SCOTUS Courage Tracker List - Where do your Senators stand? (updated 4/3 at 5:48 PM CST)
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COUNT AS OF 4/3 at 5:48 PM CST: Four Dems against filibuster: Manchin (WV), Heitkcamp (ND), Donnelly (IN), Bennet (CO). All but Bennet will vote yes on Gorsuch's nomination as well - Bennet remains unclear. 42 Dems in favor of filibuster (41 needed). Note: Sen. Peters has said he will "probably" vote against cloture; we are including him in this total. 2 unclear/no position yet on filibuster.
StatePositionPhoneFirst NameLast NameParty AffiliationWebsiteSupports Filibuster?Supports Nominee?Post-HearingPre-Hearing
CASenator(202) 224-3553KamalaHarrisDemocratichttps://www.harris.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERLIKELY AGAINST NOMINEE
I am troubled by the nomination of Judge Gorsuch and will fight to ensure the voice of the American people is heard in this process. POST HEARING NEWS:
CASenator(202) 224-3841DianneFeinsteinDemocratichttps://www.feinstein.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE“Evaluating Supreme Court nominees is among our most important responsibilities as senators and over the last few days we’ve seen the importance of an independent judiciary. I’ve repeatedly stated that the next justice must have respect for precedent, be within the mainstream and protect the fundamental rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Judge Gorsuch has a long record and it will take time to conduct a thorough review. I firmly believe the Supreme Court must be a fair arbiter of the law—not simply another political body that makes decisions based on ideology or partisanship. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have played politics with this seat by refusing to hold courtesy meetings, hearings or even debate on Chief Judge Garland, who had an impeccable 20-year record of service. I am deeply concerned that throughout his campaign the president promised to use litmus tests when choosing his nominee. Last October, when asked about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, then-candidate Trump said ‘That will happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am putting pro-life justices on the court.’ Then tonight, President Trump declared, ‘I am a man of my word.’ That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. Judge Gorsuch voted twice to deny contraceptive coverage to women, elevating a corporation’s religious beliefs over women’s health care. At a time when public trust in our institutions is at an all-time low and our country is bitterly divided, a thorough and fair review is vitally important.”
COSenator(202) 224-5852MichaelBennetDemocraticwww.bennet.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERUNCLEAR ON NOMINEE contrast to many of his Democratic colleagues, Senator Bennet issued a statement Tuesday night congratulating Judge Gorsuch on his nomination. “As a fellow Coloradan, Michael congratulates Judge Gorsuch and his family,” he said. The statement goes on to say that the senator “takes seriously the Senate’s responsibility to advise and consent on Supreme Court nominations” and that he “intends to review Judge Gorsuch’s record carefully in the coming weeks.” see also
CTSenator(202) 224-4041ChrisMurphyDemocratic FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“I want a Supreme Court Justice who will fairly interpret the law, uphold the Constitution, and keep politics out of the courtroom. I want a mainstream judge, not an ideological partisan. I’ll take a close look at Judge Gorsuch’s record and judicial philosophy, and ultimately make my decision based on whether he meets those straightforward expectations.”
CTSenator(202) 224-2823RichardBlumenthalDemocratichttps://www.blumenthal.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"I will vote against Judge Gorsuch for #SCOTUS and use every available tool to block his nomination." “Whether you call it a filibuster, a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court ought to be done by a 60 vote threshold, not by a razor thin majority vote," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
DESenator(202) 224-5042ChrisCoonsDemocratichttps://www.coons.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"He is an impressive judge. But I have real concerns about just how conservative he actually is."
DESenator(202) 224-2441TomCarperDemocraticwww.carper.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERLIKELY AGAINST NOMINEE
"I'm not prepared to consider the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. ... [M]y hope is that at some point later on this year we can consider both of them ... but to move forward on Judge Gorsuch, I would just kind of ignore what happened for the last year with Merrick Garland, I think would be wrong." Interview with Delaware Public Radio on 3/24/2017
"Carper said Wednesday that he agreed Gorsuch should be held to a 60-vote standard, but that it premature to say he'd show Gorsuch the same courtesy he afforded to Alito." "Given President Trump’s actions in defiance of our Constitution and our values during these early moments of his administration, I will also insist that Judge Gorsuch meet and exceed the highest bar before being approved by the United States Senate," said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. "My Democratic colleagues will insist on a fair, open and transparent process, and I implore my Republican colleagues to remember that minority rights must be preserved to prevent further politicization of the judiciary."
FLSenator(202) 224-5274BillNelsonDemocratichttps://www.billnelson.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
HISenator(202) 224-3934BrianSchatzDemocraticwww.schatz.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"Judge Gorsuch sides with corporations over people, so I will oppose him on cloture and final confirmation."
SCOTUS nominees should be held to the highest standards. I'm disappointed @POTUS has nominated someone outside of the legal mainstream. “Gorsuch put corps over workers, been hostile toward women’s rights & been an ideolog,” and that he’s “skeptical that he can be a strong, independent Justice.”
HISenator(202) 224-6361MazieHironoDemocraticwww.hirono.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE see also:
- "I have concluded that I will not be supporting Neil Gorsuch for this opening and so I very much support a 60-vote threshold." -- Interview with Wolf Blitzer on 3/27/2017
ILSenator(202) 224-2152RichardDurbinDemocratichttps://www.durbin.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
DEMANDING 60 VOTE THRESHOLD Durbin, referring to the GOP Senate blockade on Garland told Wallace, when he comes to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and how a Trump nominee will be treated, Durbin said, “We just want to be treated the way we treated Obama nominees. Does he think we have amnesia? That [McConnell] refused, for the first time in the history of the Senate, to meet with or have a hearing on vote on a Supreme Court nominee.” “We’re going to treat this nominee fairly, but we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for, and believe that they’re in the mainstream of thinking when it comes to American political thought.”
ILSenator(202) 224-2854TammyDuckworthDemocratichttps://www.duckworth.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
I take seriously my constitutional responsibility as a United States Senator to evaluate Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Over the coming weeks, I will thoroughly assess his rulings and writings on a range of issues, particularly on civil and disability rights. While I will reserve judgment on Judge Gorsuch’s nomination until his confirmation hearing in order to give my decision the diligence it deserves, I am troubled by his judicial record of undermining the Federal Government’s ability to protect labor and environmental rights, his hostility towards a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices, and by one of his previous rulings that refused to hold law enforcement accountable for excessive force that led to a young man’s death. I am also concerned by several of Judge Gorsuch’s rulings that would deny students with disabilities the right to a quality public education. It is vital that the Supreme Court serve as an independent, objective check on the President and Congress. Judge Gorsuch must prove he can fulfill that duty.
INSenator(202) 224-4814JoeDonnellyDemocratichttps://www.donnelly.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE""As I have said part of our job as Senators includes considering, debating and voting on judicial nominations, including to the Supreme Court. I will carefully review and consider the record and qualifications of Neil Gorsuch."" “Senator Donnelly is going to begin to review the nomination of Neil Gorsuch,” Sarah Rothschild, communications director for Donnelly, said Tuesday night.
MASenator(202) 224-2742EdMarkeyDemocraticwww.markey.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEEA spokeswoman for Markey confirmed that he will also vote "no" on cloture.“With President Donald Trump issuing executive orders nearly every day that tear at the very fabric of our democracy, this Supreme Court nomination will be one of the most consequential in our nation’s history. In this administration and into the future, the Supreme Court and its new justice will shape the law on issues that impact every American, from the environment, to reproductive rights, to gun violence prevention. President Trump repeatedly promised that he would use an ideological litmus test to select a nominee who would advance a far-right agenda from the bench. President Trump lived up to his word, and the nomination of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch confirms that President Trump wants a Supreme Court Justice who is outside the judicial mainstream. As an Appeals Court judge for more than a decade, Judge Gorsuch has authored or joined opinions that have demonstrated hostility to women’s reproductive rights, commonsense environmental regulations, and the rights of workers, consumers, and the disabled. I will not support the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. I am also deeply concerned that President Trump has expressed his desire for the Senate to change the rules governing the threshold vote for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice nominee. I will fight steps to invoke the nuclear option for Judge Gorsuch’s nomination or any efforts that would further erode the foundational pillars of our democratic process.”
MASenator(202) 224-4543ElizabethWarrenDemocratichttps://www.warren.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE source: President Trump had the chance to select a consensus nominee to the Supreme Court. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, he failed that test. Instead, he carried out his public promise to select a nominee from a list drawn up by far right activist groups that were financed by big business interests. Judge Neil Gorsuch has been on this list for four months. His public record, which I have reviewed in detail, paints a clear picture. Before even joining the bench, he advocated to make it easier for public companies to defraud investors. As a judge, he has twisted himself into a pretzel to make sure the rules favor giant companies over workers and individual Americans. He has sided with employers who deny wages, improperly fire workers, or retaliate against whistleblowers for misconduct. He has ruled against workers in all manner of discrimination cases. And he has demonstrated hostility toward women’s access to basic health care. For years, powerful interests have executed a full-scale assault on the integrity of our federal judiciary, trying to turn the Supreme Court into one more rigged game that works only for the rich and the powerful. They spent millions to keep this seat open, and Judge Gorsuch is their reward. Every day, our new President finds more ways to demonstrate his hostility for our independent judiciary, our civil society, and the rule of law. Now more than ever, America needs Supreme Court justices with a proven record of standing up for the rights of all Americans – civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and all other protections guaranteed by our laws. We don’t need another justice who spends his time looking out for those with money and influence. Based on the long and well-established record of Judge Gorsuch, I will oppose his nomination.
MDSenator(202) 224-4524BenCardinDemocratichttp://www.cardin.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEEI cannot support cloture for #JudgeGorsuch. Republicans are responsible for making this process untenable - and for the consequences.“For nearly a year, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans shamefully failed to respect that President Obama was the duly elected president and had the authority and responsibility to put forward a nom inee for the United States Supreme Court – and the Senate had the obligation to provide advice and consent for that nominee, Merrick Garland,” Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said in a statement. “This reckless course of action by the Republican leadership has inflicted lasting damage on the Supreme Court and the independence of the federal judiciary while diminishing the powers and duties of the Senate.” On being undecided on filibuster:
MDSenator(202) 224-4654ChrisVan HollenDemocraticwww.vanhollen.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE;
MESenator(202) 224-5344AngusKingIndependenthttps://www.king.senate.govUNDECIDED ON FILIBUSTERNO POSITION ON NOMINEE"He said his position on a filibuster is weeks away." “My approach to considering Judge Gorsuch’s nomination will be consistent with my approach to considering Merrick Garland’s nomination last year: I will listen to the views he expresses before the Senate Judiciary Committee and carefully evaluate his record to understand his judicial philosophy and temperament. At the end of this process, I will make an independent judgment based on whether or not I believe he will interpret the law in accordance with existing statutes and precedent, and most importantly, in accordance with the Constitution.”
MISenator(202) 224-6221GaryPetersDemocratichttps://www.peters.senate.govUNDECIDED ON FILIBUSTER ("Probably" supports)AGAINST NOMINEE
MISenator(202) 224-4822DebbieStabenowDemocratichttp://www.stabenow.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE"I have great concerns about this nominee," she added. "I'll listen, I'll meet with him. The cases I've seen that he has ruled on I'm very concerned about. But I think the biggest thing is that it needs to be a coming together and you do that with 60 votes."
MNSenator(202) 224-3244AmyKlobucharDemocraticwww.klobuchar.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE"I have concerns about his views and record on issues including those involving separation of powers, campaign finance and consumer protection," Klobuchar said, in a statement. "This nominee deserves serious scrutiny. And to be clear, there is a 60-vote threshold for this nominee to be confirmed, it's not 51 like the other nominees before us now."... Long before his election, President Trump promised to appoint a Supreme Court justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia, who held a deeply conservative view of the Constitution and the Court. In the coming weeks, I will be closely examining Neil Gorsuch’s background, but I have serious concerns about his judicial philosophy—especially on issues like access to justice, corporate accountability, workers’ rights, and women’s health. I was hopeful that the President would have selected someone like Merrick Garland, a consensus candidate lauded by the same Republicans who ultimately refused to hold a hearing on him for nearly a year.”
MNSenator(202) 224-5641AlFrankenDemocratichttps://www.franken.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE"Long before his election, President Trump promised to appoint a Supreme Court justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia, who held a deeply conservative view of the Constitution and the Court. In the coming weeks, I will be closely examining Neil Gorsuch's background, but I have serious concerns about his judicial philosophy-especially on issues like access to justice, corporate accountability, workers' rights, and women's health. I was hopeful that the President would have selected someone like Merrick Garland, a consensus candidate lauded by the same Republicans who ultimately refused to hold a hearing on him for nearly a year." President Trump's nomination is meant to fill an opening on the Supreme Court that has been left vacant-despite a rightful effort by former President Barack Obama to fill the seat in the face of unprecedented Senate obstructionism-since the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia in February of last year.
MOSenator(202) 224-6154ClaireMcCaskillDemocratichttp://www.mccaskill.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERLIKELY AGAINST NOMINEE
MTSenator(202) 224-2644JonTesterDemocratic On filibuster: says won't split vote (i.e. he will either filibuster or vote for nominee). "My cloture vote and vote for him will be the same." FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE close ally of Schumer’s, Tester said he does not agree with the dogmatic standard that Merkley and others are imposing to block any Trump nominee. Tester said he was willing to vote for the nominee if the person met his credentials. “Somebody that knows real America and somebody that knows the Constitution and somebody that knows the gravity of the position — like Merrick Garland,” he said.
NDSenator(202) 224-2043HeidiHeitkampDemocratichttp://www.heitkamp.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
Heitkamp is one of the few Democrats to say publicly that she’ll oppose the filibuster. Heitkamp told Politico that Gorsuch should “absolutely” get an up-or-down vote.
NHSenator(202) 224-2841JeanneShaheenDemocratichttps://www.shaheen.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
Undecided: Wants up or down vote, unclear on 60 votes "The independence of the Supreme Court is of utmost importance. Judge Gorsuch must demonstrate that he will rule independently of political influence or pressure, and defend the Constitution. I will thoroughly review Gorsuch's record and his testimony during the nomination process. However, I will not support any candidate who intends to turn back the clock on civil rights, including women's reproductive rights and LGBT equality."
NHSenator(202) 224-3324MaggieHassanDemocratichttps://www.hassan.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"The first week of the Trump administration underscored the need for a strong and independent judiciary that will serve as a check on the executive branch. I will thoroughly review Judge Gorsuch’s record throughout the hearing process so that I – and the American people – can determine whether he would protect the civil rights of all Americans and how he would evaluate the constitutionality of executive orders like President Trump's un-American immigration ban.”
NJSenator(202) 224-3224CoryBookerDemocratichttps://www.booker.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"I will not vote for Judge Gorsuch. I will oppose his nomination." "Based on what I have read of his past rulings and statements, I believe that Judge Gorsuch's interpretation of the Constitution falls far outside of the mainstream and I question whether he will put the interests of working families in New Jersey and throughout the country before those of big corporations, or adequately protect the rights of women, minorities, and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Any Supreme Court nominee must possess a judicial philosophy and track record that promotes the equal rights of all people and shows an understanding of how the Court's decisions impact the lives of everyday Americans -- I will hold Judge Gorsuch and all future nominees to this fundamental standard." "While Booker said he will hold Gorsuch and all future nominees to that standard, he has not vowed to prevent the appointment from moving forward."
NJSenator(202) 224-4744RobertMenendezDemocratichttps://www.menendez.senate.govUNDECIDED ON FILIBUSTERNO POSITION ON NOMINEE
Just as the President has the right to put forth a nominee of his choosing to fill this vacancy on the Supreme Court, the Senate has the Constitutional duty to consider his nominee by thoroughly and fairly examining his qualifications and record. As a member of the United States Senate, I take this Constitutional obligation seriously because the decisions made by the United States Supreme Court affect the lives of every single American. I plan to carefully and closely review Judge Gorsuch’s entire legal career and judicial record, meet with him personally and determine if his interpretation of our Constitution is representative of long-standing American values. He must prove his dedication to fairness, nondiscriminatory justice, the equal protection of all Americans under the law, and the ideals of this country. Most importantly, as a Supreme Court Justice, Judge Gorsuch must demonstrate he understands that the Supreme Court is the main safeguard of our Constitution and must remain an independent, equal branch of government, and no Justice can be beholden to the interests of any one person or group – including those of the president who appoints him.”
NMSenator(202) 224-6621TomUdallDemocratichttps://www.tomudall.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
NMSenator(202) 224-5521MartinHeinrichDemocratichttp://www.heinrich.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
Heinrich said Gorsuch must “be subjected to the highest level of scrutiny” and “any nominee to the nation’s highest court must have an unshaken commitment to the rule of law, separation of powers, and the rights enshrined in the Constitution.” “After ignoring Judge Garland’s nomination for purely partisan reasons, Senate Republicans are already talking about changing the Senate rules to confirm Trump’s nominee if Democrats don’t simply defer,” he said, referring to the nuclear option threat. “…New Mexicans have made it clear to me that now more than ever they want an independent judiciary committed to defending the Constitution and the rule of law. I agree and any nomination to the highest court in the land should require more than a simple majority vote to ensure as much.”
NVSenator(202) 224-3542CatherineCortez MastoDemocraticwww.cortezmasto.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
NYSenator(202) 224-6542ChuckSchumerDemocraticwww.schumer.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE "Now more than ever, we need a Supreme Court Justice who is independent, eschews ideology, who will preserve our democracy, protect fundamental rights, and will stand up to a President who has already shown a willingness to bend the Constitution," Schumer said in a statement. "Given his record, I have very serious doubts about Judge Gorsuch’s ability to meet this standard. Judge Gorsuch has repeatedly sided with corporations over working people, demonstrated a hostility toward women’s rights, and most troubling, hewed to an ideological approach to jurisprudence that makes me skeptical that he can be a strong, independent Justice on the Court." "Make no mistake, Senate Democrats will not simply allow but require an exhaustive, robust, and comprehensive debate on Judge Gorsuch’s fitness to be a Supreme Court Justice," Schumer siad.
NYSenator(202) 224-4451KirstenGillibrandDemocratichttp://www.gillibrand.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) – Senator Gillibrand has stated that she will oppose Gorsuch’s nomination because “Time and again, Neil Gorsuch has put the rights of corporations over individual rights. It’s clear that his judicial philosophy is outside of the mainstream.” She went on to say that “I’ll oppose Gorsuch’s nomination and insist that it meet a traditional 60 vote threshold.”...“All branches of the federal government should stand on the side of the citizens they were created to serve. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of justice for our citizens. Unfortunately, Judge Gorsuch has proven to have a judicial philosophy outside of the mainstream and time and again has subjugated individual rights to those of corporations. I fundamentally disagree with his ruling that a boss should be able to make family planning decisions for an employee and that corporations are people. I plan to stand up for individuals over corporations and oppose his nomination, and I will insist that his nomination meet a traditional 60 vote threshold.”
OHSenator(202) 224-2315SherrodBrownDemocratichttp://www.brown.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“The people of Ohio deserve Supreme Court Justices who will defend the rights of working families over Wall Street and corporate special interests – and Judge Gorsuch’s record doesn’t pass that test,” Brown said. “I cannot support any nominee who does not recognize that corporations are not people. The Supreme Court has enormous influence over the lives of everyday Ohioans, and any nominee must be willing to defend their rights to make their own healthcare decisions, collectively bargain for safe workplaces and fair pay, and to be protected from discrimination and Wall Street greed.” On support for filibuster:
ORSenator(202) 224-3753JeffMerkleyDemocratichttp://www.merkley.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
ORSenator(202) 224-5244RonWydenDemocratichttps://www.wyden.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“The Gorsuch nomination represents a breathtaking retreat from the notion that Americans have a fundamental right to Constitutional liberties, and harkens back to the days when politicians restricted a people’s rights on a whim,” Wyden said. His opposition to legal death with dignity as successfully practiced in Oregon is couched in the sort of jurisprudence that justified the horrific oppression of one group after another in our first two centuries. No Senator who believes that individual rights are reserved to the people, and not the government, can support this nomination.” On support for filibuster:
PASenator(202) 224-6324BobCaseyDemocratichttps://www.casey.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice (John) Roberts, has moved far outside the mainstream and has too often favored big corporations at the expense of our workers and middle class families,” Casey said. “I am concerned that far right groups presented an edict to Donald Trump when he was a candidate, demanding that he select a nominee from their approved list. These same organizations have pushed for legal rulings that rig the system in favor of big corporations and against workers, stacking the deck against everyday Pennsylvanians. The Supreme Court plays a role of unique importance in our democracy and therefore nominees require substantial scrutiny. I will thoroughly review Judge Gorsuch’s record, particularly his appellate decisions and his answers to questions during the hearing and those submitted in writing afterward,” Casey said. On support for filibuster:
RISenator(202) 224-2921SheldonWhitehouseDemocraticwww.whitehouse.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
On support for filibuster: Americans deserve to know where Trump's SCOTUS nominee Judge Gorsuch stands on the special interest politics that has stricken the Court
RISenator(202) 224-4642JackReedDemocratichttps://www.reed.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
"“I will not support Judge Gorsuch for the highest court in the land. After carefully examining his judicial record and listening to his testimony, I believe he is a poor choice for the United States Supreme Court."
All of Obama’s #SCOTUS nominees cleared a sixty vote threshold & President Trump’s nominee must adhere to the same standard. Senate Republicans did a great disservice to the nation, and this nominee, when they took the unprecedented and extreme step of blocking President Obama’s moderate Supreme Court nominee for nearly a year. As a result, many Americans question this nomination. Judge Gorsuch’s record in the lower court suggests he could impose significant new constraints on civil liberties, women’s rights and workers’ rights, and roll back consumer protections and clean air laws. I am concerned that Judge Gorsuch has a tendency to favor the interests of big corporations and special interests over every day Americans.”
VASenator(202) 224-2023MarkWarnerDemocratichttp://www.warner.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“The American people deserve a Supreme Court comprised of justices who faithfully interpret and uphold the Constitution while serving as an independent and vigilant check on the other branches of government. Though I wish the President had taken the time to review a larger set of judicial candidates than the ones recommended by conservative advocacy organizations, Judge Neil Gorsuch has an impressive résumé and academic background. However, his record must be thoroughly vetted to ensure his views and judicial philosophy are not out of the mainstream. I look forward to carefully reviewing Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications before deciding whether I believe he is fit to serve on our nation’s highest court.”
VASenator(202) 224-4024TimKaineDemocratichttps://www.kaine.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
My full statement on President Trump's Supreme Court announcement
VTSenator(202) 224-5141BernieSandersIndependentwww.sanders.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE “The Supreme Court plays an enormously important role in American life. Unfortunately, in recent years, that role has been largely negative. I look forward to questioning Judge Gorsuch about his positions on the most important issues that impact Vermonters and all Americans and his views on recent Supreme Court decisions. In recent years, the disastrous Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates on campaign cash and let corporations and millionaires buy elections. The court tore up the Voting Rights Act and cleared the way for Republican governors and state legislatures to suppress the vote and make it harder for poor people, people of color, young people and senior citizens to vote. This is the court that in a long string of cases was far friendlier to big business than to the needs of workers. This is a court that let Exxon off the hook for $5 billion in fines for a disastrous oil spill in Alaska and stymied efforts to combat global warming. This is a court that has chipped away at a woman's right to control her own body. The stakes are very high in terms of the next Supreme Court justice. It is imperative that a new justice be prepared to defend the rights of all Americans, not just the wealthy and large corporations. Our next Supreme Court justice must vote to protect American democracy and keep campaigns free of the corrupting influence of big money, treat workers fairly, safeguard liberties for women and minorities, protect religious freedom and safeguard the privacy rights of citizens. I look forward to hearing Judge Gorsuch’s views on these and other critically important issues.”
VTSenator(202) 224-4242PatLeahyDemocratichttps://www.leahy.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“In light of the unconstitutional actions of our new President in just his first week, the Senate owes the American people a thorough and unsparing examination of this nomination. I had hoped that President Trump would work in a bipartisan way to pick a mainstream nominee like Merrick Garland and bring the country together. Instead, he outsourced this process to far-right interest groups. This is no way to treat a co-equal branch of government, or to protect the independence of our Federal judiciary. Before Senate Republicans waged the unprecedented blockade of Chief Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court last year, the Senate took seriously its constitutional duty to provide advice and consent on nominees to the highest court in the land. But Republicans abdicated the Senate’s constitutional role by choosing politically-charged obstruction, so that a president who lost the popular vote could nominate extreme candidates to the Supreme Court. President Trump said he would appoint justices who would overturn 40 years of jurisprudence established in Roe v. Wade. Judge Gorsuch has shown a willingness to limit women’s access to health care that suggests the President is making good on that promise. At his confirmation hearing in 2006, Judge Gorsuch stated, ‘Precedent is to be respected and honored,’ and he said it is ‘unacceptable’ for a judge to try to impose “his own personal views, his politics, [or] his personal preferences.’ Yet last year he tried to do just that, calling for important precedent to be overturned because it does not align with his personal philosophy. From my initial review of his record, I question whether Judge Gorsuch meets the high standard set by Merrick Garland. And with the ideological litmus test that President Trump has applied in making this selection, the American people are justified to wonder whether Judge Gorsuch can truly be an independent justice. I intend to ask Judge Gorsuch about these and other important issues in the coming months.” POST HEARING NEWS;
WASenator(202) 224-3441MariaCantwellDemocratichttp://www.cantwell.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE “The American people deserve a Supreme Court justice who will ensure full protection of all their rights, especially the right to privacy. There is too much at stake – from women’s choice and immigration reform to LGBTQ rights and marriage equality to voting rights and campaign finance reform. I have concerns about Judge Gorsuch’s record on a number of important issues. We need a justice who will help move our country forward, not backwards, as part of a Court that recognizes settled law. I take my responsibility to provide advice and consent very seriously. I will review Judge Gorsuch’s record thoroughly, follow his nomination hearings closely, and I plan to meet with him to ask my own questions. I will be weighing these considerations along with the comments of my constituents as I consider this nomination.” "Washington’s senior Democratic Sen. Patty Murray says she will vote against confirming Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court — and filibuster him if necessary.""Washington’s senior Democratic Sen. Patty Murray says she will vote against confirming Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court — and filibuster him if necessary."
WASenator(202) 224-2621PattyMurrayDemocratichttp://www.murray.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE
“In his first days in office, President Trump has demonstrated a clear disregard for the law, for the Constitution, and for American values. From his abhorrent and un-American ban on Muslim refugees and immigrants, to his firing of an acting Attorney General who stood up and told him the truth—he has made it clear that he doesn’t just think he is above the law, he has at times shown true disdain for it. With so much chaos in the Administration and so many questions surrounding this President’s commitment to the rule of law and the separation of powers—I have serious concerns about moving forward with a Supreme Court nomination at this time and will be joining with those pushing back against jamming this nominee through or rushing a confirmation in any way. I am hoping that President Trump pulls back from this chaos and makes it clear that he is truly committed to the rule of law and an independent justice system and judiciary. When and if the time is right, I will evaluate this nominee using the standards I have long used when it comes to Supreme Court nominees—and I would certainly start my process with deep concerns about whether this nominee would be someone who would protect our Constitutional rights and liberties and would respect critical precedents on issues like privacy, workers’ rights, protecting women’s access to health care and upholding Roe v. Wade, and more.” POST HEARING NEWS:
WISenator(202) 224-5653TammyBaldwinDemocratichttps://www.baldwin.senate.govSUPPORTS FILIBUSTERAGAINST NOMINEE Trump took an oath eleven days ago to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, but since he was sworn into office he has pursued a go it alone approach of extremism. With this Supreme Court nomination, President Trump has made it clear he has no interest in being a President for all Americans and that he is intent on creating more division in our country. Instead of putting forward a mainstream nominee for the vacant Supreme Court seat, he has offered someone who will have a hard time earning bipartisan support. The importance of the Supreme Court and the decisions they make have a profound effect on the daily lives of all Americans so I will do my job to fully review Judge Gorsuch’s record. I also look forward to meeting with him because I have a number of concerns and questions about his deeply troubling record, particularly his rulings against disabled students, against workers, and against women’s reproductive health care. The American people deserve an independent Supreme Court Justice who will protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of all Americans, not someone who will put his own political preferences above the law and legislate President Trump’s far right agenda from the bench of our nation’s highest court. That is the test I will apply as I give fair consideration to this nomination.”
WVSenator(202) 224-6472JoeManchinDemocratichttp://www.manchin.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE "I look forward to meeting with Judge Gorsuch, examining his record, and making a determination of whether to provide my consent. Just as I have all along, I urge my colleagues to put partisan politics aside and allow the vetting process to proceed," Manchin said.
AKSenator(202) 224-6665LisaMurkowskiRepublicanhttps://www.murkowski.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I am pleased with President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and I look forward to meeting with him and discussing issues of importance to Alaskans. With Judge Gorsuch, western states like Alaska get an individual who understands our lives and lifestyles. He is respected by legal scholars across ideological boundaries and is an originalist and textualist in the model of Justice Scalia. There is no quarrel about his extraordinary intellect, his compelling style of writing, and his commitment to justice. I particularly support Gorsuch in his belief that we must reconsider the Chevron doctrine, which provides that when a regulation is challenged in court, the court must defer to the agency’s interpretation of its own regulation. We share the same belief that the scales should not be tilted in favor of federal agencies when citizens challenge regulations. Those challenging federal actions deserve a level playing field, and I believe they will get that with Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. I give credit to President Trump on this strong nominee.”
AKSenator(202) 224-3004DanSullivanRepublicanhttps://www.sullivan.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEPresident Trump, in nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch, has selected a highly credentialed jurist with the temperament and distinguished career fitting of a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Confirmed by the U.S. Senate on a voice vote to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, Judge Gorsuch is well within the mainstream of American judicial philosophy and has demonstrated the judgment necessary to garner the support of Republicans and Democrats alike. Judge Gorsuch’s record reflects Justice Scalia’s legacy of textualism and an ardent respect for the Constitution and rule of law. He is poised to make an excellent addition to the Supreme Court.
ALSenator(202) 224-5744RichardShelbyRepublicanhttps://www.shelby.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“After the untimely death of the conservative lion Justice Antonin Scalia, I strongly believed that the American people deserved a voice in filling this critical vacancy. President Trump has made an outstanding selection in nominating Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and I am confident that he will preserve Scalia’s legacy on the bench for generations to come. Our next Supreme Court Justice must be a steadfast supporter of the rule of law with an unwavering commitment to the Constitution. There is no doubt that Judge Gorsuch meets these necessary qualifications. I look forward to supporting his nomination and urge my Senate colleagues to join me.”
ALSenator(202) 224-4124LutherStrangeRepublicanwww.strange.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
ARSenator(202) 224-4843JohnBoozmanRepublicanhttps://www.boozman.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Millions of Americans went to their polling places on election day to make their voices heard on the type of jurist they want serving on the Supreme Court. They decided to put their trust in President Trump to fill the Court’s vacant seat. I am encouraged by how well-respected Judge Gorsuch is in legal circles and how highly experts speak of his intellect, experience and temperament which are all important qualities for the job. Now that the President has made his selection, we will move forward with the confirmation process. It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, regardless of party, will respect the will of the voters and treat him fairly during the confirmation process.”
ARSenator(202) 224-2353TomCottonRepublicanhttp://www.cotton.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE"In nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, President Trump has chosen a well-respected judge with a distinguished body of work. The Supreme Court, including the next justice, could determine the course of the law for decades. We need a nominee with a demonstrated record of interpreting the Constitution according to its text, structure, and history. These decisions are weighty-and I don't undertake them lightly. So I look forward to meeting with Judge Gorsuch soon to talk more in depth about how he sees the role of the Court and his own judicial philosophy."
AZSenator(202) 224-4521JeffFlakeRepublicanhttps://www.flake.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Nominating Supreme Court justices is one of the most consequential acts a president can take, and providing advice and consent is one of the Senate's most vital roles. Filling Justice Scalia’s seat with a principled conservative who will interpret the Constitution rather than legislate from the bench should be our top priority. I am confident that Judge Neil Gorsuch fits the bill, and I'll do whatever I can to see that he receives an up or down vote on the floor of the Senate."
AZSenator(202) 224-2235JohnMcCainRepublicanhttps://www.mccain.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I am pleased by President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch’s impressive legal background and judicial career demonstrate he has the right experience and judgment needed to serve on our nation’s highest court. Moreover, his record of upholding the Constitution and respecting the limited role of the judiciary makes him a fitting choice to fill the seat held by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Throughout my time in the Senate, I have supported Supreme Court nominees of presidents from both political parties. Elections have consequences, and out of deference to the newly elected President’s selection and in the tradition of the U.S. Senate, I am looking forward to a fair and thorough nomination process and a vote on this highly qualified nominee.”
COSenator(202) 224-5941CoryGardnerRepublicanhttps://www.gardner.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Gorsuch is one of our country’s brightest legal minds with significant experience as a federal judge and a private litigator. A former Supreme Court clerk for Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy, Judge Gorsuch has learned from some of the most exceptional, disciplined, and faithful interpreters of the law. He is an ardent defender of the Constitution and he has the appropriate temperament to serve on the nation’s highest court. Judge Gorsuch also adds to the court's Western perspective, with his understanding of uniquely Western issues like water and public lands issues. I’m enthusiastic about the native Coloradan’s nomination and will work to ensure that his confirmation process is fair, thorough, and expedient.”
FLSenator(202) 224-3041MarcoRubioRepublicanhttp://www.rubio.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Gorsuch is a highly qualified, mainstream jurist, which is why he was unanimously confirmed to the circuit court by the Senate in 2006,” said a Rubio statement. “By all accounts he has the right temperament and experience for the job, and I’m pleased to see him nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Most importantly, he is committed to the principles of original intent and judicial restraint. This is critical, because too many in the federal judiciary today believe it is appropriate for judges to invent new policies and rights instead of interpreting and defending the Constitution as it is written.”
GASenator(202) 224-3643JohnnyIsaksonRepublicanhttps://www.isakson.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I have consistently said that the next Supreme Court justice should be someone who understands and values the Constitution of the United States of America, who will rule based on the law and who will not legislate through activist judicial decisions,” said Isakson. “I know that the president shares this view and based on his previous rulings, Judge Gorsuch shares the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s commitment to starting all constitutional analysis with the actual text of the Constitution. In addition, Judge Gorsuch’s distinguished service on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals provides vital, relevant experience for service on our nation’s highest court. As I argued following the untimely death of Justice Scalia last year, the American people deserved to have a voice in the process of selecting our next Supreme Court justice by allowing the next president to select Justice Scalia’s replacement. That day has arrived and the American people have spoken. President Trump’s nominee deserves fair and thorough consideration and an up-or-down vote by the Senate, and I look forward to Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation process.”
GASenator(202) 224-3521DavidPerdueRepublicanhttps://www.perdue.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEIt was an honor to attend @POTUS' @WhiteHouse #SupremeCourt nomination ceremony for Judge Neil Gorsuch.
IASenator(202) 224-3254JoniErnstRepublicanhttps://www.ernst.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“It is critical that the highest court in the land applies the text of the Constitution and statutes impartially. From what I have learned thus far, Judge Neil Gorsuch will demonstrate an unwavering commitment to interpret the law as written, rather than legislating from the bench. The people spoke last November, and our new president has tonight put forward a well-respected nominee who the Senate has previously confirmed with unanimous support. It’s time for Washington to work together – as our constituents expect us to do – and move forward to fill the Supreme Court vacancy with this eminently-qualified nominee.”
IASenator(202) 224-3744ChuckGrassleyRepublicanhttp://www.grassley.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Gorsuch is universally respected across the ideological spectrum as a mainstream judge who applies the law without regard to person or his own preferences. By all accounts, he has a record of deciding cases based on the text of the Constitution and the law. That’s important because in our system of government, Congress, not judges, make the laws. I look forward to continuing to review his qualifications and to hearing from Judge Gorsuch himself about his approach to the law. Following the death of Justice Scalia as Americans were beginning to cast their votes for the next President, I said that we’d move forward with the next President’s nomination to the Supreme Court, regardless of who won. The President has made his selection and that’s what we’ll do.”
IDSenator(202) 224-6142MichaelCrapoRepublicanhttp://www.crapo.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Gorsuch has a strong background of legal experience and knowledge. I congratulate him on this high honor. I take seriously my constitutional responsibility to thoroughly review this nomination. As that review is conducted, I have long said that our next justice must look first and foremost to the Constitution for guidance in all legal matters. I look forward to meeting with Judge Gorsuch during the confirmation process and learning more about his judicial philosophy.”
IDSenator(202) 224-2752JimRischRepublicanhttp://www.risch.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I was honored to be invited to the White House to attend the President’s introduction and nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was certainly an historic moment and I was happy to be there in person. Gorsuch’s impressive track record of defending our U.S. Constitution has rightfully earned him the reputation as an originalist. I am confident he is the right nominee and will follow closely in the footsteps of his predecessor, the late Antonin Scalia.”
INSenator(202) 224-5623ToddYoungRepublicanhttps://www.young.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“By all accounts, the President has nominated a mainstream and faithful constitutionalist to serve on the Supreme Court. In the coming weeks, I will thoroughly vet the President’s nominee, but my initial reaction is that Judge Neil Gorsuch has the temperament and experience required to be a skilled jurist in the legacy of Justice Scalia. The people of Indiana, myself included, want a high court that will protect our most fundamental freedoms and interpret the Constitution as our founders originally intended. For many Hoosiers, this issue drove their decision at the ballot box last November. After a thorough process, it is my hope that my Democratic colleagues will heed the will of Hoosiers – and millions of Americans – and allow an up or down vote just as the Senate afforded for Presidents Clinton and Obama’s nominees at the beginning of their Presidential terms."
KSSenator(202) 224-6521JerryMoranRepublicanhttps://www.moran.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“With the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, the president has put forth an impressive and well-qualified Supreme Court nominee who has already received broad, bipartisan support in the United States Senate," Moran said. "As the confirmation process continues, I look forward to examining Judge Gorsuch’s body of legal writing and meeting with him to personally discuss his record and views of the judicial branch and the Constitution.”
KSSenator(202) 224-4774PatRobertsRepublicanhttps://www.roberts.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I congratulate Judge Neil Gorsuch on his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The American people voted in November knowing the responsibility of the next president to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. President Trump has selected a person who he believes will carry on in the tradition of Justice Scalia and uphold the values of the Constitution to the highest standard. I believe that is exactly the type of justice we need. I look forward to meeting Judge Gorsuch and hope for a swift confirmation.”
KYSenator(202) 224-2541MitchMcConnellRepublicanhttp://www.mcconnell.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
KYSenator(202) 224-4343RandPaulRepublicanhttps://www.paul.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEI congratulate President Trump for nominating a conservative jurist with outstanding credentials and experience to the Supreme Court.
LASenator(202) 224-5824BillCassidyRepublicanhttps://www.cassidy.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEJudge Gorsuch is an intelligent conservative and will bring a necessary perspective to ensure a fair and balanced Supreme Court. A swift confirmation is imperative while the seat remains open. The recent election gave the American people a voice in this debate and they made themselves heard by electing President Trump to fill this vacancy. Any action to prevent or delay a vote on Gorsuch's nomination is purely political and opposed to the wishes of the American people.
LASenator(202) 224-4623JohnNeeley KennedyRepublicanwww.kennedy.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEThe role of the Senate is to provide ‘advice and consent.’ Many Americans are going to have to live with this Justice the rest of their natural lives. His decisions will affect many facets of their lives, economically, socially, culturally, and spiritually. The American people deserve a full and fair vetting process. I like what I see so far, but look forward to learning more in the confirmation process. Neil Gorsuch is obviously very well-qualified based on his education and background, but I want to know what’s in his heart. I want to know what he thinks about past Supreme Court decisions and how the Justices reached those decisions. I want to know whether he thinks personal preferences have a role in the judicial decision-making. I want to know if he knows the name of the person who cleans his office. Also, I’m rather fond of the U.S. Constitution, and I want to make sure he is, too.
MESenator(202) 224-2523SusanCollinsRepublicanwww.collins.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Neil Gorsuch is widely respected for his extraordinary intellect and has impressive academic and legal credentials. I look forward to the Senate proceeding to the next step in this process by holding public hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will help provide a careful, thorough vetting of this nominee's record.”
MOSenator(202) 224-5721RoyBluntRepublicanwww.blunt.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Neil Gorsuch is a well-respected jurist with the experience and qualifications to serve on our nation’s highest court. In his decade on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals bench, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and interpreting the Constitution as its authors intended. The Supreme Court is one of the most important legacies this president is likely to leave, and he made the right choice in selecting Judge Gorsuch to begin shaping the long-term view of the court. I look forward to hearing more from Judge Gorsuch as the confirmation process moves forward.”
MSSenator(202) 224-5054ThadCochranRepublicanhttps://www.cochran.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
MSSenator(202) 224-6253RogerWickerRepublicanhttps://www.wicker.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“When voters chose Donald Trump to be President, they made it clear that the Supreme Court vacancy should be filled by a jurist in the conservative mold of Justice Antonin Scalia. President Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch meets that high standard. Judge Gorsuch is known for his mainstream, principled opinions. I am hopeful that he will receive a fair and timely confirmation process based on his record rather than partisan conjecture.”
MTSenator(202) 224-2651SteveDainesRepublicanhttps://www.daines.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Neil Gorsuch has an established record as a mainstream judge who upholds the rule of law and doesn’t legislate from the bench. I know that Judge Gorsuch will interpret the rule of law in accordance to the original intent of our founding document, the Constitution. Judge Gorsuch is seeking confirmation to the highest court in our country and I look forward to speaking with him to hear how he will faithfully defend our Constitution.”
NCSenator(202) 224-3154RichardBurrRepublicanhttps://www.burr.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I applaud President Trump’s selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court. In 2006, the Senate confirmed him without opposition to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. Gorsuch is a judge who will continue to operate in accordance with the rule of law and respect for the Constitution. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has repeatedly expressed his desire to have nine Justices serving on the Supreme Court. Now that the American people have spoken, and the President has nominated a mainstream jurist, I am hopeful that the Senate will come together and swiftly confirm Judge Gorsuch.”
NCSenator(202) 224-6342ThomTillisRepublicanhttps://www.tillis.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEJudge Neil Gorsuch is an incredibly qualified and mainstream choice to serve on the #SCOTUS.
NDSenator(202) 224-2551JohnHoevenRepublicanhttp://www.hoeven.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEEThe President has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on #SupremeCourt – he has necessary experience to serve well.
NESenator(202) 224-6551DebFischerRepublicanhttp://www.fischer.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
NESenator(202) 224-4224BenjaminSasseRepublicanwww.sasse.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE"Neil Gorsuch is a highly-regarded jurist with a record of distinguished service, rooted in respect for the law. He was confirmed unanimously by Democrats and Republicans. Senator Schumer is about to tell Americans that Judge Gorsuch kicks puppies and heckles piano recitals. That’s hogwash. Democrats are working overtime to cast Judge Gorsuch as a reflexive partisan but, as I said when Justice Scalia died, there are no Republican or Democratic seats on the Supreme Court. This shouldn’t be a partisan debate but an opportunity to teach our kids civics. In the coming weeks, everyone who loves the Constitution should celebrate the uniquely American idea that government power must be limited and that those in power must be checked and balanced."
NVSenator(202) 224-6244DeanHellerRepublicanhttp://www.heller.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
OHSenator(202) 224-3353RobPortmanRepublicanhttps://www.portman.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I welcome the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to serve as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The job of a Supreme Court justice is to fairly and impartially apply the law, and to protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, not to advance public policy goals by legislating from the bench. Judge Gorsuch has an outstanding record as a fair-minded, independent, and universally-respected judge. I look forward to considering his nomination as he goes through a fair and thorough evaluation process.”
OKSenator(202) 224-4721JamesInhofeRepublicanwww.inhofe.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“President Trump’s selection of Neil Gorsuch to fill the late Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court not only fills the bench but does so with a smart, thoughtful, constitutional conservative,” Inhofe said. “Gorsuch’s work as a judge on the Denver-based Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has displayed a judicial philosophy expected of all Supreme Court Justices and I believe he will show a respect for the role of the court as outlined by the Constitution. Gorsuch’s educational background is outstanding, having attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School in addition to completing a Doctor of Philosophy in Law from University College at Oxford. Gorsuch has most notably penned opinions, later affirmed by the Supreme Court, in defense of religious freedom as in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. By all accounts Gorsuch is a remarkably intelligent and compassionate man who will uphold the Constitution on the high court for years to come. I am pleased with the president’s selection of Gorsuch. I look forward to receiving his nomination in the Senate and confirming him to the high court swiftly.”
OKSenator(202) 224-5754JamesLankfordRepublicanhttp://www.lankford.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Many Americans went to the polls last November to not only vote for the President, but to make their voice heard on the direction of the highest court in the land. The American people have spoken on the future of the Supreme Court. We now have a nominee in Judge Gorsuch who has an impressive record of interpreting the law without trying to legislate from the bench. Judge Gorsuch was confirmed unanimously by the Senate to the 10th Circuit. Based on his past legal opinions, Judge Gorsuch understands that the Supreme Court must act within its constitutional role as a third and independent branch of the federal government. I am particularly impressed by Gorsuch’s legal opinions on federal regulations and the 1984 Chevron deference case, which wrongly tilted regulatory interpretation towards executive agencies and paved the way for the growth in consolidated power of the executive branch....
PASenator(202) 224-4254PatToomeyRepublicanhttps://www.toomey.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE"I was pleased to see President Trump nominate Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill Justice Antonin Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court of the United States....
SCSenator(202) 224-5972LindseyGrahamRepublicanhttps://www.lgraham.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
SCSenator(202) 224-6121TimScottRepublicanwww.scott.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I am happy to see that President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve as Supreme Court Justice. With over a decade of experience on the Tenth Circuit, Gorsuch has the reputation of a consistent conservative and someone who will uphold the Constitution and defend our country's founding principles. His record shows that he fully supports religious liberty and protects freedom of speech. I believe that Judge Gorsuch will serve as a great successor to the late Justice Scalia, and I look forward to supporting his nomination over the coming months.”
SDSenator(202) 224-5842MikeRoundsRepublicanhttps://www.rounds.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
SDSenator(202) 224-2321JohnThuneRepublicanhttp://www.thune.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“President Trump has made an outstanding choice,” said Thune. “Neil Gorsuch is an exceptionally well-qualified, mainstream jurist, and I believe his long record of thoughtful jurisprudence will make him an asset to the court. I look forward to confirming Judge Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court....
TNSenator(202) 224-4944LamarAlexanderRepublicanhttps://www.alexander.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE
TNSenator(202) 224-3344BobCorkerRepublicanhttps://www.corker.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Our next Supreme Court justice will have a lasting impact on the direction of our country,” said Corker. “The Senate unanimously confirmed Judge Gorsuch to the federal bench in 2006, and he has served honorably as an appellate court judge for a decade. He is a well-respected jurist who understands the importance of upholding the Constitution and applying the rule of law in a fair and independent manner, and I am pleased that President Trump has nominated someone with such an impressive background. I Iook forward to meeting with Judge Gorsuch during the confirmation process.”
TXSenator(202) 224-2934JohnCornynRepublicanhttps://www.cornyn.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Judge Gorsuch is an excellent choice to serve as our next Supreme Court Justice. A jurist of the highest caliber, he has served with distinction and a demonstrated commitment to the rule of law....
TXSenator(202) 224-5922TedCruzRepublicanhttp://www.cruz.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“Indeed, I wholeheartedly applaud President Trump for nominating Judge Gorsuch. Our country desperately needs Supreme Court justices who revere the Constitution and are willing to elevate it over their own personal preferences, and Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated that faithfulness. Eleven years ago, the Senate was so confident in Judge Gorsuch’s abilities that it confirmed him by voice vote. In the time since, he has shown himself worthy of that distinction, and I would hope that my Senate colleagues give him the respect he deserves this time around, as well, and support his confirmation.”
UTSenator(202) 224-5251OrrinHatchRepublicanhttp://www.hatch.senate.govAGAINST FILIBUSTERSUPPORTS NOMINEE“I’ve had the opportunity to discuss potential Supreme Court nominees with President Trump on multiple occasions, and I look forward to playing a leading role in confirming a justice who takes the Constitution seriously.”
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