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TimestampNameAfter looking at several uses for LiveBinders, what are you currently thinking about using it for in your classroom? Why? Are there other tools you use now? Why or why not might this work better?Was it difficult to set up a binder? Add content? Add a cover? What is your initial impression of LiveBinders?
5/12/2014 14:16:16Shannon SchmelzI am thinking about using this as a livebinder for student resources for a 6th grade reading class. I think it is a bit more navigable than edmodo and easier for me to set up. I do still plan on using edmodo, but this will be easier for 6th graders to start with. I would then like to have the students use it to set up possibly a research paper where they could link all of their resources. This would make it easier for me as well as I could do everything online and not have to worry about losing their printed papers. The challenge for me will be teaching the students how to use the technology, for example, how to convert a word document to a pdf file.I really like livebinders. I was a bit confused on how to change the name of a tab. I uploaded a document and the tab read as a url and I wanted it to say 6th grade curriculum. I am really not sure how to change this and it will be confusing if I go back to look for it and i have to go through various tabs with url links.
5/28/2014 20:47:10Sarah IversonI think the two ways straight out that I would use this is by having a substitute binder and create a binder to share resources with the general education teachers. Also, I could use this to organize my resources that I use in a more friendly way for my use.

I am a special education teacher and am always trying to find more practical ways to provide information to my general education teachers. I think this may be the answer I am looking for.

I have just started using Symbaloo but I do not have a tool that really does this better.
The most difficult thing for me to set up the binder was figuring out how to add a cover. I had to listen to the video twice to get it. Once I figured it out, it was not as hard. Using the LiveBinder It made it easy to add. I did not use that right away and that was a mistake. Otherwise, it was not hard at all to set the binder up.

My initial impression of LiveBinders is that I am very intrigued. I think this tool could be very useful to me.
6/27/2014 19:19:51Tracie HendersonI'm really excited about LiveBinders, and using it as a para in the classroom. I don't have much for help for students as I'm just new to being a para and hoping to be able to build myself some help references so I can go to one place and find the things I need or want without having to go through a bunch of books. Also won't have to invest in a lot of books by doing the binders. I'm mostly looking through books that the teacher has, but so hard to find exactly what I'm looking for. I can't wait to show some of the others at school how easy this is to use and how great it can be for having it all in one place.I thought it was pretty easy to set it up, and the help tutorials were very useful. Adding content was not that hard, but if I need help the LiveBinders Help website it wonderful to access for those needs. I think I will be using LiveBinders a lot in the future for many things, not just at school.
7/3/2014 17:10:18Carlene BurkeI enjoyed looking at the suggested uses and thought they were all good ones. For me, I would like to set up a Binder for each subject area with the sites on it that I would be interested in doing with my students, or having them work on these sites at home. I really liked the idea of the parent site that I looked at. This had so much valuable information to give to parents! I would be interested in setting up a Binder similar to that one for my own parents use. By having the individual binders set up, this will eliminate the constant searching in Favorites, etc., for "that good site" that I saw a month ago. I am a very organized person so I naturally fall in line with a LiveBinders because it is so organized! I did another class on Symbaloo and Diigo also, but I think of those sites on a broader spectrum whereas LiveBinders are narrowing things down if you want to do it that way. Up until now, I have just been using the Favorites on my computer and that frankly just is a time waster!! Too many sites and you forget what they are about. With LiveBinders, you can add your own comments and say what it contains.Not hard at all. I think this is all very easy and super user friendly! The videos are very well done and easy to follow along when setting up each part. I really believe that even the person who is scared of venturing out there and doing this technology would have an easy time of it. I am very impressed with LiveBinders so far!!!!
7/8/2014 15:06:45Jessica NormanThe first way I will use this in my classroom is by looking through it for various resources. Many individuals, myself included, are willing to share resources they have found helpful in the classroom. By searching through some of these resources, and adding them to my bookshelf, it is another way to continuously try new things in the classroom.
My students are 3rd graders, so generally this isn't something I would use a ton for them individually. However, I am interested in possibly attempting it. With their parents permission, a starting point may be to bookmark important websites and resources we use daily. We could create accounts for the students, then add the resources as a class. By doing this, the students would just have to login to their account at home for easy access to various websites and resources we are using in our classroom. This may be something I talk with my teaching partners about to determine how to best incorporate it.
Currently we are using our school district website to bookmark important websites. This is working well in some areas, however, we are unable to bookmark other resources such as text that are critical. Having access to the text and document features is what makes it most appeasing to me. One area that may create a struggle is getting parents on board, setting up accounts, and having access to internet at home.
It was not difficult for me to set up, add cover or a content to LiveBinders. As someone who is generally pretty tech savy, I found the set up and cover process easy. Adding content was initially a bit more difficult, but the more I have done it the easier it has become. What makes it especially easy, when adding websites to a binder, is having the "LiveBinder It" button on the tool bar.
Initially I was intimidated by LiveBinders, mainly because I had never used them before. As I am spending more time becoming accustomed to the processes and uses of this technology it is much more enjoyable. I foresee myself searching LiveBinders and adding resources to my shelves in various different content areas. Additionally, I look forward to using it as a way to keep many important documents in one location.
7/27/2014 20:36:05Pam KollerI'm thinking about using LiveBinders as a resource tool for my students and parents. I currently use a wikispace, but it is getting crowded and disorganized. Sometimes I am unable to upload things that I find useful. I think using LiveBinders will be more user friendly for my students and parents. I feel that I can organize my resources and tools for easier use in LiveBinders.I didn't find it difficult to set up a binder, add content, or add a cover. I find LiveBinder very easy to use. I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do in LiveBinder.
8/10/2014 14:09:36Darcie Dee LoneHillI could use the binders to set up informational content for "How To's", or written directions for assignments. I currently use our schools homework hotline for this. It would be good to have everything in one place.

The binders are easy to set up. I liked the way the LiveBinders Help was set up, easy to follow and good screen shots of examples. The examples given for potential uses for LiveBinders gave nice “starter binders”. The video was a nice step by step directions on adding a binder cover to your binder.
8/18/2014 10:35:07JENNIFER STOFFERAHNI will be using it as a way to organize websites and web videos that I use to supplement lessons, instead of keeping them bookmarked on explorer. I will also be adding worksheets, lesson plans, and self reflections to each of the units I've tabbed. I will encourage students to explore my binder for that class. I currently use actual three ring binders to collect lesson plans, handouts, and notes. If I use Livebinders, I can access materials from home and organize them. If I know I will be absent, I can send the substitute a link to my Livebinder. They will feel better prepared!Right now, I still feel a little clumsy adding webpages and content. As I get used to using it, things will go faster and more smoothly. I like all of the "help" content. There are tutorials to show me how to do stuff. I think that LiveBinders will be a very beneficial tool for me and my classroom.
9/13/2014 14:56:29Ashley KierThere are so many useful ways to use livebinders for both my personal use as well as my professional use. I really like the idea of using my livebinder for my classroom website. I currently have a google website that is under construction; I find it difficult at times to sit down and add all my resources to my google page. However, I find it quite smooth and quick to add various resources such as websites and pdfs to my binder, and to make it better yet, all the links are live, which would be friendly to use for parents as well as students.I did not think it was difficult to set up my binder, to add content, or a cover. I find it quite easy to move around within live binder. I do wish I had a little bit more freedom when it comes to customizing the appearance of my binder. Also, in order to use my binder for my classroom, I would like to have the subscription available so I can have more than two levels of tabs. However, I do think that is too expensive for just myself to pay, but it would be great if my district would be open to paying it for the entire staff to use and utilize into their classrooms.
9/20/2014 18:58:01Darla McKernanI will use it to organize my information. I am preparing a mini series staff training on Behavior Management and will use it to organize my materials that I will be presenting. I can also use it to organize materials for my lessons so they are all in one spot rather than on jump drives in folders. I have used Power Point to make presentations, but it is a lot of work to get examples and such in them. I cannot make all the forms available to the staff except by hard copy. This is a nice way to gather them as a resource. At first I was confused with the url that it was requesting. I thought I had to only have a web page to connect to it. I added a help binder to my binders and read that. It was very helpful because the author demonstrated different ways to deal with the tab content. After that, I was on a roll and created subtabs and base tabs. It is much easier now.
10/10/2014 10:08:20Kelsey LovsethIn recent years I have noticed that more and more students are absent from class for various reasons. LiveBinders may be a way to keep students who are frequently absent up to date with their units and materials. However, they will need to have access to the internet to use LiveBinders which is difficult.

I don't really use any tech tools. Currently, our school does not employ 1-1 computers and computer use is difficult to schedule. I do use a website that has daily information. I don't publish my notes or materials ahead of time. I guess I am living in the dark ages and students still have to make copies of missed notes and I print worksheets and daily assignments and keep in a "binder" in my classroom. I am not sure if LiveBinder will work better. I am finding it difficult for students to use my classroom binder I am not sure if they will take the initiative to this online binder.
I am struggling to find a use for LiveBinders in my classroom. I was hoping to find a way to provide access to my materials when my students will have use of a tablet daily-- but so far Live Binders does not compare to other sites like symbaloo. I found most of the set up difficult and time consuming.
10/22/2014 19:22:08Shannon UtterI am currently thinking I'd like to implement the Live Binders into my Daily Five Program. I can put many sites in a binder and the kids can work safely and independently during this time. Currently I have all the sites in the toolbar on each computer. The Live Binder would be able to hold many more sites than the toolbars can.No, everything has been fairly easy. I wasn't sure what to expect when taking the class. I've only seen LiveBinders used for our school's information to be displayed. I wasn't aware of all the ways it can be utilized.
11/13/2014 12:49:15Marie SteckelbergI am not currently in the classroom. However, I am the project manager for the Rising Star Educator Program, a NASA grant awarded to the SD Discovery Center. Livebinder is being used in two ways: 1) a central location for all participants to go to find required documents and supporting information; 2) Participants are required to maintain a STEM portfolio. They are using Livebinder to do this. We wanted to use something that was user friendly (if I could figure it out on my own - the participants most certainly can), could be shared and was free. :-)Well, I actually had this binder set up before starting this course, so I pretty much self-taught myself. But, I have since learned how to collaborate - an awesome feature as that allows my two colleagues to also add to the RSEP Livebinder. The more I use it and become familiar with it, the more comfortable I am with it and am glad I discovered it. Also learned that if two of us are working on it at the same time, we have to regularly hit refresh before we can upload something.

Here is the link:
12/18/2014 11:55:49Christine SiebenAfter looking at several uses for LiveBinders, I think I want to use it as an access for my students to find information for my class. I think there are several ways I could incorporate information that my students will be able to access to help them at home. There are so many times that parents or students have questions and this could be used as a resource to provide that information. I incorporated a homework page to browse at home in case students can't remember the assignments. I also incorporated the assignment details and rubric for our current project.

Right now, I have been using the website for communicating with parents and students about homework. I feel that this might work better because of how it is set up and how the different tabs are utilized.
It was not difficult to set up a binder. I found that with a little bit of playing around and watching the videos, it was easy to get the binder set up the way I wanted it to look. The cover was easy to incorporate but I wish that I could use a website cover page as my cover too. My first impression of LiveBinders is that it seems like a great tool to have for communicating with parents and students. It also seems like a great tool to use instead of having binders sitting with papers that I need to organize better. This would be something I could use instead of the 3-ring binders full of papers.
2/8/2015 19:50:15Michelle HodneI am excited to use the Live Binders for the organization of my helpful tools. I have in the past added these sites to my favorites and favorite bars. When I use the favorites I find that I don't use it as often or I have to look it up anyway because I couldn't find it in all of my sites that I added to the favorites. I believe this will save me time and be able to use more resources because I will be able to find them.This process has been enjoyable. It took me a few tries but once I had experimented with things I felt comfortable with it. If I made a mistake it was easy to explore the Live Binders and edit my mistakes. I believe that I will use these to help me to be more creative and efficient.
2/11/2015 18:49:01Jason GaultI really think it would be a great way to create an acceptable use policy for our 1 to 1 iPads. This could include multiple forms and documentation as well as embedded help videos etc. It was pretty easy. I need to spend more time on it so that I can efficiently set up a good work flow. I like the tab/sub tab organization. Makes it easy to differentiate what is what.
2/23/2015 7:23:04Cara DennertLiveBinders put just plain and simple - is a super organizational system for your classroom. I can't think of a teacher that shouldn't be using LiveBinders to make their life easier! It has the capabilities (like a web page) to share so much information - but if someone was well versed in it, I think it is a lot less intimidating than webpage building. It is Internet based, so you don't have to have something special installed on your computer to use it (like you might need to with web building software.) Even for personal use, I think that LiveBinders would be more efficient to use than your favorites saved on your browser. You wouldn't have to worry about what machine you were using - and could share with others!LiveBinders is an application that I think will take some time in mastering all the benefits. I could easily set up a binder - add content and change the cover, but still have been having some issues making it look just like I want it to. Here is a binder that I copied, took out the links that didn't work (or that our security shut out) and added more to.
Overall - my impression of LiveBinders is that everyone should definitely use it! It can answer a lot of problems with teaching/technology!
2/26/2015 20:24:57Carrie BarnesCurrently, I am a stay at home mom. When I was teaching preschool along with special education I wish I would have known about LiveBinders. I had numerous links saved in my favorites file and it would have been nice to have LiveBinders to save coloring pages to, lessons on numbers and letters along with activities. That way it would have been organized! I feel this would have been a great resource for me to keep rather than files of things I printed off in a file cabinet. The binder was not difficult. I couldn't get it to work in google chrome so I used the internet explorer. The cover was easy as was content. I had a hard time deciding if I should create a LiveBinder for books, colors, letters, numbers etc. It gives you so many options. My friend who is currently a library teacher uses LiveBinders all the time. I told her I taking a class on LiveBinders. Being out of the classroom for the past 3 years, I feel out of the loop on new technology so this class is great for me!
3/8/2015 18:46:57Patricia SeligI am planning to use this for my teacher portfolio for the evaluation process. I need to provide artifacts that prove I understand the 4 domains of the Danielson Framework. Right now I just have a physical 3 ring binder and this will work better because I have to upload artifacts into Teachscape. I can just upload my LiveBinder that will have everything in 1 place.I was a bit confused as to how to add sub folders the way I wanted so I gave up hoping that is in a future unit:) Everything else was easy to add. I like this tool because it is easy to share large amounts of information organized into a virtual format of what most people are already used to. I will be creating lots of these in the future for my students and then hopefully having my students build their own.
3/10/2015 13:12:03Andrew SteffensenI really like the idea of putting all of my lessons out there. In class, we usually create a multimedia project together when learning a new skill. However, I like to have a digital copy of the tutorial somewhere for the students to access on their own if they need to. Right now I just have those tutorials as word documents on our school network, but this would be nice as they would be able to access these anywhere they have internet access such as at home. It would also be nice as a posting area for past student's work for the current students to get inspiration from, but uploading our animation videos would take up quite a bit of space and I see having to upgrade to a paid subscription if going that route.No, it is pretty straight forward. The hardest part is deciding which direction to go as to how you are going to be using the binder. I see a person changing their mind and doing multiple edits of their binders.
3/12/2015 10:05:16Tracy PerdueSince I'm not in the classroom anymore, I can only speculate as to how I would use it as a teaching tool. If I were still a reading teacher, I might model a LiveBinder after one I looked into that had great information about authors and the books they've written. It was geared towards a certain age group. I think this is an excellent LiveBinder and would be a great source for students to have to help them find a book to read. I would add a tab for different genres, and another to help students find books to read in their level, as well.
When I was a teacher...too long ago to even think about, I was not very good at including any kind of technology into my classroom. For a young teacher, back then, I was pretty old school - technology was not and still is not a close friend to me. For that reason, the LiveBinder would work better than any technology tool I was using and I would hope, if I were in the classroom, I would adopt this great tool.
Because I'm so technologically disabled, I was surprised at how easy it was to set up a LiveBinder. Adding content, cover, changing the tabs orders and colors was a breeze. This is an amazingly easy tool that could quickly become a teacher's favorite "weapon"!
3/16/2015 19:30:57Teana HeinertI want to use the binders for all of my units to post the correlating websites, videos, worksheets. I don't really get to use technology anymore as a whole class due to computer shortage in our building, but have used technology in the past. I plan to use it more next year because I will have a full set of laptops again. I know the students will enjoy creating binders themselves, so I plan to create class binders and then have the students do groups projects and present it in a binder format so they can link any of their resources right in their binder.Live Binders have been easy to set up and use so far. I thinks students would enjoy setting up their own binders. It is not hard to add content or to make covers.
3/28/2015 12:40:23LoriI don't get to teach anymore - moved to the dark side - adminstration. However, I am thinking it will help me be more organized with the things I need to work with. I am going to share with my teachers as a possibility for them to use in their collaboration and sharing of templates, sites, resources, etc. No! So easy!! This seems like an easy efficient system! I really like it. I like the LIVEBINDERIT button, too!
3/29/2015 14:52:06Jodi SternhagenLiveBinders seems like a really great organizational tool. I am starting to figure out how to use the program and am finding that adding content and links is a really convenient and easy process. I used to have an updated web page and am really looking for another tool to use with the students. LiveBinders seems like it might work really well as it is easy to use, easily organized, and doesn't require any specific software. I like that I can access it from any computer anywhere and that I can share information with others very easily.I am able to add content and a cover easily but have not figured out how to make everything flow together into an attractive format. I think I will need more time with the program to figure out how to make attractive and useful units I can use with my students. Overall, I like the program and think it could be a very useful and effective tool to use with my students.
4/6/2015 9:16:48Tom MattinglyI am currently looking at creating a LiveBinder for my economics class. This LiveBinder would be used to organize instructional resources for the class in terms of website and PDF files.

Currently, I have something similar to for organizing instructional resources with my classroom website that is powered through SchoolCenter. My SchoolCenter website will essential let me organize the material the same way, however LiveBinders will actually display the web resources in a much more efficient way with better visuals. There is also the option to then link my LiveBinder to my existing classroom website.
Like anything unfamiliar, it presented a few challenges but overall it was a fairly easy program to navigate and create. The major problem I ran into was that some of my files were too large to upload, however changing them to PDF solved many of these issues. The cover was very easy to add. My first impression of LiveBinders is that there is a lot potential for educational use.
4/13/2015 15:25:10Tammy RichardsI plan on using LiveBinders to organize my lesson plans for the year. I want to have all of my classes K-5 Music organized in one spot. This will allow me to share everything I do in my classroom with my students' families. Right now I use to make my lesson plans. It is easy to use but LiveBinders will be more user friendly for my parents to see what is going on in my classroom, as well as having things ready for a substitute teacher if I ever am in need of one.
Setting up a binder is very simple. I really like the LiveBinder It tool to add content from the internet. It was also very easy to add files from my computer. I did have one draw back on one of my files being too big to download.

Adding a cover to my binder was also very simple. I will need to download more images to my computer to choose from though.

I am looking forward to using LiveBinders. My plan is to have all of my lesson plans, for the entire school year, done before we start back next fall.
4/16/2015 8:38:56Shannon KortanI teach online math for a university, so feel that I can set up a "Math Help Resources" binder for my students who are looking for additional help. Though most students are able to find their own resources, many are overwhelmed with the online math class from the beginning. Though they know help is available on many sites, they don't know where to start looking. Having a binder will hopefully help these students by giving them a smaller list of websites and resources that I have already checked out rather than adding anxiety by them having to sort through search results by themselves. Currently, I send out an email with links and ideas during the semester, but many students who don't need help at the time I send the email forget about those sources by the time they do need help. Setting up a binder would be much better because it will be easily accessible when they need it and I can constantly update any new resources I find.Not at all. Though your instructions were very clear and easy to follow, the site itself is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

My initial impression is how useful LiveBinders can be, both in my professional and my personal life. Using bookmarks worked fine when I only had a few but because of the amount of material I want to have easily accessible, LiveBinders is a much better option for organizing this information. It is also better because I can find binders to copy from other users with the same interests, which saves me a lot of time in finding my own information.
4/26/2015 11:36:38Katie PetersonI think I can use this LiveBinder as a resourse tool for my parents. I would be able to include important information that they would need to know throughout the year. I would be able to upload files, calendars, etc. Right now I use my Shutterfly account or email to pass along this information. Often times, they misplace certain things and ask me to resend these things to them. For example, the school lunch menu. I think this LiveBinder will make it work better because it is always right there for them to access.

I also want to use this as a quizzing tool. I know that this unit did not talk about how to do this yet, but I think it would help save paper copies of simple 5-10 question quizzes
No, it wasn’t too difficult setting up a binder. It was more difficult deciding how to use this in my classroom and figuring out what content I should include in my binder. I uploaded a Microsoft file and an Excel file. I can see these files just fine. But if one of my parents do not have these programs, they will not be able to access them. Adding a cover was easy to do but again, hard to figure out what to put as a cover.

My initial impression of LiveBinders is that it would be a great resource for me as a teacher but it is hard to figure out what to use it for. There are so many great examples out there. I just want to make this a resource that not only myself, but my students and their families can access.
5/12/2015 7:38:46sthorson1I really like how LiveBinders allows you to be more creative than what I currently use. I can use the binders in so many ways, lessons, recourses or reviews. I think the kids will really like the different options that the binders have at my disposal. Currently I use a state operated site called Blackboard. I use this mainly as a homework tool so that my classroom is paperless. I also download lessons and makeup work for kids who miss class. It has worked very well, but doesn't have as many tools as LiveBinders.Nothing was difficult about setting up a binder once I understood the vocabulary of the site. The directions from the videos and the step by step guidelines made editing extremely easy. My impressions of LiveBinders is off the charts. Teaching an old dog new trips can be intimidating, but this is creative and challenging at the same time. Challenging by way of thinking of new and improved ways to make my lessons better and more exciting. Thant's a good thing!
5/14/2015 7:53:02dianekurtz1I really like how LiveBinders allows you to be more creative. I can use the binders in so many ways, lessons, recourses or reviews. I think the kids will really like the different options that the binders have at my disposal. I wish I could use the binders more due to the fact that not all my students have computers. Junior High kids at my school don't use computers on a daily basis so I will probably use the binders as a periodical project with students. I intent to use it more in my lesson presentations, which I am excited about.Once I understood the vocabulary of the site I was fine. The directions from the videos and the step by step guidelines made editing extremely easy. I find the possibilities of using LiveBinders exciting. I feel I have been stagnate for years teaching the same way every year. For the first time I feel the desire to change the way I teach which has given me a renewed vigor in education.

5/24/2015 21:34:08Carolie TautkusI can see using at least 3-4 different binders in my classroom. One to organize content for my It Only Takes One projects, organizing links that I will share with the class and maybe at some point, a way for the students to share their own projects. One to organize math games for students to access during guided math. Another to organize math story problem types for use during math workshop. A final binder to organize substitute information and back-up lessons which I can edit from home instead of going in sick!No, it was quite simple to set up and add to a binder. At first I thought it was very simplistic (unlike web-site creation). Now I like that it doesn't require a lot of personalization and bells and whistles. I am starting to see how I can use multiple types of technology for different purposes (google sites vs. LiveBinders, etc.).
5/28/2015 11:06:09Jamie PortraI would like to create a place to organize and share resources, materials, and lesson plans for social skills lessons. I think it could be a good way to keep everything in one place and share ideas and lessons with other SLPs. Currently we share via a variety of tools such as Pinterest Boards, Google Sites, and a district U-Drive. LiveBinders offers the benefit of a variety of modes of content to be added and can be accessed away from school, unlike the district U-Drive. It is less familiar to my colleagues that the Google site, which could make them less likely to use it.Setting up a binder, adding content, and adding a cover was not difficult. I did have to rearrange my tabs and content a little to get it to look the way I want it to. That is still a work in progress. I expect I will have to convert some Word documents to PDF, which is probably inevitable.
My initial impression is cautiously optimistic. I like the idea of LiveBinders, but I am not convinced it will replace my Google Site.
6/4/2015 13:38:43Susan FjeldheimI think I am going to use it as an addition to my webpage. I will include my webpage, but also many other links. It will be a nice place to put links that we do not always have time to get to.What I found difficult about setting up a binder was that some of the tabs are different on the LiveBinders site than they are in the tutorial. The help section was just what I needed :) My initial impression was how wonderful it will be to have all of my sites in one area!
6/9/2015 12:33:25Debbie HepperI will have an increased capability of accessing information quickly and easily. I LOVE the idea of being able to access it at home and being able to edit and add to as the thought arises and not having to wait to get to school and my U drive to do things. I do not like using little stick drives - that gets complicated. This requires nothing to remember to bring from school - it is already there!Once I got the hang of it , adding a cover and content was not difficult at all. Setting up a binder, I was able to do without any example, so I guess that speaks for itself. My initial impression is that I wold be able to lead my co teachers through this process fairly easily, and that is saying alot!
6/14/2015 18:46:35Jennifer LesherI am looking for a way to save my documents into units of study for my students. With one-to-one chrome books, I am trying to decide what the best method for this would be….LiveBinders, Symbaloo, or an LMS. I really like the fact that with LiveBinders the sites can be embedded (such as Youtube) which allows me to control the content (ads) that the students see. I wish that I could embed some games to stop students from playing games on the sidebar or clicking on advertisements! I like the a LiveBinder for each unit in math, for example, could be created and shared with the students. I am wondering, however, if the look of live binders is not as appealing as that of Symbaloo. One determining factor, however, would also be the ease of use as well as the fact that it is free and doesn't require a log-in or for me to provide student data/information to an outside source.It was very easy for me to set up the binder. Adding content was a breeze with the LiveBinder It button. I also think uploading other documents and embedded videos was a breeze. Making a new cover was also very easy. Most of live binders was similar to importing/uploading/embedding items through email, blogs, prezis and other technology tools. My initial impression of LiveBinders was confusion. I had a difficult time with the tabs along the top of the binder. As I viewed other LiveBinders I found that I could change the view of the page to having the tabs along the left side. For some reason, I have an easier time understanding the layout of the binder with this view…which then made me have a more positive reaction to LiveBinders.
6/21/2015 15:21:20Malerie YeatonCurrently, I teach piano lessons. I created a LiveBinder with games that my piano students can play to further their knowledge of note names, the keyboard, and rhythm. I feel this will be an easy way for my students to see the different categories of games and select the games they want to play. LiveBinders offers more options than a website on Weebly, for example, because you can add so many different kinds of content and so many links! As of now, my students don't use any other tools like this. Looking forward to implementing the reward system. No! Not at all! I thought it was very easy to set up the binder, add content, and add a cover! My initial impression of LiveBinders is that there are so many things I could do with this site! And it's so easy!
6/24/2015 12:33:30Joanne KallhoffI have started a binder for my 5th grade library lessons. I would like to go back and add more to this and update the material. I would also like to start using it for when I co-teach with some of my colleagues. As a librarian I often work with other teachers. For example, Kim Sheppard and I have discussed using the "Trip to India" binder and adapting it for her class.

I currently use tools such as Diigo, Feedly, and Symbaloo in the classroom. I haven't used Googledocs much other than storage. I like the livebinders for lessons because it's easy to access everything in one place, I like the organizational features better than some of the other tools I've used. I think it's easy to relate to because we are used to putting our materials in binders and this is just an online version of that.
I did not think it was difficult to set up the binder or the cover. I did have a few glitches when I tried to delete content & a subtab, but found that refreshing my screen helped with that. I will have to work more with adding original content. It took me longer to figure out the Shelfari embed because it didn't work like a regular embed. I had to go under the tools feature with Add Content and paste my source code there. It also didn't like when I tried to edit the width of the shelf so I just left it as was.

Overall, I like LiveBinders. I have used it before but not all of the features and there have been some updates since I last used this. I think it is a great tool and I hope to use more of the collaborative features with students and teachers.
6/24/2015 12:35:48Kimarie SheppardI think it would be useful as a place to store professional documents and keep a list of professional reading. Because I was at a new grade level and working with new curriculum last year, my principal and I decided that professional reading would be part of my evaluation. Although I completed this goal, I didn't really feel like I had a great way to record my readings.

Also, I work very closely with my district's media specialist, Joanne Kallhoff. We have decided to collaborate on a unit for Social Studies. We found a "Trip to India" binder and plan to use it next year. We may also collaborate on our Wax Museum unit.

As I stated before, I'm working with new curriculum. I believe that LiveBinders will be a great way to organize myself. In my previous position, I saved most things on MicroSoft Word. This system was becoming overloaded and cumbersome for me. It's nice to have a "fresh start."
It wasn't really difficult to set up a new binder once I worked through a few things. As a low-tech person, it may have been harder for me to work through some issues but I was fortunate to have Joanne to go to when I ran into a few problems. I do believe that one of the advantages of LiveBinders is that it promotes collaboration....both for teachers and for students.

One of the hardest things for me today may have been visualizing how I wanted my binder to look. I can see myself revamping and adding things as I go. This seems to be easy to do with LiveBinders.
8/11/2015 21:53:12Carmen TooleI think I could organize my resources for my Digital Citizenship unit in my tech classes. Right now, I use Google Classroom to push my lessons out to my students in one grade level, but here I could just make a tab for each grade level and then the resources below each one. I could still use Google Classroom to grade and everything, but my resources wouldn't just be housed in Google. I also use Diigo to collect resources, but now that I have the LiveBinder It bookmarklet, I think it'll be easy like Diigo was to save a site. I also like the ability to put it in whatever binder I want rather than come up with my tags and organize that way as Diigo does it.It was definitely not hard to set up a binder and add content. The hardest part of setting it up are choosing the color schemes and cover picture. I never like the choices they give you for the pictures, so I'd probably spend more time searching the web for a picture that I thought was the most fitting and not on the resources. I like LiveBinders a lot and can see myself using them more and more as I go forward.
8/15/2015 5:38:24Kelly VasquezI want to use it as a parent resource binder. I saw an example of a 4th grade binder that I loved. It had links to the common core standards, a road map that talks about why we teach math the way we do, and examples of the math they cover in 4th grade. I think this is a great way to get information to parents. I have used newsletters, email and a website to get the information out in the past, but this is a great way to get all the information in one place. The more I use it the easier it is getting. I am working on an iPad, and am wondering if things will be different if I am on my laptop. I am excited to get this binder up and working for this school year. As I am typing this, I am already thinking of things I want to make sure I include, but still don't know how I will get it to the parents since we haven't learned that yet.
9/5/2015 11:33:47Stephanie SchoellermanI have so many ideas on Livebinders that I would like to try. I will start with an internet site LiveBinder. I teacher second grade and to get them to type in the url address usually takes so much time that this will be beneficial to me and them and not waste time in the computer lab.After watching the tutorials etc, it was not difficult to set up a binder. I am working on the embedding parts and have so many more things to try. I am very excited to try LiveBinders in my classroom.
11/28/2015 16:53:52Kim SmithI have thought about using LiveBinders first to organize all my online curriculum resources. I currently 'pin' quite a few things on Pinterest and 'bookmark' pages on my computer, which isn't very efficient, as I then have to hunt for information. Having everything in one place, with easier-to-access information, will hopefully save me time and effort locating materials and resources I need. It wasn't too difficult to set up the binder. I had to play around with it a bit just to get familiar with it, but now that I've added some content and a cover, it is pretty easy to do. Initially, my impression of LiveBinders is favorable. If I use it regularly, I should not have any problems with maintaining and adding binders as needed.
12/19/2015 18:52:06Joni BushfieldFirst of all, I want to use LiveBinders to get all my online resources organized and in one place. My colleagues are great about sharing links to useful websites, but I didn't know how to organize them other than saving the emails by creating folders in Outlook. LiveBinders is a much better way to do this. This year, science is using a new curriculum and teachers are scrambling to find new resources. I would like to create a LiveBinder we can all use and edit to create a collaborative tool kit to make all of our lives a bit easier. Lastly, I can see using LiveBinders with my students as science notebooks. Before, I would collect about 90 notebooks and take them home in shifts. Student writing can be difficult to read and the notebooks are not always well organized. I think a LiveBinder would be the better way to go. Also, it wouldn't get lost!My initial impression was to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the buttons and options. However, it is very easy to figure out when you are focused on completing a specific task. I had no issues with setting up a binder, adding content, or adding a cover.
1/12/2016 19:56:10Lyndsay DeyoIn my newest LiveBinder, I have been gathering articles about making my 3rd grade classroom more interactive and engaging for the students. Therefore at this moment, I think I will use LiveBinder as a place to organize and gather information in order to make me a better teacher. I have recently just completed a class on Symbaloo and Diigo, so I have been building those sources with information. I think that LiveBinder will work better though, because my school already uses this site for information they want to share with everyone. Therefore, my information and my colleges share information would be in the same place.No, I thought the instructions explained the process very thoroughly. Therefore, it was very east to set up a binder, add content, and add a cover. My initial impression of LiveBinder is a little overwhelming, but as I use it I realize the benefit of having all of your information categorized, organized, and in one place.
1/12/2016 20:34:37Diana TimsI am most interested in livebinders to keep important videos and documents that supplement my lessons organized and available to me without having to dig through my bookshelves. I am currently thinking about continuing to create my social studies and science binders with additional files, videos, and things to enrich my lessons. I love that it can be another organizational tool for myself. I don't know how many times I find something online that is helpful to me, but I don't save it. Then I end up digging up something new the next year. This can significantly help me to keep online references and websites organized and at the press of a button. I love the LiveBinderit button, it is so simple and easily accessed! I also love that I can share the code with my 5th grade teammates and we can all utilize great things that we contribute to the binders. I was so surprised at how easy it was to create a live binder. Every step of it was easy to figure out. My first impression was that I wanted to shout out to my colleagues, my principal, and anyone else who could benefit from it about how wonderful of an organizational tool I had just come across. I would highly recommend this tool to others, especially teachers!
1/17/2016 17:04:33Kristi HertingI am hoping to start a number of binders to help me find a place to keep good websites, tools, and ideas that come in emails from my Listserv. I have email folders right now, but it's not too easy to find what I'm looking for in them. Many of them involve new apps or websites that could be used or shared with staff, and having them in a binder, with the link included, and maybe a video or example, would help me find them when I need them, and use and share them more - at least that's what I'm hoping! I would also like to create binders for some of the units I teach every year, and include links, book titles, worksheets, and activities that I find during the year that would enhance the units. Like a file folder, but digital!Setting up the binder, adding a cover and adding content with the + tab was not too difficult. My biggest issue so far has been with LiveBinder It. I was unable to create the bookmarklet on my iPad, although I read over the directions a number of times and tried installing and uninstalling it MANY times. I switched to my laptop, and still couldn't get it to work at first. There is no Tools tab, so I was using the directions in the Help files. I finally figured out that my pop-up blocker was the real problem - it wouldn't bring up the dialog box, so nothing was added. Once I got that worked out, I was very happy with the ease of using LiveBinder It - I think it will be very quick, and that will let me get into the habit of adding things when I come across them in emails or on the web. I think this program is going to be helpful for me, and I think it is set up fairly intuitively. I appreciate the many Help options!
2/3/2016 23:17:06Lynn GraumanI am thinking about using LiveBinders for students to work on during intervention time at school or extra practice at home. Parents are always asking for additional resources (especially for math) and this would be a quick and easy resource for parents. I am also going to make my LiveBinder for Fraction support. Parents (and some teachers)pften find the task of teaching fractions very overwhelming. I found all of the steps very easy to follow. Additionally, LiveBinders is a very user-friendly tool. I like it!
2/29/2016 9:29:51Linda IrickRight now I am thinking about creating a binder to keep track of articles about new young adult books as they are coming out in 2016. Since I teach a reading class, keeping current on the newest books is one way to keep my students engaged in reading, particularly those students who do not find reading to be a pleasurable experience. Presently, I spend a lot of time reading such articles but do not have a place where I can organize them if I wish to go back and revisit them. I don't know if this binder is the answer, but it might be. Through the readings, I liked the idea of a binder for substitutes but I wonder if the substitutes would have enough experience with Livebinders to make this an easy solution for them. I also liked the binder of Parent resources but would wonder how many parents would take the time to become comfortable using these resources. It was quite easy to set up the binder. I added the cover with no difficulty though right now it is a very large file that takes a long time to load when I open the binder. Adding links to websites was very easy. I may spend some time seeing if I can make the picture file smaller. I think LiveBinders has a place. However, for sharing documents like a staff handbook, Google Drive may be an easier and more assessable option.
3/1/2016 15:51:59Jeremy WrightInitially, I was looking at using this strictly as a mean of organizing my digital content; websites, documents, etc. But it has become clear that there are many more options for its use. I certainly am contemplating its use as organizing units that can then be "handed out" to students to really accommodate independent study. The other avenue that I certainly want to explore is the possibility of having students use LiveBinders to submit projects or presentations.No, it wasn't overly difficult. But I did feel like the organization of the website isn't very user friendly. I feel like it is a resource that one has to commit to learning. My hope is that after the initial learning curve, the resource will be very useful.
3/1/2016 16:07:49Lisa JensenI am hoping that LiveBinders will allow me to keep my files and websites organized in one spot.No, it was not difficult to set up a binder. It was rather easy to set up the binder and it was also easy to add a cover. So far I think using LiveBinders has been easy to maneuver. To me, setting up a binder was much easier to do than setting up a shelf.
3/1/2016 16:08:55Julie HickeyI had trouble adding movies to the binder because the file was too big. These files are currently on my desktop and saved on our school server. This is probably where I will keep these. I did find it simple to ad links to my binder to some good sites.I found it easy to set up the binder. Except for not being able to add a movie clip to the binder, other content was easy to add. My first impression of LiveBinders is that it is simply another way to organize materials.
I am taking this class with a study group, and found brainstorming and trouble shooting with a group very valuable.
3/2/2016 13:38:41Lori JensenThere are a lot of uses for LiveBinders. After viewing the education link showing ideas, I liked the binders created for substitutes and parents. Both of them would be easily for people outside the school setting to locate and for the teacher to share information. Also, I like how a teacher can create a binder for the units they teach and have a shelf for each subject. It is an easy way to organize information used on the Internet and have available to a teacher from a location in or out of their classroom. I team teach and am not always teaching in my classroom, so the binders will make it a lot easier to organize the materials I use on the Internet. It was easy to set up a binder. Adding content was very easy because I bookmarked the LiveBinder It to my toolbar. I would highly recommend anyone who uses LiveBinders to bookmark that tool. When I added a cover to my LiveBinder, at first I struggled because my picture was not in a jpeg format. The picture I tried to use that was not in a jpeg format was to big to fit on the cover. However, once I found a picture in jpeg format it was easy to add a cover and make the picture fit to the binder cover. Initially, I am impressed with the LiveBinder system. I think it will be a great organization tool to utilize.
3/5/2016 11:12:09Matthew BakerI would most likely use LiveBinders to collect and organize music activities ideas. Currently I have resources saved in a couple different locations. My personal documents are saved on flash drives (multiples just for backup) but online materials are likely saved in a folder in one or more email accounts. It's possible this could provide one location for all my resources which would be convenient, but I'm not sold on that idea yet. Since I have to open my email account and documents from my flash drive daily anyway, it's not really a big deal to find what I want.Making a new binder is easy, but I haven't had enough practice yet to feel comfortable making changes to it. I was able to add a photo to the cover of my binder, but I couldn't figure out how to add a YouTube video to the cover as I should be able to do. When I added the embed link, it kept changing the cover of one of the tabs in that binder instead of the binder itself. A similar problem was when I tried uploading a document. Since you have to have a tab open when a binder is open, I inadvertently changed the content of a tab instead of putting the document in a new tab. I'm sure I just need more practice with these processes. My other concern is how to edit documents once their in a tab. I use Excel spreadsheets all the time, for example, but haven't learned a way to upload one so that I can edit it. If that's the case, then I have to go back to my flash drive again.
3/8/2016 22:03:52Amy BrooksI really like the idea of using LiveBinders as an organizational tool in my classroom and for personal use. I appreciate that I can use it to share multiple types of resources with my students. I have been using Portaportal for several years in my classroom to help students quickly access web resources that I would like them to work with. The nice thing about LiveBinders is that the web sites are live when they click on the tabs. I also appreciate the fact that this tool is free of advertising. I've been paying a $15 annual fee on my Portaportal page to hide the advertisements. I definitely prefer the LiveBinders platform and will be creating binders for all of my classes! It was not difficult to set up my first binder. This is a very user friendly tool. I was easily able to add a variety of content, add a cover and work with the color and layout tools. The "Livebinder It" tool makes adding websites so quick and easy! I look forward to finding other ways that I can put this tool to use.
3/14/2016 9:09:15Melissa GoodI am very excited to start using LiveBinders in the counseling department that I work in. I started developing a Financial Aid LiveBinder to have all our Financial Aid resources in one place that we can share on our department website. I presented it to my department at our Professional Learning Community meeting last week and they are all very excited about it too and even said I should work on my class during my work day because we are going to start using all the LiveBinders I develop!
We use links to individual websites on our department website and we have a lot of forms we use in the guidance office but we don't have one good place to have them organized at and this is perfect for this sort of thing. This will also be wonderful to tell parents and students about so they can utilize them in their post-high plans and whatever else we can develop a LiveBinder of tools to help them with.
Setting up the LiveBinder was simple. Every part that I had to do was easy to learn and figure out. The only thing that was a little tricky was installing Google Chrome on my computer so that I could actually install the LiveBinder It button on the toolbar.
Adding content was simple. Using the websites and the LiveBinder It button was really easy and ended up producing the same result within the tabs of my LiveBinder, which is good to know.
Adding a cover was easy. The most difficult part was trying to choose a picture to use.
I think it's pretty obvious that I really love LiveBinders and can see using it a lot in my position as a school counselor. I'm really excited to start developing different Binders to use in different areas of my job.
3/15/2016 13:21:35Natasha GaultThere are a number of uses for LiveBinders in the Science classroom. The education reading set forth that LiveBinders can be used to: organize review videos on social studies and science material. This suggestion was applicable to many digital uses that I already implement. For example, I created a LiveBinders for content correlated TedTalks that eighth grade students will complete. The TedTalk links and assignments usually appear on my website. However, they are located in locations with other unit learning activities. The TedTalks LiveBinder will work much more effectively because the students will be able to copy the TedTalk LiveBinder and turn the teaching resource into a portfolio, as well.LiveBinders is a user-friendly platform that works much like many other technological tools. I especially appreciate that is shows the website/document, etc. as a page rather than a link. This "first look" helps to capture student interest and preview the assignment without having to open a link.
3/15/2016 21:36:17Shari HerringtonI think this would be a great way to create resource pages for each of my Spanish classes. I could create a specific binder for Spanish 1, 2 and 3. While I have some websites I frequently refer students to, this would be a great way to have multiple resources in one place. I could also have a binder tab where students could submit their own resources. I think this is just a more effective and efficient tool to use.So far, this whole process has been really easy. I did not have any problems setting up a binder, adding content or adding a cover. My initial impression is that this is a very user-friendly site that has potential to be exceedingly beneficial.
3/16/2016 11:21:45James E. HickeyIn science and social studies we have to create our own lessons to meet the curriculum. I have typed up outlines, study guides and tests. I have also copied worksheets from the internet and use videos. The LiveBinders would be a great source to organize this material and have it accessible anywhere there is internet. Up to this point everything is just saved on my computer and I worry about what I woold do if something happening to it.I am not very techi and I kept referring to the LiveBinders Help section. It answered all my questions and made everything quite simple. I know that after making a couple of binders and going through the process a few times it would become second nature. This program seems to be user friendly.
3/28/2016 8:28:49Jason SaveyI would plan to use LiveBinders for posting my assignments for lessons which may include: notes, videos, worksheets, projects, quizzes, tests, or web links. This will be a great way to give students easy access to these resources.
I currently post most of my class assignments and resources using Google Classroom, but I feel that LiveBinders offers a much easier way to save and organize resources and would also be easier for my students to navigate through and use. I also feel that LiveBinders offers more interactive learning opportunities to students than Google Classroom does.
I found that setting up a binder, adding content, and a cover were very easy to do. It did take me a little while to get my resources in the right tabs or sub tabs, but after playing around and a bit I figured it out.
My initial impression of LiveBinders is a very positive one. I love the organizational ability and the ease of being able to save resources off the internet using the LiveBinder It. I am also very impressed with the many ways I can use LiveBinders to enhance my teaching and organization, whether it is with students or other staff members.
3/29/2016 15:14:17janel loneI think I am going to use it as an addition to my webpage. I will include my webpage, but also many other links. It will be a nice place to put links that we do not always have time to get so far very simple.
3/29/2016 15:14:28Shelby HendricksonI will be using it as a way to organize websites and web videos that I use to supplement lessons, instead of keeping them bookmarked on explorer. This way when my computer gets cleaned at the end of the year I will not have to worry about if I have the websites saved on my flash drive or not. I will also be adding worksheets, and tools for the kids to use on the tabs that I have added. I will encourage students to explore my binder for that class. If I use Livebinders, I can access materials from home and organize them. No, everything has been fairly easy.
4/3/2016 14:53:27Sarah SeverI plan on using LiveBinders as a way to organize information and websites I use a lot in my classroom. This will be an easy way for parents and students to access all of the same information when students are at home. I have a Google Site, but I feel that LiveBinders is a more user friendly place for parents to access all of the content at once. I do like that you can embed LiveBinders directly on to a Google Site though, so that might be a way I can use them together. As I teach more Science and Social Studies curriculum, I want to continue adding resources under those tabs to use for years to come. It was very easy to set up a binder. I was able to add content easily. I like that you can create tabs, and then sub tabs. This will make it much to organize information by content area. Adding a cover picture was easy as well. In all, this is an extremely easy to use tool that I can see being very valuable both professionally and personally.
4/13/2016 14:13:19Genevieve KlinkhammerI've looked into multiple classroom website setups, and as of now i'm most impressed with this platform. I like the quick access to tabs that can link my students and parents to information needed. I also would love to set up student portfolio's to use for our extended learning as well as data to support conferences. I didn't have any difficulty setting up a binder. I think the hardest task was not having matching directions. The videos were extremely helpful and it from there it was simple! I like LiveBinders and I feel that there are a lot of hidden tricks and techniques to making them even more user friendly!
4/19/2016 13:16:57Sarah WeberIn my position I am a Differentiation Instruction Coach and an Integrationist, So I was thinking it would be useful to set up different tabs with different tools that I could share with the teachers I work with. For differentiation I could have tabs organized out by subjects and for tools for technology I could organize them according to what they can be used for. Right now I send out emails with tools or links I want to share, but a lot of time the staff delete them by accident and need them resent. This way the information would always be there and they could go get it when they needed it. It is very easy to set up. Mainly I need to pick a way to organize it and stick with it, I keep changing my mind on how I want it to look! . This is a great organizational tool that I have been underusing!
4/27/2016 19:56:16Nicole AhlbergRight now I am setting up my classroom themes in my LiveBinder. In the beginning of the year we learn about colors and I have created a color tab with all the color songs linked from YouTube. We learn the songs all week and then the students love to sing along with the YouTube version of the song. I'd like to set up resources for our other themes that we use throughout the year as well as various computer games that would go with that theme so we can easily pull them up when needed.No, it was not difficult to set up the binder. The instructions were very clear and videos were easy to access. So far I really like what I see in LiveBinders. I am looking forward to have a place to store my various internet links without having them all bookmarked at the top of my Chrome screen.
5/11/2016 9:01:12Lynsay GranbergI think this is a great way to set up Artist information. It would be a great place for my students to go to when doing research on specific artist. This way I know they are getting the information from a good reputable source rather than just any where on the internet.No really easy to use.
5/23/2016 19:23:23Jennifer DoyleI really like the idea of using Live Binders as a personal organizational tool for websites that I find on the Internet. It will be extremely beneficial for me to have a system where I can click on a tab and have multiple resources at my fingertips that focus on whatever topic I may be needing at that point. I don't really use any tools that will assist me in this task at the moment, so the Live Binders option is extremely appealing to me.

I do also like the idea of using Live Binders as an ongoing student portfolio as well. However, I would have to do a lot more research on how I would set that up exactly.
It was pretty simple to set up a binder, add content, and create a cover. The biggest problem I had was trying to narrow down what I wanted to create a Binder on. This will not be a problem as I use it to organize websites I find on the Internet to have access to them all in one spot. My initial impression of Live Binders is that they are pretty cool. I can see where they can be somewhat addicting!
5/31/2016 9:41:20Shanon ManleyI like the idea of being able to create an online version for my students to have access to whenever they need it. It will help reduce the amount of paper that needs to be printed if they have it accessible online. I also like the organizational piece for me online. I have my paper copies, but it will be nice to also have it all organized online. I have it currently in folders on my computer, but this is forcing me to organize more neatly. Also, having the online version of everything will allow me to quickly change and update the documents I will be using. I think this will work fine, not sure if better, but it is another source. I do like the idea of each of my students creating a live binder for the class so they can story everything in one location for me.It was not difficult at all to set up or to add content or add a cover. I think it is pretty user friendly. I believe my students will be able to utilize this and then be able to take work they do here wherever they go without having to worry about transferring everything from one account to the next. It works on any platform the students may be using - if the documents are put in correctly!
6/1/2016 14:20:06Lisa HuntI think I will use LiveBinders at least two ways. The first way is to use it to share resources with my teaching partners. When one of us finds an activity to do, we could add a tab to our binder so that the others can see it easily. Another way I would like to use this would be to find several websites that are student-friendly for when the students have some free time on the computers. The students could go to my binder and choose from the different tabs I have made available to spend their time on. There could be tabs with various games and activities for multiple subjects in one binder.Setting up the binder was pretty easy. I noticed that some of the buttons have changed in appearance since this course was created, but I didn't have any major problems finding them. My initial impression is that I am surprised I had never heard of LiveBinders before, it seems like this should be a tool used quite a bit among teachers. Among the Education binders we looked at, I liked the idea of having one for substitutes. Having all of the main websites a sub needs throughout the day in one place would save a lot of time.
6/3/2016 9:53:44Tammy LaPorteAs I have stated before, I would like to use this in conjunction with my google site. I think it can be used as a huge resource for students and parents to access material needed to complete my various science units. I am not sure that live binders will work better or worse but rather, I see using them in conjunction with other tools like, google sites. No, it was not difficult to set up a binder. I am working on adding content now which once I have learned the format and process, it is not hard. I think that this can be a useful tool to add to the tools I currently use, (schoology, google sites, etc.).
6/10/2016 16:19:09Lila MoellerWhen I first signed up for this class, I was teaching math and was looking for ways to flip my classes. I have since changed schools and duties. I will be a P-12 Library Media Specialist and am not sure what other duties that might entail.

Possibly, a LiveBinder can be set up to help elementary students with library skills or computer skills. A joint LiveBinder with a teacher could be set up and as the teacher adds assignments, as the librarian, I could add research units that tie in with the current class topic. Or maybe enhance the research by incorporating units from the appropriate computer standards.

LiveBinders looks like it might do all the same things that Symbaloo could do so won't know if it's better until I learn more.
It was pretty easy to set up a binder, add content and add a cover. There is some maintenance involved if you don't pay close attention to where you save content. I had some trouble finder something I had saved so I ended up with multiples I had to delete when I finally figured it out.
6/26/2016 14:37:46Nicole Anderson-GappaIn organizing my classroom content, I typically use Pinterest to bookmark ideas and save activities to use in my classroom later. The downfall of using Pinterest is that it takes a long time to relocate something that I remember pinning. LiveBinders may be a better solution because the categories can be more specific and items can be organized within a binder. I will also be able to save content that I create instead of organizing those activities in a different location.It was not difficult to set up a binder, add content, or add a cover. My initial impression of LiveBinders is that it appears to be user friendly and easy to use. The only downfall I have noticed is that I would like to make tabs and then add content to the tabs, instead of the tab having content-just like in a regular 3 ring binder (if that make sense). For example, I would prefer in my newsletter binder that each month could be a Tab and then under the tab I can keep ideas for my newsletter for that month and the template I will be using.
7/13/2016 18:35:44Sadie BossertI have decided to make a LiveBinder to organize the computer games and activities in our Kindergarten curriculum.

Right now, we have to create an icon for each game, which means we have to go around to all 30 computers in the Lab and add each icon. We also spend at least 10 minutes of our 30 minute computer period just helping the students get to the right activity.

If all the games were located in one place, such as a LiveBinder, I think it would save us time and effort in the long run. All the games would be in one place, and the students would learn how to navigate independently.
It was not too difficult to set up my binder. LiveBinder is very user-friendly, and it was pretty easy to navigate.

It was very simple to add content, especially with the LiveBinder It button on my Favorites. I just went to the website I wanted, hit the button, and it put the website as a new tab in my binder.

I like how you can upload any photo as your cover. I used Flickr to upload a generic picture for now. I think I would upload a photo of myself when I use it in my classroom - making it easier for my Kindergarteners to locate.

My initial impression of LiveBinders is that it is very easy to operate, and there are so many different ways it can be used! It will definitely be helpful in my classroom.
7/21/2016 8:12:35Sara CulverI like that I can put all my websites that I like in one place. I can then send students or parents to one place to find the resources. Right now I just use my google site to share links to these sites. I like that this is a resource to have students put together a binder that they can then submit and show me exactly where they find their information.I found this quite an easy process. I think it is very easy to use no matter your level of tech experience. I think this is a way to keep students accountable for where they get information from when doing a research based project. It makes it easy for them to organize that info in a very visual way.
7/25/2016 10:23:01Kayla KrauseI am setting up my LiveBinder to act as a tool for parents to use at home in helping their child with math. I have created a binder with some parent tips and also one with some free math games children could play at home. I have considered using blogger and simply posting the websites to my blog. However, overtime and as my blog continues to update, those links might be harder to locate. LiveBinders seems to be the way to go in this respect.It was not difficult to set up a binder, to add content, or to add a cover. My initial impression of LiveBinders left me wondering what exactly I would use this for in Kindergarten. However, as I read the articles and watched the tutorials, I began to realize the benefits it might have. I found it most useful as I dug deeper and started playing around with creating binders and exploring the settings. My mind was coming up with many uses even at the lower grade level.
7/27/2016 14:24:39Erika KruggelI have been playing with the live binders program for awhile and didn't submit our follow through on the class side of it. I have sent it to some groups of students for experimentation and it has worked what I didn't consider until I read some of the articles and such was the numerous other uses. I am totally going to work this fall to have my level 2 art students create private binders for their work. What a great digital portfolio.I thought it was very easy to develop. At a workshop this week I actually shared with another teacher who is excited to give it a try. My favorite part is the ability to post videos that can be watched right away without downloading. I am not sure I have really attempted to put a cover on my binders I guess I didn't mind the grey covers.
8/8/2016 0:31:26Lynne BrownFor my first binder I am going to collect resources for my elementary music classes such as games, printables, coloring pages, lesson plans, videos. I am looking forward to being able to find what I need in one spot instead of looking in my favorites and files on my laptop. I can also see a use for this in different units that I teach such as Instruments of the Orchestra or for show choir to have the choreography available to the students.It was not difficult to set up a new binder. Using the LiveBinder It made it easy to add web sites. I did have to add a cover twice--not sure if it was the connection or what happened there but it didn't stay the first time. I would think you could make simple binders or more in-depth and the free version seems to be able to accommodate both.
8/10/2016 21:17:33Candee CloosI am thinking about using it for my Spelling and possibly my Language Arts. I like the Binder on the First Five Days. My students will all have chromebooks and I look forward to having things set up for them to use with them. I have not used much online resources with my students before. Online resources help my students prepare for the future, but they can be hard to implement if you have internet trouble.No. I liked setting up my binder. I think it will be a great resource for my students to use. We are changing our Reading series this year. I look forward to setting up some resources for them. I used Flickr to add my cover to my binder. I am really excited to have found this great resource, now I just need to take some extra time to implement into my classroom.
8/12/2016 12:53:27Nichole HahnI like the idea of using it as a resources page as book mark tool. A lot of times there are inappropriate content on search engines so it is nice to be able to save it to a place and know it will be there. I like the features of adding videos and pictures for explaining more complex materials. It would be great tool for creating a flipped classroom. It was pretty easy to set up a binder and the content and cover. My initial impression is it would more of an interactive bookmark site. I am seeing that is easier to organize things into categories and break things down into easier to find content. I look forward to finding out more ways to use this site and to see what others have created.
8/31/2016 15:31:24Kelley GruneichRight now I am currently thinking of using this in my classroom as a way to organize my supplemental math worksheets. Right now they are all in a file cabinet and not very organized what so ever. It would be nice to have a tab for each topic that we talk about or even have a binder for each topic that we talk about and create tabs to use for mini lessons and resources. I have also tried using google drive to organize my files and supplemental worksheets, but I have not always had the best of luck with google nor have I found it always to be very user friendly.It was not difficult to set up the binder once I figured out how to get the LiveBinder It button on my tool bar. Setting up the binder was fairly easy with the directions that you have provided as was adding the cover. I really like that you can upload things from your files and not just what you find on the internet.

My initial impression of LiveBinders is that this could be a very valuable tool for teachers! I can't believe that I have not heard of it before now. I definitely want to continue learning about this program because I believe it can be very beneficial to me!
10/12/2016 14:06:14Agapito (Pete) CabreraI think it's really beneficial to use LiveBinders in the classroom. There are many uses I can think of. It can be used to access material such as worksheets, notes etc... It can also provide resource work for the students and I really like how it can give the students a sense of ownership in the LiveBinder that is exclusively set aside for just them. One of the other tools I currently use is GoogleApps. This tool works better in how well organized it can be set up and with it's ease of function. Set up was super easy. Everything with adding content, cover etc... became easier to accomplish, the more times I did it. Also, figuring the extra things out for myself was fairly simple. It's highly intuitive.
I'm liking it!
11/17/2016 18:57:22Traci MooreI am thinking that this may be something that could replace my current website that I was using for a large club that I run at school. We have around 225 students grades 6-12 and a co-advisor that sometimes needs to have access to the same pictures and resources. I would like to use this to share some of our successes as a scrap-book style way of saving pictures, but would also like to link activities and resources with the students in this way. I think that some of the basics of setting up the live binder were pretty easy to maneuver-but I know that there are some things that I should be able to figure out how to do in order to make it look nicer-but I am also not sure if it is due to me not paying for the upgrade. I love that I can directly link websites, and especially a video that I wanted to share, but was not sure how to do that.
11/19/2016 20:11:04Stacie BiggerstaffAfter looking at several of the uses for LiveBinders, I have realized there are endless possibilities of how I can use them. Since I teach kindergarten, I think I will use the binders more for myself rather than for my students at this point. I like the idea of making a substitute binder and putting things in it like my lesson plans, schedule, transportation plans, allergies, energizers, game websites, extra activities, etc. It would be nice to have a binder because things are constantly changing. So instead of getting a sub folder from the office that is outdated, this binder would always be current. There would be more information in it than what is in the normal substitute folder, and it would give the substitute some choice as to what to pick. I also would like to make a binder for my parents. I would put resources in this binder so they could help their children at home. I could also link websites where they could download books at their child’s reading level. I always have parents ask me what they can do at home so this would be beneficial. In addition, I like the idea of using portfolios, but I will need to think about this a little longer. The way our schedule is set up right now, there is not a lot of extra time left in the day. I would have to figure out a way to simplify this process or I might cause more work for myself especially since my students are not as independent.

As of right now, I use Pinterest quite frequently. I like the boards, but I feel LiveBinders would be more useful because of the organizational features with tabs and subtabs. I have pinned so many things on Pinterest that often times it takes me a while to search on certain boards because they are so full. This gets frustrating for me when I am in a hurry and I have to keep searching for the pin. With the tabs, it would be easier to see.

I envision myself being able to use LiveBinders more with my students next year when we go 1:1 with technology. For this class, I did choose to make my first binder for my students. I chose to make a binder with computer resources. Right now we have icons all over our computers and our technicians tell us we cannot put pictures on the icons. This is hard for our kindergartners to figure out which one to push especially at first because they do not know how to read. Some of them are still confused. I just got done taking the Symbaloo class, and I did make a webmix for my students with picture icons. I do like this feature because it will be easy for my students to open up the program they need and it is right on the desktop of my computers. I could put the link for LiveBinders on my desktop as well, but it may be harder for them to navigate.
I really enjoyed using LiveBinders. I can hardly wait to organize all my resources and activities in these binders. I wish this would have been available years ago when I first started teaching. I could have eliminated a lot of paperwork and folders.

When I first set up my account, I could not figure out how to get LinkIt put on my bookmarking toolbar. It took me over an hour, but I did eventually get it. This tool made it really easy for me to create links. It was definitely not hard to set up a binder either. I was just able to listen to the videos, and then I took some time to explore the website. It was fairly self-explanatory. I used some trial and error. Even if something did not work out the first time, I was able to delete it with ease. It was very easy to add content and a cover as well. I chose to save an image from Google and then upload it to my binder cover. I had no problems doing this either. It is very user friendly. I am excited to have a new tool to use. As a teacher, we have to be able to keep up with the technology. These tools will make our job easier!
11/30/2016 19:27:40Christy RandallAfter looking at some other binders, I think this will come in very hand to keep me organized. I plan to make one binder called Classroom Projects. I will then credit tabs for each of my classes. Then I will add subtabs with all the projects I come up with for each class. When I am looking for a project--ta da!!! Right now I just bookmark all my web pages I find. Do I ever go to them? Not really because they are all a jumbled mess. Now I can click on one class I am looking for a project for and select from them. Wasn't difficult at all to set up a binder. Adding content was very easy once I installed the LiveBinder It button correctly. The cover was very easy to add. I loved how you could search right off this app to find images versus going out googling an image, saving it, and then uploading it. Made it a lot easier just to search from inside LiveBinders. My initial impression of LiveBinders is that I think I will really like using it to just organize myself. Can a person have too many binders will be my only problem???
12/1/2016 14:17:07Jenny LundI am very excited to use LiveBinders both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

I like the idea of having a binder for substitute plans. After looking through the substitute page, it gave me great ideas to organize a binder for my own substitutes use. I also found a few helpful sites that I can use for myself in the classroom.

I have used a the state blackboard site to organize online material for students and am intrigued with the LiveBinders to see if it may be more effective.
It was not difficult to set up a binder or add a cover. My initial impression of LiveBinders is exciting. It will be interesting working with this site and organizing it so it is helpful in the classroom. It will take a little bit of practice with navigating the site for me, but will be handy to use when I am a little smoother.
12/27/2016 2:15:17Robin ShrakeLiveBinders allow educators/students to have their lessons in an organized centralized location - available anytime of the day and anywhere there is internet access. This tool allows for the collection of ideas and the ability to exchange, share and reflect upon them which stimulates a higher level of learning and a concrete comprehension of the content.
Initially, I experienced some hiccups setting up my "Moon" LiveBinder; however, through trial and error I was able to better understand how to utilize this tool. I integrated pdfs, websites and YouTube videos throughout within my binder. WOW!! With just a double-click, I am able to share with my students an example of Ebbinghaus Illusion. My ultimate coup was to incorporate a tab which would allow my students to "sticky note" their personal comments about the Moon.
1/4/2017 11:23:59Jackie Jessop RisingCurrently, I share links with staff via email. If it is a link for a tool that I've tired and tested, then I will put it on my Google site. I am thinking I could put those links in a LiveBinder and organize the binder by content area (math, social studies, etc.) instead of just saving those emails. Then I would share the LiveBinder link with my staff.
Email has worked as far as distributing the information. I can organize it myself in my mailbox, but assuming the recipients read the emails, I doubt they are doing any organizing. The Google site is a good place to store the info and display it, but it takes a few more minutes of work to update the site than it does LiveBinders.
Easy process to set up a binder, add content, and add a cover. No issues at all. The appeal of LiveBinders is that it is organized in a way that is familiar to most, using the old binder and tab system. That benefits those of us who really like to organize and those of us who are not great at it.
1/4/2017 14:37:55Jennifer AldrenI'm currently teaching in a non-profiit preschool, as the Lead Teacher. I'm responsible for child enrollment, and organizing documents and files. LiveBinders could seriously cut down on my paper waste, and make it easier to view documents and information, without thumbing through multiple files and folders.

I also believe LiveBinders can better organize online games, songs, videos, activities, and printables for my lesson planning, based on my scope and sequence, and this can make it more easily shared among fellow teachers.

Currently, I save too many pins on Pinterest, and never end up going back to these boards to use the documents and printable, because it's not efficiently organized into content, but in a sea of blogs and websites. LiveBinders will work better, because it can organize content into a more usable manner.
It was not difficult to set up a binder, add content, or add a cover. LiveBinders is very easy to use, and I imagine it would also be ideal for those that are not so tech-savvy.
1/27/2017 20:26:15Erin CoxMy district is using it to house curriculum maps (unit maps), but I could see myself using it to organize content for my classroom. Instead of keeping paper copies of information, I could be housing it on a Livebinder instead, organized by subject area. The layout of Livebinders is a bit challenging at first, but I like to play around with new things and find out how to use things through trial and error. I find a lot of cool features that way. It wasn't too difficult to find where to go, especially after the walk through on the class page and watching the video on setting a cover page.
2/7/2017 9:45:25Jessica PapkeBefore the use of LiveBinders, I was setting of paper binders for fundamental classes in Special Education. I created paper binders for Fundamental Independent Living, Fundamental Social Skills, Fundamental Math, Fundamental Reading, Fundamental U.S. History, and Fundamental Economics. With the use of LiveBinders, I can save myself paper and integrate my lessons, activities, worksheets, and resources into an electronic binder online. With the use of LiveBinders, I will be able to access it online anytime and update and change it as needed without using so much paper. With the use of LiveBinders, plan to create LiveBinders for each class: Fundamental Social Skills, Fundamental Independent Living Skills, Fundamental Math, Fundamental Reading, Fundamental History, and any other classes I may teach in Special Education. I will add my paper worksheets from word to pdf files, add links to websites I use on the smart board, videos, online activities/games, and other resources I use in the classroom when I teach lesson in each of these subject areas.I found it easy to set up a binder in LiveBinders. I set up tabs with titles, as well as subtabs with titles. I added links to websites, lesson plans, online games, videos, as well as my own content. I found that I had to change some of my word documents to pdf files so that it would be easier to access on LiveBinders. I found it easy to organize my tabs by different topics and color code tabs and sub tabs. I enjoyed adding a cover because I love using visuals in the classroom, and I think it makes the binder more appealing to students and other audiences. I love organizing materials into binders, and I love using technology, and I feel that LiveBinders would a great tool to help me organize my lesson plans, activities, worksheets, materials, and other content in an electronic way that I will be able to integrate into the classroom and use with students on computers and on the smart board.
2/15/2017 8:44:33Matt OsborneWOW!!!! There are so many awesome and useful LiveBinders!!!! I want them all!!!!! I really like the Sub Packages with everything a sub will need to survive a day of teaching. I am totally liking into do that. I have a sub in a tub that I use in my classroom now but it is not as easy to use as the Sub Packages on LiveBinder. The only thing that is difficult right now is trying to figure out what to put my LiveBinder. There are so many things out there to put in! My first impression on LiveBinder was eye-opening. There are so many cool things you can do with LiveBinder and I love the fact that everything will be organized together in one binder!
3/1/2017 14:26:52Ashlie JacobsI would like to use it for resources to help me integrated technology into the classroom. I also teach digital citizenship. There are a lot of resources already available for me. As for in the "classroom" I am teaching a technology course to some fellow teachers and I think it will be a really good portfolio tool for them to use to share their work for me.

I use a variety of tools and I feel like this is another great resource to use. Some of the items in the folders are blocked because of the content filter at school, so I will just have to sift through them and find the ones that are a good fit. Also, our students use iPads so the flash based websites will not work for them.
I feel like setting up the binder is very easy. It seems to be very user friendly. The "tabs inside of tabs" was not easy to find, but maybe was just my brain at that moment. All of it seems very user friendly and I am excited to have all of those resources at my disposal!
3/3/2017 14:54:44Lisa DanforthI am thinking about using LiveBinders for my 5th grade social studies classes. I am always finding new resources on the internet for this class because I have such old materials for the class. I usually just search for things and add them to my bookmarks. This will be better because it's all in one place. I don't have to worry about them disappearing year after year because it's web based.It was not difficult as long as I had a set time to work on the material. It was easy to set up the content and cover from the videos I watched. I really like LiveBinders and saving my information this way.
3/7/2017 13:50:26Skye BrucklacherCurrently I am thinking that LiveBinders would be useful to create a thematic unit for my reading classes. It would have all the links to everything that the kids would need in one spot. I also like the feature that keeps the kids in one tab and they don't have to worry about opening multiple tabs. Teaching 2nd and 3rd grade this is very important, because they tend to get a little distracted when too many things are open. I currently use Symbaloo for quite a few things including thematic units. The only thing that may be more beneficial to me is keeping the kids focus on just one window instead of several.I found that setting up a LiveBinder was fairly easy. The program itself walked you through a lot of the basic steps to create one. I am a sucker for technology, so I love to play with things and figure them out just by exploring on my own. My first impression of LiveBinders is that it is a platform that is easy to use for classroom activities and could be used throughout multiple grade levels.
3/8/2017 14:46:44Lindsey TietzI am mainly planning on using it for organizational purposes and eventually expanding my use to involve students us in my classroom.No, it was not difficult to set up a binder, add content, or add a cover. My initial impression of LiveBinders is that there endless possibilities for uses in my classroom.
3/8/2017 14:53:31Lindsey I am planning on using this for my classroom to be able to access the websites I need very easily and to add another teaching tool to my "bag of tricks". Students are good at using the internet and enjoy assignments that are online. Currently, I don't really use a set tool to organize the websites I use in class, so using Live Binders will be a good way to organize the information I would like to have at my finger tips.I enjoyed making first Live Binder. It was easy to add new content!
3/8/2017 14:54:29Sarah HantenI can see the benefit of creating a Livebinder as an organizational tool for all of my classes. It could include my course outline, my expectations for various assignments/projects, my requirements for Accelerated Reader, etc. It would provide a great way to have the information easily accessible for students and parents alike.
I could also create a LiveBinder for any particular unit, as a way to sort resources for student use. I could teach the kids how to use LiveBinders and then have them create a binder as a student project.
Currently I use a variety of methods for organization, many of them being Microsoft word files, but I can see a definite benefit of incorporating this into my current teaching practice. It would allow access at any time and anywhere.
It is a very simple process when one follows the provided steps to do so. I strongly believe that most technology tools are very easy to use if one is able to take the time to learn the process. If we have the necessary reading and critical thinking skills we are striving to instill into our students, then we too can learn and create almost any new technology tools.
I think LiveBinders is an easy-to-use organizational tool which could be applicable to so many different areas, including work and home.
3/8/2017 14:56:31Janene HarryI think it would be very helpful as an organizational tool. It would help organize different unit for class that would be accessible to students. I use file folders and file cabinets! It would be a space saver and you would have access anywhere.No, it was very easy and the steps provided in the tutorial were easy to follow. It was also easy to add new content material. The technology integrationist was there to assist me if I had any difficulties adding a cover.
It is a resource that will assist me with organization skills and easy reference to material.
3/12/2017 13:54:52Kendra BenedettoI'm considering using LiveBinders as a way of sharing WebQuest information with my English and Contemporary Literature classes. I think it could be an easy to use tool for sub plans, too. I really like the idea of linking all of my resources with instructions within the LiveBinder. I think once I get organized with LiveBinders I could link it to my Google Classroom and classroom website to better communicate to parents what's going on in class.Setting up a binder was not difficult, however, I do prefer using Google Drive over LiveBinder because I do find Google to be somewhat more user friendly. I also think I just need to explore a little bit more within the program and become more comfortable with it.
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