Freedom Of Speech in Lebanon_Cases
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Last NameFirst NameActivistNationalityReligion (Internal)YearDate of the PostLink of PostMedium Complaint byDate of investigationDate of Detention (if any)Date of HearingDate of Release (if any)Description of the CaseJudge/Police StationLanguage in QuestionOutcomeAccused ofCharged WithCharged Under (law, article)Bail amountAsked to Sign a PledgeIn AbsentiaLink in EnglishLink in ArabicNotesImage of the sentence
AzhariTimourReporterLebanese201828 Mar + Twitter Alexis and Crystel KhalilJune 1 2018Nov. 27 2018 He wrote an article and tweet about the case of Lensa Lelisa, a migrant domestic worker who alleged she had been beaten by her employers. Cybercrimes Bureau then Baabda’s publications courtAzhari was interrogated in June before Lebanon's infamous Cybercrime Bureau. The bureau also asked him to sign a pledge to not speak about the case again, but he refused. Azhari's trial began on November 27, this case was rescheduled until Feb. 26, 2019 in order for the plaintiffs to be properly notified of the court date Defamation Defamation
RadwanMourtadaJournalistLebaneseMuslim Shiite2018Nov.7 2018الاخبار مفوض الحكومة لدى المحكمة العسكرية القاضي بيتر جرمانوسReputation of the military court
الذمّ بأمن الدولة وسمعة المحكمة العسكرية
a Journalist/ Politician
Twitter"المجلس الاسلامي الشيعي الأعلى" "The Supreme Shiite Islamic CouncilN/AN/AN/A
The Islamic Council told the Public Prosecutor's Office that one of Maher's tweets contained "an insult to an infallible imams of the Jaafari sects and the Shiite religious sects."
Lara Abd el smd, judge in Beirut Sentenced Jerry Maher to a year and a half and fined him 500,000 Lebanese pounds and prevented him from exercising his civil rightsProvoking sectarian strife and undermining the martyrs of resistance500,000 Lebanese pounds NoYes, 1 year and a half January 2019 to start trials
Al AsmarWadihActivist/ #youStink co-founder/ EUROMED RIGHTS president.الأورو-متوسطية للحقوق Lebanese2018July 19 2018 Information CouncilAug 31 2018Al Asmar posted a tweet mocking St. Charbel. The original post had been made by online activist and comedian Charbel Khoury, who was previously interrogated about it in July. Asmar arrived at the Anti-Cybercrimes Bureau with three lawyers who were not allowed inside the interrogation room. He made use of article 47 of the Criminal Code which allows the defendant the right to remain silentRefuse to remove the post
El KhouryCharbel Activist/employee in a statistic companyLebaneseChristian201813-Jul-2018
Catholic Information Council المجلس الكاثوليكي للإعلام
7/19/2018July 19 2018
Khoury ridiculed the Saint Charbel on Facebook
CyberCrime bureauArabicClosing his facebook for one month / a residency permit/ he was fired from his work Ridiculing the Saint CharbelnoYesNO
BazziImadActivist/Founder and CEO at Empower AdvocacyLebaneseMuslim201826-Jun-2018 BayJuly 27 2018`Bazzi urged Facebook users to give low ratings to Eden Bay, a private hotel which opened on the last public beach in Beirut. CyberCrime bureaupostponed
EliasJean JournalistLebaneseChristian2018
Facebook PageExecutive chairman of Lebanese Forces -Samir GaegeaSamir Geagea issued a complaint because Elias "personally accused him" and "published offensive words the Lebanese Forces martyrs and their sacrifices." بجرم القدح والذم وإثارة النعرات والفتن،
المواد 385 و582 و584 و209 و317 من قانون العقوبات.
FacebookExecutive chairman of Lebanese Forces -Samir GaegeaAugust 30, 2018Salah described Samir Geagea as a thief with a group of thieves and ministers around him, who stole and looted from the pockets of Lebanese and state coffers. invistagton is postponed till next week
AyyadSafaaJournalistLebaneseMuslim 201823-Mar-2018
Website (el modn)Fadi AlameMarch 23 2018N/AJune 4 2018after 2 hoursAyyad wrote an article about candidate Fadi Alama, who was encouraging employees at the public Sahel Hospital to vote for him. Then, the Cybercrime Bureau detained her, but he refused to sign a pledge and left after 2 hours.
CyberCrime bureauHer article is her personal opinion, not objective Refuse to sign a pledgeShe wrote an article accusing Fadi Alame of using hosipital (Public space) for the election campaignnothingYes, but refusedno
AboushyKhaledActivistLebanese Muslim2018December 29 2017 ProsecutorJuly 24 2018July 24 2018Aboushy shared an image depicting President Aoun and his two son-in-laws, prominent politicians Gebran Bassil and Chamel Roukoz, next to the late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and his two sons Bassel and current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Aboushy captioned the post “Whats the difference?”Lebanese Army IntelligenceSigning a pledgeCriticizing the president and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran BassilPenal codenothingyesn/a
KhatibRawanActivist/Social Worker at ‎Beyond AssociationPalestinian??Muslim Sunni2018July 17 2018
FacebookGeneral ProsecutorJuly 24 2018
Rawan wrote a post criticizing Lebanese President Michel Aoun and his son-in-law, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.
CyberCrime bureauCriticizing the President
Penal code
El KhouryElieActivist/Works at EMG academyLebaneseChristian201820-Jul-2018
FacebookGeneral ProsecutorKhoury complained about the poor level of public services in Lebanon and accused Aoun of turning the country into his “family home.”CyberCrime bureauArabicCriticizing the President

Penal code
AbdullahYoussefStudentLebanese2018AprilRemovedWhatsappGeneral Prosecutorn/aJune 19 2018 -June 20 2018June 20 20186/20/2018 (38 Hrs)Lebanese army intelligence arrested 15 year-old Yousef Abdullah after published a picture on WhatsApp criticizing President Michel Aoun.Army Intelligence OfficePicture Signing a pledgeCriticizing the President

nothingYes, to not criticize a president no
HayekTima ActivistLebaneseMuslim Shiite201830-Jan-2018RemovedFacebook/TwiiterGeneral Prosecutor1/31/2018Jan.31 2018Feb. 1 2018
Hayek was arrested for criticizing Aoun on Facebook.
Lebanese Army Intelligence- Ablah Signing a pledgeDefaming the presidentNONyesNON
AwaadMohamedJournalistLebaneseMuslim2018n/aNews Website (لبنان الجديد)HizbullahJuly 20 2018Awaad wrote political articles for a news website. On July 20, he was arrested by general security for the defamation of the presidents and religious symbols, despite the fact that they did not tell him which post or article was problematic.
General Directorate of Public Security Building
Signing a pledgedefame the presidents and religious symbolsPenal codenothingyes
Al MadhbouhMonaActivistLebaneseMuslim Shiite201831-May-2018removedFacebookLawyer Amr Abdel SalamN/AN/AJuly 7 2018N/AAl-Madbouh posted a video on her Facebook account recounting a verbal sexual harassment incident she experienced while on vacation in Cairo.
Before being arrested, Al-Madbouh apologized on Facebook.
The Egyptian Misdemeanor Court N/Asentenced to 8 years in jail with imposing a fine of EGP 10,700Offending Egyptians and cursing the country/slander and libelEgyptian penal code, articles from 302 to 308EGP 10,700 around $598NO July 29 as the date for her appeal
a Journalist/ Politician
Lebanese201829-Jun-2018 Hasan Bazzi----After he was sentenced to prison for 6 months, Maher tweeted about it and the Attorney General in Beirut issued a search 30-day search warrant for him. The Attorney-General in BeirutSearch warrant for 30 daysDefeating the judiciaryPenal Code
AzarJessica Senior News AnchorLebaneseChristian2018Feb. 22, 2018 (Retweet)
TwitterMaj. Gen. Jamil al-SayedFeb.22 2018N/AN/A
The case began when journalist Diana Moukalled tweeted about Al-Sayyed’s candidacy, saying he had “mischief” on his hands. Azar retweeted the comment without adding any remarks of her own. Then, Sayyed told her that if she refused to delete the retweet, she would be sued. She refused.
A warning issued by the former Director-General of Public Security Major General Jamil al-Sayyed to MTVdefamation and slanderNONWarning it Retweet and comment
ChidiacMay JournalistLebaneseChristian2018Feb.15, 2018 (Retweet)
TwitterMaj. Gen. Jamil al-SayedFeb.20 2018N/AMaj. Gen. Sayyed threatened to sue May Chidiac if she did not remove a retweet about him.WarningN/AN/ANON
Bou HatoumFiras ActivistLebanese2018FacebookMark Dou (Polictal Activist)August 27 2018August 27 2018
On Facebook, Bou Hatoum accused Daou of working for Lebanese political and partisan parties during the last elections.
Judge Ghada AounSigning a pledge "القدح والذم"Yes, not to write against Mark on Facebook
ShehayebYaraActivistLebaneseMuslm Druze2018June 21 2018 of Foreign Affairs, Gebran BassilShe refused to go to investigationOn Father's Day when the Minister remembered his father on Twitter. Shehayeb replied to Bassil's tweet, writing "your father taught him looting and robbery."Anti -CyberCrime bureaurefused to go to investigation so the minister has withdrawn the legal action slander
JoumblattRasheedActivist/ A former leader of the Tawhid partyLebaneseMuslim Druze2018July 20 2018 of Foreign Affairs, Gebran BassilAugust 2 2018August 3 2018Judge Karma Hsiki sentenced Rachid Joumblatt to six months in prison and forced him to pay the amount of ten million L.L for insult the president and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil. Then, on August 2, 2018 he was arrested in absentia.Judge Zainab FakihJust release after investigationInsulting words for the president and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran Bassil
ItaniFidaaJournalistLebaneseMuslim (Sunni)2018n/aFacebookMinister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil2017June 29 2018June 29 2018N/AItani criticized Lebanese officials, including Gebran Basil. He also criticized the military operation carried out by the Lebanese army in the town of Arsal. Judge in Baa'daN/AWas sentenced to four months in prison and a fine of 6,600 dollars for Itani.defamation, slander and denigrationLebanon's penal code$6,650no4 month
Al HajjAnne MarieJournalistLebaneseChristian201830-Apr-2018
Website (L'Orient-Le Jour)N/An/an/an/aAl-Hajj wrote an article about an Ethiopian migrant worker who committed suicide. Then, the Cybercrime Bureau called her in for questioning and asked her to remove the article, but she refused.CyberCrime bureaurefused to remove the article and refused to comply with the summonsN/anothingnono
YusufAbadat ActivistLebaneseMuslim20189-Jan-2018RemovedFacebookN/AJan.22 2018January 22, 2018N/A1/25/2018He criticized the president, Bassil, Berri, Hariri, and Minister of Communications Jamal Jarrah. N/A4 days in Jail, released him with a residency permit. judicial hearings would be held later Publications against politiciians Hariri, Aoun, Berri, and BassilN/AnonNonon
Al NsouliHaniJournalistLebaneseMuslim-Sunni2018WhatsappNader Al Hariri September 19 2018Al Nsouli recorded the voice through WhatsApp criticizing a photo of Nader Al Hariri's meeting with the Taha Mikti from the Syrian regime, and telling he would tell the saudi arabia
ShayyaManal JournalistLebaneseChristian20186-Feb-2016
AnNaharNicola FattoushN/AN/A02/20/2018 March 1. 2018 Shayya wrote an article stating that Fattoush's plan to build a cement factory near Ain Aar would cause environmental problems. UnclearPublications Court till July 5 2018
MarauoiFrancois A former Lebanese Forces officerLebaneseChristian2018
SaifeddienMariamJournalistLebaneseMuslim201830-May-2018الدكتور فؤاد ايوبOctober 11 2018القدح والذم
Al AtarJaafarJournalistLebaneseMuslim(shite)20186 Augالمدير العام السابق لهيئة "أوجيرو" عبد المنعم يوسف أجّلت محكمة التمييز، يوم الثلثاء 27 تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2018 الى 19 آذار/مارس2019"محكمة التمييز قدح وذمقدح وذم
BadrMarioReporterLebaneseChristian2018رئيس التيار "الوطني الحرّ" جبران باسيل
FidaaItaniJournalistLebaneseMuslim(Sunni)2018Facebookرئيس التيار "الوطني الحرّ" جبران باسيل Nov 22 2018On Oct. 22, 2018, the Baabda criminal court judge Ahmad Shehade sentenced journalist Fidaa Itani to 2 months in prison and fined him 35 million Lebanese pounds for libel, defamation, and slander against Minister of Foreign Affairs and Free Patriotic Movement leader Gebran Bassil
القاضي المنفرد الجزائي في بعبدا أحمد شحادة
بحبسه شهرين وإلزامه بدفع خمسة وثلاثين مليون ليرة لبنانية كعطل وضرر"القدح والذم والتحقيرخمسة وثلاثين مليون ليرة لبنانيةBassil asked an apology, Itani refused
ShamesNaderSeptmber 1 2018 التواصل مع الاعداء في المجال الافتراضي
MazloumAliLebaneseMuslim(shite)2018Facebookمسؤول وحدة الارتباط والتنسيق الحاج وفيق صفا وومسؤول اللجنة الامنية في البقاع المدعو مصطفى شمصDec 12
MourtdaAliJournalistLebaneseMuslim -Shiti2018Facebookنجيب ميقاتيSeptember 25 2018Sep 25 2018اتهم مرتضى مجموعة ميقاتي بالحصول على قروض سكنية مدعومة من مصرف لبنان ونشر هاشتاغ #استحي_يا_نجيب
القاضي رامي عبد الله القدح والذم والتشهيرالقدح والذم والتشهير
Al AminHazemco-founder and editor-in-chief of online newspaper DarajLebanese2018FacebookDec.10Around 10 armed officers from the Internal Security Forces raided the publication’s premises shortly after he had been visited by a detective.A journalist was questioned in relation to an article the newspaper published some months ago. Following publication of the article, Daraj was prosecuted by a plaintiff who claimed the story was false. The plaintiff subsequently dropped the case and the story remained online.Cybercrimes Bureau
AlhulaniAbdulhafezReporterSyrianMuslim201817 Nov 21 201811/21/2018بعد تقرير أعده عن حالات إجهاض تعرضت لها عدة لاجئات سوريات في المخيمات في حادثة غريبة من نوعها دون التوصل إلى سبب واضح أدى إليهاأمن الدولة في "الهرمل"ثارة النعرات الطائفية detained
Awada, chebro, GergesAli, Asrar,& LailaJournalistsLebanese201811-Aug-2017جديد-قضية-فرح-قصاب-تورط-أكثر-من-طبيبAlNAHARDr. Nader SaabOctober 4 2018Oct 4 2018أجّلت محكمة المطبوعات، يوم الخميس 4 تشرين الأول/أكتوبر 2018، الجلسة في دعوى "قدح وذم" المقدّمة من طبيب التجميل نادر صعب ضد الصحافيّين في جريدة "النهار" علي عواضة وأسرار شبارو وليلي جرجس، وضد جريدة "النهار" إلى 24 كانون الثاني/يناير 2019.
Al MasriMahmoudLebaneseMuslim201822-Sep-2018Facebook pageN/ASeptember 24 2018
FacebookN/ASeptember 15 2018Sep 15 2018القاضي المنفرد الجزائي في طرابلس18 days in prisons
KabbraTalebActivist/ Lecturer in Digital MarketingLebaneseMuslim Sunni2018TwitterN/AAug 14 2018N/A
QanabourMichel JournalistLebaneseChristian20172-Aug-2017N/AWebsiteDirector General of Customs, Badri DaherN/AMarch 15 2018N/AThe Court of Publications, led by Judge Elie Helou, sentenced the founder of the Lebanon Debate website, Michel Joseph Qanabour, to 6 months in prison and fined 10 million Lebanese pounds (about 7,000 US dollars) after he wrote an article that accused the Director-General of Customs of corruption. N/ADefamation, Libel, and publication of fake enwsPublications Law, بجرم الذم وفق المادة 2210,000,000 Lebanese poundsNoYes, 6 months 10 million LL
Bou HatoumFiras Activist/reporterLebaneseMUslim(Druze)201711-Jul-2017 Basill10/9/201710/9/201710/9/201710/9/2017Jan Assi's tweet insulted former president Michel Suleiman. on Then, Bou Hatoum reposted Assi's tweet on Facebook, but tagged Bassil. CyberCrime bureaun/aRefused to sign a pledgeDefaming the president and defaming the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran Bassilno, he refusednoJanoubia
SbeityAhmad 'Mustafa' PoetLebaneseMuslim Shiite201727-Nov-2017 Feras Kanj and Darine Al qsefiJan.9 201812/13/2017He wrote a Facebook post insulting the Virgin Mary. The post elicited a negative reaction. He admitted to writing the post in a moment of “temper and drunkenness."
Beirut's First Investigative Judge Ghassan Mouti
“I am sad. Why has god not asked me to sleep with the Virgin Mary to give birth to Jesus Christ??!15 day in jail, 500000 L.L. (around $333), the public prosecutor did not drop the charges against Sbeity and his case remains open.Insulting Virgin MaryArticles 317 and 474 of the Lebanese Penal Coderemoved the postnon
HawiZeinab JournalistLebaneseMuslim Shiite20176-Oct-2017
Al-Akhbar onlineMTVJan.9 2018N/AN/A
She wrote an article that criticized the political parties.
N/Adefamation and slanderN/A cybercrime bureau communicated with her
GergesHanady Activist/LebaneseChristian2017Many
Facebookn/aN/a8/10/201710/8/20178/14/2017The Cybercrime Bureau detained Gerges for her posts about Bassil. She was released after four days. General Prosecutor Ghassan Bassilreleased him with a residency permitDefaming the president and defaming the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran Bassilأوقفت بإشارة احترازيةn/anonoAnnahar
AmhazAhmad ActivistLebaneseMuslim20171-Feb-2017removedFacebookn/an/a3/21/20173/27/20173/30/2017Amhaz was arrested because of Facebook post criticizing Aoun, and Prime Minster HaririMagistrate of Mount Lebanon Pierre FrancisN/A500,000LL ($330) bail, following nine days in prison Insulting the president and accused of public officials on his Facebook page
Articles 383, 384, and 386 of Lebanon’s penal code500,000LL ($330) bailremove this postno
SaadHassan ActivistLebaneseMuslim201717-Jan-2017 Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, the Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested a young man named Hassan Saad after summoning him for interrogation at the Mohammad Zgheib police station in Sidon over a Facebook post he posted on his personal account on Jan. 17 critized officials police station in SidonN/AContempt of the presidencyArticle 384 of the Penal Coden/aRemove the postN/A
Al KadiRamziActivistLebanese20172-Jan-2017 was arrested on 2/1/2017 due of his offensive comments on the Twitter for the Lebanese victims who fell in the crime of the "Arena" in Istanbul on the eve of the New Year,Investigative Judge Ziad Mkanna27 days in prison, 333 $Insulting the victims of the Istanbul nightclub shootingArticles 317 and 477 of the Lebanese Penal Code500,000LL ($330) bailAn oral apologyno
Al AyoubiAhmad Secretary General of the Islamic Civil Alliance/JournalistLebaneseMuslim2017The series September 13,14, and 15 2017 al-HaririN/A11/16/2017-11/28/201716/11/201711/28/2017On 13, 14 and 15 SeptemberHe published a series of three articles under the title: «Governing Council» to manage interests according to the bilateral (Nader) Hariri - Basil.Beirut Investigative Judge Charbel Abu Samra333$ (500 000 LL)Defaming the presidentLebanese Penal Code333$ (500 000 LL)NONNON
ItaniFidaaMuslim Sunni201718-Nov-2017 websiteOfficer of Hezbollah and Wafiq Safaon August 7, 2018, the first investigating judge in Beirut, Ghassan Oweidat, issued a decision in which he accused journalist Fida 'Itani of committing "slander"and And refer him to trialمحكمة الاستئناف الناظرة في قضايا المطبوعاتالذمّ والقدح slander and libelPublications Law, بجرم الذم وفق المادة 22قاضي التحقيق يُصدر قراراً ظنياً بحق الصحافي فداء عيتاني ويحيله على المحاكمة
Jomaa, Kleib, FnasAli, Youssef , and MohamedEngineer, ActivistsPalestinian, 2 LebaneseMuslim2016n/an/aFacebook Mufti Sheikh Salim Sousan 1/7/20161/7/20161/11/2016
Ali, Youssef, and Mohamed wrote Facebook posts criticizing Mufti Sheikh Salim Sousan's fundraiser for those trapped in Syria.
Judge Raheef RamadanThey left after promising he wouldn’t carry out such acts again.They wrote Facebook posts that defaming Mufti Sheikh Salim Sousan money-making campaign for those trapped in Madaya Left "after promising he wouldn’t carry out such acts again.”no
Al HalabiNabilA lawyerLebaneseMuslim (Sunni)20164-Apr-2016FacebookInterior Minister Nohad Machnouk 5/30/2016In his Facebook posts, al-Halabi accused Interior Ministry officials of corruption and possible complicity with people arrested by Internal Security forces in connection with sex trafficking of Syrian women.قوى الأمن الداخلياعطت نقابة المحامين الاذن برفع الحصانة عن المحامي نبيل الحلبي في الدعوى المقامة ضده من وزير الداخلية والبلديات نهاد المشنوقa libel and defamation
Al AminBassel JournalistLebanese20166-Dec-2016 December 6, 2016, Bassel al-Amin was summoned to the Public Prosecution’s office, under the orders of Judge Randa Yaqthan, over comments he made onlinePierre Francaisصرماية اللاجئ السوري بتسوى لبنان والرؤساء500,000LL ($330) , 7 day in prisonDenigrating the Lebanese state, its symbols, and its representativesPenal code500,000LL ($330) bailnono
KhalifehAli photojournalistLebaneseMuslim20167-Feb-2016
Lebanese police summoned photojournalist Ali Khalifeh for photoshopping ironic comments onto pictures of former prime minister Rafic Hariri and posting them on Facebook.
Judge Raheef Ramadana residence permit"defacing and spreading online images" of former prime minister Rafic HaririN/ANothinga residence permitnon
TauokToni Activist/interviewerLebaneseChristian2016Facebookلعميد شامل روكزGeneral Shamil Roquez Early 2016 & June 4 2018In 2016 Tauok posted a picture on Facebook divided into two parts. The first part depicted deputy Tony Zahra carrying a weapon and the second part depicted General Shamil Rox carrying a sandwich, insulting the General. He was summoned by the army intelligence. Then, on July 4, another session was held, but the court was adjourned until February 2019. "Lebanese Army IntelligencePostponed to Feb. 2019