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Product/FeaturePayment ProcessingConnector with Salesforce through CampaignsConnector with Salesforce creating new contact or adding to existing contactAbility to collect donationsCustomize registration formCheck-in ManagerMultiple Attendees in a single registration (Example: One purchase gets 10 tickets)Table Seating/GroupingWaitlistsReal time data into SalesforceCustomer supportEase of useWidget for displaying on web siteSalesforce Connector FeeCostCredit Card Processing FeesSupports the NPSPCompany's websiteLightning Ready?
Brown Paper TicketYes, PayPal and other Merchant AccountsYes, see notes from trialsCreates leadsNoNoNoEmail or online groupsFairly complex systemNothingNoneunder $9.99 fee is $.99 over $10 fee is $1.99; charges can be included in the ticket priceNone
Click & PledgeClick & Pledge is the payment gatewayYes, also uses custom objectsThree modes of operation: fully automatic, semi automatic and manual. Recommendation is semi-automatic where the system will find a contact or place the contact in a temporary contact tab for manual review. Contacts may be matched against an existing contact or a new contact may be created.YesYes, maps to Salesforce fields and you can link registrations to a Salesforce campaign for automatic push.YesYesNo - on roadmap to assign seat numbersNoYesGroup on the HUB (free),Email (free), Online forums (free), Phone support (paid). Paid plans give faster and more in-depth responses.Initial setup is methodical (but C&P will help you with post install if needed. Just ping them on the HUB). On-going events easy to use, uses Salesforce sites, which all for customizable landing pages for any event.Events & directory pages can be set up as an iFRAME directly on an organizations website. This includes registration widget and events listing.NoneMonthly fee of $253.75% all in (incl AMEX fess) and $0.35 per transaction with $25 monthly feeYeshttp://clickandpledge.com/Platforms/Salesforce/Event_Management_Registration/
EventBritePayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.netYesCreates new contact or updates data in exisitng records.YesYesYes, with appYesYesYesNoEmail or phone supportYesCalendar widget; registration form; ticket widget; event countdownNoneFees when you make a sale of 2.5% of the price + $.99 (found a site where the fee was 2% + $.99 for nonprofits)3% or use PayPal or Google CheckoutYes
FormAssemblyPayPal, Cybersource integration, Stripe, iATS, Authorize.net (based on FormAssembly plan)Can be setup in the connector using a parameter input hidden field, or through multiple formsYesYesYes (you create your own registration forms)NoNoNoYesEmail and customer forumsFairly complicated to set up and labor intensive. Need to create a separate form for each event.NothingNoneProfessional -- $59/month + first three months free to nonprofitsNot available through FormAssembly but can use PayPal or Cybersource to integrateN/Ahttp://www3.formassembly.com/
FormStackYes, but you need a external merchant accountNoLimitations with matching existing Accounts. Most likely to create duplicate new contact.YesYesNoNoNoYesEmail support and groups; also offers live supportFairly complicated to set up and labor intensive. Need to create a separate form for each event.NothingNoneProfessional -- $29/month + 25% discount for nonprofits PLUS credit card processing feesNot available but can use a third party for credit card processingN/Ahttp://www.formstack.com/
LinvioAuthorize.net, PayPal Payment Pro, WorldPay, eWay. Can use Authorize.net & Paypal to complete recurring paymentsLinvio does have the ability to sync directly with SF campaigns although it is not automatedPublic Sites user, new contacts are added if the email address doesn't match an existing contactYesVisualforce Sites templates are a standard resource file of Salesforce. Anyone with Visualforce experience can create/maintain a Sites template (CSS is a part of the template).QR for automated checkin (limited by size)YesNoNoYesEmail (free) Phone (paid)No HTML widgetNo$2800/year nonprofit (no per registration, no per event),
set up fees = $1,675 one time training fee,
PaymentConnect is required for paid event registration and not included in $840/year nonprofit rate + 675 one time training fee
Bring your own gateway provider, not other fees imposed on top of those feesYeshttp://www.linvio.com/linvio_events.phpNo
PatronManagerPatronManager is a PCI validated payment service provider embedded within the applicationYes, and custom objectsBoth. Data Qualification tool built in to minimize creation of duplicates.YesTemplate is created by PM staff to match org's website, and specific needs.NoNoNoYesEmail and phone, with dedicated support staff.Yes. Note however that PatronManager is a fully-fledged native Salesforce application delivering ticketing functionality, so there is a lot of more complex capability to support a box office, and paid as well as free events.Uses Visualforce. Checkbox and status fields determine which events are displayed.Requires a dedicated Salesforce instance with the Patron Manager template.Either based on a per-ticket fee, or a $2,500 minimum annual fee, depending on volume.No additional fees on top of third party gateway (Vantiv, Stripe, Bluefin P2PE)No, has own data model for Salesforcehttp://patrontechnology.com/
RegOnlineYesNoCan add to existing contact or add a new contact/lead. Also, can import customized fields to the contact or lead.Yes for additional feeYesYesNoEmail or onlineYesNothing from the documentation (trial was not done)None$3.95 per registrant4.95% if using their processing and .95% if using own merchant accounthttp://www.lanyon.com/event-management-software/regonline?domain=en-US
Soapbox EngagePayPal, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net, Braintree,TouchnetYesYes, both. We’ve built a matching algorithm that does a match on a contact’s data, and either creates a new contact if one doesn’t match, matches with an existing contact, or flags it for manual conversion if a human needs to review it. Very seamless, and doesn’t require a registrant to login.Yes for additional feeYesNoYesYesEmail, online, phone and support retainerYesFull calendar, list of upcoming events, listing of past eventsNone$49/monthNo additional fees on top of 3rd Party Gateway (normally 2.2% per transaction + $.30)Yeshttp://www.soapboxengage.com/apps/events
CVentVeriSign, PayPal, Authorize.Net, CyberSource, Pay.gov, Moneris Solutions, TouchNet, Capital One Merchant Services, First Data Merchant ServicesYesYes. Although CSS is editable, it is limited in certain aspectsYesYesYesUnlimited$1500 per year for the connector$1500 per year + Fee per registrant ($3-$10 depending on agreement) & fee per administrative user (~$250/yr)Nohttp://www.cvent.com
RoundCornerCorduro YesMatches on the email for registration. If that exists, then will add to existing contact. Otherwise, a lead is created. There is an option to create a contact instead of a lead for all registrants.YesYes, Css can be added as a static resource and used for the form (There can be multiple CSS files to choose from if needed)YesYes, there is guest of functionality that allows you to add other registrants on the same registration.YesYesYesEmail (free) Phone (paid)NoNo$5000 one time fee till the end of 2013 (can extend into Jan)Only the charges from CorduroYeswww.roundcorner.com
eTouchesYes, must have an external merchant accountNo, need to developing the integrationThere is a connector that will create/update contacts based on matching criteria you select(e.g. email addressYesYes
The connector will integrate with Opportunities, Opportunity Products and will create/update Accounts and Contacts. Does not work with Campaigns.
Email or onlineYesIf additional modules are included then additional widgets are available such as listing of events and other items (not all have been uncovered)$1000 fee to develop the connection between SF and eTouches$2.50 per registrant (only for eRegs, three additional modules can be added for $3.50 per registrant)Not available but can use a third party for credit card processing
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