Monday 5 September 2016
Pre-Conference Events
All activities will take place at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
TimeSessionRoomTrackSaturday 3  September  2016
9:00-16:000.1LivingRoom1IGeLU SC IGeLU Steering Committee Meeting
13:00-17:000.2Space1IGeLU PWG CoordinatorsIGeLU PWG Coordinators Meeting
10:00-16:000.3LivingRoom3ELUNA SCELUNA Steering Committee Meeting
16:00-18:000.4Hoff Panorama
(9th floor)
IGeLU SC - ELUNA SCIGeLU Steering Committee Meeting with ELUNA Steering Committee meeting
TimeSessionRoomTrackSunday 4 September 2016
9:00-13:00ILivingRoom4SC, PWG and SIWG CoordsIGeLU Steering Committee and Product and Special Interest Working Group Coordinators meeting (with sandwiches for lunch 13:00-14:00)
14:00-16:00IILivingRoom4SC, INUG, PWG & SIWG CoordsJoint IGeLU SC and National/Regional User Group Representatives meeting (including PWG and SIWG Coordinators)
16:00-16:30IIIOpen space on the ground floorSC, INUG, PWG, SIWG Coords & Ex LibrisCoffee Break and Social Time IGeLU SC/INUG/PWG/SIWG and Ex Libris Management
16:30-18:00IVLivingRoom4SC, INUG, PWG, SIWG Coords & Ex LibrisIGeLU SC/INUG/PWG/SIWG and Ex Libris Management Meeting
9:00-16:00VLivingRoom3ELUNA SCELUNA Steering Committee Meeting
15:00 – 18:00Registration - at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

Conference Events
Monday 5 September 2016
All activities except the social event will take place at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
All Plenary sessions will be held at Cosmos2
All Breakout Sessions will be held in various halls at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
8:00Registration open
9:00-10:151Cosmos2PlenaryOpening Session
- Welcome Remarks:
-- Frode Arntsen - BIBSYS
-- Theo Engelman, Chair, IGeLU Steering Committee (SC)
- Ex Libris Welcome & Corporate Update
-- Ofer Mosseri, Corporate VP, General Manager EMEA, Ex Libris
-- Kurt Sanford, CEO, ProQuest
-- Oren Beit-Arie, Chief Strategy Officer, Ex Libris

-- Moderator: Theo Engelman, Senior Consultant and Business Information Manager, Utrecht University Library, IGeLU Chair
This session will include the announcement of the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation
10:15-11:152Cosmos2PlenaryA Matter of Perspective. User Experience in Libraries and You.
- Matt J Borg, Senior Librarian & Solution Expert, Ex Libris and Deputy Chair, UXLibs Committee.
-- Moderator: Naomi Greidinger, Deputy Library Director, University of Haifa; IGeLU SC
User Experience in libraries is a thing now. As information professionals, we have never had such rich opportunity to engage with our users to truly understand the way in which they interact with all of our spaces and services, whether digital or physical.
This talk will look at how User Experience in Libraries is impacting libraries across the globe. It will chart the origins of ethnographic and anthropological techniques and see how adoption of methods based on these practices furnish us with more information and detail than we have ever been exposed to. It will provide insight into the importance of working with a human centred design philosophy.
It will look at why it is so important for us to take time to invest in these opportunities, to work with our peers and users to ensure these practices are embedded. To fight for hard won advocacy through effort.
Finally, it will explore how User Experience is being used in libraries across the globe to help shape interaction with users and ultimately how User Experience is a force for good.
11:15-11:45Coffee break
Ex Libris Product and Support Consultation Room =Luna2Ex Libris Product and Support Consultations
11:45-13:153Cosmos2AlmaAlma Product Update, Roadmap and Q&A
- Bar Veinstein, VP Resource Management Solutions, Ex Libris
- Dvir Hoffman, VP Product Management and Marketing, Ex Libris
Presentation by ExLibris on Alma developments planned for 2016 - 2017.
Audience participation is encouraged throughout the session.
Moderator: Betsy Friesen, Director Data Management & Access, University Libraries, University of Minnesota; Alma PWG Coordinator
The Alma PWG business meeting will be in Session 4.1.
13:15-14:30Lunch break
Luna1Lunch - IGeLU and ELUNA Steering Committees
Luna2Ex Libris Product and Support Consultations
4Product and Special Interest Working Group Breakouts
In most of the breakout sessions below, there will be information on new releases and product direction followed by the PWG/SIWG business meeting which will include a report of the activities of the PWG/SIWG and general discussion.
14:30 -16:004.1Cosmos1BAlephAleph Product Update, Roadmap and Q&A
- Carmit Marcus, Director of Product Management and Partnerships, Ex Libris
Aleph PWG Business Meeting
-- Moderator: Augusto Ribeiro, Documentation and Information Management, University of Porto;
Aleph PWG Coordinator
The Ex Libris Aleph and ARC update will begin the session. The PWG’s business meeting follows including a review on the group’s activities and election of coordinators for the Aleph PWG. Discussion with customers and Ex Libris will be encouraged throughout.
14:30-16:004.2Space2Consortia SIWGConsortia SIWG Meeting
- Reports of customers
- Discussion
- Alma Collaborative Networks
-- Asaf Kline, Director, Alma Product Manager, Ex Libris
- Business Meeting
-- Moderator: Peter Klien, Press Officer, The Austrian Library Network (OBVSG); Coordinator IGeLU SIWG on Consortia
The session will start with an introduction of the consortia present at the conference and a status update of existing or planned Alma consortia. The following presentation will provide an opportunity for participants to hear from Ex Libris about its plans for supporting consortia in Alma. Discussion with customers and Ex Libris will be encouraged throughout. A SIWG business meeting will complete the session.
14:30 -15:454.3Cosmos3ABAlmaAlma PWG Business Meeting
-- Moderator: Betsy Friesen, Director Data Management & Access, University Libraries, University of Minnesota; Alma PWG Coordinator
Joint IGeLU / ELUNA Alma PWG meeting.
All conference attendee are welcome to join this meeting.
Session outline:
1. Report on Alma PWG activities in 2015 – 2016
2. Review of Alma enhancement process / ExLibris Communications channels
3. Report from special interest groups: Analytics/Interoperability/Linked Open Data
4. Alma PWG priorities in 2017: Elections, committee chairs, subgroups
5. Open meeting to the floor for questions and ideas about what the Alma PWG should focus on in 2017
The Alma product update will be in Session 3.
14:30-16:004.4Space3SummonSummon Product Update
- Brent Cook, Director of Product Management, Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris
Summon PWG Business Meeting
-- Moderator: Daniel Forsman, Library Director, Chalmers University of Technology;
Summon PWG Coordinator
14:30-16:004.5Cosmos1AInteroperability SIWG, Linked Open Data SIWG,
Analytics SIWG
Joint Interoperability, Linked Open Data, Analytics SIWG Meeting
-- Moderators: Corey Harper, Metadata Services Librarian, New York University; Linked Open Data SIWG Coordinator , Mehmet Celik, Lukas Koster ; Interoperability SIWG Coordinator;
John Krug, Library Systems and Analytics Manager, Digital Innovation, Library, Lancaster University, UK; Analytics SIWG Coordinator
15:00-16:004.6Cosmos3CDPrimo Primo: A New User Experience
- Christine Stohn, Senior Product Manager, Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris
- Miri Botzer, Product Manager, Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris
User experience (UX) is high on the agenda of most libraries. Libraries strive to increase user engagement, maximize the usage of collections, and support students and researchers in achieving their academic goals. An understanding of library patrons’ needs and the application of modern design principles are essential for providing the intuitive, user-friendly discovery services that users expect. In this session we will look at the new Primo user interface and present some of the new user-centred features, such as the citation trail. We will also discuss some ideas and plans, including a resource recommender tool. We will share some of our ongoing research into serving a diverse user community and enabling discovery in different environments, such as teaching and learning, and research.
15:00 -16:004.7LivingRoom4AlmaNew and Emerging Acquisition Workflows
- Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian, ExLibris
In this session we will look at some of the recently-released or soon-to-be-released developments in Alma, which will provide new options for staff and users to purchase material and contribute their input on future acquisitions.
16:00-16:30Coffee break
Luna2Ex Libris Product and Support Consultations
5Breakouts for session #5
16:30 - 17:005.11Cosmos3ABAlmaWorking Out Work Orders in Alma
- Maureen Olle-LaJoie, Head of Library Systems and Technology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
17:00- 17:305.12Alma"Cashless BIB”: in relation to ALMA
- Gijs Noels, Business Consultant, KULeuven LIBIS
Cashless payment methods have become a standard in our daily lives. The need or necessity for cash is gradually disappearing. Upon reflection, KULeuven (Belgium) University Libraries, has missed former “cashless waves” such as payment kiosks. The goal of this session is to give insight on how we’re reversing the situation from cash to cashless, optimizing cash flows, and how we integrate cashless payment methods with ALMA.
-- Moderator: Shameem Nilofar Assistant Director, Information Technology and Innovation, Singapore Management University
16:30 - 17:005.21Cosmos1BAlmaALMA –Analytics to support evident based decision making and planning
- Liya Louis, Library Specialist II-Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University In Qatar
The presentation will focus on how data presents new opportunities to evaluate resources and collection, thereby helping Collection Development planning.There have been a few attempts to integrate ILS with analytical tools,but not successfully.The main objective of this presentation is to demonstrate how well ALMA Analytics solves this to an extent, but with a few shortfalls. The solution serves as a smart decision tool which can improve the quality of the library's collection and services, and manage funds well. Alma Analytics is built on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. All major areas like Acquisitions, Resource Management, Fulfillment are integrated into Analytics and reporting into everyday workflows and transparent to the end user.
17:00- 17:305.22AlmaUsing Alma Analytics to manage change in collection development through reviewing the annual subscription renewal process
- Alexander Sussman, Manager CHEC Campus Library, Discovery and Systems Services, Southern Cross
Southern Cross University implemented Alma in mid-2015. After implementation, it became apparent that we could use Alma Analytics to de-isolate the subscription renewal process from other collection development activities and put staff in control of the process rather than at the effect. Our goals are to use the advanced analytics capability of Alma to drive a change in workflows that would facilitate ongoing review of subscribed resources and eliminate frantic activity around the deadline for responses on subscription renewal. To do this we needed to provide staff with the tools they needed for collection development decisions and following on from that, change ingrained habits of relying on the date imperative of subscription renewals to undertake collection development review. This paper outlines the process of how we set up the records, extracted and displayed the reports required, and demonstrates how this is creating an ongoing change of work practices.
-- Moderator: John Krug Library Systems and Analytics, Lancaster University
16:30 - 17:005.31LivingRoom4AlmaWhat does it take to move a consortium?
- Siôn Romaine, Acquisitions Librarian | Canadian Studies Librarian, University of Washington,
- Andrew Brown, Collections Services and Systems Librarian, Swansea University
- Moon Kim, Acquisitions Librarian, California State University, Fullerton
Many consortia are now live or have signed contracts to implement Alma/Primo. In this session, representatives from three consortial institutions:
• University of Washington (as part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance)
• Swansea University (as part of the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum)
• California State University, Fullerton (as part of the California State University)
will discuss the reasons why their consortium opted to migrate and compare the different methodologies to implementing Alma and Primo in each consortium. The challenges in moving to a cloud-based system in a consortial environment will also be discussed.
17:00- 17:305.32AlmaAlma as Library Services Platform for the BIBSYS Consortium - First Impressions
- Frode Arntsen, Managing Director, BIBSYS
BIBSYS, the Norwegian Library Systems Consortium has just recently implemented ALMA as their Library Services Platform for 104 libraries. BIBSYS as an organization has existed for almost 45 years and has historically developed its own integrated library system for the consortia members. After having provided a tailor-made system for more than 40 years, BIBSYS provides their first impressions of Ex Libris Alma as a Library Services Platform.
--Moderator: Tracey Clarke, Associate Director for Academic & Digital Strategies, University of Sheffield Library
16:30-17:005.41Cosmos3CDPrimoNew UI Primo - Lightning Talks and hands on session
- Christian Haenger, director library systems, Mannheim University Library
- Allen Jones (ELUNA PWG coordinator)
Ex Libris has been developing a new UI for Primo written in Angular JS. It was delivered with the February release to the customers. Although many functions are missing, we would like to present the first impression of the IGeLU/ELUNA advistory board to the community. We will cover all aspects from development to usability aspects.
17:00-17:305.42PrimoPreparing for a new Primo
- Veerle Kerstens, Project Manager, KU Leuven - LIBIS
LIBIS is one of the bèta testers of the new Primo UI. We manage a library network of about 30 institutions. We took the opportunity to evaluate our current user interface: how is it perceived, how is it used ? We organized focus groups in fall 2015 and analyzed usage information. When testing the new interface, the concerns that emerged from this evaluation were taken into account. We also followed up on consortial issues and expect the new Primo UI will address them adequately. We conducted usability tests; the sessions were observed by a team of library staff. This approach helped us to come to a common understanding of issues: “seeing is believing”. The aim is to organize this usability testing on a frequent basis in order to get more insight in how our users experience Primo, to give feedback to Ex Libris in the context of the development of the new UI as well as to optimize our Primo. I’d like to share our experiences, outcomes of the testing and plans for our Primo sites.
--Moderator: Asbjørn Risan, Product Owner, BIBSYS
16:30-17:005.51Space2OtherStanding on the shoulders of giants - Establishing Innovation at Lancaster University Library
- Masud Khokhar, Head of Digital Innovation, Lancaster University
During the last two years, Lancaster University Library has taken a transformative approach towards building innovation in its approach and practices. We have adopted an ethos of collaboration, both internally within the institution and beyond that. An ethos that empower us to actively seek partnerships, inspire creativity, develop leadership and build confidence. We develop innovation internally in four ways: forced innovation, exploratory innovation, randomised innovation and empowered innovation. The results so far have been sometimes surprising and often inspiring. Examples include student led innovation events, institution wide research and learning projects, enhancing our staff skills and adopting digital fluency practices, learning how our users use the Library building by mapping their journeys, enticing academic behavior by campus wide gamification, linking with local schools using Minecraft as a platform, promoting our special collections via innovative channels, and working on key projects on the topics of Open Access and Research Data Management. Ex Libris products play a crucial role in providing key data and helping us to establish innovation at Lancaster University Library.
17:00-17:305.52OtherTaking Primo out of the Ivory Tower and into a Lighthouse
- Adi Gon Paz, Tech services team leader, National library of Israel
The National Library of Israel is experiencing a surge of renewal, aimed at making it a central and active player in the cultural and intellectual life of all citizens of the State of Israel, of Diaspora Jewry and of the general public worldwide. To this end we are developing innovative methods of delivering the library treasures to the public, using Primo as our search and discovery engine.These methods include: Enriching and manipulating catalog records from various sources ( such as Aleph, adlib archive software, Wikipedia, SQL servers etc.); Developing improved synchronization mechanizes between all our systems; Designing new UIs which adhere with the new global standard of Dynamic Grid Layout; and Unifying deliveries under a single high end interface. In this session we will explore our main achievements using live examples.
-- Moderator: Peter Klien Press Officer, The Austrian Library Network (OBVSG)
16:30-17:005.61Space3RosettaWhat to consider if you want to use Rosetta in your Library
- Dave Allen, Business Enterprise Architect, State Library of Queensland
The State Library of Queensland undertook a Rosetta Digial Preservation Proof of Concept in conjunction with other Australian State and Territory Libraries. As expected the product was considered 'fit for use'. However this paper will focus more on the outcomes in terms of staff skills, consortia issues and work flows when implementing Rosetta.
17:00-17:305.62RosettaFirst Steps in Digital Preservation at the University of Sheffield
- Andy Bussey, Head of Digital Services and Systems, University of Sheffield
- Chris Jones, Library Systems Manager, University of Sheffield
The University of Sheffield recently identified the need for a more sustainable permanent archive of its digital assets, including the Library’s collections, the University archives and research outputs. This presentation will highlight our experience of implementing the Rosetta software in an environment without a well-established digital curation infrastructure. It will spotlight our work with Ex Libris on the OAI-PMH workflow for migration and ingest of data and the impact Rosetta implementation has had on other processes. We will conclude by outlining new areas of work we are developing.
-- Moderator: Al Cornish, Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance
16:30-17:305.7Cosmos1ALODEx Libris Linked Data Collaboration Group
–Josh Weisman, Development Director, Resource Management , Ex Libris
- Asaf Kline, Director, Alma Product Management
This session will feature an update on the progress of the 2016 Ex Libris Linked Data Collaboration Group, including developments that have been done until now and plans for the near term. In addition, this will be an opportunity for the community to provide valuable feedback on the developments and share their own plans to implement and make use of Linked Data features
Concert in the Nidarsdomen Cathedral and reception at the Archbishop’s Palace

Tuesday 6 September 2016
8:00Registration open
9:00 - 10:306Cosmos2PlenaryEx Libris Strategy and Operations Update
- Oren Beit-Arie, Chief Strategy Officer, Ex Libris
- Yair Amsterdam, Chief Operations Officer, Ex Libris
-- Moderator: Mark Dehmlow, Program Director, Library Information Technology, University of Notre Dame; IGeLU SC
Ex Libris management will describe the company's strategy and give updates on where it and the products are going.
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Luna2Ex Libris Product and Support Consultations
11:00-12:307Cosmos2Primo and SummonDiscovery and Delivery Products Update, Roadmap and Q&A
- Shlomi Kringel, VP Discovery and Delivery Solutions, Ex Libris
- Yuval Kiselstein, Director of Product Management, Discovery and Delivery Solutions, Ex Libris
-- Moderator: Christian Hänger, Head of Digital Library Services, University of
The Primo/MetaLib PWG business meeting will be in Session 9.2.
The Summon PWG business meeting will be in Session 4.
12:30-13:45Lunch break
Luna1Lunch - IGeLU and Next year hosts
Luna2Ex Libris Product and Support Consultations
13:45-15:008Cosmos2PlenaryIGeLU Update and Assembly of Members
- IGeLU Chair's Report
- Presentation and approval of budget
- Introduction of Steering Committee candidates
- Introduction of the next conference location
- Other
-- Moderator: Theo Engelman, Senior Consultant and Business Information Manager, Utrecht University Library, IGeLU Chair
SurprisePresentation by the winner of the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation
In this presentation, the winner of the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation, who has been announced in session 1, will outline the winning project.
-- Moderator: Guido Badalamenti, Library Director, University of Siena; IGeLU SC