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Unfortunately, they do not have any estimate time on thisUsually it's done in xx hours but I'll try to make sure that your case is handled with proirity.I can ensure you that they will work on this as soon as possible and they provide an answer in no time They will resolve this situation as fast as possible We are working hard to have this implemented as soon as possible, but we do not have any ETA right nowIf an estimate on this will become available I can assure you that you'll be notified.Once they check your request, they will contact you via EmailWe will contact you as soon as we have an answer on your inquiry, thank you very much for your patienceWe will contact you when the procedure is done. For now all we can do is wait for the
resolution of your inquiry.
Your case has been forwarded to the ** Department please expect an answer from us within the next (time frame)Usually it takes around XX hours to process this type or requests. I will personally make sure that your request is handled with priorityOur colleagues are working on this/it as we speak. I can assure you that we're putting all efforts to make X/Y happen in the shortest time possibleThe inquiry is being handled as we speak by our team. (In case it is possible) I will come back to you with an update regarding this matter as soon as the inquiry has been addressed.During this season, we are having some delays but we are working to solve this matter with all our commitment
Unfortunately we dont have the option to filter models by countriesYou can try using the Keywords box to fileter models by country and I will forward you suggestion to our tech department. Thank you for helping us improve our platform.This feature does not exist at the moment but we thank you for pointing this out and we will consider it in the upcoming changesFilter feature offers you other interesting possibilitesYou can filter models by tags, however, filtering by country is not available due to privacy reasonsAlthough the models can't be searched by the country I sugest using the tag section which might proove helpfulYou can find model using keywords, lenguages, age, or price. Hint "country" is a keywordWe are working on this, thanks for the suggestion, its very useful to provide a better service, but you can filter models this way (send pic of the filter tab in the site)For the moment you can filter models by age, price per minute, online status, language,
gender and also some keywords for example, latina, couples, domination, etc. I will let
my team know about your request so they can take this feedback into consideration for future
platform and filter changes :) We appreciate your feedback.
This is a really valuable filter, our tech department is currently working on it in the meantime I can offer you the language option.....You can filter models by using the options available on the Filter panel of Profile pages. Additionally, you can use keywords bar to search for something in particularThe filters you can use to get in touch with your favorite models are:...Let's see, what kind of models are u into, maybe I can give you a little bit of help.You can filter the models by country only if they have set the nationality as a tag. You can open the Filter section and at Keywords you can type: british, american for example and you will find all the models that have the nationalit tag set At this moment we are working with our Tech Team to provide this feature, you can try at the moment using keywords as USA,DUTCH, etc
We can not contact her, you will need to reportYou can fill in a report and our Quality team will get in touch with the model to sort this out. Please make sure you do this within 72 hours of the incident.Givin the nature of your case we recomand to report her as we are unable to get in contact with her. If you fill a report, the situation will be investigated and a fairly solution will be foundI'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. You will need to open a report from her public profile pageUnfortunately, the model did not reply to us but reporting is always an option. Name, Do you know how to report a model?We appreciate your feedback, You must to do a reportYou have to report her so we can track all the issues and provide a better serviceI will send an email to the model telling her that you wish to contact her. I would recommend
you to keep an eye on your Skype app waiting for the models reply. Just to let you know that
if you dont receive any response from the model you will need to report her.
Since the Quality Department in in charged of helping our customer in this cases we will need to you please create a report directly from the platform
in order to speed up the process
The best thing i can do for you is to email the model and inform her that you were interested in having a show. However, if she does not reply to you, please file a report following these steps:
Should i go ahead and email her?
We regret to hear you had this experience with our model. In order to solve this situation in the most efficient timely manner for you, please use the report option by following the next steps.... I want to assure your case will be handled with high priority and that we will take all measures to provide you with an excellent serviceWe will try to reach her, but, if she doesn't reply (which is possible), I also recommend you to report her in order to have a response from her side as well. This will be a signal for her and she will respond to a report made by a member! The best way to improve the quality of our models is by having a track of the inconveniences with our members, this is why I invite you to report her using our system.
We do not cover chargebacks for prepaysChargebacks can only be processed for pay per minute callsI know it's unconfortable but at the moment we do not cover chargebacks for prepays but we working on making changes to cover this area in the upcoming time and you will be notified.The chargebacks for prepays will be covered by the user. Unfortunatelly because a chargeback was made, prepayments will have to be returned to the member's bankAlthough we are not covering chargeback you can avoid any unpleasant situation by taking a couple of minutes from your time and read our Chargeback policy.linkPlease note that you must have an agreement with the model before you made the PrepayWe can only cover chargebacks of payperminute callsSkyprivate only cover chargebacks for payperminute calls. For next time I would like to
invite you to only take prepay calls from trusted users, and also I recommend models and also
members to try to use payper minute calls; that way can avoid this type of issues :)
Name, of course we cover charged back but keep in mind that only when you use the pay per minute tool so I encourage you to use more our plugin
instead of receiving payment in advance.
According to our policy we cover only pay per minute shows from chargebacks. Please see more information regarding our chargeback policy here:
If you wish you can disable direct payments option and member will be able to pay you only in pay per minute calls, which cannot be charged back. Would you like me to show you how to disable direct payments?
In order to avoid chargeback please use our main functionality, pay per minute. In this way, your are 100% safe. And even if chargeback occur, is it totally covered from our endIn order to better protect yourself against chargebacks, consider using more (always if possible) the PayPerMinute option as his will protect you from any chargeback that might occur. Based on our policy, we only cover chargebacks for pay per minute calls. I invite you to start to receive more pay per minutes calls than pre payments.
That does not help me i'm affraidThank you, can you also tell me? or In addition to that can you, please tell/show me....Provide me diffrent information to get you on the right feet in no time I need more information to properly guide you.Can you please rephrase your question?Can you provide me please with more details so I can better assist?Do not worry about it, I'm here and I will help you with your problemPlease rephrase me your inquire so we can find a solutionIm so sorry about this missunderstanding, would you provide me a full detailed explanation
about the issue you're having right now so I can better assist you?
Name, what if?/Let´s try this/I have an ideaThank you for the information provided, could you please also tell me...? This information is useful but what would help me/us more is...! could you please provide me with....? If you need any asistance on how to reach this information, let me know!In order to better understand, could you give me more information?
This is my example: more information related to the ....,
Could you please rephrase your inquiry in order to help you in a better way.
But I won't be able to change his information, if he does not contact usFor me to change his information he needs to contact us. I need him to contact us so I can change his informationBest work around for this is for him to contact us directly in order to have his information changed To change his information, user will have to contact usIn this case, the user needs to contact us directly, for us to change his informationWe will be able to change the details as soon as x contact us.Please Let him know, that he must to contact us to solve his issueFor security reasons only we can change the account informationI will kidly ask you to please tell the user to contact support in order to better assist him.I´ve checked your account and everything is properly set, what I need from you is to tell the user to contact me via live
so I can help him with the set up of his account.
For security reasons only the owner of the account can request such a change contacting us on chat or by emailing support@skyprivate.com And we will gladly assist. The information can be changed if....In order to be able to change such a sensitive information, I will also require the assistance of X in order to proceed with the inquiry stated.The accounts of our users are private, we only change the information if is required by the owner of the account.
You cannot call the model for freeYou can chat with the model for free, maybe she'll offer you a deal.As much as we would love that for you to happen, you can not call them for free but on the bright side, you will not get dissapointed for the experience you will get.To call a model, you need to add funds in your account and contact her to arrange the show you wantBefore you can call the model, you will need to add funds to your accountWe are offering a premium service and adding funds it's easier than ever.You must add funds to call a modelYou have to add funds to call the model If you want to call a model you will need to sign up as member in Skyprivate, is really easy!
All you need to do is access to the following link:

Welcome to Skyprivate! You can find multiple models from around the world
ready to give you private shows and to have fun 😈 ,
also you can register in here, and is totally free 😀

Models are ready and waiting for you, once you create your account and add funds you will be able to call themIn order to call a model you will need to add some funds in your account All calls are paid call, starting first minuteSkyPrivate is a premium cam site, meaning that our models expect to be paid for the services offered. You can create a free account and, by adding funds, you will become a Premium member, meaning you can enjoy PayPerMinute sessions with our beautiful models. Give it a try, you won't feel sorry ;)All our models deserve to get paid for the service they deliver
We cannot process the card refund The refund can only be processed if you still have the exact amount in your account.We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we wish we could have this done in no time but we can not refund the money back on to your card To process your card refund the entire amount must be availabe in your accountThe transaction you are referring to does not qualify for a refundWe can make a refund if/only .The card refund will be made under this conditions...We can only process the same amount you added last time, I highly recommend you to use the funds you have nowI would like to let you know that we can return only exact transaction that took place,
no older than 2 months. In this case you can add funds in order to match the amount you
last added so you can get the card refund.
Due to our payment processor policy these are the available option in your case:Card refund can be processed only for the amount of fully purchased packages for the past 2 months A card refund can be processed in the following context...At this moment, you are not eligible for a card refund because we can only refund full transactions that took place on your account no older than 2 months.
- basic explanation -
Our refund policy is to reverse the same amount you added. I do recommend you to spend the funds you still have in your account.
We cannot refund you the money for that callThe call can be refunded under "xx" conditions but these were not met.I’m very sorry for your experience but we can not process your request at this time, however, a final decision has been took after lots of considerations. The funds for the call will remain with the userThe call you are referring to was charged correctly and cannot be refundedI understand your point of view but in this particular case the refund cannot be processed.We will refund you, if you fulfill this conditions...We only can refund calls when the plugin recognizes the user, please take this into account ( send the image of the plugin when recognizes a member ) so this wont happen againI want to let you know that we have identified some errors in your plugin at the moment
of taking the call, for next time make sure to be online at the time of the call and also
make sure the user you will take the call from, is a valid skyprivate member.
We understand how you feel about this, of course we can refund you but just after the Quality Department take a second look at your case, please..(report can)Payment correction can be done only if the plugin recognized the caller and it was reflected in the system. Please make sure you take calls only from the users identified by the pluginA call refund would have been possible if...As I have investigated this inquiry, I am sorry to inform you, but we can not proceed with the refund because of X reasons.Checking the logs, I can see the system did not recognized the call, this is the reason why it did not get paid. Can I explain you how you can recognize a call that is being charged?
You are doing it wrong Let me show you how that's done + screenshotLet's try something diffrent that will solve it quick Let me assist you in this process to make sure we are doing it rightCan you please try doing this a different way?I can help you.Lets follow the easy steps to solve the issueDont worry about it, lets follow these steps againI would like to ask you to please follow the steps I provided, it will probably work
better if you try them :D
Name, good try let see if (second option) worksLet me guide you how to do thatThe right way of doing X would be/is...; do you need any assistance on this?You can better proceed to solve the inquriy by doing X, YThe best way to do it is by...