Welcome to my pocket-wiki for Neverwinter! My name is Rainer, and this spreadsheet contains all of the numbers/overview that I have made in the past and more!
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Latest character builder:
MOD16 is a big change to the game as we know it, and with that change a lot of values have been adapted. To get an overview of what exactly the new values are - I made this sheet.
I actually have been working on this sheet for almost 2 months now - ever since pre-beta. Do note that things change FAST at the moment. But I try to keep this up-to-date
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If you can, send me companions (on preview!) from the companion tab which are unmarked in the second column (no "x") - I've put all the unmarked companions at the top of the list for your convenience
I color coded some things:
Means that this is definitely bugged and needs to be fixed
Means that this needs to be rechecked by the devs. Seems to be an off (often too strong) option compared to other options
* the companions overview doesn't have this color coding - but some are definitely too strong right now
If a tab is red, that means there are bugs on that tab
For translations of this document... well that is something for later. I need to try to keep up with all the changes :-)
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Change Tracker
- Added Zariel's Challenge stat caps in Optimal Stats tab
- Enchantments: Lowered Tactical and Cruel incoming healing at rank 15 (Wicked still needs to be updated on preview)
- Insignias: Raised Gond values to legendary level due to new upgrading possibilities
- Mounts: Added Mystical King of Spines, Crystalline Warhorse and some other mounts I forgot here
- Companions: Added Abyssal Chicken, Skyblazer, Spined Devil and Vallenhas Elite Soldier (including skills)
- Companions: Adapted companions with incoming/outgoing healing
- Boon Points: Added Boons for Avernus/Path of the Fallen
- Reversed the change tracker order
- Changed empowered runestone in defense slot giving from 5280 HP to 0 HP (it hasn't worked for a while)
- Added Infernal War Machines and updated Golden Warhorse
- Changed Wicked Enchantment to 1.1% Incoming healing
- Added Incubus, Succubus and Sun of Sune companions
- Added Vanguard of the Citadel companion
- Added the "glorious" whirlwind
- Added the aasimar race to the attributes tab
- Added the Celestial Wings mount
- Added Zariel companion
- Added Redeemed Fallen companion
- Added redeemed citadel companion gear
- Wandering Scarecrow Armor Penetration on equip power fixed
v1.1123-May-2020- Added the Regal Armored Griffon (from CTA event)
- Added Githyanki data
- Vorpal 50%->20%
- Added Infernal Citadel stat caps
- Fixed Survivor's Gift/Barbarian's Delight insignia bonusses
- Added Book of Vile Darkness
- Added Boots of Misty Step
- Added the Erinyes of Avernus companion and Earl the Chickenmancer companion
- Updated companion gear
- Cockatrice equip power text update
- Fixed Gelatinous Cube equip power
- Bear Cub equip power: Combat Advantage -> Power
- Added Hezrou companion
- Added the Rat Pup companion
- Added Avernus/Hell Pit to the Optimal Stats tab
- Added the Vallenhas Elite Soldier
v1.108-Aug-19Added companion gear
Added boon point list (67?!)
Patch updates until NW.115.20190729e.4 (m17 preview):
- Tenebrous now states a maximum of 24000 damage on the tooltip
- Tactical enchantment in utility incoming healing down from 12% to 6% at max rank
- Cruel enchantment in utility incoming healing down from 6.6% to 3.3% at max rank
- Wicked enchantment in utility incoming healing down from 6.6% to 3.3% at max rank
- Lantern of Revelation tooltip fixed to a 10% dmg buff
- Sigil of the Paladin down from 20% increased damage resistance to 15% increased damage resistance
- Oghma's Token of Free Movement control immunity increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds
- Valindra Set control bonus 15%->10% and control resist 10%->15%
- Gond's Anvil of Creation shield buffed from 5% to 15% and damage dealing to enemies duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.
- Tiamat's Orb of Majesty damage debuff increased from 0.2% to 15%
- Valhalla set bonus, damage reduction per stack decreased from 3% to 1%
- Acquisitions Incorporated set now gives 5% movement speed instead of "1000 movement"
- Erratic Drift Globe activation power now decreases incoming damage instead of increasing outgoing damage.
Insignia Bonuses:
- Knight's Defense (2 insignia bonus) reduced (fixed) from 1.5% to 0.75%
- Grung player equip power from 12 seconds down to 10 seconds
- Armored Griffon legendary combat down from 30% damage reduced for 6 seconds, to 15% damage reduced for 10 seconds. Now also stuns target for 2 seconds.
- Legendary Adolescent Deepcrow combat power went from a stun to a root - otherwise same.
- Legendary Tyrannosaurs combat power went from "lowering their defense" to "increasing their damage taken" - does not stack anymore

Added m17 lockbox mounts/companions
Added Crystalline Golem companion powers
Added Trobriand's Construct companion + companion skills
Added Gith race data to attributes tab
Added the Gelatinous Cube companion (and its broken) - and several other companion equip powers / companion skills

All this data is also present in the Character Builder Plus application!
v1.930-May-19Changed the scaling overview to look at scaled item levels of stuff instead of the scaled stats
Added CompanionPowerSlots tab with the slot types
Added Toothesome mount
Added russian readme tab/companions tab
Patch NW.110.20190411b.28 updates:
- Tenebrous Enchantment broken (no more % shown)
- Added Armored Bulette
- Added Bulette
- Acolyte of Kelemvor companion player power fixed
- Polar bear cub companion fixed
- Added alpha compy stats/skills
Patch NW.110.20190519a.2 PREVIEW updates (including patches before):
- ++interact does not crash the game anymore!
- You can delete companions now to replace bad quality ones for high quality ones (not forcing you to upgrade the old one which is often more expensive)
- Mage slayer companion player bonus fixed
- Repentant Dragon Cultist dmg vs dragons fixed
- Dancing Blade companion player power critsev fixed
Guild boons:
- Stat guild boons now correctly give 8000 stats instead of 9143
- Incoming healing guild boon fixed
- Critical Avoidance boon fixed
- Control Resist boon fixed
Campaign Boons:
- HP boons now give HP!
Armor Enchantments:
- Negation tooltip fixed
- All stats (and item level) doubled
- Tenebrous enchantment fixed
- All stats (and item level) doubled
- Serene runestone now gives double the companion healing
- Indomitable runestone gives double the additional damage
v1.810-May-19Added Gelatinous Cube augment enhancement values
Added scaling/hardcap overview
Added Myconid companion
Added severity to the Bugtracker because we need focus on the important issues first
Fixed the total needed Critical Strike and Combat Advantage needed in Optimal Stats (+5k for Crit, +10k for Combat Advantage)
Patch NW.110.20190411b.14 values
Slyblade Kobold player power tuned down to normal values
Azure and other enchantments that give XP bonus: Figured out what went wrong with the XP bonus stuff here - they are actually affected by guild boons, oops
Set all XP bonusses back to normal
Patch NW.110.20190411.22 + NW.110.20190411.24 values
Optimal stats: LotMM from 16k -> 18k rating
Updated for scaling changes
- Weapon damage scales now
- Scaling in undermountain Heroics now A LOT more aggressive! No more level scaling in HEs though - just overly aggressive item level scaling.
Augment "Enhancement"
- Updated Red Dragon Ioun Stone to what it really gives (not what tooltip says)
- Updated Black Ice Ioun Stone to what it really gives (not what tooltip says)
v1.730-Apr-19Added some companion details.
Added racial details in attributes tab
Added Waukeen's Horde to artifacts
Filled in some more known enemy stats
Filled in companion powers of the companions which I have... still missing some :-(
Patch NW.110.20190411b.9; NW.110.20190411b.11 and NW.110.20190411b.12 values
- Paladins now have base 10 DEX
- XP boost on enchantments is back up again (39% single stat, 21% dual stat)
- Dread Warrior changed from Invokers to Fighters
- Boar Shoat augment skill now gives Accuracy, Critical Strike and Deflect instead of Hit Points, Defense and Deflection
v1.620-Apr-19Patch NW.110.20190411b.6 values
- Scaling is heavily changed! Bonding scale now, as well as gear. Scaling feels less intrusive... to be tested
- Companion stat transfer has been changed again....
- During intro questline you get even more companion gear - epic gear with double offense slots (added to questline tab)
Insignia Bonusses:
- Oppressor's Reprieve duplicate insignia bonus with crescent, regal, enlightened has been removed
- Epic mount now have 5k stats
- Legendary mounts now have 10k stats
- Values on Artifacts are wrong in collection tooltips. Values are based on your own stats
- Tiamat Orb of Majesty down from 92% damage reduction for 10 seconds to 0,2% for 6 seconds?
- Eye of the Giant now gives flat (too low) Power and Defense instead of % Power and Damage Resistance
- Incoming healing bonus of Goldfish buffed
- Chultan Tiger power lasts 10 seconds instead of 25 seconds
- Pseudodragon restores stamina on at-will instead of encounter usage
- Honey Badger damage reduction doubled
v1.513-Apr-19- Lots of companions updated thanks to Brewald
- Minor enchantment errors fixed thanks to SkullElf
- XP bonus SCALES... Updated values after reviewing them on a level 80 char... back up to 44% single stat and 24% dual stat. Note that all values in this sheet are for a lvl 80 character in PE
Patch NW.110.20190411b.0 values
- Quite a few bugs fixed!
- Base stats (crit/CA) are now shown on character sheet
- Master Expeditions actually work and give rewards now!
- Wait what!? Enchantment exchange is gone?!
- Serene Runestone now states a 5% chance and gives 1,7% Hit Points instead of a flat 920 Hit Points
- Indomitable Runestone now gives +6.6% damage instead of +10%, but the statement that it does not stack is removed
- Fey Blessing chance at R15 lowered from 8% to 7,5%??
- Dragon's Hoard chance at R15 also lowered from 8% to 7,5%..?
Insignia Bonusses:
- Barbarian's Revelry no longer states: "This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds."
- Barbarian's Delight no longer states: "This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds."
- Most legendary mount powers now actually deal damage defined in magnitude damage.
- Medium Adventure's Horse equip power now states +5% Movement Speed instead of +5% Run Speed
- Stormraider Clydesdale equip power now states +5% Movement Speed instead of +5% Run Speed
- Dawn Unicorn (epic) added
- Giant Strider equip power now states +5% Movement Speed instead of +5% Run Speed
- Armored Giant Strider equip power now states +10% Movement Speed instead of +10% Run Speed
- Volcanic Flail Snail (legendary) added
- Emperor Beetle mount power now stuns the target instead of nearby enemies
- Silverleaf Sled now gives 5% Movement Speed instead of 0
- Imperial Rage Drake mount power does not ignite foes for 4 seconds anymore
- Beholder Personal Tank (legendary) equip power changed from "Reduce the damage effect of Combat Advantage against you by 50%." to +4000 Awareness
- Defender's Banner used to give 2500 Power and Awareness, now broken
- Illusionist's Mask now gives 2,5% stamina regen at legendary (max rank for this artifact). Other values are still lower than Mythic values of other artifacts
- Flask of Brewing text changed to "Throws a burning brew that targets an area within 60' and spreads an puddle on the ground 15 seconds, dealing 177 damage.".... brrr...
- Erratic Drift Globe artifact power now has broken values
- Black Ice Ioun Stone companion power tooltip fixed
- Quasit OP-ness addressed
- Hunting Hawk bonus is now only 10% at legendary (2% per quality upgrade)
- Batiri power has been corrected
- Elite Intern Critical Severity fixed
- Apprentice Healer fixed
- Acolyte of Kelemvor Incoming Healing Bonus 2% -> 3%
v1.36-Apr-19- Added MOD16 questline
- Added XP progression table
Patch NW.110.20190325a.3 processed.
- Critical Resist now called Critical Avoidance in more places
- Hit Point bonus strength now called Outgoing Healing Bonus
- Incoming Healing Bonus is now also more consistently named as such
- Radiant R15 gold bonus lowered from 39% to 30%
- Tactical R15 now can be put in a Utility slot giving 6% incoming healing
- Ruthless R15 gold bonus lowered from 21% to 16%
- Savage R15 gold bonus lowered from 21% to 16%
- Shiny Coin gold bonus lowered from 21% to 16%
- Woven Tales gold bonus lowered from 21% to 16%
- Wicked gold bonus lowered from 21% to 16%
- Kua-Tao % removed from tooltip. Now starts at uncommon instead of epic?
- Myconid now starts at epic instead of uncommon?
- Astral Deva at blue went from 10% to 5% chance
- Portal Hound went from 3000 to 4000 Awareness at each quality
- Dancing Blade's player power Critical Severity 0% according to tooltip
- Neverember Guard player power outgoing healing bonus buffed
- Rebel Mercenary player power outgoing healing bonus buffed
- Apprentice Healer player power tooltip bugged
- Grung player power damage now works off magnitude instead of weapon damage
- Cleric Disciple now gives +0 Power at common quality
- Minor value changes
- Heart of Dragon artifacts now state additionally in set bonus "Does not stack with 75% reduction when no targets are hit."
- Interestingly, the 75% cooldown reduction when no targets are hit has been reduced to 50% for Heart of Dragon artifacts
- Arcutia's Music Box artifact set bonus now is: "When you use a Daily power, you do 15% more damage to enemies that are not facing you for 10 seconds."
- Trobriand's Ring artifact set bonus now is: "When you use a Daily power, you will take 5% less damage and will do 5% more damage to enemies for 10 seconds."
v1.230-Mar-19- Patch NW.110.20190325a.1 values
Armor enchantments:
- Barkshield enchantment nerfed from 16k per stack to 12k per stack
- Azure XP bonus lowered from 56% to 39% at rank 15
- Radiant Gold bonus lowered from 56% to 39% at rank 15
- Brutal XP bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Ruthless Gold bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Savage XP bonus and Gold bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Shiny Coin XP bonus and Gold bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Vicous XP bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Woven Tales Gold bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
- Wicked Gold bonus lowered from 31% to 21% at rank 15
Insignia Bonusses:
- Knights Defense and Knight's Rebuke now both give 1,5% HP (2 insig bonus vs 3 insig bonus)
- Survivor's Gift now gives 1,5% HP - more than the 3 insignia equivalent
- Barbarian's Revelry heal lowered from 2% to 1%
- Protector's Friendship/Protector's Cameraderie give 50/200 Armor Pen+Defense now (% removed from description)
- Combatant's Maneuver % removed from description. Gives 2500 Combat Advantage damage now
- Alchemist's Invigoration % removed from description. Gives 2500 Defense now
- Victim's Preservation bonus changed from a heal to a big stat bonus
- Artificer's Persuasion changed from a stat buff to a cooldown reduction on artifact use
- Champion's Return stamina and HP buff lowered from 20% each to 10% each
- Oppressor's Respite heal increased from 1,3% to 1,5%
- Barbarian's Delight heal increased from 0,5% to 1%. Same buff as the 3 insignia variant Barbarian's Revelry now
- Alchemist's Refresher % removed from description. Gives 500 Defense now
- new Berserker's Anger bonus added, this one overwrites the old Artificer's Influence bonus
- Armored axe beak mount power does now 0 damage
- Beholder personal tank now does 0 damage
- Lots of miniscule damage changes for active powers of artifacts
- Sigil of the Controller renamed to Sigil of the Wizard
- Sigil of the Devoted renamed to Sigil of the Cleric
- Sigil of the Great Weapon renamed to Sigil of the Barbarian
- Sigil of the Guardian renamed to Sigil of the Fighter
- Sigil of the Hunter renamed to Sigil of the Ranger
- Sigil of the Trickster renamed to Sigil of the Rogue
- Sigil of the Scourge renamed to Sigil of the Warlock
- Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin renamed to Sigil of the Paladin
- Eye of the Giant last part of tooltip slightly changed
- Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives now gives 3000 accuracy instead of 3000 power
- Erratic Drift Globe now gives 6000 Max Hit Points instead of 1500 power
- Staff of Flowers now gives 3000 power, 1500 Critical Strike and 1500 Awareness instead of 6000 Max Hit Points, 1500 Power and 3000 Critical Strike
- Arcturia's Music Box now is a level 300 artifact giving 1500 power, 1500 armor penetration and 3000 Combat advantage instead of 750 armor penetration, 750 combat advantage and 1500 awareness
- Trobriand's Ring now is a level 300 artifact giving 3000 power, 1500 defense and 1500 critical resist instead of 1500 power, 750 crit resist and 750 awareness
- Symbol of Water stamina regen down from 7,5% to 2,5%
- Symbol of Earth control resist down from 7,5% to 2,5%
- Skeleton Player bonus type is now Defense instead of Utility
Optimal stats:
- Updated with known information. 1% is now 1000 stats. At level 70, enemies have 7000 and 57000 ratings
- In lots of places Companion stat bonus is now called Companion Influence
- Boons changed/reworked and e.g. movement boon fixed
- Stat changes
- Companion/augment stat transfer changes (base value changed and we have fractions now...)
- Enchantment exchange now binds enchantments to account! This happens for normal enchantments, weapon- and armor enchantments
- Companion gear has increased stats
- Added utility enchantments to the enchantment overview
- Added attributes overview (updated with info from silvergryph, thanks!)
- Added augment "Stats" overview
- Lots of companion player powers added thanks to eom!
v1.123-Mar-19- Add set bonusses to Artifacts (Thanks for your hard work SkullElf!)
- Bonding rank 15 from 70% to 73% per runestone (aaaaaand back to 70%...?)
- Added some companion player bonusses
- Patch: NW.110.20190311b.3 values
- Dominance insignia companion influence nerf 2,4% -> 1,2%
- All artifacts with too high damage output fixed, except the black ice beholder
- Big update on companions. Added many and updated the player bonus type and companion types
v1.016-Mar-19Patch: NW.110.20190311b.2 values
- Added overview of new items/collectables in mod16
- Added overview of optimal stats in mod16
- Added 2 overviews of companions (thanks Sharp for helping with the Pivot table :-))
- Added overview of companion powers (not yet up-to-date)
- Added overview of Artifact and their stats at max quality (lots of bugs in here at the moment)
- Added overview of all the mounts and their stats in mod16
- Added an overview of all the insignia bonusses
- Added an overview of all insignias with their values at legendary
- Added an overview of all enchantments at rank 15
- Added an overview of all weapon enchantments at rank 14
- Added an overview of all armor enchantments at rank 14
- Added an overview of all runestones at rank 15
TODOAdd overview of reagents needed per upgrade
Add overview of all new gear in mod16
Add artifact gear
Add weapons
Add normal gear
General info on bolster/companion types/slots etc
Add enemy types per zone/dungeon