Scientists of Note - a collection of scientists, engineers, and other STEM professionals from underrepresented groups
Welcome to this collection, which I created as a part of the Science Characters project my 6th grade class did in 2016. Please use, adapt, and distribute this as much as you would like. A few things to keep in mind about how this list was constructed/intended to be used...
For more info on the project and how it worked, click here to visit my blog!
-These lists are not comprehensive. I created these lists in an attempt to have a diverse yet manageable number of scientists and engineers, with a variety of both identity and chosen profession. Many many many more scientists could be listed here, under any category. There are also many more potential categories of underrepresented groups in STEM.
-I prioritized living scientists. Though many scientists with extensive accomplishments are retired from their career/are no longer living, it felt important to me to give kids examples of people still working in STEM, to show that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is an ongoing endeavor. It also gave them the freedom to contact the person they were studying to gather more information.
-I prioritized scientists that are not cis men. I intentionally chose to not make a category for female scientists. Instead, I made sure that every identity list compiled was more than 50% people who are not cis men - men who were assigned male at birth. Because this is an ongoing community collaboration, this balance may occasionally change; if you contribute, please keep this in mind.
-Much more work could be done to improve these lists. There are many gaps, including only having one link listed per person, being heavy in astronauts and biologists compared with other STEM fields, and having richer diversity and coverage for some identity groups than others. If you would like to contribute to making this list more complete and usable, either on your own or with a group of students, please email me at
I hope you find this list helpful and hopeful. I have learned so much in the process of creating and implementing this project; I hope to spread the word about what's out there and encourage other K-12 science educators to help raise awareness of issues facing those from underrepresented groups in STEM in an effort to create a better, more equitable STEM workplace for everyone interested in getting involved.
-Lewis (Maday-Travis) Steller