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Club NameClub EmailPresident(s)AdvisorWhen They MeetDescription
American Cancer Society (ACS)ACSirvington@gmail.comMr. PhamEvery two weeksThis club is aimed at eliminating misconceptions people may have about cancer, and providing a safe and open space to talk about cancer. Our purpose is to increase awareness, host interactive events, and increase funds for the American Cancer Society.
ASAPihsasapclub@yahoo.comWilliam Y. and Victor J.Madam CaylaBiweekly in P3The purpose of ASAP Club is to open new minds, introduce new perspectives, and encourage rational discourse on all topics, including secularism, philosophy, ethics, and atheism.
Asian Culture Clubirvingtonacc@gmail.comKelcie K., Qing H.Huy PhamMonthlyInterest/Culture Club, monthly meetings with authentic Asian food, annual show "Blended".
AVIDihsavidclub@gmail.comKristina O.Mrs. LunaBlock daysAVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. Not only does the college prep class help students get into a 4-year college, it helps students become leaders and respected individuals. The AVID club is where students become more involved with their school campus not only for themselves but for others as well. The AVID club supports finances for school and for the club run by the students themselves, who will learn to manage, keep track, and many more responsibilities.
Biotech Club biotechihs@gmail.comTiffany D., Aditi V.Lindsay Milligan First Thursday of Every Month We focus on introducing students to the Biotech industry through first hand experience such as field trips, guest speakers and labs.
Changing the Face of Feminism irvingtoncff@gmail.comTavisha A.Madame Caylathrice a month (Fridays, lunch, Rm P3)The purpose of this club is to promote an encouraging and friendly atmosphere around the campus without any gender bias or stereotypes. Irvington’ s C.F.F. strives to raise awareness about equality and the removal of social norms through an environment which highlights the true intent of feminism, equality for all, and dismisses any other misconceptions regarding that movement. As a nonprofit team, we will host educational sessions in our local communities, pursue service projects and activism internships, and provide a safe haven for discussions around campus.
Chess Clubirvingtonchessclub17@gmail.comMr. Kumar, Room 54second Thursday of each month, but times are flexible Chess Club is a place to bring chess enthusiasts and players together in the community, no matter their strength or skill. We also strive to teach the beauty of chess to those interested, as well as provide many chess-related event and competition opportunities. Our goal is to show that chess not just a complicated puzzle, but related to life and the world around us in many important ways.
COREihscoreclub@gmail.comCleo C., Vivienne C.Ms. AnandOnce/Twice a monthThe purpose of this club is to tutor ELD and at-risk elementary school students to improve proficiency in reading, writing, math, and common core standards.
Creative Writing ClubPenchantlitmag@gmail.comLily Y.RodockerMonthlyIrvington High School’s Creative Writing Club is a student-run, interest-based club dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for writers of all kinds to convene and share their ideas outside of an academic setting. Members get a taste of publication through submitting to The Penchant, our online literary magazine. Meanwhile, monthly prompts, in-club competitions, and major writing contests are provided to allow members to explore the implications of writing, improve on their own techniques, and receive feedback from their fellow peers. Overall, our collective mission is to enable the students of Irvington to write what they wish and have their voices heard. If you’re interested, join the group for updates and more info! :)
Crochet for Charityirvingtoncfc@gmail.comAnvitha S., Jaime W.Ms. Pangonce/twice a monthThe purpose of this club is to teach and use crochet to create a variety of handcrafted projects and goods, and by working with different non-profit organizations, donate these to benefit those in need, such as cancer patients and the impoverished.
12 P. & Abbas B.Christine AbogadoFirst Wednesday advisory of each month- gives opportunities for scholarships
- hands out stoles at the end of the year (seniors only)
- holds service events regarding preparation for APs and SATs
Cubing Clubirvingtoncubing@gmail.comDaniel G., Zili W.Gary Ipbiweekly (typically Wednesday’s and thursday)We are a club dedicated the the art of solving puzzles with a focus on Rubik’s cubes. Our club consists of both beginners and more experienced solvers who all have an equal chance to compete and win fun prizes. We plan to attend and host multiple competitions throughout the year. Our meetings are dedicated to learning how to solve new puzzles and helping everyone improve to compete in competitions.
Cycling Clubirvingtoncyclingclub@gmail.comAnish M., Suraj S.BurtonTuesdays, 2x per monthPromote cycling safety and riding skills
Debate irvingtondebatecases@gmail.comWilliam Y.Ms. Koehler Weekly, Tuesdays after school To learn, compete, and teach Parliamentary and Lincoln Douglass debate in the high school circuit; to engage in civics and public speaking as a worthwhile activity.
DECAirvingtondecalifornia@gmail.comSourish A.Alberto BalladoWednesday after schoolsIrvington DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.
Design.itihsdesignit@gmail.comVanya R. and Emily C.Mrs. BerbawyFridays at lunch every other weekOur club is focused on expanding the vast world of programming to beginners and exposing them to skills that are valuable not only for developing their own projects and ideas, but also for working at major tech companies, starting their own businesses, or getting a high-paying career right after high school. As technology is the future, it is essential that everyone learns skills such as website design. We believe in combining the humanities and STEM (design and code). We will teach the students basic design elements in CSS and how they can use BootStrap to make their websites look professional. We will also help them come up with a purpose for their websites and work on revising and editing website content while simultaneously using tools such as HTML.
Diversity Through Sanskritdiversitythroughsanskrit123@gmail.comMs. TruongMondays during lunch (tentative)Several high schoolers in and around the Irvington area are pursuing a three-year language course in Sanskrit via accredited institutions. This club will provide a learning environment for IHS Sanskrit students to interact and further their interests and also guide new interested beginners via resources and teaching seminars.The medical benefits of Yoga are well known. Understanding this practice via the native language provides an enriching and wholesome experience as its truly intended.
Earth Science Clubihs.earthscienceclub@gmail.comBhavini L. & Vani A.Ms.Kalrabiweekly on WednesdaysThe purpose of this is to bring together students who are interested in earth science. We want to make up for a lack of earth science courses at Irvington and expose students to another field of science. We know that careers in earth science are promising and we encourage interested students to pursue it. Our main goals are to create an intellectual environment for learning more in earth science and to help students find opportunities in this field. We want to inspire students to explore earth science as not ‘just rocks and dirt’ but a as a culmination of all the other fields of science, because modern earth scientists apply biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and even computer science in their research and work.We want to help our members find internships, summer camps, and volunteer opportunities within the earth science field. We will be volunteering monthly in Veggielution, an organic community farm, and participating in the regional Sea Lion Bowl, a preliminary to the National Ocean Science Bowl, as well.
Fencing Clubirvingtonfencingclub@gmail.comMr. StilwellEvery Tuesday and Friday afterschoolOur goal is to teach members the art of fencing, encourage good sportsmanship, provide a platform for stress relief and enjoyment at irvington.
Filipino Student Associationihsfsafam@gmail.comJeremy G.Ms. Pangevery 1st Tuesday of each monthprovides a safe place where we can promote and learn about the Filipino culture together, while entertaining through traditional dances in order to unify Filipinos within our area
Film Clubirvingtonfilm@gmail.comYang S., Nancy W.Ms Yan, Ms BurtonBiweekly (Wednesdays)Calling all cinephiles! Film club is dedicated to the appreciation and study of film. We want to give students the opportunity to approach all parts of film and filmmaking in a meaningful manner through film screenings and production opportunities. We aim to promote the enjoyment of and discussion of film at Irvington.
French Connectionihsfrench2017@yahoo.comCynthia H.Mme Gurtz-CaylaIntroduce students to French cultures and celebrate French holidays. Bring students interested in learning about French together.
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)irvingtonfbla@gmail.comMr. Domingo Wednesdays After SchoolThe purpose of FBLA is to provide opportunities for students to develop vocational and career competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibilities at regional, state, and national leadership conferences and a plethora of other events.
Gardening Clubgard3ningc1ub@gmail.comTerry Y.Mrs.StoneMonthly The purpose of this club is to help the environment while also teaching students the importance of plant life
Girls Who Codegirlswhocodeihs@gmail.comShevanti K. and Riya M.Ms. McAuley and Ms. BerbawyOne day every other week during lunch in Ms. Berbawy's room.The purpose of this club is to introduce girls to the world of coding. The number of girls who show interest in the coding and technological area of STEM is very low because of insufficient opportunities, therefore the number of women in the STEM workforce are extremely low as well. This club will work towards teaching more girls about coding by showing them how fun it can be. We will also be talking about careers and professions that revolve around coding, so that these young women can learn about the different pathways they can take to enter the coding field.
Hinduism Clubhinduismihs@gmail.comVikram C., Shiv M.Paul DeNiesEvery other Tuesday at lunchThe purpose of the Hinduism Club shall be to teach and spread the ideals and beliefs of the Hindu religion and introduce our generation to the aspects and truths that it holds. The officers will spend a great deal of time setting up volunteering agendas to gain service hours, help the community, and spread Hinduism.
Hip Hop Litechao011@gmail.comEmerson C.Mr. GouletRoom 13Hip Hop Lit teaches students about the culture and language of hip hop music.
Historical Battles clubhistoricalbattlesclub@googlegroups.comEddie Y.Mr. VucurevichFriday's weeklyAn intrest based club that explores historical battles through strategic board games and crash course style presentations
Humane Society Clubihshumanesocietyclub@gmail.comHannah L.Mrs. StewardOnce a month during lunchThe Humane Society Club is a service learning club designed to promote awareness of the dangers animals are exposed to globally through a combination of lectures, guest speakers, and service learning events.
ICEDicedirvington@gmail.comGrace H.Mr. IpFirst Friday of every monthUrban dance club that works towards spreading/sharing/teaching dance to others.
IHS Cricket ClubCricketclub.ihs@gmail.comAmay K., Anudeep C.Mr. Reznick3rd Friday's of the monthThis a sport based club and students will be able to learn and play cricket
IHS Dynamics ihsdynamics@gmail.comZainab H.Mr JohnsonMonday after school from 3:15-4The Dynamics are an a cappella group focused on bringing music enrichment, the importance of teamwork, and success in competition and performances to the whole team.
IHS Girl Aparna I., Rachana J.Mr. LewisWednesdays monthlyGirl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation that aims to secure equal access to health, education and safety for underprivileged girls in developing countries through advocacy and fundraising. We advocate and host discussions as well as host events that educate students and provide them with service opportunities surrounding how we can help girls around the world succeed.
IHS GSAihsgsa1@gmail.comDivya V, Jessica L.Mrs. StilwellWednesdays, biweekly
The Irvington Gay-Straight Alliance exists to combat homophobia and transphobia in the community through education and awareness, while also supporting the LGBTQ youth by providing a safe space for LGBT+ students at our school.
IHS Resonance!ihsresonance@gmail.comClaire C., Rachel G.Mr. RoddaFriday, biweeklymusic interest club, hosts annual large-scale benefit concert, performs in various events and small-scale concerts throughout the year
IHS Teens Against Dementiaihs.teensagainstdementia@gmail.comMs. Pangtwice a monthThe purpose of this club is to motivate teenagers to support and provide assistance for senior citizens living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. As a service-learning club, members will volunteer in organizations such as Aegis Living where they can interact with such patients and make a tangible impact in their lives. The club will also participate in events for the Alzheimer’s Association and bring in speakers to explain the challenges of dementia to teenagers.
IndoPakihs.indo.pak@gmail.comVasuman M., Vinamar S.Mr. Ballado Once or twice a month (depending on events for members) IndoPak is a culture and service club that bridges the gap between Indian and Pakistani culture and the greater Bay Area community. We raise funds to help nonprofit organizations provide aid in impoverished areas across the world.
Interactinteract.irvington@gmail.comJustin T., Qing H.WillerValhallaInteract is an international organization of service that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship, and promotes international understanding and peace.
Irvington Girls in STEMihsgirlsinstem@gmail.comRadhika A.Mr. Fung and Ms. McAuleyMonthly (Thursdays) The purpose of this club is to create awareness of the STEM fields to girls, showing girls that these fields are available to them. Also, we want to guide girls and give them an opportunity to explore all the STEM related careers.
Irvington Health & Wellness Clubihsteenhealthwellness16@gmail.comBryan K. and Divya V.Ms. SharmaDuring lunch every other Tuesday (about 2 meetings per month)The purpose of the Health & Wellness Club is to promote healthy habits and lifestyles in both the Irvington and the Fremont community.
Irvington Kulture Clubihskultureclub@gmail.comOlivia M. and Jeffrey C.Mr. Leon LeeLast Friday of the monthKulture Club is a multicultural club for all students interested in all aspects of Korean culture, from language to music to food! Come learn more about the vivid culture of South Korea!
Irvington Tech Enthusiasts Clubofficers.itec@gmail.comAlan P.Hector AlbizoFirst Thursdays of every monthThis is a club that introduces and enhances students' knowledge about technology while also having fun. We'll focus and play around with many aspects of technology from coding to building computers. Our goal is to provide students with an enjoyable and fun learning experience with technology.
Irvington XOOMirvingtonXOOM@gmail.comEmily L.Mr. MoyerThursdays at lunchXOOM focuses on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) movement. The “X” in XOOM is like a multiplication sign and stands for combining things, as our club works to combine student’s opinions on STEM-related subjects and politics through the unique medium that is our website. Our portfolio of work, including our art magazine and other outlets of expression, such as art, photography, and videos, allow students to exercise their right to free speech and translate it into things that could be used in potential careers. The IHS XOOM Club is “XOOMing” out, looking at the bigger picture and focusing on issues that school otherwise wouldn’t cover. Members gain insight on current events and new discoveries, as well as find new perspective or outlook on things going on around them. We combine education with imagination to create something larger than life.
Irvington Youth Alive Clubihsyouthalive17@gmail.comBryan K. and John L.Ms. YanDuring lunch every other Thursday (about 2 meetings per month)The purpose of the Youth Alive Club is to provide a safe community for Christian students where they can share ideas, pray, and participate in Bible studies in order to grow in their faith and understanding, support and serve the general student population and community, and provide club members with opportunities to serve the community and potentially earn service hours.
JSA Irvingtonvikingsjsa@gmail.comKarina G., Nidhi C.Cindy BuellWednesday, once a month
The purpose of this club is to provide students with a forum to exchange their political views in a non confrontational environment through public speaking and Socratic seminars. JSA members attend three competitions throughout the year.
Junior Taiwanese American Student Association (JTASA)ihsjtasa@gmail.comBianca W., Vivienne C.Mr. Ip School meetings are on Tuesdays, every other monthThe Junior Taiwanese American Student Association exists to increase awareness about Taiwan, to expose students of different ethnicity and heritages to Taiwanese culture, and also to encourage them to become active and responsible citizens in their society by providing volunteer opportunities. In Northern California, we work with other JTASA chapters in the area, share events, as well as meet up periodically to give members the opportunity to network with the local Taiwanese American community.
Key Clubirvingtonkeyclub@gmail.comJacqueline V.EinfeldtMonthlyThe purpose of KEY club is to provide its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership skills.
LEO clubTyler Z.Ms. SharmaMonthlyLEO is a service learning club dedicated to providing students with the opportunity of service learning events that contribute to the community, helping them gain leadership skills and experience to become better human beings.
LETS BC2Mihspsychclub@gmail.comRachel G.Ms. YanThursdays BiweeklyLETS BC2M stands for Let’s Erase The Stigma & Bring Change to Mind. The purpose of this club is to raise awareness about mental health at Irvington and in the community and to end the stigma against it.
Literary W.Mr. RodockerFirst Monday of the monthLiterary Club provides a friendly environment for book lovers to read, discuss, and share their love for reading together and promotes literacy through service events.
Machine Learning Clubmachine.learning.ihs@gmail.comSamarth B., Sainath K.Matthew ReznickThursday at lunch every weekThe purpose of this club is to gain knowledge in the field of machine learning, build prototypes, small projects, and introduce our generation to the benefits it holds.
Once the majority of our members become proficient in basic machine learning, we will volunteer to teach the younger generation the benefits of programming through Code-For-All and represent Irvington in competitions and hackathons.
Math Clubirvingtonmathclub@gmail.comCindy Z. & Tyler Z.Ms. RothfussThursday's at LunchThe purpose of this club is to create interest in math and contests.
MEChA ihsmecha51@gmail.comAriadne C. and Brent H.Mr.Balladoonce a month on thursdayto spread latino culture through our irvington
Medical Students of the Bay Areamsba.irvington@gmail.comAishwarya S. and Nikita S.Ms. FaitelMeetings are usually in the first week of each month. This does not include specific events that we host throughout the year. The purpose of the MSBA club is to promote careers in the medical field through the organization of workshops and other events with other MSBA Chapters from the district, help students already interested in the medical field gain more connections and experience, give back to the healthcare community through service and promote healthy living among high school students.
Mock Trialirvingtonmocktrial@gmail.comAparna I., Sruti N.Ms. Chang Once/twice a week starting from November, otherwise as necessary Irvington's mock Trial team will compete with other schools in a case trial determined by the mock Trial association. During meetings, we plan and delegate roles while developing speaking skills and learning about the criminal trial system.
Model United Nationsmun.irvington@gmail.comMr. Allen LuEvery two weeksModel UN is an educational debate simulation in which students learn about and discuss diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Members earn benefits such as knowledge about global affairs, help on policy papers for benchmark projects, and opportunities to build their public speaking skills.
Muslim Student Association (MSA)ihsmsa2017@gmail.comAliyah R. & Afaf N.Sehar Kamal & Christina FaitelEither Wed. or Fri. every other weekWe dispel misconceptions on Islam to fight Islamophobia by educating students and our community on the true teachings of Islam, we provide a safe space & family for our Muslim students on campus, and are raise awareness to injustices done against Muslims by being politically active.
National History Club (NHC)irvington.nhc@gmail.comAbhiram P.Zelijak2nd and 4th Monday of every month The purpose of this club shall be to make members engage in history beyond the textbook and outside the classroom and to stimulate interest in history and apply historical knowledge to enhance the future of our community.
Network of Engineers Organizationihsneoclub@gmail.comArshad M./Anannya D.Julien GouletThursday Lunch (Every Other Week)The Network of Engineers Organization, or NEO, is a club that exposes high schoolers to engineering through interesting, inclusive competitions that involve many schools from different cities and even states. Our club is a part of the organization SWENext, who will be the ones to inform us on new contests in our area. Our mission is to help our fellow peers have an opportunity to learn an important skill that will help tremendously in their futures. NEO is especially needed at Irvington as there are few to no clubs that deal with any aspect of engineering. Through a wide community of bright students we establish a healthy competitive environment, as well as increase communication, innovation, and fellowships among all grades.
Neuroscience Clubihsneurosci@gmail.comAditi V. and Amy Y.Ms. Faitel Bi-weekly on Thursdays Our purpose is to raise awareness for neural disorders and increase understanding of neuroscience through competitions, charity events, and informational meetings.
Peer Tutoring
Qing Y.Ms. AbogadoWed, Thurs, 2:30-4:00 PM
Help students learn content
Help students to understand the materials
Homework help, test prep
Review key concepts
Review for finals
Physics Clubihsphysicsoly@gmail.comZhiwei, UdayanMr. Kumar, Mrs. TaiMonday, TuesdayThis club is specifically designed to enable students to gain the skills to succeed in the Physics Olympiad exams. Through presentations and experiments, members will gain fundamentalist techniques designed to answer the conceptual questions of the F=ma preliminary exam, focusing on mechanics without the aid of calculus. Members will also learn to succeed on USAPhO exams, including calculus and introductory college physics. This club will reinforce and teach physics topics such as: Mechanics, E&M, Thermodynamics and Fluids, Relativity, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, and Waves and Optics. Physics and calculus concepts taught not only aid on these competitive exams, but also help students with school physics, math, and science in general.
Quiz Bowl irvingtonquizbowl@gmail.comAlison S., Shradha K.Ms. MillerTuesday lunch Quiz Bowl is a fun Jeopardy-like buzzer competition covering a wide range of topics from Henry VIII to Hamilton the musical.
Robotics ClubIrvingtonrobotics@gmail.comXavier P., Naveen R.Ms. BerbawyEvery Tuesday and ThursdayWe are a super cool club which builds VEX robots for competitive purposes.
Science Allianceihssciencealliance@gmail.comAbbas F.; James W.Mr. ChanFridays afterschool, Wednesdays during lunchScience Alliance aims to encourage scientific interest and educate the next generation of up and coming scientists by pairing high school mentors with elementary school "buddies." Through regular interactive meetings, our mentors will guide these elementary school students through their science fair project, and plan for our annual Dine With a Scientist event.
Science Bowl ihsciencebowl@gmail.comCindy Z., Desiree H.Alex LeeFridays lunch and afterschool The purpose of this club is to promote interest in the STEM fields through the hosting of annual events and participation in the science bowl competition.
Science Olympiadihs.scioly.stem@gmail.comPing-Ya C.Mr. Alex Leeat least biweekly (specific times different for each team)The purpose of the Science Olympiad Club shall be to promote STEM education / learning and to compete in events pertaining to various scientific disciplines, including but not limited to earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. We participate in the annual Science Olympiad competition.
Sculpture Sculptureandscreaming@gmail.comAlan W.Mr. MinteyWeekly (Wednesday)The purpose of our club is to help support Sculpture and Ceramics classes and students, promote their interests in sculpture. We strive to help students explore and develop their creativity in a collaborative environment. We also strive to help students broaden their skills in sculpture. We will raise funds for sculpture classes and the Art Department to help buy needed supplies and lower lab fees.
Speechirvingtonspeech@gmail.comSuki S.RodockerWednesdays after schoolWe train members to compete at speech and debate tournaments. We offer a variety of events, including limited preparation speaking, platform speeches, and acting.
Students of PTSAStudentsofptsa@gmail.comTrevina T., Lucy S.RodockerOnce a month This club links the student community to PTSA and hosts events that help with community wellnes.
VAMSirvingtonvams@gmail.comEileen W. and Jessica L.Ms. ParkerWednesdays MonthlyOur goal is to serve local communities and engage high school students, in both interest and service-based events, through a mutual interest in visual and performing arts.