supply-demand uncertainty. Study should comprehensively cover factors impacting ICT adoption in the supply chain, the barriers disrupting in the chain, the risks associated, inefficiencies in the chain, etc. and provide a set of conclusive control measures as to how ICT will increase level of integration for the external inter-organizational aspect as well as internal intra-organizational perspective.
Enrollment ProcessedDr. Kamran Mumtazmmumtaz@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2665
1. Muhammad Sameed (07487) - Group Leader
2. Farah Idrees (07507)
3. Muhammad Ali Saleem (07583)
4. Saad Javed Kaludi (07563)
5. Shiza Saleem (07379)
48Inbox Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Strategic Analysis & Management, and Financial ManagementThe Finance department at Inbox wants to carry out a research on the reporting structures and corporate governance of listed companies and come up with recommendations as to how these can be incorporated in the company. The ELP associates will be expected to:

1. Carry out detailed research on benchmark companies as to how they present their annual reports including methods of presentation and approaches of reporting;
2. Carry out detailed research on benchmark companies as to what corporate governance practices they exercise;
3. Carry out analyses on Inbox business Technologies and present improvements based on the benchmark companies that can be incorporated into the company’s practices;
4. Any other activity related to this project.
No EnrollmentSyed Irfan Ahmedirf.ahm.naq@gmail.com
49Asia Petroleum LimitedHuman Resource RestructuringDetermine feasibility of and introduce Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in the company and in so doing, create a complete blue-print along with implementation plan. In doing so, study the company’s processes and suggest KPI/metrics that are aligned with the company’s vision/strategies/objectives. End-objective is to successfully deploy a BSC program that can be made part of our performance management program.No EnrollmentSabir Syedsabir.syed@hotmail.com
50HASHMANIS HOSPITALStrategic Analysis & Management and Marketing StrategyHashmanis Hospital has been operating since 1981 and today we provide cutting edge technology in Ophthalmology that is not available anywhere in Pakistan. Currently, we operate 7 Eye Hospitals and a 50 Bedded General Hospital. We treat hundreds of patients on a daily basis and as such the overall patient experience is crucial to our operations. To date, no such study has been carried out where the overall patient experience is gaged. Through this project, the hospital wants to evaluate the overall patient experience from the time the patient hears or reads about us, to his arrival at the hospital, to his treatment, to his checkout and settlement of the bill, to the post-surgical period. Moreover, their management is interested in analysing what/how their competitor’s think of them and what they convey to their patients. They also need to identify ways they can improve their relations with their competitors so that cross referrals are increased.No EnrollmentDr. Amber Gul Rashidarashid@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2654
51TelemartStrategic Analysis & Management and Marketing StrategyTelemart is one of the fastest growing companies in the Retail and E-commerce sector winning Brand of the Year Award in the Year 2014-2015 and getting nominated in the Prestigious World Retail Awards for the Year 2016. Telemart launched Telemart Discount Card in November 2015 as it’s USP/value added product dispatched complimentarily to all its online and retail customers with their purchase. The discount card has recently faced stagnancy in the number of brands on board and the amount of redemptions. Telemart wants to design a marketing campaign & a strategic plan for the revival of Telemart Discount Card and to increase it’s value for the customers. This project should cover the following aspects:

1. Extensive Research and Audit on Telemart Discount Card Program and all it’s aspects.
2. Devise a new & fresh marketing campaign and strategic plan for discount card program.
3. Approach well reputed and diverse brands within karachi and across Pakistan for alliance with Telemart Discount Card.
4. Increase the number of brands associated with the card and the amount of Redemption of the Discount card at the partner brands.
No EnrollmentAman Ullah Saiyedausaiyed@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8297206
52Unilever Pakistan LimitedMarketing StrategyThe project is regarding the Hair Care market of Pakistan. Currently this market in Pakistan is dominated by Shampoo as the main product used for Hair Care. Globally, this market is very diverse with multiple product categories like Conditioners, Serums, Hair Masks etc. Comparing global trends the next category which follows shampoo usage is conditioners. So far in Pakistan there is no player that has been able to unlock the demand or market the conditioners in a way that is understandable to the consumers and convincing enough for them to adopt conditioner usage. The basic objective of this project would be to unlock the conditioner market as all global and local metrics show that there is huge potential for conditioner. There would be 3 primary tasks:
1) To conduct a triggers and barriers study specifically for conditioners with a specified sample size to generate substantive insights and consumer intelligence regarding conditioners- (estimated time required 3 months)
2) Develop a Big Idea based on the results of the study. (1 month)
3) After approval from Brand teams, test the big idea with consumers and tweak the idea based on consumer feedback.
Enrollment ProcessedSaima Hussainshusain@iba.edu.pk
IBA extension: 2626
1. Rahmeen Fazal (07588) - Group Leader
2. Maheen Yaseen Ali (07554)
3. Syed Muhammad Raza (07380)
4. Fahd Iqbal Sawant (06915)
5. Bushra Munaf (07569)
6. Syed Rameez Ali (06958)
53Indus Motor Company (IMC)Marketing Strategy and Process re-engineering & Change ManagementToyota is committed to deliver excellent customer service by offering the best after-sales products. Keeping this in mind, IMC has recently launched 3rd year Extended Warranty program for all new Corolla customers from delivery till 5,000 KMs to increase customer satisfaction and peace of mind. This project will require the group to do the following:
- SWOT analysis of recently launched Extended Warranty Project.
- Market research to get the post launch feedback from customers regarding pricing, convenience etc.
- Exploring new avenues and strategies to sell Extended Warranty nationwide.
- Development of 4th year Extended Warranty proposal for IMC including a detailed description of market analysis, price structure, profitability analysis, etc.
Enrollment ProcessedSyed Asim Alisasim@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-2444289
1. Umer Rizwan (07191) - Group Leader
2. Nazia Khan (06917)
3. Syeda Zoya (07369)
4. Faiq Mehfooz (07383)
54Indus Motor Company (IMC)Marketing StrategyPeriodic Maintenance of cars using quality parts and by specialized trained personnel is crucial to maintain their performance however, not many vehicle owners in Pakistan understand that. As an effort towards increasing the number of cars coming to Toyota Dealerships for their proper periodic Maintenance IMC has launched Prepaid Periodic Maintenance; an attractive 1 year maintenance package for new cars being sold through Toyota dealerships. The project will invlove the following:
- SWOT analysis of recently launched Prepaid Periodic Maintenance Package.
- 4Ps study of dealer based periodic maintenance packages.
- Developing a selling SOP for Prepaid Maintenance Packages after detailed dealer based research.
- Identification of products/services introduced by dealerships through up selling at the time of vehicle maintenance.
- Development of a new more attractive Prepaid Periodic Maintenance Package including a detailed description of the 4P’s, selling strategy, dealer management strategy and Profitability Analysis.
Enrollment ProcessedMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
1. Arsal Shakeel (07564) - Group Leader
2. Muneeb Salman (07558)
3. Jehanzaib Sajid Kabir (06838)
4. Taha Abbasi (06866)
5. Saad Sohail (06841)
6. Ahmed Mustafa Khan (06842)
55AKD Investment ManagementStrategic Analysis & Management and Financial Management/Financial Modeling & Industry Analysis The scope of the project incorporates a comprehensive top-down analysis of a business sector in Pakistan, with the ultimate objective of creating equity valuation models on KSE listed companies. Being an Asset Management Company (AMC), AKD Investment is constantly on the lookout for listed companies that are uniquely placed to take advantage of Pakistan’s shifting macro-economic fundamentals. Their goal in context of the project will be to identify and value, potentially high growth companies that are undervalued on the bourse. The team will be assigned a business sector (i.e Pharmaceutical, FMCG etc.) and will have to carry out a comprehensive industry analysis that incorporates:
• Regional and global peer analysis,
• Analysis of industry’s growth in comparison with the macro-economic fundamentals,
• Identification of key industry drivers.
• Ratio analysis of listed companies.
Enrollment ProcessedHilal Anwar Butthabutt@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0336-5013803
1. Syed Aaminah Asim (06953)
2. Anoosha Haroon (06950)
3. Hemakshi Sharda (07365)
4. Syed Murtaza Nadeem (06957)
5. Zara (06899)
56IAL Saatchi & SaatchiNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, and Research & data mining With diverse portfolio of clients, IAL Satchi & Satchi has to keep abreast with the industry norms and developments across categories. Equipped with the state of the art online archives for secondary knowledge, they have a large pool of ready to use data available at the click of a button. But this data does not address Pakistani category specific truths. In fact, industry wide, there is no comprehensive local data library available that can be utilized for Pakistan-specific insight mining. So this is an initiative to develop a multi category local research database, which will serve as a pool of relevant information, which their Strategy and Creative teams can use to outline consumer insights and shape them according to client briefs.

The role of the students in this project will be more than just of research facilitators. They will be data analysts, their understanding of business and category dynamics will be put to work while mining raw facts and converting them into brand relevant information. They will be trained as to how to data mine, develop questionnaires, compile information and analyze raw data to make actionable insights. Their analytical skill will be put to test, once given a product category based task. It will be a learning experience for the candidates in terms of research, analytical thinking and corporate level data compilation, along with a detailed understanding of ethical referencing, and anti plagiarism practices within the domain of consumer research.
Enrollment ProcessedAkhtar Mahmudamahmud@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-8276468
1. Muhammad Ibtehaj Hassan (06897) - Group Leader
2. Ruqia Waqar (07557)
3. Shahrukh Abbas (06947)
4. Sibgha Raza Khan (06948)
5. Zainab Suri (06949)
6. Amna Rizvi (05774)
57Unilever Pakistan Limited Marketing StrategyCurrently Liquid soap market penetration is as low as 7% in Pakistan, in which hand wash is 5% and body wash is 2% of the entire population. People use bar soaps for their cleansing routine and think that using liquid soap is a hassle particularly liquid body wash. The key job for company now is to create awareness about the format and convert bar users to Lux body wash. There is hardly any local body wash player in the market competing against lux body wash directly. So lux has opportunity to lead the body wash market by creating the awareness about the product and educating consumers on how to use body wash for best results and how easy it is to use as compare to bars. The main objectives of this project are following:
1. Convert bar users to body wash;
2. Create awareness about the Lux body wash;
3. Educate consumers on how to use Lux body wash;
4. Increase penetration by recruiting new users.
Enrollment ProcessedSaima Hussainshusain@iba.edu.pk
IBA extension: 2626
1. Afnan Imran (06862) - Group Leader
2. Insiya M. Tejani (06865)
3. Mariam Keshodia (07154)
58K-Electric LimitedNew ventures / Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing StrategyELP Project will revolve around the following domains:

1. Loyalty Program:
KE is interested in launching a loyalty program for its consumers. Since it is a one of a kind project for a utility in Pakistan and hasn’t been done before, areas such as feasibility research, benchmarking with other utilities and companies, liaison with other brands etc. would be required to explore by the students.

2. Your KE Campaign:
To educate the consumer, KE requires a complete communication program which includes areas such as knowing the KE bill, safety, energy usage, consumption etc.
No EnrollmentMirza Sardar Hussainmirzasardar@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2624
59Ashiyana Trust – SENIOR CITIZEN’S LIVINGNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Financial ManagementAshiyana Trust operates a Senior Citizen’s Living Facility with space for 30 female residents (able-bodied). The management intends to expand its current facility and open a complete Geriatric Care Center which can offer enhanced patient care to individuals over 60 years of age. The main objectives of this project will be to:

1. Conduct online study of Geriatric Care facilities in foreign countries and their offering
2. Conduct a market survey of existing old-age homes with regards to the services being
offered, cost of living etc.
3. Prepare a feasibility report of the proposed facility with the following details:
a. Complete Orgaziation chart
b. Proposed Medical Care Services
c. Proposed Well-Bring Care Services
d. Financial Feasibility
e. Establish Admission criteria for residents
f. Marketing Plan to attract Residents
g. Marketing Plan to reach Donors
No EnrollmentDr. Minhaj A. Qidwaimaqidwai@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0322-2377379
60Genesis International (Pvt) Ltd.New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementGenesis is a leading Marketing company which likes to establish new business entity focusing on Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to offer them customized marketing services and Human Capacity Building. Students will be provided an opportunity to develop a questionnaire for market research for the new entity and implement the questionnaire followed by analysis and report writing. Additional task would be to undertake a SWOT analysis and financial feasibility of the project. After a thorogh analysis, company requires a comprehensive report and power point presentation on research objectives including SWOT Analysis and Feasibility report.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Minhaj A. Qidwaimaqidwai@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0322-2377379
1. Misbah Ahmed (07374) - Group Leader
2. Mubashir Umer (05882)
3. Shaikh Muhammad Areeb (05398)
4. Sughand Hira Abbasi (07388)
5. Muhammad Hassan (07384)
6. Ali Hasan Soomro (05538)
61ICI Pakistan LimitedManagement Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Financial Management, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementICI requires the following deliverables from the ELP group working for this project:
• Make a comprehensive Harvard style case study on ICI Change Management/Transition through the ages;
• Review HR section of our website and make it more compelling;
• Create/Design a brochure around our Core Development Programme;
• More exciting content on ICI’s website in the career’s section/HR Section;
• A compelling and well-designed/conceived brochure on Core Development Programme.
No EnrollmentDr. Najam A. Anjumnaanjum@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2695
Cell: 0331-5001440
62ICI Pakistan LimitedHuman Resource Restructuring, and Process re-engineering and Change ManagementMain objectives/tasks of this project are to:
> Research on the best practices of recruitment drives of fresh graduates
> Revamping the Graduate Recruit drive
> Research, strategy formulation and execution of best employer branding practices
> Research on titles
> Creating and changing titles across the organization

By the end of the project, company wants to have the following at hand:
- A strategy on the recruitment of MTs
- An Action plan for graduate recruitment
- Clear action plan and execution of best employer branding practices
- Creating Titles
Enrollment ProcessedSabir Syedsabir.syed@hotmail.com1. Yusra Nasir (06878) - Group Leader
2. Usama Haseeb Ahmed (07526)
3. Muhammad Ismail Khan (06969)
4. Javeria Anees (06867)
5. Fatima Zafar (06836)
63Engro FoodsMarketing StrategyIn the past 18 months, a lot of new players have entered the Specialized Tea Creamer category. From 3 major players, the category has now around 10 players. As a result Tarang has lost its market share to these new entrants. As the shopper now has more options available, it is imperative to understand the shopper’s behavior and gain insights on his purchase patterns and decisions. This project will involve, but not limited to the following:

- Market visits to get an overview of the STC category
- Develop questionnaire to gain insights on shopper buying behavior
- Interact with STC shoppers in cluster markets and get questionnaires filled
- Analyze and present the understandings.

The final objective of all this activity is to have the key points that the shopper takes in consideration in the shop when making his purchase decision for STC.
Enrollment ProcessedMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
1. Mohammad Bilal Sohail (06874) - Group Leader
2. Feryal Shariff (06858)
3. Neha Akbar Baig (08119)
4. Noor Mian (06863)
5. Mahnoor wahaj (07153)
64Colgate Palmolive (Limited) PakistanFeasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyAt present, Veet is a leading top-tier brand which has the highest market share as well as the highest SOV in the category. Mass brands on the other hand are of low price and low quality. The purpose of the project is to understand the depilatories industry and devise a 360 degree launch plan for a depilatory cream that caters to the masses as a low price, quality depilatory product. The project deliverables include:

1. Consumer Insights: Report consumer behaviors, preferences, usage, habits, attitudes and loyalty, needs and motivations that relate to the category
2. Identify possible gaps in the target market that could be filled with the potential product under investigation
3. Provide insights into consumer response to the potential product
4. Determine a consumer profile that is most likely to purchase the product in question based on specific demographics, needs, income level and also more detailed consumer psychographics etc
5. Identify which consumer needs are important and how far they are being met by the current product portfolio available in the market
6. Understand and analyze the target consumers and their needs in order to identify and define marketing opportunities
7. Suggest a strategy and 360 IMC execution to launch a new depilatory cream
Enrollment ProcessedFatima Akhundfakhund@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2674
1. Kiran Rohra (06854)
2. Samara Ali (06892)
3. Afaf Mushtaq (06851)
4. Umaima Amin (06850)
5. Rida Salman (06877)
6. Dania Tabassum (06875)
65Event BazaarNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyEvent Bazaar, an event company, with aspirations to break the shackles of traditional event management, by incorporating technology into this relatively non- tech industry. The purpose of Event bazaar and all its subsidiaries is to make event management as simple as possible. Event Bazaar is initially starting off with, Assitevent, first of its kind, even management portal. Assitevent aims to eliminate the redundancy in the process by eliminating the repetition and the need of going to all the vendors’ you might want to consider for your event. The technology is under development phase, hence in order to make it closest to people’s needs company needs to hire most competitive vendors, develop a rigorous vendor recruitment criterion and a thorough market research and analysis. These are precisely the essentials where the team of ELP students will be required to put in their efforts.No EnrollmentSyed Asim Alisasim@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-2444289
66Habib Bank LimitedHuman Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Process re-engineering and Change ManagementCultural transformation is one of the significant phase of any organization’s journey where the beliefs, emotion and thought process of organization’s employees are reshaped to meet the rapidly changing circumstances. Moving towards innovation and change, HBL aspires to be both; bank of choice as well as employer of choice. Embarking on a journey of cultural transformation is as challenging as it can be. We at HBL are looking for the right plan and tools to begin this journey. The main objectives of this project will be to:
 Develop a strategy for cultural transformation at HBL
 Determine what tools and resources are required
 Outline what specific processes should be followed
 Determine how the impact of our initiatives be measured

HBL Management requires a strategy on how to go about cultural transformation. A detailed plan outlining the resources, stake holders, tools etc. and Metrics to measure the impact of our initiatives.
Enrollment ProcessedSabir Syedsabir.syed@hotmail.com1. Juveria Shaikh (06852) - Group Leader
2. Ayesha Bhatti (06872)
3. Babar Jamal Khan (06843)
4. Haseeb Ahmed (07112)
5. Hasnain Inam (06847)
6. Javeria Petiwala (06864)
67Habib Bank LimitedHuman Resource Restructuring and Resource Mobilization strategiesHBL wants ELP students to design a Talent Hunt Program which gives them access to the high potential students at universities. The talent hunt program will be linked their recruitment (Interns and Management Trainees). Students are expected to come up with an interesting and creative idea for the talent hunt, Present a detailed plan on how to go about it and what resources will be required, and let them know how will it be executed.No EnrollmentSabir Syedsabir.syed@hotmail.com
68The Citizens Foundation (TCF)New ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Resource Mobilization Strategies, and Market ResearchWith the number of TCF graduates increasing every year, the number of TCF Alumni pursuing higher studies has also been increasing. Keeping in mind that these students from a less privileged background, they often don’t have adequate means and mostly need financial support to continue their education. Having limited funds to provide scholarships to alumni for tertiary education, TCF’s role is more focused on trying to help students in preparing for admissions, facilitating the admission process and connecting them to available scholarship opportunities. In this regard, a thorough study needs to be done which spans around understanding the landscape of scholarships, grants, student loans and financial support available within Pakistan. The Project develiverables wil include the following:
 Research and prepare a list of organizations/banks/trusts that provide interest free loans within Pakistan
 Participating in awareness sessions for TCF Alumni, whereby a healthy discussion takes place to refine their understanding of scholarship opportunities
 Scan the landscape for various scholarships available within Pakistan | process, eligibility criteria, timelines and documentation
 Scholarship programs (undergrad) available overseas | process, criteria, timelines and documentation
 Design a mechanism to help increase connectivity with TCF Alumni who have graduated
 Expanding the database of TCF Alumni, by tracking and connecting with them
 Overseas scholarships/grants applicable for use within Pakistan
No EnrollmentAman Ullah Saiyedausaiyed@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8297206
69Afroze TextilesFeasibility Studies and Market ResearchThe students will be required to come up with a comprehensive analysis of the home textile industry in Australia. Market research (secondary) will need to be carried out to see if it will perform as well as Walmart did in the US. Information will be shared with the students and they will be expected to complete the given tasks and targets by the due date provided. A feasibility report should be produced that will help managers make decisions about this idea.Enrollment ProcessedMohammad Kamil Shahbazkermkshahbazker@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0334-3493553
1. Shahrukh Idrees (06883) - Group Leader
2. Meher Asif (08114)
3. Farzan Saleem (08126)
4. Shams Nasir (07222)
5. Bakhtawar Zehra (07376)
6. Ramisha Asif (07367)
70Unilever PakistanFeasibility Studies and Vendor RelationsMain objective of this project is to unleash sales potential of non-traditional sales channels (POCs). Key deliverable will include but not limited to:
- Two new non-traditional point of consumption channels.
- Model should have successful pilot
- Model should be scaleable
Enrollment ProcessedSyed Irfan Ahmedirf.ahm.naq@gmail.com1. Amir Fatani (07995) - Group Leader
2. Ali Feroz (06886)
3. M. Mustafa Sarwar(07428)
4. Maaz Godil (06857)
5. Nimra Jabbar (07155)
6. Maha Nayyer (06860)
71Fidem Education NetworkSupply Chain ManagementFidem is a publishing house started back in 2012. Since it's present all over Pakistan they are facing inventory management issues which results in loss of sample and inventory. Through this project, company requires project associates to Come up with a strategy that can be implemented given the company’s working environment that is more efficient, with regards to marketing and inventory management. Moreover, it requires a working analysis of how the strategy will be implemented and to what extent will it benefit the company.Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Fahad Tanvir (05163) - Group Leader
2. Fatimah Saeed (06881)
3. Faizan Unnar (06051)
4. Faiza Latif (06945)
5. Abdur Rehman (06848)
6. Salman Lasi (06937)
72Unilever PakistanNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyDomex is a challenger brand in the category with the market leader Harpic having a market share of over 80% in Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis still use proxy products as the main source of cleaning their toilets. Domex global positioning is around germ kill. Harpic positioning is around visible cleaning. The challenge is to understand the market, what the consumers look for, what is the best business model and use all the finding and domex global positioning to craft a strategy for domex. Key deliverables of the project would be:
• Strategy to compete in the category for domex
• Do a SEC cut and understand triggers and barriers for different consumers
• In some cases, maids use the product but housewives buy them. Crack a strategy on that.
•Find a way to hammer in domex germ kill positioning in a way that resonates with the Pakistani consumer.
Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Hasan Sidiki (08117) - Group Leader
2. Aimen Nadeem (07203)
3. Zain Ur Rehman Khan (08120)
4. Shehroze Rizwan (08121)
5. Saad Pervez (07471)
6. Shehreyar Waqas Malik (06873)
73Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan LimitedNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, and Financial ManagementThe idea of the project is to develop a seperate channel, called "At Work" that primarily targets at panetrating into the untapped canteens, outlets, and food kiosks at offices. The project requires compilation of market data containing information regarding all potential customers, beverage volume at outlets, current dynamics of contract with competition and customers' demand if converted to Coca Cola.Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Ahmed Javed (06869) - Group Leader
2. Aisha Qadri (07175)
3. Ali Ayaz (08122)
4. Fabiha Fatima (07012)
5. Safa Saleem (07169)
74Colgate Palmolive (Limited) PakistanNew ventures/Feasibility Studies and Marketing StrategyColgate Palmolive Pakistan Ltd. aims to expand its Surface Care Category by venturing into cleaning tools under the umbrella of Lemon Max. Lemon Max currently claims over 70% of the market share in the dishwashing category in terms of volume. A complete feasibility study, marketing strategy and launch plan is required to ensure maximum visibility and effective communication for Max cleaning tools in the market.Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Syed Abbas Raza (06963)
2. Syed Kazim Abbas (07368)
3. Syed Muhammad Hammad bin Noaman (06936)
4. Ahmed Jamil (06961)
75CareemNew ventures/Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Marketing Strategy
1. Loyalty Project:
In order to gain the loyalty of our Captains irrespective of the monetary benefits, Careem wants the team to identify the various ways in which this task can be fulfilled and eventually execute them. This task would also require training of Captains amongst other things.

2. Comparative analysis between Uber and Careem:
Identify Careem’s weak points in certain areas so that it’s quality of service can be improved and it could attract more drivers towards its organization.
Enrollment ProcessedAkhtar Mahmudamahmud@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-8276468
1. Syed Mohammad Ammar (06951) - Group Leader
2. Rimsha Farooq (06922)
3. Fatima Fariq (07200)
4. Asma Jehangir (07490)
5. Asad Zahid (07385)
76Unilever PakistanMarketing StrategyThe main objective is to conduct a triggers and barriers for the category to identify the opportunity areas for the brand. Ideally we need to create a need, their current thinking is that they don’t need a fabric conditioner because it’s an added step/cost and detergent alone is good enough. We want to change their current thinking to detergent alone is not good enough and one needs a fabric conditioner in order to give their clothes long life.Enrollment ProcessedSyed Asim Alisasim@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-2444289
1. Shireen Fatima (07198) - Group Leader
2. Safyah Khan (06923)
3. Maryam Rashid (06943)
4. Maheen khalid (07168)
5. Neha Tariq (07194)
6. Furqan Malik (07190)
77Engro Polymer & Chemicals New ventures/Feasibility Studies, Supply Chain, Strategic Analysis & Management, and Marketing Strategy
ELP Project deliverable include:
1. Research questionnaire for data collection;
2. Conduct Feasibility analysis of an upcoming venture;
3. Conduct field research;
4. Development of a business plan.
Enrollment ProcessedDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
1. Asad Salman (05588) - Group Leader
2. Jazib Shere (06901)
3. Haider Iqbal (06092)
4. Abdullah Nasir (06903)
5. Ayesha Ahmed (06952)
6. Ayesha Siraj (06910)
78Engro Polymer & Chemicals New ventures/Feasibility StudiesMain objective of this project is to conduct market research and business feasibilities for Engro Polymer's PVC downstream products. Enrollment Processedmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Anam Liaquat (07576) - Group Leader
2. Amnah Rizvi (06882)
3. Areeba Saleem (06889)
4. Maira Talha (07150)
5. Umar Farooq (06895)
79Meezan BankNew ventures/Feasibility StudiesMeezan Bank aims to enter the online retailing industry with the edge of providing credit arrangements in order to cater to a large market segment that cannot afford to buy products in one go. It is one of their major projects currently being planned. They require us to prepare a feasibility and design a system of operation for this project and conduct extensive market research to make the project practically viable. Enrollment ProcessedSyed Irfan Ahmedirf.ahm.naq@gmail.com1. Hafsa Mobin (07389) - Group Leader
2. Ayesha Isha (07524)
3. Dua Fatima (06941)
4. Ayesha Ahmed (06934)
5. Javeria Rehan (06914)
80Dolmen MallMarketing StrategyIn order to stay at the top, the management of Dolmen Mall needs to analyze the match between the retail it offers and the customers who visit the premises to develop the best fit for both; retailers and visitors. The analysis would require categorization of customers in terms of shoppers profile, their habits and attitudes.

The broad goal of the project is to develop an extensive study of the target audience, with their shopping habits and attitudes and to further use these insights to develop a marketing strategy accordingly to maintain Dolmen Mall as the best shopping place for the target profile.
No EnrollmentDr. Minhaj A. Qidwaimaqidwai@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0322-2377379
81Nestle PakistanMarketing StrategyNestlé is the global leader in coffee and tea enhancement. Be it in powder or liquid form, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY delivers superior “KHAAS” taste to teaPakistan is one of the largest tea consuming countries in the world & when it comes to hot beverages, tea has always been the first love of all Pakistanis. The importance of tea drinking plays a vital role in our culture and for years, friends & families have shared and celebrated some of life’s best and difficult moments over a cup of tea. ELP tasks involve to devise a robust rural strategy for NESTLÉ EVERYDAY by:
1. Understanding the tea creaming category in rural.
2. Understand the shopper, retailer and most importantly rural consumers
3. Understand the touch points where these rural consumers are most receptive/easily accessible for the brand to communicate effectively.
4. Understand the best way/mediums to communicate with these rural consumers.
5. Finally, conduct a small pilot in a few rural outstations to implement the strategy.
Enrollment ProcessedSyed Asim Alisasim@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0345-2444289
1. Haya Baig (07159) - Group Leader
2. Hamda Aslam Khan (07197)
3. Fatima Mahmood (07187)
4. Valieyah Ikram (07543)
5. Farheen Ilyas (07180)
6. Ruheen Ahmed (07178)
82Continental Biscuits LimitedMarketing StrategyEnrollment ProcessedNida Aslamnakhan@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0300-9267496
1. Maryam Tajalli (06093) - Group Leader
2. Shaz Akram (07979)
3. Uzair Mirza (08125)
4. Rimsha Khan (08123)
5. Tooba Khalid ((07173)
83Pak Suzuki MotorsMarketing StrategyThe objective is to increase Motorcycle sales and its profitability. The group is required to prepare a marketing and sales strategy to develop and expand the business.Enrollment ProcessedShahid Zakiszaki@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8228753
1. Hassan Ashhar Jawad (07515) - Group Leader
2. Muhammad Sufian (06966)
3. Afyan Imran (07183)
4. Saad Ahmed (07189)
5. Aizaz Ali Khan (07513)
6. Fatima Gillani (07371)
84Atlas HondaMarketing StrategyProject is related to oil business in Karachi as it has been witnessing revolutionary changes as far as business & other marketing indicators are concerned. It's only the beginning as we want to put a deep radar for exploring new avenues leading towards the desired feat n milestone so the interns would be involved in Market research. No EnrollmentShahid Zakiszaki@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0302-8228753
85Sui Southern Gas CompanyProcess Re-engineering, Management Control System, and Supply Chain ManagementSSGC is facing serious financial losses due to the Unaccounted for Gas (UFG). The project involves understanding of the factors contributing to the UFG, strategy and the use of technology and other innovative out-of-the-box solutions to address the issue and bring the UFG down with a sustainable approach.Enrollment ProcessedMuhammad Ishaque Sheikhmshaikh@iba.edu.pk
Cell #: 0301-8288447
1. Taimur Minwalla (06967) - Group Leader
2. Amna Baber (06909)
3. Furqan Sheikh (08118)
4. Rabeel Sunder Das (07361)
5. Syed Maaz Ali (06960)
86Popular Group Of IndustriesFeasibility Analysis, Strategic Management, and Resource Mobilization StrategiesA consummate consumer of imported Aluminum, Popular Group has identified this metal as a highly lucrative value-added, commodity, currently lacking local industry. Everything from candy wrappers, to cigarette boxes are lined with Aluminum foil packing and the potential local consumption is estimated at 34 Million Metric tons. To fulfill the industry gap, our company has already begun asset acquisition from Korea to establish Popular Foils & Metals Pvt. Ltd. This project will be a feasibility and profitability research report on the establishment of Pakistan’s first Aluminum packaging manufacturing plant (Popular Foils & Metals Pvt. Ltd) by Popular Group of Industries. The ELP students are expected to provide an exhaustive secondary and primary research study on the subsequent running of an Aluminum Packaging industry in Pakistan. Identification of value addition methods and local clientele for Popular Foils & Metals Pvt. Ltd.Enrollment ProcessedDr. Shahid Mirsmir@iba.edu.pk
IBA Ext: 2621
1. Esha Abbasi (07185) - Group Leader
2. Kinza Hanif (07373)
3. Syed Zain Imran Shah (07317)
4. Zubia Khan (07212)
5. Ruhal Inam Shaikh (06921)
87Engro Polymer & Chemicals Resource Mobilization strategies, Process re-engineering and Change ManagementMain objectives of this project are to prepare a sustainability report and revamp a new induction plan Enrollment ProcessedDr. Minhaj A. Qidwaimaqidwai@iba.edu.pk
Cell: 0322-2377379
1. Pinky Lalwani (07387) - Group Leader
2. Shimona Perswani (07363)
3. Zarak Afridi (07364)
4. Yumna Madini (07202)
5. Tooba Waseem (07184)
6. Pooja Navlani (07572)
88Dorsark GroupNew ventures/Feasibility StudiesLaunch of Oval Tree Solution's management software for educations institutesEnrollment ProcessedDr. Shahid Qureshi1. Syed Azfar Hassan (06955)
ELP Faculty Advisors
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