Carlmont Clubs List 17-18 Public
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ClubAdvisorMeeting DayFrequencyLocationClub Activities
A Novel IdeaStewardWednesday1st and 3rd weeksD2
Working with Kayla, the teen librarian at the Belmont Library, our club will read various novels over the school year (usually chosen by the students in the club, with input from our supervisor and the school librarian). During the meetings we will discuss the books we have read.
The club also puts down suggestions for the One Read based on the books we have read over the year.
ACE TutoringJayMonday4th week onlyC12Tutoring at middle schools after school hours.
Aloha ClubHeckThursdayWeeklyGym Discuss the Heritage Fair, Food and items to possibly sell, Dance practice, etc.
Anatomy Academy Waller Friday 1st and 3rd weeksE6Interview professionals, observe surgeries, donate books to hospitals
Arch+UrbanJayMonday1st and 3rd weeksC12We will further our work on the amphitheater joint project: whether this be through after school meeting sessions or in-school sessions. We will build a 3D small scale model of the site as well. Also we will continue introducing famous architectural projects/fields/figures.
ArtSchulmanThursdayWeeklyF12art projects such as printmaking, color blocking, oil painting etc
Aviation ForumLordFriday1st week onlyC11Maps4School, school mapping and geographic information system workshop with Aviation technology and information.
AVIDShustermanTuesday4th week onlyC14AVID family bonding events, fundraisers, field trips
BadmintonChunWednesdayWeeklyD14Playing badminton in Stogner gym
BakingLewellenMonday2nd and 4th weeksA14In meetings we watch cooking shows and share baked goods, and throughout the year we host bake sales, bring in guest speakers, and participate in acts of community service.
Basketball DiscussionTsuchiyamaWednesday1st and 3rd weeksE11Discuss and analyze professional, highschool, and basketball. Give feedback and tips for future development for club members. Talk about how basketball has influenced people locally, nationally, and worldwide. Provide a space to freely debate controversial topics relating to basketball such as paying college players money.
2nd and 4th weeks, Depends on events we are doing
Participating in club and heritage fair
Fortifying Bridges
BTIGold & GarveyMondayWeeklyT2/ D26We will be having a number of guest speakers from the scientific industry. We will conduct mini labs and have presentations about current events in biotechnology/science.
Burlingame Cancer ResearchPaoliWednesdayWeeklyU22Writing articles to educate cancer patients about their disease and possible treatment plans; Making videos on cancer education; Working with the Burlingame Branch on new projects; Possible visits to labs and businesses
Business Professionals of AmericaShustermanThursday2nd and 4th weeksC14Optional leadership conference in October (will not interfere with school)
Opportunities to attend regional, state, and national competitions
Preparation for the above events during meetings
Canine companions for Independence (Cci)GovaniMonday1st and 3rd weeksD5Learning about dogs and how they help humans with disabilities
Card GameBraunsteinFriday2nd and 4th weeksD25As a club, we plan to educate club members of such multiplayer card games as Coup and Magic: the Gathering while also providing an opportunity to play casually and semi-competitively through a league format.
Carlmont Technical Theatre Association - CTTAHorn/TepTuesday
2nd and 4th weeks, Opposite of Math Contest. Schedule changes to accommodate.
PACBring guest artists in to train and lecture in different areas of the live performance skills. Run lighting & sound boards. Build scenery. Build props. Keep the PAC organized and the theatre systems maintained and other activities and tasks as they arise.
Ceramics ClubCondosMondayWeeklyF13make things out of clay
Chamber MusesSwitzerTuesdayWeeklyBand RoomMembers will compose together during meetings as well as individually elsewhere, and musicians will rehearse and perform finished music together. Small composing and playing activities will also take place during meetings to inspire composers.
The club will be teaching the basics of chemistry, and providing practice problems for members to work on. The club will also host a few simple practice labs to give members valuable lab experience. At the appropriate time as deemed by the American Chemical Society, members will be given the opportunity to participate in the
Chemistry Olympiad competition. The two highest-scoring participants will be nominated for the National Chemistry Olympiad, and if accepted, said member(s) is/are responsible for transportation and preparation if they choose to do so.
The National Chemistry Olympiad is NOT a school activity, and is NOT required. The adviser will not need to accompany the member(s) to the competition wherever it may be held. Qualified members will be responsible for transportation and any preparation required for participation in the National Chemistry Olympiad.
ChessSkrableFridayWeeklyD10chess games/tournaments and strategy sessions
Chinese Culture -ChiangFriday1st and 3rd weeksU14Planned club activities include regular club meetings, teacher and student food sales, assembly performances, field trips, and the annual Chinese New Year festival.
Choir CouncilTepFridayWeeklyF21Weekly: Plan choir events, including choir concerts and bonding activities. Find volunteers for said events and organize set-up and tear-down.
ChristianRedmonThursdayWeeklyC13Weekly meetings (hosting guest speakers occasionally), club fair(?)
Cinematic ArtsSheridanFridayWeeklyF10
Members will be given the opportunities to initiate their own projects, as well as collaborate with other makers to produce fine works of art. In addition to this, there will be chances to enter in both local and world wide film festivals. Aside from learning the fundamentals of filmmaking and animation, we will also strive to make numerous
films through the course of the year.
Classic FilmsMigdail
Mondays & Wednesdays
WeeklyA1Movie watching
Computer ScienceVoldstadMondayWeeklyD23Programming competitions
Conservative ThinkersWallerWednesday1st and 3rd weeksE6Discussing political views and seeing both sides of the conversation through conservative and liberal articles and speakers.
Creative reWritersWallaceTuesdayWeeklyA-16We plan to meet weekly to share and edit original student-generated fiction and poetry, including short stories and chapters or scripts; to explore the creative process and work towards publication. We plan to enter local writing contests. When we have enough publishable work, we create our Creative Writing magazine.
CSF (California Scholarship Foundation)RedmonWednesday2nd and 4th weeksC13CSF plans the year's activities at the beginning of each school year, so we do not yet have a list of planned activities for next year. However, we will let you know once we do.
Cubes in SpaceFungThursday1st and 3rd weeksA10Meet at classroom to discuss, draft, and complete proposals to CiS, and if accepted, create packages.
D & D BraunsteinFridayWeeklyD27We meet once a week in D-27 for about an hour where our three groups of 5 or 6 people hold D&D games. Its an action-adventure roleplaying game, which uses dice rolling and math.
DebateCalvinMondayWeeklyD3Potential scrimmage with Hillsdale and/or Aragon in the 2018 school year.
- Compete in regional, state, and international business conferences
- Complete club-wide service projects
- Host fundraisers at school and around the community
- Perform outreach at corporate events
- Apply for scholarships and chapter/county/state/national leadership positions
- Collaborate with other chapters to host training events
- Hold weekly workshops in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, management, etc.
- Make new friends from all around the globe and form professional connections
- Get down to business while having fun!
Deep Blue RoboticsTalcott
Wednesdays and Fridays
WeeklyB3Build, program, design and operate robots to compete at competitons.
Dumbledore's ArmyGarciaWednesday1st and 3rd weeksE8Meetings where we discuss the Harry Potter books, talk about different fan theories, and how we feel about the happenings in the books and movies. We will do a bunch of activities such as name games and word searches in order to encourage our club to work together and meet new people.
EconomicsBraunsteinMonday2nd and 4th weeksD25Debates and presentations on economic concepts and issues as well as competitions in virtual stock trading games. Additional economic activities may be added throughout the year.
EthicsCodianneThursdayWeeklyE 15Weekly discussion meets, twice a week after school meets for members who wishes to be participate in the Northern California High School Ethics Bowl 2018 (optional), and the Northern California High School Ethics Bowl (optional).
FeministHumesThursday2nd and 4th weeksD8We are planning on the following: period products drive, feminist zine, collaborate events with Girl-Up, self defense class
FilipinoNguyen Wednesday 1st week onlyS21Enjoy each others company, eat food, be filipino! (even if you aren't!)
Fitness / Weight TrainingLowWednesdayWeeklyGYMNo activities other than club meetings
FOMFBraunsteinMonday1st and 3rd weeksD27Fomf weekend in Jan-feb
For a Child's Smile BurtonTuesday1st S24We collect recyclables after school 3 days a week and take them to Recology on Fridays
Gender and Sexuality AllianceRamrothWednesdayWeeklyD11provide a supportive, nurturing, and active environment for LGBTQ
youth and their allies, with in-club activities and community outreach
Girl upHumes
Monday's (first and third)
1st and 3rd weeksD8Handing out ribbons and the fortifying bridges events, others tba
Girls SoccerSmithTuesday
Other, please specify, During Soccer season only (and prior to season starting)
U21Team bonding, view of games playes, etc.
Girls Who CodeLaiThursdayWeeklyD24We will be learning different coding languages through the curriculum provided by the Girls Who Code Organization. We will have guest speakers about women in technology as well as field trips to technology companies.
Girls' TennisNguyenMonday2nd and 4th weeksE12To play, discuss, and teach tennis.
GoSkrableFriday1st and 3rd weeksD10Play Go and discuss strategy
Green Team (previously Environmental Club)HarrisonWednesdayWeeklyE1
-- advocating environmentally-friendly practices + possible workshops (zero waste)
-- working to improve school waste system (composting, recycling, landfill)
-- campaigns such as Green Week + social media engagement
-- participation in a month of environmental education (Project Green Challenge)
-- managing school garden
-- environmental-oriented volunteer opportunities such as beach cleanups
-- discussions on environmental topics (climate change, energy, politics, etc)
-- environmental-related field trips (Shoreway Environmental Center, aquarium, etc)
-- have fun!!!!!
Guardians of DestinyCalvinTuesday1st and 3rd weeksD3
Our club will discuss the games "Destiny" and "Destiny 2",expansions, and updates made to the game, as well as the state of the community. We will have an official club "Leviathan Raid" attempt online, as well as future raid attempts if/when they release. There, we will also be discussing strategies to other weekly, in game activities that can be
completed by individual club members, or with other members (clanmates) online. (There will also be a dedicated forum for our in game clan that will be used for the club, provided that members join).
HeartstringsAguilar Wednesday1st week onlyE9We discuss ways in which we can perform music in the community and notify members of such opportunities when they arise.
Hip HopJayMonday1st week onlyC12We plan to make and teach dance choreography to those willing to learn and hopefully perform pieces in front of the school.
Hope BrigadeNozikThursdayWeeklyS20knitting, sewing, making cat/dog toys, school holiday toy drive
IndianMcGinnisMondayWeeklyD16Potlucks, Heritage Fair, Holi Celebration, Mendhi
Instrumental Music CouncilDaBaldoFridayWeeklyBandCommunity performances, fundraising, partnering with middle schools, bonding
Interact FungWednesdayWeeklyA10Our club does work with Belmont and Sn Carlos Rotary. We don't do events off campus as a club, however we inform our members of events they can do individually on their own time at our meetings. We have had members volunteer at the Rotary Crab Fest, at second harvest food bank, and at the goblin walk in San Carlos.
InternationalLordWednesday 2nd and 4th weeksC11
At the beginning of next year we plan to do a potluck and an activity after school to get to know all members of the club. During luck, we will make activities that will teach us things from every culture. We will try to ask a club if we can join them to do volunteering activities so the people in the club can learn new skills and help our community.
At the end of the year, we will have another potluck to celebrate everyone for their support to the club, the new friends that we made.
WednesdayWeeklyD22We are planning to hold presentations every two weeks related to different aspects of finance and investing, as well as some games and activities in accordance with those topics.
Japanese Pop Culture -NicholsThursdayWeeklyE7activities based on Japanese culture (quiz, convention, presentations); Heritage Fair; Clubs Fair
Jazz ComboSwitzer
Most of the days depending on the kids in club
WeeklyBand room Winter performance, Santa Cruz performance, spring performance
JewishSchulmanFriday1st and 3rd weeksF12Cultural/religious events/outreach to other clubs (Muslim, Christian) activities based on the Jewish culture
Junior State of America (JSA)AidiTuesdaynon-math contest daysD15Attending 3 overnight conventions (2 in santa clara and 1 in the sacramento state capitol), activism initiatives and events (TBD)
Just DanceCodianneThursday1st and 3rd weeksE15To play the Just Dance wii game. Also to make new friendships with people and to relax and destress near the end of the week.
KeyMisKelly ThursdayFirst 3 weeks of every monthD12Fundraisers, service projects, meetings
Korean Culture -CalvinFriday1st and 3rd weeksD3
Our club plans to allow students to immerse themselves into Korean culture by consuming Korean food, learning about the history and state of Korea, watching Korean films, and listening Korean music. Club members can also expect opportunities to try on traditional Korean clothing. Field trips to Korean restaurants and festivals may also
become available to club members.
Kozy KidsJayFridayWeeklyC12We make tie-blankets out of various fuzzy fabrics while listening to music. It is fun and serves the community.
La société honoraireBurtonThursday2nd and 4th weeksS24Fun french activities
Latinos Unidos -
Godina and Argaluza
ThursdayWeeklyS32/ U12Participation in the Heritage Fair, bake Sales for Fundraising, pot lucks once a month and more activities TBA.
League of LegendsLaiMonday4th week onlyD24Teaching new people about League of Legends, while also playing the game.
Marketing/Branding ConsultingNguyenTuesday
1st and 3rd weeks, Because there are math contests every other Tuesday, we would meet every day there isn't a math contest.
We will be designing logos, websites, and other things for students, teachers, sports teams, and other clubs throughout Carlmont. Many classes, such as AP Chemistry, and many sports teams have shirts or hoodies. We would be able to provide several different designs for them. Also, many teachers and clubs throughout Carlmont have their
own websites. The club officers and possibly some of the members have experience with creating websites, so we would be able to create or enhance websites for different people and groups throughout Carlmont.
MathRamrothTuesdays1st and 3rd weeksD11Students will take math contests at lunch every other Tuesday. Officers and volunteers will grade the contests after school.
Mathematics Enthusiast ClubRamrothTuesday1st and 3rd weeksD11Santa Clara math contest, Stanford math competition, biweekly meetings.
Middle-EastNozikTuesday2nd week only, 4th week onlyS20Talk about the cultures, share food, receipes, games, music, learning activities.
Mock TrialGomez
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
WeeklyE2At Mock Trial, students will learn how to write direct and cross examinations, as well as how to write opening and closing arguments. In January, students will compete against other high schools in the San Mateo County Mock Trial Competition.
Model United NationsHarrison MondaysWeeklyE1
Carlmont Model United Nations strives to promote a diplomatic dialogue amongst Carlmont students in an accepting and non-biased environment through debate, discussion, legislative simulation and advocacy.

We hold regular discussions on foreign policy issues and current events every meeting. These discussions are usually followed by parliamentary debates and negotiation activities. This year we hope to attend 2-3 off-campus debate conferences. Said plans are currently being developed, and further clarification and discussion with the
club adviser is needed.
Music ProductionSwitzerFridayWeeklyBAND ROOM
Would meet once a week to discuss any and all things related to electronic music production (a.k.a beat-making), songwriting, and song arrangement and composition . This would take the form of lessons taught by club officers or other "guest" student speakers on how they make music, modern music theory, and/or dissecting notable
artist's compositions. We will also be discussing the new music that "drops" every week on Friday, as well as doing a quick review of any music that was recently released, creating a conversation about music that everybody can join in on, not just those interested in music production. We also plan to launch our own "record" label within the club
as a means of promoting anyone who is part of the club or part of carlmont's music, to further the modern music community at carlmont and create a new culture of school spirit when it comes to musical artistry at carlmont. We also plan to include any and all "creative" people in our club, whether it be photography, videography, poetry, graphic
design, animation, etc, there is a place for you at Music Production Club, as we can always use album covers, music videos, lyrics, and more for our musicians.
Music to the Elderly JayMonday4th week onlyC12We will play music (piano, guitar, ukulele, or even singing, etc) at various senior homes so the seniors could benefit from our music. We will also have special programs for them during special holidays like Thanskgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Celebration, Fall Celebration etc.
Muslim FellowshipSchoenstien Thursday2nd and 4th weeksD7Club meetings, freshman orientation, clubs fair, interclub collaborations, interfaith collaborations, guest speaker events, awareness week, heritage fair assembly
Muslim-Jewish AllianceRaisnerFriday1st and 3rd weeksS11Planned activities include: - Speakers coming to meetings
- Making diversity efforts at Carlmont
-Potential field trips to pro co-existing events
New Visions of TomorrowHerndonTuesday2nd and 4th weeksU20Learn braille, activities and games etc
NewspaperRaisnerEvery dayevery dayS11Regular publications, 2 field trips in the fall and spring
OceanEngbergWednesday1st and 3rd weeksU 23Beach cleanups, ocean swell tracking, ocean safety awareness.
Odyssey of the MindTalcottMondayWeeklyB3Practicing spontaneous problems, stretching the limits of the minds creativity, learning teamwork, and of course, working on the skit
Origins of SocietyGarveyTuesday3rd week onlyD26Facilitated discussions on societal issues, psychology, and abstract ideas.
We will meet to discuss parkour and freerunning. We may practice a few simple moves with safety mats, but mostly we will hang out. The goal of Parkour/Freerunning Club is to create a community of parkour and freerunning athletes at Carlmont. Because it is not very common, we want to provide a gathering place and a network so that
people interested in parkour can learn and train with others.
PAW (Protecting Animals Worldwide)PierceWednesday
2nd and 4th weeks, starting meetings on the second wednesday of september
A3supply drive - around christmas time to collect fleece blankets to donate to shelters
PC GamingRoweThursdayWeeklyE17Potential LAN party, members will all meet together to GAME! As well as socialize.
PerformanceDaBaldo Monday 4th week only
Orchestra Room
Members will meet the music room to perform pieces and participate as audience members. Performers will be able to gain performance experience, receive feedback from fellow orchestra members, and build connections between orchestras/chamber groups.
PersianTalcottWednesday1st week onlyB3To spread knowledge of Persian Culture
PhilosophyTurkisMondaysWeeklyA2Reading and discussion of philosophical texts!
Polynesian - NozikTuesday1st and 3rd weeksS20Club Fair, Heritage Fair, Fundraise
QuizBraunstein FridayWeeklyD27Weekly meetings
Reach Out with Reach OutMorrisFriday1st and 3rd weeksT13Friday night hang outs
Red CrossHarrison Friday 2nd and 4th weeksE1
-Mails for Heroes: making holiday cards for local veterans and their families
-Measles and Rubella Initiative: spreading awareness about the limited access of health care in third world countries and the importance of vaccinating children from deadly diseases like measles
-Disaster Preparedness Workshops: a series of disasters preparedness workshops to educate members how to react and be prepare for disasters
-CPR Workshops: getting CCPR or CPR certified
-Pillowcase Project: learning how to become a Pillowcase Project instructor and teaching emergency preparedness and coping skills to elementary school students
-Volunteering Opportunities: teaching CCPR at Fleet Week, helping out at blood drives, and making blood donors Thank You cards
Relaxation MotivationBraunsteinFriday1st and 3rd weeksD25Some planned activities are coloring, origami, meditation, games, making stress balls, and other stress-relieving activities.
Rock Climbing JayWednesdayWeeklyC12Learning about climbing, talking about climbing, watching climbing videos
ThursdayWeeklyD22Weekly presentations on various scientific topics.
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