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Over the Air Tuners
Tuner MakeTuner ModelDriver NameDriver VersionCountry TestedTested ByObservations
ATITV Wonder HD 650- PCIATI Unified AVStream Driver6.14.10.314USAprjct92eh2Found quickly as an "ATI BDA Digital Tuner". Pulling in 40+ ATSC channels. Very seamless setup. Not bad for a 10 year old PCI tuner!
AugustIT9135 BDA Device15.3.17.1UKEl XandoWindows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. Had to install the BDA drivers as other users have reported. Used the win8-x64 drivers from August's website. Works great now! Has already recorded multiple shows in the background. Probably the cheapest tuner available new - £17 at Amazon UK!
AugustIT9135 BDA DeviceLatest on their websiteUKTomRunning this on my server 2012 R2 and I have notices when scanning for channels the signal strength is weaker then normal and also this tuner has caused my plex server to crash a few time while tuning via the plex app
AVerIT13x_x642.3.x.29UKpself7789Working on Window 10 1803. When setting up the stick, do not install the AverTV 3D software. Just install the driver. If the software does install, just head int control panel and uninstall it. For some reason the AverTV software clashes with Plex DVR and won't find any channels during the search.
AverMediaAverTV Volar Black HD (A850)The chip used is an AF9015n/aSpainpepe.joseI was testing on Linux server. Aditional firmware download may be required. The device is recognized, all channels are scanned as in a TV. The issue I am still having is that after a reboot plex fails to detect the device, but if the DVR is deleted it can be recreatet with the same device as it is working, but you have to go throught the scanning of channels.
AVerMediaA188C PCIe Pure ATSCAVerBDA716x_x64.sys1.3.64.74 USA cruton1715x
AVM Fritz!Box 6490 Cableinternal 4x DVB-C Tuner(Sat-IP Stream)latest Firmware > 07.xGermany
AVMediaM780 AVerTun.sys2.5.64.32USAMarioSS666Running Windows 7. Recognized card was able to tune, watch, and record. No immediate issues with card.
BlackGold7231 BDA DVBT Tuner8.1.1.2UKdazzypTuner is finally working following the release of server version I also had to install the BDA plugin for my Windows Server 2012 R2 installation. I used the BDA guide from here:
DigitalNow+youQuad Tuner86.1.801.2012 AustraliadjricochetThis card has been working well. When setting up, it was immediately identified by plex and shows up as four separate tuners. Tuning had to be undertaken for each of them individually, as well as the channels selected for each individually - would be nice if this could be grouped across them all, but it worked well. I find that recording has all worked OK and good signal for viewing live TV. When going into advanced settings of a scheduled series recording, the “limit to airing time” option shows times that are 1 hour later than they actually are in the guide as scheduled (possible AEDT vs AEST timezone bug?) This is the only bug I've currently experienced and is unlikely to be related to my tuner. As for feature requests, I would love to be able to watch a show that is currently recording, and a guide that is shown in a more traditional format with columns or rows for channels showing what will be played at over time.
dvb_usb_af9035FrancebebertjackWork Well under Ubuntu 17.10 but ZAP very long
Recording and LIVE work
ezcapEzTV306emBDA645.2011.307.0USAscibotShows up as a BDA 2875 TV Tuner and I tested on Windows 10 64bit and it does work just fine but I noticed one big issue. It won't release the the two tuners so once you watch two shows I have to reset the driver or unplug the device and plug it back in to be able to watch tv shows again. EDIT:Unless this is really a single tuner then its working as intended. You can record over the air tv just fine but not watch at the same time. This is cheap usb tuner so it isn't nearly as good as the built in tv tuners but its still cool that it mostly works with Plex DVR with a few bugs.
Freecom DVB-Tbda_captureLatest on their websiteUKTomWorks mostly ok on my server 2012 R2 install, Most channels working with the odd breakup... sometimes you lose signal and then it comes back again.
fritz wlan repeater dvb-cNo driver needed1.13.3.5208Germany
Hauppauge 723x BDAHauppauge1.0.590.30227Canadawarham30Works great on scan channel and epg... works also on dvr and live tv ... with 8 shows by evening... Works also great when i use live tv on android and roku device ... test in progress since 1 month... ;)
HauppaugeWinTV Nova-T (USB)HauppaugeIrelandstephen cumminsWorking as "unsupported" tuner on Plex with Synology DS218+
Ubuntu server 16.04LTS on HPMicroserver already running TVHeadend successfully with PCTV 290e USB tuner.

PCTV 290e TV tuner was then listed.
Selected "Antenna" and "United Kingdom", clicked Scan.
It requested a transmitter to scan for, my local wasn't shown, so chose "whole UK frequency".
Scanned for channels, stopped very quickly, none found.
Figured TVHeadend running on the same server may not be helping(!), disabled the tv tuner in tvheadend -> settings -> tv adapters.
Back in Plex, scanned for channels, whole UK frequency. Scan progressed slower this time, but that's what I'd expect if it was working, so left it running.
Scan completed successfully after around 8 minutes.
147 channels found, clicked Next.
Entered full post code, but "Continue" disabled. On hunch, entered only first part of postcode and then "Continue" was enabled - may need something on the form to clarify?
Program guide detected & suggestion was correct, Freeview - West Country (For EX1 postcode).
Left channel selection as it was, clicked next.
DVR Setup / EPG setup complete dialog shown.
Went to EPG guide, it slowly populated.
EPG successfully populated after around 40 minutes.
Live SD TV plays successfully.
Live SD pause, rewind & skip working successfully.
Tested recording, got "No write access to destination"
Added "plex" user to usergroup that media files are under.
Tested recording, got "No write access to destination" again.
Rebooted server. Yep, I'm in IT, I turned it off and on again.
Tested recording, recording started successfully.
Recording completed OK.
Playback of recording OK, sound synced etc.
Deleted recording OK.
HauppaugeDiBcom 7000PCdvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fwUKmatt_heysWorked straight away with Ubuntu 16.04 no additional work was required.
HauppaugeDiB0700dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fwUKmatt_heysRunning Ubuntu 16.04.2 this was extremely easy to setup, it was recognised out of the box as a dual tuner device and worked without any additional configuration. Transcoding on the fly is working too.
HauppaugeMEG-8000Hauppauge (Win), cx18 ()1.62.27148.0 (Win), 4.12.13-1-ARCH ()USAImCoKeMaN, Msuchodolski, krutoileshiiWindows:
Installed beautifully: shows up as a hauppauge wintv 418 bda tuner pcie. Live tv works great : little buffering but going to see if its similar to my other pc. Channel scan worked recorded tv worked and live TV works registered in dvr as a wintv 418 bda pcie device. Tuner card installed easily and synced epg with all 55 channels perfectly. Recorded 2 movies and 2 different series shows. Recordings all played back nicely via Iphone and Kindle fire. I've been using it for about a week now. The 'quality' adjustment seems to have fixed the glitchiness. I suspect the lower quality allows more frames to be stored in the buffer so it's enough to jump over signal issues, the signals actually aren't weak but caused by low flying planes (we're near the airport). Very pleased so far.

So far the only thing I ran into is that you must add plex to the video user group on . Once complete, restart plex and the tuner shows up as Samsung S5H1409 QAM/8VSB Frontend. First program guide upgrade takes forever. Once complete, it's not bad.
HauppaugeWinTV HVR 950qHauppauge1.99.31088.0, 1.104.33041.0USAkiiskidr, DeanJunk, mrtux543Using default driver provided through Windows Update on Win10, device works as expected, Plex scans channels and records perfectly fine. Multiple Tuner detection and utilization works as well. Shows up as "WinTV HVR-950 BDA Tuner" in the list. Rebooting after installing the drivers is important, performance is inconsistent until a reboot. Multiple tuners recording simultaneously is not an issue. Live TV works fine in iOS. Good antenna that supports both UHF/VHF and strong signal is important as usual. Otherwise, tuners work 100% successfully.

Appears on Plex as "WinTV-HVR-950 BDA Tuner"
Works great on Windows running the latest PlexPass build, can scan channels just fine and play back. Have not tested recording, but I assume it works. I have not been able to do another channel scan after doing an initial scan, as it says "device is busy". Unplugging the tuner and plugging it back in does not work, however I was able to scan for channels again after restarting Plex. OS: Win10 Pro.
HauppaugeWinTV HVR-1250Amazon - Osiris White (ebates up to 5% 2030608562 )1.2.1USAtomahawk1277PMS running on unRaid 6.3.5 DVB version using official Plex docker. Tuner showed up in scan as PCIe "WinTV-quadHD" but only has one tuner. Channel scan, EPG data, and Live TV work great (live TV tested in iOS 11, AppleTV4, and Windows Chrome browser). Overall, normal Plex support seems to be just fine for this tuner card.
HauppaugeWinTV HVR-950Hauppauge5.10.325.28153USATulsaTVRunning Windows 10 Home, version 1803 (Spring 2018 update), USB tuner is labelled HVR-950, but shows up in Device Manager as HVR-980 BDA Tuner. Install driver from, no need for an activation code. Channel scanning, EPG, live TV, and DVR are all functional with OTA ATSC sources.
HauppaugeWinTV-HVR-950xc30282.7USATaligentPMS detects this device as WinTV HVR-980 with 1 tuner available. Channel scanning, EPG, live TV, and DVR are all functional with OTA ATSC sources. Installation instructions for the firmware are available at: - it is also possible to skip extracting the firmware manually and instead directly download the firmware from OpenELEC's repository and copy to /lib/firmware/:
KWorldAfatech AF90135.24.0.0UKmatt_heysHad to manually install the firmware file as it wasn't included with Ubuntu 16.04, downloaded it from here: Placed in my firmware folder, otherwise works really well and both tuners in the dual tuner setup are detected.
KWORLDKWorld DVB-T UB499-2T10.323.1.325UKTomInstalling on my server 2012 R2, I havent tested it yet but its isntalled and showing in plex. I will update when I have more time to test it
KworldAfatech IT9137FN United KingdomUbuntu server 15.10. Picked up automatically and everything mapped fine. After a day of recording Plex couldn't play/record anything. Had to delete the dvr and setup again.
KworldATSC110 (PCI)N/ARequires additional fw in /lib/firmware dvb-fe-nxt2004.fwUSAsharrq27Tested on linux (lubuntu 18.04), placed dvb-fe-nxt2004.fw into /lib/firmware. Recognized without any other effort, no issues so far. Generic model: JetWay H17-ATSC110 - is also recognized as Kworld ATSC110 (Also tried to setup in FreeNAS 11.x but could not find way to recognize either card)
LeadtekDVBLogic TVButler 100TCWinFast DTV1000 S BDA DVBT Tuner1.3.4.5020Australianicbruzzese, Auss1eTuner works no problems. Watch, record and streaming live TV with no issues. Works great. Uses BDA drivers already included with Windows. Plex picked up and scanned with no issues. Live TV and DVR are working perfectly. Am able to watch all MPEG2 and MPEG4 channels both SD and HD as well as some audio chanels (which I have decided to disable). Tested in Melbourne on Windows 10
MegasatMEG-8000No driver neededGermanyMaflWindows 10 , Plex Server find that SAT IP Server in the network, the scan over all frequences is taking over 10 minutes. After this you can select the programguide and match by hand the stations to it. i am using for Astra 19.2 this guide :DVR—Telekom Deutschland GmbH (Telco - Premium) - Digital
MontageUKrick_aUbuntu 18.01, Plex scanned, found channels and plays freesat well
X3PinnaclePCTV Triplestick 292e DVB APIFinlandGlen_fChannel scan found all the channels available. Recording has been working correctly for about a week now. Series recording works. Live playback works. I've not tried playback and recording at the same time. LiveTV has beed tried with iOS app and web app. Both do work correctly. I'm not seeing any problems with this one.Only thing missing are DVB subtitles but thats missing from Plex LiveTV all together.
PinnaclePCTV Nanostick (73e)PCTV DiB BDA Digital Tuner / buitin kernel driverFrancewiflye81Detection on and Windows is Ok (not on MacOS), scan works only with "Full range Europe" in France, LiveTV and Recording also perfect.
Sonydib0700UKsilidSupported on Linux since kernel 2.6.30
Requires firmware. See
Tablo4 Tuner ModelN/AN/ACanadacaptbaldocurrently under testing - will report results soon
UKMujja, sipuncherMujja: All Freeview DVB-T channels found. Some with missing channel numbers. I only enable the HD channels, had to link the EPG for each but all work OK. A scan of my local transponder found 0 channels, had to do a full UK scan which picked up the local channels on the correct frequency.
sipuncher: Works great. No issues that are attributable to the tuner.
UnbrandedGenericAstrometa DVB-T2 DeviceDriver version Date 08/01/2015
France (DVB-T2),
Luxembourg (DVB-T/T2)
Germany (DVB-T/T2),
Belgium (DVB-T)
VideomateU650FVideoMate U6xx DTV FilterREALTEK 64.1.1012.2010AustraliaconvasWindows 10 using driver automatically supplied with windows, device not detected when using edge browser but works fine when using internet explorer. Melbourne Australia DBV-T all channels detected and matched. Some duplicates detected did not match those to epg.
Xbox One Tunerdvb_usb_dib0700AustraliaBazDaddyTested on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) with kernel updated to 4.17.2 (driver included from kernel 4.16 onward). Note that Ubuntu 18.04 ships with kernel 4.15. You also need to place the "dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw" file in the /lib/firmware/ directory. This file can be found at ""
HDTV WonderSupported since Linux kernel 2.6.15Requires additional fw in /lib/firmware dvb-fe-nxt2004.fwUSAgbear14275
USAimcokemanThe tuner showed up as BDA 2883 TVTuner USB and it worked through the channel scan. It did not seem to work properly when trying to tune channels though. This device is old enough that it doesn't really have win 10 drivers so this is understandable, but wanted to pass on the info. UPDATE: IT DOES WORK! I had a poor signal on the channel I was testing with earlier, tried a different channel and I could watch, and set a recording.
IT9135 BDA FilteRWorks Fine Windows 10
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