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YOUR CAUSE - Are you related to an initiative, project, network, organisation etc.? Please tell us.What are the top CHALLENGES for the youth of today?Do you want to share some SOLUTIONS with us?Who are YOU?IMAGEHappy to CONNECT
7/28/2013 20:52:32Raees Altaf AlizaiI am working for poors to give him Education . 1.Financial Challenge. 2.Founding of good institution 3.Convance . 4.I.T . 5.System1.Help the poors and Educate them in simple ways for example start little tution acdmies . Tranings . Semenars . Programs and relleys. I am Raees Altaf Alizai . I am student of 1st year. I am living in Mastung Balochistan Pakistan . I am a social worker also i am trible leder and polition . My age is 19 years . I am male and i am Muslim .Download my images frm facebook and google write Raees Altaf Alizai.Me on Face Book : Raees Altaf Alizai . And on Twitter . Raees Altaf Alizai . And on yahoo alizaialtaf@yahoo.com .
7/30/2013 13:24:59Ali Alsabe Ouishare Arab countries : https://www.facebook.com/events/476151112471477/
Arabcollcons : http://arabcollcons.tk/ar/
Wikilogia : http://wikilogia.net/
Freedom (In my region)
social cracks
Technology gaps
Electrical and computer engineering student, Interested in science technology and humanism Issues.
7/28/2013 2:58:43AziilAnwarEntrepreneurial opportunities for school dropouts.
joblessgive them start-up fundI'm a rural activist, work with youth and women to save the environment.http://ypmmd.blogspot.comFacebook: Aziil Anwar
7/30/2013 15:31:41SagarAryalSano Sansar Initiative www.sanosansar.org
Plant For the Planet www.plant-for-the-planet.org

- Environment friendly and Sustainable Future
- Employment
- Life Education
- Encourage Youth for Sustianable Entrepreneurship
- Reorient the Education System so that it can help a person understand his/her importanace in this planet.
A youth advocator on Environment and sustainable lifestyles for a welfare society.www.sanosansar.org/sagar-aryalsagar@sanosansar.org
Skype: sagar.aryal

7/28/2013 11:11:07GennadiiAvilovhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Town-Organization-of-the-ALL-Ukrainian-Taras-Shevchenko-Society-Prosvita/288509137875893

unemployment, drug use, violence
youth involvement in social work, in particular volunteering.
Skype: prosvita_horlivka
ICQ: 155 744 538
7/28/2013 17:25:51RituuB NandaConstellation (organisation)

Facilitator of these two ning networks

Caribbean youth competence network on facebook (which I set up for youth from 14 caribbean countries; a UNDP Barabados project)
How can I be heard?
Building youth leadership to take action on issues of communityCommunity life competence- strength-based approach for community buildinghttp://aidscompetence.ning.com/profile/RituuBNanda94Facebook- Rituu at Constellation
7/28/2013 18:34:33SteveBanhegyiMy cause is CommunityLED - www.CommunityLED.co.za

CommunityLED is an empowerment initiative devoted to poverty alleviation, climate change, improvement in quality of life, training and developing people to run their own entrepreneurial businesses based on alternative energy.

Our goal: to provide knowledge, technology and opportunity to light homes in Southern Africa using simple solar power and alternative energy technologies.
These challenges are i.r.o the Southern African environment:

1. The Educational system does not equip youth with relevant knowledge and skills to engage in activities outside formal employment.
2. Unavailability of jobs in the formal sector.
3. Lack of funding, living in impoverished circumstances
4. Unavailability of training for useful, productive and sustainable work
5. Lack of awareness re. opportunities
Solutions to Share:

- We have developed a business model that provides training and development in Solar / alternative energy specially targeted at youth.
- We have developed training manuals and workshops in alternative energy to understand, sell, and install simple low voltage lighting systems
- We have developed a carbon offset model that provides additional income for impoverished community.
I work as a facilitator, consultant and writer specialising in personal and organisational change management. I have 20+ years consulting experience including 4 years as a lecturer in Information Systems at Wits University. I qualified in England as a Psychologist and started my career as a consultant implementing participative management programmes in 1982. Since then, I have worked with a wide variety of clients including government, NGOs as well as listed and private companies. My areas of expertise and interest include, Knowledge Management, AI, Cybernetics, Leadership, Social Engineering, Creativity, Life, Storytelling and Change. I am a partner in www.storytelling.co.za, www.isivivane.com and Steve Banhegyi & Associates (www.trans4mation.co.za).http://storytelling.co.za/storytelling/facilitatorstwitter @SteveBanhegyi
email steve@storytelling.co.za
7/28/2013 17:40:30DanielBassillTutor/Mentor Connection, http://www.tutormentorconnection.org
Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, http://www.tutormentorexchange.net

The mission of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute (T/MI) is to gather and organize all that is known about successful non-school volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs and apply that knowledge to expand the availability and enhance the effectiveness of these services to children throughout the Chicago region and in other urban areas of the US and the world.
I focus on youth living in high poverty areas of big cities. Such youth are

* isolated, lacking the networks of people and ideas that are available to youth in more affluent areas
* alienated, distrustful of adults who make promises but do not keep them and systems that seem to view them as risks to society rather than opportunities for society
* under-resourced - their neighborhoods have poorer schools, less qualified teachers, fewer non-school resources and safe places, fewer job training programs and job opportunities, etc. than do youth in more affluent areas
* exposed to more negative role models and influences. High poverty neighborhoods have higher concentrations of ex-offenders, more people in prison, more people in illegal economies, fewer college graduates, fewer people in a wide range of jobs and careers who could model aspirations and open doors to opportunities
The Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute have been aggregating ideas and solutions for over 20 years. No single solution fits every problem in every places. The most important solutions are that
a) people in different places aggregate libraries of information related to youth issues and youth solutions in their own geography
b) people innovate ways to bring daily attention to this information so a growing number of the people in their geographic region are looking at the information
c) intermediaries in colleges, business, faith groups, media and NGOs/NPOs faciliate access and understanding of this information through formal and informal learning, MOOCS, social media, etc.
d) maps and other visual platforms be used to draw people to places in poverty areas of each urban area where they volunteer time, talent, ideas and dollars on an on-going basis, just as people go to retail stores to buy food, clothing, appliances, etc. on a regular basis
I am one person who got involved in the lives of inner city kids in 1973 and has stayed involved for the past 40 years. I've learned to learn from my own experiences and borrow ideas from the experiences of others in an effort to constantly improve my own impact on this world.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-S-5YeHji7ro/Tni2NbwBJgI/AAAAAAAACis/XA7ds88eRg8/s320/Crain%2527s1_12_98.jpg Connect in these locations:
* on Twitter - http://twitter.com/tutormentorteam
* Linked in group on volunteering - http://tinyurl.com/TMC-LinkedIn-Volunteering
* Tutor/Mentor Institute on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TutorMentorInstitute
* Tutor/Mentor Connection forum at http://tutormentorconnection.ning.com
* On Slide Share - http://www.slideshare.net/tutormentor
* On Scribd.com - http://www.scribd.com/daniel-f-bassill-7291
* On Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/tutormentor/
7/28/2013 15:43:14Ahmad SufianBayramArabCollcons http://arabcollcons.tk/Education
Internet access
Instigator of change in the collaborative economy in Arab world
7/29/2013 19:11:25NaimaBenaliJointly with great collaboratos and changemakers kicking off the Global Institute for Youth (GIFY)inclusion, attachement, meaning, orientation, selfesteam, occupation, role modelling guidelines in a more and more complex everyday life!http://re-vizion.ning.comA responsible multi-culti and multi.ocupational sustainability changemaker. info@transqure.com
7/29/2013 12:45:14fatim-zahrabiazI founded New Work Lab, a coworking space to promote entrepreneurship and innovation spirit among the youth in Morocco (website : www.newworklab.com)- Education : educating people; sometimes on very basic techniques
- Giving hope : telling people that they can too build great things
- creativity
- finding/creating a job
- create online classes for young moroccan to share knowledge and explain in local terms I am a dreamer, a doer, a round the world traveller, a world citizen
I entered accidentally the world of startups and collaborative economy and I just fall in love with it

my favorite quote : "Work hard, have fun, make history" Jeff Bezos
7/30/2013 8:12:14PiotrBoulangéhttps://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaCoworking4theKids
no job
no house
no stability
helping out eachother
sharing - knowledge, experince
In order to change something in your life, you just have to change something in your lifehttps://www.facebook.com/ClockWork.CoWorkall of the above
7/28/2013 10:20:16Ed CanelaI have always been interested in youth empowerment programs. I am not connected with any specific project as such but am always (time permitting) looking for ways to uplift the youth and their concerns. My current interest are StartUps, youth entrepreneurship, and creative service industries. No website yet but will soon be building one.1. Not to be given their chance to demonstrate what they can do.
2. Not sufficient and accessible mentors to facilitate success pathways
3. Limited access to success and growth drivers.
1. Promote volunteerism and ways to incentivise them.
2. Identification of self initiatives by the youth that can be rapidly scaled and multiplied.
3. Propagate inclusion principles among the youth sector and include others like the disabled, vulnerable, marginalized and others.
I am a trainer, economic opportunities facilitator, and a creative intervention designer.https://www.facebook.com/ed.canela@edcanela1 and Facebook: ed.canela
7/28/2013 10:19:59Mohammad Abdul MatinChowdhuryThe Green Volunteers, Bangladesh
Youth are involving crimes through engaging politics.
Youth are addicted in drugs.
Youth has taken the volunteering as fashion instead of passion.
Youth losing confidence on themselves.
Develop yourself along with the community where you live.https://www.facebook.com/md.matin/media_set?set=a.10151170322335631.496863.637475630&type=3https://www.facebook.com/md.matin
7/29/2013 14:06:33HeatherCochranHeather Cochran-

Involved in building the start up ecosystem in West Africa. Working on several projects to include- soon launching startup for crowdfunding for African startups Slicebiz.

Built an innovation hub - Hub Accra -www.hubaccra.com

started a new program to support female entrepreneurs in Africa-- Next Wave Africa--
Youth today face several challenges-

1) Secured future employment
2) Equality in access to education
3) Ensuring equal access to global opportunity
4) gender equality in education, work place and pay
5) Addressing the needs of the bottom 1% to include water- sanitation- health
Support projects that scale

Look at impact investing over charity

Support tech programs

More investment in female led projects- extensive research shows the higher rate of return

We need not just a new generation of leadership but a new gender of leadership
4 up, 3 down

8/5/2013 16:10:52Thea Emilie DalenHidden
- releas your potential
- Creating workplaces for innovators and entrepeneurial thinkers.

- Providing education for the modern society's way of life and demands.

- Removing stigmas concerning youth.

- Networking across generations, a part from family relations.

- Providing housing opportunities fitting young people.
Hidden are under establishment now.
Are going to be a match arena between youth and work.
We are a grupe of espiering youth. Leonard Maurseth Woll and I are the owners.
I'm a 20 year old drop out girl and I started my first company at 18.

I want to create a online arena for youth and work.
Facebook ; Thea Emilie Dalen
7/28/2013 11:58:40EimhinDavid ShorttThe Healist: www.thehealist.com

Netention Development Team: www.netention.org

SoCap Local: www.socialcapitalmarkets.net
The redefinition of 'work' and sustainable living.

Facing convergent crisis amidst an unfavourable geopolitical climate.

Reintegration of fractive and specialized modes of learning (Body, Mind, Spirit).

Adapting the advantages and avoiding the pitfalls of current and emerging technologies.

Establishing resilient networks, resilient communities, and resilient means of value exchange.
Collaborative culture and the cooperative networking of networks.

Mapplications: Geo-locative information sources for people, place, process/function and resource.

If you don't play to win, you can't lose.www.about.me/EimhinG+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/involute.conduit

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=51184052&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
7/29/2013 5:45:51NaluleEstherMy name is Nalule Esther project coordinator Small is Great Uganda. Face book address: smallisgreat@groups.facebook.comchallenges include;
1. un employment due to the nature of our education system it emphasizes theory other than practical skills so majority end up as job seekers
2. Lack of start up capital for those who have the technical skills to start business, they cannot access credit from banks because they lack collateral securities.
3.HIV/AIDS especially among the female youths, who engage in sex in exchange for money because of poverty and ignorance.
4.Forced early marriages among the female youths due to culture , this is accompanied by violence caused by their husbands as women have no right to decission making in marriage .
5.Little or no education given to the girl child denies them them access to opportunities like competing for key leadership positions, this is because of culture . priority is given to the boy child .
solutions :
-The education system should be revised to emphasize practical knowledge and skills to enable youths have the knowledge of starting their own businesses
-Set up vocational training institutions to cater for school drop outs.
-Start up loans should be given to the youths to be paid back after an agreed period of time who are organized in groups because in the group they co -guarantee each other.
-Youth clubs and resource centers where they can meet share experience and learn from each other and referral health centres should be put in place.
-Community sensitization on the relevant culture reforms should be organized
Am the project coordinator Small is Great-Uganda, Network for supporting grass root needy women formed by Bitten Schei of Mother Courage , Norway.
philosophy-Together we can make a positive difference in the world.
favoured quote-"think out of the box"
Hero-Bitten Schei of Mother Courage Norway
Profile page:facebook , Nalule Esther.
7/29/2013 3:48:20AmbroseEtiguI subscribe to SocEntLab - Conversations on Social Change group on facebook, the Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail Group and I also engage in numerous activities with the United Citizens Child Support Organization, since it is still at its early stage ( http://www.unitedcitizenschildsupport.org/), and more groups not mentioned in this conversion. I am truly passionate about social entrepreneurship, and hold a strong belief that it is the path we need to follow to create the change that will last and whose value will benefit all.1. Employment is still a challenge for the majority of the youth especially in the developing countries.
2. There is too much competition, most youth in the developing countries may not compete favorably with their counterparts in other regions who have greater resources.
3.Most youth lack the self confidence to face the current challenges
4. Some innovations have impacted the youth negatively.
5. The youth have been stricken by an identity crisis, and become totally disoriented hence loosing track of their true self in fostering the change required.
1. Innovation centers to foster ideation, innovation and development amongst youth should be created,
2. The education system need an overhaul to handle the fast paced disruptive trend, I suggest
Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahandas Gandihttps://www.facebook.com/aetiguhttps://www.facebook.com/aetigu
8/4/2013 7:59:13UllaGawlikTikitut, community-based tourism, www.tikitut.se

I work voluntarily with setting up a community-based tourism network i the Eastern Gothenburg, Sweden. For leaving I work for Friends of the Earth, Sweden with an information project on climate justice. Before that I have founded the first timebanking network in Sweden, www.tidsnatverket.se. Which is running and working with youth empowerment since 2007. see also Sarah Nyangena
Beside all the challenges named I believe that the challenge for swedish society is the segregation of age groups. As well as a spirit where young adults are not seen as humans with own knowledge and experiences, human who can contribute to the development of eg communities, but as humans who need to be taken by their hands. Society leads their young people into an dependency on the system and other people. See the people as the asset they are. Co-creating the changes and sustainable development
That is one of the reason I have been working with timebanking. And why I know choose to set up a community-based tourism network. All people from the area can define, develop and present their own assets and the assets of the area to visitors by using community-based tourism as a tool.
Social entrepreneur http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ulla-gawlik/10/abb/878https://www.facebook.com/ulla.rulla.7 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tikitut-community-based-tourism/268438273270949?ref=hl
7/31/2013 19:11:45PhilippeGreierpresente! NGO for social innovation and entrepeneurial education.
- living up to their full potential
- staying grounded and not getting lost in too many options
- learning the right skills to sustain themselves
- living in a community that supports their personal growth
Meet the people in person, initiatives, projects. Netweave. Listen. Follow your heart and feelings and find a balance between process and results. Trust.I am player that takes on challenges and loves the strengths of community.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151740397141005&set=a.458636691004.260173.609666004&type=1&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/fl9wrider
7/31/2013 1:10:18KristínGrímsdóttirPossunt -stories that matter to us.
(the real one is www.possunt.com but is under construction at the moment).

Except for the big challenges in the world (poverty, environmental issues, level of education, lack of clean water) I think those are the big challenges for the youth of today:

1. Fear (of mistakes, the unknown, of not fitting in, rejection etc).
2. Credibility (we, the youth, can change things but often we seem to be talking to the wall)
3. Prejudgement (very limiting for everyone)
4. Lack of resources (we have the desire, passion and skills but the resources to get something hands on are often limited and therefor it takes more time to make changes)

A social platform for the stories that matter to us.
[Possunt.com is still under development and not a functional platform yet.
If you want to participate you can ask to be one of the first users by sending a mail to possunt@possunt.com motivating why you should be one of the selected ones. Also, if you know a truly inspiring person, we would be happy to know about him/her and capture his/her story.]
Possunt is a new place on the Internet where people share personal video stories, no longer than 6 minutes. It’s designed for true stories that matter and manifestos that change the world. It’s used by everyone who care, whatever meaning one wants to put into that.
Possunt is a simple, beautiful and collaborative place to inspire and be inspired.
If you’re interested in having your video stories published on Possunt, here are few things to know about how Possunt is different:

1. Possunt’s stories are true, authentic and courageous.
Possunt puts a great important on inspiration. That’s why all stories published are true stories told by those who are true to ones own personality or character despite external pressures. The stories express the courage of showing up and letting oneself be seen –vulnerably seen, not being immune to criticism.

2. Possunt loves “less is more”
Possunt is a beautiful space for sharing visual stories — and
A girl who lives who believes in people, passion and effectuation -and that they can who think they can. A girl who has a dream of a world where people are valued by WHO they are.

(What I mean by WHO people are: http://www.kristingrimsdottir.com/what-i-mean-by-who-and-not-what/)
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150381218379910&set=a.449602519909.221635.648039909&type=1&theaterMail: kristin@possunt.com
Twitter: @kristingrims
Facebook: /kristingrims
LinkedIn: http://se.linkedin.com/in/kristingrimsdottir
7/29/2013 12:45:23ClaraGwatireraAngels Network

Lack of educational opportunities, especially access to higher education.

Lack of employment opportunities
Involve Adventist Institutions in giving bursaries to underprivileged youth to access higher education.Humanitarian, an agent of change.www.angelsnetworkweb.comFacebook: Clara Busisa Gee

Google: Clara Gwatirera

Linkedin: Clara Gwatirera
7/31/2013 13:43:29Md. AnamulHaqueThe Green Volunteers
I guess youths of this generation are more involved in making money rather than living in a happy society with harmony among the other people and the nature.May be, Aware them how he could be if he were a little bit concerned about his neighbors, the paths he passed at his childhood, playgrounds he saw at his early ages.
Aware people at around his own place could be the most effect way of raising the HUMAN living inside of him.
I'm Anamul Haque, just another inhabitant of this universe like 7 billion others but think and dreams of a better world where there would be love for people.https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-cRd4Y9qA0xw/T7wF1tWM8xI/AAAAAAAAA4U/xn9GDhKOyRw/s385-no/Palash.jpgfacebook.com/anamul.palash
7/29/2013 8:20:02MichaelHartsellP2P Foundation (Chiang Mai) - Research Fellow - philosophy of ethics and technology
The Asia Institute (Seoul) - Research Fellow- Convergence Science and 3E
Sensorica (Montreal) - Member, Lab on a Chip Team
Depends on their location and conditions.
U.S. and Europe - disenfranchisement, they perceive they are not as valuable as they should be (theirs is a correct assessment); the challenge of getting a good education has emerged over the past few years; the challenge of managing technology and real relationships

ASEAN Region - education and jobs

South Korea - affordable education in critical thought, ethics and media literacy; better paying jobs; reformation of the middle and high school system.

Africa, India etc. - access to basic needs
I don't have any innovative ideas, other than the simple love and care be showed to the young to meet their psychological needs. For education, this can be done via local mentors and technology (such as online learning from experts).With the youth I focus on an expert/master teacher/mentor framing of an educational curriculum, out of which the youth choose the sections which interest them most at the time. Then they work with the teacher/mentor etc. to develop their own project. The model is Expert framed, learner directed. In the case of the very poor, they must be feed and given the necessary medicines first before they can hope to learn very much.

There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed. -M.K. Gandhi
Never argue with a fool, for onlookers will not be able to tell the difference. -Twain
will have to add laterFacebook: Michael L. Hartsell
Gmail: hartsellml@gmail.com
7/29/2013 13:57:34FaruqHunterGeniusCorps' Geeks Gone Global - www.geeksgoneglobal.com

At the center of Geeks Gone Global is the GeniusCorps mission to give spark to innovation everywhere by providing all innovators with access to the people, places and resources that they need to grow. The Geeks Gone Global 180 initiative is the driving force for Geeks Gone Global. GGG Innovation Excursions are designed to physically connect over 180 countries by the end of 2015.
Motivation - Being motivated towards a single goal by seeing pass the noise
Knowledge - knowing the skills and tricks to accomplish their dreams
Self-Confidence - With a lack of known successes many youth don't feel their dreams are possible
Access - Not knowing what programs exist limits their access to resources to change their lives
Focus - With so much noise it is impossible for youth to focus on one thing and dominate it
In the end we have tried housing the youth and training them. We have tried contests and open classes, placements and fairs. The thing that works best, is not another program, but to drive motivated youth to existing programs and extend the reach of people who are active in the process of change.

Existing programs need to partner with programs and organizations that can extend the reach of awareness into untapped communtities.
I am a proud globetrotting, former IT Executive/Guru turned international innovation facilitator, shit stirring Geek and father of 8.http://d13pix9kaak6wt.cloudfront.net/avatar/users/f/a/r/faruqhunter_1370951981_58.pngfacebook - Faruq Hunter
Twitter - Faruq Hunter
Mobile: 404-990-0613
skype: faruqh
Google Hangout: faruqh@gc-usa.com
7/29/2013 17:53:49HyekyungHwangHyekyung Hwang

Urban issues,
Connect to Asia
Information and Communication Technology to developing country
When we dream alone it is only a dream, but When many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.

I was a hardware engineer.
My big interest is social enterprises.
Key words are Design, Technology and Action!
kr.linkedin.com/in/hyekyunghwangFacebook: http://facebook.com/hyekyung.hwang
LinkedIn: kr.linkedin.com/in/hyekyunghwang/
Email: hyekyung.hwang@how2company.com
7/28/2013 18:09:17prajwalkashyapDrug/Alcohol Abuse
Youth related Violence
Sudden Economic changes
Disparity in Education System
Raising Unemployment
I am an Entrepreneur with interests in ICT Sector

Favorite Quote: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish --Steve Jobs
7/30/2013 19:15:18MaureenKelseyCall to Change @ https://www.facebook.com/Call2Change

There are well over 300 projects, initiatives, businesses, innovation labs and centres, university faculties...that "Like" and feature Call to Change, as well as a member of 112 Facebook groups with interactions and co-administrations--all of which are equally important :-)
Employment with meaning and purpose, small and medium enterprises / entrepreneurship
Education and training for the 21st Century
Social,economic and ecological sustainability
Peace and poverty eradication
Evolving democracy to a more representative, participatory, open and transparent system with real youth engagement and empowerment
SMEs and Innovation in the 21st Century
16 December 2010-Kinaxis, US Hq Chicago https://community.kinaxis.com/people/dustinmattison1974/blog/2010/12/14/views-on-smes-and-innovation-in-21st-century

Call to Change Brief product service description http://www.slideshare.net/KelseyMaureen/brief-product-servicedescription-6513389
Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other. - Carl Jung

Leadership Development Profile @
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2187814828941&set=a.1478836144917.60242.1654173226&type=1&theaterEmail: maureenkls@gmail.coom
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/maureenkelsey
Naymz: http://www.naymz.com/maureenkelsey1916562
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maureen.kelsey1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaureenKelsey
Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/KelseyMaureen
7/29/2013 13:20:55PrimosKenahI work with a new innovation involved in Service Transfer in wretched areas

Name of Group - Hope Services

Website - www.devhope.com
1. Overcoming their fears.
2. Believing that they are up to the task in changing their community.
3. Identifying the barriers to an innovation and getting it out the way.
4. Being educated and in turn educate others.
5. Realize the power of the web.
I strongly believe that the idea of transferring services, if well implemented can help youths to really understand the participatory role they can play in their community which could be a source of empowerment for others.I am a passionately curious lover of new innovations who don't just sit and enjoy them but love to take active part in initiatives to help communities in need and make them grow.https://www.facebook.com/optimus98Facebook; Kenah Primos

LinkedIn; Primos Kenah
7/28/2013 18:50:24MasudKhanYes, I am related to an organization, named Development Initiatives for People (dip), working in disaster management and climate change.1. Employment
2. Education
3. Training
4. Opportunity for personal development
5. Leadership
I think the able leaderships of capable organizations would consider ways to generate employments and opportunities for job and personal development.

Education and training project could be installed and liaison with the prospective employers would add advantage to the young people.

Vocational training projects would be initiated for the dropped out or less education or uneducated young population. Job placement facility should also be accompanied.
I am working for a software company as a Technical Writer at the moment but I worked in the development sector before.

I believe education is a must for 100% people. The world has progressed much in it but still there are lots of people who are not able to taking up education or sending their children to school up to a certain point.

So the gap should be fulfilled to further the maxim, education for all.
7/30/2013 12:34:53FrancisKiprotichfrajemusic.kbo.co.ke/home
Looking forward to getting youths together for the better future.
1. Unemployment.
2. Education
3. Practical training
4. Capital
5. Motivation
6. Empowerment
7. Team work

Social networking. Getting youths with the same ideas to work together wit innovative ideas.Kenya East Africa.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=449280371813587&set=a.277308719010754.64885.100001948841369&type=1&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/FrajeMusic
Email/ francis.kiprotich@gmail.com
7/28/2013 22:44:36Mawuna KOUTONINTurtle Awards Foundation,
The Turtle Awards Foundation is a nonprofit organization that celebrates and showcases African leaders who have taken personal risk, demonstrated extraordinary courage and focused their ideas and actions on the long term and sustainable development of the Continent.
Our Youth Empowerment activity is done through "Creative Visualization Workshop" and "Dreaming Classes" that encourage young people to image and create like film directors Mental movies of a better future for their community and humanity. Then our Organization Empower them with coaching to act on those ideals.
1. Unemployment
2. Cynicism & pessimism
3. Short term thinking
4. Lack of Trust in older generation
5. Insecutiry
1. Awaken Optimism
2. Give power to the youth
3. Transfer knowledge to the youth in non-patronizing way
4. integrate Arts and culture
I'm a social activist who believes we are born free, and society should be built to protect our right to freedom, self-expression and expansion. https://www.facebook.com/mawuna.koutonin
7/28/2013 11:37:12AnkushKumar1 Himachal Lokhit Party(Regional Political Party Fighting for region based issue of Northen state of India)
2 India Against Corruption (www.indiaagainstcorruption.com) Volunteer for this movement to made India a corruption free country
3 Local NGO working on ICT and Social Networks to provide a new way of living.
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Political In-activeness

1 Increase participation of youth in politics.
2 Educate the youth
3 Use technology to connect youth across the world
I am nothing just a small human being which can use their knowledge and skill for betterment of society through my hardwork and dedication. www.facebook.com/ankushsambyal23www.facebook.com/ankushsambyal23

email address-asambyal23 [at] gmail [dot] com
8/2/2013 23:13:33CynthiaLa GrouCompathos Foundation is a media production, education and research organization harnessing the power of the arts and media to inspire transformation, global citizenry and social action. http://www.compathos.org Role -Founder, Executive Director, Creative Catalyst.

Multi-faceted work intersects with many interests and networks (approx 40-50) mainly comprising of culture, arts, immersive media / transmedia, social innovation, youth dev and youth media, women, international development, sustainable travel, etc.
Economic Disparity and inequality, lack of investment in sustainability, green economies
Surveillance and industrial military economies / democracy - freedom of speech
Rogue science such as GMO's (bottom line over foresight and concern for future generations)
Need for wisdom, mentors, role models, opportunities for empathic development
Dwindling resources, climate change, creating sustainable systems
Empower youth as empathic and savvy local and cross cultural global thinkers, empower as engaging communicators, connected learners, risk takers, system changers, educators.Cross cultural innovator and cross disciplinary professional creative, social entrepreneur - mainly recognized as a creative director specializing in digital media and content strategy, perpetual learner (always on information overload) curator, synthesizer, information / campaign architect, world traveler (over 15 countries).... evolving.http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=20485474&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profilehttps://www.facebook.com/cynthia.lagrou
google in process
7/28/2013 14:35:36LarsLingCleanTech Region, www.cleantechregion.com/inspiration.html A passionate promoter for Green innovative solutions from Scandinavia and Sweden creating jobs.1. Toolbox empowering and help building self-awareness
2. Goals and meaning
3. Jobs
4. Attitude and Grattitude
5. Meaning of life
1. Terra viva Smart Talk - radio,tv and social media to INFORM & EDUCATE creating awareness and smart communication. A Passionate Promoter, matchmaker, accelerator and game changer, delivering Green innovative solutions from Sweden and the Nordics Internationally creating jobs and bridging the gap.

Frequently engaged as inspiring speaker, lecturering in CleanTech and Sustainability, sharing good examples that makes a difference and change. Sports & IT background.

7/28/2013 15:04:53Clarah ManuhwaFrangloconnections | Europe - franco-Anglo young Africa Business Summit

The idea behind Franglo connections is simple and is key to economic progression for our continent Africa and its partners. With franglo-connections we are spearheading bridging a gap between two essential cultures - Francophone and Anglophone. Recent statistics from the The number of french speaking people is set to rise from 250 million to 750 million with 80% of the people living in Africa by 2030. The role of both English and french cultures in economic life is more than half of the global market in trade goods. With all this in mind - it is time to power intercultural connections that can leverage economic development especially for Africa and Europe combined. Globalisation calls for understanding the power of mastering cross cultural business communication.

IZWI- a million voices for Africa | http://www.izwi-millionvoices4africa.com/
Lack of Opportunities which results in a lot of wasted talent / loss of confidence leads to fear of leading great work

Lack of innovative solutions for fundraising/ Lack of funds
We, the young people must create our own opportunities and we should learn the power of doing - just go for it and learn from the journey.

Do what you love to do and the results will be overwhelming.

Lastly , we should walk away from depending too much on aid, we must foresee and always ask ourself - how sustainable is this project?
we the people have power to change things that matter to us. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-HyZT_ETr1Wk/UYo_7f7_VRI/AAAAAAAAAtU/dtIle3r3c0o/w541-h544-no/CV+pic.jpghttp://about.me/clarah.manuhwa
7/28/2013 15:14:58JuliusMareteI am the Co-founder and CEO of Hakuna Matata Project - www.hakunamatataproject.orgJoblessness
Alcohol and drugs abuse
early pregnancy
lack of education
lack of guidance and counselling
creating jobs for the youth
education opportunities
recreation facilities
moral guidance and peer counselling
I believe together we can make the world a better home
"you must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gadhi
http://www.hakunamatataproject.org/our-team.htmlFacebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HakunaMatataProject?ref=hl
7/28/2013 13:32:37TadeuMarqueshttp://www.larsantoantonio.com.br/
Sheltered children, adolescents and adults with severe brain injury, from families in precarious socio-economic situation.
As a result of neglect, physical abuse and psychological are routed through the Home Protection Councils and Public Authorities in several cities of the state.
- Education.
- Social inclusion.
- Cooperation.
- Employability.
- Care of the environment and nature.
I believe that some simple actions in pursuit of the common good and the engagement of all in a cause can be an effective way to improve our society.I am a simple person looking for a way to help our society to development based on education, culture and exchange of experiences.www.facebook.com/tadeumarquesfilho
8/5/2013 6:59:37Landry NdrikoMayiganeI am the founder and president of the Rwanda #YACA ( Youth Alliance for Climate Actions), a local non-profit in Rwanda working to build resilience of youth to climate change through capacity building and actions for climate change adaptation and socio-entrepreneurship. We are hoping to becoming the biggest youth hub of socio-entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

I am also a co-founder and senior-advisor of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC), the biggest youth network in Africa working on climate change awareness creation amongst youth. We are also working to promote green jobs opportunities for young people across the continent. The network is now represented in 44 countries across the continent with over 2000 members who are youth leaders in their communities.
- Lack of technical knowledge
- Lack of entrepreneurship skills and spirit
- Lack of mentorship
- Unemployment
- Lack of risk taking spirit
- Continuing capacity building of youth to develop entrepreneurship skills, for as to change our mindsets from job seekers to job creators. There are many resources out there, we just need to make this knowledge accessible to youth.
- We need to promote peer leadership and peer mentorship. Most young people are always influenced by peer-pressure, the desire to please their friends...the desire to fit in the group. So we can use this kind of pressure as an opportunity to foster new thinking and positive influence amongst youth. This is just an idea.
I am someone in believes in the power of youth to change the world and make it a better place. I have resolved in my life to work with and influence youth to make that possible. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150419867592875&set=a.427767862874.218705.706587874&type=3&theaterI am based in Kigali, Rwanda.

You can contact me here: landry.mayigane@gmail.com
Po.Box: 2760 Kigali, Rwanda

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/landry.mayigane
Skype: maylandry
Twitter: @landrymay
8/1/2013 3:39:54AmandaMeloI've worked and studied about Community Based Tourism. and started a project in the sounthern of São Paulo - Brazil. I've persued the development of the region where there are many culture atractives. A lot of young people who live there are looking for work opportunities and to interactive more with each other. The old people are also looking for space to act in favor to develop the economy and culture local. I needed to stop with that project because I don’t have sponsors to support.

The Community Based Tourism is a tourism segment which the community is the main character, they manage the tourism activities and develop the economy local considering the resources preservation with a sustainable planning.Through that kind of the tourism the people get to know the place in your real routine, they interact with the natives and the local enviroment.
Society standards;
Government support;
Information managing.
Society standards - Oportunities to learn more about different cultures in the world;
Government support - More jobs opportunities in the government;
Education - Incentive to study and facilities to get in the College;
Money - More sponsors support and scholarships;
Information managing - Less pression from the organizations which think that the youth need to have a million of habilities and have forgotten about their talent.
I love to encourage people to trust in themselves and in their dreams . My dream is a world without unjust and with food for everybody.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=610005332342828&set=a.172209342789098.42367.100000001015277&type=3&theaterhttp://www.facebook.com/Amanda.turis
7/28/2013 0:03:30LeilaMirandaMoleque de ideias
To live a meaningful life
To build a sustainable future
To have access to places where they can learn what they want to learn
To learn in connection to their communities
To learn how to be a social entrepreneur
I like the idea of business spaces in the city that are opened for people to learn since they are children. Here is what we are already doing in my company, since 1996: http://www.slideshare.net/leilapaisdemiranda/copenhagen-business-school-menor

I like the idea of supporting kids ideas via crowdfunding.
I like to work with children and be part of their learning processes. I like to learn too. I like to be connected and to be part of the collective.http://www.molequedeideias.net/pg/profile/leilamirandahttps://www.facebook.com/leila.p.miranda
7/29/2013 7:42:45JudyAnnetMuchiriNetwork of African Youths for Development www.nayd.com
Lifeskills Oasis Kenya
Global Changemakers www.global-changemakers.net
Exclusion from Nation building process
Lack of initiative
Inadequate access to resources
A misplaced education system
Lack of transition mechanisms from one level to the other
Governments should create ways of reaching to the youth.
The youth should be proactive in taking part in nation building processes
The youth fund and hubs to nurture the youth should be set up
A revise in the education system
An African crusader who believes in change making from the community up.https://www.facebook.com/judyannet.muchiri?ref=tn_tnmnhttps://www.facebook.com/judyannet.muchiri?ref=tn_tnmn
8/1/2013 21:28:19FREDRICKMUSEKA1.UNICEF ZAMBIA- UNITE FOR CLIMATE. www.unicef.org/zambia
2.Wildlife Environmental conservation society.www.conservationzambia.co.zm
3.Better world alliance- fredrick museka
-lack of education
-lack of better health facilities
-peer pressure
1.unemployment= providing vocation and entrepreneurship skills, reduction of retirement age.
2.lack of education=provision of free education by government
3.lack of better health facilities=increase of the budget allocation to the health sector
4.HIV/AIDS= sex education
5.Peer Pressure=peer education
A Zambian young Entrepreneur and climate activist.
while interdependence is important, self reliance should be championed.
Our thoughts create reality. (R.Sharma).
i will send the link.PERSONAL CONTACT
Museka Fredrick
Postal Address: Museka Fredrick, c/ o WECSZ, P.O. BOX 30255, LUSAKA. Zambia.
Email: musekathe13th@gmail.com
Cell: +26 0955265255/ + 26 0979848978/+26 0969499498
Skype: musekathe13th
Face book/Twitter/ LinkedIn: Fredrick Museka.
7/29/2013 15:32:23MunyaradziMuzendaYes, my initiative focus on leadership,mentorship and Entrepreneurship in Africa,Lack of tools,information,opportunities and market (exposure)Networking,interaction,internships,partnership and cultural exchange programWe are like a big sky, big enough for any bird to fly as high as it pleases.facebook Munyaradzi Didymus Muzendamunyaradzi.muzenda4@gmail.com, Skype:munyaradzi.muzenda4,Twitter: muzenda4
7/29/2013 14:09:07IrynNakitendeI was in Kyandondo Rural Women Development Association (KRWDA).Which was headed by Bitten Schei.I was an infant member on behalf of children.1.Lack of education.
2.Lack of employment opportunities in order to earn aliving which forces them to participate in immoral practise.
3.Lack councelling and guidance.
4.Lack of fear and respect for God.
5.Tribalism & neglection of youths in the society.
If you and me come together honnestly we can change the lives of many youths today.If am given achance to work with you trust me we can change the lives of may youths and live to testify. United we stand and divided we fall."For God and my country Uganda."Am Iryn Nakitende ,aged 18yrs,Ugandan by nationality and am in Atlas high school.Coming from a family of 9,7boys and 2girls and 2nd last born in the family."YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE YOUR HISTORY BUT YOU CAN MAKE A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE."Check on my facebook profile photos.Thank you.Mobile phone:0784074505
Email: iryn.nakitende@yahoo.com
facebook profile username: Iryn Nakitende.
7/30/2013 4:07:26JuliaNavarro1. OES Global < www.openenterpriseespace.org > Integral Education for Social Entrepreneurs < Co-Founder >

2. Coolmeia Ideas in Cooperation < net.coolmeia.org > Human opensource platform for Common-Good and Public Domain, based on social principles and cooperativism < Polinizer Bee & Permaculture Curator >

3. Dreamups < www.dreamups.org > Opensource innovations platform for simple and sustainable impact < Ambassador Brazil >
For me, the most important 5 of them (for my generation indeed, around 30) are all connected to the same big issue: our Home, our Planet.
The challenge is really to 'transform', 'transmute' impact into positive and permanent in the fields of:
* education (integrally)
* environment (from CO² til the food on our tables)
* economics (from 'money system' to creative currencies)
* wellness & inner-knowledge (holistic view)
* common-good (ubuntu)
be the change you want to see in the world' (gandhi)

For me, the idea is simple, the impact is permanent and te way is only one: we start from us, and multiply it from inside to outside, permanently, connecting all around, all of US.

me > close environment > community >> circles >>> countries >>>> uno

< net.coolmeia.org > < www.dreamups.org >

I will not wipe out sin by killing sinners.
I will not declare war on the enemies and the faithless.
I will preach love, I will love harmony and
I will make friends with the world. This is my way.

Nikos Kazantzakis
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=543944942311705&l=73a8297da6Gmail : navarro.julia [at] gmail [dot] com

Skype : navarro.julia

FB : https://www.facebook.com/julia.z.navarro

G+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/106210651801098457421/posts/p/pub

7/31/2013 10:08:20jessieNorrbyMamawamiti.comFundings, discrimnation, education system, support & attitudeWe need change the attitude and the old traditional education systemdoing good for betterfacebook
8/1/2013 8:32:46Jean ClaudeNSHIMIYIMANADELL SOCIAL INNOVATION CHALLENGE, www.dellchallenge.org; CHALLENGE FUTURE, www.challengefuture.org, green youth generation.unemployment, lack of confidence, lack of capital, lack of peace and adequate education.The most important one is helping the youth to access the adequate education.nothing is impossible.www.twitter.com/NshimiyimanaJCLinkeldin: use my full name, facebook: www.facebook.com/Semaramba, twitter:@NshimiyimanaJC, skype: semaramba. email: nshimiye2020@yahoo.fr
7/28/2013 12:09:54FortuneNwaiwuThe Social Ecosystem Lab is a social enterprise focused on small business consulting and support services. An education and resource center focused on raising the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators in Nigeria who are socially inclined. Also open to already established social entrepreneurs. Built on the "Theory of Change", it incorporates ICT into its method of support delivery, thereby ensuring a wider reach at lower cost. It is a research and advocacy based business consultancy social enterprise.Unemployment, lack of good quality education, poor healthcare and the criminal challengeA researcher and social entrepreneurship/innovations evangelisthttp://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=6488334&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
8/1/2013 23:41:33SarahNyangenaInvolved in different networking organisations that involved in empowering youth and civilians. Currently working on an international youth exchange at TidsNätverket i Bergsjön with participants from latvia, Georgia, Israel, Greece and ofcourse as hosts from Sweden. The aim of our event is to highlight on the particpation of youth in creation of social capital. The grop of youth 34persons Will work together during a 7 day exchange to learn from each other on coproduction, the use of time banking in the creation of social capital. The main challenge we encounter in the work with youth is the exclusion of youth involvement in the decision making process.Making the youth relevant in the society by encouraging their particpation.
Accepting the youth in the planing processes.
Allround positive person with an Optimistic smile.

my quotes in life:
Approach each new problem not with a view of finding what we hope will be there, but to get the truth.

The future has a way of arriving unannounced.
7/30/2013 19:33:42Israel Omanudhowho Change Makers Club Int'l
1. Youth Poor Performance in Education
2. Youth and Purpose Development
3. Youth Insecurity
4. Youth Unemployment
5. Youth in Crime
In Change Makers Club Int'l, we are involved in youth Development. Making sure that these issues are solved through campaigns, seminars, workshops etcI am Young man with a great passion for the Development of my fellow youths. I believe the youths must be Developed for effective participationwww.fb.com/israelomanudhowho www.fb.com/Israelomanudhowho
7/31/2013 8:32:22DemiladeOsotekuStudents in Free Enterprise (www.enactus.org)
Youth Exclusion in policy drafting and implementation
Absence of opportunities for youth development
Lack of capacity for the youth to deliver expected results
Inadequate support for youth enterprise development

Youth inclusion in policy drafting and implementation especially
Creation of opportunities for youth development
Capacity Development programs for the youth to deliver expected results
Adequate support for youth enterprise development
I am Demilade Isaac Osoteku. I solve problems and help people achieve their goals.www.facebook.com/osotekuoiwww.facebook.com/osotekuoi
7/29/2013 10:05:11abhaypattnaikwww.rainforestcapital.com1. We are not living in a "sharing economy". We are living in a zero-sum economy – in which a handful of investors and owners win at everyone else's expense.

2. Inequality is getting worse. It doesn't take a PhD in economics to understand why: we have a demand problem. And we have a demand problem because the vast majority of consumers – aka workers – are not earning enough to pay for healthcare, education and retirement, let alone all the other stuff stores and service providers have to sell.

3.Imbalanced geographic segments. The developed world has sucked out the life blood of the resource rich nations enslaving masses through their manipulation's of divide and rule.

4. The young wants to unite as one global citizen under new world order but lacks the very denominations of lasting change - hard cuyrrency to feed the hungry millions.

5. An act of class due to spineless leaders. The reality is that we're hollowing out the segmented class by wiping out well-paid jobs with benefits and replacing them with low-wage ones that often lack them. That's damaging not only to people who are living on smaller paychecks – or who are indeed unemployed – but also to the health and viability of the overall economy. Youth's are depressed with the lies their present system and its psuedo leaders controlled by their capitalist masters destroying the viability of this planet. Change is indeed the cry of the hour embedded in the soul's of youth to end vicious cycle of the grips of the 4% rich over the 96% mass though unifying the world.
Zero Carbon Foot Print Model: Sustainable world through bundling all intangible assets to creating new executions of triple bottom line projects in ensuring food water energy security in going down the reverse path to industrialized models plunder based growthIt's impossible " said pride. "It's risky" said experience. " It's pointless" said reason. "Give it a try" whispered the heart...... I keep trying doing almost impossible things living with zero carbon foot print. I walk slowly but never walk back...... http://linked.in/DscJUnskype: abhay.pattnaik1
FB: shdelta71@gmail.com
google: abhay1
twitter: @abhay_pattnaik*
Linkedin: http://linked.in/DscJUn
7/28/2013 20:02:29david pintoecosquared: financial protocols based on giving: http://ecosquared.info
fast-tractor: crowd-funding a tractor for a local connection in nigeria: https://www.facebook.com/FastTractor?ref=hl
fantsuam foundation: personal connection to dadamac: http://fantsuam.net
Biggest challenge to youth: the monopoly of traditional economics, institutionalised thinking, financial systems which are biased against non-western cultures.

Adults 'knowledge' is a major inhibitor of experiential experimentation.

Advertising and marketing billions aimed at turning innocent youth into customers and consumers.
Ecosquared financial protocols are based on giving, peer-to-peer, and require no institutional or organisation centrality. They create a potentially new economics, which means that youth are not disempowered by the heavy-weights of current economics, the experts and those who happen to have the money and thus the power. The protocols enable a real-world trust network, where money-flow is based on scalable results.

Math teacher, tendency to buddhism, father, accepting the responsibility of generating global unity within our lifetime.https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108030171338144056249/albums/profile/5788494014098131666?pid=5788494014098131666&oid=108030171338144056249happyseaurchin
8/2/2013 11:51:13ChristopherPruijsenKairos Society - http://www.kairossociety.org
NACUE - http://www.nacue.com
StartupBus UK and Africa - http://www.startupbus.com
Reluctance for change in education, employment, immigration and other such matters by older generations, who still wield positions of power and influence.
Fiscal burden which has been imposed on our generation by the older generations.
Rising costs of living, mainly in terms of housing in urban environments and food/drink.
Make university an option alongside vocational and more experimental learning, without later penalising by the job market (a degree from a third rate university really isn't better than hands-on experience).
Increase the pension age according to life expectancy increases over the last 50 years, and possibly alleviate tax burden for young people or people during their first few years in the job market.
I'm a young catalyst of entrepreneurial communities and ventures.http://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherpruijsenhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherpruijsen
7/30/2013 15:25:34Vikaraman RajaratanamSocial Entrepreneurship,Environment and Community Work.The challenges of the youth is about maximising social media for their causes,channelling resources to one project and mobilising people to believe in their project.I want to connect the community via innovations and solve problems like poverty and environmental problemsI am an mechanical engineering undergraduate who aspires to bring positive change to the society via my innovations in the future.I am following my dreams in the steps of the great Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Lets create a better world.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151497077566313&set=t.718481312&type=3&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/vikaraman.rajaratanam-Facebook
7/26/2013 14:56:50Anne KjærRiechertKids Have a Dream
Network: http://peaceinnovation.stanford.edu/
1) Ability to dream big
2) Tools to make their dreams come true
3) Confidence to believe in their dream
4) Support from mentors
5) Channels to share their dreams with the world
Kids have a Dream organizes:

1) Global dream workshops where 10-15 year olds discuss, draw and share their dreams for the future, and receive coaching on how to take the first step

2) Exhibition: Online and offline exhibitions of dreams, to build curisousity, tolerance and understanding of other youth
I founded Kids Have a Dream in 2006 and the Berlin Peace Innovation Lab in 2013. I work to show that sustainability can be profitable. My favorite quite is "Extend your empathy to include the future".https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/2605809223/abwnuzhkgl5gdselw2i2.jpeghttp://de.linkedin.com/pub/anne-kjaer-riechert/37/a90/7b7
7/28/2013 15:26:15BariqRifkiThe Euro FAYA Summit 2013 - https://www.facebook.com/Frangloconnections

it'sonehumanity - https://www.facebook.com/groups/515032818519577/

New member of the edgeryders community.
- Employment
- Education
- Social justice
- Poverty
- Shifting economy
Global Awareness - The Youth around the globe need to be a part of a global movement that responds with concrete solutions for each issue.

Political and social activism - the more young people are involved in shaping their future, the more likely they are to meet their expectactions.
I am a world citizen.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150588079120110&set=a.476826240109.266676.517880109&type=1&theaterwww.facebook.com/barryckr
7/28/2013 13:48:43JosephineRuthiwe show you the world from the eyes of a girl child, bright but unprivileged, twinkle in the eye, but remorse in the spirit; the kENYAN girl child, a picture of dismay. Girl Child is a social endevour. i look forward to helping the girl child uplift their lives by teaching tailoring, hairdressing and other skills that will make the tears stop running down their eyes. join me in helping these girls who have gone through tough times. It could be a relative, a sister, a neighbour, or even our daughters. 1. Having the people to open up to about the girl child problems.
2. Lack of resources to help tackle the challanges facing the girl child.
3. The society still believe that the girl child doesn't need education more than just getting married and being a house wife.
4. Lack of committment from the authority to tackle rape n early marriages problems.
5. Lack of many counceling centres.
1. Helping Girl child to train tertiary skill e.g tailoring n hairdressing. This way the girls come together n share ideas n are able to talk about problems they face daily as they train to do business and contribute to the society positively..I'm a hardworking woman who believes in doing all i can to make a positive change. I believe knowledge saves time.JOSEPHINE MUNJIRU RUTHI on facebook or on linkedin.
7/29/2013 20:27:13JosephineRuthiwe show you the world from the eyes of a girl child, bright but unprivileged, twinkle in the eye, but remorse in the spirit; the kENYAN girl child, a picture of dismay. Girl Child is a social endevour. i look forward to helping the girl child uplift their lives by teaching tailoring, hairdressing and other skills that will make the tears stop running down their eyes. join me in helping these girls who have gone through tough times. It could be a relative, a sister, a neighbour, or even our daughters. 1. Having the people to open up to about the girl child problems.
2. Lack of resources to help tackle the challanges facing the girl child.
3. The society still believe that the girl child doesn't need education more than just getting married and being a house wife.
4. Lack of committment from the authority to tackle rape n early marriages problems.
5. Lack of many counceling centres.
1. Helping Girl child to train tertiary skill e.g tailoring n hairdressing. This way the girls come together n share ideas n are able to talk about problems they face daily as they train to do business and contribute to the society positively..I'm a hardworking woman who believes in doing all i can to make a positive change. I believe knowledge saves time.JOSEPHINE MUNJIRU RUTHI on facebook or on linkedin.
7/28/2013 16:28:13Jose. manuelSaenz ArroyoBionica Architects

Integration with Nature

integration with each other



Sail together... Sharing ideas... Live as a unit together!

We have the project MARIA TRINIDAD.....a sailboat with this ideas... Hope we can Sail together and help All of us...

jmsa_arq@ [at] hotmail [dot] com
7/31/2013 10:44:32BittenScheiwww.mothercourge.no
1. Unemployement
2. Lack of education
3. Lack of access to decision making
Entrepreneurship skills in groups
Empowerment training
Learn to organize themselves together to make an impact
Networking skills
You can change the world if you have the courage to follow your dreams for the best of the society.
7/29/2013 1:28:50PaulShugarman!!! XeeMe ROCKS...living across all networks !!!

circa13579...WE are making the world a better place.
Turning the Me generation, into the WE generation. So they can pass the WE, instead of Me...to the Now generation.circa13579Life Experiences https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=571022492923278&set=a.424844377541091.123389.100000465978844&type=1It doesn't matter to me. I was on Google+, the last time.
7/29/2013 0:40:18MuhammadShujaI am not affiliated with any official network. Though, I tend to volunteer for various causes, eg
1. charity - food, rashan, furniture distribution in my neighborhood
2. Awareness campaign (sharing information (truth) through social media - Facebook Page and Blogs:
3. Education for IT students on softwares and it's certification
4. Active on various IT mailing list and forums - Established Oracle Users Group in Pakistan, then IBMPakistanis etc.
Youth in Pakistan:
1. Lack of equal opportunity for quality education. Due to vast economic disparity and not sufficient student : institution ratio.
2. Lack of skilled/expert educationist vs. requirement.
3. Lack of employment in general and appropriately compensated jobs in particular
4. Corruption in the society (a) Leads to the non-importance of education for jobs (b) Unfair means of passing.
1. Education through volunteers, conducting online (remotely).
2. Make education material available either free or at subsided rates (online/remote access)
3. Volunteer to educate at schools, during summer.
I am IT professional with a Computer Science education. Subjects of my interest spans mostly technology. Over the years, I have developed this skills of researching information on the net. Due to the turmoil in the world, the woes of the governments, unrest in the societies and the effects of global politics, I have developed interest in politics, society, welfare, current affairs, religion, apart from nature, travel, business and psychology.https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/128_6272277546_6928_n.jpgFacebook:


7/28/2013 13:41:42Ashish KumarSinghYouthlead World- An online platform to disseminate information for the benefit of youths
Lack of Good education
Poverty (for global south mostly)
Absence of active and meaningful engagement while growing up
Inability to prioritize due to social pressure (following the peers even if that is not the first thing needed)
Education and employment should be aligned; all kind of work should be dignified while government should implement the minimum wages."I am a voice without any form"
-Swamy Vivekanad
7/28/2013 19:37:12PritamSinghI am a successful marketing solutions and services sales professional focused on Direct, Digital and Data. My goal is to help companies drive measurable results from their marketing investments. more than 7+ years in data-driven, Software Development and designing and email marketing; 6+ years experience and success in the areas of Development and Social Networking, including Client services, software and technology. Experience on both the client (marketer) and agency sides.

1. Education Disparity
2. Shifting Economy
3. Youth unemployment
4. Meaningful Social
5. Health [ obesity Problem ]
Well, As above listed index card as a challenge around us. I'm having bunch of great ideas that is leading my thoughts in order to contribute to our society and I'm working on it. Social life is also a great point that I have been working since 2,3 years in order to introduce some unturned way to bring more people into our society more open and their view and much more ! As the second contribution that I have had is Obesity issue in our states and I'm having some great recipe to give our team contribution into health care domain and I'm having good hope to it.I always love to do things that I don't know , how to do in order how it would be done !!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=491748630899839&set=a.106532562754783.11340.100001941203688&type=3&theaterWell, I'm Pritam Singh, Owner of LOGICSCISSORS !
For point of contact I would love to see you guys on Linkedin, Facebook or Google + profile.




7/29/2013 7:37:47Musa AnsumanaSokoYouth Partnership for Peace and Development- Unempoloyemt
- Participation and inclusion
- Leadership and mentoring
- Education
- Social protection
I am an activist, public policy campaigner and advocate whose passion is centered on just governance, youth participation and empowerment, water and sanitation, and most importantly women's rights.http://www.google.com.sl/imgres?imgurl=http://d13pix9kaak6wt.cloudfront.net/avatar/musa.soko_1346017972_12.jpg&imgrefurl=http://about.me/musa.soko&h=512&w=390&sz=18&tbnid=tJJpy1f8Id2qeM:&tbnh=113&tbnw=86&zoom=1&usg=__9KVoadpt5pjb2YOPM2rK23CtMtM=&docid=kF0jTvm9UVEa_M&itg=1&sa=X&ei=TUH1UYKqMoHI9gTVn4CwBw&ved=0CFoQ9QEwBg&dur=2339https://www.facebook.com/musa.ansumana.soko
8/9/2013 15:21:21nancyswaiim in initiate in an NG'O known as TANCARE which deals with legal aid to youth al all others-lack of education
-lack of awarenesss in different manner
-lack of job opputunity
-there is no youth empowerment
there is the need to empower youth id different aspect so that they can be able to achive what they needim who im i know i can be able to change the worldface book account is nancy swai
my email is nancyswai200@gmail.com
7/29/2013 15:48:48PaulTalliardHands of Honour
In Cape Town -South Africa
Lack of positive activities/hobbies/sport

The Hands of Honour’s Regeneration of City and Soul program seeks to address three problems in Cape Town:
(1) Prolonged unemployment
(2) Physically run down spaces, and
(3) Effective management of obsolete stock/recyclable waste.

Hands of Honor employs vulnerable youth in South Africa—those who have experienced homelessness, crime and/or substance abuse—to up-cycle obsolete stock and recyclable items. Much of this waste is provided through partnerships with the corporate sector and would otherwise end up in landfills. Workers process the waste, either rehabilitating material or stripping goods for sale of parts.
Proceeds from this have two benefits.
*First, it provides salaries for workers who otherwise have no work options available to them.
*Second, profits are invested in derelict community spaces, focusing on public spaces which have become havens for crime,drugs and anti-social behaviour.

Taken together, these elements result in a program that can sustain itself, and contributes to a greener city, job creation, and reclaiming derelict urban spaces.anti-social behavior.
I am passionate about prosperous, loving communities and believe an individual can be the catalyst for lasting changehttps://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-frc1/c0.0.93.93/1003456_637702879574260_2051007879_n.pngfacebook.com/handsofhonour
7/28/2013 17:04:34MunizaTararBunyad literacy community council
Quaidaazam welfare society
Rdco Mian wali
Moi.educational society .
Instability in economic conditions of country .
Lack of resources .
Lack of opportunities
Expensive education
Net working .
New opportunities .
Eavsy loans to start up small buisness
Do or die munizatarar face bookMunizatarar [at] hotmail [dot] com
7/28/2013 9:57:51SamiThapaOrganizations :Samida Women Development Forum (SWDF) Kathmandu Nepal

address:Kathmandu Nepal,

Phone number:9803755565 cell

office :014433118

email ;info@samida.org.np, samimiraz2002@gmail.com

web site :http/www.samida.org.

facebook :samimiraz2
Samida Women Development Forum, young single and Domestic Violence group known as SWDF was established in 2011 AD. It is a Non-government Organization and holds no discrimination among women on the basis of their marital status. It is dedicated to create an active network of young single women and domestic violence across national, regional and International levels. SWDF envisage creating just an equitable society where upon the likes of young single women are strengthened and empowered. SWDF defines Divorces and widows as single women through a nation have been effective since the words DIVORCE AND WIDOW are viewed with disdain including humiliation and agony. SWDF actively works to address the rights of single woman in Nepal by working exclusively with and for single woman.
Women in Nepal are discriminated in various aspects of everyday life, right from cultural traditions to laws and policies. The situation of Divorce is even worse with foervasine marginalization from society. Young single women are identified as inauspicious, symbol of ill women and the cause of the leaved of their husband or widows of death of their husband. Furthermore their particular traditions and religious practices of our society which harm physical health and mental style , which lead to aggravation the suffering of single women and lowering their status in the society .
SharmilaThapa, the chairperson of SWDF and also a young single mother who envisioned the need and necessity to fight for young single mothers and proceeded ahead to provide right and justice to the targeted group formed the group.
SWDF is to create a non- discriminatory and equitable society and also to help single women get empowered economically, politically, socially and culturally to live dignity lives enjoying values of human rights. At the moment it is working towards the betterment of young single women in various places in Kathmandu as well as outside. Being a divorced mother myself, I had made me understand the problem that a single mother faces in the developing society of Nepal . I myself had been divorced for more than 8 years and having a son had made me understand the problems and discrimination that a single mother get from this society. Over these years I had applied and also worked in many places and have faced the gender inequality. Well I was lucky that I was educated and also had some skills in my hands. Having completed my diploma in beautician ,I used to have a small beauty parlor, shortly after my divorce. But things don't go on as well as you wish. I was betrayed by a broker who told me that he would send me abroad for my work. Believing that friend I sold my parlor and gave him the money he asked for. But he never showed up after getting the money. Then I knew that I had to do something for my living. I worked on many places and happen to find that everyone just wanted to take advantage and use women. Women are always discriminated.
Then I started thinking about all those single women and mothers in our country. I'm educated and have a bit of skills in my hands but what about those who are uneducated and don't even have any kind of skill, who are divorced, are widow. Who will understand their problems and lend a hand to them?
There is about 2.75 corer people living in Nepal. Hated by the society, discriminated, misunderstood they are always searching for someone who would help them without any negative intention, can understand their feelings and lend them a helping hand. I always wanted to help all those single mother and make them independent. It was impossible to do it individually. Therefore I gathered some trained women to help me out. And that is how this Samida W. D. F was established.
from page
7/30/2013 21:46:46YassinUddiTanzania Care, https://tancare.webs.com
Restless Development, http://www.restlessdevelopment.org/tanzania
Mbeya Paralegal Unit
Lack of self confidence and low self esteem
negative impact of the electronic media
Drug abuse
HIV/AIDS Infection
Reforming the mind of youth via seminar/training and events;instead of only shaping the mind of youth to be employed should go further on how a youth can employ himself/herself.I am the founder and an Executive Secretary of Tanzania Care(TanCare),
"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." Steve Jobs
https://www.facebook.com/pages/TanCare/346954735377251Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yassin-udd/59/898/976
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yacn.udd
7/29/2013 15:24:16NandhiniVenkateswaranCurrently I'm not part of any NGO/ group working for youth empowerment. But I'm involved with an NGO in India that promotes education of underprivileged children among other things (bhumi.org), and and NGO that works for saving the environment and for the welfare of animals (http://indiaenvironment.org/)

1. Confused state of mind, lack of focus on responsibilities - I think conflicting goals (in career and personal life), work stress, high levels of ambition (where other important things like relationships and social responsibility are compromised) are big issues that need to be addressed.

2. Growing up too fast: Loss of innocence in childhood, identity crisis, not open to feedback. Media (Digital and TV, mainly) is a great influence.

I think these are the fundamental problems that stir up others.
An Ex-Googler, passionate about environment and animals, who believes in educating people to internalize their responsibilities towards the environment, animals and society!https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/20848_412494030670_7533363_n.jpghttps://www.facebook.com/nandhini.srambical
7/28/2013 11:23:11sarahverweiThe Giordano Bruno Globalshift University
Syntony Quest
The Shift Network
my iniative is the Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability, a project to show what actions we can make as group global, in a network
1.knowing yourself = changing the world in the world you want to see the world
how you see is how the world is gonna change around you
2.relationships are about trust & safety, honesty and empathy
syntony conversations are about the basic levels of trust and empathy first we open up to have a dialogue, knowing ourselves and others,than learn and share together, seeing possibilities and taking actions global to make the world a better place for our children and their grandchildren
3.think different
4.from systems thinking into systems feeling into systems being is about head,heart,hands introducing this in the world
5. the principles of nature, the universal principles of a love declaration
The idea of Leaders is important for me to help the young generation. Everyone can start at the Giordano Bruno Global Shift University and start dialogues in their environment and connect with me, each month in person or Skype to share/learn and take actions because of the strategical & tactical dialogues. Relationships need to be experienced that it is about being ourselves and trusting that it makes us come more alive if we open up. We are so much more creative and intuitive when we are feeling safe enough. I am offering this experience in a living system, living in the Netherlands and started a group Young Leaders.
* Accelerating World Changing ventures with Lubricated Bolt for the Eco System as Owner from Lubo Technics.com, a coating for bolt, patented, eatable, the first in history.
* Designer of learning systems
* Facilitator
( my work and product is Syntony Conversations, to build on new real deep dialogues) Focus on integral thrivability & Evolutionary Development from a living systems perspective. My experience is Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability, I am introducing this and started a group in the Netherlands. My idea is to start with 1 leader in every town in Holland and Belgium. Introducing this to the schools in our world.
www.syntonyquest.com ( Ambassador)
www.thegiordanobrunouniversity.com ( Ambassador)
( Affiliate)


Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence - Aristotles

Know Your Self Know The World, my philosophy is about everything is being a whole of the system, a living system perspective, living the Universal Principles

Gnothi Seauton ~ my favorite quote

My favorite hero is Prof. Ervin Laszlo, I am a student since 2003 and reading, publishing each day for 4 hours to introduce the people in our world with the paradigma we going through and to inform the young people how we can transform the world together
Researcher, Consultant, Facilitator, Ambassador
Focus on Integral thrivability and evolutionary development from a living systems perspective.
Consultant on life affirming, Future creating and opportunity increasing pathways for organizational change iniatives.
My passion is to apply systems thinking, technology changes to issues of individuals and collective empowerment.
My professional objective is to engage in educational and community - building activities on the design and implementation of evolutionary pathways for self directed thrivable development.

"Arithmetic"~ Facilitating~
Evolutionary Learning Communities.
Systems Thinking
Social Systems Design
Facilitating of learning dynamics
Conscious Evolution
www.linkedin: Sarah Verwei
Google: Sarah Verwei
7/31/2013 17:12:53UnniVikenFamlab Norge
How to deal With reality of life
How to take responsibility of your own life
Understanding yourself
Respecting other people even thou they are different from you
Give children the opportunity and Tools for understand yourself and other people. Parents and Teachers must give children and Young people Methods and Tools to handle their own lives. These Methods must be implemented in upbringing of children and in kindergardens and Schools.Woman, teacher, "parenthood and Teachers must have the philosphy of respect and likeworthy values when it comes to beeing a parent or a teacher.

Jesper Juul - my hero
VikcomFacebook - Unni Viken
MICHAEL ORTNER FOUNDATION, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Ortner-Foundation-MOF/114059105327477?ref=hl
FIRST BLOG-http://michaelortnerfoundation.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html
NEW BLOG-http://mofoundation.blogspot.com/
NOTE About these links; They have been created at a learning level when I did not know well to blog.

1. SKILLS; The Youth may have the vision of what they want to do but the lack of the skills/knowledge to drive that vision may discourage them, cause them to lag back or even abandon the vision of what they may want to do.
2. LIMITED HUMAN RESOURCE SUPPORT; In this area I address the aspect of those knowledgeable in various fields taking on the Youth top support them within the Program field they are involved in. This is not readily accessible to Youths, as more it is readily on selective basis.
3. FACILITATION; The funding is limited to give the youth a foundation to start what they have set out to do.
4. EXPOSURE; Within Africa, unlike other Continents there is so limited exposure to enable the Youths grow in wider knowledge about what they may want to do. This exposure can be directly (through travel tours, attend conferences ) or indirectly through reading materials, Internet.
5. GLOBAL CULTURAL BARRIERS; This is sin a way that it is such difficult thing to have a receptive mindset between people sharing different backgrounds and culture, even within the Youth yet its one way they can share within their diversity to make a positive impact. (Youth to Youth challenge)
1. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT;SOCIAL Networking online and through Conferences, seminars and where possible; sponsor more youths to such events than it is usually done.
Developing more platforms for the Youth Networking/partnerships and collaboration.
[I know of Tallberg Foundation has always done this through the Youth Employment Summits-YES]
2. Sponsorship Packages for Youth Ideal Projects; this need not be based on existence but the difference the Project can make if executed. And also offer them the technical support needed; Expert personnel to work alongside them for mentor-ship purpose.
I am a Christian who believes in existence of God and saved of Him through Christ Jesus, University graduate last year with an LLB and now doing Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I love Servant-hood leadership where I serve others to achieve a common goal.
"Every opportunity life gives me is not personal or not mine, I am but a Steward for those to whom God intends to be passed on to."
[It means, i believe in a life where by when I am in a better place to access opportunities and source more, use it as a platform to source these opportunities bringing them closer to those who would never have accessed them.
"Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many." ( Mark 10:43-45)

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." MARTIN LUTHER KING. JR.
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200653822087515&set=a.1593871446234.77856.1219351387&type=3&theaterEMAIL: kabssvinie@gmail.com
Facebook: KABAALE Vincent De Paul
7/29/2013 12:53:33DeshapriyaWijethungeSUNFO Youth Congress www.sunfosrilanka.org
& Federation of SUNFO Global Youth Forums.
Global Call to Action against Poverty www.whiteband,org
Global Youth Service Day www.gysd.org
Unemployment or under-employment
Youth Migration issues
Higher educational and vocational educational opportunities
Youths role in politics
Access for basic needs food, clothes, housing and health facilities.
Working to achieve Millennium Development Goals.
Involvement of Youth Aspirations in Post 2015 process.

I am Peace Ambassador Dr.Deshapriya S. Wijethunge who pioneered worlds unique Peace and Harmony momentum (symbolizing 11 Major Religions) and Mahatma Gandhi Statue of Non-vigilance in Moratuwa, 10400, Sri Lanka as an initiative of South Asian Peace Youth Camp and also I am the Architect of Federation of SUNFO Global Youth Forums which rally round Youths in 193 UN member Nations,
http://www.sunfosrilanka.org/index.php/sunfo-officials-in-international-forums-1999-2011Face Book: Deshapriya Wijetunge
Email: wije_srilanka [at] yahoo [dot] com
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