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2 20 pictures of masked wrestlers 'unmasked'8458144
3 Professional wrestlers who have killed people7099673
4 real-life WWE incidents that will surprise you5149126
5 Major WWE superstars who failed in real life4411987
6 controversial moments in pro wrestling that were, thankfully, cancelled3977906
10 real life WWE couples outside the realm of Total Divas3404573
8 WWE rules that make no sense at all3386100
15 rare pictures that define The Undertaker outside WWE3212487
10 substance abuse incidents in pro wrestling that would upset any fan3210697
11 most shocking suicides of WWE superstars3206501
12 things you didn't know about John Cena2987757
13 WWE superstars who came out of the closet2770725
14 WWE Superstars and their reasons for leaving2550981
How do wrestlers bleed? How real are the injuries? WWE's darkest secrets revealed
Top 10 rare pics of WWE superstars and their children2345755
17 must see mugshots of arrested WWE superstars2296994
18 WWE secrets caught on camera2251800
10 WWE superstars whose deaths were directly related to drug use2118404
20 Careers allegedly ruined by Triple H2026741
10 Great wrestling moves that WWE fans would love to see again1930217
22 greatest and best WWE Superstars of all time1861051
10 WWE stars who look younger than they actually are1789871
5 times wrestlers really got hurt by a finishing move1756833
25 backstage tough guys in the WWE1688857
26 annoying things that WWE fans are tired of hearing1615731
27 WWE stars with the most beautiful WAGs1573888
10 shocking backstage facts we learned through CM Punk1518086
29 must see makeover photos of WWE Superstars1463938
30 wrestlers who died before turning 401347795
5 WWE superstars who were penalised for weird reasons1347783
32 WWE records that will never be broken1328862
33 10 real life friends in the WWE1300920
10 Most Shocking Unscripted Moments in WWE History1300684
35 5 most evolved superstars in WWE1219481
8 dream Brock Lesnar matches we never got to see1193737
10 WWE superstars and their pre-WWE jobs you didn't know about1175492
10 interesting facts about The Undertaker you might not know1150001
39 most shocking WWE rumours ever1138811
40 Deaths that changed Pro Wrestling1099336
41 WWE family ties you probably didn't know about1094457
42 Things you didn't know about Roman Reigns1080383
43 WWE superstars and their luxurious homes1056996
10 non-PG facts about top WWE superstars that will surprise you1036023
45 WWE superstars who have battled addiction1007193
46 wrestlers legitimately hurt by Brock Lesnar958311
10 Things you probably did not know about Sheamus956339
48 Real Life WWE relationships That did not work out922537
49 possible but unlikely scenarios that are sure to shock the wrestling world917285
50 unfortunate script disasters in pro wrestling854655
12 Rare pictures that define Brock Lesnar outside of the WWE848723
Top 10 most impressive physiques in WWE history834898
53 Things you probably did not know about AJ Lee814251
10 Most important transformations in pro wrestling history807235
10 things you probably didn't know about The Shield780195
56 active WWE Superstars that were suspended772290
57 things you probably didn't know about Bray Wyatt769456
58 notorious WWE rumours and the conspiracy theories around them764119
59 Best Backstage pranks in WWE History727723
60 WWE Superstars and their favourite football Clubs721481
61 10 moves WWE banned for being too dangerous650635
62 Worst finishing moves in present-day WWE632377
10 wrestlers that should never have been in the WWE624704
64 wrestlers you didn't know were still active623846
7 superstars whose promising careers were shortened by fate620476
66 WWE Superstars Who Hated John Cena615299
67 scariest WWE superstars of all time603480
The 5 most controversial backstage moments in the WWE595105
69 controversial WWE segments that grabbed headlines588786
The 10 funniest backstage stories in WWE history581071
71 times WWE Superstars refused to work together577833
10 WWE superstar movie cameos you probably didn't know about562126
5 Facts about WWE referees that you probably did not know545480
Top 10 WWE moments that happened after Raw Went Off Air539687
75 Careers allegedly ruined by Shawn Michaels525405
76 talent releases by the WWE that didn't appeal to all the fans522727
5 most reckless and dangerous wrestlers in the WWE ring522071
78 WWE rules we conveniently forget513931
8 Superstars who suffered because of Vince McMahon's dislike507269
5 WWE stars who have won a championship in at least three major promotions
10 Former WWE Superstars and their Post-WWE Stories494554
82 WWE Superstars who served in the Military492949
83 8 longest serving superstars in the WWE490185
84 WWE superstars who are taller than you think468226
85 WWE Promising WWE debuts that fizzled out quick464011
86 WWE superstar debuts you probably didn't know about451663
87 real life heroes in professional wrestling451173
10 WWE decisions that didn't strike the right cord with the fans447237
89 10 Debuts in WWE history442954
90 WWE superstars who battled depression433138
91 Wrestlers who could join the Authority420465
92 WWE Superstars Who Hated CM Punk418625
93 things you probably didn't know about Sting417537
5 instances when the fans tried to attack the superstars409984
95 WWE superstars who made it big with their real name401695
96 WWE superstars who have had a lot of wives or girlfriends394232
97 Times WWE Were Right In Releasing Talent377494
98 Relevant legends that WWE should sign375617
99 released WWE superstars who the fans would love to have back374260
5 WWE Superstars who are known for being straight edge374022