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Presented/Known-as NameAliases / NicknamesTrustworthy?JFK assassination hoax
Lincoln assassination hoax
MLK assassination hoax
Space program hoax
9 - 11 hoax
Al-Qaeda/ISIS hoax
Pan Am 103 hoax
OKC bombing hoax
TWA 800 hoax
Sandy Hoax
Boston bombing hoax
Elders of Zion
Jews-are-Khazars hoax
Nuclear hoax (A-bomb, nuclear power)
Shape of the Earth etc.
Dinosaur hoax
Darwinian hoax
Global warming/Peak oil hoax
Contagion hoaxes (Virus/biowarfare hoaxes: HIV, Ebola, etc.)
Mind control
Nation and ethnicity
Religious affiliation
Initiatic experience (cult, religion, psychoanalysis, etc)
Employer, mentor, supporter
Manichean, black/white worldviewActor, CGI, doubles?Psychopath?
Exists/existed in real life (even by actor/CGI)?
Hubbard, Zachary K.
Zachary Keefe Hubbard (Keefe? Who has that for a middle name?)
Denier or US government did it
Ambivalent, says Flat Earth is a psyop
DenierBelieverAIDS believer, Ebola denier
US; English? Ashkenazi? Native American?
AgnosticNoNoActor? Partial sim?NoYes
Numerologist, unfortunately does not show how certain events are hoaxes (i.e. computer simulated faces, CGI errors in certain psyops, etc.) but shows that numerology related to events is too much to be a coincidence or to have real casualties, previously claimed to have Native American and Jewish ancestry, then stopped bringing up his ancestral background whilst claiming to be a "goy" and constantly attacking Zionists, "false jews", "the Synagogue of Satan", etc. then on Sept. 12 15 brings up his alleged Jewish ancestry again (supposedly his father's father) which shows possible flip flopping which could be a red flag
Christopher, Steven JosephLord Steven Christ; "Jesus Christ"No
Claimed "space shuttles broke through the glass dome"
Concave Earth
Fake Christian, Himself (Cult Leader). Freemasonic?
US Criminal Justice System, Wild Heretic. Freemasonry?
YesPossible actor or sim?Mind controlled?YesPretends to be Jesus Christ. Apparently has served time in US prison.http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,116029,116171
Denies both Flat Earth and Spherical Earth
Dutch military intelligence (MIVD), Ab Irato
Accuses Flat Earthers of being shills for the Catholic Church and Spherical Earthers of being shills for Freemasonry, rabbit-trail generator, described himself as "a douchebag follower from Gitmo Nation Lowlands (NWO Logistics Central)."
RussianvidsNoDenierDenierDenierDenierDenierDenierDenierDenierFlat EarthVirus denierUS;Apocalyptic ChristianYesCIA?YesFaceless YouTube simNo
Rabbit-trail generator, Putinophile, starts feuds with others/Dave Johnson-lite, says Jesus looks like Obama and Obama is the Antichrist, speaks like he's mentally ill, yet another non-Russian calling itself Russian
Einstein, AlbertNoN/AHoaxerN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AHoaxer
Pitchman/ringer for hoax
Four-Dimensional Earth
Germany, Switzerland, US; Ashkenazi
Agnostic, formerly JewishSkepticUS MIC
Sim "scientist," works possibly ghosted
YesYesPlagiarist and fantasist, loyal public servant of MIC, wife-beater, apparently not a Zionist contrary to popular legendhttp://einstein.biz/
Hawking, Stephen NoHoaxer
Four-Dimensional Earth
AtheistYesBritish CrownActor, likely CGI doubleYes"Yes"
Agee, PhilipSometimesCIAHoaxer
Roman Catholic, saw religious NGOs being used for covert ops as CIA case officer
YesSelf, formerly CIAYesNoCIA whistleblower, sincere but perspective limited by left-wing romantic conventions
Tyson, Neil deGrasseNoHoaxerClaims to be an eyewitnessHoaxer
Four-Dimensional Earth
US; Black, Puerto Rican
Atheist or agnosticCIA?YesYesUses science to uphold government agenda in all areashttp://www.haydenplanetarium.org/tyson/
Phelps, Eric Jon NoVatican (Jesuits and SMOM)Vatican / Jesuits 1XX1Hoaxer
Hoaxer, Jews sacrificed to "Whore of Babylon" (secret goddess of Catholics)
Denier (Bourg-Fontaine theory)
DenierHoaxerGeocentric sphereUS; EnglishPretend Christian ZionistYes
British Crown thru Israeli diamond company
YesMake-believe white nationalist Protestant, "Jesuits on the brain," "Christian Zionist," similarities to Alex Jones, rabbit-trail generator, claims Oliver Stone and Castro are both cousins and secret Jesuitshttp://vaticanassassins.org/
Rifat, Tim Rifat, TuranNoIlluminati (insectile Archons)HoaxerIlluminatiDenierHoaxer
Moon is an Achron space ship
HoaxerVirus hoaxerTheosophical syncretismYesMI6?Yes
Sim "scientist," works possibly ghosted
Mind controlled
Real name Turan Rifat, former university lecturer, Briton of Greco-Turkish-German descent (Muslim father, German-Catholic mother), pro-Catholic, claims Protestants and Muslims are covert satanists, self-proclaimed "Psi-Lord of Universe," alleged anti-Zionist, Tex Marrs fanboy, entire world view consisted of piles of ethnic stereotypes, plagiarist, claims insectile "Archons" control Mankind
Atta, MohamedNoN/AN/AStar of MSM version of events
Alleged Al-Qaeda member
Egypt; Egyptian Arab
IslamN/ACIA creationN/A
Sim portrayed by various actors
N/A"Yes" (No)Imaginary member of an imaginary terrorist group, legend includes preference for pork chops and blonde strippers
N/A, ancient Egypt/Canaan/Israel/etc; Jewish
Patriarch of JudaismYesYesSimYesNo
Prouty, L. Fletcher No
US MIC, High Cabal (led by Chinese?), operation supervised by Lansdale in Dallas
HoaxerHoaxerSphereP/O Denier
US Air Force intelligence, CIA, Scientology
YesYesWorked for General Edward Lansdale and L. Ron Hubbardhttp://www.prouty.org/
Armstrong, Neil No
Spaceman actor
HoaxerSpherical EarthUS;"Deist" (Freemasonic)YesNASA, FreemasonsYesBluescreened?YesYes
barry12NoDenierSpherical EarthYes
Fakeologist.com chat-troll, baselessly accused others of being shills, claimed that he looks at the sun through a telescope, said that the sun and moon are planets, said that every planet he can see through a telescope is spherical, claimed that Flat Earth is a form of "goldbuggery," Simon Shack worshipper
Bell, ArtNo
Had radio guests that questioned received version
Had radio guests that questioned received version of moon landings
Al-Qaeda, has rejected all conspiracy theoriesHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerUS;Fake Christian, FreemasonicYesONI, Freemasons. CIA?YesYesYesFreemason, rabbit-trail generator, right-gatekeeperhttp://artbell.com/
Bush, George H.W.The Icepick; 41No
Fake suspect, was in Dallas on day of "assassination"
HoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthVirus hoaxerUS;
Fake Christian, affiliated with Sun Myung Moon
Yes, Skull & Bones
Global PRC, Skull & Bones, CIA
YesDoubles, partial CGI YesYesAKA "The Icepick" (favored tool while CIA field operative), fetish for female Japanese "tweens," father of Korean CIA, covert Moonie
Bush, George W.DubyaNoHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerUS;Fake ChristianYes, Skull & Bones
Global PRC, Skull & Bones, CIA
YesDoubles, partial CGI Mind controlled?YesOfficially-designated 9-11 strawman by TPTB
Clinton, BillNoWarren Commission reportHoaxerSpherical EarthUS;CIAYesPossible doublesYesYesCorrupt gladhanding weasel (likable in person), horn-dog
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary von Saxe-Coburg und Gotha
Queen Elizabeth II; Windsor, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; Elizabeth Alexandra Mary von Wettin
NoHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxer
British Commonwealth; Scottish, German
Fake ChristianBritish CrownYes
Uses doubles, uses fake names
Queen (dictator) of "the Commonwealth." She is NOT the same entity as "the Crown". Controls US Social Security Administration. Continues to use the fake propaganda name "Windsor" instead of the actual German family names
Gates, BillNoHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerVirus hoaxer
US; English, German, Scots-Irish, Scottish, Ashkenazi?
Atheist, formerly Methodist, married Roman Catholic
CIA sim that uses body doubles and CGI
YesYesInvented nothing, stole everything; ringer for CIA, mother on IBM board of directors while he was at Harvardhttp://www.gatesnotes.com/
Jones, AlexNo
Secret Service, CIA, MIC, German "death cult"
Implied NASA fakery due to Chinese "moon lander" hoax
False flag, fear pornography
False flag, fear pornography
False flag, fear pornography
False flag, fear pornography
HoaxerDenierDenierHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerUS; Welsh, English
Methodist, marriage to Jewish wife presided by "anti-Zionist" Reverend Texe Marrs
British Crown through Bronfman family
Jones' attorney, Elizabeth Morgan, also works for heiress Holly Bronfman of Canada; friend of "anti-Zionists" Patrick Buchanan and Texx Marrs, right-gatekeeper and rabbit-trail generator, Shabbat goy, crypto-white nationalist, encourages listeners to behave toward police in ways that would lead to arrest/injury/death
Linder, Alex NoZionistsHoaxerZionists
Hoaxer, SPLC/FBI did it
HoaxerHoaxerDenierDenierHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxerDenier
US; Swiss-German, English, Ashkenazi?
Atheist, alleged Jewish family background
FBI, Craig Cobb, Frazier Glenn Miller
YesYesYesWebmaster of VNN Forum, FBI data collector (honey-pot), associated with Overland Park hoax shooter (Frazier) Glenn Millerhttp://vnnforum.com/
Lucas, George McKenna, Terence? Potok, Mark?NoHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerUS;US MICCGI body doublesYesYesSee Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg
Lucas, Jason^TrInItY^NoHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerZionist (Unknown)Yes
US MIC, Tavistock Institute, Stanford Research Institute, Zionists
YesYesGodlike Productions webmaster; distributes malware, disinformation, mind control etc. via his social engineering website. Bewarehttp://www.disclose.tv/forum/godlike-tavistock-institute-jason-lucas-t8812.html
MetapediaThe White Nationalist WikipediaNoZionistsHoaxerZionists, real victimsZionists
Hoaxer, generic conspiracy theories
Hoaxer, not a false flag, Jews using event to push for gun control
Ambivalent, implied hoaxer
HoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxerN/A
Pushes elements of superstition (Satanic Jews, etc.), not explicitly Christian Identitarian or neopagan but seems to unencyclopediacally lend sympathy to such elements
Controlled opposition with shilly moderation team, promotes known shills, promotes effeminization of white males with support for faggoty garbage like GamerGate, promotes hatred of women via typical whining about "feminism"
Reagan, Ronald NoWarren Commission report
Father of "Star Wars"
Claimed to have seen a concentration camp while spending the war years in Hollywood
DenierHoaxerSpherical Earth
US; Irish, Scottish, English
Fake ChristianUS organized crime, MICYesActor, doublesYesYesInvented the current student loan racket by monetizing education as governor of California
Trump, Donald NoHoaxerHoaxerDenierDenierHoaxerSpherical EarthVirus hoaxer
US; German, Scottish
Irreligious, pretend ChristianYes (for his followers)CIA, US organized crimeYesYesYesMoney launderer for CIA/mob, once affiliated with Resorts International, homophile
Zwaneveld, MarcoNoWarren Commission reportHoaxerAl-QaedaHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerDenierHoaxerSpherical EarthHoaxerDenierHoaxerHoaxerZionist (Unknown)Zionists. US Government?YesYesOwner of "LunaticOutPost" website. Zionist shill who runs "lunatic conspiracy paranormal ufo" forum yet doesn't believe in those subjects. Sometimes bans forum members who believe in said subjectshttp://www.disclose.tv/forum/lunaticoutpost-is-a-shill-forum-t98116.html
Clarke, Arthur C.NoHoaxerHoaxerDenierHoax creatorSpherical Earth creator
Dinosaur hoax supporter
Supportern/a?Pedophilic Freemasonry, ShrinerYesNASA, FreemasonsPossble doublesYesInspired and led psychopathic fraternities in creation of modern "space" concepts
Scrivener, Patrick NoHoaxerHoaxerStationary earth"Protestant," former Roman CatholicYesCIA, Unification ChurchYesMind controlled?
Pat's Moonie website is designed with cognitive dissonance in mind (his mailing address is in Reston, Virginia---headquarters of CIA Open Source Directorate), "attack" both the Vatican and British Crown, purportedly worships FDR and Harry Truman, claims Hitler and the NASA sim Wernher von Braun were MI6
Kaku, Michio NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerReceived verson, denied controlled any demolitionHoaxer
Defends "fertilizer bomb" hoax
HoaxerHoaxerTen-Dimensional EarthYesHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxerUS; Japanese"Pantheist"CIAYes
Actor, possible CGI augmentation
YesYesCIA "Super Genius" shill for scientism, gatekeeper and rabbit-trail generator, promotes chimeras like String Theory and dark matter, affiliated with Richard Dawkinshttp://mkaku.org/
Wales, JimboWales, JimmyNoUS government story
US government story
US government story
US government storyUS government story
US government story
US government story
HoaxerUS government story
US government story
US government story
US government story
US government story
US; English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish
AtheistYesCIAYesSim venture captialistYesYesProfessional pornographer. "Co-founder" and poster-boy of Wikiped(C)ia, that parasitic website.http://mywikibiz.com/Criticism_of_Jimmy_Wales
Zionists, Permindex and other faux suspects
FBI was directing Timothy McVeigh
CIA hoaxCIA hoaxDenierAmbivalentDenierDenierVirus denier, biowarfare hoaxerMI6?YesPossible simYesClaims world ruled by pedophocracy led by European aristocracy and Vatican, rabbit-trail generatorhttp://aanirfan.blogspot.com/
AbrahamNoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANot Jewish if he existed at allYesVarious proposed deitiesYesSimN/ANo
Mythical Bedouin sheikh purportedly the founder of Judaism, Old Testament/Torah describes a warrior religion of invasion and mass murder (current US MIC policy); Hebrews, Israelites, the original non-Semitic Judeans, Roman-era Jews (10% of Roman Empire population) and modern Jewish groups are different peoples that lived in different times and different places
Acharya SMurdock, Dorothy M.NoHoaxerWestern oil industry and MuslimsHoaxer
Hoaxer, claims Jews were sacrificed to the "Nazi god" (sic) Moloch
DenierHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerNew Age goddessesYesCIAYesActress?Mind controlled?
Real name Dorothy M. Murdock. Left Hegelian Neo-Liberal religion debunker, recommends Hollywood mind-control films for teens, Islamophobe, believes Allah is really a transgendered moon goddess, plagiarist, blonde airhead, high priestess of Ayn Rand-like cult
Adachi, Ken Allman, John W.NoIlluminatiIlluminatiHoaxerBiowarfare hoaxerYesFBI?YesActor, simYes
Original Adachi died in 1989, now sim
Real name John W. Allman. Former supporter of Don Croft but had falling out.http://educate-yourself.org/
Adams, GerryNoMI6?YesActor or agentYesA sell-out or British agent from the beginninghttp://www.sinnfein.ie
Adams, JohnNoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AProtestantFreemasonsYesYesFather of US false flags, crime boss and political godfather of British colonial Boston
Barnes, Harry Elmer SometimesN/AN/AN/ADenierHoaxerHoaxerN/AAtheistSkepticSelfNoNo
Ahmadinejad, MahmoudNoZionistsHoaxerZionistsDenierHoaxerIran;Shia MuslimYesCIA? MI6?YesActor, doubles, partial CGIYesYesControlled opposition to "Zionists," opposame to Benjamin Netanyahu, a "student leader" in the CIA-MI6-Mossad instigated Iranian revolution
Akins, Steven Lewis"Fakins"No
John Wilkes Booth (supporter of Booth)
James Earl Ray (supporter of Ray)
HoaxerReceived versionHoaxerDenierDenierDenierHoaxerUS; "Scottish"Agnostic, "neopagan"FBI?Yes
Mind controlled? Antidepressant abuser
Plastic Scotty white nationalist, buried and dug up phony graves of his ancestors, mainstream 9/11 hoaxer
Allen, MarkusNo
Hoaxer, claims ISS can be seen with naked eye
HoaxerMI6YesYesUK publisher of "Nexus Magazine", gatekeeper, not to be confused with the US podcaster associated with the Adams-Kendall "Hoax Busters"https://www.nexusmagazine.com/
Allen, RayelanNoMossadHoaxerBiowarfare hoaxerUS MICYesMind controlledhttp://www.rayelan.com/
Altucher, JamesNoClaims to have seen the first plane flying directly overhead after having breakfast at the WTCHoaxerJudaismYesYes
Writes "advice" for what P.J. O'Rourke, in his review of Lee Iacocca's autobiography, called "America's young management meatballs"; uses a "Let's talk" feel-good style but never goes beyond the sky is blue, the cow is brown, the grass....
Beard, CharlesSometimesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Denier, declared it a fake
HoaxerQuakerSelfNoYesMainstream historian gone rogue, leftist bias, pro-interventionist during WWI but turned isolationist during WWII, completely ignored today by the CIA-controlled "Revisionist" movement
Alvarez, Luis Walter No"Christian"US MICYesYes
Amanpour, Christiane NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerAl-QaedaHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxer
Roman Catholic, Iranian Muslim father and British Catholic mother, Jewish husband
YesCIA, MI6YesActress, partial CGIYesShabbat shiksa, MSM cheerleader for the Anglo-US MIC's warmongering the world over
Ambrose, Stephen E.NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerCIAYes
Historic works possibly written by employer (CIA)
YesCourt historian and plagiarist, copy-and-paste approach to research typical of CIA shill historians
Angleton, James Jesus No
Fake suspect, hinted at conspiracy of some sort
Hoaxer, allegedly helped Israeli nuclear program
Roman Catholic; Anglo-American father, Mexican-Catholic mother, never used middle name "Jesus" in real life
Global PRC, Vatican, OSS, CIA, National Cash Register
Anglin, Andrew "Apedre"; "Niglin"; etc.NoMossadDenierHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxer
US; Black? Jewish? White?
Christian IdentityFBI? CIA?YesSim?Yes
Biracial "white nationalist" (no specific evidence of Asian heritage, though; likely black) who has travelled extensively overseas with no known means of financial support, affiliated with Carolyn Yeager and the usual FBI shills
Annenberg, Walter NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerHoaxerJudaismCIA, US organized crimeYesYesMSM brothel-keeper, crime boss father nailed by Kennedy/Lansky-controlled FDR Justice Dept.
Aquinas, Thomas NoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ARoman CatholicYesVaticanYes
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
Aquino, MichaelNoYesUS MIC, US Army G2. NSA?YesYesYesAnother US Army psyopping colonel in the grand tradition of Theosophist Henry Olcott, MIC-appointed strawman in bogus "Satanist" movement.
Not religious, had abstract conception of God that was standard among Greek philosophers of the day
PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) behind Athenian Delian League? Jesuits?
Composite of several authors
YesPossibly notPlagiarist and fantasist, like Plato allegedly rehashed "philosophical" (self-referent) concepts from India via Persia, alleged pedophile, Jesuits and Ayn Rand both claimed to be his intellectual heirs
Arnold, Henry "Hap"NoN/AHoaxer
Global PRC, US MIC, Rand Corporation
Co-founder of Rand Corporation with Curtis LeMay and Donald Douglas; founder of US Air Force; as chief of the Army Air Corps dispersed all army planes on US West Coast on December 6, 1941 while keeping General Short's planes bunched in Hawaii at Hickam Field; friend and colleague of Roberta Wohlstetter
Assange, Julian NoLIHOPHoaxerHoaxerAtheistYes
ASIS? (Australian Secret Intelligence Service)
YesCGIMind controlled"Yes" (No)Australian publisher and journalist, frontman for WikiLeaks hoax, limited hangout, nothing new
Atwill, Joseph NoHoaxerUS;CIAYesYesRabbit-trail generatorhttp://caesarsmessiah.com/blog/
Atzmon, Gilad No
Ashkenazim-are-Khazars hoaxer
Israel, UK; Ashkenazi
Jewish family backgroundCIAYesPartial sim?YesYesFake opposition to "Zionists"http://www.gilad.co.uk/
Blue Moon
Wrote a book on JFK assassination being a hoax ("beating a dead horse")
Denies Flat Earth using gobbledygook
Ab Irato, KhammadEndorsed by Khammad, JFK assassination book was endorsed as "penultimate" by Ab Iratohttp://fakeologist.com/2015/08/24/audiochat-kham/
Auernheimer, AndrewweevNoZionists
Says Timothy McVeigh did a righteous deed
Christian Identity, Asatru, Jewish family background
FBI, US DoJ, Andrew Anglin/Daily Stormer, Encyclopedia Dramatica, 8chan
YesYesYesJewish agent provocateur playing white nationalist, associated with Encyclopedia Dramatica, Andrew Anglin, and 8chan
Aurelius, Marcus NoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYesPRC of RomeYes
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
Austen, JaneNoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAnglicanBritish upper-classesYesStupidFrench-influenced ("Les Liaisons Dangereuses") British Regency novels depict crude moral arithmetic as written by an old maid CPAhttp://www.janeausten.org/
Austin, J.L. NoN/AHoaxerBritish Crown, MI6, Oxford?
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
From "Sense and Sensibilia," which sums up modern British "language philosophy": "We are about to watch, from seats high up at the back of the stadium, a football match in which one of the teams is Japanese. One of the teams comes running into the arena. I might say (1) "Hullo. They look like ants", or (2) "They look like Europeans". Now it is plain enough that in saying (1), I do not mean either that I am inclined to think that some ants have come on to the field, or that the players, on inspection, would be found to look exactly, or even rather, like ants. (I may know quite well, and even be able to see, that for instance they haven't got that very striking sort of nipped-in waist)."
Avery, Dylan NoPlanes with explosive pods attachedHoaxerYesCGI, actorYesDirector of Loose Change (2005), affiliated with Michael Ruppert, Abby Martin and various Hollywood actorshttp://iamdylanavery.com/
Ayer, Alfred JulesNoHoaxer
Atheist, Swiss Calvinist father, Dutch Jewish mother
British Crown, MI6, SOE, Oxford
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
YesBritish spook-philosopher, British proponent of the mind-control philosophy Logical Positivism and its foundation the "verification principle" (which cannot verify itself)
Brahe, Tycho SometimesN/A
Thought the earth did not rotate
Bacon, Francis NoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYesBritish CrownYes
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
Bailey, AliceNoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AHoaxerN/AN/ATheosophyYesTheosophical SocietyYes
Ghosted-written "philosopher"
Baker, AceAlexander, CollinNoHoaxerSimon Shack plagiarist tasked with ridiculing TV fakery on 9/11, claims that CGI planes were inserted in real time into real footage of WTC, "molten metal" animation in video is real, mini-nukes were used, thinks only seven not nine buildings were destroyedHoaxerHoaxerCIAYes
Actor, scripted persona, real name Collin Alexander
Yes"Yes"9-11 gatekeeper, faked suicide on Fetzer's radio show in 2009, plagiaristhttp://acebaker.blogspot.com/
Baker, Judyth Vary NoCIA, US MICHoaxerBiowarfare hoaxerCIAYes
Actress, ghosted-written memoirs
Baldwin, AlecNoHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxerCIAYesActor, doubles, partial CGIYesStill another CIA Hollywool actorhttp://www.alecbaldwin.com/
Baldwin, Chuck NoHoaxerVirus hoaxerYesYesYes
Barrett, Kevin NoCIA, MossadDual American/Israeli citizens, Dynamic Duo with FetzerDenierHoaxerHoaxerUS;Alphabet agency "Muslim"YesCIAYesYesYesArabist-Islamologist, former professor, gatekeeper, fake opposition to "Zionists"http://www.truthjihad.com/
Bart SibrelNoDenierYesMind controlled?www.sibrel.com
Baruch, Bernard M.NoHoaxerN/A
"Judaism," financially supported both Catholic and Protestant churches
Global PRC, British Crown, US MIC, CIA
Agent for the global PRC, behind-the-scenes controller for a full spectrum of political and religious movements, advisor to presidents Wilson and FDR, promoted the League of Nations and UN; affiliated with Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells and Arnold Toynbee
Bateson, Gregory No
Fake opposition to nuclear weapon development at University of California
HoaxerHoaxerYesGlobal PRC, US MIC, OSS, CIANoYesBritish-born US anthropologist and intel operative, alleged father of "weaponized anthropology," black propagandist for OSS during WWII, godfathered the CIA, husband of Margaret Meadhttp://www.oikos.org/baten.htm
Bearden, Tom NoHoaxerBiowarfare hoaxer, claims AIDS was Soviet biowarfareYesUS MICYesYeshttp://www.cheniere.org/
Beck, Glenn NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerAl-QaedaHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerVirus hoaxerUS;LDSYesCIAYesActor, partially CGIYesYesMormon media showmanhttp://www.glennbeck.com/
Bergoglio, Jorge MarioPope FrancisNoHoaxerDenierHoaxer
Argentina, Vatican; Italian
Roman Catholic, Jesuit, Fake Christian
YesPRC of Europe, JesuitsYesPartial sim, doubles, CGIYesYesFirst Jesuit White Pope, xenophile, Islamophile
Bergson, Henri NoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AJudaismYesYesYes
Bernays, Edward Louis James NoYesYes
Bernstein, JackNoCreated the mythUS; AshkenaziYesYesYesJew who created the Khazar myth, fake opposition to "Zionists"
Bevilaqua, John No
"Bataan Boys" headed by Willoughby/MacArthur
HoaxerYesStupidThird-string Dave Emory who also asks all the wrong questions
Black, Don NoZionistsZionistsDenierHoaxerUS;FBI, CIAYesYesYesWebmaster of Stormfront, TPTB appointed leader in FBI-controlled US white nationalist movement, website allegedly FBI data collectorhttps://www.stormfront.org/dblack/
Blair, Tony LandslideNoWarren Commission reportHoaxerBritish Crown, FabianYesActor, doubles, partial CGIYesYes
Blavatsky, Helena NoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ADenierN/AN/A
Theosophy, formerly Russian Orthodox
YesBritish Crown, US Army intel YesYesYes
19th century plagiarist extraordinaire, allegedly created Theosophy by herself in British Museum library, used Eckartshausen's "Great White Brotherhood" ploy to gain followers, Blavatsky's organization scorned by Brahmins in India as British intel front, nymphomaniac, exploited US Civil War widows with fake seances
Blood, Jack NoHoaxerUS;CIAYesYesGatekeeper and rabbit-trail generatorhttp://deadlinelive.info/
Bloom, Harold NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerHoaxerJewish family backgroundCIAYesYesYesCIA handler at Yale and elsewhere, groomed feminist media figures like Naomi Wolf and Camille Paglia and think-tank sharks like Francis Fukuyama, alleged sexual harasserhttp://english.yale.edu/faculty-staff/harold-bloom
Bohr, Niels NoN/AHoaxerYesYesNuclear fantasist
Bollyn, Christopher Kinky BalloonNo
Earl Files, Korshak brothers, Henry Crown and Chicago mob and other bogus suspects
HoaxerMossad, US MIC; claims 9-11 actor Hyman Brown was "the World Trade Center's construction manager" HoaxerDenierHoaxerAnglicanYesChurch of England intelligenceYesYesYesHe and Norwegian model wife into BDSM scene, wife looks like Donald Duck, alleged anti-Zionisthttp://www.bollyn.com/
Bonaparte, Louis-NapoléonNapoleon IIINoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
France; Italian, French
Roman CatholicRothschilds, Global PRCYesPresident and Emperor of France. Started war against Prussia, lost war. Responsible for the re-creation of Germany.
Bonaparte, Napoleon INoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AFrance; ItalianRoman CatholicVatican, RothschildsDoublesYesDid survey of Egyptian sites such as the Pyramids. Dismantled the so-called "Holy Roman Empire" (Germany).
Bouvier, Jacqueline Lee
Onassis, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy; Kennedy, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
NoLBJRoman CatholicYes
Organized crime, Kennedy family, CIA
YesActresses, partial simYesYes
Chickenhead made good, Wall St. lawyer father Jack Bouvier US pointman for Aristotle Onassis (whiskey shipper for Joseph Kennedy) during Prohibition, fell in love with Onassis as little girl and had alleged affair as teen, popular fellatio practitioner among rich and famous before being hired by Joe Kennedy to marry son after Joe rejected John Kelly's offer of youngest daughter Grace
Bradlee, Benjamin C.NoWarren Commission reportHoaxerHoaxerHoaxer
Episcopalian, New England Puritan stock
CIAYesYesOperation Mockingbird avatar at Washington Posthttp://www.constantinereport.com/cia-mockingbird-ben-bradlee-dead-93/
Butz, Arthur R.SometimesDenierNorthwestern UniversityYesNo
"Fakeologist" with limitations, professor of electrical engineering that published the first comprehensive debunking of the WWII gas chamber narrative, gives too much credence to US and UK intel shills like Mark Weber and David Irving, Butz's unfortunately named "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" diverts attention from the most important hoax of the 20th century: the nuclear hoax
BrahmaNoN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AHinduismBrahmin PRCYes, one must hate one's enemiesSimYesNoA transgendered or son of Stone Age female deity (Baba/Brigid); as with Shinto, modern "Hinduism" is basically a British "Great Game" intel production
Brand, Russell NoHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerUK;YesMI6?ActorMind controlled?YesHipster messiah, limited-hangout, promotes old psychedelic/drug-use psyop on youthhttp://www.russellbrand.com/
Brand, Stewart NoHoaxerHoaxerHoaxerCIA, US ArmyPartial sim?YesCIA media creation, his Whole Earth Catalog (toy catalog for would-be hippies/hipsters) iconic of 1960s MIC-created consumer counterculturehttp://sb.longnow.org/SB_homepage/Home.html