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12/1/2019San Francisco, CAcomputer programmerthinking about picking up girls at random wherever I amKaulantak Peeth, Won Buddhism, Erwan Davon, Sivananda Yoga, DYC.org/Deeksha Lakshmi Meditationrawneed to get in touch with Kane about his way of manifesting using 3-word phrasesafraid of Bodhi MeditationYOU FORGOT GRATITUDE MEDITATION!!!
9/1/2019Minneapolis, MNcomputer programmergolf is a waste of my time. staying at home playing computer gamesHanmi Buddhism, Soma Breathwork, Sivananda Yoga, Kirtan?vegan/vegetarian - the Engine 2 book has quite an impact on me. Soma breathing suggests 1 meal per day and that works well tooMpls has a strong kirtan/zikr/mantra scene. Kirtan was a part of my Sivananda practice, but never central. But there are some heavy-duty people here in that domain. The hanmi buddhism is vajrayana buddhism that originated in China instead of Tibet. Very interesting. Soma breathwork amplified the effects of pranayama in my Sivananda practice.1 - sivananda yoga (2) SOMA breath (3) hanmi buddhism (4) soltec lounge chairI found the book "Cracking the Code" --- just what I was l looking for to deal with the iRS!
6/19/2019Asheville, NCtouristVery odd thing happened. I finished my stay at Earthaven and headed to Asheville. I refused to pay rent at a hotel and decided to live in my car. At night, I parked at the same place I used to do the Secrets of Natural Walking and went inside to use the bathroom. I came out and sat down and noticed a flyer on a table... it was for a practice called Soma Alchemy. I followed the links and tried the practice. Man was it mind-blowing! I friended Kyle Espenshade on facebook at started doing this practice. All because a guy from Washington, DC happened to be visiting Asheville and dropped a flyer off on a table loaded with magazines that I happened to see!
6/1/2019Earthaven, Black Mountain, NCtouristSivananda YogaImpressive sustainable community. Met many nice people. Visited the Light Center in Black Mountain and enjoyed the chakra chamber.
4/1/2019Los Angeles, CAvan dweller hoping to earn income via debt/credit systemIzunome, Sivananda Yogathe swindler who lives in Los Angeles brought me out here... you would think something that negative would be horrible but it introduced me to Sivananda Yoga. I got to meet the grandson of Mokichi Okada and shake his hand. It was a great moment of intimacy where he looked deeply and brotherly into me.
10/14/2018Denver, COBaduk, reddit, streetdanceSumits Hot Yoga, Monroe Institute OOBE, QuakerWarrior Diet - only thing that keeps me awake at workaccumulated a lot of debt trusting people with high-yield investments. so easy for them to take your money and so hard to get it back, especially with any profit. But connecting with Taansen Fairmont has been a boon.Karatbars looks to take over the world. I really like Siomara - the girl at the desk at the hotel where I live. Karatbars looks to return the world to honest money. I wrote up a list "All the things I should've been taught in grades K-12" that details money, tax and law secrets. I really feel this is the most pitvotal time in my life.
7/8/2018Loganville, GABeing my own bankgolf, The World Cup, redditYoga Nidra, navel gazing, Standing still, Wim Hof Breathing1 vegan meal per day at 6pmCame across Amen-Ra on Youtube and kept seeing 1 meal per day. So I'm trying it. I've been job-free for 1 year and 7 months but I have a lot of bad debt. Entrepreneurs acquire good debt and leverage it into more. Tantra and OM and polyamory keep resurfacing from time to time.Learning so much about the The Matrix we are trapped into - the moors, the IRS, birth certificates, the legal system, the mortgages, federal reserve and more
12/27/2017Asheville, NCGolf, Open Table Asheville (Pub Theology), White Elephant GamingPolyamory, Open Heart Meditation, Secrets of Natural Walking, Monroe Institute Astral Projection, Radical Honesty, figuring out what love isVegetarianI just told Mike "this is the turning point in my life". My parents were psychically abusing me and so I packed my things I headed out. I have found some great spiritual systems here. ... my biggest problem is that I dont know anything (and the ZenBuddhists worship the dont-know mind)... the floatation tank has made any life endeavour just some game I prop up not anything serious... i'm always picking up and dropping things.I confronted Kara about her readings which were astonishingly accurate in all respects but the crash of Bitcoin which went up 100% from the time we talked. But now is in fact crashing below 10k (which I never thought would happen ever again). But there are several global things in the space that justify it. She handled it well and said: "she encourage people to get multiple opinions and only act when every cell in YOUR body says it" ...I really regret not applying for the Mars Hill mountain commune - they were an extended family. I talked myself out of it saying that I do not have an open heart and would be jealous. Then I called Kara for a reading and confirmed my fear.... now I regret it because I really like the Shiva Lila communal way of living. I'm starting to realize: It's not about being perfect and ready for something. It's about knowing what direction you are doing and being willing to overcome the adversities. Forget seeking the bowl of cherries or being the all-perfect guru who shits rainbows!But this is where knowing what you really are comes into play: you are a sensationless being. You engage in earth games for sensation. Once there is no more sensation, you go elsewhere... Or maybe: you are a sensationless being. You spend all your time alone, avoiding all games so that you can reunite with the absolute OR: you are a sensationless being identified with a meat body and you think that is all you are and you are caught in the game without knowing it.
11/15/2017Loganville, GAgood questionGolf, YouTubeTROM (The Resolution of Mind), Centerpointe? Monroe Institute? Tony Sanchez Yoga, Kwan Um Zen, Sex 3.0 and ShivaLila "Book of the Mother"live veganI had $30,000 stolen in cryptocurrency. This has forced me to actively seek income fast, leading me back into computer programming. For some reason, I cannot bring myself to do life insurance sales. I did not persist in building Karatbars and on the brink of a very long series of failures, ended up not signing up a big builder in Karatbars. TROM really helps with seeing all of these overwhelms in a new light. I have come across a person named FruityMuncher who conducted a 90-day Juice Feast. His ultimate aims are spiritual enlightenment. As I watched him break his fast by dining on a live vegan gourmet dish, it struck me that he was eating for sensation not for sustenance. This led me back to various realizations I have had about diet for a long time and I will compile them together in a set of axioms and postulates about diet.
9/30/2017Loganville, GAentrepreneurGolf, Myth II Soulblighter, Watching boxing videos of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Alisubliminal programming via Brain Bullet, Shreem Brzee, and to a lesser extent, Centerpointe. Hot Yoga, Yin YogaI dont discuss diet. But I did make a serious change here because the yoga practice was showing how defiled I was as a physical being.Amazing. Natrina has not contacted me since I've been here even though she said she would in her last conversation. Miraculously, via OKCupid, I have found a person interested in OM. OM is now Orgasmic Mindfulness because of my hard-break from OneTaste entirely. So I have a dilemma, build my meditation and retreat center around her here in north atlanta. Or move to Florida and build it around Sandra Lopez, whom I have been stroking via text message for over 2 years now! It's hard but not impossible to obtain property without a W2 job.... focus is the key. Floating is the hard part. Both hot yoga and OM can be practiced in a normal house. But floating requires isolation from sensory input and I want to insure that 100%. And also in the vein of AHAM and Madre Grande, I want people to be able to live in entire seclusion away from a nerve center or central place of meeting if they so choose... so there is the choice of buying raw land and sticking small houses on it or just buying a house. I'm so glad for the youtube tip to search for owner financing.Turns out she had a car injury and was recovering. Enjoyed going to see "My Little Pony" with her and her friend Ariel.
3/23/2017Staten Island, NYwrite computer programs to make money... cannot stomach the idea of being a salesperson!Golf. Eating (meat!)Instead of 80 million spiritual practices, I am so happy with the Centerpointe Teachings. I will keep the self-johrei and maybe smilentology because they give me that same feeling of everything being alright!anything that creates enjoyment
3/21/2017Staten Island, NYhmm, looks like I have work from home. it was really odd how I could not land an office job. I passed my life insurance exam but dont savor the idea of picking up the phonegolf, joining a russian dating servicesomeone is confused! - what is at the core of all these spiritual practices?actively studying Ray Maor's teaching.What logic could there be in cooking food?I'm entering playboy mode again. Making money. Lots of time. No babe.
3/11/2017Staten Island, NYmaking money regardless of spacetime locale via Life Insurance, Computer Programming, Network Marketing and Cryptocurrency Trading and InvestingGolf - I found Donna Andrews today! I found Michael McTeigue awhile back! Gravity Golf is always great. Adult video is boring.vipassana, Charles haanel concentration, tibetan yoga, Kwan Um zen, Pranic Breathing as taught by Ray Maor the breatharian. Self-johrei instead of going to center to Altar.Making focused efforts to become a pranic.I just had a roomate for about a month. Her name: Rahda Madavi. A russian woman with a long deep direct trainings in Tibet and India in many tantric lineages. As well as Osho. I with they were here now that they are in Goa. I wish they were gone when they were here. I participated in some of her practices and learned a good amount from her. Her child Theo was quite interesting in a number of ways. At 4 years old, he did not speak much of any language and spent most of his time in the enlightened state of nonduality, spending a lot of time watching videos of planes and trains. He was very loud and disobedient and put both me and Radha to some real tests of spirituality. I lost out financially. Theo wrote all over my walls and I did not get much money for rent. I accepted her as a roommate because I place spirituality above all else and we had an odd encounter in the elevator as she was leaving and I figured that was a sign she was meant to be here. On the other hand, I did not pay rent this month and I would've been able to had my focus been on getting a roomate for income purposes. I often was unsure what I wanted in a roomate. But I'm glad to have helped a spiritual traveller on her journey.
10/22/2016Staten Island, NYcomputer programmerGolf only and building a money-making websiteAshtanga Yoga, Centerpointe, +Moola Bandha, -Theravada Buddhism, +sitting in front of the altar at Izunome instead of channeling Johreiseems like i'm doomed to do what I should be doing not what I want. Saw a gorgeous woman but of course I shouldnt mess with her. I see delicious meals but of course I should not eat them. It's important to know what is right and do it even though your urges are leading you elsewhere. Meishu Sama's teaching #56 speaks of the fact that the more injustice you receive, the greater your missionI got myself set on fire by sitting in front of the altar this Saturday. I was TORCHED. FRIED. I think the fact that I started Moola Bandha as taught by the Bihar School of Yoga had something to do with it.I'm having a lot of lucid dreams where I have to admit its nothing but a dream and I madeup all the characters in the dreams.
9/28/2016Staten Island, NYcomputer programmerOrgasmic Meditation and GolfAshtanga Yoga, Centerpointe, Theravada Buddhismraw vegetarian, yogic supplements like milk yogurt, simply cannot eat cooked food without falling asleep at work.prior to Yuttadhamma Bhikkus book, I never realized how much of my day is spent in idle thought instead of being focused on what is happening RIGHT NOW. Centerpointe is teaching me about focus and my focus is to achieve lotus, so I stretch on the elevator, on the ferry, everywhere I can anytime I can!!!Maxim Lebedev offers the TRs but in Russian. I'd love to do the TRs. I am fighting like a wildcat to create a 2nd income. I hate fearing the loss of my job. I am lining myself up to be able to drive for Uber. I dont want to leave NYC because Julia Krol will be back and she is a big builder in her MLM and has lived in SI for 26 years.
7/1/2016Staten Island, NYclock punchergolf!Jafree Ozwald's Enlightened Manifestors, Hatha Yoga, Izunome (johrei)no comment
4/20/2016Brooklyn, NY Orgasmic Meditation Housebored guy living with 4 other people I barely ever see. nothing to do but play golf all day and try to get this site launchedBanned for life from OneTaste.In the two years in OneTaste, I had more of what I desired than ever before 2 women approached me for sex. Make that 3. But I also realized that me and many upper-level OneTaste people and the women I had sex with were emotional spoiled brats. Very immature. Not taking responsibility for defiled behavior. Blaming others for our lack of happiness. Had I spent those two years taming my defilements in Buddhism, I would be a better person. In fact on April 2014 (2 years ago) I had a choice of doing a Buddhist retreat and starting OneTaste. I chose OneTaste. It was fun, easy and got me access to girls like never before. However, I basically wrote myself a ticket to hell. In joining OneTaste, I participated in a Fool's Paradise. Greed, hatred and delusion are the order of the day in OneTaste. But they couch it in trendy sounding terminology and pat you on the back while they fleece you of all the funds in your wallet. To be sure, Western approaches work fast, but the fac that Buddhism and Yoga have prospered for 2500 years shows they have staying power!
4/1/2016Brooklyn, NY Orgasmic Meditation Houseentrepreneurgolf!Shumei (a jyorei sect), Ashtanga Yoga, PiGudoing Tom Tam's Pigu before eating any dehydrating foods. Consuming hydrating foods without doing that Pigu... concerned about eating after noon, but lay buddhists dont observe that... but I think they should.In general my approach is to do everything I'm interested in if I cant choose. But can you honestly see yourself doing Theravada Buddhism and Scientology?? Honestly??? Theravadans would see Scientology as a tranquility practice - a method practice to bring you to Absolute Zero / clear ... so that now you have full potential to create with your mind... another thing is the idea of End Phenomenon... trying to acheive certain goals and not being satisfied with your progress unless you do achieve them. Many of my heroes (Harry Palmer, Charles Berner) left scientology after making OT levels. So I guess there is not too much there. And let's be honest, how good are the Scios at creating their reality? dont calamaties befall them? Another thing is simplicity --- one simple practice of tracking motion versus this procoess and that process which all changed over the years...
1/12/2016Loganville, GAhmm, I have no income and nothing to do but hang out in this house with my parents until it gets warm in New York. OKCupid, Real estate investing. Working my home businessesHigher Brain LivingI am programming this in my Higher Brain LIving sessions and do not discuss it with anyone. But is amazing how well it is working.Every 5 minutes I am pecking at my phone. Each time my mind rambles, I go into my phone to surf, chat, browse, etc. This has to stop. I need to implement some sort of practice and go do that instead of wasting my time that way. And I just found Flashback Games - an local arcade with games I played when I was 12. What is a better use of my time? Fooling around there or working on my golf swiing or meditating? In a sense, you are born to do what you are cut out for. David Bowie was told by a Lama that he was meant to do music. If I am able to manifest a girl through my HBL activity. I mean a real deep girl. DEEP. Then I will be stunned. But on the other hand, I actually think the HBL can deliver it. let's see. But first things first. Enough of all the phone pecking every few minutes.
12/31/2015Loganville, GApseudo-entrepreneur leeching off his parents paying no rent and kicking it having not seen them for 3 yearsI play Go. Higher Brain Living (this one will be a doosey - mark my words). based on my resolutions I am doing in HBL, I have chosen a particular dietary path which will not be written hereDrove from San Jose, CA to Orlando, FL - New Mexico was wild with the lightning flashing across the sky for hours on end. I took out a 30,000 loan so that I would not have to rush and get another job when my last employer cut me with 2 weeks notice. I have hooked up with a very accomplished entrepreneur (Antonio Holt) and am progressing through some online businesses.Higher Brain LIving is very powerful. Very. Antonio is into floatation tanks and retreat centers so it looks like my subconscious vision of founding one is starting to manifest??
8/12/2015San Jose, CA ready to drive back across countrycomputer programmer working remotely I play Go. Playing around with women. Playing around with sex.Isolation Tank Gnosis and Theravada Buddhism.fruits, nuts and whatever nature provides. 1 year of Sacred Sexuality
6/4/2015San Jose, CAComputer consultant on 60 days of paid bench time!One of my new roommates ia a former national gymnast for Russia and the Ukraine. I watched her do a bit of Tai Chi and my oh my it was beautiful.Isolation Tank Gnosis, I need to finish up my Gyrotonic lessons. I have this urge to achieve on planet earth - to have the excellent posture and body use of my Gyrotonic teacher. To have Chinese Language fluency. to be able to dance. But at my heart the sutra of the wise and foolish never quits speaking: "What rises must fall, all component things disintegrate. Whatever is born, must die, all meetings end in separation."raw food - the place I am moving to in San Jose has a whole foods that has many more succulent raw food items like sunburgers! I will also be closer to a spiritual friend of mine Anand-Sara. But I long for the day I have created enough passive income to return to my home in the South! I saw many vast empty spaces when I drove from New York to Cali - and any of those would do as well. As far as how to establish a gnostic isolation temple, I am leaning towards purchasing a house outright with cash as opposed to operating a retreat center. Certain spiritual paths allow their centers to be used for a variety of purposes. Others dont.Today I was banned from Palo Alto OM Circle and TurnON. There are always 2 sides to a story and I dont want to point fingers. However, I'm certain that I would not be banned from a larger community with more experienced high-level players. This is a wakeup call for me if I want it to be one. Or I can continue to spend most of my time doing Orgasmic Meditation by relocating to SF or Santa Cruz. What I mean is my root beliefs rest in the power of isolation and nature, not in the power of community or technology. But I spend most of my time trying to form OM communities and improving my practice. Hamza told me clearly that I have enough electricity and that calibration is the issue. I have a hard time being calibrated and often end feeling fake and tumesced.Lisa and David chose to communicate their decision via a reconciliation session. I must say that Ulysses Slaughter is a pleasure to be around. That guy really knows how to hold the container. He also sensed that the issue was not resolved. He was right, but I also feel that I can resolve things within "myself" by going to the void state via Zen Meditation BY MYSELF or float BY MYSELF ... it takes two willing parties ready to throw everything on the table and drop everything for the various human meditation processes to work. Lots of trust and lots of work.... sort of ... I would say we were very near resolution and that I simply need to keep working with the powerful container being held by Nicole Diaz and Ulysses. Each urge of mine to explode in rage, hang up the phone, put down Lisa and David via name calling - all disconnecting activities were simply smoothed out and things were getting better and better and smoother. And then I acquiesced to their decision and wake up the next morning typing to myself thinking of various appeal protocols, etc.
5/25/2015Palo Alto, CAComputer ProgrammerFounding Isolation Tank Gnosis, Gratitude meditation, Gyrotonic, Oneness Blessing, 100% raw food - i even had some raw swordfish last nightI have the hots for Maryann Tomko. She blew us all a kiss at the end of her morning meditation. I like my new friend Anand-Sara. She is Japanese and a retired school teacher. She has all sorts of nice qualities. My memory has the image of her speaking of the redwoods and ocean while the sun was bathing her. Making her look golden. She was completely turned on.
5/13/2015Palo Alto, CAComputer ProgrammerOrgasmic Meditation, Zen Meditation, IDHHB.com, Gyrotonic100% raw foodI broke my lease, paid 2 months of rent in New York and drove from New York to Cali for JOB STABILITY. And now, 2 months later, the project I am here for is shutting down. Now I am still employed by the company but they are talking about offering me a position in North Carolina. I just got here!!!I feel like a ping pong ball, being run around to chase the dollar. Anal stimulation is quite pleasurable. I'm certainly not gay and I'm not comfortable in male-male sexual activity.
3/9/2015Palo Alto, CAEmployed with Infosys - an IT consulting agency. skateboarding? living in a hacker house and discussing various investment strategies and computer programming.Oneness University, EJ Gold (IDHHB.com), Orgasmic Meditationdrove from New York to Cali! Had several potential serious accidents but none occurred. Then when I got to Cali, I overate and needed to take a nap but tried to drive and fell asleep at the whee and rear-ended another car.I gave up all the connections I was forming in New York to come here.... I could've slept with Eugenia in 6 months if I'd just stayed with it. But for some reason, I was not able to land a job in New York. I went through a 90-day drought of being refused for job after job. So when the Cali position opened up, I took it. and I must say all the green in Northern California is quite awesome. It's a paradise here. New York is a cesspool that I was just putting up with because I could make a lot of money and use public transit heavily.
3/5/2015Salt Lake City UtahGot to meet Shane Stott, co-founder of ZenFloatCo.com and got to meet Jana Dahl owner of American Barter Exchange
12/10/2014Yonkers, NYComputer Programmer and Network Marketer and Trader / InvestorOrgasmic Meditationcontinuing with 2 rows below, but dropping Tony Sanchez yoga for 5 Tibetan Rites. I like inner heat over outer heatconfused as usual - I had done 1 week of eating as if I could only obtain food with my bare hands and only eat what was naturally palatable. So that was fruits and carrots only. Yesterday, I went to Whole foods and bought everything I wanted and ate until I was full all day over and overRochelle Aruti and I had a wonderful karezza sessionhttp://metaperl.gitbooks.io/lilly-in-the-wilderness/
10/28/2014Yonkers, NYhmmhmmROBERT ADAMS, Yuen Method, Tony Sanchez Yoga, Isolation Tank, Penis Massage Oil, Orgasmic Meditation, Shumei strong cravings for cooked meat are tampered by this person's comments about spiritual advancement - http://www.unexplainable.com/I'm pretty much in tortoise mode... plodding along steadily, intending to be where I plan to be in 1-2 years of steady chipping away. I'm amazed by the power of Robert Adams satsang. I am so much more aware of my dreams even though he is not into imagination.there's a guitar that lays here. it's so boring to play scales. so boring.
8/22/2014Yonkers, NYIsolation Tank, Orgasmic Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Izunome / Jyoreihmm came here veggie now doing paleo and sort of doing eat whatever I wantOne of of the people I was closest to in the Memphis Street Dance Community, Carlton "Zeus" Dodson, Jr died in a swimming accident.
5/14/2014Quincy, MAProver of isolation tank services and Orgasmic Meditation Practitionerfoot reflexology, TongRen, Orgasmic Meditation, establishing an isolation tank centersemi-solids and liquidsOM is a livewire. It seems to be a very simple practice and you wonder about other parts of the women's genitalia and other systems and how they use them (sacred spot massage, Para Tan, etc) but OM will grow faster and further than all of them
4/1/2014Quincy, MAOwner of home business in gold, Practitioner of Tom Tam's TongRen. Avid participant in local Sacred Sexuality communities (Humar Awareness Institute and Orgasmic Meditation).if you put it that way (Samsaric pleasures), then you are acting as if there is something wrong about pleasure. I was torn up when Vivian (of the AHAM center) contracted a stroke. But maybe she is bodiless and completely happy with an injured body. Tom Tam will be curing cancer left and right as 1 in every 2 people contract it. I choose to harmonize THROUGH the physical not TRANSCEND IT. The Raelians have caught my interest and a member of The Process is in Tom Tams Quincy organization. But the main ones are Tom Tam's TongRen and related practices. Along with HAI and OM.tired of eating. ready to go to teas and eat truly when I am hungry. Which sure as hell isnt every day. Everyday there are various pangs but dont call it hunger.I'm always afraid of making the wrong move. But I do intend to go after some women after this next tantric speed dating thing. It is very unusual to live a life where my clock is not dictated by the need to go into work. Money comes via the home business in gold, my friend's forex trading, and probably www.side.cr - a car sharing service.I'm crazy about street dance and in particular memphis jookin. This line line in my spiritual resume was created due to my friend texting me. About that Buddhist retreat. I was thinking of going but saw one picture of a nude woman's body and said: "forget it, no more denying myself." --- that being said, I think that the Theravada Buddhist approach is entirely valid and they are very very aware and developed people.

have you seen orgasmic meditation? I'm going to train in that. Look up the Ted talk on youtube. And I'm with HAI.org - they ahve great tantric speed dating circles. You meet a lot of beautiful spiritual progressive women and engage in intimacy and number-exchange in real time.
1/15/2014Medford, MAComputer Programmer, network marketer, bitcoin junkieBitcoinmourning the passing of John Drais. I had been feeling John wasnt around for quite a few days and started thinking Loving-Kindness should be more important in my life. The day I found out he died. I spent all night dreaming and waking and it seemed the sun would never come up. At one point, my foot seemed to move upwards and I went flying through the ceiling. I was moving through interplanetary space at high speed.liquidarian in the vein of Michiyo MoriJohn Drais, founder of Madre Grande Monastery, passed away 1/1514. I was crushed by this . I had a long night of reflecting on how much he taught me in the 31-day intensive I had there in 2001. I took his courses over the years but never knuckled down. I was impressed at how well he knew the Theosophy although Blavatsky intentionally made Theosophy irrational to keep people from thinking about it. One tremendous great soul has left us. I'm sure many will weep.
1/24/2013Boston, MAComputer Programmernetwork marketing with Karatbars InternationalTom Tam's PiGu (with a bit of his Tong Ren). Yoga Nidra. Various facebook conversations with Raven Infinity. thought of forming a library of various spiritual practices but could not figure out where to put it. very influenced by Jericho Sunfire. actively pursuing the concept of Energarian (feeding on energy primarily) but as a Walter Russell fan, I am convinced that Universal energy is balance or stillness not the motion of Qi, etc.8 million things went on in New York, Asheville and Asheboro, NC between 2011 and now. Carol seems to have become enraptured with someone as fixated on aliens as herself. Nancy is certain the ascension is going to happen any moment. She's now my business partner. I studied quite a bit with Christopher Tims during my florida days, as well as mono-dieting on orange juice. But the floatation tank is my real thing. Everything else is a temporary motion for this Nowehere Man Going Nowhere with Nothing To Do.As much as I want to avoid groups and be my own spiritual practitioner, I want to do the Forgiveness workshop at AHAM. Why? This lady is saying false things about me to her friends and jumping to conclusions about me without looking at all the evidence. I will never forget what they said at the Hare Krishna temple: "you know you are growing spiritually when someone does something wrong to you and you pray for them."
1/16/2011Margate, FL - I bought a mobile home near Carol!floatation tank yogi. unemployed but hellbent on bulding a floatation tank NOW. avoiding the cold north til it warms up preferably FOREVER!having an opportunity to have tenants cover my rent. guitar. street dance. eating.Bikram Yoga, David Spero, Loving-Kindness, ECKANKAR, IACfunny. just yesterday, I ran into a guy who mentioned a book "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" but mainly I am omnivorous. I'm certain I will get some mannatech from Carol soonbeing a home owner is a new responsibility. I initially envisioned getting some girls up in my pad, but I think the focus should be on spiritual comrades.
10/6/2010Boynton Beach, FL - mobile homes look good until you have a 700 lot rentI have 18k in savings. I just got my IRS check. I have to close a few investment accounts. I have no requirement to work for a long time.Umm. Carol Davidson is my spiritual friend. But she's a sexy 61 year old massage therapist. I'm ready to give her some sexual healing. Blonde pleadian chick. Just the right thing for this Sirius man.Sula DePaula has done the unthinkable. Even though Juliana Ericson's CD ended 20 years of spiritual inquiry. Sula's CD eclipsed it. I love rebirthing with A Course in Miracles affirmations. But I also love the instructions from ECCO: expect the unexpected. David Spero is awesome but moving beyond cause and effect is a bit too door mat-ish for me right now. The Tibetans are awesome for opening the 3rd eye. They are a bit demanding though. Maybe I should move back to 3x per week instead of forcing 21x. Eckankar is powerful. Sweet people too. I need to get back to my Spiritologie exercises. Loving-Kindness is important but being handled in a different way. A Course in Miracles promises to be thunderous. Cant wait for my copy to arrive!the Wai Dietthe Wai diet will combine my former fruitarian approach with the commonsense of raw animal food. I had looked at Aajonus Vonderplanitz primal diet but never went anywhere with it for ethical reasons. But the following factors sway me towards eating animals anyway: dont seek perfection on a warring planet, nature is ruthless high indifference not benevolence, our eyes are set forward like a predator. do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law
8/25/2010Boynton Beach, FL - but looking at multi-family units in Boynton and Boca with the intents of (1) spiritual community (2) having others pay my mortgage (3) offer flotation tank servicesmiserable computer programmer at a stable company with no creative freedomguitar, spiritual materialism, trolling craiglist for spiritual females (bwahahahahaha)p3y (paramji, papr, param yog), the 5 tibetans, The Katie Laugh, Loving-Kindness Level I with Madre Grande Monastery, Spiritologie raw gourmet with sproutarian dreamspell influencesi'm going to have to pass on Self Discovery Techniques. It's a good system and I will miss Sharon Byrne and Linda. And I learned a lot about my limitations in a short time.Im starting to look at houses. I'm really just getting used to my housemate, but I want to float and I'm tired of paying rent. Let's see what happens
8/12/2010Boynton Beach, FLComputer Programmerguitar. growing wheatgrassRob James' Self Discovery Techniques, ThetaHealing(tm), Neville Goddard dream workraw gourmet with an interest in raw paleoSelf Discovery Techniques is something I tripped across on facebook. I was comparing it with 10 sessions of rebirthing breathwork and/or my EOC Institute brainwave cds. I decided for the weekend workshop. I think it will be powerful. When will I return to my floatation tank. I miss it so much. Phillip Bailey is on facebook... it was a great thing
8/2/2010Boynton Beach, FLhomo and hetero erotic massage, electric guitar, comedy shows, the ocean, sungazingdream yoga, dreamspell, 5 tibetan rites, dream journal, loving-kindness (madre grande), spiritologie, vipassana, Crystal Garden Metaphysical Centerraw gourmet. weekly wheatgrass enemas with my room-mate kimwent to Crystal Garden here in Boynton and bought a talisman to attract women as well as many new age texts, thanks to talking to Carol.
6/20/2010Boyton Beach, FLWORLD CUP 2010!!! mixed martial artstantra, 5 tibetan rites, sungazing, spero, spiritologie, vipassanaraw food. some gourmet. deeply impressed with Ann Wigmore's approach as detailed in "Rejuvenation" by Stephen Blaumemy roommate (Kim) is transforming me. she got me into the ocean, raw food and sungazing simply by us having conversations. I think our reasons for being together are greater than either of us currently imagines!
5/30/2010Boyton Beach, FLthe ocean, mmatantra, dreamspell, savasana, spero, spiritologie, msia, ashtanga yogacarnivorehmm, i might be eating too much meat
5/15/2010Boyton Beach, FLLeBron James, Mixed Martial ArtsBikram Yoga (its so uncomfortable in that god-damn room!), David Spero, Spiritologie, MSIAliquidarian, 1 meal per day after yoga classI can feel my intestines... they want to be primarily empty!
4/11/2010Deerfield Beach, FLmemphis jookin (dance)yoga nidra, loving-kindness, sant mat, bikram yogaliquid-oriented. 1 solid meal per day after yoga classhttp://www.livingcosmos.org/2010/04/give-it-3-weeks/I'd just finished vowing to listen to the inner sound in my ear for 3 weeks and nothing else and I didnt even last 1 week!
3/25/2010watching thoughts, bikram yoga, vipassana1 meal per day and then liquids is all that is possible if I plan to survive yoga class
3/22/2010ambient musicbreath control, bikram yogacan only consume a meal after yoga practice... impacts practice too much to eat even 4 hours before class
3/13/2010Pompano Beach, FLcomputer programmerNCAA Basketball, dunkin donuts, quiznos, peace a pizzatheravada buddhism, bikram yogavegetarian
2/24/2010porn, the tv show "2 and a Half Men", Memphis Jookin (a dance style)loving-kindness meditation, spiritologie, sant mat is on the back-burnervegetarianstill need to get around to subudhttp://www.livingcosmos.org/2010/02/i-could-not-move-my-body-detecting-the-self-defeating-thought-pattern-consideration/
2/18/2010hey Mr. Stack crashed a plane into an IRS buildingvipassana, listening to anahata naad, standing, hu chant, MSIA wealth meditationback to my normal constipated cooked food veggie diet (no need for meat, thanks)why dont I just do loving-kindness meditation all day
2/15/20106 day initiation with Yogi Madan Gautam
started orange juice mono-diet
2/15/2010Vipassana, Hu, Kundalini, Wealth meditationAnne Osborne / Arnold Ehret
2/7/2010still here with my parents, it's hard to live with them, but it's the best situationkundalini meditation (per sri shivkrupanand swami) and sant mat (per Michael Turner of SFS)liquid diet for awhile, one meal for awhile, now just plain vegetarian
1/2/2010Irmo, SCjobless, but will only take a job with high pay. Ashtanga yoga Vipassana Reality in 40 verses Dreamspell Subud The comforter
10/25/2009added Neville Goddard studies
9/25/2009r3x with rolf dane
9/24/2009paramji's P3Y Paramji Papr Paramyog
9/12/2009Had heart issues after Bikram Yoga classmorning and noon meal only
8/1/2009Bikram Yoga, Vipassana Meditationanything I could shove in my mouthVipassana Meditation led me to seeing "colored television static" when finished
7/5/2009Computer Programmer90-day challenge with nichiren buddist assoc of america, dreamspell, evernewjoy.net (ramanathan Iyer), floatation tank90% raw... dries diet oriented
1/11/2009"-- ernest wood concentration (sob) ++ calm-abiding meditation
1/7/2009Westerville, OHComputer Programmer"+ ejaculation mastery course"http://www.TantraAtTahoe.com
1/3/2009"+ brainpaint"
1/2/2009"+ kabbalah (Rav Michael Laitman), solo ejaculation control"
12/27/2008"+ ernest wood concentration"http://groups.google.com/group/ernest-wood-concentration
12/24/2008"+ lucid dreaming"
12/19/2008Joblessgay curiousChan Buddhism, Hermetics, Freezone Scientology, Crystal Bowl
5/26/2008Westerville, OH - but house hunting in earnest for a good place for floatationGo (asian board game)"+ Dreamspell calendar, + Phoenixtools.org, + somaenergetics, + spiritologie"currently just vegetarian. returning to pH balanced, liquidariant/fruitarian with emphasis on water and buddhist timing of eatingthe dreamspell calendar is helping me choose spiritual practices based on the day.... for "dali targets" I do concentration for "seli flows" I do tai chi for "limi purifies" I do water after noon ... I'm still working on the other days!
1/12/2008"++ rebirthing"
6/1/2007Tampa, FLComputer programmer (utek)Fruitarianism, Self Inquiry, Scientology100% Fruit for 75% of the time. Ate cooked food and gained weight... everyone at work noticed. Ate anything during my purification rundown at the Co$
5/1/2004New Port Richey, FLteacher training at St Petersburge College
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CATeaching fellow, Computer programmer (Direct Synergy)Tibetan Buddhism
East LA, CALos Angeles Teaching FellowEl Nino Fidencio, Christian Science
Venice, CACashier, Venice Ocean Park Food Co-OpAshtanga Yoga, Johrei
Los Angeles, CAJobless - thrown out of promised dwellings
Brooklyn, NYComputer programmerchess!Lectorium rosicrucianummacrobiotics!
8/1/2002Cheraw, SCHigh school math and chemistry teacher
1/16/2002Staten Island, NYGanas Intentional Community
1/1/2002Austin, TXmeditation practice with Interntional Society of Divine Love
11/1/2001Dulzura, CA (San Diego area)monk at Madre Grande Monasterygot into a conflict with one of the resident monksdid insight meditation in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw. Also did loving-kindness meditation. The Buddhist meditation was done in the context of Theosophycooked vegetarian
1/1/2001Bay Area, CAComputer programmer at OracleFeldenkrais, sound toning, macrobiotics, Santo DaimeSAD. Some experimentation with raw food
1/1/2000Staten Island, NYComputer programmerTemple of the True Inner Light (smokeable DPT), DMT Church, Ayahuasca, Acorus Calamus, Falun GongSAD - some experiments with macrobiotics and juicing
5/1/1999Southern California - North Hollywood, Orange CountyComputer programmerSalvia DivinorumSAD - some experiments with fruitarianism
8/1/1995Los Angeles, CAUSC Computational Neuroscience Graduate StudentLived at the Yesss Center Intentional CommunityYang and Chen Tai Chi. Some Zen and Tibetan buddhism. American pop tantra (1 year). 3HO Kundalini Yoga. Became aware of health food. Some work with Samael Aun Weor's gnosis and Stephen Hoeller's gnosis. Some spiritualism. Some fasting. Some rebirthing.SAD
8/1/1994Philadelphia, PAHahnemann University (now part of Drexel) grad studentdid Qi Gong and Tai Chi. a bit of shamanic flying would ensue at night. a bit of Shambhala Center Buddhism. read Christmas Humphreys “Concentration and Meditation” and began to try to control my thoughts.
1/1/1994Taipei, TaiwanTeacher of English. Student of Chinesewent to Wulai.learned Tai Chi from a person who could grab your mental attention by thought power. He was also impossible to push over – he would always win in a push hands bout.Taiwanese diet
8/1/1991Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. computer science grad studentrap music artist, disc jockey. Chinese language study. Video games.did Sahaj Marg off and on. some Qi Gong and hatha yoga.SAD diet. Some exposure to vegetarians during Sahaj Marg and Vedanta studies
8/1/1987Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. computer science majorskateboarding! Some music. And some art. Did an art magazinehardly any. a bit of Shambhala Center Tibetan Buddhism. a bit of Islam. a bit of a prana transmission meditation called Sahaj Marg off and on.SAD vegetarian - oreos, coke, pizza, potato chips, you name it. Just no dead carcasses
5/11/1969Born and Raised Irmo, SCraised Southern Baptist. Became interested in Hinduism around the age of 18. quit eating meat because all the religions I studied were vegetarian.SAD dietI was born on Mother's Day, my sister on New Year's Day
Irmo, SCHi mom! Hi dad! I'm home to say hello between looking for jobs to stow more stuff with you and then leave again until I need to do it again!!!
Lake Worth, FLCharter school math teacher at Academy for Positive Learning
Westlake Village, CAComputer programmer (Valueclick)Ernest Wood "Concentation", Sankara Saranam's Pranayama, Chaos Magickfruitarianism interrrupted by occasional binges
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CAComputer programmer (Vendare)
Mountain View, CAJob orientation (Friendfinder)got to meet Sam (the founder of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn)fruitarianism. I remember breaking my fruitarian diet with some sort of handmade sandwich and nearly having to retch my guts out in public.