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LaggenderA gender that changes based on the time zone you're in.Genderfluid, Conditional
LamingenderA Multigender identity that feels layered, or as if it is composed of distinct slices.
See also: Stratogender
LaogenderA selection of ancient gender identities from China that were destroyed by westerners. Old, mature and immortal.
This term is exclusive to Chinese people.
Culture specific gendertucuteforyou
LenigenderA gentle gender identity (leni- gentle).Xenogenderjmonsaord
Leogender / ReigngenderA gender that is closely related to strength and regality. A royal gender if you will.
The Prefix for the term comes from the constellation Leo: The Lion. Also lions are (falsely) seen as the Kings of the Jungle. The prefix for Reigngender comes from the latter half of the word “sovereign” meaning “ruler”
Zodiacgender, XenogenderPridearchive, MePridearchive
LethargenderA subset of agender in which you know you lack a gender, but you also lack enthusiasm about your gender. you don’t care about it, and it makes you tired just to think about it. comes from the word “lethargy” which means, “a lack of energy and enthusiasm”Agender, CassgenderPridearchiveNewtrule
LettragenderA gender expressed through letters and fonts. "Gender" can be replaced by "boy", "girl", "fluid", etc. It's a gender that feels like it's quite simple, but as you try and express it you discover there is more to it than you might have thought at first, though remaining easy to grasp.
Similar to arithmagender but in a more finite way.
LeukogenderA gender that shines brightly and luminously.
The prefix is from the Greek “leuko-” meaning “white, bright”
LevigenderA lightweight, superficial gender you don't feel very much; one you put on in a hurry.XenogenderAnonymous
Liberique or LibergenderA gender that brings with itself the conviction and/or the ability to express it, despite the external pressure to not to do so.Mod Hermy
LibrafeminineA gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to
Zodiacgender, FIN, Agender[Deactivated]Anonymous
Librafluid / AgenderfluxA gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a fluid/changing connection to
masculinity and/or femininity and/or other gendered feelings.
Zodiacgender, Genderfluid, Genderflux [Deactivated]Anonymous
LibragenderA gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to masculinity and/or femininity and/or other gendered feelings. That connection may be static (libragender, librafeminine, libramasculine, etc) or fluid, where one feels that the gender one experiences changes (librafluid).
Based on the zodiac sign Libra.
Agender, Zodiacgender, FIN, MIN, AIN, NIN, Genderfluid, Genderflux[Deactivated]Anonymous
LibramasculineA gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to
Zodiacgender, Agender, MIN[Deactivated]Anonymous
LichtgenderA gender represented by a ball of light.XenogenderHelkie-three
LightgenderA type of colorgender; a gender that can be described by the presence of all colors at once.Xenogender, Synaesthesia, ColorsAnonymous
LilapsogenderA gender of tornadoes and hurricanes. It's like a tornado/hurricane's strong winds, as they tend to be stronger towards a gender at one point, and then become more agender after the peak.Xenogender, Genderflux
LipsigenderA gender which, when thought about, triggers bouts of depression.
From greek “katathlipsi” meaning depression. For use only by those with depression/depressive disorders.
Neurogender, DepressionAnonymous
LovegenderA gender defined by love for other trans/nb folk who are treated badly. You use this gender to reach out and connect with others. It is marked by love for one’s own gender, as well.Xenogender, PersonalPastelmemer
LuagenderA gender that can change in appearance but is always there, like how the moon is still there even as new moon. Basically, its different from selenogender in that the gender itself is not fluid, but rather the gender presentation (or maybe gender alignment?) is fluid.
"Lua" is Portugese for "moon".
XenogenderMod Hermy and AnonymousAnonymous
LudogenderA gender which has a core, but the individual mirrors (copies) the genders of other individuals.
A neurodivergent only gender.
See also: Amaregender, Amorgender, Amicagender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Reflectigender.
Genderfluid, ConditionalPridearchiveAnonymous
Lunarianhaving similarities in identity or experience with women. It functions as a less easily abused term for “female aligned".Not gender, Alignment
LunettianA nonbinary gender linked to soft celestial feminine energy. It is never hyperfeminine and it doesn't have to do with a female alignment, it's simply linked. Someone who is lunettian can feel different amounts of feminine energy at different times.FIN, Space, Xenogenderjuparianjuparian
LysigenderA gender that seems to dissolve and disappear as soon as you attempt to grasp it or figure it out.Xenogender, Genderflux, UnknownPastelmemer
MacrogenderLarge feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories. Xenogender, Large, AIN
MaestusgenderIn which the individual’s brain chemical imbalance obscures, masks, or otherwise distorts their self perception and stunts their ability to determine gender identity.
This term is exclusive to neurodivergent people.
Neurogender, Unknown
MagiboyDemigender, MIN[Deactivated]
MagifluidFeeling mostly one gender, but the other(s) being fluid.Genderfluid, Demigender[Deactivated]
MagigenderFeeling mostly one gender, with the rest being something else. The “something else” may or may not be known.Demigender[Deactivated]
MagigirlDemigender, FIN[Deactivated]
MagiogenderA gender associated with and often controlled by spells and witchcraft.Religion, Magichoneywhale
Magusgender, Magegender, Witchgender, or VenefigenderA gender that has a closeness or connection to witchcraft and magic. It is, in a way, a magic gender. You could include the gender in your magical practices or use it to perform gender magic. It is also associated with a feminine or androgynous gender expression.
Comes from the Latin word “magus”, meaning "magic".
Not to be confused with Magigender or Genderwitched.
Xenogender, Religion, Magic, FINremipachu-archiveremipachu-archive
MāhūA native Hawaiian and Tahitian gender identity, and it’s basically a sort of umbrella term for trans and nb. Trans women, trans men, bigender, and other nb/trans identities would be considered Māhū! They served spiritual roles, much like hijra and two-spirit, and were well respected by their communities.

Unfortunately, Mahu is one of those genders that has been demonized by colonizers, though there is certainly a push in recent times to return recognition and respect to all Māhū!

More info:
Culture specific gender
MaingenderAn umbrella term for gender identities that are Male In Nature (MAIN).

May also be used for an unspecified gender that's related to being a man or to manhood.

Note: I don't think I've seen anyone specify if maingender only includes man/male-related genders that aren't binary, or if binary men are included in this term when it's used as an umbrella term.
MalagenderA gender which is created or influenced by maladaptive daydreaming or fantasy prone personalities.
For example a malagender person might feel male usually but their gender may feel more nonbinary during a maladaptive daydreaming episode.
A gender specific to people who experience maladaptive daydreaming due to a neurodivergence such as: schizotypal personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizophrenia or similar.
Neurogender, Genderfluid, Conditionalamethyst-is-autistic
ManglegenderA gender that is a mangled mess of other genders with a cutesy horror aesthetic. Based off the Mangle from the FNaF seriesMultigender, Aestheticuncommongendersuncommongenders
MarblegenderA type of genderfluid in which all of one's genders feel like they exist as points on a sphere/globe, and the sphere/globe rolls around randomly, crossing, going in between, and/or stopping at these gender points as it does so.Genderfluid, XenogenderPastelmemer
Marfluid, Mascfluid, or MascufluidA fluid gender identity where all the genders experienced feel at least partially masculine;
A gender that is fluid in nature, but is restricted to only masculine genders.
Genderfluid, MINMod Hermy
Maringender, Marigender, Margender, or NubilagenderA term to describe when part of one’s gender is unidentifiable.UnknownAnonymousAnonymous
Marsgender(Not to be confused with Marsic) A gender that feels familiar to, and yet still not quite the same as the binary genders. This is reminiscent of how Mars is similar to Earth in atmosphere, mass, etc. But still not the exact same.Not quite, Relation to binaryMod HermyAnonymous
MascfluidfluxBeing fluid between masculine and nonbinary genders and having the intensity of those genders fluctuate. Genderflux, MIN, NIN, AIN, GenderfluidAnonymousAnonymous
Mascgender or MascugenderA non-binary gender which is masculine in nature.MIN
MasochgenderA gender that becomes more and more established/defined as it is invalidated/hated on.
Derived from the word "Masochist".
MathgenderA precise but complex gender that, the more you explore its intricacies, the more bizarre it becomes.Xenogender, Complex
MaveriqueMaverique is a gender characterized by autonomy and inner conviction** regarding a sense of self that is entirely independent of male/masculinity, female/femininity or anything which derives from the two while still being neither without gender nor of a neutral gender.

In other words, maveriques are not:
-male/masculine, female/feminine or anything related to these two genders
-without a gender
-apathetic about gender
-gender neutral

Maveriques share:
-a sense of gender that is independent of all else (autonomous)— as if in a category all of its own without outside influence.
-a distinct and firm sense of gender (conviction).
AIN, Relation to binary, Core, AporagenderQueerascatQueerascat
MaxigenderHaving every gender that is available to one's life experience. See also: Pangender, OmnigenderMultigender
MazeplexgenderA gender identity best described as a dense forest or maze which is easy to get lost in, and is hard to navigate through or pinpoint a specific location or gender. It may be unknown to the person if it's even possible to navigate through this forest or maze to find any answers.
Derived from the two words Maze, and Perplex.
Xenogender, Complex, Confusion
MedeigenderA magical, whimsical gender.Xenogender, Magic
Mediagender or MediafluidWhen your gender changes depending on what media you’re viewing at the moment. It could be a television show or a movie or something, and could be affected more by genre, or by the specific story you’re watching.Conditional, Genderfluidbiidkyloren and Mod Hermy (thank u to the random troll for inspiring this)
MedianfluidWhen your gender changes depending on who's fronting; can apply to the median system as a whole or to individual people/facetsConditional, Genderfluid, Neurogender, Systemgender, Systemfluid
Mediangender1. the sum of all the genders of a median system or the gender of the combined median system 2. a term for median systems or facets/individuals who identify with their mediangender a significant amount of time, e.g. one facet is female, another is agender, another is maverique, but you generally identify as demigirlNeurogender, Systemgendermod Sapphiremod Sapphire
overlay: the mediangender's flag goes underneath, with the overlay to show it's a mediangender
MeergenderA gender that is deep and difficult to explore, reminiscent of a large body of water, while also being multi-faceted and can fit under multiple gender descriptors. Similar to ambimegender, cosmicgender, seagender and genderplus. From the Dutch words meerdere, meaning multiple, and meer, meaning lake.Large, Complexpolyamyrorypolyamyrory
MelasgenderFor people whose gender change is emotion-based; in this case, bored or uninterested. Subtype of esmogender.

For instance, someone who is neutrois when bored or uninterested can identify as melasneutrois.
Emotion, Genderfluid
MelaucheCombining “melancholic” and “farouche” (which is another word meaning shy or introverted). A shy gender, it is characterized by someone wanting to hide who they are to avoid conflict or attention. Still, there is a sense of self in this gender, although it can feel melancholic or introverted at times. A person with this gender will keep it very close to themselves, and rarely shares it.

This was coined as one of a set of 5 genders similar to Maverique: Tragmat, Jouine, Orupin, Anler, and Melauche.
Xenogender, PersonalAnonymous and Mod HermyAnonymous
MelleA gender term for males who have no alignment towards masculinity, and instead have a feminine alignment, with or without the existence of other nonmasculine alignments too.

Male here refers to gender. Trans boys/men are male.

This term is open to anyone who considers themselves gender nonconforming, but was coined with nonbinary males in mind.
FIN, Relation to binaryPastelmemer
MelogenderA musical, harmonious gender.
See also: Cadensgender, Musicagender, Musicgender.
Xenogender, Music
Memegender“When u could care less about gender but hey memes sure are neat!" As further explained, “for NB people who really couldnt give a fuck about gender and just like pissing off truscum because usually those ppl use memes in order to convey their sarcasm and shit.”Not gender, Cassgender
MercurianA nonbinary gender that is connected to a soft celestial energy. This energy can feel "gendered", but is neither masculine nor feminine.

Someone who is mercurian can also be "void" of gender itself.
Xenogender, space, NIN, AINjuparianfallenangelkinblr
MercurygenderA gender that leaves yet comes back quickly. This is reminiscent of the planet Mercury’s orbit, which only lasts for 88 days.GenderfluxMod HermyAnonymous
MerjuparianSomeone who is both and/or fluid between mercurian (see above) and juparian (gender connected to a soft celestial masculine energy).Multigender, Xenogender, MIN, NIN, AIN
MerlunettianSomeone who is both and/or fluid between mercurian (see above) and lunettian (gender connected to a soft celestial feminine energy).Multigender, xenogender, FIN, NIN, AIN
MesogenderSomething between male/female but not distinct from both.Relation to binary, Mix[Deactivated]
MetagenderTo identify around or beyond a gender. Where your gender identity is almost that gender, but not quite, and also extends beyond that. Imagine that — is you, and | is the gender identity (and identifying fully with a gender is —|), then metagender is — | —.Not quite
MGSROIMGSROI is a community that came together just recently, it means Marginalized Genders, Sexual & Romantic Orientations & Intersex and as name implies it's community for non-cishet and intersex people. However, the acronym excludes all orientation types other than sexual and romantic, and uses "genders" instead of "gender alignments", which creates confusion as cis women are still a marginalized gender identity but trans men are not (they're marginalized for being trans, not being men), so it would exclude trans men and include cis women, although this is likely not the intention. Here is the official blog:, Not genderash-doggie
MicrogenderSmall/minute/tiny feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories. Xenogender, IntensityMod Hermy
MidbinaryBeing in-between binary genders, or something/someone that is related to binary genders even if they shouldn't be considered binary. For instance, an androgyne or a male/female genderfluid person might consider themselves midbinary, as well as someone who is questioning who feels they are in-between maleness and femaleness in some way.Relation to binaryautismserenity
MidgenderA gender that exists in the middle between the binary genders of female and male, and may be a mix of both. Similar to intergender, but not intersex exclusive.Relation to binary, MixMod Hermy and Anonymous
Migragender“Migra” meaning “wander” (migrate); for those who are questioning their gender and don’t want to pin it down to one or two words; who are flitting from gender to gender to see how they all feelQuestioningpocketmouse
MillegenderComing from the latin mille for many. It means you are many genders, but all within your race/neurotype/etc. Similar to maxigender.
(Meant as an alternative to pangender, because many people believe that it's meant to be 'every single gender ever' when it's not and most people don't use it as such.)
MultigenderMod Tath and Strawbs-CakeStrawbs-Cake
MimicnullA gender that is purely mimicry and reaction to outside stimuli. You have no real baseline gender, just an absence where your gender would be.
(Designed for neurodivergent folks but anyone can use it).
Neurogender, Conditional, Genderfluid, Xenogender
MingenderUmbrella term for all genders masculine in nature. Also a term to refer to a gender that isn't fully defined but definitely masculine, or a gender in which masculinity is its defining feature (but the gender is not binary male). May simply be used as "min", ie. "my gender is min", or as a prefix to designate that a particular gender one has is masculine aligned, such as mingirl, minagender, etc.MIN, UmbrellaPastelmemerPastelmemer
MinugenderA gender that is only experienced for minutes at a time.
See also: Secogender.
MirrorgenderA gender that changes to fit the people you're around.
See also: Amaregender, Amorgender, Amicagender, Copygender, Ludogender, Reflectigender.
Genderfluid, ConditionalMod Hermy
MiscigenderA gender that exists but is essentially unfelt and doesn't affect the owner's overall identity. For multigender people, to refer to "miscellaneous" genders that they may have, or for agender people, to describe a gender that is barely there and doesn't change their agender-ness.Multigender, IntensityPastelmemer
Mnioct(Ni-oct, m is silent)- a gender which encompasses the void but is filled with all.

Mniofirin is the masculine form, Mniobainin is feminine, and Mniodrach is neutral. The stem comes from the Irish words for science and void, and the endings come from the Irish words for masc/fem/neutral.
ModogenderA gender identity that is constantly changing; can be understood as somewhat of an intersection of genderfluid and genderflux identities in that the changes may encompass both identity and perceived “strength” of one’s gender (i.e., one moment I might be Very Much a Girl, the next I might be somewhat agender, etc.).Genderfluid, Genderflux
Mollgender or Molligender1) A gender identity that is largely related to a certain gender, but feels soft, as if it has blurred into other genders. Used as mollgirl, mollboy, mollinonbinary, etc.
2) A gender that is quiet, soft and subdued. Can be used to mean a gender that feels gentle, not too present or blurred somehow.
Xenogender, Soft, Intensity
MonstergenderSomeone who has a weak or even no sense of gender with feelings of inhumanity replacing the missing sense of gender identity. Mostly intended for neurodivergent people.Neurogender, Xenogender, Intensity, Agender
MortegenderA gender that died along with the concept of a fixed gender identity as soon as you realized you weren't cis. Unique to you and nothing at the same time.
See also: Necrogender.
Mosaigender or PortiogenderA gender composed of pieces or fractions of many genders and feelings.MultigenderPastelmemer, Me
MulticoricSomeone who has more than a single -coric gender. For instance, someone who's both scenecoric and cottagecoric.Deactivated account
Multi-SliderMultigender/Genderfluid. Multiple gender sliders that vary / are fluid from one gender to another or from 0 to 100 percent intensity.GenderfluidShadowofthedude
MultigenderA term for anyone who experiences more than one gender identity. It can be used as a gender identity in its own right, or can be an umbrella term for other identities which fit this description.
Multigender identities include bigender (two genders), trigender (three genders), quadgender (four genders), quintgender (five genders), polygender (many genders), pangender [Link] and genderfluid (variable gender).
Multigender people may experience two or more gender identities at the same time, or their gender identity may change over time (genderfluid).
Multigender (Otherkin)A gender identity for those with multiple kintypes who each have their own gender identity.Kingender, Multigender
MusegenderA gender coined with artists/writers/roleplayers/actors etc in mind. A fluid gender influenced by the gender(s) of the characters you are drawing/writing/roleplaying/etc.Genderfluid, Conditional
MusicagenderWhen your gender can only be described through a specific musical aesthetic and/or genre.
See also: Melogender, Cadensgender, Musicgender.
Music, Aesthetic, Xenogender
Musicgender or MusigenderA catchall term for any gender that is related to musicianship or music theory.
See also: Melogender, Cadensgender, Musicagender.
Xenogender, Music[Deactivated][Deactivated]
Musicgender: GenderaltoA gender that is between genderbass and gendertreble.Xenogender
Musicgender: Genderbass A gender that feels as if it is set in a low range, or that is lower pitched.Xenogender, Synaesthesia
Musicgender: GenderbeatOpposite of melogender, a gender that has little or no tone or music but that is more rhythmic in nature. Xenogender
Musicgender: Genderclef or ClefgenderA gender that you feel is closely connected to musical clefs .Xenogender
Musicgender: GenderdynamicsThe experience of genderfluidity specific to genderflux, where one feels their gender "crescendo" (get louder/more prominent) and "decrescendo" (get softer/less prominent) Could also be said to fluctuate between genderpiano. genderpp, genderforte genderfortissimo, or other dynamical genders. Genderfluid, Genderflux, Synaestheia
Musicgender: GenderflatA gender that feels flat or at a lower "pitch" than before.Xenogender, Synaesthesia
Musicgender: GenderforteA gender that is loud; could be that it is close to a binary or another very "prominent" gender such as Maverique.Synaesthesia, Music, Xenogender
Musicgender: GenderfortissimoA gender that is extremely loud or prominent, could be another term for gender like maverique but that is still connected to music.Synaesthesia, Music, Xenogender, Intense
Musicgender: GendermajorA gender that feels bright and happy, or other terms you use to describe major keys. Xenogender, Happy, Music, Synaesthesia
Musicgender: GenderminorA gender that feels solemn, blue, or deep, or other terms you use to describe minor keys. Xenogender, Sad, Solemn, Music, Synaesthesia
Musicgender: GendernaturalA gender that is currently neither sharp nor flat.Synaesthesia, Music, Xenogender
Musicgender: GendernocturneA gender that is individual to the user and typically similar to "genderminor" and is closely connected to nighttime.Xenogender