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Quressa RobinsonBookEnds LiteraryAdult romance

Women's fiction


select cozy mysteries.
After three years as an agent at the L. Perkins Agency, Rachel Brooks joined BookEnds in June 2017. Prior to that she was apprentice to agent Louise Fury.

Originally from Washington (and then from all over as an Air Force brat), Rachel now resides with her gamer husband and chatty rescue cat. When not working, her other interests include trying new recipes, playing World of Warcraft, and spending time by the ocean.
General WishlistA young adult or women's fiction manuscript that breaks my heart and almost puts it back together in the vein of K-dramas Goblin: The Lonely and Great God or Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is probably up my alley. I also would love to find something like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, and I'm Not a Robot, with their balance of humor and heart. While these are South Korean shows, I'm interested in Asian stories and writers from all countries.Submissions to BookEnds should be made electronically through the Query Manager database. Rachel's submission form: one agent at BookEnds can consider your query/manuscript at a time, so please wait until you've heard a decision before querying a second BookEnds agent. We love finding new clients, and have found many of our current ones through the good old query slush pile.
Tess CalleroCurtis Brown, Ltd.
Nonfiction - food and cookbook projects

YA and adult fiction
I am a literary agent at Curtis Brown, Ltd. in New York City. In addition to building my own client list, I also handle all of the agency’s social media, including the Twitter and Instagram accounts. Make sure to follow us at @curtisbrownltd (Twitter) and (Instagram).I would LOVE a YA about a girl with dreams to make it to the MLB/NHL/etc. I’m also interested in a friendship story involving mental health. I’m not the best agent for high fantasy, but love a touch of magical realism in the vein of BONE GAP. Lastly, I’m a total sucker for a good psychological suspense novel that will keep me guessing!For Nonfiction: I am specifically looking for food narrative and cookbook projects. I’m particularly interested in sustainable cooking or new ideas about traditional foods. I’m also interested in how food intersects with culture. But any projects in this category are welcome!

For fiction: I handle young adult and adult commercial and upmarket projects. I love mystery/thriller/suspense, especially with a female narrator and an unexpected twist. I’d also love a strong ethnic romance, historical or contemporary.

Agent guidelinesNo attachments, please. I will respond only if I'm interested in taking a look at your work.
Linda CamachoGallt & Zacker LiteraryFiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Commercial, Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Graphic Novel, Historical, Horror, LGBTQ, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult I've held various positions at Penguin Random House, Dorchester, Simon and Schuster, Writers House, and Prospect Agency, doing everything from foreign rights to editorial to marketing to operations. Somewhere in between all that, I got my MFA in writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Now at Gallt & Zacker Literary, I work with the best group of women and represent both children's and adult books. What's really special about Gallt & Zacker is that we have people of color on our team and on the whole, truly believe in diversity moving beyond something that's "trendy" to a mainstream part of the industry. General WishlistHonestly, I love so many genres that it's a tough question to answer. I do have a hankering for a YA fantasy--and, ooh, K-dramas--but really, I'm open to all kinds of great things that might come my way. Break my heart, make me smile...I just want to be surprised.Agent guidelines In the query, be sure to focus on the story. I love hearing about the author, but remember, it's story first!
Laura CrockettTriadaUS Literary
YA and adult fiction: Action/Adventure, Commercial, Fantasy, General, Historical, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Mystery, Romance, Women’s Fiction
I am an associate literary agent at TriadaUS Literary Agency. Prior to joining TriadaUS in 2014, I was a bookseller, student librarian, and writing tutor. I received my MA in Publishing from Rosemont College, and won the highest award for my thesis on common threads in Gothic literature and modern YA trends. I'm currently a part-time librarian as well, so books are my hobby and my life's passion. When not reading, I'm singing, trying new restaurants, and traveling.General Wishlist - see also'm only seeking fiction in adult and YA. I am on the hunt for lush, beautiful, atmospheric fantasy, especially ones inspired by cultural mythology, folklore, religion, and history. I love historical fiction, provided that the voice is relatable to modern audiences -- historical fiction can be difficult to sell but such a joy to read when done well! And finally, last but not least, I enjoy contemporary women's fiction too, particularly in the vein of humorous and chick-lit style (like Crazy Rich Asians or To All the Boys I've Loved Before), or slightly darker with taboo topics or moral dilemmas. Writers always surprise me with their projects, so if the manuscript touches upon any of those things list, I'm more likely to dive into it. I'm much more of a make-me-smile with contemporary and break-my-heart with historical and fantasy -- so the voice needs to pack a powerful punch regardless of genre. Send to; in the body of an email, please have your official query and the first 10 pages of the manuscript. No attachments unless I've specifically asked. I will confirm receipt of pages if I've asked to read more. If I haven't responded to your query in two weeks, it may have fallen into spam and I encourage you to try again. Only query one TriadaUS agent at a time. Please, do not send me sexual assault, suspense/thriller, or vampire/werewolf narratives. And finally, the queries that capture my attention read like book jackets: the voice of the query is like the voice of the manuscript, it has a clear hook, it tells me just enough about the premise to entice me to read more, and the comp titles are spot on. Feel free to query with #SEAcritterspub in the subject line.
Claire DraperInkwell Management
Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Non-Fiction: LGBTQ, Memoir
I am a literary agent and assistant to two children’s book agents. I’ve been with InkWell Management for nearly two years and am always looking for a well told story.General Wishlist I am looking for children’s books for any age (picture, middle grade, and young adult) as well as graphic novels, and I’d like to dabble in feminist memoirs. Other than that, I am not particularly for any specific story, that’s for you to write, though I right now I am looking for fiction that tends to be on the lighter side, and steers clear of themes that are too dark if they’re not cushioned in lovely surroundings or lighter/hopeful themes and subplots.Agency guidelines I love when people tell me about themselves, and why they over anyone else is uniquely qualified to tell this story. Keep it concise and to the point, and make sure to give as much of the plot as you can, so I know what I am getting myself into.
Melissa EdwardsStonesong LiteraryCommercial Middle Grade & Young Adult, particularly books kids will self-select. I like timeless MG with heart. For YA, I like romance, thrillers, sci-fi and fantasy.

New Adult, Adult Thrillers, Women’s Fiction

Non-Fiction: Humor, Pop Culture
I am a literary agent at Stonesong. I represent authors of children's and adult literature, with an emphasis on commercial fiction. I started my career as an attorney and recently opened a contract consultation business. For fun, I take kettlebell classes!General WishlistI am looking for all kinds of Asian manuscripts, especially contemporary stories about being an Asian American, and the interplay of two cultures in one life.

I'd like the next gritty female detective story like Jessica Jones or Veronica Mars or some heartfelt MG fiction like SUMMERLOST.

Query me at, with a query letter and a 10 page sample pasted into the body of your email. Please do not send attachments.

I'd also love for queriers to include "Rin Chupeco" in the subject, so I will know they came from this list!

Also include the word “query” in the subject line of your email to ensure we receive it and it isn’t filtered as spam.

I'd just love to remind queriers that they've got this! They're being so brave putting their work out there and I am so thankful they've chosen to submit to me.

We also welcome queries from independent and self-published authors. If you have self-published your book and are interested in working with a publisher for future works, please include descriptions of published and forthcoming works, as well as information about sales and reviews.
Kat EnrightSeymour AgencyYA of all genres, Adult SFF, Romance, and select nonfictionI began in the field by working at Skyhorse Publishing, first in sales and then in editorial at Sky Pony Press. After two years at Skyhorse, where I was able to learn a lot about how a publishing house as a whole works, I made the jump to agenting with The Seymour Agency! So as an agent I can offer insight on what it is like once a project reaches a house, and I also offer detailed editorial feedback during the revision progress.

I am a huge nerd and a gamer girl, and I’m a particular fan of Bioware games. I play DnD weekly with the same group I found in college, and I have a cat named Zuko. Yes, that Zuko. Prince of the Fire Nation. I am also a writer, and I can be found talking about writing and books and more on Twitter, @KatEnright.
General WishlistI am looking for Asian fiction along all of my areas of interest. As a Filipino myself, I am particularly interested in Pinoy fiction, and any fiction that explores the diaspora experience. That said, I am interested in uplifting all voices from marginalized communities, so please feel free to sub to me regardless of your specific heritage. Especially if it’s fantasy or science-fiction.

In non-fiction, I’d love to see some cookbooks that give a modern spin on traditional recipes. Let’s make adobo, lumpia, and ube household names!
Submissions should be emailed to

Please send your query letter with QUERY + GENRE/AUDIENCE + MS TITLE in the subject line, and the first ten pages of your MS pasted into the body of the email. No attachments, please.

When submitting to me, please include your sample pages in the body of the email—I will not open attachments. When pitching your story, be sure to focus on character. A strong plot is great, but I need to sink my teeth into your characters.

Also the darker the story, the better! While I might occasionally read a light, fluffy book, I am not the best fit for those stories.
Barry GoldblattBarry Goldblatt LiteraryYA, MG, picture books and chapter books

genre fiction, including Science Fiction, Fantasy
I’ve been working in publishing since 1989, and an agent since 2000. I’ve seen a lot of publishing ebbs and flows, but the one thing I’ve always relied on: good stories find a way, eventually. Did I mention I was stubborn and hate to lose? :) I don’t have much in the way of hobbies, but I love food: eating and cooking it. I also love music, punk in particular, and I sort of play bass if you use a really loose definition of playing.I’m open to pretty much any genre, although I admit I don’t handle much nonfiction in general (though can be convinced).I’m always a bit leery of listing specific manuscript wishes, because it often leads to (a) getting weird attempts to write to my wish, or (b) makes people think that’s all I want. But when it comes to Asian stories, what I’d really like to see are stories that counter the sadly popular white written narratives that have come to dominate the landscape and define things. Agency guidelinesAll the usual warnings (spell my name right, proofread for grammar errors, don’t reference work of my clients you haven’t actually read, or worse dis my clients books in favor of your own), but mostly I want short and sweet. Tell me what you’re offering and why I should read it. Make sure I go to the sample pages with excitement and curiosity. And then wow the heck out of me with those.

Kaitlyn JohnsonCorvisiero Literaryupper MG


New Adult / Adult fiction
As well as being a junior agent for Corvisiero Literary Agency, I'm also a freelance editor at my own company, K. Johnson Editorial, and worked as a copyeditor for academic publisher codeMantra, a YA editor for Accent Press, and a Conference Assistant for GrubStreet, Boston. I've written various articles for Writer's Digest and had a flash fiction story published in the anthology A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed. I'm a Florida girl and somehow found myself bounced from Cali to Boston and all the way back to the sunshine state, and I'm happy to be able to split my time between agenting, editing, and visiting theme parks.​- upper MG, YA, NA/A are her main interests

- Kaitlyn adores fantasy works (yes, that very much includes urban!) and time travel

- General Romance (erotic elements OK) and Contemporary Romance

- Historical Fiction: anything other than Henry VIII, Shakespeare, American Civil War, Greek gods/myths

- Contemporary can grab her attention only if the concept is unique and well-executed

- LGBT (as well as characters questioning their sexuality) welcome in all above genres
I would love to see fantasy or historical fiction that draws from feudal/ancient Japan—along with fighting styles. Stories that find inspiration from the nature and traditions of Asian cultures, with in-depth worldbuilding. I'm definitely interested in dark, gritty fantasy worlds, but I would love to see contemporary storylines, as well as LGBT, where the teens or adults are finding their passion and fighting to pursue it. Agent guidelinesBe sure to immediately tell me the genre, age category, and word count. I like knowing what I should be expecting going forward. The voice of your first pages is a big hook for me, so be sure I can really get sucked in to your character and world.
Thao LeSandra Dijkstra & Associates

Action/Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Historical, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary YA, Diversity, Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Literary Middle Grade, Low Fantasy, Magical Realism, Middle Grade, Multicultural, contemporary middle grade, historical romance
I’ve been with the Dijkstra Agency since 2011 and started as an assistant to the subrights and financial managers. I had NO plans to be an agent myself. I was an econ and Chinese studies double major and I was interested in the contracts and royalties part of the industry. I was drawn to Sandy’s office because of Amy Tan and The Joy Luck Club. Amy Tan was the first Asian-American author I ever read and she made me feel seen. I had never deeply related to the characters of a book as strongly as I did back then when I first read Amy Tan’s work. I’m now excited to be building a diverse list of children’s, YA, and SFF authors of my own and aim to champion more great books for all those other Asian kids out there to discover, read, and identify with.General WishlistI am a big fan of K- and J- Drama, so anything along those lines. I’m a sucker for crossdressing romcoms, mistaken identities, and beta heroes! And I wouldn’t say no to a well-executed reverse harem storyline featuring swoonworthy love interests and a smart and loveable heroine. I’m also looking for stories featuring multigenerational families living under one roof and second generation protagonists.Please query me via!Comp titles are really useful and shows that the writer knows their market and audience, so definitely include them in your query letter! Also, you never need to ask permission to send a project to an agent if they are currently open to submissions, but do check to make sure that they do indeed rep your genre. You can check by reviewing their agent bios. Do you research rather than DMing or emailing the agent to ask for permission, which may come across as too lazy to do proper research of that agent.
Becky LeJeuneBond Literary AgencyAdult fiction, YA, NonfictionI'm an associate agent at Bond Literary Agency with over fifteen years of industry experience. I've worked as a bookseller, a managing editor, and an acquisitions editor and am an alumni of the Denver Publishing Institute. When I'm not working, I'm still reading for fun! I'm also a big foodie and a huge movie buff. General WishlistMy general wishlist always applies, but I'm particularly looking for great horror, sci fi, and mystery/suspense at the moment - YA or adult! I've got a degree in Criminal Justice with a double minor in English and Anthropology and spent my grade school years in gifted classes (which kind of all explains the things that get my attention in a submission). I would love a really great PI series - US based is fine but set in Asia and exploring foreign justice systems is even better. Anything based in folklore and mythology really gets me excited and, in YA in particular, quirky, smart and snarky characters are always a draw for me. I was also the weird girl renting every Korean horror film I could get my hands on and am just dying for a fantastic horror author to add my list!Agency GuidelinesFor queries, please follow the sub guidelines - no attachments, no formal synopsis, just the query letter and your five page sample. And don't forget to tell me a little about yourself in the query! I do want to know who you are and why you're telling this story. Include #SEAcritterspub in the sub line.
Tracy MarchiniBookEnds LiteraryPicture book, MG, and YALiterary agent Tracy Marchini joined BookEnds in June 2016 and is thrilled to represent BookEnds' first picture book - Shark Nate-O by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie (Little Bee, 2018) - as well as the forthcoming The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read by New Voices Award-Winner Rita Lorraine Hubbard (Schwartz & Wade, 2020), Meera Sriram's US debut The Yellow Suitcase (Penny Candy Books, 2019), multi-published illustrator Charlene Chua's Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao (Aladdin, 2019; written by Kat Zhang) and debut author-illustrator Yvonne Ivinson’s Fox Box Tail Sail (Greenwillow, 2019). She also loves a good baseball novel, as is thrilled to represent Jennifer Robin Barr's middle grade debut Goodbye, Mr. Spalding (Calkins Creek, 2019).

Prior to joining BookEnds, she earned her MFA in Writing for Children, ran her own editorial business, and worked as a Literary Agents Assistant for several years. As an author, her debut picture book, Chicken Wants a Nap, was called “A surprising gem” in a starred review from Kirkus. With more than ten years of experience in fiction, non-fiction and illustration for children and teens, she's excited to grow her list of both debut and award-winning authors and illustrators!
Tracy is looking for picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction. She's also seeking picture book illustrators and author-illustrators. For picture book fiction, she’s particularly interested in manuscripts that are laugh out loud funny or deliciously dark. For middle grade and young adult, she’s interested in underdogs, strong female characters and/or unreliable narrators. She believes that it’s important for readers of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, and is looking to bring that diversity to her list.

She is not a good fit for YA horror, true crime, hard sci-fi or high fantasy. At this time, she is not looking for board books, early chapter books or non-fiction for the educational market.
From picture books to young adult, I'd love to see more non-fiction that celebrates unsung Asian heroes and heroines - whether historical or contemporary, as well as more intersectional MG and YA fiction. In truth, I don't always know what I'll love until I see it, so if you think we'd be match, please do query! Please query me at We respond to every query at BookEnds, but please only query one of us at a time. (You can query another BookEnds agent if one passes.)I have a relatively recent #MSWL on my blog at that lists some things that I'm specifically looking for -- and also some things that I probably won't ever be a good fit for.
Jessica MileoInkwell ManagementAdult fiction: Upmarket women's fiction, commercial fiction, science, fantasy and literary fiction

MG, YA (multicultural and LGBTQIA+)

Non-fiction: Cookbooks, crafting and do-it-yourself books
I’m a literary agent at InkWell Management. I have a BA in English Creative Writing from Binghamton University and a MS in Publishing degree from Pace University. I began my career interning everywhere from Writers House to Open Road and have joined InkWell Management after working in foreign rights at Janklow and Nesbit. My interests include but are not limited to: upmarket women’s fiction, commercial fiction, cookbooks, crafting and do-it-yourself books, multicultural and LGBTQIA+, children’s and young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction.

General WishlistI'm currently looking for contemporary YA/MG but am always open to fantasy/magical realism, especially where the world building is based on Asian mythology and culture. I’m also very open to stories (F or NF) about being mixed race and/or LGBTQIA+. I would also love to look at Asian family sagas, ala Amy Tan or Lisa See, in adult fiction or Asian protagonists in a Romance book. I'm always looking for novels that are as heartfelt as they are funny, think Sophie Kinsella's SHOPAHOLIC SERIES, tell universal stories in a small scale setting, such as KITCHENS OF THE GREAT MIDWEST, and have just enough magic to keep you guessing, such as Eowyn Ivey's SNOW CHILD.Please make your queries a standard font style and size (Times New Roman, 12pt for example).
Valerie NobleDonaghy Literary GroupYA

Adult: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction
I am a literary agent with Donaghy Literary Group. I represent YA and Adult SFF, some historical. General WishlistI'd love any stories in my preferred genre that feature Asian characters, Asian culture, or histories, re-tellings. I am especially drawn to Korean culture and their history with Japan but again, I'd like anything relating to Asian culture. I love science fiction that looks at what the world might be like tomorrow. Sometimes that is very advanced, and sometimes very primitive, depending. Surprise me with innovative takes on fantasy and science fiction. I generally enjoy fantasy that mixes with the real world. Agency Guidelines I read all my queries personally and I try to be timely with my responses. When requesting, I acknowledge receipt of manuscript and provide a timeline for when you should expect a response.
Carrie PestrittoLaura Dail Literary AgencyFiction: Children's, Historical, Middle Grade, Mystery, Picture Books, Romance, Thriller, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Non-Fiction: Biography, Memoir

Favorite sub-genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary YA, Cozy Mystery, Gothic, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Upmarket Women's Fiction, YA Fantasy
I was previously at Prospect Agency and Writers House. Being adopted from South Korea when I was four months old, I have always been on the lookout for great stories with Asian MCs, but there weren't very many readily available when I was growing up, which is why I am so passionate about helping raise up Asian voices as an agent. When not reading or working, I love to bake, paint, and explore New York, take pictures of my two adorable cats, and read some more!General WishlistI would absolutely LOVE to see contemporary K-drama, rich Asian fantasy, something that comps Moana, or contemporary stories with Asian MCs that do not solely revolve around issues of identity. I love lush settings, well-developed characters, and relatable, commercial voices.Agency guidelines

(put #SEAcritterspub in the subject line when querying me!)
I get easily turned off by long, rambling prose, so be sure to keep your query concise and straightforward. My favorite queries are the ones that accurately capture the manuscript's voice and leave me wanting to read more, rather than reading like an overly detailed synopsis.
Beth PhelanGallt & Zacker LiteraryYA: all genres

MG: all genres
I’ve been working in literary agencies since I started in publishing in 2010, after graduating from NYU. Born in Massachusetts, I am a child of immigrants and creator of the Twitter pitch event #DVpit, which showcases work from marginalized authors and illustrators.For YA fiction:
- Fantasy that follows characters and narratives outside of royalty and court settings
- Realistic contemporary with a surreal twist or something just slightly off
- Marginalized voices, especially intersectional
- Emotional, funny contemporary that sensitively explores the intersection of comedy and mental illness
- Funny People for teens
- A once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure story set against the backdrop of a storm, flood, blackout, natural disaster
- Queer characters of color in happy, joyful stories
- Family/sibling stories
- Anything with an indie-movie feel
- Seldom-explored mythologies and histories
- Cinematic fantasy, either high or low
- Experimental story structures; groundbreaking and innovative narratives that take risks
- Irreverent friendship stories
- Fresh vampire takes
- Rom-coms
- Stories and narratives that take risks
- Ambitious storytelling
- Weird stuff. Blow my mind!

MG fiction:
- Show me a world or topic that has been seldom seen, that feeling of being an ultimate fan of something and needing to turn all your friends on to it
- Literary fantasy or magical realism with a classic feel
- Lush, sophisticated worlds
- Madcap adventures with large, dynamic casts of characters
- High concept fantasy with a strong series hook
- Any genre that features queer characters
- Powerful realistic and speculative that explores tough topics
I focus on fiction mostly but would be open to interesting narrative nonfiction as well. Would love mythology-based fantasy with a large cast, speculative/surreal contemporary, and/or anything with a lot of humor!(Please note: Beth is closed to unsolicited queries unless your MS fits the #SEACritterspub requirements.)

Follow the website guidelines and put #SEAcritterspub in the subject line if this is how I was found.
Definitely have a full query letter and it helps to add your title and the category/genre to the subject line as well.
Gabrielle PirainoDeFiore and CompanyAdult and YA SF/F, horror, thrillers

Picture books, Middle Grade

upmarket Chick Lit

YA or Graphic Novels

Non-fiction: Cookbooks and craft books
I’m an agent with DeFiore and Company, but I’ve worked for both agencies and publishing houses previously. I’m also the Foreign Rights Manager here, so I have a lot of experience and understanding of the international markets—including Asia! On the whole, our agency tries to keep translation rights when we think projects can travel, and I’d love to be able to represent potential clients in both the United States and internationally. Outside of work, I have the world’s cutest Samoyed puppy named Lyra and love being outside! I’m pretty crafty and my office has a love/hate relationship with my weekly baking habit. Oops! I'd like imaginative sci-fi/fantasy with strong world building, blood-curdling horror, whip-smart thrillers, and up-market chick lit that pairs well with sand and a margarita.

I’d love to see any of the above for Young Adult readers (virgin daiquiri, though!), and wholeheartedly enjoy spunky, stubborn characters that never do exactly what you’d expect.

For Children’s and Middle Grade, I'm looking for books that introduce curious young readers to new concepts—be it historically leaning or learning your manners—with compelling characters and an engaging voice.

I'm also interested in author-illustrators working within the comic/graphic novel space and can’t wait to develop the next generation’s favorite villains.

An avid personal baker/cook, I would also love to receive queries for cookbook and crafty lifestyle projects.
I like to keep an open mind in terms of tropes/subgenres, but I definitely find myself attracted to certain things: adult and YA SF/F, Picture Book, Middle Grade, YA or Graphic Novels in either fiction or nonfiction with teaching moments/introducing young readers to new concepts (think ALVIN HO, anything by Grace Lin, BOXER/SAINT), or generally anything that falls somewhere between any of the above. Love seeing #ownvoices when it applies, and always get excited when reviewing author/illustrator projects! A query letter, preferably including word count, genre, author bio, and 250 word summary of the project.

For fiction, please include the first 50 pages of your book pasted into the body of the email too! No attachments.

For illustrators, please include your website or online portfolio.
Generally, just patience across the board. Like most agents, I'm inundated with lots of queries every day, so I don’t always get a chance to respond as promptly as I’d like. Strongly prefer a short but engaging query, rather than a meandering 2+ page query, since the goal of the query is to get me reading.

If you aren’t a rockstar on social media, no need to include your platform numbers, but feel free to include your handles so I can check you out. If you don’t find yourself getting a lot of responses for your query letter, revise! Perhaps your summary isn’t plot/character focused enough. Enter a query critique contest and get feedback from real agents/editors.

Also, PLEASE be sure to research the agents/editors that you’re reaching out to; the fastest way to get a rejection is by querying an agent that doesn’t work in your genre. Most of us have a ton of information available on the internet and MSWL/submission guidelines/bios on our company websites. (If you’re not sure whether I work in a specific genre or would be interested in your book, send me a quick email or tweet me with the elevator pitch/comps; I’ll let you know!)
Rebecca PodosHelen Rees AgencyYA

I’ve been with the Rees Literary Agency for seven years, representing and selling YA books from high fantasy to horror, contemporary to historical, romance to magic realism. The commonality across genres is a strong voice and memorable characters whose humanity shines through.General WishlistI’m focused on YA and MG fiction, and I’d love to see stories exploring multi-generational relationships and characters exploring their heritage or legacy, whether the setting is realistic or fantastical. And I’d also just love sweet, fluffy, or fast-paced adventure stories featuring Asian MC’s.Agency guidelinesA solid query letter that catches my attention introduces me to the character, tells me what they want and how they plan to get it, and establishes the stakes if they fail. If you can do all of that in a few brief paragraphs, plus showcase your unique voice, I’ll definitely want to read on.
Quressa RobinsonNelson Literary AgencyFiction: Commercial, Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Historical, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Romance, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Non-Fiction: Humor, Memoir, Pop Culture, Science

Favorite sub-genres: Commercial Women's Fiction, Commercial YA, Contemporary Fantasy, Contemporary YA, Diversity, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fashion, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Humor, Low Fantasy, Magical Realism, Multicultural, Speculative Fiction, Upmarket Women's Fiction, Urban Fantasy, YA fantasy/light sci-fi, dark fantasy, narrative non-fiction, upmarket genre fiction
I am a huge nerd. I love anime, video games, comics. I am pretty obsessed with Sailor Moon. I’ve been an agent for a year, and before that I was an acquiring editor for five years. I have an MFA in Creative Writing and am a pretty solidly editorial agent.General WishlistI am fairly open to both contemporary, historical, and SFF stories in upper MG, YA, and adult. I did grow up in San Francisco which has strong Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese immigrant histories—two of my best friends who I met in high school are filipino—so stories from those cultures would likely resonate with me the most. But I just want great writing and awesome concepts, so I will consider whatever is sent my way.
Agent guidelines

If you’re querying because you saw this interview, feel free to mention it in your query.
Lisa RodgersJABberwocky LiteraryFiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Commercial, Fantasy, Horror, LGBTQ, Military, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Non-Fiction: Crafts/DIY
I've been a literary agent with JABberwocky since 2012, specializing in science fiction and fantasy (adult and YA). My hobbies and interests include knitting, swing dancing, playing board games, hiking, and camping.General WishlistI'm open to any and all Asian inspirations, though I have a slight preference for Korean and Chinese influences. I'm looking for both fantasy and science fiction of all subgenres, though I particularly enjoy epic fantasy, space opera, and military science fiction. I really enjoy stories that feature assassins, heists, and forbidden things (romance, magic, beliefs, etc). I'm always looking for works that challenge the status quo, and characters who grapple with their own values.Agent guidelines
Tricia SkinnerFuse Literaryscience fiction, romance, fantasy, history and graphic novels in YA, MG, Adult fiction

selectively considering women’s fiction and thrillers.
​I'm an agent and an author. That's important to know because it shows I do understand what writers go through in publishing. I know the pre-agent experience of sending out queries, receiving tons of rejections, or not hearing back on a submission. I know what it feels like to get "the call" offering representation. I also know the business side quite well. Dealing with contracts, managing career paths, deciding on how best to handle an issue with an editor. It's a crazy industry, but it's one I enjoy being part of. When I'm not working, I binge watch television shows and movies, play video games, and enjoy all the adventures being a mom brings.
General Wishlist​I don't have Asian manuscript preferences. I'm an open-minded individual. It's up to the author to send me something that hits the category (adult, YA or MG) and genres (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.) I represent.Agency submissionThe main request I have is that writers carefully review my submission guide on the Fuse website and stick to it. Queries sent to any of my email addresses are automatically deleted. Books that were self-published but later submitted to me are rejected. Books that cover topics I don't read or enjoy will be rejected. For example, I get non-fiction pitches, short story collections, or religious romance all the time. I don't understand how I'm supposed to take the writer seriously if they clearly don't care to follow directions or do a tiny bit of research. My biggest turn off is the query letter that ignores every "best practice" of writing queries and instead is a mishmash of ideas on why the manuscript is great and why the author deserves an agent. This will sound harsh but here it is: I don't care. Initially, only the manuscript matters. The manuscript must sell itself. If I discover a great manuscript, I want to know more aboutthe person who wrote it. I want to know what else they've written, what goals they have, what projects they're doing next.
Lauren SpiellerTriadaUS LiteraryMiddle Grade, Young Adult, select Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm a literary agent with TriadaUS and the author of Your Destination Is on the Left (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2018) and the forthcoming She's the Worst (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2019). I love to travel, cook, and play with dogs!General WishlistI am open to any and all books written by Asian/Asian-American authors/authors with Asian heritage. Please send a query letter and your first ten pages with the word QUERY in the email’s subject line, along with the age category and genre (ex: QUERY YA Fantasy) at .Always share your query with someone who hasn't read your book. They'll be able to point out any logical inconsistencies/confusing plot holes/etc. I also love to see people include comp titles when possible (ideally no older than 3-5 years for kidlit, and no older than 5-10 years for adult).
Saba SulaimanTalcott Notch Literary ServicesAdult: up-market literary and commercial fiction, romance (all subgenres except paranormal), character-driven psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, and memoir.

Young Adult: all subgenres except paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. I'm particularly interested in contemporary realistic YA -- anything with heart, humor, personality, and depth. But if you've got a fast-paced, chilling mystery, I'm all ears.

Middle Grade: anything that's smart, accessible and written with flair. Whether it's quirky and funny, dark and creepy, or just plain sweet and heartwarming -- it's no big secret that this is my favorite category. Also, I'd love anything Roald Dahl-esque.

Non-fiction: humor.
I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, lived in Bangladesh for a few years, then moved to Pakistan for high school (where my parents are from). I interned at Sourcebooks before finding my home here at Talcott Notch. Hmm, hobbies... I like playing board games with my best friends, eating tons of chocolate, geeking out over languages, and everything and anything Bollywood. Oh and since becoming a mother, I like sleeping. A lot. It's so great, really. And silence.General WishlistI'm looking for all kinds of Asian stories, particularly set outside of the US, but I'm eagerly looking for stories set in South Asia with South Asian characters. Bonus points if they're intersectional characters (with respect to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, social class, physical/mental ability, education level, or age) or living on the fringes of mainstream culture in any way. I love regionally specific worldbuilding, sharp dialogue, and emotionally resonant writing that isn't sentimental. And I also really love seeing humor integrated into the writing in smart, layered ways.Agent guidelines

(Saba is currently closed to queries, but will make an exception for #SEACritterspub queries, so be sure to specify this in your email!)

Léonicka Valcius
Transatlantic LiteraryYoung Adult


Adult non-fiction

Middle Grade
I'm a Haitian-Canadian assistant agent who was born in Montreal, grew up in South Florida, and currently lives in Toronto. Before becoming an agent I worked as a book buyer and marketer at Scholastic Book Fairs Canada, and on the online and digital sales team at Penguin Random House Canada. In my spare time (LOL) I run the @DiverseCanLit Twitter handle and I help organize The Festival of Literary Diversity. My career is and will always be centered on supporting the careers of writers of color.As I build my client list, I will be co-agenting with senior literary agents at Transatlantic.

I am eager to work with people of color, including (but not limited to) trans people, disabled people, religious minorities, and queer folks.

In Adult and Young Adult fiction, I like fun commercial fiction, romance that ranges from sweet to steamy, otherworldly fantasy, and sweeping historical fiction. I do not represent mysteries or thrillers.

In Adult non-fiction, I like narrative non-fiction that explains complex issues through the lens of a personal story. I am also seeking books that straddle the self-help/lifestyle line (#selfcare #liveyourbestlife) and the self-help/business line (#productivityhack #riseandgrind).

For Middle Grade and younger, I love humour, adventure, and make believe. I also enjoy stories about children navigating their changing relationships with family and friends. I strongly prefer books with at least 1 human character.
I am eager for fun fiction! I read to escape and be entertained. Books I love are vacation reads and "I finally caught up on this book over break" reads. My favorite genres are historical fictional, speculative fiction, contemporary commercial fiction, and romance.

In historical fiction, I love big sweeping political dramas: warring groups, uprisings, love, betrayal, plot twists, and twists of the knife. Think Phillippa Gregory and Hilary Mantel. I'm also sucker for family dysfunction and secrets that unfold over generations a la Isabel Allende. My favorite historical fiction by an Asian writer is The Headmaster's Wager by Vincent Lam.

I lean more toward the fantasy end of the sci-fi/fantasy continuum. I love stories that borrow from their cultures' folklore, mythology, and divine pantheon. I'm also a big fan of women and girls saving (or destroying) the world. And any future story that explores what it means to be human will grab my attention. Recent faves include: books by Marie Lu (especially The Young Elites and Warcross), Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn, On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis, and books by N.K Jemisin (especially The Fifth Season).

Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians series is the perfect example of what I love in contemporary commercial fiction. All my other examples would be TV shows: Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, Scandal, The Good Place, This is Us, and Dynasty. Can you see the pattern? Over-the-top drama with a healthy mix of belly laughs and/or tears.

Finally, I love romance from cotton candy candy sweet to sultry and sexy. My favorites include Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Nicola John's The Sun Is Also A Star, and books by Alisha Rai.
Please send your query by email only. Include a query letter, bio, synopsis, and a 20 page excerpt.

If you are comfortable, please include your social and cultural identities in your bio, especially if you self-identify as a person of color and/or part of another underrepresented group.

If you are are submitting a non-fiction proposal, please include information about your expertise and platform, as well as a detailed table of contents.

If you are submitting a picture book, please send the complete manuscript.

If you are querying me as a result of this please mention it in your subject line! Credit Rin or #SEAcritterspub
I don't like scary, gruesome, or violent books. At the moment, I am not looking for books that will teach anyone a lesson. Also (and this is important) I am currently an assistant agent so I can only take on a few clients and every client will be shared with a Senior Literary Agent at my agency (Transatlantic Agency).
Laura ZatsRed Sofa LiteraryYA, Scifi, Fantasy, Romance/Erotica, Horror, Middle Grade, Mystery, New Adult, Romance, Women’s FictionIn addition to being an agent for the last (almost) five years, I'm a a tabletop RPGer, a tea-drinker, and an incredible napper. I'd love to see stories where the first two make an appearance.General WishlistAnything on my MSWL is fair game, but as I have a background in cultural anthropology, anything myth/folktale/storytelling focused is a win, but only from an emic perspective. In general, I'm interested in post-colonial and anti-colonial narratives in whatever shape that may take. I'm also ALWAYS looking for Asian hero/ines in romance novels.Agency guidelinesKeep it short, to the point, and always, ALWAYS answer 1) Who the MC is 2) what they want and 3) how they're going to get it and/or what's standing in their way.