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BreweryLocationBeerABVDescriptionLast Brewed- Please note that this a database of tasting notes ONLY, please do not rely on the availability information!
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Armistice Ale4.2%Full bodied, richly flavoured Remembrance Ale with a donation to the RNBL Poppy Appeal with each pint. Discontinued in 2012Nov-11
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Bee-Head4.6%A honey coloured, soft summer ale with a gentle honey and biscuit taste. Lightly flavoured with local Sussex honey.Sep-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Black Velvet5.0%A strong creamed oatmeal stout. Black, brewed with dark roasted barley. The strength was reduced during 2019 from 5.5% to 5.0%.Nov-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Brew Master3.9%An traditional style English style ale, Chestnut coloured Bitter - deeply flavoured, and full bodied, with a malty finish. Occasional
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Britannia3.8%Pale gold, refreshing malty flavour, lightly hopped with a spicy aroma.Sep-17
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Choc Orange Mild3.6%A lightly hopped, dark malty chocolate mild with a hint of orange and a citrus aroma. Jun-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Declaration4.1%Originally created to celebrate the local Cricket Clubs 250th anniversary. Light in colour with a bitter edge. A refreshing crisp best bitter.Jun-11
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.FestivAle 3.8%Not to be confused with Festive Ale (which is a darker version for Christmas). Festivale is a pale copper colour with a refreshing Fruity flavour, finished with a appetizing floral aroma. Floral, fruity and smooth with a hint of elderflower. Oct-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Festive Ale 3.8%Not to be confused with FestivAle (which is a lighter version brewed for Autumn) Festive Ale is a dark copper-red Winter Warmer,Nov-17
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Ginger No 14.5%Ruby in colour brewed with a very subtle flavour of fresh ginger and gentle infusion of smoked barley. A festive special. Renamed Ginger No. 1 in 2010 because the original name was causing confusion.Feb-13
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Ginger Nol4.7%Ruby in colour brewed with a very subtle flavour of fresh ginger and gentle infusion of smoked barley. A festive special. Renamed Ginger No. 1 in 2010 because the original name was causing confusion.Discontinued
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Gold Angel4.8%A full flavoured strong golden ale, brewed with Maris Otter malt and finished with Czech Saaz hops for a delicate aroma. The strength was reduced during 2019 from 5.0% to 4.8%.Dec-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Hop Pocket3.7%A light pale ale, a refreshing drink with a citrus hoppy aftertaste. Permanent
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Jack Cade4.5%A malty, chestnut coloured beer with a beautifully subtle tangerine aroma. Jack Cade was the leader of a popular revolt against the government of England in 1451.Sep-17
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.La Blonde4.0%Very pale, light, bright ale with a fruity body, and a refreshing French countryside aroma. C'est magnifique!Sep-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.La Brunette4.2%This deep chestnut brunette bitter combines the fruity taste of winger berries with a lasting, warming winter taste. Mar-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Lammas Ale4.2%Amber/brown full bodied great tasting beer with a satisfying balance of malt and hop, with the addition of malted wheat, to celebrating the first harvest and Lammas Day on 1st AugustAug-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Laughing Frog5.2%Brewed by Yanick, the French brewer at 1648 Brewery - Laughing Frog is a French Belgium style beer amber gold lightly hopped slightly sweet with full malty taste.Permanent
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Lion Brew3.9%An traditional style English style ale, Chestnut coloured Bitter - deeply flavoured, and full bodied, with a malty finish. Discontinued
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Oak Ale4.0%An old fashioned style of best, brown bitter with a malty after taste. Originally brewed as a house beer for the Old Oak pub, but now being sold as a permanent beer.Discontinued
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Original3.9%Light straw in colour, brewed to be full of flavour with a dry aftertaste. A traditional bitter.Occasional
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Royal Britannia3.8%Originally brewed for the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012, but proved so popular it has become a regular - A very pale bright gold, lightly hopped, malty body with a fruity aroma. The strength was reduced from 4.2% during 2013.Sep-18
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Royal Oak4.0%Rich brown, traditional full rounded bitter lightly hopped with a nice malty aftertaste.May-16
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Ruby Mild3.6%Ruby coloured and mild on the palate. Smooth and gently hopped with plenty of body.May-18
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Sacred Solstice4.3%Golden, spicy, with hints of elderflowers and ginger.Jun-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Saint George4.5%Medium brown in colour, sweet and full flavoured with a well rounded aroma. A traditional English Ale.Apr-20
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Signature4.4%Very pale in colour with a sweet malty foretaste, the finish is crisp and dry.Permanent
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Smoked Ale4.7%A deep ruby beer brewed with a generous measure of smoked malted barley. A rich, deep, intensly satisfying beer with an unusual flavour.Feb-13
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Smoked No 14.5%Ruby red, smoked barley, spicy, warming festive ale.Feb-13
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Three Threads4.3%Deep brown, full bodied mild-style ale with a complex flavour of barleys, lightly hopped, combining three different styles of beer in one ale.Jul-19
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Triple Champion4.0%An old fashioned style, Chestnut coloured Bitter - deeply flavoured, and full bodied, with a malty finish. A traditional style English ale. Originally brewed to mark the third County Championship win for Sussex County Cricket Club.Permanent
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Very Special Old Ale4.1%VSOA! Dark brown ale with a hint of rum and caramel.Nov-16
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Warrant4.8%Full bodied , deeply flavoured, dark winter ale. An intense winter porter packed with complex coffee, chocolate and nutty flavours.Mar-20
1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex.Winter Solstice4.3%A dark ale with Ruby hues - a slightly spicy ale brewed with smoked barley and just a slight hint of ginger.Jan-20
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexAPA5.0%Using solely American hops, a contemporary Pale Ale, heavily hopped to produce intense tropical fruit flavours and a long bitter finish. Mar-19
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexBest Bitter4.2%A chestnut-coloured, brewed with British hops in the boil, and the addition of Cascade hops post boil to produce a lovely aromatic ale with a clean bitterness.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexESB5.3%malty, amber Extra Special BitterOct-16
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexIndia Porter5.8%Brewed with a strong malt profile with an oat base allows for us to go heavy on the hops for this Porter. Three aromatic and flavoursome New World hops produce a Porter that is strong on body, big on aroma and large on taste. Apr-19
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexLow Rider3.3%Extra pale malts and a massive dose of citrusy and zesty hops work together to create a low strength, high flavour session beer to be quaffed at any time of the day or night.May-19
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexMayflower IPA #565.6%Brwed using a traditional all-British malt profile with contemprary American hops to produce a chestnut coloured IPA, full of citrus aromas. Mar-16
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexOatmeal Stout4.5%The combination of six different malts, and a good dose of flaked oats, creates a smooth, dark Stout with a chocolate sweetness, perfectly balanced with the generous use of UK grown Fuggles hops.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexPacific Pale #494.9%Full of hops from the USA and Australia. This is a chestnut-coloured, modern pale ale with fruit and floral flavours and crisp bitterness.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexPacific Red #454.5%Full of hops from the USA and Australia, this is a deep, ruby red modern ale with fruit and floral flavours and a crisp bitterness. Nov-14
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexPale 3.9%Brewed using pale malts and a combination of Kentish and North American hops to produce a lighter bodied, but still fully-flavoured zesty golden ale.Apr-19
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexPale #393.9%Brewed using pale malts and a combination of Kentish and North American hops to produce a lighter bodied, but still fully-flavoured zesty golden ale - rebranded as 'pale' in Summer 16.Aug-16
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexProject Gemini4.3%Twin hopped session pale ales. Brewed with extra pale malt to give a light, crisp body, which allows the assertive flavour and aroma of the hops to shine. Jul-16
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexRed #454.5%Full of hops from the USA and Australia, this is a deep, ruby red modern ale with fruit and floral flavours . Oct-15
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexRye Pale5.2%Seven different malts, including Rye, provide a rich platform for the combination of North American and Australian hops added throughout the boil.May-17
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexSession IPA4.3%A simple malt bill creates the platform for an abundance of juicy Mosaic hops to shine in this dangerously sessionable pale ale. Dry-hopped with Amarillo and Chinook for hints of grapefruit and tangerine.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexSingle Hop4.1%Single Hop is a light pale ale brewed with just one hop variety which is changed from season to season to give a consistent style of beer with slight variations in bitterness and aroma. Jun-16
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexStout 4.5%A rich, dark stout using solely Fuggles hops to balance the chocolate and smoky malt undertones. Occasional
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexSussex #424.2%A traditional, copper-coloured best bitter. Brewed with Kentish hops to produce an aromatic ale with a clean bitterness. Rebranded as "Best" in Summer 16.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexWest Coast Pale Ale 5.2%True to its origins, this Californian style pale ale is packed with the fruitiest and most vibrant U.S. hops, both during the boil and dry hopping. The delicate pale and crystal malt grist balances the fresh bitterness.Permanent
360 DegreeSheffield Park, E. SussexWest Coast Pale Ale #505.0%Using solely American hops, a contemporary Pale Ale, heavily hopped to produce intense tropical fruit flavours and a long bitter finish. Rebranded as "APA" in Summer 16.Permanent
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Bath Star4.5%Occasional
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Bellringer4.2%A hoppy, amber/gold ale. Light-medium bodied, clean tasting, dry with a balancing sweetness. Citrus, pale malt aroma and a dry bitter finish.Permanent
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Black Friar5.3%Occasional
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Chorister4.5%Occasional
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Resurrection4.5%
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.Twelfth Night5.0%Occasional
Abbey AlesBath, Somset.White Friar5.0%
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.1911 Celebration AleA claret coloured beer with a flavour of malt biscuit accompanied by apple undertones derived from the late addition of hops and a generous helping of dark crystal malt.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Amber Neck TieIt has a substantial vanilla taste with biscuity overtones, toffee apple can be detected in the nose.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Black Satin6.2%A sweet stout
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Cordelia's Gift4.3%A very dark ale brewed with pearl malt, a small but effective quantity of chocolate malt and Fuggles hops. The taste is reminiscent of dandelion and burdock.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Grease4.6%Brewed in memory of the brewers motorcycle that had to be sold to help fund the building of the brewery! Golden in colour it "smells like honey and tastes of liquorice".
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Hoppy Daze4.1%A generous helping of hops gives it a hoppy tang. The beer has clean mouthfeel.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Leper SquintA straw coloured, refreshing and versatile beer which unleashes an abundant aroma of honey. One could be forgiven for expecting intoxication by smell alone. A flavour of pears is quickly overtaken by the dry bitterness of the hop.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Monday's Child3.7%A purists dream, comprising of Maris Otter pale malt and Goldings hops. It is very pale in colour and has banana fruit to the taste.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Original Bitter5.1%A fairly strong ale which has been described as having complex flavours and having a whisky nose! Quite dark and deceptively quaffable.
Abbey BellsSelby, N. Yorks.Santa's Stocking Filler4.5%A red coloured ale for ChristmasDec-05
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Abbeydale Best4.0%A classic English beer. Medium bitterness with a powerful hop nose.Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Absolution5.3%Mid straw coloured beer with aromas of tropical fruit and mangoes. The beer is sweet all the way through balanced by some bitterness at the finish. Flavours are fruity with toffee apples and bananas. Overall a clean tasting beer, sweetish but not cloying.Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Alchemy4.2%An assertively hopped pale gold beer with elderflower notes and a lasting bitter finish.Jun-07
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Archangel4.7%A beautifully balanced pale premium beer with plenty of hop character.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Ascension5.3%Non-cloudy interpretation of a continental wheat beer.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Belfry4.5%A hoppy pale ale. Well rounded with a distinctive bitter finish.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Black Mass6.7%Very dark ruby ale with a rich creamy head. Aromas of dark chocolate, coffee and burnt toast. Full bodied and warming with strong flavours of bitter chocolate, fruitcake, raisins and hints of cherries. A lingering bitter finish.Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Brimstone3.9%Russet brown beer made with Amarillo hops. It has aromas of malt loaf, marmalade and apricots with some burnt toast coming through from the dark malt. The flavours are of coffee, toffee and liquorice with underlying spices, especially cloves. There is bitterness
throughout, growing during the long finish. Abbeydale’s take on a classic English bitter.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Daily Bread3.8%a classic English bitter. Malty and well balanced.May-07
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Dark Angel4.7%A rich dark brew with hints of coffee in the flavour and a satisfying bitter finish.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Dark Side5.1%Rich, dark & mellow.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Decepton4.1%A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour.Jan-10
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Devotion4.4%A tremendously pale, hoppy pale ale, with a pronounced bitter finish.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Last Rites11.0%Superbly strong and full bodied ale which is very pale for its strength. It has aromas full of toffee and caramel. The flavour is smooth and sweet with warming alcohol and lots of toffee, candied peel and dried citrus fruits. The beer is quite vinous with lots of depth and lingering flavours. Dangerously moreish!Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Matins3.6%Very pale straw-coloured beer with herby aromas. The flavour is pleasant and grassy with hints of green peppers and a moderate bitterness. It has lots of body for its gravity and is a crisp, fresh and clean tasting; an excellent session beer. Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Moonshine4.3%A beautifully balanced pale straw coloured premium bitter with a distinctive floral aroma leading to a predominantly citrus taste with grapefruit and lemons to the fore and a quenching bitter finish.Permanent
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Mothers Ruin5.0%A dark dry stout. Roasty flavours from the dark malts balanced by floral and fruity hop flavours.Jun-07
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Original Sin4.9%A smooth, velvety, dark ale with rounded chocolate-like characteristics.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Prophecy4.5%Old gold in colour, a very hoppy, satisfying premium bitter.
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Sanctuary4.2%
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Stormbringer4.7%A darker coloured beer - Mid brown/copper
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.Wheat Beer4.5%A delicately hopped pale beer with a refreshing citrus characterJul-05
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.White Knight4.5%An assertively hopped pale beer bursting with flavour and highly aromatic.Jun-05
AbbeydaleSheffield, S. Yorks.White Lady4.7%Pale summer ale. Tropical fruit flavours. Quenching bitter finish.Jun-07
AcornWombwell, Barnsley S. Yorks.16th Noel6.3%Rich ruby coloured ale, roasted malts and English Bramling Cross hops combine to release rich berry notes.Dec-18
AcornWombwell, Barnsley S. Yorks.17th Noel6.3%Rich ruby coloured ale, roasted malts and English Bramling Cross hops combine to release rich berry notes.Dec-19
AcornWombwell, Barnsley S. Yorks.Alehouse Rock4.5%A dark fruity ale. A dark and complex ode to 50's music.Feb-18
AcornWombwell, Barnsley S. Yorks.Amarillo IPA5.0%One of the brewery's single varietal 'IPA' series. Well hopped and aromatic.Jan-08