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4-H 4 Servicecommunityopen4H4Service flyerWe will have a hybrid volunteer project this year that will include virtual and in-person meetings. All in-person meetings will be outside with strict social distancing, handwashing and mask wearing.

We will engage in the following projects:
-- Food and/or household item collection for high need populations (in person and virtually)
-- Weeding invasive plants at Arguello Park (in person socially distancing)
-- Writing postcards to vulnerable adults with Health Plan San Mateo (in person and/or virtually)
-- Additionally, we will come up with other ideas with the group.
Virtual and In-person9 years and up. Participants need to be able to participate without direct parental supervision and must be able to wear a mask for a 1.5 hour be announcedEllen Scheetz
Stacy Wenzel
Beginning 4-HcommunityopenBeginning 4H flyerMake friends and learn all about 4H! Members will be introduced to a sampling of traditional 4H projects including crafts, cooking, and raising and caring for animals like chickens and rabbits. We will take a tour of the 4H farm in the spring.
With the special circumstances for this year, the project will be partially virtual with possibly being in-person as the year progresses. We will start with a staggered, socially distanced, in-person "meet and greet" to say hello and hand out materials, followed by a Zoom meeting the following week. Meeting dates will be determined soon.
Virtual and In-person5 to 8 years
First year in 4-H
Sunday afternoons 3:30 or 4pm (see flyer for details)Pam Leffler
Sarah Kelsey
Beth Enthoven
Marcia Plavcan
Citizen Sciencephysical/outdoor/observationopenCitizen Science flyerCitizen science is public participation in community-driven research. As a citizen scientist, you can actively participate at the local level in global scientific research. In this project we will find things to explore in our own backyards and neighborhoods. There will be opportunities for project members to present findings to our community. All ages are welcome and the only requirement is to be able to join a Zoom video meeting for our project meetings.VirtualAll ages
No limit to number of members
to be announcedMissy Damon
Amy Miller
Cookiesvirtual1 spot openCookies Project flyerJoin fellow 4H’ers via Zoom as you learn to master cookie basics! We will choose recipes, bake together and enjoy baking in the comfort of your own kitchen. Meetings will typically be held on Sunday afternoons beginning in December (exact dates TBD).

VirtualAll ages
Limit 15 members
Must be able to follow a recipe
Parent help is ok!
Sunday afternoons (time and dates TBD)Participants will supply all materials and ingredientsKristiann Garrett
Chris Garrett
JTL Millie Garrett
Dungeons & Dragonsvirtual2 spots openD&D Project FlyerDungeons and Dragons is a very popular role-playing game. In the D&D project, we will explain the mechanics of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, create characters, and play through a campaign. Members will be able to think creatively, interact with others, role-play (if they want to), but mostly just enjoy themselves. No experience required!Virtual12 years and up
Limit 10 members
(Dates subject to change if necessary)
- Intro meeting: 1:00 - 2:30 pm on Sunday, December 6th
- Character creation meetings: 1:00 - 5:00 pm on December 12th and 13th (only one has to be attended)
- Regular meetings: 1:00 - 5:00 pm on the following weekends:
・January 10th, 24th
・February 7th, 21st
・March 7th, 21st
・April 11th, 25th
・May 16th
・Additional meetings may be scheduled if needed days 1-5pm
Members will need access to a computer with headphones. Members may want a set of role-playing dice, but it is not required.Adrian Spinali
Logan Spinali
Caroline Spinali
Goats, Markey and Dairylarge animalsopenThe goat project will cover multiple aspects of goat husbandry including dairy, fiber, and pack animals with an emphasis on market goats and preparing animals for the show ring.
All my meetings will be hosted online with the exception of the live animal aspects of the project like going and picking out goats, field trips, etc.
There is no need to raise a goat to join the project.
Note: There will not be live dairy goat ownership offered this year due to logistical reasons. Anyone interested in actually raising a dairy goat should contact the Pacifica or Daly City clubs.
Virtual and In-personAll ages
No need to own a goat.
However, to raise a goat on the farm, you must be 9 years or up and have raised market chickens or other large market animal.
to be announcedStandard pen and farm fees to raise a goat.Danielle Grimsby
Reyhaneh Eghbali
Into to Farmlarge animals2 spots openIntro To Farm flyerThis project has been created for kids who intend to raise a large animal on farm next year that don’t want to raise a chicken, or are unable to get into the chicken project.
Get introduced to the farm and our farm community
Learn about all of the farm animals before you commit to raising one
Receive mentorship from other kids on the farm
Fulfills your requirement to raise a large animal for the following year*
Additional details:
Virtual and In-person9 years and up (by Jan 1, 2020)
Limit 6 members
to be announcedHayley Houston
Kathleen Murray
Missy Damon
Lamb, Marketlarge animalsopenLearn everything you need to know to select, raise and show a market lamb. You do not need to raise a lamb for fair to join this project but we will prepare you for it! There will be a great deal of emphasis on lamb education, teamwork and farm responsibility. For those bringing a lamb to fair, you will need to market your lamb and find a buyer for the auction.Virtual and In-Person10 years and up (by Jan 1, 2020)
Must have raised small livestock such as market poultry and exhibited at the county fair.
Be willing to commit A LOT of time.
There will be monthly meetings virtual and some on the farm with the animals- dates TBD
Rebecca Wihl
Linh Chan
Catherine Campbell
Laughter Yogaphysical/outdoor/observationopenLaughter Yoga flyerLaughter Yoga is a practice that has been around since 1995. Research shows a variety of health benefits including: stress relief, strengthening the immune system, elevating mood, providing social connection, and eventually helping people become more positive thinkers. And it is fun! We will laugh together over Zoom in various exercises that are designed to help us move from unconditional to spontaneous laughter (in this case, being contagious is a good thing). Our bodies don't know the difference between unconditional and spontaneous laughter and get the benefits from both. All ages are welcome and the only requirement is to be able to join a Zoom video meeting.
VirtualAll ages
No limit to number of members
Monday afternoons from 4:30-5:15, November 16, 2020- February 22,
2021, minus holidays.
LeadershipmainFullThe purpose of this project is to teach the importance of understanding yourself as a leader and how to apply leadership skills in a team setting. Our focus will be on community, teamwork, goal setting, and decision making. The leadership skills developed will be put into action as 4-H Junior and Teen Leaders assist both project and club leaders.Virtual13 years and up
AND are in 7th grade or above
Limited membership
1st Tuesday @ 7pmKelly Steitz
Maureen Becker
Nature Studyphysical/outdoor/observationFullNature Study flyerIn the Nature Study Project, we will meet outdoors at various open spaces and preserves in the San Carlos Area to observe the wonders of the natural world through the seasons. Games, short hikes, and other activities will provide opportunities for participants to hone close observation skills, recognize evidence of critter activity, identify native trees and plants (including Poison Oak!) at various times of the year, and appreciate how native people lived on and stewarded the land.In-PersonAll ages
Limit 7 members
Masks and physical distance required at all times.
1st Saturdays 10am-12pm (with exceptions): Nov. 7, Dec. 5, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 6, Apr. 3, May 1Digital camera recommendedJennifer Gorbet
David Gorbet
Sam Gorbet
Poultry, Marketsmall animalsFullMarket Poultry FlyerThis is a fun, hands-on project for kids who love animals and want to become a part of the 4-H farm! During the course of this project, we will raise day-old chicks for 3 months and then sell them as laying hens to Bay Area families.

While the details might change a bit, we are tentatively planning to purchase baby chicks in early December and each project member will raise four chicks at home for about 6 weeks (don't worry, there will be plenty of support and virtual meetings to learn all about how to take care of them, the basic supplies and everything). And when the chicks are old enough to go outside, we will move all of our chicks to the 4-H farm and our project members will rotate taking care of all of the chickens until they are ready to move to their new homes (this will be about 1-2 weekly visits to the farm for 6 weeks, and don't worry, there will be much social distancing).

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Farm, meet the prerequisite to raise a large animal in the future, and have fun with a hands-on project.
Virtual and In-Person8 years and up
Limit 10 members
Thursday evenings plus some to-be-scheduled times at the farmWe expect the costs to be around $25 for members that have chick supplies, and around $100 for members that need to purchase a few items - though we're working on some ideas to potentially reduce first time member costs. Stacy
PresentationscommunityopenPresentations Project FlyerThis project is for people who want to grow in their presentation skills through practice and many presentations that will be given by each other. All of these presentations will be required to meet 4H presentation requirements which means that any presentations given in this project will count as a presentation in your record book.
No experience required for this project (less experience is even better)!
VirtualAges 9 and up
Limit 10 members
2nd Sunday of each month
noneTaylor Meeks
Cristina Meeks
Rabbit Husbandrysmall animalsopenAre you interested in what makes rabbits unique, and how to care for rabbits? We will be going over the basics of rabbit care as well as some introductory show rabbit curriculum. Some topics to be covered include diet, health, litter pan training, safety, the rabbit digestion system, breeds, body types and fur types. All ages welcome! We will have 30 min group Zoom meetings at 6:00 pm one Friday a month. One weekend per month there will be signups to visit with and pet the bunny ambassadors in their outdoor exercise pens individually, weather permitting and with masks. Owning a rabbit is optional. All ages are welcome!Virtual and In-PersonAll ages
Not necessary to own a rabbit to join.
6pm one Friday per month
plus weekend visits
Rita Gould
Selena Gould
Rabbit Socializationsmall animalsFullWe work as volunteers at the Lantos Center for Compassion, located at 1450 Rollins Road in Burlingame. Our current shift is from 9-11 am on Saturdays which is before the center opens. Training will be provided and parental supervision is required until the youth reaches 16 years of age. This is not a drop off project. We interact with rabbits to build trust and prepare them for adoption. Mentoring is provided for as long as necessary until participants feel comfortable doing a solo shift. Due to COVID, only one family will go in at a time and we must wear masks.
Virtual and In-Person10 years and up.
Rabbit or guinea pig experience required - Some exceptions may be considered.
Parents required to stay with members if under 16.
Saturdays, 9-11amRita
Spy SchoolvirtualopenA project about codes, ciphers, and secret alphabets. This project teaches you how to dress like a spy, carry and deliver messages, create codes using various methods and 'machines' and signals. There might be some ASL too!

VirtualAges 5-82nd Fridays at 4:00
11/13, 12/11, 1/8, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/7
STEAM: Explore Like A ScientistvirtualopenHave you ever wanted to know more about what scientists do? Following an online course from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we'll practice observing and thinking like a scientist. We'll meet scientists in action and try out different scientists' roles by exploring ocean habitats.
We'll meet together in videoconference to share what we're learning and doing.
VirtualAll ages
Recommended for grades 3-6
4 meetings, to be scheduled on weekends at a time to suit memberscomputer and internet access;
paper/pen or other way to keep notes
Parent Involvement: Project members will do the course sections at home on their own schedule and then join the group for videoconference project meetings
Tina Cole
Mark Larson
Steerlarge animalsopenLearn everything you need to know to select, raise and show market cattle. You do not need to raise a steer for fair to join this project but we will prepare you for it! There will be a great deal of emphasis on cattle education, teamwork and farm responsibility. For those bringing a steer to fair, you will need to market your steer and find a buyer for the auction. Virtual and In-Person10 years and up (by Jan 1, 2020)
Must have raised A large animal to raise. Sign-ups as of October are mostly for an educational year not actually raising an animal.
There will be monthly meetings virtual and some on the farm with the animals- dates TBDRebecca
Swinelarge animalsopenSwine Project flyerLearn everything you need to know about selecting, raising, and showing a swine at fair. You can join without taking a swine to fair.Virtual and In-Person9 years and up.
Must have raised a small animal (chicken, turkey, rabbit).and be willing to commit a LOT of time.
to be announcedKathleen
Poultry, Showsmall animals3 spots openShow Poultry is a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their bird and as well as how to show their bird. Please note, students are no required to go to fair to participate in this project. Participation in this project and other 4-H projects help develop responsibility, decision- making, nurturing, and communication skills.
We will likely meet on a monthly basis and may have at least one trip to an area poultry show (date and location to be determined) and participate in farm clean-up.
Virtual and In-Person5 years and up
Limited to 8 members
to be announcedLinh Chan
Daniel Hecht