Export/Archive Twitter Status Updates v1.1
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Export/Archive Twitter Status Updates
Created by mhawksey. Read more about this at:
With this spreadsheet you can:
- Archive a persons/your own Twitter status updates
- Control - You register for your own API key with Twitter so you have full control of the account

- Automatic whitelisting – Twitter currently automatically whitelist applications built in Google Spreadsheets this means instead of 150 API request per hour you get 20,000 meaning you can export a lot

- Playing with the data – as you are importing straight into a spreadsheet you can do all of your own data manipulation like sorting, filtering and creating your own formula for things like follow/follower ratios

- Backup – Google Spreadsheets allow you to download copies of spreadsheets in different formats

- Share – You can make your lists of friends/followers easily viewable
1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet (File > Make a copy) < make sure you are logged in first or this option will be greyed out

2. Register for an API key with Twitter at http://dev.twitter.com/apps/new (if you've already registered a Google Spreadsheet/Twitter mashup you can reuse your existing Consumer Key/Consumer Secret).
In the form these are the important bits:
- Application Website = anything you like
- Application Type = Browser
- Callback URL = https://spreadsheets.google.com/macros
- Default Access type = you only need Read-only for this spreadsheet to work but if you want to use more of my scripts you'll need Read & Write

3. Once finished filling in the form and accepting Twitter's terms and conditions you'll see a summary page which includes a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Take a copy of these as you'll need them later.

4. In this spreadsheet from the Twitter drop-down menu (next to Help) select 'Configure'. You may need to run this twice, the first time to authorise the script
- If there is no Twitter menu option click on this button ->

5. In the Configure Spreadsheet box enter your Consumer Key/Consumer Secret saved from earlier

6. Select Tools > Scripts > Script Editor ... and from the Script Editor window select Run > authenticate.

7. This should bring up an authorization message box, click on Authorize.

8. In the Twitter Authorization window enter your login details if required and select 'Allow'

9. Close the Script Editor window and a dialog box in the main spreadsheet should indicate if you have successfully connected to Twitter

10. From the Twitter menu in this spreadsheet select 'Start a new archive' and enter the screen name of the user you'd like to archive status updates from.

- You can automatically refresh the archive by opening Tools > Script Editor and then opening Triggers > Current script's triggers and adding the updateAllSheets function