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Lynsey FergusonGlasgow28/06/201233
Kate MacfarlaneJohannesburg28/06/201228
Ian RostanceLondon28/06/201256
Iwan ThomasSouthampton28/06/201238
Wenhui HuangMr. Huang often focuses on charities , and contributes a lot to disaster area , specially in 2008?he donated 1 million yuan to Sichuan earthquake-stricken area .And he was elected to be the Torchbearer for 2008 Olympic Games. CR
Trevor MadiganTrevor has worked tirelessly for the Aberdeen amateur athletic club for 30 years coaching all ages and stages while also competing in competitions himself in both High Jump and Sprinting even though he is now 67 years old. He continues to train and coach with the club 4 times a week, attends competitions accross the UK and also in Hungary. He gives up his spare time to officate at competitions and most recently he has been helping to introduce younger athletics into the club. His poor wife had to wait around 5 years for the promised Baltic Cruise as the dates kept clashing with his athletics commitments and Trevor would never miss one. He has helped people train to get up to the required fitness level for police entry. He is truly a remarkable man with real commitment to athletics. When not coaching or competing, Trevor loves to watch the athletics on the tv. He already has high hopes that his 1 year old Grandaughter will follow in his footsteps and be interested in athletics. Trevor has promised to cut down on his training for several years but is still showing no signs of slowing down. It would be a great honour for him to carry the olympic torch and a very proud moment for us to watch him.
Steve O,neill(Wood Group) Steve O'Neill is a senior project engineer and has worked for Wood Group for more than six years. Steve is a highly respected member of staff and demonstrates genuine commitment to the community. Steve has been involved with the 62nd Scout Group in Aberdeen for ten years. He became cub scout header, for 8-11 year olds, which he did for five years. He now helps out with section of the group, is active in organising and running the group's annual family camps, running activities and weekend area camps and helps maintain the scout hut. Steve has run in the Aberdeen 10K for the last 25 years, is active in the company's annual perticipation in the Aberdeen Decathlon and captains several teams. Steve has raised many thousands for charity over the last 25 years. Angus12/06/2012
Tom RichardsonThe opportunity to take part in the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will be a fantastic experience for me. I really look up to Olympic athletes because of their skills and dedication. They are such an inspiration to me, watching them makes me want to take part in many sports. I do play individual sports, but I also like being part of a team and helping my friends have more fun. When I'm not in the team, I go and support them and cheer them on. I think it is important to play sport even if you don't win very often. The dedication of the Olympic athletes is a good lesson for me so I must try my best at all times. Carrying the torch will act as a reminder to try my hardest at everything I do for the rest of my life.
Sharon Culpepper London Borough of Merton23/07/2012
Zenon Ordoñez CarcarI've been a sports lover since childhood, and I've been a runner for the last ten years. I became a member of the 360 RIOJA RUNNERS club two and a half years ago, with whom we take part in different races, but the one that stands out par excellence for me, is the BEHOBIA-SAN SEBASTIAN half-marathon. This year will be my third time as a participant. The first one was very special, but the one I feel most proud of is the second time, as I was able to coach my workmate Maria Rosa, who isn't an habitual runner. Maria Rosa Garcia Lorente says: I'm so lucky to know Zenón, someone who on a daily basis really feels the Olympic values of sacrifice, honesty and hard graft. To carry the Olympic Torch would be very befitting of him, and would be a dream come true, just like it was for me to run the BEHOBIA race, something I only achieved thanks to his support.
Sue Williams London Borough of Merton23/07/2012
Talan Skeels-pigginsWhen Talan taught in my school he was the only teacher that got me interested and enjoying rugby, this was before he had his accident. Since having the accident he has become even more inspirational a lot more people. He has just retired from competitive skiing after taking part in two world championships and a winter Paralympics for Team GB. He is now coaching skiing to both the disabled and able bodied person, mentoring current athletes, and he is going into schools talking about disability awareness and the opportunities that it can provide. Recently Talan has set up a charity (The Bike Experience), in this charity it teaches disabled motorcyclists to get back on the bike using specially adapted motorcycles. If anything Talan has become more of an inspiration after his accident than before. This is the reason for being nominated, for not giving up.
Thora BeddardThora Beddard aged 93 - going on 21: Throughout her life Thora has continuously supported and truly inspired those around her. Thora continues to have considerable influence on all who come into contact with her including her 8 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great grandchildren. Her life is such a rich tapestry. Amongst other things, she has done: At 50 Thora learnt to swim; aged 60 she discovered yoga; on turning 70, in search of something more challenging Thora chose abseiling and later modelled lingerie for the older generation on live TV; in her 80's Thora passed her English GCSE and aged 84 carried the Commonwealth batten in Manchester. Recently, aged 90, she was invited to London to feature in Good Housekeeping magazine about inspirational females with her 9 year old great-granddaughter. A regular visitor to the frail and 'old', Thora is extremely active in her local community. Having penned 6,000 poems and produced many other written articles, 'Thora' speeches (fundraising for charity in memory of her daughter) are legendary and even the broken leg Thora suffered last Christmas didn't daunt her. She reminds us all that she has: "never ever been bored - as she's always made sure she's too busy to be bored". Thora is an outstanding candidate to carry the Olympic batten and it would be a fitting tribute to an astonishing individual, whose life represents an ideal example of munificence, fighting spirit, determination and success to everyone of us.
Shara Brice London Borough of Wandsworth23/07/2012
Raymond TownsendLast year my grandad was given the Lifetime Achievement Sports Award for Pendle area and then for the whole of Lancashire. He has played and worked for Pendle Forest Sports Club for 59 years. During that time he has captained 3 cricket teamsand 2 football teams, playing football until he was 45 and cricket until he was 61 .At different times he has been club secretary, treasurer,and now president. He was cricket secretary for 25 years and organised a district junior cricket league for 26 years. Since 1971 he has organised a '200 club'- a weekly draw which has raised over £50,000 for club funds. In the past 8 years he has helped start up junior cricket teams for P. F.S.C. He taught me to play cricket and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and many other boys. He now umpires, is volunteer cricket grounds man and scores if needed. P.S .Although he had a new knee last year I'm sure, with a bit of training, he would be able to jog the distance with the torch!!.
Simon PaddonSimon organises the Devon Coast to Coast Challenge - a yearly cycle event for charity across Devon. Total raised so far £90,000, and this year's event looks to add to that with another £35,000 (once all in) - pushing the grand total to over £100,000 for local Hospices. 375 riders took part this year- the biggest field yet. The cyclists ride either the 100km or the 100 miles route, with communal breaks to make it a social event. The event also has it's own branding, with it's own logo and cycle top - over 150 tops having been sold so far. Simon is in the process of trade marking the event, such is it's popularity - other charities have tried to copy the idea and name. Simon is proud to say that he was a winner of a Making a Difference Award in 2010, and has since grown the event even further; this is, in no small part, having been inspired to make the event bigger by the 2010 Awards. Simon is known locally as 'the bike ride guy', and regularly gives 100 hours+ a year to build this event into a credible and family based event. It has a unique place in cycle events, being a true challenge - no times are given, and people are encouraged to be social, and support each other - bringing the community of riders closer together. The opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame would be a personal thank you for all the hard work that he has done.
Simeon WakelyWhen I first met Simeon in 2006, he was a very shy retiring child, anxious and extremely lacking in self confidence, but he was determined to learn to swim. However, being severely disabled from birth, his level of disability meant he had a real struggle - he sinks better than he floats!! However it wasn't long before his cheeky, bubbly personality began to shine through and he developed a fierce determination to become as independent as possible in the water. All along the way he rose to the challenges presented to him and always came up smiling in the end. As a testament to his increased confidence and his willingness to look beyond himself and use his abilities for the benefit of others, in 2009 he decided off his own bat, to do a fund-raising wheelchair push round the streets near his home and raised £1,100 for charity. Despite the severity of his disability he has since gone on to participate in other sports including wheelchair tennis and now basketball. Even though health problems mean he is not the strongest athlete and could never reach a highly competitive level, he is a shining example of what can be achieved with determination, enthusiasm and application despite the challenges of a disability.
Sean MaloughDavid Sean Malough (known as Sean) is our Local Hero who has earned the honour to carry the flame for his work leading Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award expeditions and physical skills, and leading the local Scout group. He leads The Scout Group meet every week for lots of different challenges. He arranges a summer camp every year for the Scouts to try out different sporting activities, including swimming, cycling, canoeing & trekking. He gives his free time to young people to encourage physical fitness and stretching every individual's potential. He has refereed local league Somerset & Avon rugby union as a volunteer, has run many charity fun runs & half marathons,and cycles many miles during the week. He also enjoys returning to the coast to have a swim or surf in the sea - whatever the temperature! He would carry the Olympic Flame with honour that befits the event.
Zita VajgelZita is 18 years old. She grew up in SOS villages. Her dream is to ba a physical education teacher to be able to tech kids and give them a better future. She is a great help for her SOS sisters and brothers, she is a step-mother and sister at the same time.
Mike Peel London Borough of Bromley23/07/2012
Suzi MartinMy daughter, Suzanne, is an active member of Explorer Scouts and walked 30km last year (with 3 others) to raise £450 for Keech Cottage Hospice and 50km this year (with the same team) to raise a further £1000 for Keech, despite having had tendon lengthening surgery about a year ago. She is also trying to raise funds for a charity expedition she is going on (with Scouts from other parts of the UK) to Botswana next Summer to assist local scouts there with a building project - she will be doing a sponsored 50 mile walk in October to raise funds. She is an inspirational young person with drive and enthusiasm; she motivates and organises others and has an incredibly strong sense of community. She plans to study medicine, assuming she gets the grades!
Rina DongSince her first appearance at CCTV in 1998, Dong Rina participated in 3 Olympic games, 7 IAAF World Championship in Athletics. Dong Rina has been there to witness Liu Xiang(The most respected and known sports super star in China, 2004 Athens Olympic Gold Medal winner)'s leap and breakthrough since Liu Xiang was 17. Dong Rina was the only authorized reporter to record Xiang's daily life, and she still is. After Liu Xiang's injury in Beijing Olympic, Dongrina will witness how Liu Xiang will return to the top in London, as million Chinese around the globe will cheer for him through Dong Rina's live reporting in London.
Yansong BaiBai Yansong, winner of China's top press award "Chang Jiang Tao Fen Media Award" is a prominent Chinese news anchor and journalist affiliated with CCTV. Bai, known for his articulate and confident style is one of the most influential and favorite TV hosts in China. He became the ambassador for "China Health Communications award" - a health promotion project by the Ministry of Health of China since 2007. Over the four years, he has made outstanding contributions to the dissemination of concept of health to the general public, to promote people developing healthy lifestyles by using his positive image.
Zheng Zhang London Borough of Harrow25/07/2012
Sue Swanborough and Dagenham (London Borough)22/07/2012
Tricia SharpeI am delighted to nominate the truly unique and inspirational Tricia who has been a community leader in Brentwood, supporting young people, including those with disabilities, to enjoy and thrive in the sport of trampolining. For over thirty years she has been involved in promoting the sport in the home of the trampoline, Brentwood. In that time, she has launched two separate Clubs in the town and has trained competitors to the highest level. In recent years, she has been the dynamo behind a huge campaign to build a regional facility in Brentwood - this will finally be completed in Autumn 2011 with a fantastic dedicated hall that will also feature full disability access and a unique 'disability suite'. Trisha has dedicated thousands of hours to promote this project, writing business plans, grant applications and enthusing a huge team of supporters. Over the years, young people who want to just `take part` to those who needed high level training, whilst not forgetting those with access issues, have come to appreciate Tricia`s excellent knowledge - as well as her everlasting love. For the personal coaching of hundreds of young people to her constant planning and fundraising for the new centre, Tricia is an ideal candidate to carry the torch on behalf of Brentwood and she recognises the accolade of even being nominated! The Mayor of Brentwood, who has chosen Tricia`s Recoil Twisters club as her charity, is pleased to support the application.
Tim Sullivan (London Borough)22/07/2012
Seun IbitoyeOluwaseun is this year's recipient of a local sports award as he has shown incredible passion for all things sporty. There is not one night when he does not attend an after school club. Mondays he plays in the Table Tennis Club and has represented the CTC in the Solihull Schools U13s Table Tennis Championships. He plays badminton and he has represented the CTC in the Solihull Schools U13s Badminton Competition and has been recommended for county trials. He attends the Boxing Club on Tuesday, Wednesdays he attends Cross Country and has represented CTC in the Solihull League and has been for county trials, Thursday nights are Dodgeball nights was one of the founder members. Friday nights are basketball and he is the captain of the team. Despite all of this he still manages to find time to play football for the year 8 college team! He also assists with setting up activities during recreational schemes that are run at the CTC during the school holidays. His foster parents have been very supportive of his after school and holiday sporting activities. He has 100% attendance in school and is always cheery, polite committed and is an excellent role model not only for younger students but also for older students and the staff alike. In lessons he is happy to lead and assist others, to develop and analyse his own skills and to commit fully with enthusiasm. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is the perfect choice to represent Birmingham in the Torch Relay.
Susan EvansI am 54 years old, mother to 2 boys aged 35 and 27 and I have fostered children for Solihull L.A. for 22 years, therefore I have been a mother to a lot of children mainly teenagers .For the past 7 years I have been fostering teenagers from other countries this has been demanding and very challenging for me. I have had to learn about other cultures, beliefs and religions, most times at very short notice. Fostering has been very rewarding and I hope to carry on for many years. I would like to represent all foster carers in the U.K. I was unable to purchase tickets for the olmypics and i would be very honoured to carry the touch and take part in the london 2012 olmypics. I have raised a lot of money for charities over the years, £75.000 for B.I.B.I.C based at Bridgewater and £1,800 each for Cancer Research and the Warwickshire Air Ambuance.
Sam CalvertSam Calvert - would love to be a torch bearer. Sam 19 is an inspirational, caring person who has had a positive effect on many people. Sam has taken part in numerous charity events including: two 'Swimathons', Manchester-Blackpool cycle race and two Great North Swims. Aged 17 Sam organised a sponsored triathlon. 120 people took part in this with the sponsor money used to fund a trip to a special school in Morocco where Sam spent a week refurbishing the schools and helping the deaf and blind students there. Other charities that have benefited from his efforts include, Derian House - Chorley, Children with Leukaemia, Epilepsy Research UK. Sam is currently starting his own business to provide teaching resources to school teachers as he is passionate about teaching and good education. Sam has been a swimming teacher for 5 years and has helped teach many young children to swim.
Rizwan YaqubRiz is a young dynamic tutor on the North West Personal Best programme, the 2012 pre-employment volunteering programme a North West Inspire Project. Riz has exceptional motivational skills, outstanding teaching and has built huge rapport with the 53 learners he has taught in Manchester and Warrington. 30/35 learners who have finished the course achieved the award, 7 have found employment and 2 others are waiting to start. All have been inspired to continue volunteering in their local communities. Always positive, Riz was willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it took to support his learners to achieve Personal Best. This often involved working long hours and weekends supporting learners with their event volunteering, keeping in regular contact to ensure they were fully supported. He is quoted as saying, "I'll stay up all night if I have to, to get you through it". Helen Hayes from the RFL said,' I appreciate Riz's support massively, both Riz and his volunteers have made a real positive impact on the RFL programme over the last few months.' Matt Butler a Warrington learner said, "Riz was a great supportive tutor, he helped us with all our problems both in and out of the classroom and always went out of his way to help us"" Riz is without a doubt carrying the Olympic spirit around the North West.
Oakley WoodhouseLloyds TSB, proud Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, has selected pupils from St Christophers school to be Olympic Torchbearers as part of National School Sport Week. . . St Christophers School have used the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to raise awareness of the Olympic values, and healthy and active lifestyles. In form time students completed Olympic booklets educating them about countries athletes and Olympic Values of respect, excellence and friendship. Year 10 performing arts started the week with an opening ceremony performance. Each day there was a country of the day. This determined the food that was on the menu in the canteen and the sporting activities. E.g. For Kenya day we had a 1500m team challenge for students to achieve a personal best and a Kenyan food menu. In addition a goal ball competition took place to raise awareness of the Paralympic Games as well as Inter form softball and rounders. The week saw sports participation increase and more importantly pupils who do not normally take part in sport are keen to continue in the future. Ex student Niki Foster a professional golfer did an inspiring assembly. The initiatives will continue until 2012 Olympics and beyond. To find out more about National School Sport Week please visit
Sue FearnleySue is a 25 year old student social worker in her second year of study. I believe that she in an inspiration to us all because of the time and dedication she has donated to organising and managing a homeless shelter in Lancaster. Sue sleeps over at the night shelter 5 nights a week, whilst working during the day for a family support service, helping children and families who are in need of additional support - as well as studying for a degree to achieve her dream of becoming a social worker. As well as this, Sue recruits volunteers to ensure that the night shelter is open seven nights a week and ensures that all clients have sleeping equipment and food - free of charge. She listens, talks and does her job with the greatest commitment and regard for the individuals she works with. The project she organises and manages saves the lives of others in her community and her dedication and hard work goes un-noticed. Sue loves the individuality of people and always puts the needs of others before hers. She has saved lives through the early identification of strokes, overdoses and the fast thinking when dealing with people who self harm. She deserves to be recognised as an inspirational person for her dedication to the care of others within her community - she has respect and positive regard for everyone she works with, and it isn't a job to her it's just her way of life. If we all treated each other this way the world would be a pleasure to live in!
Ryan ThorntonRyan Thornton was just 19 when his older brother Lee was killed in Iraq. Gunner Lee Thornton, 22, was serving with the Royal Artillery when he was shot and fatally wounded by a sniper while out on patrol. His loss was devastating for the whole family. Ryan is one of the founding members of the SSAFA Forces Help Support Group for Bereaved Siblings. Ryan first came along to the Support Groups to support his mother through what was a traumatic time for her. It was only having seen how much the group helped her that Ryan recognised that he and others like him would benefit from something similar. He has worked hard over the last two years to make sure that anyone who has lost a sibling in service knows about the group. Sharing personal memories and experiences about the death of a family member is a challenge - Ryan has done this numerous times and plans to continue doing so in order to help professionals understand how to better support someone in his position. 'When my brother died in Iraq I didn't speak to anyone about it. But this group helped me build my confidence. We meet up and talk about what we have been through.' Ryan chairs the meetings and welcomes new members to make sure they feel part of the group. He's involved in all of the activities and is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. He also volunteers to work with children with Additional Needs and Disabilities and found the time to run the London Marathon to raise money for the groups.
Rick ClementRichard suffered horrific injuries in 2010 while on active service in Afghanistan. He lost both legs and suffered extensive injuries to his torso and an arm. He does not allow his injuries to get in the way of living a full and active life, including championing the cause of injured soldiers and campaigning successfully for soldiers to have the right to have their sperm frozen before tours of duty. He is a dignified, brave and inspirational man.
Vicky HuytonI have never known anyone as passionate for something as Vicky is for athletics and coaching (for Blackpool AC). She dedicates all of her time to athletics, so much so she literally has no spare time for herself! Here are some things that she does: - She set up a brand new multi-events beginners group in 2007, 200 athletes joining club as a result. -spends 20-30 hours per week coaching hurdlers, sprints group aged 9-15 and a 16 year old 400m sprinter who has achieved English Schools qualification -is a team manager for young/ senior team -Coach athletes with disabilities across Lancashire -Coach two athletes with disabilities, one who is visually impaired and one amputee who could achieve B standard for Paralympics -coaches at schools and football clubs to encourage development of speed and athleticism as well as helping them become passionate about athletics. -coaches Everton Ladies FC to develop their speed -Sits on Women in Coaching Group (UKA) to encourage female coaches - Vicky also won England Athletics North Coach of the Year in 2008 thanks to her hard work and takes her athletes to each of their events on her own time and money so that they do not miss out on any opportunities to compete.
Wendy LoweI ran a marathon when I was 25 years old. I decided that I wanted to prove to myself that I could run a marathon 25 years on, aged 50, so I trained and completed the London marathon in 2006,aged 50yrs. I have continued to run and have completed 8 marathons and several half marathons. I have raised several thousands of pounds for: The cornish hospicies, Childrens Hospice South West and cancer research.
Stacy YoungStacy lost her brother to skin cancer, started the Shades charity to protect school children from Malignant Melanoma, won the BT Chairman's new volunteer's award, is tireless in her pursuit of a cure, having learnt to master the media to continually raise funds to purchase large shades to protect the vulnerable from this fast moving cancer. Stacy has also conquered her public speaking fears to educate children and parents at schools, on the dangers, signs & proactive actions that can be taken to avoid the cancer that attacks younger people. Stacy has raised more than £20,000 involved the local councils in joint funding and has established a programme that gives schools the opportunity to receive brand new shaded areas. Stacy dedicates every minute of her non-work time to the cause, showing many of us how to use motivation to knock down barriers and make a difference to other people's lives
Sam PittsSam is an outsanding sportsman not because he is particularly good at a particulr sport but because he participates so enthusiastically with such enjoyment in any sport he does. Sam has demonstrated some excellent performances in sports such as gym football climbing judo and dance. However it is when he is supporting others as they take part he truely represents the Olympic Values. Sam is exempary when it comes to giving support to teh school house activities. he is always cheering on his team mates and supports the house charity whenever possible. sam struggles academically, sport has given him the opprotunity to experience self worth and achievement. This has allowed his personality to blossom into a fine young man. Sams always gives 110% to every task in school. His drive and determination is infectious to others around him. He is a perfect candidate to recieve this honour and in his own words ` the opportunity would be the proudest moment of my life`
Sasha CarterLloyds TSB, proud Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, has selected Olympic hopeful, 18 year old Sahsa Carter from Lancashire, as an Olympic Torchbearer. Sasha, who won Silver at the World Age Championships was selected because of her commitment and dedication to her sport of Gymnastics and inspiring her peers through coaching and voluntary work she carries out in her community.
Talya JacobsonI have taken on major sporting challenges despite having cerebral palsy a severe visual impairment learning difficulties and epilepsy I love exercising and enjoy riding either a specialised tricycle or a tandem with my Mum I love swimming walking and running too. I have taken part in dozens of charity cycles and fun runs. In 2008 I swam the equivalent distance of the English Channel and last year I completed the Eilat traithlon. Through my participation in these events I have raised over £60000 for the different charities which have supported me and my family over the past 17 years. I wake up every morning grateful to be alive and always have a smile on my face and a spring in my step. My family say that they get so much strength from me and my wonderful attitude to life. I am taking part in another traithlon in October to raise money to help others like me.
Victoria MillettVictoria attends Treloar College for young disabled people and has been voted by her peers as Student President on the Board of Governors for this academic year. Victoria has continued to win medals for swimming with a Gold and Silver at this year's Regional Finals, she has also won a Gold for Javelin. Victoria was also commended for passing her first Performing Arts NVQ Unit in a record time to a high standard.
Tonia GomezI nominate my sister to be our town's Torchbearer. She has been a source of inspiration and strength to those around her for the past two years; not only has she finished her final year in BSc Sports Development and Coaching Sciences, held down two part-time jobs, continued baby-sitting for a neighbouring family and their two children, helped out our next door neighbour as she looked after her ill mother, she has also been at our mum's side as she has battled and won her fight against cancer. My sister has never complained, thought it too difficult or said no to those who have come to her for help. She will always go out of her way to give her best and never make a show about it. She is the one who you know will stand by your side no matter what. I am so proud of her and this nomination is only a token of what she deserves. On top of that she is a sport's fanatic who loves anything to do with sport and I would love to see her carrying our town's torch for the Olympics!I failed a unit in my final year at university so have not finished my degree yet!
Val MylechreestI co-pastor a local church working with the most vulnerable and needy in the Bournemouth Area. I outlive my passion by co-presenting a local community breakfast show and encouraging others to not only dream the dream ... but live it. In short ... we can all live the dream ... O nly by L iving Y our M ain P assion I n the C ommunity Castle13/07/2012
Tony KingTony has been with Morrisons a number of years and taken part in many charity runs and cycle rides, also being the main organiser of Morrisons teams entered in the Great North Run over the years.
Thomas StokesThomas Stokes, affectionately known as TJ, grew up on the Canterbury estate in Bradford (BD5) which falls within the top 0.5% of national deprivation. In 2006, TJ was one of 7 young people to be involved in a football project run by Bradford Charity One in a Million. Since then, he has become an exemplary role model for young people from this area. He has since been a member of the Bradford Youth Parliament, and completed an apprenticeship with One in a Million, gaining him an NVQ in Activities Leadership and an FA qualification as a football referee. TJ is a vital member of the OIAM team, running afterschool play sessions in youth centres in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Bradford, including Canterbury and Bierley. TJ has also recently been accepted into the Manchester School of Acting, pursuing his lifelong dream of being a television actor.
Victoria PearsonI would like to nominate Vicki Pearson for her work within Scouting. Vicki has been an active leader for the Scout Association since 1996 taking on more responsibilities with each new role. Her most recent and current position is Regional Commissioner. She was appointed to the role from the 1st June 2010. Vicki's remit covers the North East of England and her primary responsibility is to directly manage the team of County Commissioners in the North East and support the strategic management and development of the Region. Her experience and passion provides management and leadership skills that will facilitate the further development of the North East Region for young people within the Scouting Association.
Torron-Lee Dewar London Borough of Hillingdon24/07/2012
Zara HallZara is an inspiration to hundreds of Welsh trampoline gymnasts. She began training at 4 years of age and has gone from strength to strength. Zara achieved her ambition to represent Great Britain at 16 years of age, winning Bronze. Since then she has gained a hat-trick of Medals representing Great Britain and Wales.She is the most successful Welsh Trampoline Gymnast for a decade, and is currently the Welsh Gymnastics Gymnast of the Year. Zara is a British Gymnastics qualified Judge and regularly volunteers to judge at Welsh competitions.She mentors younger gymnasts in her community, guiding them to achieve their full potential, and will soon qualify as a British Gymnastics coach. Despite her commitment to Trampoline Gymnastics, she is a star pupil and straight A student. Zara would be proud to carry the Olympic torch, as would her family, friends and fellow gymnasts to support her.
Tony Perrytony my husband was involved in a car accident at the age of 17 years,was hospitalised for 6 weeks, three of those was uncontious, his right side was paralised. he gradually regained his strenght back after years using weights.'
Trevor ChambersMy inspirational nominee is my Dad. Born to a single-mother in war-time, the first in our family to go to University (graduating with a first class degree), he has achieved much in life; he is a loyal and generous husband and father (not to mention grandfather, brother, uncle, friend....), fantastically talented guitarist and erstwhile cricketer. His last job before retirement, as a lecturer at Warwick University, allowed him to educate and inspire many students. In retirement he has become very involved in his local Dorset community. In 1999 a dilapidated church hall was offered for sale to the village of Morcombelake, and after 5 years of negotiations by my Dad, fund-raising (for purchase and significant repairs) lead by my Dad, and his establishing a registered charity, the Hall finally belonged to the village. Having been entirely refurbished, it is now central to the community providing a venue for charity & social events, clubs and classes. One of the most special events is the monthly Luncheon Club for the over 70s, cooked beautifully by my Mum and friends, while many attendees are taxied around by my Dad. The most inspirational thing about my Dad is that he has had such a positive impact on so many people, but has absolutely no idea how special he is.
Tony LanksteadTony always puts customers at the heart of the decisions he makes. Tony has also completed a Skydive for Charity where he raised over £1000 and recently took part in a challenge to paint a local centre for adults with learning needs
Zachary Narvaez and Hove17/07/2012
Tony JefferiesTony has been an athlete for 50 years and a member of Yate & District AC since it was formed. He has run the London Marathon and other marathons around the world, finishing one race in Malta on his knees. Green22/05/2012
Sophie Vaughan-WilliamsSophie throws herself into every activity she does and pushes herself to excel and be the best. From a young age she took up gymnastics and swimming to competition level. In secondary school her focus has been on her studies where she has been predicted 11 A* grades in her GCSEs. She has gained Grade 6 in music (flute) and is currently working on her Silver DoE award. She is an outstanding role model for her peers at school both in and out of the classroom and has been made a "senior student". Out of school she volunteers within the guiding movement and has become a Young Leader, helping to run her local guide pack and finds time to play centre for her local netball team. Although only 15 she already knows she wants a job which will make a difference to people - a paediatric surgeon - no less.
Terry KirbyI would like to nominate my partner Terry, to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for London 2012. It was only about 5 years ago that he discovered running for the first time. Yet in that comparatively short time, he has progressed from being a total beginner, to become the fully qualified Lead Coach at his local running club, Bitton Road Runners in Bristol. His kindness, understanding, technical knowledge and boundless enthusiasm have allowed him to help so many runners, at all levels of ability - and he spends so much of his time ensuring others can both enjoy and improve their running. He would consider it a real honour and a thrill, to be included in our Olympics in this way - and I believe he truly deserves the opportunity to be a part of this momentous occasion.
Wendy MorrellAn inspirational person who's turned full circle, overcoming disability to become a maths teacher, lecturer, pilot and a national standard archer, held two national records and was training to represent GB when a training accident caused a severe brain injury, when struck with a discus. 11 months in hospital and years of rehab followed. After being partnered with an assistance dog, Wendy started advocacy on behalf of disabled people for better inclusion; formed a local access group, became a Vice President of IAADP, has advised the UK government on transport needs of disabled people via DPTAC, currently as Independent Disability Advisor to the Metropolitan Police. She's internationally known as an advisor on assistance dog matters. Wendy plummeted the depths of despair following her brain injury, but now is the woman about town, tirelessly representing the needs of others.
Lance HaggithBromham25/06/201252
Wendy McgonagallWendy's son was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year and has undergone very severe treatment. She has continued to work as an Assistant to our Local Director which is a challenging role and has also raised a tremendous amount for the Cancer charity by organising various events. Her son is 18 years old and has struggled at times but Wendy has been a great support and never lets this get her down. She is truly a great example to her colleagues. Wendy has now raised over £5500 to help the Ninewells Hospital give their cancer patients the best possible experience in their treatment. Dundee is Scotland's fourth largest city and its catchment area also covers Perthshire and Angus. Ferry25/06/201250
Tony BirdWarrent Officer Tony Bird (Air Cadets) = total inspiration. He is 45yrs old and has been a volunteer for the Air Cadets Core for the past 30yrs +. He joined as a cadet at the age of 13 and then became an adult volunteer twice a week. He has inspired many cadets firstly in the Middx wing and now in the Somerset wing. He constantly encourages youths to be the best they can be. He takes part with cadets, never expecting them to do anything he cant . This raises eyebrows as Tony is a lower arm amputee of his right arm. he takes them on expeds to far flung places, revamping schools, bridges, raising monies to enable more to go, he has taken part in pot holeing, absailing, mountain climbing, has been a top marksman, is parade officer and now Deputy Wing Warrent Officer for Devon and Somerset Wing. His motto IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN.. even if it means finding a way to do it together
William SmithWilliam is an inspiring character and he has demonstrated good leadership qualities both in sport and at school. He always encourages others to take part and do their best at whatever team sport he plays. He has been coaching a young football team in his spare time on Saturday mornings and volunteers to help disabled children play sport every week on Tuesday evenings at a club called Burnley Bears. Last summer he helped at Burnley Bears during his school holidays nearly every day. He recently won Burnley Young Volunteer of the Year 2010, Burnley School Sport Partnership Young Sports Leader 2010 and Lancashire Sport Awards Young Volunteer 2010. He is a Young Ambassador, encouraging others to take part in sport and has taken an active part in the Adistars programme at school. He is well liked and respected by everyone in the school from all sections of the community and would be a great ambassador for the community in which he lives and plays.He has recently been made Head Boy at Sir John Thursby Community College.
Thomas BoltonI was born with Cerebral Palsy In 1994. Since the age of 6 I have been devoted to many charaties such as, BBC Children In Need and Red Nose Day as I want to help those who are less fortunate and therefore change lives. To mark ten years of fundrasing, I did a sponsered haircut/shave for Red Nose Day 2011. I would like to carry the olympic torch in honour of people who are disadvantaged or suffering. This is the reason I donate to these charities, hoping that the money i give will change millions of lives.
Rick WesolowskiWhen Ric began coaching at Ramsbottom swimming club he did so to help out as his own children learned how to swim. Thirty years on, Ric's children have swum, alongside many other children, left the club and he is now seeing the children of those he taught coming to swim. Ric's enthusiasm and coaching skills have given thousands of local children the opportunity of not only to learn to swim but to compete at the highest of their own ability.Ric is a dedicated and commited person who had given so much of his time encouraging and supporting swimmers over the decades. His dedication has built the club from a small club, competing at local level into a seven times a week, regional and national competition club. Even now, after thirty years, the easiest place to find Ric is at the pool running the training sessions or at weekends supporting swimmers at events throughout the UK. Ric encourages all people who pass throught the club to do their best and be proud of their achievements. The encouragement and friendly atmosphere he creates ensures that swimmers remain enjoying the sport and teaching at the club, even when their fastest competition days are behind them. Ric is a well respected and inspirational member of our local community who has put so much in and truly deserves a moment to shine.
Sally HadleyI hope to continue chartity related work involved with swimming.I have already taken part in the Marie Curie Cancer Care Swimathon 2011 & I aim to participate in the 2mile Great North Swim in June 2012 as I will then be 16. I hope by being team captian of Bury & Elton ASC I can inspire and encourage young people to take part in the sport of swimming.I also hope to volunteer and train to be a coach at B&E so to have an active role in teaching swimming shaping the future of the sport. Volunteering at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is greatit's a perfect way to help with the care of many rescue animals.Being 15 I can only walk dogs here & help out at open days so I promote these to my peers & will aim to increase my involvement when I am older.Sallyteam captain of B&E ASCshows her passion for swimming by encouraging others to participate. Volunteers at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. St Anne's23/06/2012
Paul BardenCambridge25/06/201250
Steven StoreySteve manages not only a full time job at Rufus, but also a disability, and in the past 2 years has also taken on the care of his sister in law`s two young children (who died suddenly) which has impacted significantly on both his and his wife`s day-to-day life.. Steve has also raised a substantial amount of for charity over the years; taking part in the London Marathon and several Microsoft Challenge events where he`s really demonstrated how much of an inspiration he can be. He`s also an incredibly reliable, solid, loyal and valued member of our team.
Tony TillbrookeMy dad, is one of the seventeen "Everpresent" who have run every single London Marathon. This is a testament to his determination because he has suffered many physical setbacks, including a terrible skiing accident four months before the 1989 event, which he ran with the addition of several steel screws to his leg. In 1986 he was involved in a horrific car crash and his legs appeared completely crushed to all around including the firemen attempting to rescue him. He has no memory of the event and awoke days later in hospital to an amazing yet ridiculous account of his argument his rescuers. As they approached the car with a chainsaw and the intention of amputating his legs to rush him to hospital, he awoke and in a calm stern voice told them on no account where they to remove any limb but instead to cut the car away from him. He protested so much that they agreed and amazingly his legs were fine! He will be seventy-one next month and doing the marathon is more of a challenge every year but he has been determined to continue until the Olympic year inspired in part by Whizzkids, the charity he donates marathon sponsorship to, which provides wheelchairs and sports equipment to the severely handicapped. He has never raced beyond an amateur level, competing in track-cycling in Singapore with the air force and marathons all over the world, but he would have loved to do both at a professional level, and feeling involved in the Olympics would help fulfil this lifetime ambition. Garden City08/07/2012
Sam WildingSince being at school, Sam has always shown great committment to his school work and outside interests. He is a conscientious student and has shown a good level of academic achievement. He is part of the West Bromwich Albion Football Academy and has been playing for his club for 4 years. He has shown enthusiasm for all sporting activities and has represented the school for both football and cross country Wyrley30/06/2012
Zak Lee-GreenLloyds TSB, proud Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, has selected Olympic hopeful, 21 year old Zak Lee-Green from Cardiff, as an Olympic Torchbearer. Zak, who won the Junior Quad at the Home Internations Regatta, was selected because of his commitment and dedication to his sport of rowing and inspiring his peers through coaching the junior sqaud in his local community.
Steve WilsonMy Dad, Steve Wilson is inspirational to me and others for several reasons. He has just completed the London marathon in aid of the NSPCC and raised over £2000 in the process. He is not a runner and did it just for the good of a charity putting himself through the pain and dedication of training for a great cause.
Victoria SwainVictoria served a tour of Afghanistan in 2010 for the Royal Engineers and was not only brave enough to serve the forces for 6 months but also as an IED searcher and bomb disposal expert. She was the first ever female to do this role in Afghanistan and worked in some of the most hostile and notorious areas of Helmand. At 25 and even 8 years my junior, Victoria is not only one of my best friends but my personal hero. Bourton23/05/2012
Suzanne BallSue is an inspiration to many young children she has dealt with within her years within the Scout movement. Every weekend she is helping someone, either directly or helping someone help them. Many of her week nights are taken up running her cub pack and district meetings or supporting other groups. On a personal level whenever I have had a hard day at work or feeling unwell, Sue will be at the end of the phone to listen, chat and offer moral support. She has taken days for work to escort the school children up to London and always with a smile. I know there are lots of deserving people who would like to carry the flame but in my heart I know that Sue would relish and take seriously the honour and priviledge the flame carrying would offer. I also know she would share her experience with the many children she come in contact with.
Sean Elkins London Borough of Camden26/07/2012
Reena Silva London Borough of Bromley23/07/2012
Sue CogleySue is a founder member of Paddlers for Life Dragon boat Team, survivors and supporters of Breast cancer.We Paddle each sunday from Low wood Marina ,Windermere where we have 2 beautiful 42 foot dragon boats and provide support and exercise following diagnosis,treatment of Breast cancer our members cover all the North west and Sue has been very successful in helping to implement the set up of teams in Scotland so we are now known as Paddlers for Why Sue ?? Well she is a truly inspirational Breast Cancer survivor who strongly believes exercise and ''Paddling'' has a positive effect on you coping with cancer and its treatments and is trying to succeed in it becoming a national programme of exercise following diagnosis.If anyone had ever said to me I would be in a Dragon Boat following Breast cancer I would of laughed as I am scared of boats and water but something changes after a Cancer diagnosis and Sue and the team were there to pick up the pieces and help me back on the road to recovery. Sue is definately our guiding flame in Paddlers and is perfect choice to carry the torch which she would do so proudly and where she will continue to shine brightly for all the Breast Cancer survivors in the Uk and around World. Thankyou June
Will SmithMy 16 year old son Will was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2009. Despite intensive chemotherapy as an inpatient and outpatient, numerous emergency admissions and a time in Intensive Care, Will has never once complained - always answering that "there's no point, it won't change anything." Will's love of sailing, shooting, cycling and horse riding has given him a goal and kept him going through some very tough times. He has desperately tried to keep up with his studies and is taking his GCSEs as planned. Will is still on maintenance chemotherapy but carries on living each day to its full and has recently raised £608.00 doing an abseil in aid of The Oncology Outpatient Department at Birmingham Children's Hospital. His next challenge is a parachute jump for Teenage Cancer Trust. Will would be a brilliant choice as a bearer of the Olympic Torch. Not only is he a keen sportsman, he's a truly inspirational young man who although facing the horrendous challenge of Cancer can smile, keep his sense of humour and teach us all very valuable lessons. Will is great fun to be with and this is reflected in the huge number of friends and admirers he has - of all ages!!!
Zoe McbethZoe is an old school friend who has started an incredible journey this year in the name of charity, Walk the Walk in aid of breast cancer after 2 of her best friends were diagnosed. Her mission is simple but awe inspiring 1 year, 1 girl, 1000 miles. She is a full time teacher, a mother of two boys who in my mind is doing something extraordinary and fits into the whole ethos of the olympic games and the captures the spirit of our great nation of decent ordinary people doing their bit for charity xx
Tracy McgillEveryone can be involved in sport. It develops self confidence and improves lifestyles. Its amazing to coach people sport and see them growContinue to work in sport and develop more sports and activity sessions for children to inspire and educate them to live an active life. Develop my kickboxing club & enable students to meet their fitness & training goals. Work with schools to deliver in school self defence lessons. Coach more students and pass on my passion for sport inspiring students to reach the highest grade they can and pass on their knowledge to new students. Continue to develop the clubs fighting squad & travel abroad to competitions and continue the students success. I would also love to train a future world champion. Work hard to pass on my passion for sport to as many people as possible to improve their health fitness well being & bring a smile to their face.
Susan MillerMy mum Susan Miller, is a single parent, and has fostered over 70 children. She takes on some of the most difficult to place children and never turns away a child in need of a home. As well as caring for children with learning difficulties and/or behavior problems she works with them to help prepare them for the outside world when they eventually have to leave her care. As well as looking after the foster children, my mum also works as a teaching assistant in the local school, again working closely with children on a one-to-one level and whole classes to help those who have learning difficulties. At the age of 60 she has also just passed her maths GCSE exam, in order to better help her teaching. She is also a keen runner, having completed 2 London marathons, several half marathons and the Great North Run in 2009. My mum would be very proud to carry the torch.
Sophie WarnerSophie's passion is netball. As well as playing she coaches a youth team and she has set up 'Back to Netball' clubsI want to build my Junior Netball Club which I run on my own on an entirely voluntary basis. Currently I can cater for girls aged 11 - 17 and my aim to expand to welcome youngsters aged 7 - 11 to play as well. I want for the girls to be able to access and enjoy playing a team sport and to show them that team sport is a healthy and fun way to stay out of trouble and get fit and healthy. By becoming a torch bearer I hope to bring more visibility to our wonderful sport and encourage more women and girls to give it a go. In addition I want to encourage young girls and boys to become Young Leaders and help them learn about Umpiring and Coaching Netball by being a strong & confident role model for them.
Tony WorthTo enable to continue to play with my children I have taken up jogging once more and am feeling the benefits already. More stamina for football and trampolining especially and the kids are loving it! Passion '" Sports Play football, frisbee, golf (or hitting as my 2 year old boy calls it) with my children and nephew and take my children to Coventry City.
Simon Duffield-HardingSimon joined a local football team when his son wanted to play football. He became very involved with the team and is now Director of the football academy which has 13 teams and 200 children. He ensured that he was successful in his voluntary role by taking additional qualifications in his own time such as FA certificate, First Aid and Child Protection.
Sarah BlightI am nominating my mother Sarah Blight to beome a torch carrier. Her grandfather Ted Warren was in the British Olympic Team in Paris in 1924 and again in Amsterdam in 1928 when he won a bronze team medal in gymnastics. My mother has been an inspiration to me and to my sister all our life. She has worked with young people in youth group settings for years and has taken young people on camps, held youth events at our house and always been there as a friend and confidante to so many youngsters. She has worked in a Primary School for 17 years as a school secretary and has regularly held school assemblies to encourage young people to do the best they can and to reach for their dreams. For the last 12 years she has been involved with a charity, Amigos Worldwide, originally started by three of her friends. She has personally been responsible in finding sponsors for 36 children in Uganda enabling them to receive the much needed education that they would not otherwise receive. She has also encouraged others to visit their sponsor children in Uganda and has just returned from a trip where she was working with girls aged between 15 and 25 who had been affected by rebel forces. She tirelessly raises funds and awareness for the poor and underprivileged and makes a way for all to be involved who want to make a difference in this world. My mothers biggest hero was her grandfather and to carry the olympic torch in his memory as a bronze team medallist would be a great honour.
Shaun White London Borough of Merton23/07/2012
Twinelle Hopeson London Borough of Croydon23/07/2012
Suki Barton and Dagenham (London Borough)22/07/2012
Rosie HollisRosie is working very hard to lower the age limit for cervical cancer screening after being diagnosed with it aged just 24. Amazing woman!i hope to raise more awareness of cervical cancer in younger women and girls i was diagnosed at the age of 24 and there is not a lot of help and support so i do my best to raise awareness. I work with my local pct and we are in the middle of making a video about symptoms in younger girls. Which will also be used to train nurses! I hold stand and information tables in doctors to give people any leaflets they may want. I also have my facebook page and my blog which people also diagnosed see that it isnt the end of your life... hopefully! I probably can't have a baby which is what my heart desires but im alive and while im here im going to raise as much awareness as i can and help anyone i can! and have fun doing it! im happy to be alive...
Simon FosterMadison suffers from neuroblastoma which is a form of caner. When she's well & happy it brings joy to us all.Madison hopes to get well soon so she can play out with her friends without the worry of catching a cold and falling ill. She is also looking forward to being able to go back to dance class which she loves a great deal. Suffering from a rare childhood cancer has meant that she has missed school but works hard at home and when she can get to class she would love to tell her friends that she was able to carry the olympic flame next year it would be a massive achievement has her doctors gave her a prognosis of 6 months thats was 2 years ago!
Thomas TaylorThomas is an outstanding young local sportsman. He is a member of the GB Archery Youth squad and has represented England in international tournaments, achieving team and personal gold medals. He has been nominated for Derbyshire young sportsman of the year and has had several articles written about him in the local newspaper. His school also nominated him as an `Olympic Ambassador` to promote sport and sportsmanship in local schools. He has inspired many youngsters in his sport, being always positive and helpful, giving time and advice freely. He is committed to his sport, having to fit in training sessions with his busy school life; this has been a very busy year but he has managed to fulfil all of his commitments without complaining. He is a very quiet and unassuming character - he would be absolutely bowled over to have the opportunity to be an Olympic torchbearer. upon Trent30/06/2012
Sarah Springman London Borough of Lambeth26/07/2012
Suman GurungYegyaraj Sulman Gurung (17) has been a valued Red Cross shop volunteer in Doncaster for the past seven months. Currently studying for A-levels, he volunteers every Saturday and during school holidays - working at the till, sorting donated goods, pricing clothes and pretty much doing anything that is asked of him.
Samuel HortonSamuel is an exceptional young man.He has an excellent aptitude and discipline in all that he undertakes. As part of the UKs Olympic pledge and as a Sports Leader he has twice been to Brazil with International Inspirationat his own cost.Here he was a spokesperson for his school and assisted in taking sport to a deprived favella area in Maceio. He is a natural athlete and sportsman.Throughout his life he has dedicated himself to learning different sports. He is a gymnast and coaches children at the local sports centre and a qualified life guard at the pool. At school he is Deputy Head Boy where he gives up his free time to help his peers and younger pupils in their learning.He runs and organises a street dance class after school. The opportunity of being part of the torchbearers would be a great reward for Samuels continuing efforts. upon Trent30/06/2012
Wendy PittendrighWendy is truly inspirational. She is one of the most caring and nurturing people I have ever met and her enormous circle of friends bears testament to this. She is always there for everyone and is the centre of a real social and support network in the local community. She is a cancer survivor and has supported her husband through many bouts of illness. She raises money for cancer charities and is currently on a trip to South America where, among other things, she is working in a school and an orphanage. At the leaving party, a huge number of people turned up to wish her and her husband well on their trip. As she blogs during her time away, the number of followers is incredible. I think we all wish we could be a little more like Wendy! I believe that there are many people in our local area who would truly love to see her carry the flame so I really hope she is selected
Tom BrophyRecently Tom has sailed in many big regattas and has achieved the following results: RS200 Europeans 2010 Lake Garda - 15th overall (as crew) RS200 Nationals 2010 Scotland - 16th overall and recorded our first race win as well as coming second youth for the second year. RS 200 Open Circuit 1st Exmouth 2009, 3rd Exmouth 2010, 3rd Parkstone Open 2008, 5th Youth Championships 2009. RYA Youth Team Racing Championships 2009 2nd Overall Parkstone YC team Commodores Challenge team member in 2008, 2009 and part of the 2010 winning team. He has also been invited to the qualifiers for the British Keelboat Academy in September 2011. In addition to his racing results, he has tried to give something back to the sport by using his skills and knowledge to help others and teach them how to sail. In the summer of 2009 he qualified as an RYA dinghy instructor and since then he has coached Cadet sailors on Tuesday evenings and has organised and run coaching days for his club's RYA On Board Scheme. He says that ' Being able to share and encourage others to sail and see the people I'm teaching having a great time on the water is something that I take immense pride in. This is surely what the Olympic Games are about "not just the winning but the taking part" to applaud all the competitors, not just the winners.' With this attitude he deserves to be a torch bearer taking the games and their ethos forward.
Wil Fields-jewell Grinstead25/06/201218
Tyler Saunders London Borough of Ealing24/07/2012
Tony CollinsTony is a wonderful example of a young man overcoming problems to participate in the sport of athletics. As was the case with his younger brother Neill (see separate nomination), Tony was born with learning disabilities and was educated at a special school. When he was 14, he joined Havering Mayesbrook Athletic Club training with a middle distance group. His limitless enthusiasm for the sport saw him improve rapidly and become a regular member of the Club's young athletes' teams. In more recent years, Tony worked through the junior and senior ranks competing regularly at distances between 800m and 3000m. His talent led to him being selected some 14 years ago to run for the Great Britain team for athletes with Learning Disabilities and, in the intervening years, Tony has been a regular member of the team competing all over Europe and as far afield as Brazil, South Africa and Australia. He is an excellent example of a young amn who has successfully overcome considerable difficulty in everyday life to achieve at a high level on the sporting stage. Being involved in the London 2012 Torch Relay would be a fitting acknowledgement of his achievements. May I recommend that, if selected, Tony should be allowed to run with his brother Neill.
Steve GoodeySteve has worked for BBC Outside Broadcasts for nearly 40 years covering many major sporting events including every Summer Olympics since Seoul in 1988. Joining OBS in 2009 was a unique opportunity to have a role in bringing the London Olympics to the world and showing what a great location London is to hold the best sporting event ever.
Kyle McleanPupils come to our service on the point of permanent exclusion from their mainstream school. Since Kyle`s arrival he has strived to make positive choices about his future and overcome his personal challenges. Kyle typifies all the Olympic ideals he has been friendly, he has tried to be excellent in all aspects of his life and he is always polite, well mannered and respectful to members of our community. St Edmunds07/07/2012
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