DateLocationCardSources, notes, dating logic, etc.
1930 - 1933/34Parris Island, SC, Canal Zone, Panama, Managua, Nicaragua. Discharged from Marines June, 1933, Quantico, VA. Joined RBBB in San Antonio, TX, ended up at their Sarasota, FL winter quarters.Learned boxing and wrestling basics at Parris Island, SC Marines Boot Camp in 1930. Learned tumbling and other skills working out with Ringling Brothers employees around 1933, at their Sarasota winter quarters. Served in Panama and Nicaragua. Carnival work with Cyclone Thompson. (1913 NYSAC World light heavyweight title...Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press) Also The Flying Dutchman (O.L. "Dutch" Tennant? Ad (Adolf?) Herman? Ed Helwig? Henry Piers?) Taking on all comers.Dad's stories and photos. Also worked as Tarzan of the Elephants, palm reader, etc, for Ringling Brothers B&B. (Probably a dung shoveler as well.) Artist's model at Ringling's Sarasota Art School. (A 1945 Wisconsin carny photo also references his circus work.)
JMK, on the many Flying Dutchmen who graced rings in North America. There are a couple with carnival roots, though, who could fill this bill: July 14, 1945 ... George Bauman vs Karl Pojello NOTE: In Spokane WA, where he was the previous night, Bauman was described as "a European product," aka "The Flying Dutchman"Added to your list (all active in the early '30s) can be: Charlie Leahman, Frankie Hart, Carl (Dutch) Schultz, Cal Farley, Henry Kolln (another carnival type), Milo Steinborn, Whitey Whittler, Tom Draak, Hans Bauer, Jack Von Weigand, Joe Ernest, Ernest Mulhausen
8/28/17 add, Dutch Mantell, active 1922 - 1935. Worked TX 1934 & 1935. He trained Cazzell.
"Dutch Van Dee and his staff of trained wrestlers" in a Hilderbrand's article.5/27/21, Yreka, CA 5/30/35 Siskiyou Daily News
1933 or 1934Santa Monica, Los Angeles, & Taft, CaliforniaAs of Dec 2020, there's seven 1934 matches.Attended Taft Jr College. In interviews, said he worked as an extra in "Mutiny on the Bounty" (Gable), "Jungle Princess", "The Circus Clown" (Joe E. Brown). Trained with Dick Paxton, who'd become Mickey Rooney's stand-in. Beachcomber (Pismo, Venice, Muscle)
8/6/1934Pismo Beach, California(Monday) (Pismo Stadium) ... Dr. Paul A. (Doc) Mullikin (of San Luis Obispo CA) beat Black Knight (unmasked as Jack McDonald) (2-1) ... Jack Eku (as Jacques Eku) beat Jack Toone (of Bakersfield CA, sub for Popeye Kirk) (2-1) ... Walt ZIM drew Glenn (Bulldog) Nolan (of Portland OR) (20:00) ... Promoter: Vic TrenowethJMK NOTE: Zim and Nolan, signed the day of the show, replaced the originally scheduled opener between Jack Gorman (of Fort Worth TX) and Vincent Anton, when Gorman brought a note from the doctor saying his hip remained on the snafu list ... These two additions are described as “Walt (Wildman) ZIM of Central America and Bulldog Nolan, lean and lanky Portland heavyweight.” – San Luis Obispo CA Daily Telegram, Aug. 6, 1934 ... Toone, also known as the Bakersfield Spider, later gained the moniker of the Texas Centipede ... Kirk's mother reportedly was ailing in Wyoming ... (advertisement) "Pismo Beach Stadium ... 2,000 Seats at 40c ... Advance Sale of Tickets – Ed Martin's – For Reservations Call Pismo 8J or 161"
5/20/22, Obispo Tribune
Mullikin pic
8/20/1934Pismo Beach, California (Sub for Zim)(Monday) (Pismo Stadium) ... Don Hill (of Bakersfield CA) beat Jacques Eku (2-1) ... Paul Johnson beat Dr. Gene Burson (170, of Buffalo NY, sub for Rod Fenton) (2-1) ... Sandy Garrison (as Don Casanova) drew Glenn (Bulldog) Nolan (sub for Wildman Walt ZIM / Walter ZIM) (20:00) ... Promoter: Vic TrenowethJMK: Billed as promoter Vic Trenoweth's first "all light-heavyweight" wrestling show ... featuring, among others, "Walter Zim, blond South American wildman" – San Luis Obispo CA Daily Telegram, Aug. 16, 1934, or "The Polish star from South America." – San Luis Obispo CA Daily Telegram, Aug. 20, 1934 ... Jacques Eku, in time, will become "Jack Eku ... Eskimo-Siwash ... dog trainer" ... Paul Johnson, "the Long Beach Hercules," is described as a "former American amateur champion" and Garrison is "a well-known Mexican boxer ... it will be the first time that Casanova has appeared on any mat in California." ... Garrison boxed such notables as Ace Hudkins and Lee Ramage ... Fenton was released from his contract to fly home to the bedside of his ailing father in Edmonton AB ... "Don Casanova made an unimpressive debut in the wrestling profession when he could get no more than a draw with Bulldog Nolan in the opener."
10/5/18, clipping from Santa Maria CA Daily Times.
1/11/20, clips in the 8/18/34 Santa Maria CA Times
NOTES: 40c seats, Ekue born in an igloo and nursed by wild wolves
11/21/1934Bakersfield, California(Wednesday) (Bakersfield Stadium) ... Red Devil, 185 lbs, beat Pete Belcastro, 180 ... Dude Chick, 185, beat Jack McDonald, 185 ... Wayne Stumbaugh (as Stunbaugh) (and Strombaugh), 160 lbs drew Bill ZIMM (also called Walter (Zimbo) Zim), 168 ... Promoter: Buck Buchanan8/17/18, Don Luce, from Bob Nitsche records.
6/28/20, 1-col x 2.5" clip (album 2, p 3.5) "Taft Grappler to Wrestle Tonight" ... New nickname, Zimbo. (Circus-inspired? eg, Jumbo) "Zim has shown improvement in mat technique of late, and experts claim he has a real future ahead of him." ... Zimbo was in the Nov 9, 1934 Captain and Kids cartoon strip ...
5/28/21, 11/19 & 20/34 Bakersfield Californian, from Kern county library, added venue, weights, Strombaugh spelling and referee. Action started at “8:30 o’Clock” 168 is Z's lowest wrestling weight.
5/31/21, merged a 1936 PH into this. 1-col x 3.6" undated clip (album 3) "Taft wrestler on Bakersfield Mat card" ... "Stumbaugh, middleweight champion of California, returns to Bakersfield Wednesday night meeting Walter Zimm, Taft Junior College student, in the opening bout. Stumbaugh is home after a successful invasion of Oregon and Washington, where he met the best at his weight. Zimm, a colorful figure, is known in Bakersfield as the "Prussian thunderbolt of Nova Scotia." His friends refer to him as "Jungle Jim", and he is really a native of South America."
11/22/1934Hanford, California(Thursday) ... Dude Chick beat Pete Belcastro (2-1) ... Red Devil drew Jack McDonald (45:00) ... Wayne Stumbaugh drew Walt ZIMM (25:00) ... Referee: Hoot Herrin8/17/18, Luce, from Bob Nitsche records.
1/11/20, 11/23/34 Hanford Morning Journal added times, falls, and note: "plenty of laughs" ... "Zinn tickled his bigger opponent out of holds." Zim's 1st comedy stunt. ... Actpr Slim Pickens went to Hanford High School.
6/28/20, "Taft Grappler" clipping, noted in 11/21/34 entry.
11/29/1934Hanford, California(Thursday) (Kings Athletic Club) ... Cowboy Dude Chick beat Jack McDonald (2-1) ... Wild Tiger Miller beat Jack Sullivan, the Orange Kid (2-1) ... Art Vigario (sub for Walt ZINN) drew Ed Taylor (25:00)1/11/20, 11/30/34 Hanford CA Sentinel
12/5/1934Bakersfield, California(Wednesday) (Bakersfield Stadium, Nineteenth and V streets) ... Red Devil beat Dude Chick ... Buddy O'Brien drew Jack Sullivan (sub for Phil Widner) ... Bill (and Walt) ZIMM, 170 lbs, drew Jack LaRue, 175 ... Promoter: Buck Buchanan8/17/18, Luce, from Bob Nitsche records.
5/28/21, the 12/4/34 Bakersfield Californian, courtesy local library, added venue, Widner sub, promoter, weights, prices ... Ringside $1.10, Balcony 75c, General Admission 40c, Ladies and Children Occupying Ringside Seats 60c
12/6/1934 (was Nov/Dec PH)Hanford, California (Was a PH)
Instead of PH, use (?) ?
(Thursday) (Kings AC) ... Dude Chick beat Buddy O'Brien (2-1) ... Red Devil beat Walt LeCore (2-1) ... Jack Sullivan (sub for Wild Bill Wynder) drew Walt ZIMM (Spelled ZINN in 12/7/34 report)Z 1 col x 1.5" undated clip (album page w/Z in cage with orangutan) ... Date/place logic: Zim handwriting pointing to article "1934 One of my first" [1st clippings? 1st matches?] ... Sullivan & Zim were on a 12/13/34 Hanford card ... Zim worked Hanford 12/27/34 ... Sullivan (Orange Kid) wrestled Strelich 11/1/34 in Hanford
8/17/18, Don Luce, from Bob Nitsche records. NOTE: This Jack Sullivan had wrestled under a mask as Kid Orange until Steve Strelich defeated him in Hanford on November 1, 1934. Sullivan was billed from Tennessee.
1/11/20, 12/7/34 Hanford CS Sentinel
12/8/34 Visalia Times-Delta added falls
12/13/1934Hanford, California(Thursday) (Kings AC) ... Louie Miller beat Jack Sullivan (aka Orange Kid) (2-1) ... Frenchy Walter LaCore (tough Frog of Selma CA) drew Dutch Scarberry (of Fresno) (60:00) ... Walt ZIM (as ZINN) drew Ken Harmon (25:00) ... Referee: Ralph Manfredo (of Fresno)12/14/34 Fresno Bee The Republican 1-column article
1/11/20, Hanford CA Morning Journal added times and referee, razzberry
12/27/1934Hanford, California(Thursday) (Kings AC) ... Wild Tiger Louie Miller beat Buddy O'Brien (2-1) ... Vic Hill beat Tiger Tarzan Boykin (2-1) ... Oscar "Dutch" Scarberry (of Fresno CA) drew Walt ZIM (as Walt ZINN)12/28/34 Fresno Bee The Republican 1-col
JMK NOTE: The Fresno CA Bee (Dec. 28, 1934) reported that “Dutch Scarberry of Fresno wrestled to a draw with Walt ZINN.”
1 col x 1.2" undated, unplaced Z clip (album #3, rooftop pics page): "The curtain raiser will find Dutch Scarberry of Fresno meeting Walt Zinn, Adonis of Hollywood, for the one-fall 25 minutes time limit bout. Altogether the card looks to be mighty good, with plenty of action and rough stuff for the most rabid fan." ... This match was a Jul-Nov 1935 placeholder, but changed to the 12/27/34 show, per JMK on 10/8/16.
1/9/1935Bakersfield, California(Wednesday) (Stadium) ... Dude Chick beat Vic Hill ... Louie Miller drew Buddy O'Brien ...Tarzan Boynkin beat Walter ZIMM ... Matchmaker: Buck Buchanan ... NOTE: The venue is at Nineteenth and V Streets and will become "Strelich Stadium" before too long ... ZIMM is billed as "The Terrible Thunderbolt of Canada" at 175 pounds ... Card sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans ... Ringside seats are $1.10, balcony perches 75 cents and general admission 40 cents ... Ladies and children at ringside get in for 60 cents1 col x 7" undated Z clip "WRESTLING Tomorrow Night". Date and results from WD.
Also 1 col x 1.7" clip ("Thunder and Lightning"), w/ spellings of ZIMM, ZINN, and Boykin.
Note: The 9/4/34 Salem OR paper calls Rod Fenton the "Canadian Thunderbolt", maybe inspiring Zim's Thunderbolt gimmick?
1/30/1935Bakersfield, California(Wednesday) ... Dude Chick defeated Louie Miller ... Buddy O'Brien defeated Vic Hill ... Paul Johnson (sub for Otis Clingman) drew Walter ZIMM (20:00) ... Referee: Bull Montana ... Promoter: Buck BuchananWD
5/28/21, 1/29 & 30/35 Bakersfield Californian, courtesy local library, provided Clingman info, 20 min time limit, ref, and promoter.
2/28/1935Hanford, California(Thursday) (Kings Athletic Club) ... Roy Roberts (Red Devil) vs Steve Strelich (2 hour time limit) ... Herb Parks vs Sammy George (of Alabama) ... Walt ZINN (of Hollywood) vs Sleepy Jack Toone (of Texas)1/11/20, 2/26/35 Hanford CA Sentinel
3/7/1935Hanford, California(Thursday) (Kings AC) ... Herb Parks vs Sammy George ... Paul Bulldog Johnson vs Walt ZINN ... Eskimo Eku, Alaskan Indian vs Tony Marino1/11/20, 3/7/35 Hanford CA Sentinel
4/30/1935 thru 5/5/1935Ukiah, CaliforniaAt least 8 weeks spent touring with Hilderbrand's United shows (carnival & circus) April 30 thru August 10.Hilderbrands spelling from his notes on two unsent postcards. (Roseburg and Crater Lake are pictured.) With Wayne Stumbaugh?
5/21/1935 thru 7/5/1935Oregon: Roseburg, Medford, Klamath Falls, BendHilderbrand's United Shows.
Roseburg 5/21/35 - 5/25/35
Yreka, CA 6/3/35 - 6/8/35 (Dutch Van Dee and his staff of trained wrestlers)
Klamath Falls 6/24/35 - 6/29/35
Bend 7/1/35 - 7/4/35
See above links.
5/27/21, the Yreka shows added based on
8/5/1935 thru 8/10/1935Boise, IdahoWalter Zim with Hilderbrand's United ShowJMK: (advertisement) “COMING TO BOISE … Hilderbrand’s United Shows … August 5th to 10th, Inclusive Gates Open 6:30 Nightly … 6-BIG DAYS-6 … Fairview Avenue – Nampa Highway … RIDES: Merry-Go-Round, Merry Mix-Up, Loop-O-Plane, Glide-De-O, Steam Railroad, Air O’Plane, Auto Go Round … SHOWS: Wrestling, Nights in Hawaii, Circus Side Show, Reptilian, Mysterious Maze, Illusions, Alaska or Bust … FOR OLD – AND YOUNG … MATINEE SATURDAY 1:00 TO 5:00 P.M. … FREE GATE TO CHILDREN ANYTIME … Free Acts Nightly … Largest, Greatest, Most up to Date Carnival in the West! – Carrying 250 People, 30 Trucks and Trailers … Hilderbrand’s United Shows.” – Idaho Statesman, Boise ID, Aug. 3, 1935
11/14/1935Taft, California(Thursday) (East Center Street Arena (Later, Legion Stadium?)) ... Frank Taylor vs Ken Hollis (as Hallis) ... Ted Christy vs Tuffy Cleat ... Pete Becker beat Walt (Tarzan) ZIMM (17:23) ... Referee: W. Stumbaugh (Wayne) ... Sponsored by American Legion ... First 3 rows $1.00, near ringside 75 c, General 50 c1 col x 6" Z clip "Thursday, November 14". From 1933 to 1938, only 1935 has Nov 14 on Thursday. Bakersfield city placeholder based on an adjacent clipping (Taft wrestler on Bakersfield Mat Card), saying Stumbaugh was returning to Bakersfield. ... Adjacent 1-col x 1.5" clip has Becker/Z result. "Pete Becker took the opener over Walt (Tarzan) Zimm after 17 minutes and 23 seconds with a body press. It was a slow bout with Becker staying close to Zimm, so that it was impossible for the local strong man to ever get hold of him."
5/30/21, posted request on the PWHS FB page. Any idea of city or venue, based on ad format, layout, font, etc? Two hours later, Jason Presley shared a clip, showing this was in Taft. It named only Hollis and Taylor.
2/15/1936Santa Monica, California(Saturday) (Douglas Aircraft outdoor ring at Ocean Park Avenue at 28th. (On the west side of the plant.)) ... "Noon hour recreation"6 Z photos (In ORIGINALS notebook) Date noted on the back of one. "Noon hour recreation." Could his opponent have been Ray Gedeon, aka Red Shoes Dugan? A 30s wrestling report said he was a Douglas star. ... Note, Gedeon wrestled in Alabama Jan and March 1936, reducing the chance it was him.
2/21/21, Mark Hewitt thought he looked like Gedeon. Also, about the "legs" photo: "Mike, that’s a great action photo. Your Dad is trapped in a vicious looking Achilles lock."
Dugan is mentioned in The Legend of Chavo Guerrero, by the Mountain Goats. Dugan obituary
3/30/1936Pasadena, California(Monday) (Pasadena Arena) ... Kimon Kudo vs Bob Coleman ... Dick Daviscourt vs Jack McArthur ... Stanley Pinto vs Harry Jacobs ... Wild Man ZIM vs Tony Marino of Hollywood11/30/19, 3/28/36 Monrovia CA News-Post
NOTE: The second of Marino and dad's two bookings. He was one of the many Masked Marvels, and resembles Danny "Machete" Trejo, in his WD profile pic.
He was described as muscular when he was the best man in a 1934 in-ring wedding.
4/3/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... STRANGLER LEWIS DOWNS BILL LONGSON ... Lewis had little trouble beating Longson in 26:20 with a series of headlocks which put the young Adonis out of commission for the rest of the evening. Longson substituted for Bill Sledge who was unable to wrestle because of blood poisoning in his arm. Wild Man ZIMM more than lived up to his name in the semi-final and lost on a foul to Vic Hill in 20:20, (dq) with about one minute of it wrestling. Apparent premeditated murder on the part of ZIMM caused referee Ted Hopkins to stop the bout before Hill was put in the hospital.Santa Monica Outlook, Saturday, April 4, 1936, courtesy J Michael Kenyon & WD
4/8/1936Santa Monica, California(Wednesday) (Olympic Aud, att. 4,000) ... Tiny Roebuck beat Paul Matan ... Referee: Max Baer ... Chief Chewacki (as King Chiwaki) beat Oki Shikina (2-1) ... Bill Longson drew Vic Christy (60:00, 1-1) ... Bill Sledge beat Bronko Valdez ... Bill Bartush beat Kimon Kudo ... Jake Patterson beat Benny Ginsberg (13m. 6s., dq) ... Wildman ZIMM, 180 (also ZINN and ZIN) beat Mitsui Hamanake, 165 (12m. 16s.) ... Promoter: Jack DaroJ Michael Kenyon ... NOTE: "Lou Daro wants Max Baer to meet Man Mountain Dean at Wrigley Field in May. The poor attendance at this card may have changed his mind." – Steve Yohe, researcher.
Plus WD & Z "Olympic Wrestling" clip for 4/14 match (As Wildman ZINN) ... "Zinn won last week"
Also Apr 8, 1936 LA Times preview, with a photo of Ted Christy on the beach "giving his training stooge rather the worst of it."
And 4/4 & 4/5
5/18/18 better version of the 4/8/36 LA Times preview added. (beach shot of Christy)
8/7/18, received the 7.1 x 9.7" 4-page (purple cover) program from Rock Rims. Added promoter name, and ZINN spelling. NOTES: "Positively no betting. No abusive language or ungentlemanly conduct will be tolerated. ... $50 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of anyone throwing anything that is liable to cause injury to any person in the Olympic Auditorium.
wiki says the auditorium's seating capacity was 15,300 during the 1932 Summer Olympic Games (boxing, wrestling, & weightllifting), and that it was the largest indoor venue in the USA. However, the 1936 program says seating capacity was 10,400. Perhaps temporary bleachers were used for the 1932 Games?
12/2/20, 4/9/36 Daily News provided weights
4/12/23, 4/10/36 LA Times added times
4/9/1936Bakersfield, California(Thursday) (Bakersfield Arena, Nineteenth & V Streets) ... Jerry Monahan beat Man Mountain Dean (dq) ... Casey Columbo beat John Freberg (2-1) ... George Kondelis, 212, beat Wildman ZIMM, 210 (18:15) ... Matchmaker: Buck Buchanan 9/19/18 Kasper, from
Notes: Dean actually won in two straight falls, but was disqualified when he sprang on Monahan with a flying broad jump after having won the second fall. ... "The opening duel went to George Kondelies in 18 minutes and 15 seconds with a body slam which subdued Wildman Jim (sic) for the night"
4/13/22, weights & matchmaker courtesy Marvin Rubin ad. Tckts at Jimmy Bowan's Snooker Parlor.
4/11/1936 (previously listed as 4/10)Santa Monica, California(Saturday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... Bill Sledge drew Chief Chewacki (60:00, 0-0) … Referee: Mickey McMasters ... Ed (Strangler) Lewis beat Tony Felice (1-0, utc) ... Vic Christy drew Casey Colombo (45:00) ... Wild Man ZIMM beat John (Firpo) Wilcox ... John Freberg beat Alden Brooks … Promoter: Mike HirschJMK ... /20/15, JMK revised date from the 10th to the 11th, and amplified considerably ... NOTE: “Wild Man ZIMM, Venice eccentric, was able to hold Firpo Wilcox down for the count when Wilcox fell while executing an overhead body slam. ZIMM’s flying dropkick, which missed and catapulted him across the ring backwards, through the air, when he landed sitting on the top rope, was a highlight.” – Santa Monica CA Evening Outlook, Apr. 13, 1936
4/14/1936San Diego, California(Coliseum) ...Vincent Lopez beat Dick Daviscourt (2-0) ... Brother Jonathan beat Jack Holland ... Dr. Fred Meyer beat Vic Hill ... Howard Cantonwine beat Stanley Pinto ... Bronco Valdez beat Wildman ZIMM (dq) ... NOTE: Lopez is defending his claim to the "California world title"JMK, WD & Z 3/4 x 4.5 Knockout clip (#3 rear) + 4/15/36 Fresno Bee
4/15/1936Los Angeles, California(Wednesday) (Olympic Aud, att. 8,500) ... Joe Savoldi beat Chief Chewacki (as King Chiwaki) (2-0, dq) ... Sandor Szabo beat Tiny Roebuck (2-1) ... Howard Cantonwine drew Vic Christy ... Bill Bartush beat Benny Ginsberg ... Bill Sledge beat Jake Patterson ... (Jiu-Jitsu Match) Mitsui Hamanake, 164, beat Wildman ZIM (as Wildman ZIN), 185 (11:47) ... Oki Shikina drew Fred MeyerJMK, WD &
Plus Z clip referring to this match and the week earlier match.
Also 4/10, 12, 15, & 17/36 LA Times previews.
JMK NOTE: ”ZIN will wish that he had not become civilized enough to don a jacket after Hamanake gets through with him, the mat wiseacres say.” – Los Angeles CA Times, Apr. 12, 1936
12/2/20, added weights and fall time
4/17/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... Sandor Szabo drew Vic Christy ... Howard Cantonwine beat Brother Jonathan ... Stanley Pinto beat Fred Meyer (dq) ... Bobby Coleman beat Wild Man ZIMM (cor)JMK & WD
4/20/1936Pasadena, California(Monday) (Arena) ... Vincent Lopez vs Vic Christy ... Howard Cantonwine vs Stanley Pinto ... Baron Benny Ginsberg vs Wild Man ZIM ... Bill Longsen vs Paul Matan2/13/20, 4/20/36 Whittier CA News
Prices: 40c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
4/21/1936San Diego, California(Tuesday) (Coliseum) … Joe Savoldi drew Howard Cantonwine ... Stanley Pinto beat Chief Chewacki ... Bill Bartush beat Vic Hill ... Fred Meyer beat Leo Papiano ... Wild Man ZIMM beat Jack HollandJMK, WD & Z KNOCKOUT magazine 3-liner. "Zim is quite a character but Holland should win." album #3
4/23/1936 (Was a 4/16/36 PH, and a 1936 PH before that.)Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... Howard Cantonwine beat Sandor Szabo (2-1) ... Stanley Pinto vs Dr. Fred Meyer (13:26, ddq) ... Baron Benny Ginsberg beat Oki Shikina (13:13, cor) ... Billy Hansen beat Vic Hill (17:25) ... George Kondelis beat Wildman ZIM (14:33) ... Referee: Hopkins ... Promoter: Don McDonald2/24/21, Kasper ... Notes: "Grecian George Kondelis body-slammed Wildman Zim, a missing link with more hair than Johnny Weissmuller, in 14.33"
George Kondelis was George Tragos, one of the major trainers of Lou Thesz, and a man who thought nothing of injuring his opponent if they didn't live up to his expectations of what it meant to be a wrestler. Since your father appeared the next day in Santa Monica, he can't have displeased the old Greek too much.
4/23 & 24/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
3/22/23, Long Beach Sun
PREVIOUS INFOZ 4.5" x 3" undated clip "Long Beach Wrestling" Album #2, p 14
7/5/16 JMK: Try Thursday, April 16, 1936.  ... Because:
Long Beach shows were staged on Thursdays.
All of the participants scheduled for the undated show were in the area.
But, most importantly, because Oki Shikina was on the card.
Shikina had been advertised to appear Thursday, April 16 in Oakland but bowed out of that date, plus a couple of other northern California dates that same week, in order to wrestle what appears to have been a pretty full slate in southern Cal, topped by a main event Friday night, April 17, against Ed (Strangler) Lewis in San Bernardino.
And then he went back up to San Francisco, etc., the following week and was pretty much gone from the Southland until July.
I have no FIRM proof, but the 16th is a pretty good guess ... plus it fits Tragos/Kondylis to a T, since that was -- methinks -- his first or second week in southern California. ... NOTE: “Zim a fine showman but the Greek too much wrestler for him.” – Referee Magazine (undated)
4/24/1936Santa Monica, California

4/26/36, Intention to Marry notice in the LA Times. Shirlie Blake, 19, both lived at 1410 Second avenue, Venice. They married on May 4.
(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena, att-1,600 SRO) ... Bill Sledge beat Chief Chewacki … Wild Man ZIMM beat Bobby Coleman (cor) ... Fred Meyer beat Jack Holland ... Benny Ginsberg drew Buck Yocum (also called Buck Bock) ... NOTE: These appear to have been the actual results -- unless they have been misdated (always a possibility) ... Promoter: Mike Hirsch ... Ray Adamson, Douglas Aircraft, vs Jimmy Betton, Associated TelephoneJMK, WD & California Digital Newspaper Collection.
NOTE: This was the lineup advanced in the Santa Monica College Corsair (issue of April 22). JMK: What we have now, My Dear Doctor Zee, is what must be described as anomalous.
The Santa Monica College Corsair (dated Wednesday, April 22, 1936) previews Friday night’s Mike Hirsch mat show at the Ocean Park Arena … but only the ZIMM-Coleman match appears to have come off as scheduled (!)
Bill Sledge vs Fred Meyer … Vic Christy vs Benny Ginsberg … (Jr Heavy Title Tourney, first round) Wildman ZIMM vs Bobby Coleman … Jack Holland vs Allen Royer
3/7/21, 4/22/36 SM Evening Outlook, courtesy Sara at SM History Museum, added the Ray Adamson / Jimmy Betton match.
3/8/21, 4/24/36 Venice Evening Vanguard
3/11/23, added attendance courtesy Vandal Drummond
4/28/1936Pomona, California(Tuesday) (Sportatorium) ... Vincent Lopez beat Baron Benny Ginsberg (2-0) ... Bill Longson drew Al Baffert (30:00, 0-0) ... Bobby Coleman beat Mike Warks (21:30) ... Wild Man ZIN beat Jack Holland (16:40) ... Referee: Dick Rutherford ... Promoter: Patrick Denis Michael Ahern
5/1/36 Chino (CA) Champion ...

JMK NOTE: Ahern was dubbed “Carnation Pat” because of his affecting the lapel flower made famous by Los Angeles promoter “Carnation Lou” Daro … "Jack Holland, Hollywood's husky school boy, was no match for Wild Man ZIN, ol' Tarzan of the Apes hisself, from Borneo-o-o-o. Zin's bare footwork was anything but a joy because he kept putting one or the other in Holland's wind section most of the match, which ended in 16 minutes 40 seconds. In fact, ZIN just about kicked Holland into submission and otherwise disported himself in a manner which brought down the wrath, ire and imprecations of the crowded house … The Baron, who favors the use of tape around his right hand and a patch on his elbow for use across his adversary’s eyes, very much to the displeasure of the crowd, which last Tuesday numbered quite a splattering of Mexicans who were out to see their idol in action. As usual, before the match ended, referee Dick Rutherford held the infuriated Baron while Lopez took off the tape. This stunt, frequently employed, is getting old now and the boys should figger up something new to cause fresh wrath among the fans.” – Chino CA Champion, May 1, 1936
2/1/20, 4/23 & 29/36 Pomona CA Progress Bulletin
Notes: Zinn-Holland Floor crowd with rousing exhibit ... Borneo African carnal tactics
4/30/1936Long Beach, California (Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... Howard Cantonwine beat Vic Christy (2-1) ... Stanley Pinto beat Baron Benny Ginsberg (2-1) ... Billy Hansen beat Vic Hill (17:33) ... Dr. Fred Meyer drew Al Baffert ... Wildman ZIM beat George Maloney (as Jack Maloney) (16:10) 2/24/21 Kasper ... Notes: "Wildman Zim out-roughed Jack Maloney to down him in 16:10 with a body press."
5/1/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
5/4/1936Santa Monica, CaliforniaIn-ring marriage to Shirlie Blake. Three Stooges may have attended. No match that day?

Might dad's hijinks have inspired Moe, Larry, and Curly? Check their pre-1936 film work.
Have the marriage certificate, but no clip mentioning the Stooges. advises that they weren't on the road at that time, and often attended boxing and wrestling events, so maybe they were just in the audience.
Note: Casey Columbo was in Grips, Grunts, and Groans, and worked with dad 4/9/36. Maybe he attracted the Stooges to this show? Casey was a S Monica lifeguard.
5/5/1936San Diego, California(Tuesday) (Coliseum) … George Zaharias beat Tiny Roebuck (2‑1) ... Clem Savoldi beat Mitsugu Hamanaka (2-1) ... Bill Bartush beat Stanley Pinto (9:24) ... Billy Hansen (sub for "Tiger Al" Thesz, of Armenia) drew Benny Ginsberg (30:00) … Billy Hansen beat Wild Man ZIMM (7:53) ... Referee: Don McDonald ... Matchmaker: Linn PlatnerJMK ... NOTE: Clem Savoldi weighed 145 pounds ... "Tiger Al" was a Toots Mondtian publicity gaffe which misidentified the future pro wrestling legend, Lou Thesz, then just a few days past his 20th birthday ... Thesz' non-appearance had Billy Hansen doing double duty, first tossing the 189-pound "long-haired grappler," ZIMM, in short order, before, as a replacement, going to a time-limit draw with Ginsberg.
5/7/1936Ogden, Utah(Thursday) (Elks Club Arena) ... Richard Stahl beat Sherm Christensen (2-1) ... Del Kunkel beat George Bennett (sub for George Sarris) (2-0, dq) ... Ralph Morley drew Red Devil (30:00) ... Wally Thompson drew Wild Man ZIM (20:00) ... NOTE: "Wally Thompson of Colorado and Wild Man ZIM of Los Angeles also gave a thrilling performance. They wrestled at top speed over 20 minutes to a draw." – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, May 8, 1936JMK & 7 May 1936 Ogden-Standard Examiner
Note: Wildman Zinn of Los Angeles.
5/8/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(Friday) (McCullough's Arena) ... Joe Savoldi drew Richard Stahl (60:00, 1-1) ... Del Kunkel beat Wild Man ZIM (192, of Nicaragua) (2-0, cor) ... Wally Thompson (195, of Pueblo CO) beat Jack Nelson (205, of New York City NY, sub for George Sarris of Oakland CA) (2-0) ... Floyd Hanson (176, of Salt Lake City UT) beat George Bennett (175, of Oklahoma) (18:00) ... NOTE: "The most spectacular finish to a wrestling match yet witnessed at the arena was put on by Del Kunkel in defeating Wild Man ZIM, said to be from Nicaragua. The Wild Man attempted to live up to his name, throwing fists and knees and pulling hair and otherwise conducting himself as wild men are supposed to do. These evidences of savagery, however, failed to daunt the local dynamiter. Kunkel won the first fall with a pile driver that almost drove Zim's head through the floor, permanently waved locks and all. Del polished off the Central American in highly picturesque fashion. Leaping for and obtaining a flying headlock, Kunkel mounted to the top strand of the arena enclosure and marched, hand over hand, two-thirds of the way around, dragging the floundering Wild Man along with him. Arrived at the southwest corner, Kunkel gave his sturdy legs a twist. This served to yank Zim over the ropes and to drop him on the concrete below. He was counted out." -- Salt Lake UT Tribune, May 9, 1936JMK: "The Wild Man is said to be well named, although his wrestling record is mostly hearsay so far as authentic local information is concerned ... ZIM is credited with 190 pounds." – Salt Lake UT Tribune, May 3, 1936 ... There is talk, too, of the "Wild Man" having matriculated at Taft Junior College, located in Kern County, California.
5/6/36 Salt Lake Tribune … Enter the Wild Man ... Promoter Verne McCullough saw him in LA and described him as a “glamorous lad”.
Plus 1 col x 12" Z clip p 13 ... Note: "A super showman and an outstanding wrestler is "Wild Man" Zim from Nicaragua ... Promoter McCullough who saw the fellow in action down on the coast last weekend, describes him as another Danny McShain, than whom there never was anybody any "whomer" around these parts."
Plus 1 col x 2.8" Z results & 5/9/36 report ...
9/1/18, 5/8/36 Salt Lake Tribune
12/27/21, 1 col x 4" clip, album #2, p 8.5
5/9/1936Venice, California (Doubtful ... See comments)Wild Man ZIM billed.JMK ... Z: Logical? He's in Salt Lake City the night before, and 700 miles is a long push.
JMK: I do know that Walter Zim, when licensed the previous month (April 1936) by the state athletic commission (license No. 969) gave as his address 1410 Second Avenue, Venice CA … so it’s possible some enterprising promoter just threw his name into the hopper of some press release. As we know, there is at least 700 miles ‘twixt being “billed” and actually showing up and doing the grapple. ... ... Not that the 700 miles was insurmountable. Joe Savoldi, in the main event of that Friday, May 8, 1936 card in Salt Lake was booked the next night, against Vic Christy, at the Sportatorium in Pomona CA, which isn't all that terribly short of Venice CA. Of course, Savoldi was a main eventer and probably could charge airplane tickets not likely available to an up-and-comer such as your progenitor.
5/15/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(Friday) (McCullough's Arena, 9th South and Main) ... Ray Steele beat Richard Stahl (2-1) ... Joe Savoldi beat Del Kunkel (60:00, 1-0, only fall) ... Wild Man ZIM, 179 beat Floyd Hanson, 180 (12:00) ... George Sarris (as Ted Sarris, 194, of Detroit MI) drew Wally Thompson (20:00) ... Referee: Sherm ChristensenJMK NOTE: "Wild Man ZIM was wild enough Friday night to suit even the most bloodthirsty. He roughed it was Floyd Hanson to such good – or bad – purpose that he won a one-fall match. Hanson attempted to retaliate in kind, but the Nicaragua wild one got in by far the most numerous punches, strangles, knees and gouges. Sherm Christensen, who was referee for the evening, had to pitch ZIM out of the ring a time or two, but even that failed to diminish the Central American's ardor." – Salt Lake UT Tribune, May 16, 1936
Also 5/15/36 Salt Lake Tribune preview
5/16/36 St. Louis Star and Times
12/14/19, the 5/14/36 Salt Lake UT Telegram added address and prices: $1.50, 1, 65c, 45c, 90c, 60c, 25c
3/11/20, the 5/16/36 SLC UT Telegram
NOTE: Zim made faces, ran up and down the aisles, pulled his long hair ... at least a dozen barbers in the house were anxious to go to work on Zim's tresses.
7/12/21, 2 small clips (album 2, p 11)
5/16/1936Ogden, Utah(Saturday) (Ogden Elks Club) ... Joe Savoldi beat Richard Stahl ... George Sarris drew Del Kunkel ... WILD MAN ZIM, 179 lbs., beat Danny Milligan, 180 ... Wally Thompson over Floyd Hansen ... Referee: Ralph Morley ... NOTE: "Danny Milligan of Ogden tried a flying tackle against Wild Man Zim but missed his mark after 15 minutes of wrestling. Milligan was injured in the mixup." – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, May 17, 1936From 5/17/36 Ogden Standard-Examiner , JMK & 5/16/36 Ogden S-E
3/11/20, the 5/17/36 Salt Lake Tribune
5/18/1936Burley, Idaho(Monday) (Arcadia Hall) ... Al Newman beat Richard (Dick) Stahl (2-1) ... Del Kunkel beat George Sarris (2-0) ... Wild Man ZIM (193, who hails from Central America) beat Dan Millikan/Milligan, 197 (2-1) ... Sherm Christensen beat Wally Thompson11/5/14, Kasper Christiansen of
7/5/19, articles in the 5/14, 15 and 21/36 Burley, Idaho Herald-Bulletin.
Note: “Zim earned the name of “Wild Man” by his aggressive work in the ring. He is fast, clever, and strong…”
"Fans loved the ferocious ballyhoo emanating from Wild Man Zim who stole the show with his caveman antics. Booed consistently, Zim in turn, strutted and cried, but he and Millikan stage a fast uproarious bout. ... Zim won when he tossed the Irishman from the ring and then jumped on him."
5/20/1936 (Was a 5/27/36 PH)Evanston, Wyoming(Wednesday) (I.O.O.F. Arena) ... Del Kunkel beat Wild Man ZIM (2-1) ... Fred (Popeye) McKenzie (sub for Sherm Christensen) beat Richard Stahl (2-1, dq)... Wally Thompson (of Pueblo CO) beat George Sarris (15:00, utc)... Roy Taylor drew Harold Taylor (15:00) … Bud Matthews (of Evanston WY) drew Chet Bruce (of Almy WY) (10:00)... Referees: Roy Hartley, Bill Salmela ... Promoter: Lyman Brown
From Z 1-col x 7.2" undated clip (alb #2 p 16) "Wrestling" ... Place logic: There's a 6/3/36 IOOF card in Evanston. ... Date logic: Most of the troupe is working Utah in May & June. Assumed Wed, like the 6/3/36 card. The 3 open and feasible Wednesdays: 5/13, 5/20, and 5/27. The 27th is proposed, since 6 of them work Ogden UT on 5/28. NOTE: The I.O.O.F. is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a global altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization derived from the British Oddfellows service organizations of the 18th century.
3/10/16, received 5/14 & 5/21/36 Wyoming Times clippings from the Evanston, WY library, which enabled dating this card.
JMK NOTE: "Del Kunkel, Salt Lake City, beat Wild Man ZIM, Tarzan of the Argentine, in one of the most lively, free-for-all bouts ever staged here. Del had to turn ‘wild’ himself, and during the course of this canto, which started in the ring and practically finished at the front door of the arena, he had his hand broken while slugging away at this Wild Man ZIM. ‘Doc’ Stafford attended to the injured member, and Del came back to win in a very sensational manner. Zim took (the) first fall in 7 minutes with a body slam. Del won (the) second fall in 10 minutes with an airplane spin, and (the) third and winning fall in 5 minutes with a drop kick that knocked the Wild Man from the Amazon for a loop." – Wyoming Times, Evanston IL, May 21, 1936 … The Taylors were plainly identified as brothers … “Wild Man ZIM is a native of South America. He has been in the wrestling game for nine years; has been in the United States for one year, for which period he has been instructing wrestling at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. ZIM is one of those men with a perfect body, beautifully muscled, and fast and lithe as a panther; he is also one of the greatest showmen in the world, and when it comes to dirty tactics, he is a past master … Many of the fans have requested a heavyweight card, so Mr. Brown secured, through Verne McCullough, Friday night, this selection of heavy men. It has been difficult to get heavyweights who can move past the slow-motion screen pictures; but this man ZIM is as fast as a welterweight and his long hair adds to this colorful wrestling … Del Kunkel has been crowded on several occasions this season, but if he gets by ZIM he will have to travel. It was fortunate last week [May 8], at Salt Lake, that he got the decision over the Argentine wrestler. – Wyoming Times, Evanston WY, May 14, 1936
5/21/1936Ogden, Utah(Thursday) (Elks Club) ... Del Kunkel beat Wild Man ZIM (2-1) ... Ralph Morley drew Jungle Joe Bauer (45:00, 1-1) ... Richard Stahl drew George Sarris (of Oakland CA) ... Danny Milligan drew Tiger Nelson (9:00) ... Referee: R. Verne McCullugh ... NOTE: " Zim displayed the usual wild man tricks with a few of his own flourishes. He appeared with a Johnny Weissmuller mane and bare feet, and started the festivities by clamping a headlock on Kunkel before Del could remove his bathrobe. After taking a few rights and lefts and having his toes spread a number of times, however, the alleged South American got a great longing for the Pampas and preferred to spend most of his time out of the ring. This didn't suit Del, and the Salt Laker became quite adept before the affair was over at such cute tricks as lifting Zim over the ropes by the hair. There were other things, too, such as the Wild Man making passes at a few spectators. The match was short on wrestling but long on slaughterhouse." – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, May 22, 1936J Michael Kenyon "Wild Man ZIM (is) one of the most colorful wrestlers ever to perform here ... Kunkel is recognized as the junior heavyweight champion while Zim comes to Ogden minus any titles, but boasting plenty of color." – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, May 21, 1936
6/30/20, 2-col x 3.7" preview clip, album 2, p 3.5
5/22/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(Friday) (McCullough's Arena) ... Vincent Lopez beat Ray Steele (2-1) ... Richard Stahl drew Del Kunkel (60:00, 1-1) ... George Ted Sarris drew Fred (Popeye) Fred McKenzie (30:00) ... Wild Man ZIM, 190, beat Jungle Joe Bauer, 185 (spelled Boyer in 5/22/36 Tribune) (18:00) ... Referee & Promoter: R. Verne McCulloughJMK NOTE: Vincent Lopez defended the California version of the "world" title ... ZIM and Bauer "roughed each other viciously. The Central American proved to have the greater power in his trusty right, and won the decision with a series of rights to the jaw, lefts to the face, kicks to the body, pulls of the hair and gouges of the eyes." – Salt Lake UT Tribune, May 23, 1936 ... Also
10/21/19, ad in 5/22/36 Salt Lake Tribune
NOTE: 7 different admission prices ... men, women, and boys under 14, ringside, parquet, and mezzanine
"In his two matches here thus far, Zim has proved himlself a rougher of unusual vigor."
12/17/21, 2 clips in album #2, p 7 support. One gave ref / promoter McCullough, and called the Zim/Bauer match the "Caveman Special".
5/26/1936Pomona, California (Zim was in Utah)(Tuesday) (Pomona Sportatorium) … Man Mountain Dean, 317, vs Vic Christy … Tiny Roebuck, 295, vs Lou Thesz. 230 … Bobby Coleman (sub for ZIN) vs Mitsuki Hamanaka … Bill Sledge, 220, vs Irish Jack MacArthur … Promoter: Pat Ahern2/1/20, 5/21, 25 & 26/1936 Pomona CA Progress Bulletin
Man Mountain Dean horseplaying on Miami Beach with the Missus.
Note: Ahern was sick with the mumps, and denied getting it from watching over puffed grunters. Coleman subbed for Zin “due to illness (but not the mumps)”, but more likely due to logistics, since he was in Utah at this time. (660 miles Pomona to Salt Lake City)
5/28/1936Ogden, Utah(Thursday) (Elks Club) ... George Sarris beat Wild Man ZIM (2-1, cor) ... Referee: Del Kunkel ... Ralph Morley beat Joe Bauer (2-1) ... Richard Stahl drew Sherm Christensen (20:00) ... Wally Thompson beat Ken Mayne (10:00) ... 5/28/36 Ogden Standard-Examiner: "Zim, a master wrestler, will rule a favorite with many fans to toss the colorful Sarris, but the Oakland wrestler has other ideas. "Now that Sarris has consented to a match, I'll toss him within 35 minutes." said Wild Man Zim. "Sarris has a reputation and victory for me over the coast athlete is sure to boost my stock."May 24, 1936 Ogden-Standard Examiner and JMK NOTE: "Zim took the first fall of the best-two-of-three affair in six minutes with a double stepover toe hold. Sarris came back to take the second in 11 minutes with a reverse body slam, and tossed the Wild Man into the front-row steel chairs for the grand finale in an even 10 minutes. George failed to tie the record Kunkel made against Zim last week. According to this scribe's memory, Del tossed the South American out of the ring 329 times to George's 172. Anyhow, those are relative figures. At that, the Wild Man showed more wrestling last night than in his previous appearance. Your scribe still thinks a natural would be an 'everything goes' affair between Zim and Leo Papiano – but heaven help the ringsiders!" – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, May 29, 1936
Zim "champion rope jumper"
Plus 5/28/36 preview
12/17/21, 1 col x 3.6 (album #2, p 7)
5/29/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(McCullough’s Arena) ... Vincent Lopez, 230, beat Nick Lutze, 207 (2-0) … Ira Dern, 213, beat Richard Stahl, 230 (1-1, utc) … Del Kunkel, 191, beat Wild Man ZIM, 193 (17:00) … George Ted Sarris, 194, drew Tiger Jack Nelson, 200 ... Promoter: Verne McCulloughJMK NOTE: "Del Kunkel again tamed Wild Man ZIM, once more using his dropkick for the purpose. The Wild Man pursued his customary rough tactics, but this time mixed in some pretty good wrestling, mostly of the vigorous type." – Salt Lake UT Tribune, May 30, 1936 ... Also (3) Z clips: 1 col x 2" of the matchups, 2 col x 1.8" "Lopez Wins Over Lutze; Dern's Airplane Works", 2 col x 5"
+ 5/31/36 Klamath Falls News
12/14/19, 5/30/36 Deseret News added fall time.
6/20/20, 1-col x 2.5" clip album # 2, p 2 gave weights
5/30/1936Cedar City, Utah(Saturday) (Blackhawk Encampment) ... Henry Jones, 160 (SLC) drew Happy Bartlett, 160 (Cedar City) (1-1, 45:00) ... Wally Thompson beat Wild Man ZINN (also ZIM) (2-1) 6/4/36 Iron County Record (Cedar City UT)
l/ ... NOTE: "... ZIM is the long-haired wild man who appeared here on May 30th." ... Wally Thompson of Colorado is the man who met him.
12/17/20, Kasper found results. NOTE: "Wild Man Zinn lived up to his reputation as a "wild man" although he was unable to do much with Tommy (sic) Thompson, his opponent. Zinn won the first fall in five minutes with a body press, but Thompson, better acquainted with the wild man's tactics came back to win two quick falls with body slams. The wild man devoted too much time to mauling the referee to do much about Thompson, but the crowd seemd highly pleased."
6/3/1936Evanston, Wyoming(Wednesday) (I.O.O.F. Arena) ... Floyd Hansen (178, of Salt Lake City UT) beat Wild Man ZIM (182, of Argentina) ... Lyman Brown beat Ken Mayne (sub for Jungle Joe Bauer, 185, of Germany) ... Barney Rollins (of Lyman WY) drew Bill Salmela (of Almy WY) (20:00, 1-1) ... Promoter: Lyman BrownTan 11.5-inch x 10.8-inch (trimmed) poster in the sprawling Mike Zim Collection, asserts, he's from Argentina.
3/8/16 clips & transcripts from Evanston library. ... JMK NOTES: The Uinta County Herald of May 28, 1936 included a premonitory advance story: ”It is not likely that ZIM will have it all his own way.” ... Promoter/wrestler Lyman Brown wraps his five-month booking deal with Verne McCullough and Ira Dern of Salt Lake City UT ... Brown plans an occasional summer show and then to arrange regular bouts again in the fall ... Now a local game warden, Brown wrestled many of the nation’s top welterweights and middleweights in the wake of "the great war" ... Floyd Hansen (name, by the way spelled correctly -- for most of his career, he would be billed as Floyd HANSON) was the brother of the far more traveled "Sliding Billy" Hansen.... Salmela had been absent from the wrestling ring for some seven years prior to this card.
12/17/21, 6x5.25 clip (album #2, p7), with drawing of Jungle Joe Bauer as an ape with a man's head.
6/4/1936Ogden, Utah(Elks Club) ... (Battle Royal Finale) Red Devil beat Wild Man ZIM (2-1) ... Richard Stahl drew Fred (Popeye) McKenzie (20:00) ... Danny Mayne beat Ken Mayne (9:00) ... Ralph Morley drew Wally Thompson (20:00) ... NOTE: "The man was down. In fact, he was not only down, but he was very nearly out, and his handsome nose was knocked askew across his face. We refer to Wild Man ZIM, who lost the final fall in the final match at the Elks Club weekly gruntfest last night to the Red Devil, masked grappler. The Red Devil employed some good stiff punches, followed by a body press, to take the event."JMK notes contd: ZIM's broken nose worried referee Del Kunkel, who called for a doctor in the house – but none appeared. ZIM took the first fall in the best two-of-three affair in one minute with a number of things that could not be classified as wrestling holds. After trying the front-row seats as a wrestling spot instead of the ring for a few seconds, the Red Devil snatched the second drop in two and one-half minutes. The two heavyweights earned the right to appear in the wind-up event by being the last two survivors of a (six-man) battle royal ..." – Ogden UT Standard-Examiner, June 5, 1936
6/5/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(Friday) (McCullough's Arena) ... Dick Daviscourt beat Richard Stahl (2-0)…Casey Colombo beat Del Kunkel (2-1)… Fred (Popeye) McKenzie beat Wild Man ZIM (18:00) …Wally Thompson beat Kenny Mayne (14:00) J Michael Kenyon and 6/6/36 Salt Lake Tribune NOTE: "McKenzie took ZIM's rough tactics for quite a spell before he brought up his heavy artillery. When he did, he was master of the situation, and a crotch and body drop finished the Wild Man in 18 minutes. There was plenty of action in the affair, a one-faller, but not much legal wrestling." – Salt Lake UT Tribune, June 6, 1936
Also 5/31/36 Salt Lake Tribune preview
Also (4) Zim clips: 2-col x 5" ad, 1-col x 6.4" Sugarhouse, Utah preview ("Belts, Crowns and Cups), 1-col x 3" results, 1-col x 2.6" report.
"Zim is always good for a few laughs with his aisle-running antics"
April to Oct 1936 PHSouthern California placeholderGus Davros (as Babe Zaharias) 225 lbs, vs Wild Man ZINN, 190 lbs8/11/19, from undated, unplaced 9/16” x 5-¼”) clip (Album # 3).
Estimated southern California, between April and October 1936, based on:
---The layout's sim to ones used in southern CA around then.
---Though not mano a mano, they were both on cards in July, September, and October 1936. (Santa Monica, Vegas, San Diego, Bakersfield, Ventura)
---The Wild Man Zinn gimmick was used April to Sept 1936.
---Dad’s 1936/1937 weight ranged from 180 to 196, and Babe was listed as 220 in September 1936, at Salt Lake City. (He later ballooned to 300.)
1/22/20, Luce thinks this was Gus Davros, who worked as Babe (Gus) Zaharias, instead of George Z. Makes sense, since George wrestled as George, that summer, and Davros wrestled as Babe.
6/8/1936Santa Ana, California(Monday) (Orange County AC) … Tor Johnson (sub for Ray Steele) beat Mayes McLain (4:52) ... Don Juan Olaquivel (as Juan Olaquivel Pico) beat Hugo de Collelmo (as Casey Colombo) (2-0) ... George Tragos (as George Kondylis) beat Wildman ZINN, 190 (1-0, 21:17) ... Billy Hansen drew Stanley Pinto ... Referee: Dick Rutherford ... Promoter: Sam Sampson … NOTE: Ticket prices for this venue, on Highway 101 between Santa Ana CA and Anaheim, were $1.00, 75 cents and 40 cents6/8/36 Santa Ana Daily Register preview. (+ clip in Z collection?)
6/9/36 Register results, referee, and color
"Scribes tired of abuse from Big Grapplers" by Paul Vissman ... Funny report of Zim's leaping, goofy look, and ability to create heat. JMK transcribed May, 2016.
"Billy Hansen and Stanley Pinto wrestled to an odorous draw in the 20-minute curtain raiser that lasted 18 minutes too long."
JMK: I do believe the Hansen-Pinto match, referenced in the clip you sent Tragos, may well have been the only reported "odorous" draw in grappling history.
1/24/24, Anaheim Bulletin: weight, time, funny report. Z slapped Kondelis & kicked him in the stomach. They chased the timekeeper, K chased Z around the arena, Z kicked a lady in the press row.
6/9/1936Salt Lake City, Utah(Coliseum) … Billy Hansen beat Howard Cantonwine (dq) ... Hugo de Collelmo (as Casey Colombo) beat Benny Ginsberg ... Bill Longson drew Stanley Pinto ... Juan Olaquivel (as Juan Pico) beat Rudy Skarda ... Wild Man ZIMM (as Wildman Zinn of Borneo, United Press version) beat Mitsugi HamanakaJMK ... Also WAWLI google groups ...!topic/
5/27/21, 6/10/36 Visalia Times-Delta
6/10/1936Los Angeles, California(Wednesday) (Olympic Auditorium, att. 5,000) ... Man Mountain Dean beat George Zaharias (1-1, utc) ... Nick Lutze beat Sandor Szabo (cor) ... Hans Steinke beat Lou Thesz ... Billy Hansen beat Jack McArthur ... Juan Olaquivel beat Dick Daviscourt ... Howard Cantonwine beat Bill Sledge ... Abe Goldberg, 209, beat Wildman ZIM, 208 (8:31) ... Promoter: Jack DaroJMK ... NOTE: Promoter Lou Daro continued to be absent, still reportedly in Japan. Also
Also 6/7 and 6/10/36 LA Times previews
"Abe Goldberg of New York opens the evening's tugging and twisting in a bout with Wildman Zim."
Two undated clips in album spell it Abie Goldberg (Not Abe.)
12/2/20, the Daily News added weights and time
6/11/1936Bakersfield, California(Thursday) (Stadium) ... Hugo de Collelmo (as Casey Colombo) beat Vic Christy (2-1) ... Abe Goldberg beat Lou Thesz (as Louis Pheez) (2-1) ... Wildman ZIM (YIMM), 195 lbs, beat Bronco Valdez, 204 (10:12) ... Referee: Colonel Ted Hopkins ... Promoter: Buck BuchananJMK Notes: This day's Bakersfield CA Californian described ZIM as "Wildman ZIMM, the rough-house thunderbolt of Detroit, at 195 pounds." ... In the accompanying advertisement, he was "Wildman YIMM." ... The future, six-time champion of the world, Thesz, was advertised as "Louis Pheez." ... Eagle-eyed Californian sports desk editors were not totally asleep ... "Knowing Buck Buchanan, the promoter, of old, we suspect there is some mix-up in his spelling and that 'Valdege' may be Valdez and that Yimm may be ZIMM. However, whatever their names are, they are a couple of wrestlers and tangle in the opener." (Z research) 6/11/36 Bakersfield Californian (spellings: Bronco Valdez and Wildman ZIMM.) PLUS comments about Buchanan's spelling
10/29/19, the 6/12/36 Bakersfield Californian gave scores, Colombo and Zim results, and referee.
6/16/1936, rescheduled from 6/13/36Casper, Wyoming (Zim didn't wrestle)(Tuesday) (Elks Hall) ... Billy ZIM, 193 lbs, vs Del Kunkle (Couldn't reschedule this match) ... Gentleman Jack Noche/Knoche beat Tiger Jack Nelson [aka King Kong Clayton] (2-1) ... Frenchy Leavitte, 185 lbs, drew Frank Henderson, 195, of Phoenix (1-1) ... Referee: Glenn O'Dell ... Matchmaker: Frenchy Leavitte6/8, 11, 12, 16, & 17/36 Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
NOTE: The 6/11/36 paper mislabeled a photo Zim. ... Under the auspices of the Izaak Walton [The Compleat Angler, 1653] league of America, an association formed in 1922 in Chicago, IL, to preserve fishing streams. ... Ringside $1.50, Reserved $1.00, General 75c
6/13/36 card cancelled, rescheduled to 6/16/36. Zim worked San Diego instead.
Billy Zim is a new name combo.
6/16/1936San Diego, California(Tuesday) (Coliseum, 15th and E-sts) … George Zaharias beat Howard Cantonwine (2-1) ... Referee: Hans Steinke ... Man Mountain Dean beat Dick Daviscourt (sub for Sandor Szabo) ... Nick Lutze beat Bill Sledge ...Billy Hansen beat Wild Man ZIMM (as Wildman ZINN of Borneo, United Press version) ... Luigi Bacigalupi drew Steve Savich ... NOTE: Szabo was prevented from wrestling by athletic commission due to infected boil on face.JMK & WAWLI google groups ...!topic/
5/27/21, 6/17/36 Visalia Times-Delta nice font
7/12/21, Zim 1-col x 1.8 clip (album 2, p 11) added address and Baciagalupi spelling
6/18/1936Bakersfield, California(Thursday) (Stadium, at Nineteenth and V streets) ... Joe Malcewicz (sub for Sandor Szabo) beat Bill Sledge (2-0) ... Casey Kazanjian drew Abe Goldberg ... Don Pico, 200 beat Wildman ZIMM, 195 (11:45) ... Promoter: Buck Buchanan ... NOTE: A series of forearm shivers to the head led to Pico's success ... The winner was advertised as having matriculated from the Pyrenees, probably the Spanish side, given his name and "title."JMK & 6/19/36 Bakersfield Californian
JMK: I know the date because, on Wednesday, June 17, 1936, Ed Don George "ex-campeon mundial, derroto a Joe Malcewicz, de Polonia" in the semifinal match at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. ("Vicente Lopez derroto al Hombre Montana Dean en dos tres caidas" in the main event.) The information is courtesy of the "Entre Bufadores" column in the next day's issue of the Continental, available at some newsstands in El Paso, Texas.
Plus 6/18/36 Bakersfield Californian
Plus 6/17/36
6/19/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... Billy Hansen beat Kasmir Polaski … Man Mountain Dean beat Nick Lutze (cor) ... Steve Savich drew Casey Colombo ... Tiny Roebuck beat Jack McArthur ... Wild Man ZIMM beat Bobby Coleman ... Promoter: Mike HirschJ Michael Kenyon
3/34/21, 6/16/36 Venice Evening Vanguard added promoter
6/22/1936Santa Ana, California(Monday)
(Orange County AC) … Juan Olaquivel (as Juan Olaquivel-Pico) beat Tor Johnson (2-1) … Billy Hansen beat Abe Goldberg (sub for Vic Christy) (16:58) … Nick Lutze beat Bill Bartush (18:16) … Baby Bob Coleman beat Wildman ZINN (22:46, dq) … Referee: Herb Stegeman ... Promoter: Sam Sampson
6/20/36 Santa Ana Register

JMK NOTE: ”Coleman should have had the decision on a foul much earlier but, as usual, referee Herb Stegeman was looking the other way. ZINN, one of the rougher detours in wrestling, staged his usual exhibition of hair-pulling, kicking and hitting low and had fans howling at him from the start.” – Santa Ana CA Register, June 23, 1936 ... Researcher J Michael Kenyon explains, ”By way of explanation, I parenthetically note ‘Juan Olaquivel-Pico’ because that's the first and only time -- and he wrestled a good many years -- I've ever seen him advertised with the second apellido (mother's surname) of ‘Pico.’ ... The reason I don't use ‘Thor Johnson’ in parentheses is because it was simply a promoter and/or newspaper error. He remains ‘Tor Johnson’ to all of history, including his lengthy career in motion pictures, up to and including George (The Animal) Steele's portrayal of him in Ed Wood. [Birth name: Karl Oscar Tore Johansson]"
Note, corrected Promoter from George Lois to Sam Sampson.
6/23/1936Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaZ was listed for a tournament to be held from June 25 to August , but was working California, Nevada, and Utah at the time, so it’s unlikely he participated.6/23/36 Vancouver BC Sun.
6/24/1936Los Angeles, California(Wednesday) (Olympic Aud) ... Vincent Lopez beat Man Mountain Dean ... Referee: Hans Steinke ... Ed Don George beat Sandor Szabo (2-1) ... Ray Steele beat Nick Lutze (dq) ... Billy Hansen beat Buddy O'Brien ... Steve Savich beat Louis Bacigalupi ... Abe Goldberg beat Leo Papiano ... Juan Olaquivel (aka Juan Olaquivel-Pico) beat Jack McArthur ... Wildman ZIM (as Wildman ZIN) beat Steve Strelich ... Promoter: Jack DaroJ Michael Kenyon &
JMK NOTES: Man Mountain Dean kept insisting this would be his final match, after receipting for more than $300,000 from gross gates in excess of $11 million since he grew a beard for a part as a double to Charles Laughton in Private Lives of Henry VIII. ... ”Wildman ZIN will try to tear Steve Strelich, the terrible Swede, into little pieces in the opener.” – Los Angeles CA Times, June 24, 1936
Also 6/24/36 LA Times
Likely where the shot of Zin dropkicking Strelich was taken. USC's copy of the newspaper clip is dated 6/28/36.
6/25/1936Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... George Zaharias beat Hans Steinke (2-1) ... Ray Steele beat Billy Hansen (32:33) ... Luigi Bacigalupi beat Jack Holland (8:45) ... Vic Hill beat Orville Grable (15:40) ... Mitsugi Hamanaka beat Wildman ZIM (8:35, dq)2/24/21 Kasper ... Notes: Z disqualified for kicking.
6/26/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
6/26/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park) ... Nick Lutze beat Tor Johnson (2-1) ... Billy Hansen beat Tiny Roebuck ... Steve Savich beat George Tragos (as George Kondylis) ... Abe Goldberg beat Wild Man ZIMM (11:28) ... Referee: Bull MontanaJMK ... 1/15/20, venue from WD. ... Two small Abie Goldberg undated clips in album.
3/24/21, 6/27 Venice Evening Vanguard added ref, times, +
12/17/21, 1-col x 0.8" clip (album #2, p 7) supports. It cites a week earlier Z win over Coleman, and there was one 6/19/36.
6/29/1936Santa Ana, California(Monday) (Highway Horror House) ... Juan Olaguival Pico beat Dick Daviscourt (18:03) ... Nick Lutze drew Bill Hanson (1-1, 60:00) .. Count Casimir beat Rudy Skarda (as Scouden) (16:54) ... Wild Man ZINN drew Steve Strelich (30:00) ... Referee: Bull Montana6/30/36 Santa Ana Register
The 6/29/36 preview said "Strelich and Zinn ought to heat up the arena with their wild tactics."
6/28/20, made a Jun/Jul 1936 PH, from 1-col x 3" Zim clip (album 2, p 3) "Newcomer Roughneck". Logic: Casmir (also Casimir) was on Zim cards in Santa Ana on 6/29/36 and 7/6/36. Clip mentions Orange county of which Santa Ana is the county seat. No other sign of Scouden in WD or the Zimpedia. NOTE: "the man with the four feet of curly golden hair"
5/27/21, noticed this card was a duplicate, eliminated the PH entry.
6/30/1936San Diego, California(Coliseum) … Billy Hansen drew Sandor Szabo … Jack McArthur pinned Wildman ZIMM (as Wildman ZINN of Borneo, United Press version) … Casey Kazanjian drew Count Pulaski … Dick Daviscourt beat Leo Papiano … Steve Savich beat Nick LutzeJMK & 7/2/36 Salt Lake Tribune at .. Also
JMK 8/1/16 NOTE: McArthur, listed at 234 pounds, appeared to have a 44-pound pull in weights.
[SLIGHTLY MORE THAN MINOR ENHANCEMENTS, as well as omitting the erroneous weight, 234, for Hansen – who was listed at the more verifiable poundage of 213 the previous night in San Diego – note Jack McArthur’s tonnage from that same presentation.]
Also WAWLI google groups ...!topic/
Jun / Jul 1936 PH LA areaMAc mat bout ... ?? beat McLain ... Del Kunkel beat WildmanZIM (23:57) ... Bill Longston beat McArthur (dq) ... Bill Hanson beat Count Pulaski (11:57) ... Tiny Roebuck beat Bill Bartush (4:30)Zim 1 col x 4.7" partial clip (continued from page 4) "Riot Ensues During MAc Mat Bout".
7/1/1936Los Angeles, California(Wednesday) (Olympic Aud, att. 5,500) ... Ed Don George beat George Zaharias (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Ted Hopkins ... Nick Lutze beat Jake Patterson (10:00) ... Juan Oliquivel beat Mike Mazurki (9:30) ... Hans Steinke beat Bob Jessen (3:02) ... Vic Christy beat Bill Longson (11:22, cor) ... Abe Goldberg drew Oki Shikina (20:00) ... Billy Hansen, 234 lbs, beat Wildman ZIM, 190 lbs (as Wildman ZIN) (3:08) ... (Jiu-Jitsu Match) Mitsui Hamanaka beat David Addison (59 seconds)JMK & and 7/2/36 Salt Lake City Tribune
Also 6/28, 7/1, 7/2 & 7/3/36 LA Times
JMK NOTE: ”Billy Hansen calmed down Wildman ZIN with a flying head scissors.” – Los Angeles CA Times, July 2, 1936
Preview in June 28, 1936 LA Examiner, from USC Special Collections library, with the photo of Zin dropkicking Strelich. ... THE ONLY PIC OF ZIM IN FLIGHT? ... No. There's one with Don Eagle.
12/2/20, Illustrated Daily News preview.
7/2/1936Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... Hans Steinke beat George Zaharias (2-0) ... Billy Hansen beat Luigi Bacigalupi (27:17) ... Stanley Pinto beat Wildman ZIM (7:37) ... Tiny Roebuck beat Vic Hill (9:52) ... Steve Strelich beat Buddy O'Brien (reverse decision) ... Referee: Dick Rutherford2/24/21 Kasper
7/3/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
7/3/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... Hans Steinke drew Nick Lutze ... Billy Hansen beat Tiny Roebuck, 315 lbs ... Oki Shikina, 216 lbs, beat Wild Man ZIMM, 195 lbs ... Mayes McLain beat Luigi Bacigalupi (dq) ... Promoter: Mike HirschJMK & (3) Z clips. (Photo of Shikina on the beach putting a back breaking grip on an unidentified victim ... small clip: "Oki Shikina, Japanese jujitsu artist, will test the speed of Wild Man Zimm, Venice enigma, in the special event." ... 1-col x7" preview "German Giant Set For Matfest with Venetian Idol")
7/6/1936 (First listed as 7/6/36, changed to 7/4/36, and then changed back)Pasadena, California(Monday) (Pasadena/Crown City Arena) ... Vic Christy beat Buddy O'Brian (2-0) ... Referee: Hans Steinke ... Steve Strelich beat Wild Man ZIM (2-0) ... Smiling Steve Savage beat Tiny Roebuck, 360-lb Indian (3:35) ... Billy Hansen drew Jack Howland (30:00) ... Referee: Eddie Goff ... Promoter: Morrie Cohan

JMK 12/31/14: Somewhere, amid the tangled web I have woven, are the results for Pasadena, circa 1936. Some day, I shall find them and amend the Monday night, July 6, 1936 Zimmy. Until then, here is what resides in the ZimANex: Pasadena CA: July 6, 1936
7/4/36 Arcadia Tribune
The previous 7/2/36 Arcadia Tribune 1-column article isn't retrievable: ... NOTE: "In the semi-windup, which will be another wild and wooly affair, brings the popular Steve (Handsome) Strelich and Tarzan of the ring against Wild Man Zim, the man from Borneo. Strelich has just returned from a very successful tour of Mexico City without being defeated in over thirty matches. This match, along with the main event, will be for two out of three falls." – Arcadia CA Tribune, July 2, 1936
11/30/19, the 7/1/36 Monrovia News-Post
1/23/20, the 7/7/36 Pasadena CA Post provided results.
Notes: Steinke kept slapping Christy in the face ... Changed date to 7/6/36, as JMK originally said.
7/6/1936Santa Ana, California

Zinn match canceled.
(Orange County AC) ... Nick Lutze beat Juan Olaquivel-Pico (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Colonel Ted Hopkins ... Oki Shikina beat Count Casmir (12:18, dq) ... Jack McArthur beat Mayes McLain (14:38) ... Pat McGill drew Baby Bob Coleman (20:00) ... Promoter: Sam Sampson

Wildman ZINN vs Steve Strelich match scratched. See Kenyon notes on 7/4/36 card.
7/6/36 Santa Ana Register
JMK NOTE: An advertised square-off 'twixt Wildman ZINN and Steve Strelich was shelved, in favor of the McArthur-McLain set-to, but also likely because ZINN (aka Walter ZIM) was otherwise engaged at the Pasadena Arena ... [Update: the Pasadena match was 7/4, not 7/6.] Meanwhile, Paul Vissman, the Register's reporter, was full of fanciful theories ... "Maybe it was just business enterprise and then again it may have been a grim sense of humor that promoted one of Fullerton's leading undertakers to pass out his business cards last night at the Orange County Athletic Club." -- Santa Ana CA Register, July 7, 1936 ... The newspaper couldn't figure out why Olaquivel-Pico, seemingly in control of things, was obliged to go berserk ... "Why the Basque suddenly went wild and attacked the referee probably will be classed among such mysteries as 'Who Killed Cock Robin?'"
9/19/18 Kasper provided the block ad. Admission: 40c ... 75c ... $1.00
7/14/20, Luce provided promoter
7/7/1936Ventura, California(Tuesday) (AC) … Nick Lutzke beat Dick Daviscourt (2-0) … Bill longson drew Bill Bartush … Buddy O’Brien beat Jack Howland (10:13) … Louie (Tarzan) Miller beat Wild Man ZIMM / ZINN (12:08) ... Referee: Col. Ted HopkinsJMK &
+ Z 2-col x 1" ad, Ventura Wrestling "Zinn has hair that reaches to his knees (!), is a daffy one for fair, but should pin Miller" .. On page 15
2/24/20, 7/8/36 Ventura CA County Star, Daily Post, and Weekly Democrat (thrice-named) added time and ref. ... Miller swung Zimm around the arena by his long, bushy locks.
7/9/1936Las Vegas, Nevada(Thursday) (Legion Arena, att. 100) ... Hans Steinke beat Bill Longson (2-0) ..Vanka Zelesniak beat Vic Hill ... Wildman ZIM beat Bobby Coleman (utc) ... Promoter: TinchJMK ... 12/1/22, Joshua at Nevada State Library sent the 7/10/36 LV Age, which provided promoter and report. Note: "Wildman Zim, well named for appearances, put on a wild and savage show with Bob Coleman on the receiving end. Coleman ... was knocked into the ringside chairs, injuring his hand, and was unable to continue.
7/10/1936San Pedro (Los Angeles), California(Friday) (San Pedro Arena at 8th and Mesa) ... Vic Christy beat Jack McArthur (2-1) ... Louie Miller, as Black Demon (sub for Zim, misspelled Witman Zib) beat Steve Strelich (utc) ... Wildman ZIM beat George Kondelis (6:00) ... Myron Cox beat Buddy O'Brien ... Referee: Bull Montana11/7/19, 7/9, 10 & 11/36 San Pedro CA News-Pilot, called William Zim.
NOTE: "Management has obtained additional police guards to sit ringside to quell a possible uprising among the clients when such fellows as O'Brien, McArthur, and Zim cut loose." ... 50c to $1.00 ... San Pedro was a working class town, home to many of the longshoremen who worked there and at the Port of Long Beach.
11/12/19, Luce noted Zib misspelling, and deleted the Demon / Zim match.
7/16/1936Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... George Zaharias beat Joe Savoldi (2-0, cor) ... Howard Cantonwine beat Vic Christy (17:10) ... Billy Hansen beat Jack McArthur via dq (12:36) ... Oki Shikina beat Vic Hill (13:22) ... Abe Goldberg [Not Coleman, who was in the North East at this time] drew Wildman ZIM (20:00) ... Referee: Dick Rutherford2/24/21 Kasper ... Notes: "Abie Coleman struggled to a 20-minute draw with Wildman Zim that was climaxed by a mild riot when Zim, after colliding with Rutherford [referee] at the end of the match and being ordered to leave the ring, picked up a chair and threatened ringside customers who were booing him. He was ultimately calmed down."
Kasper note: I erroneously put Abe Coleman as your father's opponent on the July 16 card. I had to double check as it didn't seem right to me, and lo and behold, the opponent was really Abe Goldberg.
7/17/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
7/17/1936Santa Monica, California(Ocean Park Arena) ... Steve Savich beat Babe Zaharias … Bill Longson beat Mayes McLain (sub for Buddy O'Brien) … Jack Holland beat Wild Man ZIMM … Oki Shikina drew Abe GoldbergJ Michael Kenyon
7/23/1936Las Vegas, Nevada(Legion Arena) ... Hans Steinke beat Vic Christy (2-0) ... Babe Zaharias drew Vic Hill (dcor) ... Del Kunkel drew Wildman ZIM (dcor)J Michael Kenyon
Zim pics of Kunkel and Zim facing off inside a corrugated shack
7/31/1936Santa Monica, California(Friday) (Ocean Park Arena) ... Nick Lutze beat Babe Zaharias ... Buddy O'Brien beat Wild Man ZIMM ... Jerry Monahan (as Black Demon & Masked Marvel) beat Vic Hill ... Steve Savage (as Savich) beat Jack Holland ... Promoter: Mike HirschJMK & Z 1 col x 7.5" clip "Sports", which added promoter ... "The Masked Marvel ... is one of the two Black Demons who ganged up on Jack Holland last week with a bristling four-fisted attack." ... Lutze was to have a championship match with Vincent Lopez Aug. 7.
8/3/1936Santa Ana, California(Monday) (OCAC, att. 2,000) … Chief Little Wolf beat Nick Lutze (1-1, utc) … Referee: Col. Ted Hopkins … Chief Chewacki drew Juan Olaquivel-Pico (30:00, 1-1) … Jack McArthur beat Billy Bartush (11:19) ... George Tragos (as George Kondylis) beat Wildman ZINN (15:24) … Promoter: Sam Sampson8/3/36 Santa Ana Register
8/4/36 results
7/30/36 preview ...
JMK 5/26/16 NOTE: “Little Wolf won when Lutze fainted after the Indian had applied his famous ‘death grip’ to get the second fall … The third fall was given to the Indian when Lutze could not come out … Normally, Lutze would have survived the punishment inflicted through the ‘death grip’ but, while working out in a gymnasium last Saturday, he strained a muscle in his right leg and collapsed when it was subjected to severe strain … Wild Man ZINN was defeated by George (‘Naughty, Naughty’) Kondylis when the Greek dumped him in 15:24 with a body slam.” – Santa Ana CA Register, Aug. 4, 1936 … Although suspended by the state commission “for throwing a bottle of Mercurochrome in Nick Lutze’s face in a recent wrestling match in Long Beach,” Chewacki was allowed to fulfill this engagement before having to endure the ban … “Kondylis and Wild Man ZINN ought to heat up the arena in the opener,” advised the Register on the day of the show. “They’ve done it before.”
8/4/1936San Diego, California(Tuesday) (Coliseum) ... Ted Cox beat Chief Chewacki ... Chief Little Wolf beat Jack Washburn ... Billy Hansen beat Jack McArthur ... Ted Key beat Jack Holland ... Ignacio Martinez beat Wild Man ZIMM (6:09)JMK
1017/23, time from WD
8/6/1936Cedar City, Utah(Thursday) (American Legion arena) ... Annual Blackhawk encampment and Cedar City roundup, Wednesday thru Friday ... Del Kunkel beat Wild Man ZIM (2-0, cor) ... Bill Longston (as Longson) beat (??) (sub for Tiny Roebuck, 375-pound Oklahoma Indian) (2-0) ... Ken Mayne drew Wally Thompson8/2/36 Salt Lake Tribune in
+ Z 1-col x 3/4" clip (album #2): "Three weeks ago [M Zim: 8/6/36] in Cedar City, Utah, Zim sent Del Kunkel to the hospital with a smashing blow to the head. Their return match tonight is expected to be a bitter "grudge" match."
Also 7/30/36 Iron County Record, Cedar City, UT
12/17/20, Kasper found all 3 results. Instead of beating Kunkel by utc, Zim was beaten. [Where'd I get that win info? All 3 sources were published prior to the match. That was in the 2016 hardcopy Zimpedia, so JMK must share some of the blame.] NOTE: "Del Kunkel managed to survive a long series of hammer locks to win in straight falls from Wild Man Zim. He took the first with a dropkick and the second by clamping on neck scissors, grabbing the top rope of the ring, leading the wild man half around the ring and then flipping out of the ring to be counted out lying at the feet of ringsiders."
8/10/1936Pasadena, California(Monday) (Arena) ... King Kong Cox beat Babe Zaharias (2-1) ... Billy Bartush beat Black Demon (1-1, dq) ... Steve Strelich beat Wild Man ZIM ... Steve Savage beat Bill Longston (as Longsen) (17:52) ... Referee: Bull Montana1/24/20, 8/11/36 Pasadena CA Post
8/11/1936Ventura, California

8/12/36, Zim almost drowned from riptides at Santa Monica's Crystal Beach pier. Clipping in Album # 2, p 17.5
(Ventura AC) ... George Zaharias beat Nick Lutzke…Juan Oliquivel beat Bill Longson…Steve Strelich beat Wild Man ZIMM (sub for Buddy O’Brien) (13:07)…Leo Papiano drew Jack Howland…Louie Eaton drew Harold Murphy (cor) ... Promoter: Mike Hirsch … NOTE: Wild Man ZIMM is described as an “eccentric ... bushy-haired brown man from South America.”JMK & & 8/12/36 Oxnard Daily Courier
NOTE: Strelich won in 13 minutes, 7 seconds. Match was originally given to the Wild Man, but changed because of his foul tactics.
2/24/20, humorous report.
Maybe the match touted as a highlight of the year?
1/31/23 Vandal Drummond
8/13/1936Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... Billy Hansen beat Nick Lutze (1-0, utc) ... Masked Marvel (Jerry Monahan) beat Bill Longson (2-0) ... Babe Zaharias beat Wildman ZIM (16:10) ... Billy Bartush drew Stanley Pinto ... Bobby Coleman beat House Painter Hogan (14:57)2/24/21 Kasper
8/14/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
8/14/1936Santa Barbara, California(Friday) (Mission Athletic Club, Att. 800) ... Mayes McLain beat Babe Zaharias (2-0) ... Jerry Monahan (as Masked Marvel) beat Steve Strelich (9:08) ... Bill Longson (as Longston, sub for Del Kunkel) beat Wildman ZIM (7:03) ... Bill Bartush beat Count Casimir Pulaski (13:25) ... Matchmaker: John Poole9/27/23 Kasper ... Notes: Masked Marvel was either Jerry Monahan or Louie Miller as both used the moniker simultaneously for Daro at this time. Longson beat Zim when the Wildman fell out of his airplane spin without a parachutee. Update: Jerry Monahan was the Masked Marvel. Unmasked Sept 25 by Sandor Szabo. ... Gen Adm 55c, Reserved 85c, Ringside $1.10
8/15/1936San Pedro (Los Angeles), California(Saturday) (San Pedro Arena) ... Nick Lutze beat Mister XX (Double X) (2-1) ... Steve Strelich drew Myron Cox ... Steve Savage beat Jack McArthur ... Bill Hansen beat Wildman ZINN ... Promoter: John Doc Contos11/8/19, the 8/15 & 16/36 San Pedro CA News-Pilot
NOTE: 50c, 75c, $1.00
8/18/1936Ventura, California(Tuesday) (Athletic Club) ... Juan Oliquivel beat Jerry Monahan (as Masked Marvel) …Wild Man ZIMM beat Steve Strelich (dq)…Steve Savich beat Bill Longson…Mayes McLain beat George Tragos (as George Kondylis) ... Referee: Mickey McMasters ... Promoter: Mike HirschJMK & Also Z 2 col x 8-in clip, "Smiling Steve Strelich Meets Wild Man ZIMM in Semi Spot. Hirsch reportedly is the new promoter and matchmaker here ... "ZIMM will be the favorite to beat Strelich ... both men asked for the rematch after their wild struggle last week, and when ZIMM really is after an enemy, he is like a wildcat. He doesn’t know much about the science of wrestling, but is one of the fastest and most powerful men in the business. The methods of attack he learned from the savages of Central America carry him through effectively." – Ventura CA County Star, Aug. 18, 1936 ... Morning Free Press + 1 col x 9.2" Z clip "Ring Postscripts, by Ray Harris". Gave ref's last name & color. "Everything went along nicely, with little eye gouging, not much biting, very little scratching, a minimum of hair pulling until the even-tempered Mr. Strelich decided that he was being abused. After which a free-for-all ensued. In which it appears Mr. Strelich lost to the referee -- who was unable to see a number of very obvious kicks to the groin, stomach, mid riff and what have you."
1/31/23, Vandal Drummond finds, 8/15, 18 & 19/36 Ventura County Star:
Zimm, "beautifully built brown man with bushy blond hair ... slashes into his foes like one of the Central American savages with whom he lived ... The wild man uses feet, fists and fangs with deadly effect."
Zimm "often loses the first fall of a 3-fall bout, but always comes back like a demon to win the next two. When he takes the first fall, however, he often seems strangely cowardly and loses the next two."
"Wild Man Zimm, villain, booing the gallery crowd, for booing him."
8/20/1936Las Vegas, Nevada(Thursday) (Legion Arena) ... Nick Lutze beat Howard Cantonwine ... Joe Varga vs Dick Schwartz ... Louie Miller beat Wildman ZIM (2-1) ... Billy Hansen vs Mayes McLain ... Promoter: Tinch? ["Tinch feels that his semi-windup engagement will steal the entire show, ..."]JMK + (3) Z clips (1-col, 6.2", 1-col, 7.6" recap, & 8" SPORTS headline, August 21, 1936.) ... NOTES: Zim had a cold, used a "scientific hold" (sunk a booted toe into an unprotected groin), and was chased around the aisles. Album 2, page 15
8/21/1936Santa Barbara, California(Friday) (Mission Athletic Club) ... Jerry Monahan (as Masked Marvel) beat Mays McClain (2-1) ... Del Kunkel beat Wildman ZIM (23:57) ... Tiny Roebuck bt Bill Bartush (4:30) ... Longson (as Longston) bt Jack MacArthur (dq) ... Referee: Rutherford ... Promoter: John Poole9/27/23 Kasper & Z ... Morning Press
8/25/1936Ventura, California(Tuesday) (Ventura AC) ... Steve Savage beat Juan Oliquivel (2-1) ... Steve Strelich beat Wild Man ZIMM (9:12) … Nick Lutzke beat Tiny Roebuck (sub for Billy Hansen) (dq, 8:55) … Bobby Coleman beat Mitsugu Hamanaka (20:55) ... Referee: Dick Rutherford … Promoter: Mike HirschJMK & Plus (2) Z clips, 1-col x 3" (Take along y[our ?] meat cleavers) and a 1-col x 10" ("Strelich to meet Zimm") ... Notes: "Last week, when the pair first met here, Strelich protested to referee Mickey McMasters that he was being fouled by Zimm. "No", replied Brother McMasters. And so Strelich proceeded to whale the arbiter's head off with stunning rights and lefts. McMasters didn't go for that, and disqualified Strelich, all of which made the good-natured Swede even madder, and he immediately asked for a rematch with Zimm. ... It is reported that Strelich's request for two referees tomorrow night has been granted. He protested that one arbiter is unable to keep Zimm from gouging, slugging, kneeing and strangling." – Ventura CA County Star, Aug. 24, 1936
1/31/23, Vandal Drummond, 8/24 & 26/36 Morning Free Press moved Savage match to headliner, added times, count, ref, & report: Strelich and Z "took special delight in fouling, slugging and tossing each other out of the ring. ... Strelich got Zim tangled up in the ropes and proceeded to slap the living daylights out of him."
8/26/1936San Pedro (Los Angeles), California(Wednesday) (San Pedro Arena) ... Tiny Roebuck, 285, beat Nick Lutze, 215 (2-1) ... George Kondelis beat Bill Longson (dq) ... Steve Strelich drew Myron Cox ... Wildman ZINN beat Mike Strelich, 210 (dq) ... Johnny Strelich, 170 beat Johnny Del Rio ... Referee: Micky McMasters ... Promoter: Doc Contos11/8/19, 8/26 & 27/36 San Pedro CA News-Pilot
NOTE: "Slavonian Night, in honor of the three Strelichs."
NOTE: "Strelich was ruled off for striking Zinn after chasing him around the arena."
8/27/1936Long Beach, California(Thursday) (Municipal Auditorium) ... Vincent Lopez beat Billy Hansen (2-1) ... Masked Marvel beat Tiny Roebuck (11:10) ... Nick Lutze drew Babe Zaharias (30:00) ... Herbie Freeman beat Billy Bartush (14:35) ... Wildman ZIM drew Del Kunkel (20:00)8/27 to 8/30/36 southern CA placeholder for Z vs Kunkel, based on a 1-col x 3/4" Zimpedia clip: "Three weeks ago [M Zim: 8/6/36] in Cedar City, Utah, Zim sent Del Kunkel to the hospital with a smashing blow to the head. Their return match tonight is expected to be a bitter "grudge" match." ... On the same album page as a 3" x 4" autographed (green ink) photo of Kunkel. "6/6/36 To Walter Zim, Wishing you success and happiness in the future. Sincerely yours, Del Kunkle"
2/24/21 Kasper found date and the rest of the card
8/28/36 Long Beach CA Press-Telegram
8/31/1936Pasadena, California (Had as 9/1, a double booking. New Zimmy)(Monday) (Arena) ... Nick Lutze beat Babe Zaharias (1-1, dq) ... Knock Knock beat Steve Savage (2-1) ... Bill Hanson drew Del Kunkel (20:00) ... Jack Holland (as Dutch Holland) beat Wild Man ZIM (12:42, dq) ... Tiger Nelson beat Bernie Spiel (3:42) ... Referee: Herbie Stegman ... Promoter: Morrie Cohan11/30/19, from 8/29/36 Monrovia News-Post
NOTE: "Manager Cohan of the Arena is offering two ringside seats for the following show to the first person who guesses the identity of "Knock Knock, Who Is It?"
No mention of a reveal in the 9/5/36 report.
Possibly Tony Felice?
Maybe an Aug 21 "KO, KO" boxing column inspired the K-K alias.
1/23/20, the 9/1/36 Pasadena CA Post clarified date and gave results.
6/1/23, moved 1936 / 1937 PH to this. 3-line clip Referee magazine, ZINN vs Jack Holland. "The Wildman's the baby here."