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Total Games105317593886571529757
Top 10%=105.3175.938.865.7152.975.7
Top 20%=210.6351.877.6131.4305.8151.4
Top 25%=263.25439.7597164.25382.25189.25Cemu CompatabilityWii U Top 20Wii U Top 50Wii U Top 100
1Super Mario Bros18Action; 2D; Side-scrolling; PlatformLegend of Zelda: A Link to the Past25Role-playing; Action RPG; JRPG; Fantasy; Real-timeLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time20Action; Adventure; 3D; Action RPG; Role-playing; JRPG; FantasySuper Mario Sunshine253D ; Action-Adventure ; PlatformSuper Mario Galaxy 2233D ; Platform; AdventureBayonetta 219Action-Adventure ; 3D ; Hack and Slash; Science-fiction; 3rd Person Point of View; Shoot 'Em Up; Beat 'Em Up; FantasyPlayable18 playable or perfect42 playable or perfect59 playable or perfect
2The Legend of Zelda17Action; Action RPG; Role-playing; JRPG; Fantasy; Overhead; Top-downSuper Metroid24Action ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; 2D ; Metroidvania ; Side-ScrollingGolden Eye 007191st Person Point of View; Shooter ; Stealth; Spy; Movie-basedF-Zero GX24Racing ; Futuristic Racing; track; science-fictionKirby's Epic Yarn222D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingMario Kart 818Racing ; Kart-Racing; Vehicular Combat; Driving; TrackPlayable2 run or load5 run or load29 run or load
3Super Mario Bros 316Action; 2D; Side-scrolling; PlatformChrono Trigger23Role-playing ; Turn-based ; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadSuper Mario 6419Adventure; Platform; Action; 3DLegend of Zelda: The Wind Waker24Action RPG ; Role-playing ; JRPG; fantasy; 3DSuper Mario Galaxy223D ; Platform; AdventureSuper Mario 3D World18Platform ; 3D; ActionPlayable0 Unplayable3 Unplayable12 Unplayable
4Contra15Action; 2D ; Run and Gun; Shooter; Shoot Em Up; Side-Scrolling; WarSecret of Mana23Role-playing ; Turn-based ; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadSuper Smash Bros19Platform Fighter; Brawler; 2D; Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes243D ; Action-Adventure ; Stealth; tactical; 3rd person point of viewDonkey Kong Country Returns212D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPikmin 317Strategy ; Real-Time Strategy ; Puzzle; 3D; Real-time; fantasyPlayable
5Metroid15Action; Action-Adventure; Platform; 2D; Side-scrolling; Metroidvania; Science-fictionSuper Mario Kart23Racing ; Kart Racing; Vehicular CombatBanjo-Kazooie18Platform ; 3D ; Action-adventurePaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door24RPG ; Real-time ; JRPG; fantasy; 3DXenoblade Chronicles21Role-playing; Open-world ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; Science-fiction; Sandbox; 3rd Person Point of ViewSplatoon173rd Person Point of View ; Shooter ; 3D; ActionPlayable
6Castlevania14Action; Action-Adventure; Platform; Metroidvania; 2D; Side-scrolling; FantasySuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars23Role-playing ; Turn-based ; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadConker's Bad Fur Day18Platform ; 3D ; Action-adventureMetroid Prime23Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 1st Person POV; metroidvania; science-fiction; platformLegend of Zelda Skyward Sword20Action RPG ; Role-laying ; JRPG ; Real-Time; 3rd Person Point of View; Fantasy; Action; AdventureThe Legend of Zelda: Breadth of the Wild17Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; 3DPlayable
7Kirby's Adventure14Action; 2D; Platform; Side-scrollingSuper Mario World23Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; ActionMario Kart 6418Kart-Racing ; Racing; Track; Vehicular CombatResident Evil 423Suvival-Horror ; Shooter ; 3rd Person Point of view; action-adventureNo More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle20Action-Adventure ; Hack and Slash ; 3D; 3rd Person Point of ViewSuper Mario Maker16Creative ; 2D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
8Tetris14Action; Puzzle; Flip-screen; Falling BlocksDonkey Kong Country22Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; ActionPerfect Dark181st Person Point of View; Shooter ; Stealth; Action; Science-fictionAnimal Crossing22Simulation ; Life; social; 3DPunch-Out!!20Sports ; BoxingSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U16Platform Fighter; 2DPlayable
9Bubble Bobble13Action; 2D; Arcade; Platform; Flip-screenEarthbound22Role-playing; Fantasy; Science-fiction; Isometric ; Turn-based ; JRPGStar Fox 6416Shooter ; Rail Shooter ; Space Flight; Shoot 'Em Up; Science-fictionPikmin 222Strategy ; Real-Time Strategy ; Puzzle; 3D; Real-time; fantasySuper Smash Bros. Brawl20Platrom Fighter; 2DThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD16Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; 3DPlayable
10Crystalis13Role-playing; Action RPG; JRPG; Real-time; FantasyF-Zero22Racing ; Futuristic-Racing; Track; Science-fictionJet Force Gemini153rd-Person Point of View ; Shooter ; Action-Adventure ; Shoot Em Up; Science-fictionSuper Smash Bros Melee22Platform Fighter;3DNew Super Mario Bros. Wii192D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingDonkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze152D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
11Duck Hunt13Light-Gun; Shooter; Shooting Gallery; Flip-screenMega Man X22Action ; Platform ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpBlast Corps14Action ; Puzzle elements ; 3D; Multi-vehicles; Driving; Simulation; Building; StrategyMario Kart: Double Dash21Racing ; Kart Racing; vehicular-combat; driving; trackSonic Colors192D ; 3D ; Platform ; Action-AdventureCaptain Toad: Treasure Tracker14Action ; Puzzle; 3D; platformPlayable
12Mega Man13Action; Platform; 2D; Side-ScrollingStar Fox22Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Rail Shooter ; Space Flight; Science-fictionMario Party14Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenViewtiful Joe212.5D ; Beat 'Em Up ; Action ; Side-ScrollingSin and Punishment Success of the Skies ; Star Successor18Shooter ; Rail Shooter; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em Up;The Wonderful 10113Action ; 3D ; Beat 'Em Up; Isometric, Super HeroPlayable
13Mega Man 213Action; Platform; 2D; Side-ScrollingSuper Castlevania 422Action ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Fantasy; MetroidvaniaPaper Mario14Role-playing; Turn-based ; JRPG; 3DLuigi's Mansion20Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 3rd-Person Point of viewTatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars182D ; FighterMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate12RPG ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy, Collecting; 3DPerfect
14Ninja Gaiden13Action; Platform; 2D; Hack and Slash; Side-Scrolling; NinjaSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island22Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; ActionStar Wars Rogue Squadron14Shooter ; Shoot 'Em Up; Space Flight; Science-fiction; Movie-basedSoul Calibur II20Fighting ; 3DZack and Wiki Quest for Barbaros Treasure18Point and Click ; Puzzle; Pirates; Adventure; Graphic AdventureNew Super Mario Bros. U122D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
15River City Ransom13Action; 2D; Beat 'Em Up; Side-Scrolling; CrimeContra III: The Alien Wars19Action ; 2D ; Run n Gun ; Shoot Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; WarF-Zero X13Racing ; Futuristic-Racing; Track; Science-fictionPikmin19Strategy ; Real-Time Strategy ; Puzzle; 3D; Real-time; fantasyMario Kart Wii17Racing ; Kart Racing; Vehicular Combat; DrivingNintendo Land12Party ; Mini-gamesPlayable
16Blaster Master12Action; Platform; 2D; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and Gun; Side-Scrolling; Vehicle; Science-fiction; TankTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time18Beat Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Action; 2D; Cartoon-based; Comic BookLegend of Zelda: Majora's Mask13Action RPG ; Role-playing ; Action-Adventure ; JRPG; Fantasy; 3DSkies of Arcadia Legends19Role-playing ; Turn-Based ; JRPG; overhead; FantasyMetroid Prime 3: Corruption17Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 1st Person Point of View; metroidvania; science-fiction; platformRayman Legends112D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingRuns
17Duck Tales12Platform; 2D; Side-Scrolling; Action; Cartoon-based; Disney; ActRaiser17Construction and Management; Platform; Simulation; Platform ; Simulation ; Action ; City-World BuildingMario Tennis13Sports ; Tennis; Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II19Shooter ; Shoot 'Em Up; Space Flight; Science-fiction; Movie-basedMuramasa: The Demon Blade172D ; Action RPG ; Hack and Slash ; Action-Adventure ; Side-Scrolling; Ninja; Role-playingThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD11Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; 3DPerfect
18Excitebike12Racing; Motorcycle; Motocross; Dirtbike; Stunt; Track; 2DKirby Super Star172D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionDiddy Kong Racing12Racing ; Kart Racing; Track; Vehicular CombatChibi-Robo183D ; Platform; puzzle Elements; stealth; action; AdventureWii Sports Resort17Sports; Multi-sportsTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE11Role-playing; 3D ; JRPG ; Turn-BasedPlayable
19Ghosts N' Goblins122D; Action; Platform; Run and Gun; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; FantasyMortal Kombat 217Fighting ; 2DKirby 64 Crystal Shards12Action; Adventure; Platform; 2.5D; Side-scrollingBaiten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean17Role-playing ; Turn-Based ; JRPG; 3rd Person Point of View; Fantasy; CardsLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess16Role-playing; Fantasy ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; 3rd Person Point of ViewXenoblade Chronicles X10Action RPG; Role-playing ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Mechs; Science-fiction; SandboxPlayable
20Gradius12Shooter; Side-scrolling; Shoot ''Em Up; Ship; Science-fiction; ArcadeTetris Attack17Puzzle ; Single-ScreenDonkey Kong 64113D ; Platform ; ActionFire Emblem: Path of Radiance17Role-playing ; Strategy ; Tactical ; JRPG;3rd Person Point of View; Turn-based; FantasySuper Paper Mario162D ; Arction RPG ; Platform ; Role-playing ; JRPG; Puzzle Elements; Yoshi's Woolly World102D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
21Startropics12Action RPG; Role-playing; Overhead; Real-time; Puzzle ElementsSuper Ghouls n' Ghosts162D ; Action ; Platform ; Run and Gun ; Side-ScrollingHarvest Moon 6411Role-playing; 3D; JRPG; Simulation ; Farming ; Fantasy; Managerial; LifeIkaruga16Vertical Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Shooter; ship; Science-fiction; ActionRed Steel 2151st Person Point of View ; Shooter ; Hack and Slash ; WesternLEGO City Undercover93D ; Action-Adventure; Puzzle Elements; Mystery; Detective; CrimePlayable
22Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game12Action; Arcade; 2D; Side-scrolling; Beat 'Em Up; Comic Book; Cartoon-basedSuper Street Fighter 2 Turbo16Fighting ; 2DResident Evil 211Survival Horror ; 3D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Action; Action-adventure; ShooterMetroid Prime 2: Echoes16Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 1st Person POV; metroidvania; science-fiction; platformResident Evil 415Survival Horror ; 3D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Action; Adventure; ShooterShovel Knight92D ; Action ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPerfect
23Batman11Platform; Action; 2D; Side-Scrolling; Comic BookEarthworm Jim15Platform ; Run and Gun ; 2D ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpSpace Station Silicon Valley113D ; Platform; 3rd Person Point of View; Puzzle Elements; Science-fiction; Tales of Symphonia16Role-playing ; Real-Time ; JRPG; 3rd Person Point of View; FantasyA Boy and his Blob142D ; Platform ; Puzzle Elements ; Side-ScrollingZombiU9Survival-Horror ; 1st Person Point of View; actionPlayable
24Double Dragon 211Beat 'Em Up; Side-Scrolling; 2D; Action; CrimeSuper Punch-Out!15Sports ; BoxingWave Race 6411Racing ; Jet-Ski; Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat15Platform ; 2D ; Rhythm ; Side-Scrolling; Music; Instrument-basedFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn14Role-playing ; JRPG ; Tactical ; Strategy; Turn-based; FantasyDeus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut8Action RPG ; 1st Person Point of view ; Shooter ; Stealth; Science-fiction; SpyPlayable
25Faxanadu11Action RPG; Role-playing; Metroidvania; Action; Platform; 2D; JRPG; Side-Scrolling; FantasyZombies Ate My Neighbors15Action; Run and Gun ; Shooter; Shoot Em Up ; Isometric ; Multidirectional1080 Snowboarding10Sports ; Snowboarding ; Racing ; Extreme Sports ; Tricks; StuntsEternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem15Action-Adventure ; Psychological - Horror ; 3rd Person Point of View; Survival Horror; Metroidvania; Puzzle ElementsLast Story14Role-playing; 3rd Person Point of View ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time ; Stealth; Tactics; FantasyHyrule Warriors8Action ; Hack and Slash ; 3D ; Beat 'Em Up; FantasyPlayable
26Final Fantasy11RPG; Turn-Based; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest142D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionBanjo-Tooie103D ; Platform ; Action-AdventurePrince of Persia: Sands of Time15Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Platform; Fantasy; Puzzle ElementsMadWorld14Beat em Up ; Hack and Slash ; 3DBit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien7Music-Rhythm ; PlatformPerfect
27Kid Icarus11Action; Platform; 2D; Side-Scrolling; FantasyFinal Fantasy 314Role-playing; Overhead; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPGBeetle Adventure Racing10Racing; Track; Street; Vehicle; Driving; AutomobileResident Evil15Survival Horror ; 3D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Action; Adventure; ShooterMonster Hunter 3 ; Monster Hunter Tri14Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; CollectingFAST Racing NEO7Racing ; Futuristic Racing; Science-fiction; DrivingPlayable
28Super Mario Bros 211Platform; 2D; Side-Scrolling; ActionNBA Jam14Sports ; BasketballBody Harvest10Shooter ; 3rd Person Point of View; Action-Adventure; Multi-vehicle; Science-fiction; 3DTimesplitters 2151st Person Point of View; Shooter; Science-fictionNo More Heroes14Action-Adventure ; Hack and Slash ; 3D; 3rd Person Point of ViewKirby and the Rainbow Curse7Platform ; 2D ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
29Zelda 2: Adventures of Link11Role-playing; Action RPG; JRPG; Fantasy; Real-timeFinal Fantasy 613Role-playing; Overhead; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPGPokemon Stadium10Strategy ; Turn-Based; Role-playing;Beyond Good and Evil14Action-Adventure ; 3D; Puzzle Elements; Stealth; Spy; Shooter; Science-fictionSilent Hill: Shattered Memories14Suvival Horror ; 3DLEGO Marvel Super Heroes73D ; Action-Adventure; 3rd Person Point of View; Puzzle Elements; Comic BookRuns
30Bionic Commando10Action; Platform; 2D; Run and Gun; Shooter; Shoot em Up; Side-Scrolling; Science-fictionIllusion of Gaia13Role-playing; Real-time; Fantasy; Overhead ; Action RPG ; JRPGWWF No Mercy10Sports ; WrestlingLegend of Zelda The Twilight Princess13Role-playing; Action RPG ; JRPG; Fantasy; 3DDead Space Extraction13Rail Shooter ; Shooter; Action; First Person Point of View; Science-fiction; HorrorMass Effect 3: Special Edition7Action RPG ; 3rd Person Point of View ; Shooter; Science-fictionPlayable
31Dragon Warrior10Role-playing; Turn-Based; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadSuper Mario All-Stars132D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionMario Golf9Sports ; GolfResident Evil 013Survival Horror ; 3D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Action; Adventure; ShooterLittle King's Story13Strategy ; Real-Time ; Simulation ; Role-playing ; JRPG ; Life Simulation; FantasyMinecraft: Wii U Edition7Sandbox ; Creative ; Suvival ; Strategy ; Building; Management; 3D; ConstructionPlayable
32Little Nemo: The Dream Master10Action; Platform; 2D; Side-ScrollingDemon's Crest122D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Metroidvania; Fantasy; Action; Action-adventureMischief Makers9Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; ActionSuper Monkey Ball 213Party ; Mini Games ; Puzzle ; Platform ; 3D; Action; BalancingWarioWare Smooth Moves13Party ; Mini-Games ; RhythmNeed for Speed: Most Wanted U7Racing ; Driving; Street; Track; Automobiles; TricksUnplayable
33Maniac Mansion10Graphic Adventure; Point and Click; 2D; Side-scrolling; Puzzle Elements; ComedyKiller Instinct12Fighting ; 2DPilotwings 649Simulation; Flight; Racing; Airplanes;Battalion Wars12Action ; Strategy ; Real-Time ; Tactical ; 3rd Person Point of View; Shooter; War; Tanks; SquadHouse of the Dead: Overkill12Shooter ; Rail Shooter; Horror; Shoot 'Em UpPokken Tournament7Fighting ; 3DPlayable
34Mega Man 310Action; Platform; 2D; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and Gun; Side-ScrollingSim City12Real-time; Point and click; Construction And Management Simulation; City-building;Pokemon Puzzle League9Puzzle; Flip-screen; Action; Falling Blocks; Tile-matchingBilly Hatcher and the Giant Egg12Platform ; 3DOkami12Action-Adventure ; 3D; Metroidvania; Puzzle Elements; FantasyPushmo World7Puzzle; Platform; 3D; BlocksRuns
35Ninja Gaiden II: The Dawk Sword of Chaos10Action; Platform; 2D; Hack and Slash; Side-Scrolling; Ninja; Action-AdventureStreet Fighter 2122D ; FightingPokemon Snap9Rail Shooter ; 1st Person Point of View; ShooterKiller712Action-Adventure; Shooter ; 1st-Person Point of View; Rail Shooter; Puzzle ElementsBoom Blox11Party ; Puzzle; ActionAffordable Space Adventures6Puzzle Elements ; Action-Adventure ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; 2.5DPerfect
36RC Pro Am10Racing; Verhicular Combat; Overhead; Isometric; TrackSuper Bomberman12Action; Top-down; Flip-screen; Arcade; Maze;Turok Dinosaur Hunter91st Point of View ; Shooter ; Action; Science-fiction; DinosaursLegend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures12Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG; 3D; Fantasy; Real-timeBoom Blox Bash Party11Party ; Puzzle; ActionAxiom Verge62D ; Action-Adventure ; Metroidvania ; Side-Scrolling; Platform; Shooter; Science-fictionUnplayable
37Super Tecmo Bowl10Sports; FootballFinal Fantasy 411Role-playing; Overhead; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPGYoshi's Story92D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Action-adventureStar Fox Adventures12Shooter ; Rail Shooter ; Space Flight ; Action-Adventure ; 3rd Person Point of View; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Science-fictionWario Land: Shake It!112D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingChild of Light6Role-playing ; Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Fantasy; Turn-basedRuns
38Battletoads9Beat em Up; Action; 2D; Side-ScrollingMario Paint11Creative ; Art; CreationExcitebike 648Racing ; Motorcycle; Off-road; Driving; Simulation; Vehicle; Track; Motorbike; Stunts; TricksSuper Monkey Ball12Party ; Mini Games ; Puzzle ; Platform ; 3D; Action; BalancingWii Sports11Sports; Multi-sportsMutant Mudds Deluxe62D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPerfect
39Castlevania 2 Simons Quest9Action; Action-Adventure; Platform; Metroidvania; 2D; Side-scrolling; FantasyOgre Battle: March of the Black Queen11Role-playing; Tactics; Fantasy; Isometric; Strategy; Turn-based; JRPGGoemon's Great Adventure8Action; Platform; 2D; Side-scrollingCurbivore: Survival of the Fittest10Action-Adventure ; 3D; Simulation; Life; Biological Simulation; De Blob10Platform ; 3D ; Puzzle; Action; 3rd Person Point of ViewNew Super Luigi U62D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPerfect
40Castlevania III: Draculas Curse9Action; Action-Adventure; Platform; Metroidvania; 2D; Side-scrolling; FantasyPilotwings11Simulation; Flight; Racing; Airplanes;Ogre Battle 648Role-playing ; Strategy; Fantasy; Tactical ; Real-Time ; JRPGPokémon XD: Gale of Darkness10Role-playing ; JPRG; Turn-based; 3D; Collect ; trainExcitebots: Trick Racing10Racing ; Vehicular Combat ; Futuristic Racing ; Tricks; Stunts; Driving; Science-fictionSonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed6Racing ; Kart-Racing; Driving; Vehicular Combat; Automobile; Track;Playable
41Chip "n" Dale: Rescue Rangers92D; Platform; Side-Scrolling; Disney; Action; Cartoon-basedR-Type III: The Third Lightning11Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Horizontal Shooter ; Side-Scrolling; Ship; Science-fictionRayman 2 The Great Escape83D ; Platform ; Action-AdventureWarioWare INC Mega Party Games10Party ; Mini-Games ; Puzzle ; Flip-screenMetroid Prime Trilogy10Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 1st Person Point of View; metroidvania; science-fiction; platformTrine 2: Director's Cut62D ; Platform ; Action ; Hack and Slash ; Side-Scrolling; FantasyRuns
42Metal Storm9Action; Platform; 2D; Side-Scrolling; Mech; Science-fiction; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and GunShadowrun11Role-playing; Action RPG; Western; Isometric; Science-fictionRidge Racer 648Racing; Driving; Street; Auotmobile; SimulationWave Race: Blue Storm10Racing ; Jet Ski;Rhythm Heaven Fever10Music; Rhythm; Mini-gamesAssassin's Creed III53D ; Action-Adventure ; Stealth; Fantasy; 3rd Person Point of ViewRuns
43Rygar9Action; Platform;2D; Side-Scrolling; Fantasy; Hack and SlashBreath of Fire10Role-playing; JRPG; Fantasy; Turn-based; Top-downSin and Punishment8Rail Shooter ; Shooter ; Shoot 'Em Up; Action; Science-fictionSonic Adventure 29Platform ; 3D ; Action AdventureCall of Duty: Black Ops9Shooter ; 1st Person Point of view; WarBayonetta5Action-Adventure ; 3D ; Hack and Slash; Science-fiction; 3rd Person Point of View; Shoot 'Em Up; Beat 'Em Up; FantasyPlayable
44Super Dodge Ball9Sports; DodgeballDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!102D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionTony Hawk Pro Skater8Sports ; Skateboarding; Extreme Sports; TricksSuper Mario Strikers9Sports ; SoccerGoldenEye 00791st Person Point of View; Shooter ; Stealth; Spy; Movie-basedCastleStorm5Strategy ; Real-Time ; Tower Defense; Artillery; FantasyPerfect
45The Guardian Legend9Action; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Vertical; Ship; Science-fictionHarvest Moon10Role-playing; Top-down; JRPG; Simulation ; Farming ; Fantasy; ManagerialWipeout 648Racing ; Futuristic-Racing ; Vehicular CombatFinal Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles8Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG; 3D; Fantasy; Real-time; OverheadKirby's Return to Dream Land92D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingDarksiders II5Action ; 3D; RPG Elements ; Hack and Slash; Metroidvania; Platform; Fantasy; Science-fictionPlayable
46A Boy and His Blob8Platform; Puzzle Elements; 2D; Flip-screenLufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals10Role-playing; Top-down; Puzzle Elements; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPG007 The World is Not Enough71st- Person Point of View; Shooter ; Stealth; Spy; Movie-based; ActionGun8Action-Adventure ; 3D; 3rd Person Point of View; Western; Open World; ShooterKlonoa: Door to Phantomile92D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingGame & Wario5Party ; Mini-games; Flip-screenUnplayable
47Adventure Island II82D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionTerranigma10Role-playing; Action RPG; Top-down; JRPG; Science-fiction;Duke Nukem 6471st Person Point of View; Shooter; Comedy; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em UpKirby Air Ride8Racing ; Kart Racing; vehicular-combat; driving; trackMetroid: Other M9Action-Adventure ; 3D ; 1st Person Point of View; metroidvania; science-fiction; platformGuacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition5Metroidvania ; Platform ; Beat Em Up ; 2D ; Action ; Side-ScrollingPerfect
48Blades of Steel8Sports ; HockeyBreath of Fire 29Role-playing; JRPG; Fantasy; Turn-based; Top-downMystical Ninja starring Goemon73D ; Action-Adventure; RPG Elements; PlatformLego Star Wars II8Movie-based; Science-fiction; Action; Platform; 3rd Person Point of View; 3D; AdventureRayman Origins92D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingMario Party 105Party ; Mini-games; Flip-screenRuns
49Dr. Mario8Action; Puzzle; Arcade; Flip-screen; Falling Blocks; MatchingFinal Fantasy 29Role-playing; Overhead; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPGOperation Winback73rd Person Point of View ; Shooter; Action; Strategy; StealthPN 0383rd-Person Point of View; Shooter; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em UpResident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles9Shooter ; Rail Shooter; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; 1st Person Point of ViewNBA 2K135Sports ; BasketballPlayable
50Dragon Warrior 38Role-playing; Turn-Based; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadFinal Fight9Beat Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; 2D; Action; CrimeStar Wars Shadows of the Empire73D ; 3rd Person Point of View; Shooter; Science-fiction; Movie-basedAction-AdventurePokemon Colosseum8Role-playing ; JRPG; Overhead; Turn-based ; Collect; TrainTrauma Team9Simulation ; Medical ; Visual Novel; 1st Person Point of View; Puzzle ElementsNES Remix Pack5Party ; Mini-games; Flip-screenPlayable
51Jackal8Action; War; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Overhead; Top-down; Multidirectional; Vehicular Combat; JeepLegend of the Mystical Ninja9Action-Adventure ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Overhead; PlatformStarcraft 647Strategy ; Real-Time; Science-fiction;Top-down; Point and ClickSonic Adventure DX Directors Cut8Platform ; 3D ; Action AdventureBit.Trip Complete8Rhythm; Music; 2D; Side-scrolling; PlatformResident Evil: Revelations5Suvival-Horror ; Shooter ; 3rd Person Point of View; action-adventureRuns
52Metal Gear8Action; Stealth; Strategy; Top-down; SpyNHL 949Sports ; HockeyBomberman 6463D ; Platform ; Action-AdventureStar Fox Assault8Shooter ; Rail Shooter ; Space-flight ; Action-Adventure ; 3rd Person Point of View; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Ship; Science-fictionCall of Duty: World at War8Shooter ; 1st Person Point of view; War; Shoot 'Em UpSevered5Action-Adventure ; 1st Person Point of View; RPG Elements; FantasyPerfect
53Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!8Sports; Boxing; Combat SportsRock n Roll Racing9Action; Racing; Driving; Automobiles; Vehicular Combat; IsometricCastlevania63D ; Action-Adventure ; Platform; Horror; Fantasy; Hack and SlashBaiten Kaitos Origins7Role-playing ; Turn-Based ; JRPG; 3rd Person Point of View; Fantasy; CardsMario Strikers Charged8Sports ; SoccerShantae and the Pirate's Curse5Platform ; Metroidvania ; 2D ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Pirates; FantasyPerfect
54Shatterhand8Platform ; 2D ; Beat em Up ; Action ; Side-ScrollingUn Squadron9Shooter ; Horizontal Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Side-ScrollingExtreme-G6Racing ; Futuristic Racing ; Vehicular Combat; TrackBurnout 2: Point of Impact7Racing ; Street; Track; Tricks; Stunts; Vehicular Combat; Automobiles; DrivingRayman Raving Rabbids8Party ; Mini-GamesSkylanders SuperChargers5Toy to Life ; Action ; 3D; Platform; RPG Elements; CollectingRuns
55Snake Rattle & Roll8Action; Puzzle; Isometric; Real-timeUniracers9Racing ; Tricks; Stunts; Side-scrolling; Cycling; UnicyclesSpider-man63D ; Action-Adventure; Comic BookCapcom vs SNK 2 EO7Fighting ; 2DTiger Woods PGA Tour 108Sports ; GolfTekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition5Fighting ; 3DPlayable
56Super C8Action ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Shooter ; Shoot 'Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; War; Science-fictionAladdin82D ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Disney; Cartoon-basedStar wars Episode 1 Racer6Racing ; Futuristic Racing; Science-fiction; Movie-basedDonkey Konga7Rhythm; Music; Instrument-basedExcite Truck7Racing ; Monster Trucks ; Tricks; Stunts; Trucks; Off-road; Track; DrivingBatman: Arkham City - Armored Edition4Action-Adventure ; 3D ; Stealth; Comic Book; 3rd Person Point of View; Open World; Playable
57Vice Project Doom82D ; Platform ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Action-AdventureEvo Search for Eden82D ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; Role-playing; Action RPG ; Side-Scrolling; FantasyTurok 2: Seeds of Evil61st- Person Point of View; Shooter ; Action; Action-adventure; Science-fiction; DinosaursHarvest Moon: Its A Wonderful life7Role-playing; 3D; JRPG; Simulation ; Farming ; Fantasy; Managerial; LifeGeometry Wars Galaxies7Shooter ; Shoot em Up ; Multidirectional ; Science-fiction; ShipCall of Duty: Black Ops II4Shooter ; 1st Person Point of view; WarLoads
58Baseball Stars7Sports ; BaseballMega Man X28Action ; Platform ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpCruis'n USA5Racing; Driving; Street; Track; AutomobileHitman 273D ; Action-Adventure ; Stealth; Shooter; Spy; 1st Person Point of View; 3rd Person Point of ViewHarvest Moon: Animal Parade7Role-playing; 3D; JRPG; Simulation ; Farming ; Fantasy; Managerial; LifeDisney DuckTales Remastered42D ; Metroidvania ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Disney; Cartoon-basedPlayable
59Double Dribble7Sports ; BasketballSecret of Evermore8Role-playing; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; top-down; FantasyDoom 6451st Person Point of View; Science-fiction; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpMario Party 47Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenPandora's Tower7Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG; Fantasy; Puzzle Elements; Disney Infinity 34Toy to Life ; Action ; 3D; Disney; Cartoon-based; AdventureLoads
60Ice Climber7Action; Arcade; 2D; Platform; Flip-screenStar Ocean8Role-playing; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Isometric; FantasyDr. Mario 645Puzzle; Action; Flip-screen; Falling Block; Tile-matchingMario Party 57Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenRock Band 27Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedLittle Inferno4Puzzle ; Flip-screen; 1st Person Point of ViewRuns
61Journey to Silius7Run and Gun ; Shooter ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Shoot 'Em Up; Science-fictionSunset Riders82D ; Run and Gun ; Shoot Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Action; WesternDuck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck5Platform ; 3D; Puzzle Elements; Cartoon-based; ActionMario Party 67Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenRune Factory Frontier7Simulation ; Farming; Role-playing ; JRPG ; Construction and Management ; Life Simulation; Adventure; FantasyLone Survivor: The Director's Cut4Survival-Horror ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Puzzle ElementsPerfect
62Life Force7Action; Arcade; Side-scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Ship; Science-fictionSuper Star Wars: Return of the Jedi82D ; Run N Gun ; Action-Adventure ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; Movie-basedF1 World Grand Prix5Racing ; Simulation; Track; Automobile; DrivingMetal Arms: Glitch in the System73rd Person Point of View; Shooter ; Action-AdventureSonic & Sega All-Stars Racing7Racing ; Kart Racing; Driving; Vehicular CombatMighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition4Action ; Puzzle ; Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Science-fictionPerfect
63Little Samson7Action; 2D; Side-scrolling; Platform; FantasySuper Tennis8Sports ; TennisGlover53D ; Platform; Puzzle ElementsMortal Kombat Deception73D ; FightingWii Fit7Sports; Multi-sports; FitnessPaper Mario: Color Splash4Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time ; Turn-BasedRuns
64Mega Man 47Action; Platform; 2D; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and Gun; Side-ScrollingBlackthorne7Platform ; 2D ; Cinematic ; Action-Adventure ;Science-fictionGuantlet Legends5Hack and Slash ; Dungeon Crawl; Action; Isometric; Puzzle Elements; FantasyPhantasy Star Online 1 and 27Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Online ; Real-Time; Science-fictionAnimal Crossing: City Folk6Simulation ; Life; social; 3D; Construction; ManagementSkylanders Swap Force4Toy to Life ; Action ; 3D; Platform; RPG Elements; CollectingRuns
65Mega Man 67Action; Platform; 2D; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and Gun; Side-ScrollingEarthworm Jim 27Platform ; Run and Gun ; 2D ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpHybrid Heaven5Action-Adventure ; 3D; Action RPG; Role-playing; Science-fiction; JRPG; Puzzle ElementsSimpsons Hit and Run7Action-Adventure ; 3D ; Sandbox ; Open World; Comedy; Cartoon-based; DrivingBeatles: Rock Band6Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedStar Wars Pinball4Pinball; Movie-based; Science-fictionPerfect
66North & South7Strategy ; Action ; Real Time; TacticsGradius 37Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Horizontal Shooter ; Side-Scrolling; Ship; Science-fictionKiller Instinct Gold5Fighting ; 2DSonic Heroes73D ; Platform ; Action; AdventureBlast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy6Side-Scrolling ; Shooter; Shoot Em Up; ShipSteamWorld Dig4Platform ; Action-Adventure ; Metroidvania ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Puzzle ElementsPerfect
67Power Blade7Action; Platform; 2D; Side-scrollingKirby's Dream Course7Sports ; Golf ; Miniature Golf; Puzzle ElementsMario Party 35Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenSSX 37Racing ; Snowboarding ; Tricks; Stunts; Sports; Extreme SportsDJ Hero6Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedSwords & Soldiers HD42D ; Real-Time ; Strategy; Point and Click; Side-scrolling; TacticsRuns
68Punch-Out7Sports; Boxing; Combat SportsKnights of the Round72D ; Beat 'Em Up ; Hack and Slash ; Side-Scrolling; FantasyMickey's Speedway USA5Racing ; Kart; Disney; Cartoon-based; Vehicular CombatTimesplitters Future Perfect71st Person Point of View; Shooter; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em UpEA Sports Active6Sports ; Fitness; Multi-sportsWii Fit U4Sports ; Fitness; Multi-sportsLoads
69Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles7Action; Adventure; 2D; Side-scrolling; Platform; Hack and Slash; Comic Book; Cartoon-basedLufia & the Fortress of Doom7Role-playing; Fantasy; Top-down; JRPG ; Turn-BasedPokemon Stadium 25Strategy ; Turn-Based; Role-playing; JRPGViewtiful Joe 27Beat Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; 2.5; ActionElebits61st Person Point of View ; Shooter; Puzzle ElementsArt Academy: Home Studio3Creative ; Art; EducationalUnplayable
70Wizards and Warriors72D ; Platform ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; FantasyMega Man X37Action ; Platform ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-ScrollingQuake51st Person Point of View; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em U; ShooterBloody Roar: Primal Fury63D ; FightingGuitar Hero 56Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedArt of Balance3Puzzle ; Flip-Screen; ActionPlayable
71Adventures of Lolo 26Action; Puzzle; Flip-screenNBA Jam Tournament Edition7Sports ; BasketballSnowboard Kids5Racing ; Snowboarding ; Vehicular Combat; Sports; Extreme Sports; TricksFreedom Fighters63rd Person Point of View ; Shooter; Science-fiction; Squad; TacticsGuitar Hero World Tour6Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedAssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag33D ; Action-Adventure ; Stealth; Fantasy; 3rd Person Point of ViewRuns
72Bomberman 26Action; Top-down; Flip-screen; Arcade; MazeSuper Star Wars72D ; Run and Gun ; Action-Adventure ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; Movie-basedTetrisphere5Puzzle; Flip-screen; Action; Falling BlocksGeist61st Person Point of View ; Action-Adventure; Shooter; Science-fiction; HorrorKororinpa: Marble Mania6Puzzle ; 3D; Action; MazeChariot32D ; Platform Puzzle Elements ; Puzzle ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
73Bucky O'Hare6Action; 2D; Side-scrolling; Beat 'Em Up; Arcade; Shooter; Science-fiction; Cartoon-basedAdventures of Batman & Robin62D ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Comic BookTony Hawk Pro Skater 25Sports ; Skateboarding; Extreme Sports; TricksGotcha Force63D; Science-fiction; Mech; FightingNBA Jam6Sports ; BasketballCloudberry Kingdom3Platform ; 2D ; Side-ScrollingUnplayable
74Double Dragon6Action; 2D; Crime; Beat 'Em Up ; Side-ScrollingAxelay6Action; Arcade; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Vertical; Scrolling; Ship; Science-fictionBangai-O4Action; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Multidirectional; Science-fiction; MechKururin Squash6Action; 3D; PuzzlePinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection6PinballDevil's Third3Action-Adventure ; Hack and Slash ; Shooter ; 3D ; Beat 'Em Up; 3rd Person Point of View; Science-fictionPlayable
75Dragon Warrior 46Fantasy; Top-down; Role-playing ; Turn-Based ; JRPGBahamut Lagoon6Role-playing; Fantasy; Top-down; JRPG ; Turn-Based ; Tactical ; StrategyBomberman Hero43D ; Platform; Puzzle Elements; ActionLegend of Zelda Collectors Edition6Action RPG ; Role-playing; Fantasy; Overhead; Real-time ; JRPGResident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles6Shooter ; Rail Shooter; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; 1st Person Point of ViewEdge3Puzzle; 3D; ActionPlayable
76Ice Hockey6Sports ; HockeyBatman Returns62D ; Platform ; Beat Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Action; Comic BookDezamon 3D4Creative ; Game Creator ; Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Vertical ; Side-scrolling ; Horizontal ; Ship; science-fiction; Rail ShooterMario Golf: Toadstool Tour6Sports ; GolfRock Band6Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedElliot Quest32D ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; Metroidvania ; Side-Scrolling; RPG Elments; FantasyUnplayable
77Marble Madness6Action; Arcade; Puzzle; Maze; IsometricCastlevania Dracula X6Action ; Action-Adventure ; Platform ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Fantasy; Metroidvania; Hack and SlashForsaken 6441st Person Point of View; Flight; Science-fiction; Shoot 'Em Up; 3D; Shooter ; Vehicular Combat ; Space FlightMario Party 76Party ; Mini-Games ; Flip-screenRock Band 36Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedFreedom Planet32D ; Platform ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fictionPlayable
78Mega Man 56Action; Platform; 2D; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Run and Gun; Side-ScrollingFlashback: The Quest for Identity62D ; Cinematic ; Platform ; Action-Adventure ; Side-ScrollingIndiana Jones and the Infernal Machine4Action-Adventure ; 3D ; Platform; Puzzle Elements; Movie-basedResident Evil Code Veronica6Suvival-Horror ; Shooter ; 3rd Person Point of View; action-adventureSakura Wars: So Long, My Love6Role-playing; Mechs; Science-fiction ; JRPG ; Tactical ; Dating Simulation ; Simulation ; Life Simulation ; Visual Novel; Turn-basedFujiko F. Fujio Characters: Daishuugou! SF Dotabata Party!3Party ; Mini-gamesUnplayable
79Rad Racer6Racing; Simulation; Vehicle; Driving; Automobile; Track; StreetJikkyō Oshaberi Parodius 6Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Horizontal ; Side-Scrolling ; Cute Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Comedyinternational Superstar soccer 984Sports ; SoccerWario World6Platform ; Beat Em Up ; 3D; ActionTrauma Center: Second Opinion6Simulation ; Medical ; Visual Novel; 1st Person Point of View; Puzzle ElementsGunman Clive HD Collection3Action ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-Scrolling; Platform; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; WesternPlayable
80RBI Baseball6Sports ; BaseballLost Vikings62D ; Puzzle Elements; Platform; Side-Scrolling; Fantasy; ComedyMission Impossible43D ; Action-Adventure; Shooter; Stealth; Spy; Movie-basedAgressive Inline5Sports ; Inline Skating; Roller-blading; Skating; Extreme Sports; TricksBully Scholarship Edition5Action-Adventure ; 3DJotun: Valhalla Edition3Action-Adventure ; Top-down ; 3rd Person POV; Fantasy; Puzzle ElementsUnplayable
81Shadowgate6Point and Click ; Graphic Adventure ; 1st Person Point of View; Fantasy; Puzzle Elements; AdventureMagical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse62D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Cartoon-based; DisneyMortal Kombat 44Fighting ; 2D; Action; ArcadeCustom Robo5Role-playing; science-fiction ; Action RPG ; JRPG; Creative; Construction; Mechs; Real-timeCall of Duty Modern Warfare 35Shooter ; 1st Person Point of view; War; Shoot 'Em UpKnytt Underground32D ; Adventure ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Metroidvania; Puzzle Elements; Flip-screen; FantasyLoads
82Spy Hunter6Arcade; Action; Driving; Shooter; Racing; Vehicular Combat; Automobile; Top-down; OverheadMega Man 76Action ; Platform ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-ScrollingNFL Blitz 20004Sports ; Football; Extreme Sports;Doshin the Giant5God Game ; Simulation ; Building; Managerial; Strategy; Real-timeConduit 251st Person Point of View; Science-fiction ; ShooterMadden NFL 133Sports ; FootballLoads
83Adventure Island52D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; ActionOut of this World62D; Cinematic; Platform; Action-Adventure; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; Puzzle ElementsQuest 644Role-playing; Real-time; 3D; Fantasy; Turn-BasedLegend Of Zelda The Ocarina Of Time Master Quest5Action; Adventure; 3D; Action RPG; Role-playing; JRPG; FantasyDawn of Discovery5Simulation ; City-World Building ; Strategy ; Real-Time; Isometric; FantasyMario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games3Sports ; Olympics ; Track and Field; Multi-sportsUnplayable
84Adventures of Lolo5Action; Puzzle; Flip-screenSeiken Densetsu 36Role-playing; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Fantasy; OverheadRocket Robot on Wheels43D ; Platform; Puzzle Elements; Science-fictionMario Power Tennis5Sports ; TennisDeadly Creatures5Action ; 3D ; Platform FighterMario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars3Puzzle ; Flip-screen; 2D; Platform; Point and ClickRuns
85Base Wars5Sports; Baseball; Science-fiction; Fictional-sportsSuper Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back62D ; Run and Gun ; Action-Adventure ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; Movie-basedShadow Man4Action-Adventure ; 3D; Horror; Comic BookMario Superstar Baseball5Sports ; BaseballDJ Hero 25Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedNES Remix Pack 23Party ; Mini-games; Flip-screenPlayable
86Cobra Triangle5Racing ; Vehicular Combat ; Boating; Boat; Naval; IsometricTales of Phantasia6RPG ; Real-Time ; JRPGStar Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo4Action ; Shooter ; Vehicular Combat ; Space Flight; Science-fiction; Movie-based; SimulationMega Man Anniversary Collection5Action ; Platform ; 2D ; Run and Gun ; Side-Scrolling; Shooter; Shoot 'Em UpEndless Ocean: Blue World5Adventure ; 3D ; Simulation ; Diving; Water; Ocean; NavalNinja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge3Action-Adventure ; Hack and Slash ; 3DLoads
87Final Fantasy 25RPG; Turn-Based; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadFinal Fantasy 55Role-playing; Overhead; Fantasy ; Turn-based ; JRPGTurok 3 Shadow of Oblivion41st Person Point of View ; Shooter ; Shoot 'Em Up; Science-fiction; Dinosaurs; ActionMr Driller: Drill Land5Puzzle; Action; Falling Blocks; PlatformFragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon5Role-playing ; Action RPG ; JRPG ; Real-Time; Action; Adventure; RPG Elements; 3rd Person Point of ViewRunbow3Racing; Action; Party-game; Platform ; Running; 2D; Side-scrollingLoads
88Fire 'N' Ice5Action; Puzzle; Real-time; 2D; Flip-screenLion King52D ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Disney; Cartoon BasedVigilante 84Vehicular Combat ; 3D; Action; Driving; Multiple Vehicles; AutomobilesNeed For Speed: Most Wanted5Racing; Street; Driving; Automobile; DrivingGhostbusters: The Video Game53rd Person Point of View ; Action ; 3D ; Shooter; Movie-based; Action-adventureScram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails3Shooter ; Action ; Shoot 'Em Up ; Multidirectional ; Overhead ; 2DPerfect
89Gun Nac5Action; Arcade; Shooter; Shoot 'Em Up; Ship; Science-fiction; Vertical; ScrollingMetal Warriors5Action; Platform; Shooter; 2D; Side-scrolling; Science-fiction; MechWetrix4Puzzle ; Flip-screen; 3D; Falling BlocksOdama5Pinball ; Real-Time ; Strategy ; Tactical ; Flip-screenGuitar Hero Legends of Rock5Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedShantae: Half-Genie Hero32D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingPerfect
90Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors 25Platform ; 2D ; Action ; Side-Scrolling; Action AdventureMortal Kombat5Fighting ; 2D; Arcade; ActionWorld Driver Championship4Racing ; Simulation; Track; Automobile; DrivingShadow the Hedgehog53D ; Platform ; Shooter ; Action-AdventureKirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition52D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingStar Fox Zero3Shooter ; Space Flight ;Science Fiction; 3D; Flight Combat; ShipPlayable
91Kickle Cubicle5Puzzle; Action; Top-down; Flip-screenPopulous5Simulation ; Strategy ; Building-Management ; God Game; Real-time; Isometric; Managerial; ConstructionBattle Tanx Global Assault3Vehicular Combat ; 3D; 1st Person Point of View; Tanks; Action; Science-fiction; WarSphinx and the Cursed Mummy5Action-Adventure ; 3rd Person Point of View ; 3D; FantasyLego Star Wars the Complete Saga5Movie-based; Science-fiction; Action; Platform; 3rd Person Point of View; 3D; AdventureStealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones32D ; Puzzle ; Platform ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; Spy; StealthLoads
92Kiwi Kraze52D ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingSoul Blazer5Role-playing; Action RPG ; JRPG; Fantasy; OverheadCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness33D ; Platform ; Action-Adventure; Hack and Slash; HorrorStar Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast51st Person POV ; 3rd Person POV ; Shooter ; Hack and Slash ; Action-Adventure; Science-fiction; Movie-basedLost In Shadow52D ; Platform ; Puzzle ElementsSteamWorld Heist3Strategy ; Turn-Based ; Shooter ; Action-Adventure ; 2D ; Side-Scrolling; Science-fiction; FantasyRuns
93Kung Fu5Action; 2D; Side-scrolling; Beat 'Em UpSpider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage5Beat Em Up ; Side-Scrolling; Action; 2D; Comic BookCharlie's Blast Territory3Puzzle ; Flip-screen; Real-time; ActionTom Clancy's Splinter Cell53D ; Action Adventure ; Stealth; Spy; 3rd Person Pint of ViewMercury Meltdown Revolution5Puzzle; 3D; Action; MazeStick it to the Man!32D ; Platform ; Action-Adventure ; Side-ScrollingPlayable
94Micro Machines5Racing; Toy-racing; Overhead; Top-downStreet Fighter Alpha 252D ; Fighting; Action; ArcadeCustom Robo3Role-playing; science-fiction ; Action RPG ; JRPG; Creative; Construction; Mechs; Real-timeTony Hawks Pro Skater 35Sports ; Skateboarding; Extreme Sports; TricksMLB Power Pros 20085Sports ; BaseballTaiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen!3Music; Rhythm; Instrument-basedPlayable
95Pirates5Real-time; Overhead; Vehicular Combat; Naval; Boats; Action; Tactics; Pirates; Simulation ; Life Simulation ; Strategy ; Open World ; Real-TimeSuper Bomberman 55Action; Top-down; Flip-screen; Arcade; Maze;Fighter Destiny33D ; FightingAlien Hominid52D ; Run and Gun ; Shooter ; Shoot Em Up ; Side-ScrollingNew Play Control! Pikmin5Strategy ; Real-Time Strategy ; Puzzle; 3D; Real-time; fantasyTeslagrad32D ; Puzzle ; Platform ; Side-ScrollingUnplayable