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This table represents data collected on the foreign language requirements at Iowa's four year institutions. The data comes from e-mail responses from admissions representatives. They were asked: 1. How many years FL for admission? (is there a recommendation, if there is no minimum?) 2. How many years FL to graduate? I also asked "Can students get more scholarship money with more FL credits?" I did not include those responses here unless the admissions rep said that they could get scholarships.
SchoolAdmission (HS Years)Graduation (Semesters)Source
Briar Cliff2*2 (if no HS FL)Two years of foreign language is required at the high school level. If a student enters without the two full years of foreign language completed at the high school level, the student must complete two semesters at the college level. (e-mail Jennifer Swanger 4/1/13)
Buena Vista00We do not require any sort of foreign language for admission. We also do not require any foreign language to graduate. (e-mail Thomas Heiar 4/1/13)
Central2 (recommended, not required)2 (if below proficiency exam)1. Central College recommends at least 2 years of a foreign language for admission consideration
2. All incoming freshman students who have taken at least one year of a foreign language (Spanish, German or French) are required to take the foreign language placement exam before orientation. Here is an excerpt of our FL requirement from our course catalog:

Global Perspective (0-14 credits). Complete component I and component II as follows:
I. Second Language (0-8 credits). Choose one of the following:
a. Successfully complete two semester-long courses (or the equivalent) of college-level study of a second language. Students may count a one-semester intensive language course (numbered 122 or higher) equivalent to one year (two semesters) of a second language from an approved study abroad program.
b. Take the placement examination before beginning language course work at Central and earn a placement score beyond the first-year language courses.
c. Take the placement examination before beginning language course work at Central, earn a placement score in the second semester of the first-year, and then enroll in and successfully complete the second semester course.
d. Take a proficiency test in a language not taught at Central (including sign languages), and petition the chair of the Modern Languages department to take a proficiency examination or interview in the language. The department chair will arrange for testing; costs involved will be the responsibility of the student.
e. In appropriate cases, such as with international students, language proficiency in English may meet this requirement. The ESL instructor will determine proficiency
3. Central College does offer scholarships for foreign language. The Central College Awards are available to all incoming students wanting to continue their involvement at the college level as a major area or extra-curricular activity. Students take a proficiency exam and complete an oral interview, with scholarships ranging anywhere from $500-$2,000 per year, for four years. (email Brynn Phillips 4/3/13)
Clarke01 - 2 (if below proficiency exam)Clarke University does not have a FL minimum for admissions. For students who complete 4 years of Spanish and would like to possibly minor/major in Spanish at Clarke can test out of beginner classes and begin the program at a more advanced level. Students who have taken less than 3 years of a FL must take a FL proficiency exam during registration. Students who do not pass the exam, must take between 1-2 classes at Clarke. (e-mail Wes Johannsen 3/28/13)
Coe00Coe does not have a FL requirement for admission or graduation. Students can compete for additional scholarship dollars in the foreign language areas during our February Scholarship Weekend and those interviews are conducting fully in the language and can net up to an additional $5000 per year on top of whatever academic award they have already won upon admission. (e-mail Mo Moos 4/1/13)
Cornell2 (recommended, not required)1 - 3 (if below proficiency exam)1. How many years FL for admission? (is there a recommendation, if there is no minimum?) Recommendation of two years
2. How many years FL to graduate? Students take an online placement exam so they may test out of intro classes. Graduation requirements are a minimum of one class or a maximum of three – depending on where they place with their skills from high school courses (e-mail Joey Crowley 4/1/13)
Dordt22 (if below proficiency exam)Dordt College requires a minimum of two 'successful' years (a 'C' or better) of high school FL for general acceptance. (e-mail Steve Mouw 3/28/13)
Drake00*1) There is no requirement for FL to be admitted to Drake University. 2) Once they are here, there is no FL requirement with the exception of students majoring in International Business, International Relations, or Vocal Music Performance. (e-mail Ali Schlapkohl 4/2/13)
Graceland00Graceland University do not require any foreign lanuage for admissions or to complete a degree here. (e-mail Kevin Brown 4/1/13)
Grand View2 (recommended, not required)01. How many years FL for admission? (is there a recommendation, if there is no minimum?) We have no admissions requirements on foreign language. We suggest a minimum of two years.
2. How many years FL to graduate? We do not require any foreign language to graduate, unless, of course, they are majoring in modern languages. If a student is confident, they can always take a CLEP test to “test out” of Spanish 1 or 2, for example, and get college credits for it. (e-mail Jaime Miller 4/2/13)
Grinnell3 (recommended, not required)0While we do not have a language requirement for admission, we strongly encourage students to take at least 3 years of a foreign language in high school. We understand that some high schools do not offer three years, and will not penalize the student for not having access for more classes. Having less than three years (when it is available to them) will not disqualify them from admission, but it may make them less competitive as an applicant. We do not have a FL graduation requirement to graduate from Grinnell. (e-mail Jennifer Hirsch 3/28/13)
Iowa State2*2*1. How many years FL for admission? (is there a recommendation, if there is no minimum?) Currently our College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering require two years for entrance to ISU. Currently Liberal Arts & Sciences and teacher preparation programs have a graduation requirement as well. http://www.admissions.iastate.edu/freshman/requirements.php
2. How many years FL to graduate? If it is required then 1 year of college language – typically this amounts to 4 credits per semester.
3. Can students get more scholarship money with more FL credits? YES if they enter directly from high school– see link: http://www.admissions.iastate.edu/ace/iowa_award.php
If students take three or more years of the same language in high school then they have satisfied both the entrance and exit requirements for Iowa State. So Spanish III would satisfy the entrance and exit requirements. (email Maura Flaschner 4/1/13)
Iowa Wesleyan2 (recommended, not required)4*We do not have a foreign language requirement to be accepted for admission at Iowa Wesleyan, however, 2 years of a foreign language is recommended.
Currently, students who are working towards a B.A. degree need to show fluency at the 4th semester level. Typically students would take 4 semesters at IWC. Students coming in with 4 years of high school foreign langauge could test out of the beginning courses and may only take 2 semesters. This requirement for the B.A. degree is under review and could be eliminated. Students looking to receive the B.S. degree do not have a foreign language requirement. (e-mail Julie Fopma 4/3/13)
Loras2 (recommended, not required)0Loras College had previously required at least two years of FL but in the past few years we have moved away from that and we no longer require any FL to be admitted to the college. 1. I recommend two years for admittance to Loras (again, no longer a requirement). 2. No requirement in FL at Loras once the student is admitted. (e-mail Ryan R. Engleman 3/29/13)
Luther2 (recommended, not required)1 - 2 (if below proficiency exam)We do not require students to have any foreign language courses in order to be accepted. We do however, recommend at least 2 years of any given language. If a student does have any language background they will be required to take an online placement exam before attending Luther. If the student tests into the 300 level of that language or higher then they will only be required to take one semester more of that language. If they test lower, or have no experience in another language, we require our students to take two semester of a language. (e-mail Kelsey Anderson 4/3/13)
Morningside00Morningside does not have foreign language requirements for admission. Currently we do not have a recommended amount for prospective students. There is not a foreign language requirement for graduation. However, two of our general studies or flag requirements called Global Awareness & Service Learning must be completed within a student's years at Morningside. A student has a long list of classes to choose from in order to fulfill each of these requirements, and they only have to choose one class from that list to take care of the requirement. On each requirement's list there are several Spanish classes available that can fulfill the necessary areas. (e-mail Stephanie Peters 3/28/13)
Mt. Mercy00We don’t have any foreign language requirements to be admitted or to graduate from Mount Mercy University. (e-mail Josh D'Amico 3/28/13)
Northwestern01 - 3 (if below proficiency exam)We do not have a requirement for incoming students. We require our students to pass through a 201 level course in a particular language for modern languages (German and Spanish) and a 102 equivalency for ancient foreign language.(Greek and Hebrew) We do have a placement exam, so HS course work does help prepare them for this. (e-mail Ross Fernstrum 3/28/13)
St. Ambrose02If students have taken 3 or more years of the same foreign language in High School, they will have met our FL requirements and won't be required to take any more when they arrive on campus. Our FL requirement for graduation is competency through the 102 level in a second language (could equal up to 2 semesters). The first semester would be our 101 level, introducing the student to the language and basics. The second semester would be our 102 level, progressing into the language a bit further. Therefore, students who have taken less than 3 years of a second language or none at all during High School will be able to take a placement test and find out if they require one or two semesters of a FL to graduate. We offer Spanish, French, and German for second languages. (e-mail Ann Hill 3/28/13)
Simpson00*1) Simpson does not require a specific number of years in a foreign language. The admission committee will consider course choice in high school, but a student has the potential to be admissible, regardless of the number of years of a foreign language completed. 2) Students do have to complete a Intercultural Communication course at Simpson.Intercultural Communication courses are not focused on achieving language competency, but rather on learning through experience. These courses could include anywhere from Intro to Spanish to a History of Spain course, etc. (e-mail Jeremy Johnson 4/2/13)
University of Dubuque01 (if no HS FL)We do not require students to have any FL to be admitted to the University of Dubuque.  Here are our FL graduation requirements though. 2 years FL in high school – or 1 semester FL in college – or Study abroad trip – or Overseas military experience (e-mail Melissa Rogers 3/28/13)
University of Iowa2 - 4*4*Most students must have taken at least 2 years of a single world language in high school to meet the admission requirement. Students interested in applying to the College of Nursing must complete 4 years of a single world language or 2 years of 2 different languages before high school graduation to be eligible to apply. Please review our admission requirements as needed. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the College of Education require students to complete the forth level of a single world language to graduate from the University of Iowa. The College of Nursing and Tippie College of Business allow students to complete either 4 levels of a single world language or 2 levels in two different languages to graduate from the University of Iowa. The College of Engineering requires students to complete only two levels of a single world language. If a student takes 4 years of Spanish in high school, they satisfy the graduate requirement at Iowa. They will not have to take a proficiency exam, will not receive college credit, nor will any grades be associated with the fulfilled requirement, it will just be considered satisfied. If a student takes 2 years of Spanish in high school, they must take either the next 2 levels (a semester each) at Iowa or start over with 4 levels (a semester each) of another world language. To continue with the language previously studied in high school, students are asked to take a placement test to ensure they are ready for the next level of the language.
UNI02 (if no HS FL)There is not a foreign language requirement for admission, however in order to graduate from UNI the student will have needed to complete the equivalent of 1 year college level foreign language with a C- or better, so if they took it in high school that would be two full years. If they take it here or another institution it would be one year of the upper level, however most students do not have the proficiency without having taken the lower level. (e-mail Brandi 4/1/13) https://www.uni.edu/advising/faq/what-unis-foreign-language-graduation-requirement
Upper Iowa University00UIU does not require ANY foreign language for Admission. Our only requirements are 17 ACT and a 2.0 GPA. UIU students have to take a cultures course to fulfill their gen ed requirements. (e-mail Erin Norton 3/28/13)
Waldorf00Waldorf does not have a FL requirement, but we do encourage it and most of our students took 2-4 years of high school credit. We do not have a FL requirement for most majors. Students can also petition for a waiver if needed. (e-mail Scott Pitcher 3/28/13)
Wartburg01*1 – There isn’t any foreign language requirements to gain admissions into Wartburg College. 2 – Students will have to satisfy one term (one class) in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Students do have the ability to CLEP out their respective language course. (e-mail Tony Smith 4/2/13)
William Penn00We do not have any foreign language requirements for acceptance to WPU, nor do we offer foreign language as part of our degree program. (e-mail Kerra Strong 3/28/13)