TimestampISA Rep for what sport? What is your name?What is your email address?What is your Cell phone number? What is the WSCA meeting date?Hall of Fame informationClinic informationState Championship informationWIAA partnership, what are you working on with the WIAA?All State GameOther unique happening with your sport?
3/10/2024 12:48:34SoccerJens Jensenjjensen@royalsd.org5097314625Collecting membership experience informationIn discussions with college/university programsNoneNothing currently. New WIAA Staff Member Covers SoccerIn discussions with University program about hosting and providing training sessionEstablished Connections state-wide with 4 year collegiate soccer programs for our membership in the effort to develop team camps and high school to college pipeline.
3/10/2024 9:34:35Athletic Trainers/Sports MedicineCiara Ashworthpresident@wsata.org4257736287No HOF Nominations or Inductees this season.Washington State Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Clinical Symposium - July 20th, 2024 at MultiCare University in Puyallup, WAN/ASports Medicine Advisory Committee - Sports Medicine/Healthcare best practices for sporting events (especially post season), continued work on the medical timeoutN/AMarch is National Athletic Training Month, consider showing your athletic trainer extra support and appreciation this month. As a state association, we are trying to host a small clinic for taping.
3/10/2024 9:34:35FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org3607310837This year, WSFCA inducted Tom Sanchez and Joe Worsham, into our Football Coaches Hall of Fame.We had our WSFCA/Glazier Coaches Clinic, last weekend, March 1-3 @ Hyatt Regency, Southlake. We had our highest attendance, 1,300 coaches. We are really working to move our clinic to another weekend that's not on Winter Sports Playoffs, or Nike Clinic in Portland.We had our championship games in Husky Stadium this past season. We've had nothing but positive feedback, and will have them there again this year. We are working to set up a long term agreement with the new staff at UW.We are working to restructure our playoff system, at some levels. We have our 2A-below, game in Yakima. It's still running fine. We are working with Cleats vs. Cancer, to build a 3A-4A game.We are trying to develop more of a leadership role as a board. Working to develop better communication with our coaches.
3/10/2024 7:27:33BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253 381 8732All State Hall of Fame Weekend June 23-25Held Clinic at CWU - Feb 9-10, 2024
100 + attendees
NoneNothing new at the timeSee AboveMLB Legacy Campaign
Marathon Day for Mental Health - Deer Park HS, April 28
Expanding Board
PNW Fungo Banter Podcast
Mental Health program stalled somewhat
Gear to Ecuador
ISG Coaching outreach 2025
3/9/2024 20:34:35Cross CountryJeff Hashimotojeff.hashimoto@esd401.org509-933-1409Inducted Paul Ruston (Thomas Jefferson), Laurie Porter (Camas, Hockinson) and Jay Martin (Cheney) at Convention January 2024Convention with Track & Field was successful- outstanding presenters. Weather was challenging for travel, but still attendance was good.State Championships 4A Girls Mt Si, 4A Boys Issaquah, 3A girls Central Kitsap, 3A boys Seattle Prep, 2A Girls Sehome, 2A Boys Sehome, 1A Girls Lakeside (9 mile), 1A Boys Cedar Park Christian, 1B/2B Girls Pope John Paul 2, 1B/2B Boys Valley ChristianWorking on proposal to executive board to add 2 at large berths to state championships. These would be selected by committee based on Oregon system.Senior All Star Race Dec 2nd, 2023Passed constitutional updates & elected new advisory & executive board members for 2024-2026 (2 year terms).
3/9/2024 18:43:44Track and FieldKevin EagerWSTFCAPREZ@GMAIL.COM253.241.4065Inducted Kelly Walters (North Central) Russ Vincent (Many schools) and Lance Winmill (Renton) in January Held our convention and clinic in January with 350 in attendance.Things went well…first year back from COVID where everything felt normal.2 amendments on the docket for this year that should pass, 1 big one next year (see Winter Track”Don’t hold one.Big thing is “Winter Track”. It’s happening whether we get on board or not. Thousands of athletes are choosing to compete, the question is are we going to make it a part of what we do.
3/9/2024 9:29:35Girls BasketballDan Taylor and Randy March 23rd, we will induct Mike Arte, Steve Davis, Dale Poffenroth and Robi Raab, Jim Redmon. Our goal is to do an Eastside Induction this year and a Westside Induction next year. There will be about 150 in attendance and the ceremony will be hosted in Moses Lake.We have encouraged coaches to go to the WIBCA Chelan clinic for the spring and plan to do ours in the FallSeeding committees went well. Our association has been in talks of proposing a 32 team state tournament or an at large bid tournament as many have felt that there are various advantages for some and the experiences are still not great for some teams.We are working with DEI issues, Discussions about discrimination amongst officials, June Scholastic Recruiting Event and Coaching Resources for continuing education/professional developmentNext Sunday on March 17th at King's High School in Seattle. Coaches and Players of the Year will be announced as well as Ms. Basketball
3/9/2024 9:02:01WrestlingBrett Lucasblucas93@gmail.com206-795-26652023 inductees:
Bryan Bartelson, Puyallup/Orting

Bob Freund, Kelso

Matt Jorgensen, Deer Park

Craig Iversen, Marysville Pilchuck

Kevin Kalal, Bellermine Prep
Our fall clinic is set for November 1 and 2 in Yakima 2024. Our past clinic was well attended (135) and we had both a men and women's college coach as well as three break out rooms for classes to fill the new WIAA obligations. Clinic Schedule We are breaking from tradition and moving to "straight to state". We will now go from League tournament to the state tournament. Our tournament will be three days with alternating sessions for different classifications. We will be able to have more people and stands out with less mats on the floor. I believe the proposal is from 24 mats to 18. The girls will move from two to three classifications: 4A, 3A, and the rest.
Information from this past state tournament.
Straight to state allocations and Team Tournament.NAHosted the Japanese National team to Tahoma, Cashmere, Mount SI and Peninsula. We are eager to ask for permission to the WSCA and the WIAA to continue our Japanese Cultural Exchange Program, when we host again in January 2026. Working on the team Tournament format with Justin Kesterson
3/9/2024 8:31:30VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us360-770-5904Tim French - North KitsapJuly 26th at Burlington Edison High SchoolThe tournament ran much smoother this year by changing the dates and format. For the first time the State Championship match was the only match being played at the Sundome. It made it feel like more of a State experience.Nothing at this time.Was held at Burlington Edison High on December 3rd, 2023 We are excited about our first ever Volleyball Coaches Clinic on July 26th. We are still in the process of finalizing speakers and all the logistics that go along with it. We need to solidify clock hours for the clinic.
3/7/2024 13:34:15Softball/FastpitchCorey Daviscdavis@cpps.org509-386-4456Nothing at this time. Currently working on trying to put something together for Late fall/winter. State championships will be held on the weekend of May 23-25, 2024 at four different locations throughout the state. The 1B and 2B will be at Gateway Sports Complex in Yakima. The 1A and 4A will be at Columbia Playfield in Richland. The 2A will be at Carlon Park in Selah. Finally, the 3A will be at Regional Athletic Complex in Olympia.

Fastpitch is one of the sports that has been designated to be moved up a week for the 2025 state championship window.

This will be the second year of having both the 1A and 4A in Richland. All reports from the group of attendees last year said it was a positive environment and experience.
Working on trying to get a second guaranteed game for the losers of the first round at state in the 12 team brackets. Still local as of now. Would like to find a time frame to do more of a state level game, but it's a short window with the start of club season. 1A will be having a 16 team tournament in Walla Walla/College Place on April 13th. We are hoping to have many of the teams who will be challenging for a place in the state tournament together playing similar teams. The goal of this is to not only have great competition, but help the seeding committee members see more of the teams in person. The teams will be broken into four team pods and teams will play two games.
3/7/2024 6:00:34TennisBrooka Hazenbfhazen@hotmail.com12539889037N/ASent out to members information about clinic in Oregon (thanks Darrell). Using that information to reach out to clubs/programs locally. Most communication was about state championship concerns in the past year. Hopefully the new re-alignment will help with many of these concerns.None at this timeN/AThere was a new amendment about coaching. This is a topic within our own league that we struggle with. At this time, coaches are only allowed to coach after a set is complete. So a tennis player can be out there for an hour + without any kind of coaching. Many programs around the state want it to be allowed during "changeovers" that occur roughly every two games. The concerns is how much time this will take and other issues.
3/4/2024 12:53:30gymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-1899We inducted Kris Goodfellow (North Kitsap) & Jim Sullivan (Bothell) awards received by his daughter. I have found and made contact with all 27 living Hall of Fame members and invited them to State to be VIP and honored at march in. 18 were at this year's went well. trouble tracking down payments from a few schools, exhausting! Met WIAA criteria but takes a lot of the time. Clock hours went great.State we celebrated the 50th WIAA state gymnastics meet. Had the 1974 winning team Sehome and coach Nola there to be honored also had the 1974 All Around winner there to be honored. They handed out awards and marched in with the gymnasts. Very special. Had VIP seating for them, they had a blast. We had a coach's room at State for WSCA members with snacks and drinks.The state 50th was a fantastic partnership. Andy did some great work re formatting and updating the program.We have 12 girls attending the meet in MayWe have concern about all the teams co-oping and flag football/badminton. Had hoped the new classifications would even out the state meet ..doesn't look like it. Our fundraiser invitational had to be cancelled due to weather, bummer we had 15 teams planning to attend. Lost revenue is a bummer too.
3/4/2024 10:17:15Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com2064193062HOF - July 16 (East of the mountains); July 17 (Vancouver, Wa)
Head Coaches:
Rex Stanley, Napavine
David Long, Columbia River
Jay Webber, North Central
Assistant Coaches:
Steve Kloke, Mark Morris Jim Sevall, Columbia River
Pat Fitterer Award:
Eastside-Garrick Phillips, University
Westside-Kasey Ulim, Port Angeles
Ed and Shirley Pepple Award:
Eastside-Rich Austin
Westside-Kirc Roland

Website Update - Please check out the HOF part of the website; it’s a great promotion of our organization and celebration of our members accomplishments; working on adding video (audio) clips for HOF members
Spring Clinic April 27th - names of speakers on website; also clock hours available; any questions ask Joe HarrisNext year 6 Districts - 5+6 is one and 7+8+9 is one; Align state tourney & sites w/classifications - all in domes
Pricing is partially influenced by city - parking, tickets
WIAA is working with cities about revenue and giving back
16 team tourneys; 3A = 20 team tourney
Tacoma Dome’s mortgage paid; talks about infrastructure improvements 16th, 2024, Bellevue CollegeSpring Showcase - May 4 & 5 at Bellevue College; Seniors, last chance players and underclassmen; PG College is offering 6 scholarships - August in Seattle, $35 to register
10/22/2023 12:12:24TennisBrooks Hazen This is a new email253-988-903710/22/2023N/AHave new assistant to work on this SpringN/AThere is a submission to WIAA from the 2A group about State Championships and pigtail games not being double elimination.
10/22/2023 12:07:17Athletic Training/Sports MedicineCiara 773-628710/22/2023Award nominations are run through the Washington State Athletic Trainers' Association (WSATA) December-January annually with awards presentations at the business meeting during the Northwest Athletic Trainers' Association (NWATA) meeting. WSATA hosts an annual continuing education event over the summer. 2024 Location, Date, Time is TBD.Athletic Trainers/Medical Staff required for post season events (districts, regionals, state championships) need to be requested ASAP including per diem pay, locations, times, and needs. WIAA SMAC (Sports Medicine Advisory Committee)We are aware that access to athletic trainers has significantly decreased across the state. If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to the Washington State Athletic Trainers' Association (WSATA).
10/22/2023 11:13:39WrestlingBrett Lucasblucas@fwps.org206795266510/22/2023Bryan Bartelson, Puyallup/Orting, Bob Freund, Kelso, Matt Jorgensen, Deer Park, Craig Iversen, Marysville Pilchuck, Kevin Kalal, Bellermine PrepOur fall clinic is on 11/3-11/4 at the Yakima Convention CenterThe 23/24 State championship will be the same, the 2025 championship will be right after the league tournament without the Regional Tournament on a 2/3 days at the dome. The dome contract is good through 2028.We are working through some weight management hurdles, we are happy with the 30 minute between matches rule change, and are excited to try for a team state championship.naWe are working on a team state championship! We are also hosting a Japanese national team winter of 2024, and sending a team in June to Japan 2024.
10/22/2023 11:11:25Track and FieldKevin EagerWstfcaprez@gmail.com253241406510/22/2023We induct in January. Decisions are being made as we speak.We have a convention and clinic in the third week of January in Tacoma.State Championships for small classifications were in Yakima at Eisenhower for the first time after decades in Cheney. There are many things to improve upon, but this was by any measure a wild success. Large classification meet remains in Tacoma at Mount Tahoma.We have an amendment up regarding the definition of a track meet and the limitations of our schedule. NoWith our present amendment submitted, we will begin work for a Winter Track amendment. FYI, we see Winter Track as an individual sport only, with no team element in terms of scoring.
10/22/2023 8:16:58FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org360731083710/22/2023Marty Parkhurst, Orting and Tom Bainter, BothellWe have not set a date yet. We will partner with Glazier and most likely have our clinic the first week of March.We have made a deal with University of Washington to have our State Championships at Husky Stadium.Keeping our State Championship games in one venue.We have two All-State games. Earl Barton, in Yakima, small schools. We are working with Cleats vs. Cancer to make our "Big School" game.N/A
10/22/2023 8:07:15Girls BasketballDan have not done a Hall of Fame Banquet since 2019. Spring of 2024 we plan to induct Mike Arte, Steve Davis, Dale Poffenroth and Robi Raab, Jim Redmond. Our goal is to do an Eastside Induction this year and a Westside Induction next year.Due to the start of college basketball practices starting sooner, we had low response from college coaches as presenters. We were hoping to go in person. We plan to do our clinic in the Spring.State tournament sites and format will remain the same through 2027-2028. DEI Committee; June Scholastic EventSunday, March 17th at King's High SchoolJune D1 Scholastic Showcase; Navigate Proactive Coaching Program; Discussions of concerns with transgender athletes
10/22/2023 7:36:29BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253 381 873210/22/2023Inducted new members in June @ annual ceremony
Releasing information for 2024 in November
All nomination forms are online
2nd annual clinic will be held in Feb. 2024
Event and speakers released in November
NoneStill working with Mariners
Several business and private partners around state
All-State/HOF Weekend was successful in June 2023, Looking for different venue for 2024, gave out four, $500 scholarshipsTrying to expand partnerships
Clinic will be 2 day event in 2024
Brainstorming mental health piece
Expanding executive board
10/18/2023 20:39:31Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca201@gmail.com206419306210/22/2023● Hall of Fame Coordinator Bruce Siebol went over a new criteria which the board approved to use when considering Hall of Fame candidates. A 60-point threshold would be used in the future.
● After discussion, Gary Wusterbarth made a motion to approve and Pat Fitterer seconded. It was voted on and passed.
● Siebol introduced Head Coaches Rex Stanley of Napavine H.S., David Long, Columbia River H.S and Jay Webber of North Central H.S as board approved candidates.
● The board also approved Steve Kloke of Mark Morris H.S. and Jim Sevall of Columbia River H.S. as candidates for the Assistant Coaches Hall of Fame. After discussion, Connie Richardson made a motion to approve the nominations and Kellen Drake seconded. It was voted on and passed-M/S/P
Early clinic this year to accommodate college coaches prior to their season starting. Was very pleased with the lineup of college and high school coaches. Good turnout but hoping for better numbers next year. Spring clinic will be in Chelan. ● Hoffman reported the State Basketball tournaments are going to remain in Spokane Coliseum, Yakima SunDome and Tacoma Dome for the next five years. He said there will be no changes to the current State Tournament formats.● Coordinators Sood and Gaebe said 56 teams participated in June’s event. In future events they are hoping to have at least 48 teams in the D-1 showcase. The only negative feedback from college was the distance between venues. Next year, we plan to use Bellevue Community College and Sammamish High School for the event.
● WIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman thanked WIBCA for putting on the D-1 event last June.
WIBCA ALL-STAR WEEKEND 10am Unified Game 11am Futures Game 12:30 pm 1B vs 2B 2:00 pm 1A vs 2A 3:30 pm 3A vs 4Athe All-State games. The games will be played on March 16, 2024, at Curtis High School.
10/16/2023 17:44:03gymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-189910/22/20232022- 2023 we inducted Susan Riley, 2023-2024 we will induct Jim Sullivan and Kris GoodfellowOur clinic will be on Sunday Nov 19th in Auburn, we will be doing clock hoursThis year's state meet will be the 50th WIAA state gymnastics meet and we hope to do some special things to make it an eventstill waiting for final copyright info for music, state meet 50thSR Nationals went great this year we took 8 seniors from all over the state, they did well and had a great timestill need officials and coaches and losing programs to co-ops
10/12/2023 18:02:14VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us360770590410/22/2023Tim French North Kitsap High SchoolWe are in the planning stages for our First VB Clinic July 27th at Burlington High School.Yakima Sundome
NOVEMBER 8-9 (1B, 2B)
NOVEMBER 10-11 (1A, 2A)
NOVEMBER 17-18 (3A, 4A)
We will be working on getting our clock hours approved for our VB Clinic in July.December 3, 2023 at Burlington High SchoolWe are really excited about our new streamlined Website. It will make things much easier for All-State and it has all of our info in one place. Brewer Media did a fantastic job! Check it out!
10/11/2023 7:19:12SOFTBALL (FASTPITCH)TOM HARMONtom.harmon@nv.k12.wa.us360-220-714210/22/2023This event is still in the works to resume.No clinic at this momentState Championships went well in all classifications. Asking the WIAA to consider and extra game in the 12 team tournament brackets. Adding a game Day 2 for the 4 teams who only play one and done. No response at this point. The Advisory committee plans to resubmit.1A Softball 16 team RPI tournament hosted by College Place in Walla Walla. Continued partnership NFHS Coach of the Year selections. This year Pat Pace Montesano.Only local levels at this juncture.None at this time.
10/9/2023 17:04:19Dance/DrillLara Lindersmith (Executive Director), Jeanne Gloudemans (President)wsddca@gmail.com206.930.971610/22/2023Inducted Deb Yearsley from Lakes HS at October 14 Awards LunchOctober 14, Lakes HS
About 85 coaches attending
Yakima SunDome in March
Partner with WIAA staff for event
Music copyright compliance, enforcement (this has been an issue since 2016)

We have submitted a request to WIAA asking for separate dance and cheer rules committees and rules books and (currently they are combined under the Spirit umbrella)
We believe that these requests are consistent with the purpose and authority of rules committees as outlined in 14.1.1 in the 2021-22 NFHS Handbook which states that rules committees should “maintain the sound traditions of its sport" and “minimize the inherent risk of injury”.

We have been exploring electronic scoring systems, but haven't found anything that is reliable and affordable.
We host a virtual all state event in the springNot unique, but we struggle getting officials, just like everyone else.
Our coaches continually ask why we can't use officials from out-of-state.
3/26/2023 11:22:04Track and FieldKevin EagerWstfcaprez@gmail.com2532414065Daunte Gouge (Kings), Mark Salzman (Curtis), Rick Sloan (Washington State University), Chuck Bowden (Central Valley)2 days in the 3rd week of January. Over 430 attendees!We had them last year for the first time in 2 years!Trying to push through an amendment to contest limitations. WE DO NOT WANT MORE CONTESTS, we simply want to change completely outdated definitions that do not make sense given common modern coaching practice. NopeNot at this time.
3/26/2023 11:02:38BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253 381 8732HOF/All-State - June 23Portland Clinic Well attended. Held our first WSBCA Clinic since 2011 in. Febuary. 100 Registered. 72 showed both days.Venues secured.Need to discuss umpires. Amendments being proposed in the fall. A substitute re-enter proposal.
Working on mental health support systems.
See above.Gear donated to kids in Ecuador.
Creating coaching outreach to Ecuador in 2024. And beyond...
Expanding partnerships
Mental Health
3/26/2023 9:56:11SoccerJensjjensen@royalsd.orgStandard FormatMain thing is we are having trouble with officials. The move to arbiter with the $18 travel reimbursement. Our association is losing referees because of the assigner. The coaches can behave better.
3/26/2023 7:24:57FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org3607310837We inducted two new members into the HOF, Tom Bangor, Marty BarkhurstWe had our Football Clinic, Feb, 24-26. We had over 1,000 attendees, including Youth and Flag coaches. Again, we had the Seahawks, Huskies, and Cougs attend.We are still working to get out state games in one venue. We are working with UW, trying to work something out to use their stadium. We are also in conversation with the Seahawks.We are working with the WIAA, trying to find a venue for our State games.We have two games, Earl Barton, in Yakima for our 2A and smaller game. That is going fine. We are working on a partnership with Cleats vs. Cancer for our 3A-4A game. Across the state/country, we are noticing an increase of kids coming back to football. Washington State Football Coalition, USA Football, and NFL Flag are helping educate and promote safety in football.
3/25/2023 20:42:06Cross CountryJeff Hashimotowsccca@gmail.com509-933-1409We inducted Bill McClement (Bellingham), Sally Revere (Lakeside) and Joe Clark (Lakes) into the Hall of Fame on January 20th, 2023.We held a convention with Track and Field in Tacoma Jan 20-21, 2023. The clinic was enormously successful, with record numbers of participants and fantastic clinicians. We held the first women's coaches breakfast with support from WIAA to allow women coaches to network.State Championship from November 2022 was covered at last meeting.Allocations are always an issue- this fall the allocation situation was challenging due to low participation numbers in girls 1B/2B, 1A and 4A. The Cross Country Coaches Association has an ad hoc committee to explore options including: 1) Keep current system 2) Designate 1-2 allocations as at large to be decided by committee- Oregon did this in 2022 so we call this the Oregon system. and 3) Award bonus allocations to a district that had their last place qualifying team in the top 6 or 8 at state. There was not much agreement about these, so the committee will come up with a fact sheet for each.We held our senior all star race December 3rd at Magnusson Park in Seattle in cooperation with Club Northwest's winter grand prix. It was a successful collaboration and we will do this again in 2023.Season length proposal is a separate part of the agenda.
3/25/2023 19:38:58Girls BasketballDan did not do a HOF this year. We plan to do so next March.We plan to do our fall clinic on September 29-October 1 in person this year.Dan is still attending state format committee to discuss future of the state tournament. Seeding committees went much smoother this year. More people were intentional about watching games. Andy Barnes gave all committee members free access to NFHS. Biggest question is are district champions guaranteed a top 8 seed which guarantees a spot in the Dome. There was some concern about Renton not being selected despite winning districts and beating teams in district ranked higher than them. A couple complaints were that seeding committee coaches made top eight. And Renton was only predominantly black team that didn't.DEI Committee; InsideOut initiative; State Tournament Format; June Scholastic ShowcaseWashington State Girls Basketball Coaches Association State Player of the Year, Ms. Basketball: Jenna Villa, Arlington WSGBCA 4A State Player of the Year: Ava Schmidt, Eastlake WSGBCA 3A State Player of the Year: Claire O’Connor, Lakeside WSGBCA 2A State Player of the Year: Rylee Leishman, Ellensburg WSGBCA 1A State Player of the Year: Kayana "KK" Bass, Wapato WSGBCA 2B State Player of the Year: Jaisha Gibb, Colfax WSGBCA 1B State Player of the Year: Lauren Katyrniuk, Naselle Washington State Girls Basketball Coaches Association State Coach of the Year: Sara Goldie, Eastlake WSGBCA 4A State Coach of the Year: Scott Thompson, Camas WSGBCA 3A State Coach of the Year: Quantae Anderson, Mead WSGBCA 2A State Coach of the Year: Brett McLeod, Burlington Edison WSGBCA 1A State Coach of the Year: KC Ahrens, Deer Park WSGBCA 2B State Coach of the Year: Jordan Holmes, Colfax WSGBCA 1B State Coach of the Year: Autumn Moorcroft, Mossyrock John Wooden Legacy Award: Dan Taylor, King’s WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 4A: Arvin Mosley, Emerald Ridge WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 3A: Jamila Jones, Lincoln WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 2A: Vic Wolfis, Lynden WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 1A: KC Ahrens, Deer Park WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 2B: Jordan Holmes, Colfax WSGBCA ALL STATE GAME COACH 1B: Autumn Moorcroft, Mossyrock WSGBCA Senior All State Game Most Valuable Player Award 3A vs. 4A: Claire O' Connor WSGBCA Senior All State Game Most Valuable Players Award 2A vs. 1A: Demi Dykstra and Kayana "KK" Bass WSGBCA Senior All State Game Most Valuable Player Award 2B vs. 1B: Reigha NiemeyerJune Scholastic Event; What would it take to start a coaches union?
3/25/2023 14:31:07SuzanneMarblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us3607705904We did not induct anyone into the Hall of Fame this past year. Suzanne was the National High School Coach of the year and just was inducted in the WIAA Hall of Fame!Work in progress.Discussion about set up of tournament. There were a few issues, before we receive the survey from the tournament we would have our own. Some issures were, 1 the court was buckling, before the matches we would have to move the referee's stand. We played at 9 am and didn't play until 10 PM. Some matches were played at 7 AM. Scheduing was an issue. The facility itself is not conducive to Volleyball. There is only 9 feet behind the end line and it changes the way we serve. The Finals Match was going on during the normal tournament and there were no hoopla or pomp and circumstance. There were some good things, one was we didn't have as many divisions going at one time. Cindy Adsit on the the State Tournament scheduleHeld on December 3rd at Burlington High. It was a huge success and we had players from across the state compete in the All-State match. Tawnya Brewer did an excellent job of planning and running the tournament. Right after the state tournament, our association sent out our own survey to coaches, spectators, officials and players whose teams attended the state tournament. The questions focused around the following:

Safety of the facility- sport court buckling issues
Limited court space behind the endline
Time of matches- early 7:00 a.m. match; 10:30 pm-midnight
State championship/trophy rounds being played at the same time
Limited time between semi-finals and finals (one hour to eat)
Lack of healthy food options at Sundome
No special announcements, spotlight, etc for state championship

Results were shared with the WIAA and their own survey was sent to coaches. A committee was formed to come up with solutions to a few issues. The main issue was the scheduling of matches. This was result of that meeting:

After a major volleyball tournament review by a large committee representing all districts, including coaches, ADs, other administrators, we decided to change the format for the state volleyball tournament to avoid the early starts and late endings (midnight) of the past two years. The 1B, 2B tournament will be on Wednesday and Thursday, the 1A and 2A on Friday and Saturday and the 3A and 4A on the following Friday and Saturday. The games will be played at the SunDome. Additionally, the Yakima Valley Sports Commission will be giving us a $87,000 rebate to reduce tournament expenses for the 2022-23 school year.

3/24/2023 16:25:26gymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-1899This year we inducted Suan Riley (Shorewood/Shorecrest) and Karen Renner (University-retired). We also honored all Hall of Fame inductees at the State meet too. We also hang paper copies of all Hall of Fame plaques with write up for each person at our state meet.Our clinic was a huge success we had about 75% of our coaches there. We as the WSGCA made money, location was donated, and all clinicians donated their time. We used the clock hours and will for sure do that again now that we understand it better. We held the clinic the Sunday after the season started thus helping new "just hired" coaches have access to it as well.We went back to our original state format with individual event finals. Although there was some great upset when a last-minute decision (moments before finals announcement) was made with no notice that WIAA was reducing the number of individual qualifiers from 16 to 8. We have had 16 since 2016. The 4A finals was a very small meet and ended before many people even arrived to watch. It was smaller than a regular league 2 way meet (most of our meets are 4 way meets) ...the podium was for 6 places and only 4 kids were awarded. So, the 5th best kid in the state went home with nothing...not even her name called.hopefully fix the state issue also further solidify how the switching 4A with 2A/3A for competition dates at state will work. Our group has raised the issue of the state merchandise/clothing being way too expensive. Still waiting on info about the music/copyright issues that were presented/talked about last year. Wish our state meet could be planned/organized sooner. Would like better communication with WIAA and coaches. Still wanting a better system for the testing requirements not locking coaches out at state causing a stress for athletes and coaches, many were AD problems not coach problems. 12 gymnasts 3 coaches, 16 gymnasts appliedWe got a few new officials this year, still in severe need but we did get a few! We are getting more active board reps and our summer/fall meeting was attended my every single area/rep except one (sick last minute)
3/24/2023 14:27:07TennisBrooks Hazenbf@puyallup.k12.wa.us2539889037NAN/A4 sites - Yakima Tennis Club, Nordstrom Tennis Center, Vancouver Tennis Center, Kamiakin High School/Pacific Clinic we have amendment in N/ALooking at a 2nd amendment - involving coaching. Currently using modified USTA rules of no coaching during match. We do meet with players at the end of sets only. Many schools trying to update rules as USTA now allows coaching throughout.
3/24/2023 11:59:05WrestlingBrett Lucasblucas93@gmail.com20679526653/26/23Joe Godinho, Castle Rock
Steve Hood, Lake Roosevelt
Ken Sroka, Kentwood
Tom Tripple, Rogers/Puyallup
Tim Owen, Ferris
Jason Stevenson, Ellensburg/Selah
Eric Idler, Ellensburg/CWU (Asst)
Jack Hurd, Sedro Woolley (Asst)
Our Fall clinic will be on the first weekend of Novembe, in Yakima.Boys 1A Toppenish 375listed on the WIAA team tournament and deciding between 12,13 or 14 weight classes next year.noneWe hosted a national team from Japan this past winter and are sending a team in June.
3/24/2023 8:14:25SoftballTOM A HARMONtom.harmon@nv.k12.wa.us136022071423/26/23Nothing new in this category.Nothing new in this categoryAll state championship sites have been secured. 4A has been moved to Richland and will share a site with the 1A's. All the selection committee members met last Sunday to cover responsibilities, process, and future meeting dates. Any 12 team tournament has a loser out round at the beginning, sending 4 teams home right away. Tough for teams who travel a great distance to be done in that fashion. The 1A's have proposed a solution to this that would give those 4 schools one more game at a local site at minimal cost or time to WIAA.WIAA has developed a Softball Advisory Committee put together by BJ Kuntz. A cross section of coaches around the state looking at rules and process for the sport. They will meet bi-monthly.Nothing at the state level. Local Conference sites are happening. Travel/Club ball still a barrier to get best kids there due to major tournaments mid to late June.The 1A classification have developed schedules and a 1day RPI tournament in Montesano, so a cross section of schools all play each other to help with data for the selection committee when we get to first part of May. Spring Sports in the Northwest Conference are focusing on "Every Seven Seconds" as Social/Emotional Growth awareness for Depression, Loneliness, as a preventative measure towards Teen Suicide. Softball and Baseball have been leaders in this.
3/21/2023 8:04:11Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com20641930623/26/23Hall of Fame Chairman Bruce Siebol reported that their will be no Hall of Fame
Banquets in 2003 but will have two banquets in June 2004.
The WIBCA Fall Coaches Clinic will take place in Yakima in September. The
Chelan Coaches Clinic will be on May 20 th . Clock hours will be available in both
N/AWIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman was introduced to the group video chat.
He said the committee reviewing the State Basketball Tournaments will have a
recommendation to take to the WIAA board in June. He said the tournaments
will be the same next season, but could change according to the
recommendations for the following four years.
Hoffman reported that the classification committee is looking to limit the 3A
enrollment to 1250 to even out the number of schools in the 4a and 3a
classifications. They are also working on possibly changes the percentages used
to calculate the enrollments using the fee and reduced lunch numbers reported
by school districts.
He talked about the need to acquire more schools to host regional games,
knowing the possibility that some of the schools would be hosting their own
schools team in a regional game. If a school want to be considered as a regional
sight, they need to contact their District Director by the end of October.

Baden will be the title sponsor for the event. Their will be 2 games on Saturday
and two games on Sunday for each team. 72 high school teams will be invited
to the event. WIBCA will be in partnership with the NCAA and NFHS in putting
on the event. The event will take place on June 17 th and 18 th at Bellevue
Community College and other local high schools.
Played on March 19th, 2023 at Curtis High School. Named the All State Weekend. Consists of five (5) games. 1. Unified Sports. 2. Futures Game 3. B vs. BB All State game 4. A vs. AA All State game. 5. AAA vs. AAAA All State game. Coaches were then asked to pick All-State teams for each classification in Washington. Mr. Basketball-Brooklyn Hicks, Timberline High School 4A Player of the Year- Parker Gerrits, Olympia High School 3A Player of the Year-Jaylen Stewart, Garfield High School 2A Player of the Year-Jaedyn Brown, Pullman High School 1A Player of the Year-Luke Navarre, Zillah High School 2B Player of the Year-Kelson Gebbers, Brewster High School 1B Player of the Year-Luke Waganeer, Sunnyside Christian High SchoolCOACHES VS CANCER
Coaches vs Cancer Coordinator Gary Wusterbarth reported that Washington
State Basketball programs have passed the $1 million mark in raising funds in
fighting cancer. Wusterbarth said that schools can register on the Coaches vs
Cancer website to get more information to set up your program to raise funds
to beat cancer.
President Joe Harris reported that coaches can nominate players for the Baden
Scholarships worth $1500 on the WIBCA website. A scholarship of $1500 will
also be awarded by Baden at the Northwest Showcase.
Executive Director Sood continues to be a Board member of NHSBCA. WIBCA
board member Tim Gaebe is the National Financial coordinator for NHSBCA and
WIBCA board member Gary Wusterbarth leads the NHSBCA as chairman of the
Coaches vs Cancer. It has brought a lot of respect to WIBCA to have these three
as National representatives.
Executive Director Sood talked to membership about a proposal to add Ad Hoc
members to the WIBCA board. We already have a college coach Keffrey Fazio of
Seattle Pacific as an Ad Hoc member and the board would like to add a retired
high school coach and an Athletic Administrator to the same positions. Kellen
Drake made a motion that we add two new Ad Hoc positions to the WIBCA
board. Nick Brown seconded. It was voted on and passed.
11/6/2022 8:47:27Track and FieldKevin EagerWSTFCAPrez@gmail.com2532414065We will be inducting three in January. Those three are being finalized as I submit this. January 20-21st we will have a convention, clinic, and HOF induction dinner in Tacoma.Overjoyed to have our first state championship even last May after two years off. 1. Make the new site for small school track into a great event. 2. Pass an amendment re-writing unclear language for season limitation to reflect current practice. 3. Continue to work for winter track in order to support the role of education in sports. 4. Encourage WIAA to develop new meet managers and officials for district and state level events. NoI’m not sure what other sports are thinking, but unbalanced classifications are something a lot of people are having second thoughts about in track and field. It’s altering what it means to win a state team title, making that honor very different in different classifications.
11/5/2022 22:35:14Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com2064193062 * WIBCA board nominated Ron Cox of Lakeside (Nine-Mile Falls) into the HOF as a head coach. Nominated as assistant coaches are Dave Pickering of Lake Stevens H.S. and Ron Livingston of East Valley H.S. (Yakima). Jo Jo Mesplie, head basketball coach at Toppenish is nominated for the Pat Fitterer Award and Rich Austin to receive the Ed and Shirley Pepple Award. Tim Kelly made a motion to accept the board’s nominations and Nick Brown seconded. It was voted on and passed.
* The WIBCA board decided that we will not have a banquet in 2023, but will more than likely have two banquets in the summer of 2024. The 2023 class will be inducted during the banquets in 2024.
* Fitterer reported we had approximately 70 coaches attend our clinic at Yakima Valley College on October 23rd. He said the speakers were excellent and we had great feedback from the coaches who attended.
* Coach Fitterer thanked Joe Harris for handling the clock hours at the clinic.
* Next year’s Fall Clinic will be moved to September and will be having some major college coaches as speaker.
The WIAA is putting together a Basketball State tournament review committee. The committee will be made up of coaches and administrators. It is the hope of the WIAA that the committee will have recommendations regarding the tournaments ready by June 2023.
June Scholastic Events, State tournament committe, Continued improvements to seeding committee, retaining officials and promoting sportsmanship * Connie Richardson will be the Coordinator for the State All-Star Weekend. * The Unified Sports, Futures Game and the All-State Games will all be played on March 18th at Curtis High School. * The selection process for the players in the All-State Games has changed. The League MVP will not automatically make the team. Nalin Sood presented the new criteria for the All State games and also Futures game. Both are posted on * The Futures Game is open to any underclassmen.
11/5/2022 21:39:16Girls BasketballDan of Fame Banquet scheduled for March of 2022; Inductees not finalized.Host the Winning With Women Basketball Clinic on October 14-16; 18 college and high school coaches. Clock hours available through 247ed. Coaches can still register to watch sessions up until March 2023.Seeding Committee process will have some revisions. Some leagues/districts have seeding committees for district playoffs.Partnering with WIAA in Strategic planning; DEI and InsideOut InitiativeScheduled for March 18th, 2023 at King's High SchoolSeeking to host a showcase that would occur in mid June. May be partnering with Oregon to host a tournament for teams with high level recruitable athletes.
11/5/2022 21:11:25FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org3607310837We will be inducting again this year.We will work with Glazier again this year. We are planning for the beginning of March.We will play in 3 venues again this year. We are working on getting back to one venue, Husky Stadium or Lumen FieldWe will continue to work with getting our Championship game in on venue.We have the small school game, played in Yakima. That committee is working hard to keep that game alive. Our "big school" game, we are trying partnering with Cleats vs. Cancer organization. That game will be played on MLK Day @ Pop Keeney.
11/5/2022 20:45:22Cross CountryJeff Hashimotowsccca@gmail.com509-933-1409Inducting Sally Revere, Bill McClement and Joe Clark on Jan 20, 2023Tacoma Jan 20-21, 2023 in conjunction with Track and FieldJust had it! Sun Willows, it was windy, but not as bad as it could have been! No rain, as usual.This year was an allocation cycle based on counts by Counts were low in some divisions, especially 4A girls, 1A girls and 1B/2B girls. Low counts would have resulted in a 12 team 4A girls meet, and a 12 team 1A/2B/1B combined girls meets. WIAA received hundreds of emails and the WIAA board voted to retract the counting rule. The state meet had a 16 team 4A girls race, 16 team 1A girls race, and 8 team 1B/2B race. The discussion moving forward is how to encourage participation in small schools among girls.

Also, the cross country coaches association plans to bring a proposal forward to the executive board to deal with districts that are consistently hard to qualify to state from. For example, District 1 2A boys teams went 1-3, with the 4th ranked team in state failing to qualify for the state meet. We would like to mirror the rule in track and field where the average of the top 6 times is used as an autoqualifying time. Districts that have their last qualifier in the top 6 would earn a bonus berth for the following year. This berth would not be taken away from any other district. An alternative solution is to try at large berths decided on by a committee, as is being used in Oregon starting this year.
Dec 3rd at Magnusson Park, SeattleCamaraderie and sportsmanship is at a high!
11/5/2022 9:05:37BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253.381.8732HOF/All State Weekend in Yakima, June 24th-25th
Coaches Day - June 23rd
All-State Series - June 24th-25th - Double Header both days - Parker-Faller Field
HOF/All-State Banquet - June 24th, 7 pm
Clinics Still in development (Agnew/Jackson)
NWBCA Convention in Portland will be hosting Wasington again
TBDNone at this time.See AboveGave 2 scholarships ($500.00) for first time at HOF/All-State Banquet
Will give 4 in 2023
Expanding Partnerships
Service/Clinic work abroad
Gear donations abroad
11/5/2022 8:20:01VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us3607705904No nominations this fall.TBD1B, 2B, 1A November 10-12 at the Yakima Sundome. 2A-4A November 18-19 at the Yakima Sundome.Nothing at this timeDecember 4th at Burlington Edison High School.Nothing at this time.
11/5/2022 8:13:15SOFTBALLTOM HARMONtom.harmon@nv.k12.wa.us13602207142Still a TBD pending site and dates. Hopefully to resume by 2024None at this moment. Need to find a Washington alternative to All Sport one we had. Looking to make a HS/CC coaches affair,4A - Redmond 3A-Lake Washington 2A - Tumwater 1A - Nooksack Valley 2B- Willapa Valley 1B - Liberty Chr. All tournaments went well. A few online ticket items to correct.1A RPI tournament in April, All Tournament Teams from State Championships. Currently 1A' s the only classification doing so.Hopefully resume by 2024. Some Regional ones being held.We lost a HOF member this Fall. Tom Swapp from Anacortes passed away. The softball coaches world lost a great one. We will be getting an article for the magazine soon.
10/31/2022 16:34:38GymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-1899We will be inducting Susan Riley-coach (Shorewood/Shoreline) and Karen Renner-coach/judge (University) at our State meet in February. We are hoping to have our Hall of Fame parade back at the state meet this year. We announce and honor any previous Hall of Fame inductees, they have special seating to watch the meet.Our clinic will be Nov. 20th -This is the only gymnastics clinic in the state and the only in person clinic for gymnastics. We are charging a WSCA member and non member price.Hoping the state meet will go back to the way it was prior to COVID. We did get to have finals back! Coaches and gymnasts are very excited about that.Positive changes to make the state meet better. Communication! Trying to find out more about gymnastics being included in the REBEL sponsorship...what do we get? Wish we could be informed of changes being made...example rules book via email. We do a senior national meet that has been in Florida but guessing location will change since Fort Meyers Florida was heavily damaged by Hurricane IanWe will be having our WSGCA invitational again this year (first time since before COVID), will be held at Ballard High School Jan. 7th
10/31/2022 11:41:15WrestlingBrett Lucasblucas93@gmail.com2067952665First HOF in three years. Class of 2022
Joe Godinho, Castle Rock, Steve Hood, Lake Roosevelt, Ken Sroka, Kentwood, Tom Tripple, Rogers/Puyallup, Tim Owen, Ferris, Jason Stevenson, Ellensburg/Selah, Eric Idler, Ellensburg/CWU (Asst), Jack Hurd, Sedro Woolley (Asst)
Close to 150 coaches at our annual Clinic. For more information https://www.washingtonwrestling.comWe are splitting girls into 2 groups for this seasons State Championship. We meet with Justin regularly and have a good working relationship with him. Trying to get a dual meet State ChampionshipThere is a population of Girls Wrestling Coaches that want to split from the WSWCA, we will discuss more and take a vote for Girls Wrestling Coaches to find the actual number that want to split this Season.
10/31/2022 8:37:52TennisBrooks Hazen hazenbf@puyallup.k12.wa.us1-253-988-90373/27/2022 at 11:00 AMN/AN/AA few rumblings from coaches at state contests- including lack of uniforms (I assume wearing shirts that are non-high school uniforms). I know at our site, 2nd day as teams advanced to finals location, our site was an afterthought. No longer a roaming umpire for any disputes. Complaints about the draws continued. So far this years new district draws give hope that the state will follow up with new format. WashingtonSubmitted to WIAA an amendment allowing 18 games, UTR Report, If no one is using it, it doesn't work. No uniforms at the state tournament.
3/27/2022 11:13:20Girls BasketballDan at 11:00 AMCancelled for this year. We plan to host our next ceremony on March 17, 2023We plan to host our next clinic in September 29-Oct 1 2022 on Zoom again. We also plan to host a combine for girls in October.2022 State Champions
1B Mount Vernon Christian
2B Warden
1A Lynden Christian
2A Ellensburg
3A Garfield
4A Woodinville

1. Nalin and I met with Andy Barnes about concerns about seeding committee on March 25th. Suggestion was to have a WIAA rep for each seeding committee
2. Discussed with Cindy Adsit about sharing of WIAA court at the state tournament
3. Format and large venues still a discussion
Discussions about concerns about the seeding committees; DEI Committee Work; Inside Out Initiative; Strategic Planning CommitteeHosted at King's High School on March 19. Great showing and girls were able to keep their uniforms; Turk Pride Live streamed and commentated and games can be watched on their You Tube Channel;2022 WSGBCA Awards 1B Coach of the Year: Jeff Droog, Mount Vernon Christian 1B Player of the Year: Kylee Russell, Mount Vernon Christian 2B Coach of the Year: Josh Madsen, Warden 2B Player of the Year: Kyra Gardner, Raymond 1A Coach of the Year: Shane Wichers, Nooksack Valley 1A Player of the Year Libby Stump, Lynden Christian 2A Coach of the Year: Jeff Whitney, Ellensburg 2A Player of the Year: Dylan Philip, Ellensburg 3A Coach of the Year: Joe Marsh, Arlington 3A Player of the Year: Rosa Smith, Lake Washington 4A Coach of the Year: Katie Hyppa, Sumner 4A Player of the Year: Veronica Sheffey, Woodinville WSGBCA State Coach of the Year Scott Bullock, Woodinville WSGBCA Ms Basketball Tatum Thompson, Woodinville; 1B vs. 2B Game MVP-Kyra Gardner, Raymond; 1A vs. 2A Game MVP-Halle Wright, Prosser; 3A vs. 4A Game MVP-Tatum Thompson, WoodinvilleStarted a new sponsorship with Ballogy
3/27/2022 11:07:07Track and FieldKevin EagerWstfcaprez@gmail.com25324140653/27/2022 at 11:00 AMFour Individuals (rather than the usual three) inducted in January.We put on our convention and clinic in January.That’s a good question! We have received almost no communication. :-(NoneJust trying to reboot.
3/26/2022 20:09:38GolfAndrew Hersheyandrew.hershey@shorelineschools.org206-658-58253/27/2022 at 11:00 AMe inducted John Matsen of Oak Harbor into the hall of fame this past summer after a long delay because of Covid. The family was very appreciative. It was held at Whidbey Golf and country club with many former coaches who coached against John attending, We will be holding our clinic at Gamble Sands July 5th-7th. It was very successful last year, and the staff and golf pros are excited to have us back for a second year,. Looking forward to the first state championship in 3 years.nothing at this momentN/AN/A
3/26/2022 19:39:19Cross CountryJeff Hashimotojeff.hashimoto@esd401.org50993314093/27/2022 at 11:00 AMOn January 20th, 2022, four members were inducted into the Cross Country Hall of Fame: Dan Parker of Glacier Peak and Snohomish, John Hill of Bellevue, Dennis McGuire of Central Valley, and Rod Wilcox of Kings.The Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Convention was held in Tacoma January 20-21, 2022. Speakers included Elizabeth Carey, Jeff Hashimoto, Mike Hickey, Darrell Lee, Frank Schuck, Justin Kesterson and Joe Clark.Fall State Championships were reported in the previous ISA meeting.The amendment to determine allocations annually was rejected by the WIAA board. The reasoning is that participation numbers vary year to year in small schools. In 2019 there was a district meet with 2 state berths and 3 teams competing. The annual allocation determination was a proposed solution to this problem.
We are working on a proposal to include at large berths, similar to the track auto-qualifiers. But because cross country courses are not standardized, we can not use a time standard. A proposal is that we are working on is that a district that had all qualifying teams in the top 6 or 8 at state would receive an additional state berth the following year.
We have a good working relationship with WIAA regarding state meet.
We are looking at coordinating with Club Northwest for an east-west senior all star race for 2022. We have not held an east-west senior all star race since before COVID.I am the new president of the Cross Country Coaches Association.
3/26/2022 17:25:03BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253 381 87323/27/2022 at 11:00 AMHall of Fame/All State Weekend - June 24-26, 2022Attended NWBCA Clinic in January: Poorly attended by Washington coaches
Kevin Agnew and Brian Jackson currently organizing clinics for 22-23 for state coaches
RPI will be new this yearWould like to propose amendment to eliminate Jamboree (6 innings) and add an additional game (7 innings)
Foundation games have been played
Same as aboveExpanding executive board for WSBCA
WSBCA giving scholarships to seniors for first time
Increasing partnerships around state: Rainiers, Mariners, Baden
Clinics for state coaches slowly developing
Kevin Agnew (Pullman) zoom meetings with coaches across state
Fungo Banter made a comeback (Jason Jarrett (Tri-Cities Prep)/Eric Sorenson (Kittitas)
Jesse Benedetti and Russ Hayden awarded NHSBCA Region 8 Coaches of the Year
3/25/2022 21:07:15SoccerJensjjensen@royalsd.org3/27/2022 at 11:00 AMNone Mercy Rule and Approved Sites for State Matches...Concerns from the WIAA concerning discipline
3/25/2022 9:46:03FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org36073108373/27/2022 at 11:00 AMPostponed for this year.We partnered with Glazier again this year. We had a very successful clinic, March 4-6.Our 4A State Champs went to Georgia and beat a very good team state champion from GeorgiaWe are working on restructuring our playoff system. Dan Teeter, Head Coach @ Lakewood High School, 2A, has come up with a system.4A-3A game. We are still working on a partnership with Cleats vs. Cancer. 2A-1B, is working on building their game up.
3/25/2022 9:23:11TennisBrooks Hazenbfhazen@hotmail.com125398890373/27/2022 at 11:00 AMStill building up for future clinicStill set for May 27-28. 4 locations and still 2 day tournament A few looking to increase the number of contests by 1 or 2 per season.N/Aloss of indoor courts/time due to increase of pickleball play! Lack of response from tennis coaches at times a bit concerning.
3/25/2022 8:18:55Wrestling Brett Lucasblucas93@gmail.com20679526653/27/2022 at 11:00 AMWe are on our second year of no hall of fame inductions or ceremony. We hope to have one this fall.We tried for an in person clinic in November 2021, but there was not enough interest. We did team up with the Marines and the National Wrestling Coaches Association and had a small clinic with 17 people for one day. The state tournament was normal with some restrictions due to covid. We still don't know about the Tacoma Dome for next year.We have a good relationship with Justin Kesterson and continue to meet with him. NAWe hope to start up our cultural exchange next year.
3/25/2022 4:09:53TennisBrooks Hazenbfhazen@hotmail.com1253988903712/5/2021 at 11:00 AMN/AN/A June 2022Multiple sites in May
3/24/2022 22:14:42Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com206.419.306212/5/2021 at 11:00 AMIf you have nominations, go to the website, locate Hall of Fame. Forms for nominations can be found there. If you have any questions, contact Hall Of Fame Coordinator, Dave Dickson.
There will be two Hall Of Fame Banquets held in summer of 2022. The eastside banquet will be Tuesday, July 19th at Gonzaga University and the west side banquet will be held Thursday, July 21st at Niles Center in Edmonds.
WIBCA President Joe Harris said this year’s clinic will be held on May 14th. Kyle Smith Washington State Men’s Coach, Mike Hopkins University of Washington Men’s Coach, Phil Cullen of the San Antonio Spurs coaching staff and Bobbi Hazeltine Women’s coach at Walla Walla Community College, are the scheduled speakers.
Harris advised registering soon because hotels are filling quickly.
Since seeding meetings were today, Mick Hoffman needed to keep presentations short. The WIAA is examining a possible final four concept for State playoffs. This would have three classification at one site for semis and finals and three at a different site. Semi-finals would be played on Friday and finals on Saturday. The decision for the final four concept needs to be approved this spring or there will be a two year wait before being proposed again.
Hoffman talked about the need for more officials. He asked coaches to encourage former players to get involved. If coaches would like to offer suggestions on how to increase the number of officials, please let the WIAA know.
Hoffman said he is happy that basketball games are being played and wished good luck to coaches in post season play.
Regarding the proposed amendment from WIBCA, coaches need to find out who voted representing their District and encourage them to support the amendment. Discussion has been positive at all levels. Involve the girls’ coaches in promoting the amendment.
ALL STATE GAMES The All-State games will be played on March 19 at Curtis High School. A futures All Star game featuring underclassman will be played on March 18 at Curtis. Joe Kinch and Josh Barsh will be coordinators for the All-State games and Tim Gaebe, Connie Richardson and Joe Harris will be coordinators for the Futures game. A Unified game will also be played on March 18 at Curtis. A motion was made to give Ballogy $2,000 to help promote the event by Gary Wusterbarth. It was seconded by Craig Jackson. It was voted on and passed. ALL STATE TEAMS SELECTION Coaches attending broke off into groups of each classification to select All-State participants. PLAYER OF THE YEAR AAAA-Dylan Darling, Central Valley PLAYER OF THE YEAR AAA-Tre Blassingame, Auburn PLAYER OF THE YEAR AA-Jonas LaTour, North Kitsap PLAYER OF THE YEAR A-Jordan Hansen, Kings PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2B-John Lustig, Colfax PLAYER OF THE YEAR 1B-Justice Hart, Yakama Tribal WIBCA MR. BASKETBALL-Tyler Bilodeau, KamiakinSunday, February 20, 2022-Bellevue Community College
(Full minutes)

WIBCA President Joe Harris welcomed the 2022 winter attendees. He introduced special guest Mick Hoffman, Executive Director of the WIAA.

Since seeding meetings were today, Mick Hoffman needed to keep presentations short. The WIAA is examining a possible final four concept for State playoffs. This would have three classification at one site for semis and finals and three at a different site. Semi-finals would be played on Friday and finals on Saturday. The decision for the final four concept needs to be approved this spring or there will be a two year wait before being proposed again.
Hoffman talked about the need for more officials. He asked coaches to encourage former players to get involved. If coaches would like to offer suggestions on how to increase the number of officials, please let the WIAA know.
Hoffman said he is happy that basketball games are being played and wished good luck to coaches in post season play.
Regarding the proposed amendment from WIBCA, coaches need to find out who voted representing their District and encourage them to support the amendment. Discussion has been positive at all levels. Involve the girls’ coaches in promoting the amendment.

Minutes from October 2021 meeting were read. Gary Wusterbarth moved the minutes be approved and it was seconded by Joe Kinch. Executive Director Nalin Sood reported that WIBCA has $87,000 currently in our accounts.

If you have nominations, go to the website, locate Hall of Fame. Forms for nominations can be found there. If you have any questions, contact Hall Of Fame Coordinator, Dave Dickson.
There will be two Hall Of Fame Banquets held in summer of 2022. The eastside banquet will be Tuesday, July 19th at Gonzaga University and the west side banquet will be held Thursday, July 21st at Niles Center in Edmonds.

We have asked for a budget increase to $7,500 for the fall clinic in order to bring Division 1 coaches to speak. We want to expand the pool of possible candidates. Motion was carried by Nick Brown and seconded by Joe Kinch.

WIBCA President Joe Harris said this year’s clinic will be held on May 14th. Kyle Smith Washington State Men’s Coach, Mike Hopkins University of Washington Men’s Coach, Phil Cullen of the San Antonio Spurs coaching staff and Bobbi Hazeltine Women’s coach at Walla Walla Community College, are the scheduled speakers.
Harris advised registering soon because hotels are filling quickly.

Coordinator Bill Bakamus announced the shootout will happen on April 3rd in Oregon. Please send names of players for consideration to Coach Bakamus.

Craig Jackson told the attendees about the Social Justice Platform: Policing Laws, Voting Laws, Environmental Laws, Healthcare and Education Laws. He will continue with daily information during Black History Month.

The Podcasts have been on a break. They will return to the WIBCA website will changes to the format. If there are coaches who would like to be interviewed please let Connie Richardson know.

Membership coordinator Kellen Drake reported we have 350 basketball coaches signed up for the Washington Coaches Association membership.

Coordinator Tim Gaebe announced the Spring Showcase will be held on April 30 and May 1st at Bellevue Community College.

Tim Gaebe reported that sponsorship for WIBCA is going great. Ballogy, Hilton and Sam’s Tavern are new sponsors and we have retained all of our Title sponsorships.

Executive Director Nalin Sood reported that the NHSBCA has rewarded Hall of Fame Coach Gary Wusterbarth as the recipient of the John Wooden Legacy Award. WIBCA will be putting on the Scholastic D-1 event on June 25th and 26th at Bellevue Community College. A motion was made by Nick Brown to send four board members to the NHSBCA annual meeting in Indianapolis. It was seconded by Ryan Hansen. It was voted on and passed.

Director Gary Wusterbarth reported we are just short by $31,000 of reaching the 1 million mark raised by coaches. Please let Gary know if your school is participating and how much was raised.

Muhammad Kinteh of Mountlake Terrace and Cort Robertson of Stanwood were recipients of the Baden Scholarships this year. Prospective candidates can find applications for scholarships on the WIBCA website.

The All-State games will be played on March 19 at Curtis High School. A futures All Star game featuring underclassman will be played on March 18 at Curtis. Joe Kinch and Josh Barsh will be coordinators for the All-State games and Tim Gaebe, Connie Richardson and Joe Harris will be coordinators for the Futures game. A Unified game will also be played on March 18 at Curtis. A motion was made to give Ballogy $2,000 to help promote the event by Gary Wusterbarth. It was seconded by Craig Jackson. It was voted on and passed.

Coaches attending broke off into groups of each classification to select All-State participants.
PLAYER OF THE YEAR AAAA-Dylan Darling, Central Valley
PLAYER OF THE YEAR AAA-Tre Blassingame, Auburn
PLAYER OF THE YEAR AA-Jonas LaTour, North Kitsap
PLAYER OF THE YEAR A-Jordan Hansen, Kings
PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2B-John Lustig, Colfax
PLAYER OF THE YEAR 1B-Justice Hart, Yakama Tribal
WIBCA MR. BASKETBALL-Tyler Bilodeau, Kamiakin
3/24/2022 20:37:51VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us360770590412/5/2021 at 11:00 AMNo inductees in 2021No clinic the past two years due to Covid. On December 5th reportContinuing to work together on the seeding committees. Had very successful All-State matches on December 5, 2021. The matches were held at Burlington High School where we had close to 100 athletes participate. Tawnya Brewer did an amazing job organizing. It was a great day of volleyball and one of the best All-State Matches we have had.Every year is unique!
3/24/2022 15:38:11GymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-189912/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWe inducted Reenie Kiehn (Stevenson High School Vancouver area)We did not have a clinic this season but plan to have one next year.Our state meet was drastically different this year as it was reduced to a one day competition with no event finals (as has been done for 40 years), we also we not allowed to have our Hall of Fame parade. Both were missed and all coaches hope these both come back. Were told these changes were made per Dept of Health but on our state meeting Zoom call with Cindy Adsit she told us event finals might not come back since they reduced bowling and they really liked it better. We were also told that they (WIAA) would survey to see if it was liked better. Survey ADs, maybe coaches and maybe athletes. Coaches and athletes are very upset about this and frustrated that we were told it was due to COVID but now COVID is gone and it may not come back, besides bowling we were the only sport whose competition was impacted or reduced this year. 4A coach of the year-Ryan Fleisher (Issaquah), 2A/3A coach of the year- Jenny Genoway (Sammamish), 4A assistant coach of the year- Ryan Dietzman (Camas), 2a/3a assistant coach of the year Kelsie Kirk (Evergreen). 2A 3A state champs Sammamish (first time in 47 years), 4A state champs WoodinvilleWe had looked at the possibility of moving gymnastics to another season but ultimately it is best to have it stay in Winter. Also hoping to work with them to keep State finals.noneNone that haven't been listed in this report
12/6/2021 8:38:50BaseballBrian Jacksonbjacka253 381 873212/5/2021 at 11:00 AM*Hall of Fame Banquet - June 25, 2022 - 6 pm
Yakima Convention Center
Inductees Posted next week
*NWBCA Clinic - January 28-30, 2022
Portland , OR
Requesting clock hours asap

*Possible WSBCA Clinic in February
*Clinic series being brainstormed for 2022
May 21, 2022 Regionals: May 27-28, 2022 State ChampionshipReducing EjectionsJune 25-26, 2022. Yakima, WA *Developing Clinics
*Expanding Executive Board
*All-State/Hall of Fame Weekend getting better annually
*Expanding Partnerships (again) with Tacoma Rainiers, Seattle Mariners, NWBCA
*Improving online and social media presence (17 K hits on website 2020-2021)
*Increasing connection to NHSBCA
*Jesse Benedetti and Russ Hayden we awarded with Region 8 COTY Honors by the NHSBCA in 2020 and 2021 Respectively
12/5/2021 11:32:00GolfAndrew Hersheyandrew.hershey@shorelineschools.org206658582512/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWe inducted John Matsen into the shall of fame from Oak Harbor. The event was at the Whidbey golf and CC: A day of golf followed by a dinner with friends and familyWe held our clinic at Gamble Sands in early July 2021 and had around 15 coaches and had very good reviewsLooking forward to having oneNothing at this timeN/Aaccounts. He said we didn’t spend much money during Covid.
12/5/2021 10:45:00TennisBrooks Hazenhazenbf@puyallup.k12.wa.us253-988-903712/5/2021 at 11:00 AMN/AN/ATBDN/AWIBCA Executive Director Nalin Sood reports that WIBCA currently has $77,000 in our
12/5/2021 10:35:27Track and FieldKevin Eagerwstfcaprez@gmail.com253241406512/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWe are inducting 4 in this year.We will, come hell or high water, be holding our annual convention/clinic in Tacoma in January.Didn't have one for the second straight year.We are simply trying to reboot our sport. NoFINANCIAL REPORT
12/5/2021 9:52:12SOFTBALLTOM HARMONtom.harmon@nv.k12.wa.us360220714212/5/2021 at 11:00 AMNothing current at this point. Have several recently retired coaches we would like to head this group.Nothing current at this point.WANFHS COACH OF THE YEAR for WashingtonTBDapproved by all members.
12/5/2021 9:10:25FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org360731083712/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWorking on a new format to present this award.March 4-6, Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, RentonJust played yesterday. I have not received any information about this.N/AWe are trying a new format this year. Working with Cleats vs. Cancer.minutes approved, it was seconded by Dave Dickson. The minutes were voted on and
12/5/2021 7:32:21SoccerJensjjensen@royalsd.org509731462512/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWorkingWorkingWorkingRegional Sites for State ContestsWorkingboard member Bruce Siebol. A motion was made by Gary Wusterbarth to have the spring
12/5/2021 7:06:37Girls BasketballDan at 11:00 AMMarch 18th, 2022 at 6:00pm in Schirmir Auditorium at King's High School in Seattle. Final Hall of Fame Selections to be made in the next couple of weeks.Hosted the Winning With Women Coaches Clinic on September 17-19. Included top women coaches across the nation. All speakers were women.There wasn't a 2021 State Champion for any classification. Currently, the WIAA is meeting with representatives to discuss venues and format for the state tournament starting in 2023. Dan Taylor and Jackie Thomas represent girls basketball on the committee.We are working on:
State tournament format for 2023 as well as venues for the tournament.
DEI issues as it relates to girls basketball
Sportsmanship and Coaching Education
InsideOut Coaching Initiative

March 19th at King's High Schoolthe recap of our spring minutes. The spring minutes were reviewed by Executive Secretary
12/4/2021 22:54:44GymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com1425443189912/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWe chose not to induct anyone last year since there was no State meet. This year were are inducting Reenie Kiehn (originally from Stevenson in Vancouver), she will be awarded at our state meet.We decided not to have a clinic this year. We hope to partner with USAG WA for next year since there will be a lot of changesOur state meet will again be at Sammamish High School and for the first time we will have a 2A, 3A and 4A state meets. Previous 2A and 3A were combined.We are starting conversation with WIAA about gymnastics possibly being in a different sports season. During COVID several schools went with alternate sports seasons away from Basketball and wrestling and there were many positives. We are just starting conversation to see if it can even be a conversation.We took 3 girls to our Senior National meet last year and they had a great time and were so appreciative to be able to go. We will hopefully have anormal team for this years team.WIBCA President Joe Harris welcomed the 2021 fall attendees. First order of business was
12/4/2021 15:20:23VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us360770590412/5/2021 at 11:00 AMNo one this year as per last years season.No clinic planned at this point.Washington. State Champions per classification. 1B Oakesdale, 2B La Conner, 1A Chelan, 2A Columbia River, 3A Mead and 4A Bothell. 1B through 4A State was held in Yakima over two weekends. It was great to get back to having a State Tournament for our kids. The first year with the seeding committee. It was great to have conversation with coaches from across the state. Looking at the outcomes of the top 8 it seemed to be pretty close, with just a few upsets. 12/5/21WELCOME
12/4/2021 9:06:54Cross CountryJoe Clarkjclark53@gmail.com253 844-734312/5/2021 at 11:00 AMwe are inducting John Hill, Dan Parker, Dennis McGuire & Rod Wilcox on Jan 21. The WSTFCA/WSCCA convention is back on for 2022 at the hotel Murano in Tacoma Jan 21-22State meet was held in Pasco this year in November. It will be there for the next 2 years as well.We work continuously with the WIAA. This year they implemented a handbook change that set allocations "annually" based on actual participation numbers verified on line as of the 50% cut off date. what that means is that allocations were accurate, and awarded to districts based on participation. This did result in some shifting in allocations on the girls side in the all but the 4A classifications. It was something the WSCCCA has prioritized. We need to continue to educate coaches on the rule.Suspended. We are looking for a new host. there were some unfortunate social media posts by the previous host who was also a significant donor. we have chosen not to return. We are looking at a mid winter option.Saturday, October 2, 2021-Yakima Valley Community College
12/2/2021 11:44:47Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com206.419.306212/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWIBCA HALL OF FAME
Dave Dickson, WIBCA Hall of Fame Coordinator, presented members with the 2022 Hall of
Fame nominations for approval. Head Coaches nominated: Mark Schelbert Fife; John
Callaghan, South Kitsap; Richard Skeen, Kings; Rick Sloan, Central Valley; Ray Ricks,
Northwest Christian (Colbert); Jason Kerr, O’Dea; Mike Kelly, Seattle Prep. The board
approved assistant coaches for nomination: John Medak, Gig Harbor; John Flanagan,
Dickson, asked for a vote of membership and all candidates were unanimously approved for
induction into the Hall of Fame by WIBCA membership.
Jaime Niles, athletic director at West and Valley high school in Spokane and a group from the
SPL league were voted on and approved to be honored with the Ed Pepple Award.
Levi Heyen, Cashmere High School, and J.C. Alexander of Mountainview were nominated by
the WIBCA board to be honored with the Pat Fitterer Award. It was voted on and approved
by membership.
Dates for the Hall of Fame Banquets will be July 19 in Spokane and July 21 in Edmonds.
Dickson reminded membership that attending the Banquets is free to WIBCA membership.
Held on October 2nd and 3rd, 2021 in YakimaN/AJune Scholastic D1 Event in June, 2022ALL-STATE GAMES The State All-State games will be held on March 19 at Curtis High School. A futures All-Star game featuring underclassman will be played on March 18 at Curtis. Joe Kinch and Josh Barsh will be coordinators for the All-State games and Tim Gaebe and Connie Richardson will be coordinators for the Futures Game. A motion was made by Pat Fitterer to make Tim Kelly and Curtis High School host all future All-State games. It was seconded by Nick Brown. It was voted on and passed.
12/2/2021 11:29:40WrestlingBrett Lucasblucas@fwps.org206795266512/5/2021 at 11:00 AMWe have cancelled the HOF for the last two years :(We canceled our normal clinic and had a short one day leadership clinic put on by the NWCA, that was poorly attended. NONE, Though there is rumors of leaving the Tacoma DomeWe meet with Justin frequently and have a good relationship with him as our WSWCA Executive Board.NANew rules passed about match limits, and a few other things.
3/21/2021 15:58:19SOFTBALLTOM HARMONtom.harmon@nv.k12.wa.us36022071423/21/2021 at 10:00 AMNo new info, planning for 2022No new info at this time. Planning for 2022WASoftball Representation on NFHS Diversity GroupHopefully 2022 Actually being out on the diamond again.
3/21/2021 11:31:58Cheerleading Shana Biggsshana.biggs@hotmail.com3/21/2021 at 10:00 AMPer WIAA no culminating event this year, However WSCCA will be running at Virtual Competitions Series for 5 weekends (May 8th-June 5th) Covid Policies & Updates, Competitive Season All-State Individual Competition held in March, Virtual Competitions to be held by WSCCA (May/June), Monthly Newsletters to WSCCA members, Scholarships Applications going live April 4th/Due April 30th, WSCCA Annual Conference/Awards/Election - this year held virtually on May 22nd. Website
3/21/2021 9:30:16BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253 381 87323/21/2021 at 10:00 AMHOF Weekend: 7/9-7/11None at this time: Fungo Banter and Kevin's Korner still activeNoneSummer 2.07/9-7/11, YakimaTrying to get moving again...
3/21/2021 9:01:23Track and FieldKevin Eagerwstfcaprez@gmail.com253.241.40653/21/2021 at 10:00 AMWe are presently on hold this season as COVID cancelled our convention.Our January convention, where we hold two days of clinics, was cancelled due to COVID concerns.I wish. Our largest long-term project is finding a new home for the small-schools state meet, as Eastern Washington University has initiated removing their track and is no longer an option. NoAfter missing an entire season last year, we are troubled by the collective choice of athletic administrators to further limit track and field (and other spring sports) rather than letting us have a full season. We are now paying the COVID price twice, and our student athlete have noticed that they are not valued as much as other sports. This, unfortunately, matches with the message given by club coaches who sell their wares by denigrating our high school programs.
3/21/2021 7:30:59FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org36073108373/21/2021 at 10:00 AMWe are currently working on ideas about how to continue this without a clinic this year.Our clinic has been postponed for this year. We will begin working on next year's clinic, in the summer.WAN/AOur game has been canceled this year. We plan to continue this game next summer.We did face some "unique" happenings this season. I'm sure all sports will face some unique things.
3/21/2021 7:20:49cross countryJoe Clarkjclark553@gmail.com25322783873/21/2021 at 10:00 AMno updateno updatethe WSCCCA is putting on a virtual state meet. It has recieved the blessing of the WIAA> All member schools may choose to run a team 5k on the track with the varsity members (or individual) of their team (or individuals.) There is a 4 week window to participate. over 140 schools have registered.virtual state meet, change in how allocations are set by using verifiable participation numbers to ensure allocations represent actual participation. We have worked with the WIAA on cross country guidelines and were successful in being able to have athletes be able to remove their mask when racing.postponed this yearsee the document on the wsca sent to the entire board and all ISA's.
3/21/2021 7:18:51GolfAndrew Hersheyandrew.hershey@shorelineschools.org206-658-58253/21/2021 at 10:00 AMWe are waiting to nominate new HOF members until we formally induct John Matzen of Oak Harbor, Due to Covid restrictions we put his induction on hold until we could make it special and surround him with family and friends.We will be holding our Summer High School Coaches Clinic this June, most likely at Gamble Sands in Brewster, WA. This was in place before it was shit down last June.N/A as we have not had a state championship for a second year in a row.Currently there is nothing in the works, however we were involed in looking at the sport specific Covid protocols N/AWe held a virtual 9 hole tournament with 68 student athletes from 18 different schools participating.
3/20/2021 21:25:46volleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us36077059043/21/2021 at 10:00 AMNo inductions this year.No Clinic this year.No championship this year.Nothing at this pointNot happening this year.Just thrilled to be able to have some sort of season this year.
3/20/2021 8:21:19Girls BasketballDan at 10:00 AMWe have postponed all Hall of Fame activities due to the pandemic. We want to do it in person. We will announce inductees for March 2022 in the Fall. 2021 Winning With Women Coaches Conference September 2021Summer State-Unsanctioned tournaments June 21-25; Jeff Droog of Mount Vernon Christian is leadDEI work; T.I.E.D. Team established. Planning a summit with the Storm and other community speakers for coaches and student-athletes. Coaches vs. Racism.; InsideOut InitiativeStill deciding if we are going to do one this year. May run into conflict with student-athletes leaving for summer school.We are working on reaching out to administrators and government officials to push for basketball season. We are seeking to recruit more officials.
3/19/2021 20:26:42gymnasticsRyan Fleisherissygymnastics@yahoo.com425-443-18993/21/2021 at 10:00 AMnone this yearnone this yearnone this yearnext years clinic, next year state meet, COVID rules and protocolsnoneThis year gymnastics will be happening through out Washington from Feb 22nd to June 26th in varying lengths of seasons. We chose to have no rule changes this year as we weren't sure we would have a season.
3/19/2021 15:31:16WrestlingBrett - blucas93@gmail.com20679526653/21/2021 at 10:00 AMDue to COVID we did not have a HOF ceremony nor did we have inductee's this yearWe had a virtual clinic in the Fall of 2020 and hope to have an in person one this fallNAWe are working on Team state Championship and a different way to compute hydration, and state stats.NAOur Virtual fall clinic and we just had a virtual one hour virtual talk with an olympian and World Champion J'den Cox on Wednesday Night to all WSCA Members and anyone that attended our clinic :) We also decided to stay neutral in the politics of our sport during covid.
3/19/2021 14:19:29Boys BasketballNalin Soodwibca2010@gmail.com20641930623/21/2021 at 10:00 AMPosted onlinePosted onlineN/A this yearReturn to playTBD for 2021. In future also plan to include Unified SportsBaden picked as the new Ball.Planning for a early June full membership meeting (towards the end of the season). In place of that we have recently done a WIBCA webinar with information for coaches in our state. Posted on WIBCA website. Link is:
3/17/2021 15:00:15TennisBrooks F. Hazenhazenbf@puyallup.k12.wa.us125398890373/21/2021N/AN/AWANone None Not everyone playing at the same time. Some schools played season 1 others will play 2 & 3
12/13/2020 11:56:24VolleyballSuzanne Marblesmarble@lc.k12.wa.us360770590412/12/2020TBDTBDWashingtonReturn to sportsNot in 2020Hoping to get back out there!!
12/13/2020 10:59:50SoccerJens Jensenjjensen@royalsd.org509-760-257212/13/2020WorkingAugust - virtual if necessary.COVIDRule Changes for Regional Competitions, Field Standards for State Matches, Expanded State TournamentCOVIDOur Elite Players are Still Playing Out of State via the Club System
12/13/2020 10:26:05TennisBrooks Hazenbfhazen@hotmail.com1253988903712/13/2020N/AN/AWAReally haven't done much. Indoor facilities limited or closed. USTA tournaments limited because of Covid. Western Washington suffering more so than Eastern Washington due to weather for schedules.
12/13/2020 9:20:22Track and FieldKevin Eagerwstfcaprez@gmail.com253241406512/21/2020TBD - in a holding pattern.TBD - in a holding patternCancelled1. What a potential season would look like this year/safe return to competition.
2. WIAA financial desires regarding our district and state results websites.
3. Do we have 3 sites and a 2 day state meet or 2 sites and a 3 day state meet?
None.In a holding pattern.
12/13/2020 8:41:25Cross CountryJoe Clarkjclark553@gmail.com253844734312/14/2020Dan Parker (Glacier Peak, Snohomish), John Hill (Bellevue), and Dennis McGuire (Central Valley) will be this year's inductees.The joint WSTCFA, WSCCCA clinic has been suspended for this year due to Covid.WAHandbook change to more accurately count participants and determine allocations.Cancelled in 2020, undetermined for 2021See the complete report at
12/13/2020 7:29:16BaseballBrian Jacksonbjackson@bethelsd.org253.381.873212/13/0020Hall of Fame Weekend - July 9-11, 2021
7/9 - Golf and Social
7/10 - Hall of Fame Banquet
7/10-7/11 - All-State Series
None at this time.None a this timeClock Hours - Annual NWBCA Clinic
Limiting Ejections
Potential Clinics
Expansion of Games
All-State Series, Yakima - July 10-11, 2021Expanding Association
League Reps
District Reps
Association Handbook
Expansion of Partnerships
All-State/Hall of Fame Weekend
Potential Scholarships
NWBCA Clinic
WSBCA Clinics
Zoom Interviews
PNW Fungo Banter
12/12/2020 18:47:58Cross countryJoe clarkjclark553@gmail.com253844734312/13/2020In reportI. ReportWashingtonIn reportNot applicable at this timeSee report here
12/12/2020 9:56:35FootballMark Keelmarkk@ckschools.org360662243412/13/2020N/AWe are working on putting together a "Virtual" Clinic. Currently, we are in conversation with a couple companies that are offering these clinics. Obviously, we have never done a clinic like this so, it's quite the task.We are hopeful that we can work something out, that makes senseWe are hopeful to have a season. We have been in conversation with CWU. We are hopeful that we can have a game this year.2020!
12/11/2020 12:57:43Girls BasketballDan not have ceremony or inductees this year2020 Winning With Women Basketball Coaches Clinic-September 25-27; Planning to host smaller one in Spring; Also hosting professional development sessions for coaches.4A Central Valley; 3A Garfield; 2A Lynden; 1A Lynden Christian; 2B Liberty (Spangle); 1B IncheliumDiversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee; Season Protocols; Inside Out InitiativeThe Washington State Girls Basketball Coaches Association Senior All State Teams B Ce'J Gagnon, Neah Bay Josie Droog, Mount Vernon Christian LaChelle Boyd, Wellpinit Lizzy Perry, Oakesdale Maddie Stuart, Puget Sound Adventist Madi Candoza, Sunnyside Christian Madison Dixon, Pomeroy Mia Pakootas, Inchelium Rylee Desautell, Inchelium Sydney Watko, Pomeroy 2B Aleena Cook, Liberty Andee Nelson, Mossyrock Faith Mulligan, Mossyrock Hailey Bass, White Swan Jadyn Johnson, Columbia Burbank Justine Benson, La Conner Kal Schaplow, Toledo Lydia Berquist, St. George's Maisie Burnam, Liberty (Spangle) Morgan Herrera, La Conner Natalie Smith, Northwest Christian Payton Aselton, Adna 1A Eliza Friend, Overlake Grace Erdmann, Cashmere Grace Hammond, Cashmere Hailey Van Lith, Cashmere Havelah Fairbanks, Deer Park Irena Korolenko, Cedar Park Christian Jalyn Sackrider, Elma Natalie Newman, La Salle Riley Dykstra, Lynden Christian Zoe Hutchings, Montesano 2A Annika Warring, W.F. West Brie Holecek, East Valley Spokane Bryn Hagemeir, Ellensburg Jordan Ryan, Columbia River Katy Cook, Franklin Pierce Keylie Hershey, Lynden Maggie Vadala, W.F. West Megan River, Black Hills Miakei' Lea Flores, Black Hills Paige Winter, Rochester Ruby VanderHaak, Lynden 3A Alli Corral, Prairie Dalayah Daniels, Garfield Emma Main, Mt. Spokane Hailey Hiatt, Arlington Jayda Noble, Mt. Spokane Maddie Plevyak, Yelm Madeline Granbois, Marysville Getchell Megan Fiso, Garfield Meilani McBee, Kennewick Nakia Boston, Lynnwood Olivia Wikstrom, Bainbridge Raigan Barrett, Rogers Tiarra Brown, Bethel 4A Aaliyah Alexander, Todd Beamer Dayla Ballena, Kentridge Ellie Boni, University Jacksen McCliment-Call, University Keeli Burton-Oliver, Eastlake Olivia Mayer, Gonzaga Prep Peyton Howard, Central Valley Raigan Reed, Lake Stevens Sela Heide, Mt. Si Tiarra Hollimon, Glacier Peak Tyler McCliment-Call, University 1B Coach of the Year: Ted Torzewski, Inchelium 2B Coach of the Year: Chris Colvin Liberty (Spangle) 1A Coach of the Year: Aaron McLean, Freeman 2A Coach of the Year: Rick Jones, West Valley (Spokane) 3A Coach of the Year: Jeff Wilson, Lake Washington 4A Coach of the Year: Felice Orrell, Central Valley WSGBCA Coach of the Year: Rob Adams, Lynden WSGBCA Ms. Basketball: Hailey Van Lith, Cashmere 1B Player of the Year: Mia Pakootas, Inchelium 2B Player of the Year: Maisie Burnam, Liberty (Spangle) 1A Player of the Year: Riley Dykstra, Lynden Christian 2A Player of the Year: Keylie Hershey, Lynden 3A Player of the Year: Dalayah Daniels, Garfield 4A Player of the Year: Keeli Burton-Oliver, Eastlake WIAA/WOA Rule Implementation: Closely guarded, 10 second back court; Boys shot clock

Girls Basketball WSGBCA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee-Dan Taylor, Emily McKenzie-Holy Names; Chris Koeblin-Klahowya; Arlisa Hinton-Ft. Vancouver; Gabby Wade-River Ridge; Michael Schick-Peninsula; Corey Gibb-Jackson; Doug Ashmore-Centralia; Jackie Thomas-Curtis, Glen Flanagan-Woodland

Culturally Engaging Coaching and other professional development

WBCA involvement
12/11/2020 10:54:44GOlfAndrew Hersheyandrew.hershey@shorelineschools.org206-658-582512/13/2020Our Hall of Fame nominee, John Matsen from Oak Harbor, 2020 was not formally inducted due to Covid restrictions, but we are in touch and will have a Golf outing/ceremony soon. We are currently looking for a 2021 nomineeOur clinic was scheduled for Gamble Sands last summer, and was postponed, but they were great to work with and will welcome us in the summer of 2021 if possible.Obviously no Tournament in 2020.We were very please that Andy Barnes invited us to talk about modifications to the State tournament, Covid Sport guidelines, and forward emails to us for distribution. Much more partnership that previous years.N/AN/A