as of Feb 16 2016
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(competitor of Birchbox)
DataFox20136.8M5M in Jul 1523datafox - empl 19/ total funding 6.8
mattermark - empl 26 / TF 6
CBI - TF 6.77M
PB - 25 / 0.9M
$5800/ year - 1 user; $1k/p 2-5 users

contact info limit 4-500/month
free 20-day670,000+NoNot reallyYespaid-sources (web traffic etc.)
crunchbase, angellist, linkedin
NL processing 10k/day articles; key mentions
can follow pre-built list by analysts or other people; accelerator batchesvery basic (basically just portfolio company names)similar companies to "list"; score= financial score (revenue, investor, schools) social scores (twitter, angellist), benchmark (large company at early age)
CRM-like capability
"We will build the conference list for you and notify you when it's ready"

EDIT Feb 2019
- After using it for 3 years, its "conference" function is unique and useful for our business. You can make any list of companies and see what other conferences those companies have been to. Individual company info needs more cleaning up though.
machine learning based "keyword" from meta data
salesforce integration
keyword suggestions (e.g. wealth management > financial advisors, ifnancial plan, financial planners, financial advisor, financial adviser)
keyword can only be combined by OR or AND
- keyword: investment management
- total funding > 50M
- latest raise after 8/1/14
> 15 companies with Wealthfront/Betterment on top

similar companies
- Wealthfront 10 w/Betterment at top
- Betterment 10 w/Wealthfront at top

employee #: total funding = 82 129.5M / 83 105M
augmented reality + 50M + 8/1/14
> Oculus, Magic Leap, Orbotix

218 / 592M

similar co: MS, ODG, OnTheGo Platforms, Goog, APX Labs, Oculus, Apple, FOVE, Vuzix, Recon Instruments
"natural language processing" + raised >2M after 1/1/15 >
Digital Resoning, Maluuba, Brainspace Corp, Voicebase, DigitalGdnius, AdmantX

speaktoit; total funding 5.6M no mention of 2015 funding

similar companies: Maluuba, Vlingo, Siri, Google, MS, Thalmic Labs, FB, ToyTalk, VivLabs, Gognea
50 / 20.1M Aug 14 15M

similar companies: Blossom Coffee, Ica Kitchen, Intel, Samsung, Freescale, ParStream, PrismTech, Oracle, IBM, Rackspace
175 / 5.56M

similar co: iControl, AlertMe, GreenWave, Cisco, Digi Intl, EnergyHub, Intel, TED, OpenPeak, EcoFactor
101 / 131.19M

similar: EnergyHub, AlertMe, iControl, Opower, Energate, Calico Energy, Silver Spring, Cisco, GE, Honeywell Safety Products
376 / 71.9M

similar" JustFab, BeachMint, Sole Society, Trunk Club, Stitch Fix, NatureBox, Bonobos, Frank & Oak, Citrus Lane
- / 103.24M

similar: Birchbox, Dollar Shave, Walker & Company Brands, GlossyBox, FabFitFun, Beaty Box 5, Vegan Cuts, Wantable, Blush Box
"suggest a similar company" for users to report; crowd-source

Mattermark201310M6.5M in Dec 1444datafox - empl 33 / TF 9.9
mattermark - 44 / TF 10
CBI - 8.8M
PB - 46 / TF 11.4
(12/26/14 raised 10.5 at 14.5 pre)
$6000/y; 1 accountfree1.4M companiesNoNoYesmachine learinng 15,000 news/day
10+ data sources (crunchbase, angellist, company names)
regulartory filings
then check by people (call/email)
employee count comes from social data
accelerator batchesbasic (breakup by industry, B2C or B2B, stage, location)mindshare + emloyee/funding counthard to find companies; no suggested similar clusters"investment management" + $50M + 8/1/14= Wealthfront only

> but Wealthfront page has "similar companies, strong or moderate. strong has 11 companies including Betterment
Wealthfront/Betterment keywords: B2B B2C Analytics Banking Finance Mobile

140 130M / 142 73M
3D + 50M + 8/1/14
> 14 companies incl Magic Leap
2 result if "virtual reality" (Jaunt, CCP Games)

441 / 592M
42 / $3M57 / $5M

similar (strong): Haier, Zigbee, SmartThings
36 / $1M

similar (strong): Ibis Networks, Open Power Quality, Terviva, Tycon Systems, Ambient Corporation
127 / 131M

similar (moderate) no strong similar available:, Revolv, Enel Green Power,,, Aramco Overseas Company and 14 more
392 / 72M

strong similar: JolieBox, MyBeautyCompare, Enchantess Onine Private Ltd, Beatylish,, Quarterly
138 / 103M

strong: memebox, Blue Bell Fragrances, Purity Cosmetics, BeautyWhim + 16 more
CB Insights200811.2M10M in Nov 1570-75

2/3 engineering / data scientist

1/3 marketing + sales
datafox - 31 / 11.15M
mattermark - 68 / 10M
CBI - ?/11.2M
PB - 61 / profitable (11/9/15 raised 10 at 40 pre)
>$20k; valuation only for >30k sub; free + great newsletter/online seminarsfree180k 30-40%NosomeNo, but have job listing numbers (w/ breakdown on top 5 types e.g. Job Competencies: IT/SW, Engineering, Other, PM, Creative. Job Levels: entry, experience, middle management, senior management, exec)
machine learning; disclosed valuation (media / filing); no calculated numbers

market wire / SEC filing

PB=4300 tecch financing (2014) / 120000 (2014)

"similar companies" = ML-based signal + human judgment by analytics team

- ML = 75%
- propriety source e.g. SVB, NYT, KPMG, co-published reports, gets data from them; VC/PE/hedge funds see CBI as marketing & submit data about their portfolio
fun visualization; intuitive interface

private list analytics; fast
crawler, concise "similar companies"

investment by quarter / quarterly, indivisual deals

by stage, deal size, by geographic, top investors

life span
All parameters are combined by "or"
- key word: "personal investment"
- total funding >$50M
- latest raise since 8/1/14
> 35 results

129.5M / 105M
description: "Magic Leap is a developer of novel human computing interfaces and software."
has to have words from there...
Oculus page has 9 similar companies including Magic Leap; Magic Leap has Oculus as similar co. But hard to have them both shown as search results

"virtual reality" or "augmented reality" 50M>
LensAR, Jaunt, Oculus VR, NantMobile

valuation = 2B

? / 592M
- 5.6M

similar: Siri, Maluuba

"natural language" + raisd >2M after 1/1/15 >

NetBase Solutions, Health Fidelity, Semantic Machines, ADmantX, Maluuba, NodePrime,, WriteLab
- 19.4M

similar: none
- 10.4M

similar: Jasper Technologies, Zensys, Arrayent, ioBridge
- 158.1M

similar: Sensus Metering Systems, SilverSpring Networks, GridPoint, Trilliant, SmartSynch, Control4, eMeter, AlertMe, Optimal Technologies, 4Home, Nemometrics
- 71.9M

similar: ipsy, GlossyBox, Julep Beauty, Joyus, Frank & Oak, bellabox, FabFitFun, Wantable, GlamBox Middle East, Zady, Everlane, JolieBox, Svpply
- 103.4M

similar: GlossyBox, Birchbox, JolieBox
annoying to see 'hey you are out of ...views" when menus clicked and that's available only for higher tier subscription
PrivCo2009nono30 + dozen outsourceddatafox - 35
mattermatk/CBI - ?/?
PB - acquired Sandbox Resource Solutions on 8/29/14, sold to VIBE 1 on 8/7/15 for 8.5M
$14500/ 1 user

$21k/y - 3 users;
1 user - knock the price a bit
$2388/y for 25 deal/profile views/m
call to setup864k750k companies with revenue datayesyesregulartory filing; news; industry resources
+ revenue >$10M after acouple round / historical
valuation/M&A/headcount = same
competitors are handselected Wealthfront
5 other companies: Betterment, FutureAdvisor, Motif, SifGIf, Vanguard
2.7M revenue 2014
2015 asset under management >2B

120 $2.7M valuation $450M 195.7X

similar co's: betterment, wealthfront, motif, alphaclone, aspiration fund, amottif, scripbox, Vuru,
MS Oculus
400/200 in the US
pre revenue
592M 2B

gaming entertainment software> interlude, technical illusions, rockyou anki, magic leap
Maluuva, Vlingo, Siri
8.788M rev / EBITDA 4.66M 2014
35 employees
4.134M EBITDA 862k

Maluuba (2M raised

moible application
65 no financials 5.1MNA / 8.55M
no rev

competitor: Jasper
rev 2013 9.15M 2014 13.725M
emp 2013 - 75 / 12 110 / 11 195
ipsy listed as part of 8 (other are mostly large
revennue 14 95M > 15 139M>
rev (15 150M /14 84M) /val/inve

competitor: Birchbox
Pitchbook20074.25M3.8M in Sep 09 by Morning Star 444datafox - ?/?
mattermark - 237 / 4M
CBI - 7.6M
pitchbook - 444 / 4.25M (9/18/09 raised 4.25M at revenue 600k, 7.08x)
revenue: 10 - 0.6M 12 - 6.9M 13 - 10.59M 14 - 18.2M, 15 - 31M
$10,000~/1 user (edit: $26k up to 2 users - Feb 2019)3-day period after call694867 companies, 33401 funds, 488702 investments, 149412 investors (angels, incubators, vc firms, pe firms, strategic acquirers); 21800 LPs

'17 Jan
36k funds
1.4M people
33k service providers
private companies with >0.1M revenue = 12383 at deal time
12137 last TTM or fiscal year

'17 Jan
20% have revenue data
Very impressive (see Pitchbook.pdf)yesLPshas very detailed valuation/investment condition information: "# of Shares
Authorized; Par Value; Dividend Rate ($); Original Issue Price; Liquidation; Liquidation
Pref. Multiple; Conversion Price; % Owned"
contact info with email address
LP/dry powder/IRR / fund team / investments / former investmentFeb 2019 EDIT
- Competitor list got A LOT better and concise, key word searchablity way better too. ("digital therapeutics" returned Pear as #2 result) Company info looks clean and vetted. Overall very impressive!
does not work.....

'17 Jan
keywords/industry vertical/ segments
revenue # from crawling, ML then people call company/vc/lawyer/banker to verify
"portfolio management + 50M + 7/1/14 > 10 companies incl Betterment, Wealthfront
"personal finance" and investment, 50M, privately held (backing) > Wealthfront; Hangzhou Science and Technology (wtf?)
online investment platform, 50M, privately held (backing) 7/1/14-> Betterment +6 companies

Wealthfront public comp: 245 companies incl Betterment
- industry: financial services > other financial services > specialized finance; IT > SW > financial SW
- keywords: "investment opportunity" OR "personal finance" or "portfolio management"

public comp: 133 incl Wealthfront
- industry: IT > SW> financial software, vertical market software
- keywords: "investment account" or "online portfolio" or "online investment" or "online investment platform" or "portfolio management"

W 140 130.42M / B 90 105M
418 / 593.72M

"virtual reality" or "augmented reality" ; 50M>Oculus, Magic Leap, Blippar, CCP, Jaunt, LENSAR

private comp: 72
IT > Computer HW > Computers, Parts and Peripherals, SW > application SW, OS
chinamatic reality OR computer interface OR virtual reality

32 / 6.28M

"natural language" raised >2M after 1/1/15 >
Digital Reasoning, Gluru, Interactions, Jetlore, Mezi, Netbase Solutions, Semantic Mechines, Speaktoit

private comp: 153
- industry: IT > SW > application software, comm software
- keywords: comm technology OR human-computer OR interaction technology OR natural language conversation

8/12/15 3M raised at 22.16pre (Alpine Technology Fund, Intel Capital, Motorola Solutions VC, SAIC Capital
series A 4.33%, B 14.42%, C 11.92%
57 / 15.1M

"generating revenue"
1/16/15 series C $10M raised
no valuation

private comp: 33 companies:
- industry: B2C > Consumer Durables > Electronics (B2C), Household Appliances; IT > com & networking > connectivity products
- keywords: "application development strategy" or "bluetooth technology" or "wireless connectivity"
51 / 10.80M

9/30/15 raised 4.4M 13.31Mpre, 17.47 post
"generating revenue"

private comp: 168 companies
- industry: Energy > Energy Services> Other energy services; IT> SW > business/productivity SW, comm SW
- keywords: "cloud based energy" or "energy usage" or "mobile platform
114 / 201.15M

revenue: 2010 667M 2009 150M

private comp: 286 co
industry: Energy > Energy Equipment> Alternatie Energy Equip; iIT > communication & networking > wireless comm equip, other comm & networking, SW > Vertical Market software
- keywords: adanced metering OR energy efficiency OR energy management

2/2/15 raised 7.2M 87.8 pre, 95 post
employee history:
2015: 114
2014: 200
2012: 99
2010: 40
2008: 9
2007: 9
2006: 9
2005: 9
382 / 72M

private comp: 381 companies (no ipsy)
- industry: B2C > Retail > Internet Retail, speciality retail
- keyword: beauty product OR cosmetics OR skincare product
133 / 102.75M
post 800M
150M revenue in 2015

private comp's: 120 (but no Birchbox)
- industry B2C > Retail > distribution/wholesale (B2C), Internet Retail,
- keyword: beauty looks platform OR beauty product sharing OR community platform OR curated product OR curated subscription OR monthly delivery OR subscription commerce OR subscription delivery OR subscription service
comp not applicable to me, though good to see median deal size, valuation, EBITDA

Arrayent: series A, B = liquidation 0.5x (what!?) C=liquidation 1x 1/21/15 15M from Comerica Bank, DCM, Inteal, Opus, ORIX

Blu Homes /, 1/15/15 raised $35M pre 527M Post 562M
Owler201119.3M17.3M in Oct 1290freecrowd sorced / initially revenue share with individual researchers

Wikipedia "As of January 2013, Infoarmy said that its business model would not be sustainable for the long term while being able to adhere to the rigorous data quality standards"
revenue & employee count "voted"; many have votes less than <20, hard to say if it's correct; its listed competitors are from dun & bradstreet, insideview, hoovers
Quid201053M39M Mar1570
Crunchbase20077M7M Sep 1530