Nomenus Building Projects
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Nomenus Building Committee Projects - List of all proposed projects
Project - describe enough so that others understand what it is.Who added this itemLeadMore explanation/details:BuildingSystemCriteria (1-6)Bldg Comm, Land, Gathering?Maint existing or develop new?Urgent (Y/N)Priority (HML)Why this project is needed, wanted, valuable, important, urgent?CostSafety issuesNext StepsNotes
Insulation, weatherstripping of heated spacesMugwortreduce heating load (electrical, wood)AllHousing4LandMaint$300.00
Barn Kitchen floor: We need a smooth subfloorBarnCarpentry6BldgDevelop$400.00Floor grade plywood
Barn Kitchen fly-proofwalls, screened areaBarnCarpentry1BldgDevelop$200.00
Barn Kitchen walk-in coolerMugwortBarnCarpentry6BldgDevelopLowMediumreduce energy use! save vegetables from heat$5,000.00survey contours E of Barnsaves electricity, fridge repair, spoiled food.
Barn roof - fix the leaks. (This winter, ID where it's leaking)MugwortBarnCarpentry3BldgMaintMediumHigh$300.00measure back left, get metal sheets. Also prep to seal holes with brush on pole.
Wheelchair access: Barn (main rear)BarnCarpentry6BldgDevelop$300.00
Expand back of barn and build wraparound porchBarnCarpentry6BldgDevelop$5,000.00
Barn handrailBarnCarpentry1LandMaint$150.00Requested by members at Summer 2013
Bury power to the Dirty Rabbit Hole. MugwortHow far down is rock? Where’s a good permanent spot for the outlet? (Would end in a sturdy, rain-proof GFI outlet.) Q: Is this where power plugs in for a circus tent?BarnElectric3BldgDevelop$1,500.00
More outlets in the barnMugwortBarnElectric6BldgDevelop$200.00
Protect exposed PVC conduit for old electrical supply to Barn.Mugwortpipe is exposed, cars can damage. Lay down some material.BarnElectric3BldgMaintnear barn/alter-abled parking could fall, take out electric line.$100.00Is this line still in use?
Dishwashing station repairs - replace double-swing-arm dishwashing faucet, which is too old for parts. 6/14/2013 needs to be budgetedEntire re-vamp of dishwashing area needed.BarnWater3BldgMaintHighMedium$300.00seek faucet
DishwasherMugwortbasic sterilizerBarnWater6BldgDevelopHighsaves labor, protects health$500.00model with a hot-water booster, so we don't need harsh chemicals. When we had a dishwasher, it was beneficial! (It was too old to get parts.)
Barn Greywater: restore old drainfield up the hillMugwortMWold pipes failed
BarnWater3BldgMaintMediumMediumpollutes creek, avoids swampy area$100.00buy pipe. Needs 1 day kitchen shutdownFormerly distributed water on hillside; now spills behind Barn, risk of flow to creek.
Fix sink by barnBoondokIs this the handwashing station?BarnWater1LandMaintAbility to wash hands & brush teeth, especially in cold weather; santitation for gatherings.$100.00Heated water?
Propane: tanks for truck-delivered to Barn and Garden HouseMugwortnot much work, needs $. Will save much labor
Barn & GHPropane6BldgDevelopPropane runs with a truck would no longer be needed$1,500.00wait for $, then confirm cost estTank locations: Barn, GH, Pump house?
Solar hot water pre-heating for Barn and GHWill cut down on propane useBarn & GHWater6BldgDevelop$500.00recruit plumbing expertBarn has direct sunlight, GH may be obscured
Sauna near solar showers, or a bath houseThe famed bathhouseBathhouseBath4BldgDevelopNice for frolicking during gathering season, but even more valuable for social cohesion among land community during the winter$5,000.00Perhaps water can be used from both spring and well, and heated by solar
Bridge runners replacementTyraProject underwayBridgeCarpentry3LandMaint$300.00First stage of railings completed.
Bunk beds for cedar and sageWildsong and TyraCedar and SageCarpentry5LandMainthighyesmore temporary sleeping indoor space! $200.00budget , install
Rebuild Dear HouseRulaDear HouseCarpentry5BldgMaintHistorical significance, needs to be relocated; it's on an ephemeral stream.$500.00materials could be salvaged to build in another location
Cob oven near the EdgeWildsongEdgeHousing4LandDevelop$200.00
Repair the deterioration in Flush: Repair to make it functionalCatherineFlushShitters3BldgMaint$500.00
Material Storage - MultipurposeBalanceBalanceBarn near garden has been discussed. Locking - restricted access? How monitored? Solar powered?FutureLand4BldgDevelopRoof covered area for materials, firewood, bikes, etc$500.00Location, dimensionsLater upgrade to a workshop (wood, metal, clay, etc.)
Large open room structure (warm dry common space)Balance, LeafFutureCommon6BldgDevelopmidA place for dancing, performances, yoga, art workshops, living room etc.$30,000.00
Build Lodge on hillside near PattyvilleNomenusOur grand project.Future
Next 2 Naraya cabins: locationBadger?Where sited? Solar collection roof?Future CabinsGuest5BldgDevelopGuest space, reserved during Naraya$20,000.00onsite meeting, or surveyNeed infrastruture/land use plan first, to determine locations. Solar powered?
New resident cabinsRulaWhere sited? Solar collection roof?Future CabinsHousing5BldgDevelopAdditional housing for Land Community$30,000.00Need infrastruture/land use plan first, to determine locations. Solar powered?
School buses for bunk housingWildsongWildsongFuture CabinsHousing5BldgDevelopmediumyesAdditional temporary housing for incoming volunteers. more hands to help means more projects finished!$2,000.00budget , drive them here, let us flip them! buy from bus guy in wolf creek! doesn't have to be expensive, he already likes us.
Build bunkhouse near parking lotGreat CircletbdActual siting needed. How large? What systems - water, electric, etc. Indoor accesible bathroom, sewage pump needed?Future CabinsHousing5BldgDevelop$50,000.00
Garden House roof 01-04-20 CommitteeLand CommLeaks around water heater exhaust pipeGarden HouseCarpentry3BldgMaintLeaking around vent to water heater (as of 9/25/19)$200.00How extensive a repair is required?
Garden House wallsMugwortexterior walls need patchingGarden HouseCarpentryBldgMaint$300.00
Wheelchair access: Garden House (front door and interior step)MugwortBasic access to main structuresGarden HouseCarpentry3BldgDevelopTweet and others can't visit the land$100.00Limit access is much easier than fully-accessible. Front door of GH, and the step at the stove. Barn side door.
Independent solar power systemsBalance, LeafBalanceAlso noted in other projectsGarden HouseElectrical4BldgDevelopmediumhighOffers lights, fans, USB charge, etc without power grid/ wiring$2,500.00budget, installationPower provided by grid unreliable and costly. Winter storms bring down limbs on power lines to the Land.
Compost shitter for Garden House - part of bathroom re-build?RulaIndoor toilet. Not all toilets accessible, especially in winter.Garden HouseShitters6BldgDevelopAllows for more accessible pooping.$750.00New electrical connection in GH bathroom. Maintenance schedule?
Greywater: Garden House
Mugwortsink, shower water treatment (future laundry, bath house)Garden HouseWater2BldgDevelopprotect creek from soap$100.00pollutiondesignneeds to be foolproof, easy maintenance, all-season. So design is unclear.
Garden House bathroomForever on this listIt's falling apart again. Rebuild as is, or improve? (Functional shower, separate shower from bath? Hot water issues)Garden HouseCarpentry3BldgDevelop$500.00It's falling apart again. Rebuild as is, or improve? (Functional shower, separate shower from bath? Hot water issues)
Fix up Gingerbread shitterBoondokGingerbreadShitters3LandMaintMostly cosmetic, new door handle needed$100.00
Small GreenhouseLeafSmall around 10x20 ft solid structure reusing material/ plexiglass/windowsGreenhouseGarden6BldgDevelopHighHighNecessary for garden expansion- starting seeds in winter/ rely less on buying seedlings$100.00
Halston stove pipe repairsStellaAll stove pipes need repairing and maintenanceHalstonHeat1LandMaintmediumyesExisting stove pipes are non-standard, not working well, potential fire danger$100.00For this winter, the land folks plant to clean out the stove pipes as much as possible.
Wood stove maintenance (cleaning the flues?) We have a past inspection.PaoloAll stove pipes need repairing and maintenanceHousingHeat1LandMaint$500.00Smoky's Stoves in Grants Pass did the last inspection.
Permanent buried power to Naraya cabins, Juniper, Box; safer wire to the Edge. The old "Office" electric connection is in bad shape and needs to be upgraded.Mugwort and BoondokEntire electrical system needs review.Juniper, Sage, Cedar and EdgeElectric2BldgMaintPreventative so that bad things don't happen later. Safety. $500.00Might also use trencher for: drainage pipe in front of Barn, bury lines in spring-line area.
Fix up Khermit BoondokKermit: rebuild so it's durable or repurpose or tear it down.KhermitCarpentry2BldgMaint$300.00
Replace outdoor service panel in gardenRulaEntire electrical system needs review.Non-BuildingElectric2BldgMaint$300.00
Upgrade electrical system overallCatherineNon-BuildingElectrical2BldgDevelop$0.00Assessment and current condition needed.
New grape arborNon-BuildingGarden4LandDevelopmid$50.00
Garden ExpansionLeaffencing put up in the front of the greenhouse structure between the path and road Non-BuildingGarden4LandDevelopHighHighExpanding the garden will provide more local organic produce/ nourishment for the community$1,000.00
Wood storage What is needed?Non-BuildingCarpentry4LandDevelop$200.00
Fix Driveway by Micah to Beltaine meadowWhat is needed?Non-BuildingRoad1BldgMaint?$200.00What is needed?
Fix Driveway to Theresa/Halston (install culvert, flatten), new gravel for low spots elsewhereTrench needed for ditch on uphill side - connection with other trenching projects?Non-BuildingRoad1BldgMaintDuring winter, it's only drivable with 4WD$2,000.00get quote for professional
BenchesBalanceBalancePlaced on walking paths, can be done individually or as a groupNon-BuildingRoad6LandDevelopLowoffers sitting and meeting spots around the land$200.00Design, locations
Close the access road from near Quan YinMugwortBalanceTemporary fix completedNon-BuildingRoad?LandDevelop$0.00Balance created some obstacles for that road and we plan to place stone pillars from when the DoDeck collapsed in a circle as an stonehenge altar and persistant obstacle
Level walking pathsBalanceNon-BuildingRoad1LandMaintAllows those with access needs to walk easier$200.00
Accessible outhouseMugwortWheelchair-usable outhouse, probably near Sage/CedarNon-BuildingShitters2BldgDevelopTweet and others can't visit the land$200.00Seat, bucket, roof. Need easy access from GH, cabins.
Remove dead trees in downtown CatherineNon-BuildingTrees1LandMaint$600.00
Assess and redesign water system including storage and resilience, gravity fed. Fire protection. leaks, algae, freeze vulnerabilityRulaRulaFigure out if our water system is sufficient for the use we have. Are we straining the pump? etc.Non-BuildingWater2BldgDevelop$3,000.0040,000 gallon potable capacity, 20,000 gallon spring water capacity - not budgeted in this item.
Spring water: restore the system that collects and supplies the water. Determine how the water should be used and build system to deliver it there.BoondokRulaPart of THC Water/Electrical project?Non-BuildingWater2BldgDevelopBack-up, gravity fed, water system. Maybe it also preserves our water rights?$500.00See also electrical/water project to THC. Pressure tank on eastern boundary of land above Beulah and Carlos is not being used.
Creek Water SystemRulaRulaImportant to document creek water usageNon-BuildingWater4Bldg
DevelopVery minimal - photo of hose attached to pump by creek. There was a pump for the creek, needs to be located.$100.00Minimal cost if pump is usable.
Water System Upgrades:
Larger Drag ClosetLeafneed more room for fabulous outfitsNon-BuildingWoo6BldgDevelopLowLow$100.00
Rebuild firepit Add arbor and Non-BuildingWoo6LandMaint$0.00Gathering labor?
Fix/replace the faucet at the pump house and make it usable in winterBoondokPump HouseWater2LandMaintability to wash hands & brush teeth, especially in cold weather; santitation for gatherings.$100.00
Make shitters flyproofCatherineShittersShitters1LandDevelop$100.00
Fix solar shower freeze damageBoondokShowerWater 3BldgMaintnofor summer $200.00
Teresa Kitchen indoor ceiling/door and deck repair/rebuildLeafTeresaCarpentry3BldgMaintMedyes$200.00
Power to THCRulaWhen trenching to THC for water, also provide new powerTHCElectric2BldgDevelopMediumHighPower is unreliable in THC, wiring is 6 gauge (in part)$1,500.00Power failureExisiting line shorts out. #2 wire from power pole to space capsule, #6 from there to THC.
Porch repair: Teresa, HalstonWhat is needed?THCCarpentry3BldgMaintHighHigh$300.00
Bathroom at THC (toilet, sink, shower/tub) for land communityRulaRulaProvide an indoor toilet and shower to residential community. Drain to septic fieldTHCWater2BldgDevelopLowMediumGH bathroom gets heavy use, need an alternative (esp when it's under repair)$5,000.00survey, clear land to West, develop materials listTeresa has water and an electric water heater. Hot water depends on electrical fix.
Water to THCRulaRula (I guess)Trench to Teresa/Halston for new water supply from garden. Existing pipe across meadow can be used for spring line irrigation.THCWater2BldgDevelopExisting piping down the meadow can be used for spring line irrigation.$0.00Get supplies cost of wiring and piping, rent trencher.Cost includes both water and electrical.
THC booster pump: Water pumpMugwortReduce water pressure elsewhereTHCWater2BldgDevelopeasier on expensive well pump, other pipes$0.00Is this needed if a new water line is put in to THC?
Repair Halston foundationWhat is needed?THCCarpentry3BldgMaint$0.00No information
Repair Teresa foundationWhat is needed?THCCarpentry3BldgMaint$0.00No information