UK Businesses Coronavirus Response for Workers
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We are sourcing the reactions by employers (particularly big corporations and billionaire owned business) both good and bad to coronavirus in the UK. This resource is being crowdsourced. Please try and check and include sources. Ultimately, the goal is to share this knowledge and organise mass boycotts of those treating their workers badly, and celebrate those who are enabling workers, their families and our communities to stay well. Note: Statutory Sick Pay in the UK is £94.25 per week. Only workers earning over £118 per week are eligible and is not paid for the first three days of absence. Rent, bills and debts, as well as food and living costs, far exceed this amount. Two million UK workers do not earn enough to claim SSP, including one in ten working women. Self-employed people are not entitled to SSP, but some casual and agency workers are.
Disclaimer: this information is being crowdsourced and may not always be accurate. If you spot any errors, please submit an update via the form so we can keep this reliable. If you have any further sources to evidence this information, please also submit these via google forms.
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Company (Red for Bad, Green for Good, Yellow for mixed, white for needs more info)UK or global?Reaction Owned by?SourceLinkWorker testimonials UpdatesSectorSize
Deciem GlobalClosed all stores worldwide with pay for all employeesemails to staff shared by @EsteeLaundry instagram screenshots of email on link: full pay with training on how to utilise time, options for vacation or unpaid leaveRetail (beauty)
Virgin Atlantic GlobalAsked staff to take 8 weeks paid leave over next 3 months ("no job losses") with deductions from pay over six monthsRichard Branson (CEO Shai Weiss taking 20% pay cut and exec leadership taking 15% pay cut)The Independent (amongst other media)
UberGlobalSuspend accounts of drivers who asked to self-isolate and will provide 'financial aid' for 14 days
Deliveroo UK In excess of SSP' when worker tested positive or following medical advice (no testing in UK makes this potentially redundant) for up to two weeksThe Guardian
DPDUKEquivalent of SSP (£94.25/week). Costs of renting vans and equipment waived but not deferred.The Guardian
HermesUK£20/day to drivers who usually earn less than £90/day if in self-isolation. Capped at £280 (14 days)The Guardian
The National Trust UK Have opened all parks for free to public. Shops and cafes closed for public and employee health. Staff working from home and/or being redeployed with full pay.National Trust 22.3.2020: Sheet states "have opened all parks for free" have now closed all parks, gardens and many rural/coastal car parks. Maybe just remove this sentence or change to "Have closed all properties, parks, and many car parks"Charity
ZaraUKStores remain open (closed in Spain) - high risk of transmission@AjaSaysHello on twitterRetail (fashion)
HMUKStores remain open - high risk of transmission@AjaSaysHello on twitterUpdate from email to mailing list for customers21/3 Given how the situation has developed over this past week, we have decided to temporarily close our stores in the UK. Our stores will be closed from 21st March. This will be for an initial period of two weeks, and then we’ll decide what happens next based on the latest advice from the UK government and the World Health Organisation.Retail (fashion)
UNIQLOUKStores remain open (were closed in China to contain)Tadashi Yanai (Uniqlo’s owner) has a net worth of $21.5 billion.@AjaSaysHello on twitter FINALLY close UK stores after the UK government announced a plan to pay the wages of workers forced out of work during the pandemic. Until further noticeRetail (fashion)
GreggsUK Will pay contract hours. Do not have zero hours contracts. BBC (with government lockdown): They're closing all stores, didn't tell staff before hand and arent paying full, only 80% of the hourly rate (full contracted hours)Stores that don't have drivethru/delivery/click and collect are remaining open and still taking cash. They have claimed to provide pay for those self isolating for two weeks, but the stores are all open and business as usual, claiming that they are a vital industry when arguably they are selling non essential items. There hasn't been sufficient processes put into place to protect staff, there is no hand sanitiser for customers coming into the shop. Pret announced they are closing their stores so why shouldn't greggs? They are putting employees and customer's at risk as it isn't possible to self isolate or social distance given the circumstances. Food and drink
FatFaceUK and IrelandStores remain open - high risk of transmissionEmail to customersClosed all stores in the UK and US, daily communication with employees through managers Retail (fashion)
Pret UKCutting staff hours and wages but also free hot drinks and 50% off food for NHS workersSocial media continue to pay all UK employees 100% of normal hours and pay, reversing previously proposed reduction. Food and drink
McDonaldsUKFree drinks for all NHS and social and care workers (stores remain open for delivery only)Social mediaPromised to stay open as takeaway - 24 hours later announced all stores closed. Staff found out via social media.Food and drink
Gaijin SushiUKProviding discount to NHS workersSocial mediaFood and drink
Lloyds Pharmacies UKstatutory sick pay for two weeksLloyds workerswaiting for email evidence to shareInitially only SSP but changed less than 24hours later to full company sick pay for two weeks to self isolate where required, up to 12 weeks company sick pay for anyone over 70 if required to be off.Health
Home Bargains UK£30million coronavirus fund. Paying staff in self isolation for two weeks, and pay vulnerable staff who need to isolate longer. If staff do not need to self-isolate between now and December they will be paid two weeks’ extra salaryTom Morris, TJ Morris LtdSocial media
BoohooUKNot allowing all staff to work from home whilst also beginning to sell coronavirus related merchandise e.g. clothes with the slogan 'wash your hands' Mahmud Kamani, Carol Kane, John LyttleWorkerJust wanted to add that they’re still making photographers, models and stylists etc. to come to work in the coming weeks. I work in the retouching department and we were retouching face masks the other day which I assume they’re going to start selling on site. Retail (fashion)
L'OccitaneGlobalProviding NHS staff with free hand creamSocial Media StatementRetail (beauty)
BrewdogUKReducing beer production in order to produce hand sanitizer, which is being given away for freeNews OutletsThe info in the spreadsheet is slightly wrong - they're not reducing beer production, they're using vodka that they're unable to use/sell and giving it away for free to people in need. The first batch went to the intense care units at Aberdeen hospital. They are also using their fleet of vans to deliver school lunches to families in isolation at home that need themFood and drink
TwinklUKMade all resources free for teachers and parents to help educate children at homesocial media statements and emails to educators Education
Oliver BonasUKStores remain open - high risk of transmission. Also moved new starters to temporary flexi contracts from the ones initially offered.Olly TressSocial media, employees. sick pay. Stores closed. NHS/Blue Light discount online. (Following governent advice 21/3)Update: they've let go of all new employeesRetail (fashion)
Jhoots PharmacyUKIncreased price of paracetamol from £1.39 to £9.99 and increased the price of Calpol to nearly £20News outlets not a local discrepancy but orders from the top - evidence here:
Vue cinemaUKPaying staff average weekly hours for past three months Employee of companyWe have been kept up to date with regular communication, been payed even though cinemas won't be open. I was proactively approached by the manager of my cinema to ask if, as an at-risk individual, I would be self-isolating - there was no pressure either way, and I wasn't given any hassle for saying that I would like to self-isolate.Entertainment
SodexoUK and Irelandcontract to run the cleaning at UCL isn't changing. They will still get their money. But they are laying off their zero hours cleaners.twitter UCL’s subcontractors will be harmonising sick pay with the UCL scheme from 23rd March and any absence due to COVID19 will not count towards absence services
Britannia Hotels LtsUK Not just fired but chucked out of their accommodation with no notice and no redundancy pay!letter from employers
UKRIUKthe people who pay eg funded phd students and other research grants for certain sciences, and need more pressure put on them atm. STFC/UKRI aren't great for sick pay policies anywaypolicy on website
All employees that can work from home are working from home, those who can't work from home are sent home on full pay. UKRI is leading the UK's effort in research and development of technologies and science needed to combat covid-19, to see them classified as a "bad" employer is downright offensive. Please read the links and get your facts straight!
Met OfficeUKevery worker is now WFH good sick pay prep etc in place too.employee of companyGovernment
Parkinson's UKUKAll employees working from home, where their job is not doable by home they're supporting other teams or doing online training. Everyone is getting full pay. Management is doing everything in their power to support with mental health and socialising, checking in and seeing what staff need for their wellbeing. Sick pay has always been full-pay, and continues to be. All recruitment is still going ahead via online interviews. Flexibility has been increased to allow for childcare or other commitments. I work there!It's always been an amazing place to work, so this has come as no surprise, but it's still so lovely to feel so safe and appreciated at a time like this.Charity
SkyGlobalAll staff that can are working from home indefinitely, directors offers to pay for Headspace app subscriptions to support MH, 2 weeks extra paid leave for parents who can’t work due to childcare issues. Anyone off work because of Covid-19 gets full pay not sick pay.ComcastI’m an employeeSky engineers are still expected to enter customers homes. This is not only putting their staff at risk but also the customers. Sky have no information on the health risk of their customers who could be in the vulnerable category. Shame on sky for not having a duty of care for their staff or customers.Everyone who can work from home has been instructed to do so and given new tools. Critical operations on site are continuing with extra safety measures. New daily £4 food allowance for on site workers to be used in the cantine. Temperature checks will be implemented before accessing buildings as of Monday 23 March. Up to 2 weeks additional paid leave for parents or carers now schools are closed.Entertainment
WilkoUKThere will be no company sick after the first occasion of sickness. Anyone who has been with the company for less than a year is entitled to no sick pay at all from Wilko.

Even long-standing staff will only be eligible for sick pay on one occasion per year.
GMB available to sign here:
InVentry LtdUKPoor for COVIR-19 - SSP only and staff still attending officesPrivate, Phil Lawson, Phil Brooke, Alain SquitieriemployeeGreat employer normally, very generous with parties, staff nights out etc. Supplier of visitor management to > 6000 schools, great product. But policy re CV-19 is "come to work unless exceptional circumstances (open plan offices), and if you're sick, SSP only " - and a lot of staff are on decent salaries, so SSP will hurt them badly.
Want to correct the statement left by another anonymous colleague.

We've been given the tools to work from home on full pay with support from the departments we work in.
Audit and compliance
Sports direct/House of FraserUKSSP for self isolation, full pay if you are tested positive for covid19 but there’s no testing taking place. Mike Ashley Employee 21/3 sports direct and HoF have laid off 0 hour contracts today. No news, updates or support for staff. Thirty minutes after Boris Johnson’s announcement tonight of a nationwide shutdown, the staff at Sports Direct and Evans Cycles were emailed by their bosses and told they are essential workers.

“Bosses at Sports Direct have said all stores will remain open because selling sporting and fitness equipment makes the company a vital asset during a national shutdown.”

Retail (fashion)
Thirty Three Boutique, Lymington UKI work for a small independent fashion store in Lymington, Hampshire .Our Boss Catherine has worked tirelessly to secure sick pay & funding , to keep us going financially for as long as possible during these very worrying times.
We have now been given the guarantee of pay whether we are open or closed, which should keep us going over the next few months.
Catherine GosneyCatherine is doing everything she can right now to fight for the Shop, our jobs & incomes. We all fear for the future of retail and need the Government to do everything and more to keep us going! Retail (fashion)
Cygnet HealthcareUK Sick pay limited to 7 days but requiring 14 days leave to be taken. Employee When questioned on this policy management reported that they believe many staff will 'take advantage' of the situation and take 2 weeks off.regardless of health. Suggested we should count ourselves lucky to have jobs at the moment. Health
LUSH UKUK All UK stores are remaining open (US, Canada, Norway and Germany have all closed with full pay) and we’re ‘practicing social distancing’ on Saturday (day before Mother’s Day) by allowing only 10 people in the shop at a timeEmployee I work part time at lush Just wanted to correct the message as lush U.K&I closed all of its stores on Saturday. Spent the day Saturday donating all our soap to vulnerable groups Retail (beauty)
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityUK it’ll pay all staff as normal (including temporary staff and hourly paid staff) and will shut down all campus buildings from 8pm tomorrow (20/3) except accommodation, the library and all saints buildingStudentStudent at MMUPrevious submission said the library is open - it isn't! It shut with the rest of the buildings last week. A very small part of their office buildings are still open for staff who can't work from home, but everyone else is being asked to work from home and is being paid as normal. Education
Heriot-Watt UniversityGlobalKept Edinburgh library open until Friday 20th March, endangering staff and studentsStudent
WetherspoonsUKPubs remaining open increasing the risk of transmission. Criticising official government social distancing guidance also increasing the risk of transmission. Money before public duty and lives.Tim Martin Bonuses accrued have been wiped, no pay aside from govt 80% statutory pay, which Tim Martin himself said would be weeks before coming into effect, staff told to go and apply for a job at Tesco instead.The Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has vowed to keep his 867 UK pubs open as long as possible during the coronavirus crisis and defended his right to issue public pronouncements on the best way to contain the outbreak.

Speaking on Friday, Martin denied that weighing in on pandemic containment and keeping the chain’s pubs open was irresponsible- HOW CAN HE DO THIS??? ITS SO DANGEROUS!! UPDATE 2: Now closed following Government directive of 21/3
Food and drink
WaitroseUK£1 million community support fund for communities and partners (employees). additional local delivery services to support people isolated in their homes; for delivering essential items to local care homes and community groups; and for donating products to create care packages for customers to share with vulnerable neighbours. First hour for elderly and vulnerable. Cafes closed. Redeploying John Lewis staff to help. Health support for loneliness in isolation. Hardship fundJohn Lewis PartnersEmail from mgmt to employeeEmployeeProviding is with free vending from
20th March. Includes ready meal, and desserts and drinks U
Retail (supermarket)
Cineworld/PicturehouseUKFired many Front of House Staff on Zero Hour Contracts with no notice. Many found out by social media. are a few tweets from workers.

I used to work there, and they were not very nice to the staff even then :( Ie not london living wage, numerous strikes, managers secretly listening to staff, intimidation for those who were part of unions. I could link you to my old employees if needed.
Update for form: Employees who have worked there less than 3 years all made redundant with limited pay originally. This was several days before government assistance confirmed. Redundancies have been put on hold while the company liaises with the government to find out what their cover would be.Entertainment
F45 UKStill operating as normal and allowing group workout classes to continue F45 TrainingSocial Media Entertainment
Pizza HutUKOffering 50% discount to NHS Workers - restaurants remain openFood and drink
The PloughBirminghamIndependent pub made decision to shut down for now as morally right thing to do as socially distancing develops Social Media Food and drink
David LloydUKLet staff go - unclear about with/without payEmployee/social mediaEntertainment
GAPUKAll stores closed as of 20/3/2020 and all staff paid throughout GAP IncSocial Media Retail (fashion)
Red Bus CartridgesUKSelling 6x30ml of Hand sanitizer for £28.99 on 19/03, now reduced to £24.99. Taking advantage of customers.
Card FactoryUKAll overtime is cancelled and shop staff are being warned to expect 25% reductions in contracted hours (all are on part-time contracts). Blatant attempt to lower wage bill before being forced to continue paying staff during a lockdown!InvescoEmployee (my mum)Retail
B&QUKVulnerable staff told to quarantine for as long as needed, still on full pay. Sick staff paid as normal if self isolation needed. Workers will be paid if stores need to close. Kingfisher EmployeeRetail
Giraffe UKClosed and staff told need to use annual leave if want pay, otherwise no payFamily member works thereYes - told directly by family memberFood and drink
TescoUKFull sick pay from day 1 of COVID-19 related absence as well as regular updates and measures to ensure staff are protected as much as possible from infection.

Anyone over 70 or with chronic condition that makes them more susceptible to infection is receiving 12 weeks fully paid leave, 2 weeks of holiday and 10 full sick pay.
Customer assistant for them, currently off for 12 weeks because I'm asthmatic. Coronavirus: Tesco offers 12 weeks' paid leave to older, vulnerable and pregnant staff

The supermarket chain has told affected staff they 'will not be required to attend work for the next 12 weeks' amid the cornavirus outbreak
Retail (supermarket)
Better UKUKThe facilities are still open and staff still have to go to work - therefore making it impossible to follow the government's advice on social distancing and avoiding all non essential contact. Furthermore, Better also emailed gym members to encourage gym and pool use to stay active during the pandemic. They have reduced classes by 50% - unclear if they are still paying instructors whose hours have been cut.Local councils;'m not a worker, I'm a gym member who was very disappointed by their response whereby they are encouraging more people down to the gym, putting gym goers and employees at risk. They cited PWTAG advice that 'chlorine within the swimming pools will inactivate the virus.' However, they have omitted the next part of that advice which states 'Of concern, though, is the interaction that pool users have with each other beyond the swimming activity.' The selective omission of this advice serves to justify their decision to encourage members to the pool/gym while putting members and staff at risk of increased non essential contact with others. (Sources above)Entertainment
Co-opUKCo-op have created 2500 jobs in order to help people who've been laid off due to corona clarification re safe operating. No gloves or sanitiser provided. Colleagues had to provide this for one another. Still accepting cash. Social distancing ignored until lockdown. No sick pay.Given £20 food vouchers for every of closure week Co-op Academies are closed for students who will miss their free school meals. This is per student, not per family. Retail (supermarket)
GameteeUK"If it becomes impossible for us to fulfill orders in the coming weeks, and the need arises to suspend shipping temporarily - all of our employees will receive their FULL monthly pay for the duration of our temporary suspension of service."Email to customersRetail
GymsharkUKAllowing the entire company to WFH. For those who cannot do their work from home they are providing taxis/private transport and also providing all their food for the day. Providing recipes for those WFH and also workouts to do from home. Also help for parents and ex-pats.Ben Francis
ScrewfixUKContracted pay for staff having to self isolate with or without symptoms, flexibility for those that have to take time due to childcare issues. Willing to reduce opening hours or functionality in some stores where staff are severely depleted - without pressure to cover from other stores. Constant updates from the top down to help us feel secure, and settled questions staff have. Those who can work from home are doing so. KingfisherIf you ever see a position advertised for the company, consider applying they look after their own, and their customers.Retail
Bubble T CosmeticsUKWe’ve been off work for a while now due to Coronavirus - we weren’t taking any chances Privately owned (by the Founder)YesRetail (beauty)
AsdaUKProviding high risk groups full pay for 12 weeks in isolation, full pay for anyone going into self isolation. Actively trying to hire people who have lost their jobs by approaching companies who are in difficult situations. Hiring local catering/cafes etc to provide food for store colleagues.WalmartOn internal systems, screenshots maybe online somewhere.I am an Asda colleague of 9 years.Retail (supermarket)
The arch coUKHelp accessing government support. Rent deferrals for worst hit businesses. Potential switch from quarterly to monthly
PaperchaseUKAll stores remaining open, meaning staff can't social distance. Staff will only receive SSP if told to self isolate by a doctor. Anyone off work to care for a dependent will go unpaid. High risk employees may come to work unless pregnant.employeeRetail
MicrosoftGlobalHave supported full working from home and continued to pay staff even those on temporary contacts.
FoxtonsUKDemanded access to property in which somebody with COVID-19 was self-isolating, putting both staff and prospective tenant at risk.
SpecsaversUKAsking staff to volunteer for unpaid leave, temp lay off, reduction in hours or use annual leave. If no volunteers then threats of terminations/redundancy. Some staff have already been laid off. Doug and Mary PerkinsEmployeeNo sick pay. ‘Offering’ government 80% pay only and keeping stores open. Making staff encourage as many customers into the business as possible. Retail/health
SunseekerUKStaff laid off and others reduced to half pay.Relative of employeeAny evidence welcomed?Travel
AvivaGlobal- Those who are vulnerable/ live with vulnerable people have been sent home and if they can they are working from home. - Those with children are getting fully paid whilst off looking after their children. - Full pay instead of SSP. - Employees are able to carry over holiday allowance to the next year if holidays/ plans have been cancelled due to the pandemic.Employeemajority of staff are still required to attend the office (open plan, >2000 employees) every day because the VPN won't support all of them until end of next week or later. they have spread everyone out (sticking to guidelines of distancing) and are monitoring situations as they unfold and providing quick and immediate responsesInsurance
Moda in PelleUKEveryone apart from management has been laid off with zero notice for 4+ weeks (time is unknown). We are getting zero support or pay even though they released a statement days before saying we would be supported fully. They have increased the returns policy to create more online orders which means more trouble in stores. Steven BuckMyselfYesRetail (fashion)
Walker BooksWalker Books UK and sister companies Walker Books Australia and Candlewick Press USIT working tirelessly to ensure that all employees are set up to work from home. Office closed with no exceptions to reduce risk. Flexibility with changing working hours to accommodate childcare. Canteen staff in the UK office (who aren’t employed by the company) taken care of nonethelessIndependent I work there YesEntertainment
River Island UKAll stores closed 20/3/2020 - All employees paid full pay The Lewis Family/Will Kernan CEO (fashion)
BBCUKEnded contracts for all freelance production staff with one weeks pay. "For British public, BBC News are constantly reporting on the virus and tackling fake news stories. Currently, staff are scrambling to put together content for the public, including school lessons on TV and podcasts, cooking advice, exercise lessons for older people, TV religious services, theatre shows and putting more old shows on iPlayer.

All employees who can are working from home. Staff who need to be in office must work two desks apart. Free remote GP service and free counselling and advice service for all staff. Staff in at-risk category who can't work from home in their job and can't do an alternative job at home are given paid leave that's not recorded as sick pay."
UK governmentEx employee No loyalty to freelancers shown by BBC often After years of working unpaid overtime etcTo add to the BBC slot, broadcast support workers are being told they have to go to the office and cannot work from home, if they're scheduled for work they have to go in. My partner is a broadcast support centre engineer - I've seen him work from home in the past and it's entirely possible for him to do his job remotely, but he's been told that if he's scheduled to be on shift, he has to go in. The shopping centre where the office is based is likely going to be shut soon, as is the car park for their offices, so workers will soon have to get public transport in. EMPLOYEE: Our first week working from home has been well supported. We're having regular 'webinars' updating us on how the BBC is improving polices. But it seems to be difficult because of the budget cuts the BBC is having to go through as well since the government no longer want to pay for over-75's TV licenses.Entertainment
O2UKProtect base pay for all Self-isolating employees. Everyone that can works from home. Max flexibility for people managing personal situation, great line manager support. Telefónica- who have been amazing across the worldHonestly- a great response from a brilliant company. We are full of key workers making sure the Connectivity works, and we are all proud to help and support customers access data and calls to talk to loved ones. Telecommunications
PM PROJENGlobalThey have supported staff and have taken all precautions and ensuring staff can work from home. Without any one losing jobs PM GROUPThe company has gone the extra mile for staff and have been supportive and have ensured our health is not compromised and Your not just a number and your part of the family thank you PM PROJENEngineering
Disclaimer: this information is being crowdsourced and may not always be accurate. If you spot any errors, please submit an update via the form so we can keep this reliable. Please check updates for any changes in policy in line with government announcements and public pressure. If you have any further sources to evidence this information, please also submit these via google forms.UKEncouraging staff to work when sick, and threatening those who need to self isolate by saying it counts towards their sickness record and therefore could lead to them being sackedI work thereStaff working from home where possible, paid leave for those unable to work from home/with dependents who make it impossible to work. Support with childcare costs for key workers in branches/call centre.Financial
Select Fashion UKThey made redundant 100's of employees yesterday that had worked for the for less than two years. Rejuced managers to 4 days per week. While most other nonessential retail stores are closing the are trying there best to keep theirs open but at what risk to their staff. Chaffer I work currently work for them. Retail (fashion)
BPGlobalMobilising BP's resources across the UK to help get people safely through this pandemic:
• Free fuel for emergency service vehicles
• Delivery of food & convenience purchases to those that need it with no delivery charges
And continuing to look for more ways to contribute. an employeeOil and gas
B&M BargainsUKNo paid sick leave, even for workers at highest risk unless can present sick note, which would saturate an already saturated NHS. Even then its only SSP given. Partner works there, came from head office23.3no social distancing, hand sanitizer was put away for staff to buy if wanted. no crowd control and no limit to purchases. how you are treated instore depends on your managerRetail
TK MaxxGlobalFull pay to staff during store closures and donated all food to local food bank before closure.My sister works for themYesIs going ahead with planned pay rises in April, reassured we're getting full payFull pay to staff (only guaranteed 2 weeks from closure on 19/03) during store closures. Staff donated all food to local food banks, charities and NHS sites before closure. No information about pay after 02/04Retail (fashion)
Paragon Pubs (Staffordshire, Shropshire)UKLaid off c. 500 staffParagon PubsThey continue to pay the staff that they've laid off financially - the article I linked to was inaccurate/misleading.Food and drink
Steelite ceramicsUKCut hours and made redundanciesSteelite International
Intellectual Property OfficeUKEveryone being supported to work from home. Help for people with caring responsibilities by allowing flexibility etc. No action taken on poor sick absence due to virus.Government Central government
BTUKFull pay for those off work. Anyone who can work from home is, free meal a day for contact centre staff. Regular/daily communications from senior leaders I work there but see twitterBeen great so far. No support for staff. Non essential roles -sales, complaints, retentions, etc all still having to come to the call centre (many by public transport). No home working measures implemented. Social distancing measures not in place and management claim to be unaware of the two metre rule. No support. Social distancing not in place as of 23/03 in Leeds Plusnet office. Company exploiting key worker status to keep non essential staff in the call centres.Telecommunications
Eden millUKStaff made redundant via emailEmail from company PoorFood and drink
END ClothingUKThey have refused to let office based staff work from home although it is completely feasible. This includes high risk/vulnerable people. Staff have been told they must come into the office or stop getting paid.

They’ve told staff they will all get SSP rather than their contracted sick pay or they can take unpaid leave. Unpaid leave for dependents, too.

The company makes millions a week, has a staff of 650, and is being cavalier with the lives of its employees.
John Parker and Christian AshworthMy former colleagues Yes 24/03/20 UPDATE* END. is still making their staff turn up to work even after Boris' instructions to only travel for ESSENTIAL work. This shows a total disregard for the well-being of employees.Retail (fashion)
Peacocks UKFiring staff after not making target for only three days in, no holiday/redundancy pay just told don't come in. Told anyone under five years contract is not safe. No sick pay. Refusal to allow office staff to work from home. Not allowed to wear gloves even though dealing with money all day. Threat of being fired if can't make it into work. No support what so ever, failure to show up threatened with losing your job. Phillip dayYesRetail (fashion)
CostaUKProvided 0 information for staff, no reassurance, no extra measures to keep them safe such, no sanitizer available, no proper guidance for staff on hand hygiene and no plan in place for jobs. Staff have been told if they lose customers they'll just reduce hours.Coca colaMy boyfriend works thereYes via my bfI dispute Costa being shown as bad here. My daughter works there and they have been brilliant. Staff were told before they shut if they had to self isolate they would pay them 75% of average last 12 weeks wage whilst off. Now stores have closed, staff are getting 100% of last 12 weeks average pay for the duration. Her store also gave free things to customers while they had a problem with card machine and not able to take cash. They were also giving their milk away to elderly customers when they knew they would be closing.
Although I know franchise stores are not being as good with staff.
First appeared good; promised average pay over 3 months for workers if stores close. But are refusing to close stores and instead are hugely reducing hours, & therefore hugely cutting pay.Food and drink
Powerslide MotorcyclesUKNHS staff using motorbikes to commute get free servicingBrad ClarkeSales
AramarkUKSent staff home on 2 weeks forced holiday that they have to repay with extra days workedWife works for themYesFood and drink
EasyjetGlobalEasyJet staff may no longer be given food on shifts
Easyjet will go ahead with a £174 million dividend payout to shareholders despite appealing for taxpayer support.
Stelios Haji-Ioannou and in working conditions, forced 3 months unpaid leaveTravel
CPG Logistics UKAsking employees to work overtime completely unpaid for a few hours before clocking in. We were also asked to work weekends unpaid but in return anyone who is doing it is offered one extra day of holiday despite being told we may not have jobs much longer. Someone was jokingly told that they are selfish for refusing to work for free at the weekend by a foreman- "don't you want a job to come back to at the end of all this?" Richard LordI am an employee at this companyI am an employee at this company Delivery/transport
BMW - MINI Plant OxfordUKIf the worker gets the symptoms of Covid19 they get 14 days sick pay. Unfortunately, because the plant will be shut for 4 weeks the rest of the time can be covered by holiday entitlement or a negative hours account (paid back by overtime in the future) or unpaid. BMW groupInternal memo. I'm a worker Manufacturing
DXC TechnologyGlobalStaff at Chesterfield site told to work from home from Wednesday 19-03-2020 (with one day's notice) - except for a handful, who were required to continue as their roles involve immediate support of key workers. WFH was being encouraged even before COVID-19, and continues to be.

The former colleague who told me about the Chesterfield site semi-closure did not specify how pay/contracts were being handled (site is in the process of being wound down and has been for nearly a year - hence why I am a former colleague). My "good" has caveats, but kudos to DXC UK - an organisation with lots of stock market pressure for not waiting for the government before at least trying to be helpful.
Steve Turpie - Senior VP and head of UK division (publically traded on NYSE)Information not linked in "Reaction" provided by former colleagueExact reaction varying by country (DXC Italy response better than DXC India response, so other people may have more input.Technology
StarbucksUKPutting staff at risk. Open toilets. Ques in shop. Forced to work. Other staff members know to have family members with Coronavirus. Yet no isolation.Euro Garages LtdEmployeeYesPressure to work despite risks. Toilets open to public and cleaning by staff. Ques in store. Cash used.Food and drink
University of SheffieldUKFull pay and COVID 19 does not go against sick pay. Full support for staff working from home or even if they can’t. Russell God I work for a decent employerEducation
Direct Line GroupUKAll vulnerable staff sent home on full pay for at least 12 weeks - working towards us being able to work from home - this is in place for some but not all yet.I'm a vulnerable full time employeeFinancial
Burger KingUKSick pay for self isolationFood and drink
Slimming WorldGlobalOne month guaranteed pay for employees, temp staff immediately let go.

Self employed staff given half pay for three weeks.
Margaret Miles BramwellstaffI work at head officeHealth