Campo Clubs 2018-2019
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Club Name
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Brief description of clubClub Advisor's Room NumberTimestamp
Academy XMrs. MadraThe Academy X club is an immersive STEM enrichment program where students can work together in order to design/create innovative and hands on projects that have an effect on the world. D99/17/2018 20:51:46
Asian culture clubNicole SchwantesDiscuss Asian trends and go on field trips and hangout9/15/2018 11:05:02
Astonomy ClubRene GillibertTo educate and entertain those passionate about astronomyG49/17/2018 18:25:59
Badminton ClubMr. DygertRecreational club for badminton-lovers, daily matches and tournamentsBig Gym9/5/2018 15:34:03
Bhangra ClubMrs. MadraWe fun and express ourselves through Bhangra, a traditional North Indian folk dance. This will be performed mainly to serve the public, such as in retirement homes.D99/17/2018 20:53:12
Binder Hospital ClubMrs. HerzigOrganizational advice and materials. Welcoming place to eat lunch. E69/17/2018 19:12:34
Black Student UnionPatrick Tuner Black student union E82/7/2018 11:25:46
Book ClubSarah MorganRead books!Library9/5/2018 20:35:18
Brazil ClubJustin SeligmanWe learn about the culture and events in Brazil. We also talk about the economic and political issues happening currently. This year we will also talk about the safety issues happening. With food and refreshments.T29/7/2018 10:32:28
Bring Change to MindWrobel/Milham/O'Mearamental health awareness/editation/mindfulness clubCounseling9/5/2018 13:08:18
BSU (Black Student Union) Partick Turnerwe discuss occasional controversial topics E99/7/2018 10:31:24
Business-EntrepreneurshipMr. DoyleTo F49/14/2018 11:47:19
Campo Dungeons and DragonsPaul VerbanszkyThis is a club for creative role playing. We organize and run games and teach people how to play. These games foster creativity and allows students to express themselves through elaborate stories and adventures as the players make up the story as they go with the guidance of a Dungeon Master.9/5/2018 13:15:56
Campo Math TeamNita MadraThe Campo Math Team represents Campo in national and regional competitions. It is for all students interested in mathematics and mathematics competitions.D-99/18/2018 0:11:25
Campo rap club Mr.Seligman Students can learn how to rap, female their raps and help one another with confidence and making their own songs Tech 2 9/5/2018 13:25:34
Campolindo Academic Decathlon TeamPaul VerbanszkyAcademic Decathlon (AcaDeca) is an international program in which students compete in regional, state, and national tournaments. They learn information from study guides (purchased from United States Academic Decathlon) and are tested on this information. Other competition events include essay, interview, and speech. The team can also participate in community activities such as movie nights, weekend field trips, and potlucks.M-39/7/2018 10:46:13
Campolindo Asian Culture Appreciation ClubMs. Regoto educate and expose campolindo students to many aspects of asian culture9/7/2018 13:02:23
Campolindo Dance TeamMr. SeligmanWe will be doing dance workouts and choreographing routines to preform 9/5/2018 13:09:22
Campolindo DebateSarah MorganCompetitive speech and debate club, attends tournaments several times a monthLibrary9/7/2018 10:27:14
Campolindo Key ClubMs. Webb-PeploeKey Club is a student-led volunteer service organization that emphasizes community and spirit as well as leadership skills and service.E6 (meetings to be held in D11)9/7/2018 10:27:37
Campolindo Photography ClubMs SweeneyPhotography club designed to give students a welcoming environment to share their art and introduce new techniques.B69/13/2018 21:48:41
Campolindo Poetry ClubMs. MorganA safe place for students to express themselves through poetryLibrary9/5/2018 13:12:27
Campolindo Red Cross ClubCampolindo Red Cross Club is officially registered through the Red Cross organiszation. All members of the club will be registered volunteers through Red Cross. The club will do mission related services related to Red Cross like fundraising, preparedness projects, and more!9/8/2018 19:46:37
Campolindo Robotics ClubMs. Madracompetes in robotics competitionD9
Campolindo Technovation ClubMrs. MadraA club for girls interested in technology; girls in teams code apps to solve a problem in the community.D99/14/2018 10:57:14
Campolindo Vinyl Records ClubJohnny JohnsonDuring luch we listen to a variety of music on vinylM19/12/2018 13:06:26
Cancer Awareness on CampusMrs. HerzigTo raise awareness of the various types of cancer, fundraise for different associations, and coordinate fun events!E99/16/2018 20:35:31
Compassion in ActionCollette Sweeney Students will attempt to raise money and hold drives for refugees in California. They will also have discussions about refugee issues and attend events outside of school. B69/13/2018 20:29:13
Couture for a CauseMr. WillyFashion club hoping to promote individuality and appreciate self expression through clothing. We will organize fashion based charity events and educate students on possible careers in fashion.C149/8/2018 21:13:06
Craft ClubMs. Webb-PeploeMake friendship bracelets, rainbow looms and seasonal craftsE99/5/2018 13:14:15
Creative Writing Clubunknown at the moment We will meet once a week to come together and discuss writing strategies and also use that time to write to prompts 9/7/2018 10:31:32
Cube ClubMrs. KuefnerTeaching students to solve the Rubik’s cube.B109/14/2018 15:17:00
Dead Artists ClubMs. LangstonWe will be learning about art history and make projects mimicking various painters' styles during our meetings. We will also have several field trips to art museums in san Francisco.9/9/2018 9:51:03
Drama ClubMcNevinJust a group of people with a passion for acting and a love for the theatre! 9/7/2018 10:40:10
English Exchange *subject to changeRoxanne JackmanTeaching English to kids in Vietnam through FaceTiming9/5/2018 13:11:13
Environmental ClubTren KauzerWe manage the campolindo garden and recycling programs on campus. In addition we educate our peers about the importance of living sustainably and run many environmental initiatives both on campus and through our partner Global Student Embassies. We also run the GSE spring break service trips.D19/16/2018 22:26:53
Fashion Appreciation ClubMs. Langston We will watch and review fashion shows, big fashion events and red carpets. D29/7/2018 10:28:07
Fundraising ClubMrs. KerrWe will be raising money through various events such as bake sales, musical performances/talent shows, auctions, etc. and donate the money to different charities around the Bay Area.F59/13/2018 16:18:19
Girls in Tech ClubTeach elementary school girls about technology/robotics/computer science 9/5/2018 13:14:29
Global Action ClubThis club is centered around learning about new cultures, exploring opportunities to volunteer abroad, and raising funds for humanitarian projects around the world through the Rustic Pathways Foundation.9/10/2018 22:49:05
Got $10?Mrs. Dhaliwal This club is meant to raise money to feed and educate kids who live in slum towns in India, specifically Mumbia. This summer, I worked in at Aarambh, an school/ daycare in Mumbai, and I had the opportunity to teach the most adorable children. I want to form this club to raise awareness and money for these impoverished, deserving children to give them a chance for education and a meal everyday. For one year, one child can be fed with just $10! Come join my club and be the next one to help feed the sweet, yet impoverished, kids I had the chance to meet!9/13/2018 17:32:11
Health Occupant Students of AmericaMrs. JackmanThe mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.G29/7/2018 16:14:36
InteractWe are a community service club, the high school branch of the rotary club of Moraga9/5/2018 20:27:27
Inventor's Clubn/aA club for people who are dying to turn their ideas into reality by sharing and creating them with other students.n/a9/7/2018 10:32:14
Jewish clubMs.HensonOur Jewish club is to appreciate Jewish heritage and Jewish values and meet new people. A139/5/2018 13:26:37
Kaiju ClubN/A The club is everything Kaiju (or giant monsters if you prefer). Watching Kaiju movies, drawing Kaiju, or even watching YouTube videos about Kaiju! Whatever works for us.9/7/2018 10:42:53
Latinos Unidos Del Toro or Martinez A place for everyone to come and feel like they have people who support them and a place where they belong. We have food, listen to music, and talk together. Sometimes we have activities to do and projects. C5 or C13 9/7/2018 10:36:01
Leo ClubMr. Schoenvolunteer service club, high school version of the Moraga Lions clubA119/7/2018 10:25:11
Let's Rally TogetherHelp make tennis more accessible to those who are underprivileged and have special needs. We collect and donate tennis rackets to organizations such as Special Olympics Northern California, and plan tennis clinics for the disabled.9/6/2018 13:18:49
Make a Wish ClubWe raise awareness and funds for Make A Wish Foundation and build a community of friends in the process 9/5/2018 13:23:03
Mandarin ClubSabrina WunA place to learn mandarin culture and language.c119/7/2018 10:43:30
Marine SciencesMarines Sciences Club provides anyone an opportunity to learn more about the Ocean, or just connect with people who already are.9/9/2018 17:56:54
Metamathematics ClubUndecided"Proving things about proving things;" studying model theory and set theory as well as theorems of formal logic like Godel's theorems, Lowenheim and Skolem's theorems, and Henkin's theorems.Undecided9/7/2018 10:35:33
Mock TrialBostick, PetroccoParticipates in Contra Costa County Office of Education Mock Trials and Moot Courts. F49/5/2018 13:11:59
Model United NationsMr. BoydSimulation of the United Nations - students pretend to be part of international organization and use debate and speeches to speak with delegates from other schools to solve world issues.E109/12/2018 22:31:18
Mountain Biking ClubMr. SchoenCampolindo Mountain Bikers meet together to discuss mountain biking and coordinate rides over the weekend.A119/16/2018 11:38:58
Movie Analysis Club, Make Someone Smile Club
watching movies and talking about the effect it had on society and how it represents society at the time, doing small acts of kindness for random people in the community9/5/2018 22:13:14
Music for the Soul ClubMr. JohnsonNon-profit organization for performing music concerts for senior housing unitsM1 9/5/2018 15:33:11
Nature & Photography ClubMrs. FisherA club for people who love going on local hikes, walking on the beach, taking photos, and everything in between!A89/14/2018 14:59:51
Oakland Strokes Rowing Appreciation ClubMrs. AlessandriaWe love the sport of rowing and want to spread awareness and appreciation for the sport. B139/14/2018 14:23:08
Ocean Cleanup ClubMr. JohnsonWe will be discussing ocean cleanup and taking trips to the beach to clean up trash9/7/2018 10:27:52
Ocean ClubMs. HensonWe educate people on how much trash and pollution impacts the ocean life. We also go to beach cleanups. (On weekends)E99/5/2018 13:23:46
Photography ClubMs. Sweeney’s This will help people who are and are not taking photo class as an art. It will help to expand their creativity and learn more about the basics of photography and how simple, yet fun it is to do it.B69/5/2018 13:11:24
Pick-up Basketball ClubDygertOur club is a organized 3v3 (possibly 5v5) basketball league that plays games at lunch Mondays and Wednesdays. We will have set teams on the first meeting and a bracket for the year.Gym9/10/2018 12:11:37
Poultry ClubMr. Wildermuth We aim to inform others about chickens D59/10/2018 6:50:39
Project Music UnlimitedJohnny JohnsonProject Music Unlimited is a group of students dedicated to spreading music to those who do not have access to instruments or a music program, through donated instruments, restaurant fundraisers, tips from farmers' market performances, etc.M19/7/2018 10:28:28
Project Open HandsMichelle Alessandria Organizing events for the special needs community; Halloween carnival, basketball, and baseball event. B 139/14/2018 21:21:55
Quiz BowlChugh Jeopardy style trivia G19/5/2018 14:37:54
Sailing ClubMs Webb PeploeWe are a sailing club/ team that trains in FJ sailboats and competes in regattas around the stateE99/14/2018 15:05:35
Science BowlMr ChughScience competition G19/5/2018 14:35:11
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)BostickWe host meetings in F4, creating a safe space to learn about and discuss the LGBTQ+ community, working to foster a more accepting environment here at Campo.F49/14/2018 12:57:41
SMed ClubRay AlbientoTo have fun and to help teach the members of the club the basics of Sports Medicine. G59/17/2018 13:21:29
Spikeball clubMr. DuffyWe would practice and play spikeball either for competitive reasons or just to have fun
In the E building(sorry don’t know which room)
9/5/2018 15:44:00
Stem RisingMs. HalleClub created to inspire students to pursue STEM in their future.D119/17/2018 15:35:00
Sticker ClubOur club is a place where you embrace your differences, all people of all grades are welcome. Not only will our club have cool stickers but we hope that our club with have a welcoming enviornment. A place where anyone can come to eat lunch, talk, or enjoy our cool stickers.9/5/2018 13:19:37
Student Africa Library Project (S.A.L.P)fundraiser/book drives to help build libraries in Africa (through the African library project)9/7/2018 10:41:03
Students Talking for UnderstandingMr. SchumannOur club is a place where students from all sides of the political spectrum can come to discuss social and political issues in a healthy and excepting environment. It is a place for discussion and progressive arguments that will further students ideas of differing ideas and hopefully help us “reach across the isle”. 9/7/2018 10:36:44
Tea ClubMs. JackmanWe drink tea and learn about the history of tea and the country we haveG22/7/2018 10:25:56
Tennis Club?We will have a tennis drive to collect money and supplies for children who cannot afford tennis supplies.?9/7/2018 10:36:11
The Campo Cat A ListMr. Ryan BoydWe produce a quarterly arts and literary journal of Campo students work, accessible from the Campolindo home page announcements. We meet as a club to work on the journal, celebrate issue releases, supportive teachers and contributing artists and writers. We hold open events and promote efforts to encourage student art and writing such as NaNoWriMo, Academy doodle times, and service events such as creating cards for members of the military service in conjunction with the Moraga Library. Every member of the club is expected to contribute by bringing in writing and art submissions for the Journal each quarter, talking about the Cat A List with teachers and classes, and by working on the journal and at our service events.E102/10/2018 14:09:05
The StartupMrs. Sarah MorganOur team will be working to build an app for high school students using the principles and practices for building a startup from a couple books. We will model real life companies and projects and learn the way entrepreneurs operate. This will be an ongoing project and new students may join and leave but hopefully everyone takes away skills that will help them succeed in the world of business. The app is a social media platform oriented around school and students' needs. Library 9/9/2018 13:07:10
Theatre Tech Club Mark RobertsWe work all the "techie" stuff inside the CPAC. We learn how to program and use the light board, mix on the sound board, signal path, general theatre tech and so much more. We operate all the shows that occur at Campo, such as choir/band/orchestra concerts and the musical and we even do some outside work as well. M29/6/2018 20:31:50
UNICEF Clubn/aFundraisers to help children in need, working with UNICEF organization n/a9/5/2018 13:16:29
WE@CAMPOMs. KerrWE@CAMPO is a club where students are able to give back to the world locally and globally. We do this by raising money and holding other charity events and then we send the donations through to a cause of our choice.9/11/2018 19:09:11
Web Dev ClubMr. DohertyWe are willing to develop web applications for any other student on campus. We also teach students web development from the ground up. Basically, we make websites and teach people how to make websites.B129/5/2018 16:21:46
Women in ScienceWorking with women involved and interested in science to work towards greater representation for minorities in all scientific fields. I plan on hosting events such as volunteering at elementary and middle schools and having speakers come to the school. 9/7/2018 10:31:11
Women Supporting Women ClubThe Women Supporting Women Club provides an environment where the girls of Campo can come together to support/help each other and create a sort of sisterhood on campus. Outside of campus, the club will have lots of activities to work towards making the world a better place for women, by donating supplies to women's shelters or raise awareness for problems others constantly face. From this, young women will become better advocates for themselves/become comfortable with speaking up for others and grow by helping women in need.9/11/2018 20:35:28
Wonder ClubMs. WunWe will be fundraising and raising awareness for the Children's Skin Disease Foundation. CSDF hosts a summer camp every year, Camp Wonder, that gives children with chronic skin conditions the chance to experience a "normal" camp. C119/7/2018 12:47:56
YAL (you are loved) Ms. Bessette We are a Christian club who want to spread the love of God with everyone. D79/5/2018 13:13:42
Spanish-Culture ClubConcha MartinezA very inclusive club to ANY Campolindo student (is not required to be taking a spanish class or have any spanish ethnic background) who wants to immerse themself in the spanish language and culture to get a better understanding of its beautiful background! 9/18/2018 20:30:41
Women’s Awareness on CampusMs.BessetteFeminist club working towards increased gender equality on campus. D79/19/2018 10:09:12
Stress Relief ClubJake DonohoeA club that lets students escape from the stressful reality of their school and home life.E79/19/2018 12:15:52