Addathon Virtual Round Table / vLanguages 2018
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YouTube (example)YouTube is a video streaming service that allows users to watch, upload and share video content. Users can also subscribe to channels of interest to them.For the teacher YouTube provides a platform to share their own content with students it also provides a wide range of content from other sources that can be leveraged in teaching. Students can also use YouTube as a resource for finding information and educators should be aware that students may need help critically evaluating content. Students can also create and upload their own creations with caution, such as do not show people's faces without their consent.
(1) Tools and websites shared by participants of the Virtual Round Table 2018
SkeLLDigital Corpus InterfaceUse this tool as reference for learners to develop their knowledge of how to use lexis. It can also be used by teachers to inform their practice and developed into materials for use in class.
LyricstrainingA web based tool which enables you to listen and complete lyrics of a song while watching videoListen for specific words, focus on rythmic nature of English language, and mainly HAVE FUN!
ScreencastifyA Chrome plugin for recording the screen.This has allowed my students to finally make machinima with ease. They have done tours, TV shows, academic presentations, mysteries, ect.
PowerPointCreate presentations and other visual materialUse images and text to tell a story, to present an idea or a project and to summarize thoughts
Sketchbook (App)A white canvas with drawing tools and layersAllows students with limited artistic skills to create fantastic drawings with ease
PadletA space for sharing ideas, brainstormingThis can be used to create content, to share ideas and resources and also as a type of "practice blog" as users can comment on each other's posts etc.
PhotoBooth on the MacAllows students to record themselves speaking through their webcam.My students do weekly academic presentations in response to academic videos (TED, news, etc.)
Adobe CaptivateVideo editing toolCreate various visual learning materials
Adobe ConnectWeb Conferencing software for real-time presentation and communicationvirtual rooms for teaching and learning any subject
ZoomWeb Conferencing software for real-time presentation and communicationOffers variety when we have online lessons twice a month. Students acquire digital skills and feel more comfortable speaking. We watch movies, read articles, do reporting exercises, etc. (Students do most of the work)
MinecraftVideo game which allows young players to build and to collect resources (around age 10), currently 100 Mill players around the worldEncourage learners to collaborate building, planning and using language in the process of doing this project based activities
Camtasia / ScreenflowScreencasting toolsTeachers can prepare lessons and tutorials in advance to frontload their lessons -- then turn the class over to the students.
16 web based tool to annotate the web. You need to create and account to use it. You can add a chrome extention that makes it easy to use it wherever you are on the web. Can be used to read and discuss any article/blog/text online by annotating it with student. It allows for private teams or public annotations. This also means that Students can also discuss and annotates each other's blogs .
17 online tool that allows the annotation and discussion of videos. You need to create a free accountCan be used to look at videos and discuss the language, find vocabula, expressions, comprehension and much more.
Carbon paper photocopier(Open source idea)Slip a piece of carbon paper between two sheets of paper for immediate photocopyingStudents can create copies of their work, excellent for student printing press works in class. Or learning to write letters and words. Early years word and letter development.
19 students up upload their phone made videos to a central point so that they can listen to / peer assesseach other.Speaking / listening/ peer assessment created from smart phones
www.rewordify.comA website which lets you to repharase words and create various ELT-related activities
Terraria. video game which is made in a similar style to Minecraft -- but 2D. It allows players to build things, gather resources, explore the world, go fishing, and of course also to encounter creatures in the world. You can invite as many people as you like into your world. Similar to Minecraft, users could engage in activities such as building things -- with a focus on design, or a focus on defence for example -- surviving in the world, exploring with specific goals in mind, or other collaborative tasks within the world.
www.ImmerseMe.coVR based English Learning platform
23 website similar to Youtube, focusing particularly on "how to" videosCould be useful for creating listening activities, encouraging extensive listening, and the like.
25 website which allows you to learn various new things via video tutorials.Could perhaps be useful in terms of CLIL philosophies -- the idea of learning about language through learning about things
QR code libraryWall paper with books on a shelf poster that teachers could post in a classroom, instead of having to stock the class library with all those books.The idea of learning about language through reading.Could be useful for creating listening activities, encouraging extensive listening, and the like. In inquiry-based learning the amount of books for classroom research is great. Students use ipads with pre-downloaded software to scan QR codes on the poster to e-read the book. Its only the QR code(2-D reusable sticker) that changes as teachers refresh their bookshelves.
(2) Tools and websites shared by presenters of the Virtual Round Table 2018
Thomas Strasser
menti.comPoll appPoll app, create interactive and visually appealing polls (multiple choice, open end, tag clouds , etc); lesson starter controversial topics; feedback, summaries, word fields, etc.
HP Reveal (formerly known as Aurasma) create augmented reality scenarios, enhance multi-sensory learning experience Use app to enrich handouts, textbooks with audio, video, animations.
LyricstrainingMultiple choice, cloze with lyricslearn a langauge with songs, interactive lyrics training on the go.
ActionboundOnline quiz generatorcreate digital scavenger hunts
Spreakerpodcasting appcreate interactive radio shows, podcasts; use effects; combine effects with discursive scenarios
steller.coflipbookdigital diary; create diaries with appealing layout
Toontasticcartoon appscreate appealing cartoons
MyStorybookstorytelling app
Joe Dale
iMotion (iOS)One stop animation / Stop frame animation appYou can use the time lapse feature to capture someone writing or annotating on a piece of paper / mini whiteboard then play back the recording at a speed which suits. This could be useful for grammar practice or storytelling. You could add a voiceover in Clips or iMovie too
PicsArt Animator (A+iOS)An app which lets you animate a picture you create stroke by strokeYou can create a picture or annotation stroke by stroke and choose the play back speed. This could be good for presenting vocabulary, characters, grammar or for storytelling.
Clips (iOS)A movie making app featuring animated titles, labels, emoticons, arrows, shapes filters and a soundtrackYou can produce short clips promoting creativity and collaboration through digital storytelling. You can also use the multilingual live subtitles in real time to practise pronunciation and sound spelling links
TextingStory (A+iOS)An app which lets you write a text message conversation and save it as a video or gifpractising writing and gap fills by replacing words with emojis
My Talking Avatar (iOS)An app which lets you create a customised avatar and record up to 5 minutes of audio which it lip-syncspractising speaking
Superhero Comic Book Maker (iOS)An app which lets you animate characters such as super heros or aliens over a range of backgroundspractising pairwork in a range of contexts
i-nigma QR code (Android + iOS)A QR code reader appSaving time when sharing web links. QR code treasure hunts. Audio or video feedback
ImgPlay (A+iOS)An app for converting videos to gifs or shooting live gifsMaking gifs for action verbs or animations
Padlet.comA cross-platform online notice boardPublishing multimedia to a real audio and giving written feedback or ratings
Moldiv (iOS)A collage appCombine images with text. Make a photostory and move between cells with pan and zoom
MSQRD (A+iOS)An app which lets you add different filters to your facePromoting speaking skills
Pic Collage (A+iOS)A collage appCombine images with text. Make a photostory and move between cells with pan and zoom
Balloon Stickies Plus (iOS)An app which lets you add speech bubbles to individual photosPromoting speaking and writing skills
InShot (A+iOS)A movie making apps which lets you add images, videos, music, narration and stickersYou can produce short clips promoting creativity and collaboration through digital storytelling.
Kouji (A+iOS)An app which lets you create a customised avatar and record up to 30 seconds of audio which it lip-syncspractising speaking
PhotoSpeak (iOS)An app which lets you add an animated mouth and eyes to a photo of a face then record a narrationpractising speaking
omanA online directory of Creative Commons images. Attribution is added automatically to the image's footer when you downloadVisuals to encourage speaking and writing/ Promoting culture
Sticky AI (A+iOS)An app which removes the background of a selfie and lets you add text, filters and gif animationpractising writing
iFunFace (iOS)An app which allows you to animate multiple faces with moving mouths and record a voiceover
practising speaking and pairwork
Cool Finger Faces (iOS)An app which lets you add a face on to the image of a finger or fingersCombined with an app like Chatterpix Kid, Cool Finger Faces can be a way of practising speaking in a creative way
Chatterpix Kids (iOS)An app which lets you add an animated mouth to a photo of a face then record a narrationpractising speaking
PicSay (A)An app which lets you add speech bubbles to individual photosPromoting speaking and writing skills
Go Puppet Yourself (A)An app which lets you add an animated mouth to a photo of a face then record a narrationpractising speaking
PicPac (A)One stop animation / Stop frame animation appYou can create an animation of someone writing or annotating on a piece of paper / mini whiteboard then play back the recording at a speed which suits. This could be useful for grammar practice or storytelling. You could add a voiceover in InShot or KInemaster too
Kinemaster (A + iOS)A movie making appYou can produce short clips promoting creativity and collaboration through digital storytelling.
StoryFab (iOS)An app which allows you to animate augmented reality characters and record a voiceoverpractising speaking
Kashif Ali Sabiri
MoodleA platform for learning that helps educators and learners with an integrated system to design their own learning environment.It gives access to information, represents knowledge and thinking, helps simplifying tasks by transforming them into automates systems. It also helps in establishing peer communication and collaboration.
Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is a free web service developed by Google for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. Google Classroom combines Google Drive for assignment creation and distribution, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for writing, Gmailfor communication, and Google Calendar for scheduling. Students can be invited to join a class through a private code, or be automatically imported from a school domain. Each class creates a separate folder in the respective user's Drive, where the student can submit work to be a graded by a teacher.
MS OfficeMicrosoft Office is an integrated suite of business software applications for Windows and Macintosh computers. Office includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and email communication programsLearning Tools is the name for a set of free tools that help users improve their reading and writing experience in Microsoft OneNote, Word, Outlook, and the Edge browser. This simple add-in for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook allows users to dictate what they want to write. The dictation tool is excellent at accurately recognizing speech, makes pretty good guesses on punctuation and capitalization, and supports more than 20 languages. “Check Spelling” feature in Word and PowerPoint has gotten a huge upgrade. Using artificial intelligence, Translator transcribes and translates teachers’ PowerPoint presentations into other languages in real time.
Google DocsGoogle Docs is a very powerful real-time collaboration and document authoring tool. Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while seeing each others' changes instantaneously. Users can produce text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and surveys.It allows teachers to create classes of students, collect and grade assignments, share documents, and communicate within a closed environment. Google Docs helps in following 7 ways:
Lesson Plan Collaboration; Teacher Document Collaboration; Class notes; Meeting minutes; Peer editing; Student journals; Letter Translation.
Online StopwatchA Free flash online stopwatch, quick easy to use stopwatch! also an online countdown!It is used to monitor timing during exams, presentations, students' discussions, class observation, and so on.
Raquel Ribeiro
Google ExpeditionAn app which has been remodeled and open to the public use.It used to be only possible to be operated by the teacher in a main tablet but now it can be used solo by students in the 'Explore' mode. Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. You can swim with sharks, visit outer space, walk through a museum, and more without leaving the classroom. There are close to 500 expeditions available up to now. The possibility to explore the location in 360° can add elements to the communication , question and answers interaction, description. The listening with a visual support of the script is certainly a plus to EFL students. This app taps into the Learner Experience possibility. What is to be done from this experience is up to the teacher. Common exercises are : Description, True or False, Asking questions...
YouTube 360°Some videos on YouTube are immersive videos or 360 degree videos because they were recorded with a go pro camera of a real world panorama, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same timeWhen you search for a video title and add the description 360°, the search will bring you videos that can be used with the Google Cardboard Box or any VR set
Kieran Donaghy
Vimeo video-sharing site which is also a community of creative film-makers.
Staff Picks Vimeo channel which is curated by staff who select the best and most innovative short films and videos.
Futureshorts YouTube channel which has an excellent selection of short films.
Short of the Week website which cuurates some of the best short films on the Internet.
iSLCollective collection of interactive video quizzes which can be set for homework.
Heike Philp
Second LifeA virtual world created in 2003 by LindenLabNot suitable for teens below 16, basically an adult world, great for those who enjoy role playing as there are many RP sims around, role-playing is great for learning how to read and write as most of it is done in text chat and with a very expressive language called 'emoting'
OpenSimAn opensource copy of Second Life which can be installed on private servers, even on a sim on stickThese virtual worlds are private and therefore suitable for children of all ages. In these cases the virtual world should not be 'hypergrid enabled'. Hypergridding is a technology which allows the avatar to jump from one OpenSim installation to another without the need to create new accounts
MinecraftA virtual game with some 100 Mill children around the world, usually around 10 years of age. It is called the digital Legoland, because of the large building blocks, the game is a collector game with mining, collecting of assets, building of tools with the assets and other building Used in schools as a pedagogical game to foster team building, communcation, strategy, planning and other collaborative and task based tasks. Teachers learn Minecraft from their learners.
SansarThe VR and desktop enabled virtual world created by LindenLab's new CEO Ebbe Altberg as a successor of Second LifeStill in Beta, more or less and adult world. Building possible but needs extremely high technical skills (Maya, Blender, Meshimports)
High FidelityA VR and desktop enabled social virtual world created by Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second LifeVery sociable and fun virtual world with the first facial recognition avatar which shows facial expressions of the webcam
SineSpaceA new multi-user virtual world based on Unity created by OpenSim co-founding developers SineWave Entertainment, runs in a browser, on mobile devices and in VRThe most promising new kid on the block with great potential. Based on Unity, the developers of SineSpace (founding developers of OpenSim) created a virtual world for educators, still in beta, but impressive features and easy building tools, knowledge of Unity is an added plus and they allow imports from the massive Unity asset store
VtimeA social VR world
Facebook spacesA VR software which can only be experienced with a high-end HMD like Occulus created by FacebookSocial VR world which allows people to invite their friends via facebook to socialise, play mini games, visit places and share photos. Very simple app but super effective and designed to socialise.
VR ChatA social VR world
Wave VRA VR world for music lovers and musiciansNo avatars, just music waves
AltSpaceA social VR world owned by MicrosoftVery cold social world, not very fond of the avatars which do not gesture nor move and look like walking sticks. However voice over IP is enabled and you can meet lots of people around the globe.
The LabSingle user mini-games Great fun playing with bow and arrow, repairing robots and great shooting games - but nothing fast and furious. Just really great fun
VR RegattaA single user sailing VR gameA sailing game in a simple boat in paradiesic conditions, using your hands to move the steering and to pull in sails etc. Very realistic and beautiful
Google Tilt BrushSingle user 3D drawing appVery impressive 3D drawing tools. The drawings can be as sophisicated as dresses etc. and can be saved
Nick Koretsky
Interactive Grammar NavigatorInteractive Organizer of English language verbal grammarHelps to visualize verbal grammar. Increases efficiency of teaching/learning English language. Lessens the teachers' burden on explaining grammar forms. Attracts students' attention.
LearnMatch (A+iOS)LearnMatch, a social gamified vocabulary competition Fun whilst learning vocabulary, personal vocabulary trainer
Magdalena Brzezinska
ExperiencityA location-based learning platform designed to create integrated urban experiencesAllows one to create and play location-based games, walks, and participate in events. The platform can be used for interactive social activities, tours, etc. For detailed pedagogy see for example: