Chocolate Box Requests 2017
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FandomRelationshipsFanart/FanfictionAO3 usernameLetterDetails
.hack//SIGN • Misono Mariko/Shoji An | Subaru/TsukasaFanart, FanfictionEmber_KeeltySomething set post-canon, please! Maybe Mariko gets a power chair and they go out and explore the real world together. Or maybe they spend a night together staying in and exploring each other's real-world bodies.
16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonald's (Twine game) • Lucy/Claire (16 Ways)
• Lucy & Claire (16 Ways)
Fanfictionxenoglossy the various endings that you get from the little bonus segment after you find all sixteen ways, I'm particularly interested in the ones where Claire (the cashier) becomes a vampire hunter. I'm especially interested in the one where Claire nearly dies, tries and fails to go back to her ordinary life, and then goes to a lot of effort to track down Lucy & co., so something spinning off that ending would be great, but the one(s) where Lucy gets the vampire before Claire is in any real danger and then just explains the whole thing to her is/are also good. I'd love to see Lucy showing Claire the ropes when it comes to vampire hunting, or something set further in the future when Claire has become a competent hunter in her own right with the two of them teaming up to take down a vampire, or several, together. Romance between them is also very welcome--I know Claire is fairly young, so if you wanted to set romance fic a few years down the line, that's cool with me, though I also wouldn't be bothered by romance fic set closer to the time of the canon. All that said, if you have a great idea that's unrelated to any of my prompts, go for it; I would be thrilled for fic for this game to exist at all.
19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian • Jian Yi/Zhan Zheng XiFanart, FanfictionDigitalMeowMix
4th Man Out (2015) • Adam/Chris (4th Man Out)Fanfictiontrack_04 my letter for more details + prompts!
7th Dragon (Video Game) • Leader/YumaFanfictionideallyqualia
A Brother's Price - Wen Spencer • Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler
• Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler
FanfictionshewhoguardsThis book is all about horrible things happening to Jerin, okay? He just makes such a pretty woobie, sometimes I want that to go on a bit longer.

Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler

Jerin allows himself to be talked into not protecting his virtue that night by the fireside. What happens next? Can't see Renn just riding off and leaving his family to deal with it. Does he become official mistress? Do they work out something else? What?

Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler

The marriage isn't agreed quickly enough and they need the Porter marriage, or Jerin isn't rescued on time, or something else and Kij ends up with him. Does he try to make the best of it or something else?

Dub!con and outright non-con welcome with Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler, Dub!con welcome with
Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler (I figure she might unintentionally get him to a position where he struggles to say no).
A Place to Call Home (TV) • Any RelationshipFanfictionlionessvalenti
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic) • Kielo Miettinen/Swan of Tuonela (A Redtail's Dream)
• Kokko (A Redtail's Dream)/Swan of Tuonela (A Redtail's Dream)
• Kokko (A Redtail's Dream) & Swan of Tuonela (A Redtail's Dream)
Fanart, FanfictionElleth
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic) • Hannu Viitanen/Ville (A Redtail's Dream)
• Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm
• Jonna Kuikka & Joona Kuikka & Hannu Viitanen
Fanart, FanfictionKiraly details in the letter!
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic) • Paju Kinnunen & Ville (A Redtail's Dream)
• Jonna Kuikka & Joona Kuikka & Hannu Viitanen
• Juoko Kuikka & Mr. Moose (A Redtail's Dream)
Fanart, FanfictionTalimee
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic) • Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm
• Jouko Kuikka & Hannu Viitanen
• Åsa Skärsholm/Ms. Seal (A Redtail's Dream)
• Åsa Skärsholm & Ms. Seal (A Redtail's Dream)
Fanart, Fanfictionyuuago see letter for individual prompts for each pairing!

General likes: Slice-of-life. People teaching each other things. Mentor relationships. Cooking or sharing food as an affectionate gesture. Presumed Dead scenarios. Hurt/comfort/caretaking. Action - primarily the battlefield kind. Mythology, folklore, and monsters, where applicable. Descriptions of setting/situations where setting has an important part to the mood of the piece. Language barriers. Characters who are afraid, but press on anyway, because something needs to be done, and nobody else is going to do it. Taking care of injuries. Mutual understandings, either due to shared personality or experiences. Atypical formats - drabble sequences/epistolary stories/wordless comics/etc. *For 18+ scenarios, I would love it if the clothing stays on, or at least partially on. I think that's basically the hottest thing ever.

Art-specific likes: Illustrated scenes, such as one scene out of a described fic prompt, or anything scenario-ish from the general likes above. Backgrounds. Canon-typical colour palettes. Limited colour palettes, especially b&w + pop of colour. Physical contact (hugs, high-fives, hand-holding, fistbumps, cuddles, kisses...) Shippy art of any of the romance pairs would be very appreciated.

Canon-specific likes: Canon-typical mythology references. Canon-typical horror and violence. Creepy otherworldliness contrasted with the comfortable mundane of life outside of the Dream. Precanon and postcanon settings. Setting crossovers with Stand Still Stay Silent, following how the aRTD characters handle SSSS's apocalypse and the early years of the rash disease, would be VERY welcome.

Please do not include: AUs/Crossovers unless otherwise requested. Non-canon character death. Unrequested noncanon pairings. Sexual violence. Forest fires/house fires. Writing out languages other than English - no random dialogue written in Finnish/Spanish/Chinese/etc please!
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Jon Snow/Aegon VI Targaryen/Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark (ASoIaF)
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Gilly (ASoIaF)/Samwell Tarly
• Elia Martell/Lyanna Stark/Rhaegar Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark (ASOIAF)
• Jon Snow/Ygritte (ASoIaF)
• Jon Snow/Sansa Stark (ASoIaF)
Fanart, FanfictionIsillothFor fanart: i'd like more artist interpretation of character than actors portraits.
Gdnw: gore, explicit violence
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Loras Tyrell & Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF)
• Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen
• Arya Stark & Brienne of Tarth
• Renly Baratheon & Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF)
• Renly Baratheon & Robert Baratheon (ASoIaF)
• Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon (ASoIaF)
• Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell (ASoIaF)
• Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark (ASoIaf)
• Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth (ASoIaF)
• Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF)
FanfictionKomadori see my letter.
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Stannis Baratheon/Jon Snow (ASoIaF)
• Theon Greyjoy/Jon Snow (ASoIaF)
• Jon Snow/Aegon VI Targaryen/Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Elia Martell/Lyanna Stark/Rhaegar Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Elia Martell/Lyanna Stark (ASoIaF)
• Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark (ASoIaF)
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Brienne of Tarth/Margaery Tyrell (ASOIAF)
• Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
• Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF)
• Arya Stark & Sansa Stark
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Asha Greyjoy/Jon Snow (ASoIaF)
• Edric Dayne/Arya Stark (ASoIaF)
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin • Stannis Baratheon/Ned Stark (ASoIaF)
• Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon (ASoIaF)
• Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth (ASoIaF)
• Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth & Renly Baratheon (ASOIAF)
• Renly Baratheon & Davos Seaworth (ASOIAF)
• Salladhor Saan/Davos Seaworth (ASoIaF)
Achewood • Roast Beef & Nice Pete
• Philippe & Nice Pete
Fanart, FanfictionLongpig just find Nice Pete hilarious.

Nice Pete & Philippe: Ideas: Philippe invites NP to his birthday party, or a tea party, or something. Nice Pete asks Philippe to review a children’s book he is writing.

Nice Pete & Roast Beef: Thoughts… Roast Beef is depressed and Nice Pete takes it upon himself to try and cheer him up. RB asks NP for a ride to the store or something in his creepy van and they end up going on an impromptu road trip.
Addams Family (TV 1964) • Any RelationshipFanart, FanfictionArithanas are more details in my letter, but here are some quick prompts:

For the & part of my request:
-Wednesday asking her dad for a bedtime story
-Wednesday getting the family recipes from her mother
-Gomez and Morticia get a note from Wednesday's teacher and they are upset/proud

For the / part of my request:
-A nice, stormy night when they are alone
-One of them has a nightmare and it's eager to share with the other
-They noticed the neighbors brought new furniture and they speculate what use could that have
Addams Family (TV 1964) • Gomez Addams/Morticia Addams (Addams Family (1964))Fanart, Fanfictionetoilecourageuse
Addams Family (TV 1964) • Gomez Addams/Morticia Addams (Addams Family (1964))Fanfictionkarrenia_runeI love how Morticia and Gomez show their affection for each other--they're so obviously, passionately in love, so concerned for each other's ... really more ill-being than well-being ... and so in touch with each other's wants and cues. And they show that by torturing each other tenderly. I'd like some fic in the spirit of the show, focused on the domesticity of their days and how they face the world's little challenges as a (horrible, adorable) team.
Agatha Christie's Poirot (TV) • Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot (TV)Fanart, FanfictionStarrrz have loved this show and this pairing for a very long time, and I would be totally thrilled to see anything for it. I'm particularly partial to Hastings seeking Poirot's approval, but it's all good.

- Sweet domesticity. I've always loved that scene when they're both washing up and Poirot makes Hastings re-wash the same cup about five times. Does that cause arguments? Does Hastings cut corners when Poirot's not looking? Does Poirot let him get away with it?
- One of them is injured on a case - cue much angst.
- One of them is recovering from being injured on a case - cue much frustration!
- How did they get together? Did Hastings try to keep his feelings a secret and Poirot worked it out? Or maybe even vice versa?
Agent Carter (TV) • Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)
FanfictionAithineI <3 Peggy Carter, for she is awesome. I adore the Jarvises, and I love Peggy's friendships with all the folks she worked with (including Rose).
Agent Carter (TV) • Peggy Carter & Howard Stark (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
Fanart, Fanfictionambiguously's friendships on this show give me life. My favorite thing about her growth as a character is her isolation at the beginning, barely even knowing her poor roommate, to the tight support network she's built by the end of the show. Peggy and Jarvis are the best. Peggy and Angie are the best. Peggy and Ana are the best. I could watch Peggy and Howard banter all day long. I ship her preferentially with Angie or Jason, but I don't mind background Peggy/Daniel. I'd prefer the focus be on the friendship sides of her relationships.

My prompt ideas are all variations on the same song: I want Peggy having adventures or quiet happy times with her friends.

Likes: toppy women and partners who are turned on by toppy women, humor, endings with hope intact, functional relationships, dysfunctional relationships, secret relationships that aren’t really a secret, canon divergence AUs such as what if they got there five minutes sooner, porn, fluff, friends with benefits

Do not want: noncon (dubcon and sex pollen ok), scat, watersports, omegaverse, unrequested ships except as mentioned, non-canon AUs such as coffeeshops
Agent Carter (TV) • Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
FanfictionAngeNoir NOT WANTS: infidelity/cheating, sad/hopeless ending, death-fic, terminal illness, scat, vore, excessive gore

(more explanation and/or ideas in letter)

--Ana/Edwin, a quiet night at home (thank god Howard's away)
--Peggy & Jarvis, they see a lot of each other in themselves, but when they notice that a havit of theirs has been picked up, it makes them pleased and that much closer
--Peggy/Angie, Angie gets Peggy to let loose a little
--Peggy/Angie, Angie would love to give Peggy's coworkers a piece of her mind. Since Peggy won't let her, she has to settle for ranting when Peggy returns home, tired and pigeonholed again by overbearing men
--Peggy/Angie, Angie indulges Peggy in a long, luxurious bath (because why not? It's Howard's hot water, after all)
Agent Carter (TV) • Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)
FanfictionApricot<i>"What's your name, darling?"</i>

1940s espionage and Peggy Carter being a BAMF! Sign me up! I love 1940s aesthetic and vibe in this series, but they also don't shy away from some of the nastier aspects of the times like sexism and racism. I adore casefic and little character introspectives, and I will honestly be so happy with anything I can get for this fandom.

Daniel Sousa &amp; Jack Thompson

Oh, boys ♥. I love how these two operate together and how they both are so different but competent at their jobs, excelling in completely differet aspects. I also love how they came out of the war with two very different perspectives/scars. Can they just go get a drink after work and talk about anything especially Peggy?

Peggy Carter &amp; Edwin Jarvis

It's so rare to see a M/F friendship where the two people genuinely care about each other, and yet a romantic relationship is NEVER TEASED. It's so refreshing. I love Jarvis and his fussy love for Peggy, and her growing respect for him. Again, I would love anything from solving crimes to getting a drink to (platonic) h/c.

Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa

If you've read my other prompts, you know I'm a sucker for one-sided/mutual pining. I would love anything shippy with these too, set during the first season or the second, or in the future. Do they get married? How does Daniel deal with the shadow of Captain America? What's their future like together?
Agent Carter (TV) • Jack Thompson/Jason Wilkes (Agent Carter)
• Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Jack Thompson/Original Male Character(s) (Agent Carter)
FanfictionBabie enjoy:

• (Rivals or Enemies to) Friends to Lovers
• Mission together
• Awkward situations
• Competent characters with agency
• Banter and bickering, antagonistic behavior, especially if it brings them to have (make up?) sex. :p
• Time travel or universe hopping shenanigans
• Team work together to fix villain’s evil deed
• Team work together to save one of them who was kidnapped and brainwashed or other
• Teams meet each other while… on vacation at the same location!
• Any rating! Teen rated and focus on feelings is great, focus on feelings and some porny action to back it up is also great!
• First kiss
• First time sex
• All the first times!
• Semipublic sex
• Frenzied or awkward sex in uncomfortable places
• Lazy anal sex in a bed
• Consensual sex
• Vanilla sex is great, all the kinks are also great
• Yes to dirty noncon/dubcon smut, or gang bang. All the Dub-Con tropes, and about non-con sex pollen, AMTD, they’re imprisoned and and gang rape one of them while the other is forced to watch, and so on, have fun!
• Yes to uncomfortable, embarrassing day after sex, whether it was consensual, dub or non con. It can go in … with the smutty request here above or standing alone. I always crave more emotional hurt/comfort stories with sexual context too, they are rare jems.
• Angst with a happy resolution or hopeful note
• All the dark scenarios (graphic - like for example medical experimentation, torture, ecc - or conceptual - like dystopia, slavery, ecc)
• Getting rescued by his partner or lover (or both)
• Hurt/comfort: while sick fic is my less favorite kind of H/C fic I love H/C, I’d always be reading H/C stories, please more of it! ;)
• Watching over his partner or lover while in critical condition, sitting at his bedside
• Peggy taking care of both them, saving their asses, etc
• Crossovers between two fandoms of mine, please stick at the requested ships.
• Playing/training with guns ends up with sexy times.

I do not want:

• Gen. Please make it shippy, I don’t really care for gen fanfiction
• Smarm, pre-slash (as in “Pre-Slash if you squint” or similar kind)
• Character or ship bashing. I love them all, the pairings above just happen to be my very favorite ones.
• Bad endings, character deaths, etc. If it's dark fic I don't mind open endings, if it's other than dark fic please, keep the ending happy or hopeful.
• Curtain fic, teeth-rooting domestic fluff. I like fluff, but I prefer it in smaller doses.
• Cheating

If post-canon, Jack is alive! There's no way he would be dead. <i>*in denial*</i>

Please check my letter for more prompts.
Agent Carter (TV) • Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)
Fanart, FanfictionLilly C (Lilly_C) to dear creator letter
Agent Carter (TV) • Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)FanfictionNary sweet for these two, please, whether early in their relationship, or later. My only DNW is please no pregnancy or infertility as the focus of the story. Any rating would be welcome.
Agent Carter (TV) • Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Jason Wilkes (Agent Carter)
Fanart, FanfictionRivulet027Slice of life or curtain fic. The adventures of Ana and Edwin. Maybe anniversary fic for them or their first meeting, or a rainy day in. Add in Peggy friendship for a different adventure. Maybe they become the family Peggy feels she is missing? Anything with Daniel, Angie or Jason...I love all three pairings, so whichever one you feel like writing or drawing I will be thrilled with.
Agent Carter (TV) • Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
Fanart, FanfictionSheeana
Agent Carter (TV) • Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Howard Stark (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
Fanart, Fanfictiontjs_whatnot
Agent Carter (TV) • Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Ana Jarvis & Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis (Agent Carter)
• Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
FanfictionTLvop I have a sensitive non-con/dub-con/childhood sexual abuse trigger -- please read specific details on what I can read and enjoy (rather a lot) and what I absolutely cannot on my letter. It's listed before the cut.

I love Ana Jarvis because she's so insightful, quick-witted, and manages to be both cheery and deeply considerate/realistic at the same time. I would honestly love to see her interactions with any character in this series, but specifically those nominated (of course!).

Jack Thompson: What I love about Jack is how normal he is. Usually there are villains and heroes and anti-heroes in media, whereas Jack is just a deeply flawed normal human being. He wants to be the good guy, but he doesn't want to deal with the everyday mundane aspects of consistently being good -- he'd rather let his morals slide on the small stuff, and sacrifice his life on the big stuff so he still looks like a "hero". It's basically how everyone in the real world does life! And I love him for it.

Edwin Jarvis: What I love about Jarvis is that he is so intensely loyal, even though he often doesn't get the real stakes of what is going on. He's friendly, but he falls into default "modes" where he sometimes has no real grasp of what's going on if it's not within his current mode. (Like when he doesn't notice jokes, because he is being Very Serious, or when he doesn't notice seriousness because he is busy being The Coolest Spy.) I love how conscientious he tries to be, almost moreso because he has to work at it.

Peggy Carter: I guess it would be a bit simplistic to say "I LOVE PEGGY CARTER'S EVERYTHING," but she is by far my favorite character in the MCU. I love her confidence, and the righteousness of her anger even when it's triggered too fast and she goes too far. She's a blazing torch, and she gets caught up almost in her own mythos. I love her ability to see people for who they are, and her willingness to be proven wrong (but never to lose). Peggy Carter is a force of nature, and as such is sometimes awkward in normal human social interaction -- I love that about her, too. I do ship Peggy/Sousa, I'm just not interested (for this exchange!) on the pairing as the focus of a fic :).

Ana Jarvis &amp; Jack Thompson: This could be anything, from an AU where Jack lives to a hidden scene during the series. I'd love to see these two interact -- Ana Jarvis on a mission! Jack being forced to learn how to bake! Ana and Jack get tea, for reasons, and it's just a very interesting time!

Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis: Oh gosh I just, these two are the cutest human beings on the planet, and I know I've said that about a few ships this year, but I love how mutually doting they are on each other despite having personalities that from the outside look contradictory (but clearly are complementary, from the inside). I'd love anything about these two, from stories during the War to post-canon fic to conversations between them from season 1, to really anything. I love how many things are stable patterns in their relationship, and how much they prize domesticity as an act of showing love. &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3. (I'd totally be cool with fic of them on a case, too.)

Ana Jarvis &amp; Peggy Carter: Oh, I love how much Ana baffles Peggy, and also how clearly they like each other almost immediately. Ana is so quick to be Peggy's cheerleader and confidante, like a natural older sister, and Peggy seems kind of surprised and pleased to have found her. Anything from dancing lessons, to Peggy teaching Ana how to shoot or practical self-defense (vs. whatever she and Jarvis were practicing), to ... I am running out of ideas, but I would literally love anything with these two bouncing off of each other. I feel they could get into interesting trouble!

Ana Jarvis &amp; Edwin Jarvis &amp; Peggy Carter: I kind of feel like either Ana &amp; Edwin would be a very polite hurricane tearing Peggy down some surprising social path, or Peggy &amp; Jarvis would be a surprisingly competent spy hurricane that has accidentally picked up an Ana along their Pursuing A Case path. Since I haven't discussed them, I love Peggy &amp; Jarvis's friendship and the mix between petty arguments (and serious arguments) and unwavering loyalty they have for each other -- their relationship seems almost tightly familial in nature, and I think neither of them (but especially Peggy) has admitted to themselves until late season 2 how much they rely on each other being around. I would love anything with the three of them -- case fic, casual bike rides, exploring a city, anything.
Agent Carter (TV) • Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)Fanfictionuseyourtelescope (thedreamygirl)Any rating is fine, I’d prefer canon/canon divergence for these two but in general I love AU’s so if you’re burning to write a complete AU for them feel free. Also I usually prefer fluffy, cute fics, but Peggy and Sousa are all about the angsty longing so if you want to lean more that way that’d be great too.
Prompts: First case together, the last time they saw each other before Sousa left for LA, anything post-canon – the immediate aftermath of the s2 finale or building a life together later on. Working on a case together for the first time as a couple could be fun along with the other characters (I really enjoyed episodes like 2x05 and the finale where everyone’s working together, so feel free to include any of the main characters).
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) • Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie/Elena "Yoyo" Rodriguez (SHIELD)
• Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons (SHIELD)
FanfictionNRGburst is canon now at last, and we just got Slingshot but I would love more! Like what does Yoyo’s day-to-day life look like? How often does she go back to Columbia? What is dinner with Mack or their Skype conversations like? She’s obviously incredibly frustrated and confused by 4x08 so I’d love to see exactly why she’s so bothered. Also he’s her supervising officer, lol. Dude. That is going to be a problem. I WANNA SEE HOW.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) • Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons (SHIELD)FanfictionSuburbanSun, DNWs and more can be found in my letter, but here are a few prompts!

-A story driven by secret messages– they are in a situation (could be SHIELD-verse or a full-on AU) where they are forced to communicate with coded/secret messages. Epistolary or otherwise is fine!
-Paranormal investigators AU where they are super skeptical of what they’re hunting for, or maybe they are hunting for it to prove it DOESN’T exist
-Or keeping with the AUs, maybe they are high school science teachers, or the two astronauts sent to colonize a new planet?
-The first night spent in their new apartment.
Aladdin (1992) • Aladdin & Genie (Aladdin (1992))
• Aladdin/Genie (Aladdin (1992))
• Jasmine & Rajah (Aladdin (1992))
• Jasmine & Sultan of Agrabah (Aladdin (1992))
• Abu & Rajah & Carpet & Iago
• Genie & Iago (Aladdin (1992))
Aladdin (1992) • Aladdin & Genie (Aladdin (1992))
• Aladdin/Genie (Aladdin (1992))
FanfictiontoficornottoficIt either never occurs to Aladdin to free the Genie or he desperately needs that last wish for something else and can't. I feel weird requesting slave-fic for Disney but um.. yes please?
Alex Delaware Series - Jonathan Kellerman • Alex Delaware & Milo Sturgis
• Alex Delaware/Robin Castagna
Fanart, Fanfictionoutruntheavalanche watersports/scat, BDSM-verses, kneeling verses, A/B/O, mpreg
Alias (TV) • Sydney Bristow & Julian SarkFanfictionHecate I've always been a big fan of the “Sydney and Sark are siblings” idea. So anything about that would be great. Who finds out first and how? When and why do they tell the other one?

More info in my letter. :)
Alice Mare • Teacher & Allen & Chelsy & Joshua & Stella & Letty
• Teacher & Allen
• Allen & Chelsy & Joshua & Stella & Letty
Fanfictiontheteacuptempest Underage characters in sexual situations (I consider underage to be anything under 18), adult/minor couples, incest of either blood relations or adopted families, bodily fluids/substances used in sexual situations (scat, vomit, blood, etc), rape or dubcon, canon atypical violence, character death/torture, A/B/O AUs, pregnancy fic or anything dealing with infertility or miscarriage (I’d rather you avoid anything to do with trying to get pregnant), gender/sex swap, body swaps, character bashing.

Prompts are detailed out in the letter, if you'd like to see more of my rambling about each pair.

Teacher &amp; Allen

Prompts: Allen writes letters to Teacher as he grows up. Allen getting to know his new caretaker in the early days. Allen and Teacher after the end of the novel.

Teacher &amp; Allen &amp; Chelsy &amp; Joshua &amp; Stella &amp; Letty

Prompts: Teacher and the children prior to the nightmares. The kids coming to visit Teacher in the hospital. Teacher and the children after he wakes up.

Allen &amp; Chelsy &amp; Joshua &amp; Stella &amp; Letty

Prompts: The kids after Teacher’s sacrifice. The kids after Rick ‘leaves’. The kids helping Joshua with his crush.
Alien: Resurrection (1997) • Annalee Call/Ellen RipleyFanfictionijemanja is one of my forever ships, and I would love a fic that explores how they might actually function as a couple - a relationship between a Xenomorph-spliced superhuman clone and a robot with a lot of feelings, that's gonna be interesting! So who makes the first move? What's the sex like? Do they ever say 'I love you'? What does romance look like for them? Is there much cuddling? I would enjoy an answer to any (or all) of these questions! I would also love an intense us-against-the-world, hurt/comforty trope fest if that is your kind of thing. Also, porn that kinks on the size difference, as well as the inhumanity of both women, would be excellent. I'd love an AU here, too - if there's one you'd like to write, then please feel free!
Alien: Resurrection (1997) • Any RelationshipFanfictionZither see my letter for fandom-specific prompts!

General likes: enemies/rivals/friends to lovers; getting back together; loyalty; oath-swearing; hurt/comfort; battle couples; close bonds forged under fire; affectionate insults/bickering; action scenes; humour; fluff; adventure and exploration; character studies; found families; enemies working together out of necessity; characters struggling to acknowledge or admit their feelings; mutual pining; mind melds; brainwashing and mind control; body horror; psychological horror; forehead-touching; xeno; rough sex; gunplay and knifeplay; kinky (or otherwise non-traditional) uses of canon magic abilities/technology, sex pollen/aliens made them do it scenarios; emotional manipulation and mind games (for darker/enemy ships). I love and am happy to receive all ratings, from the softest G through to the most explicit E.

DNW: infidelity; jealousy/possessiveness; modern/mundane AUs; lifestyle D/s or Master/slave dynamics; A/B/O; underage sex; permanent non-canonical character death; extremely graphic physical torture; platonic smarm or ambiguously shippy gen (fic where the characters are clearly into each other but fail at figuring out their own feelings is fine!)
All the President's Men (1976) • Carl Bernstein/Bob Woodward
• Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward
Fanfictionfullmoon02 will find all the info from my Dear Author Letter :) Knock yourself out!
Alliance-Union - C. J. Cherryh • Ariane Emory II & Grant ALX-972 & Justin Warrick
• Signy Mallory & Joshua Talley
• Grant ALX-972/Justin Warrick
Fanart, Fanfictionopalmatrix NO: darkfic (beyond canon level, that is: no "rocks fall, everyone dies": ending can be bittersweet but not grim), coy/cutesy romance, out-of-character behavior or viewpoint, mpreg, rape, forced sex (including sex pollen and fuck-or-die or abuse of uneven power levels), hatesex, humiliation or betrayal (without a damn good plot reason) of a character by a friend or lover. Dubcon OK with context.

YES: friendships, positive emotional payoffs that are well-earned, wry and even dark humor, passions that are strong without being mushy/fluffy.
Ame-Comi Girls • Jade Yifei/Kara Zor-El (Ame-Comi)
• Jessie Quick/Raven Roth (Ame-Comi)
• Barbara Gordon/Kara Jor-El (Ame-Comi)
• Natasha Irons/Carrie Kelley (Ame-Comi)
• Duela Dent/Barbara Gordon (Ame-Comi)
• Diana/Kara Jor-El (Ame-Comi)
Fanart, FanfictionVampirePaladinThis is my first comic and I will always love it. I'd love to see the universe after it's reset explored. If you want to have both Supergirl and Power Girl in things but want to avoid confusion then I'd like PG's civilian name to be Karen Kent. I don't like Power Girl/Jimmy Olsen. Feel free to bring in other characters or comic events.

Barbara/Kara Jor-El - There is something I just love about the idea of this version of Power Girl with this Batgirl. I'd love to see some banter as the two work together. Maybe they can rescue their respective cousins? Barbara could crash with Kara after working together?

Diana/Kara Jor-El - Diana and Kara would really balance each other out personality wise. I can see Kara helping Diana out and showing her the world. What was it like for Diana to go into Man's World and discover that their most powerful champion was already a woman?

Duela/Barbara - I normally don't like Batman/Joker or Batgirl/Joker, but apparently I love Batgirl/Duela. Death traps as Valentine's Day presents? Preventing another badguy from hurting Batgirl because Duela wants to do it herself? Awkwardly working together against a greater threat and realizing they can make a good team? Just a random encounter? One finds the other amnesiac?

Jade/Kara Zor-El - Neither of them got very much time to interact with other characters. But I did love how they took solace in the fact that they wouldn't be dying alone. I'd love to see something after that. Did they develop a friendship? Something more? Do they bond over being unable to return to their homes?

Jessie/Raven - I just want to see the Teen Hellions causing problems and the Justice League having to come after them. What do they do for dates? Does Raven's dad approve?

Natasha/Carrie - How did they meet? How do they spend their free time? Does Carrie ever make up excuses to go see Natasha.
Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters • Amelia Peabody Emerson/Radcliffe EmersonFanart, Fanfictionabluestocking and Emerson are such wonderful characters. I love Amelia’s strength and her foibles, her idiosyncrasies and her fabulously distinct narrative voice, her love for Emerson and her love for archaeology. Meanwhile Emerson’s love for Amelia is so manifestly evident at all times and endearing (plus I love his own archaeological fervor). And their banter, conversational style, working together, arguments, and reconciliations are all so much fun to read about.

If you already have a plotbunny - or if any of the general likes in my letter inspire one - go for it! I love surprises. :)

If not, here are a few prompts: How about a story about their relationship over the years – perhaps five times Peabody rescued Emerson and one time Emerson rescued Peabody, maybe? (Or vice-versa.) (Five-times fic in general is great.) Or maybe they have an adventure together that didn’t get recorded in the books. Or maybe one of them is writing an article about best archaeological practices and the other provides input. ;) Or perhaps you’d like to write a story from Emerson’s POV (either first-person or third-person is great). Or perhaps you want to sketch them together, in the middle of a spirited discussion or in the middle of a dig or in the middle of Peabody seeing to an injured Emerson.

Although I have read the entire series, my favorite books are the first five (before Nefret comes on the scene), and I would prefer a fic or sketch set during that period. But if you love the later books (or are writing a series of snippets across the course of their relationship), I will enjoy fics set during that period too! (Keeping the focus on the Emersons rather than Nefret/Ramses, though.)

Some more ideas:

• Outsider POV is one of my favorite writing styles. To take only a couple of examples (feel free to create your own!), I’d love to see Evelyn and/or Walter’s view of Amelia and Emerson’s courtship, one of the Egyptian staff’s impressions of Amelia &amp; Emerson and their archaeological dig, or a child-Ramses narrator telling a story of a childhood adventure with his parents.
• Jane or Poirot comes to Egypt. How do they and the Emersons get on?
• Case fic is of course always loved. (But I know firsthand how hard it is and by no means expect it or have my heart set on it.)
• Does Amelia ever try her hand at writing a mystery? What is her writing style? What kind of characters does she include, and do they bear any resemblance to people in her life? What does Emerson think of it? (Sketch idea: Amelia writing by the fire and Emerson regarding her affectionately – or standing over her shoulder and critiquing.)
• Amelia and Emerson, gettin’ busy. Any rating. Affectionate G-rated cuddles, super-porny romp, or anything in between.
• How legendary are the Emersons in the archaeological community? (Or perhaps a mock essay/historical biography about them written by a modern-day historian!)
• An article in a contemporary ladies’ journal about Amelia, her adventures, her scholarly work, her unique sense of style, and her inimitable husband. ;)
• THE CATS and the Emersons!
• A sketch of the Emersons on a dig together!

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥
American Horror Story: Freak Show • Pepper (American Horror Story)/Elsa MarsFanart, Fanfictionsweetcarolanne was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard?

Things I do like in a story/artwork: fluff, romance, the deepening of emotional ties between characters, friendship becoming love, overcoming and healing from trauma with the help of a loved one (or loved ones), hurt/comfort, angsty scenarios that wind up with a happy or hopeful ending, strengthening of comradeship bonds and characters being willing to go the extra mile to help someone they care about. And dub-con situations are sometimes appropriate.

My hard Do Not Wants are: outright non-con, character death, unhappy endings and complete and pure angst with no hope in sight.

See my letter for more details! :)
American Wrestling Association • Curt Hennig/Scott HallFanart, FanfictionRedLeaderfic
American Wrestling Association • Any RelationshipFanart, Fanfictionsalamandelbrot
Andromeda (TV) • Tyr Anasazi/Beka Valentine
• Telemachus Rhade/Beka Valentine
• Seamus Harper & Beka Valentine
Fanart, FanfictionArtemis1000
Andromeda (TV) • Telemachus Rhade/Beka ValentineFanfictionhiddencaitNo specific prompts this year since I am requesting 10 fandoms &amp; quite a few pairings. As long as your story fits with my No Thanks/Yes Please lists below, I will be thrilled!

NO THANKS: Slave worlds, demon-possession, mind control, prostitution, noncon, dubcon, character death, infidelity, love triangles/jealousy focus (I am far more fond of OT3ing it up), characters de-aged during the story (if you make one of the characters a child, make them “canon” children for that story if that makes sense), A/B/O, gangster/mob, noir settings, amnesia fics, debilitating hand injuries, mpreg, underage, gender swap, teacher/student stories, or focus on drug abuse or alcoholism. Regarding incest – I have exactly two sibling pairings that work there for me and I haven’t requested either fandom for this exchange, so please avoid that. Also, no parent/child pairings. Please no 2nd person or 1st person POVs (enjoyed them in the past - just not in the mood this year).

For M-rated fics, for triggering reasons I have to shy away from knife play/blood play/gun play (only in a sexual context – canon level plot/action violence is fine), scat, watersports, rape-as-fantasy-scenes, anal for M/F pairings, and any kind of direct blow in a sexual connotation even including spanking/flogging.

I am VERY picky about my slash pairings and usually prefer Het except for a few exceptions which I directly requested. If you are a slasher and not a fan of the pairings suggested, please go the gen route. I know my requests are pretty shippy, but I am ALWAYS good with friend/found family fics.

YES PLEASE: Post-apocalypse fic, slice of life/domestic fic, epistolary stories, teamfics, found family, crossovers, AUs (particularly coffee shop, Black Jewels trilogy, daemons, steampunk/neo-Victorian, Sentinel/Guide, Old West, and Pacific Rim fusions), outsider POVs, supernatural elements, badass chicks and men who respect/lust after them for it, OT3s, fixit fics to bring back killed off characters, fics where characters have kids and are adorable parents, 5 and 1 style fics.

I’m definitely OK with an M-rating, and for smutty fics, I particularly love dirty talk, a clear top ordering their bottom around, hair-pulling, restraint i.e.: ropes/shibari/handcuffs/holding partner down, wall sex, shower sex, cramped vehicular sex, biting/marking (without major blood being drawn), mate bonds, “OMG we didn’t die” sex, and “sharing body heat” leading to sex.

Optional Re Crossovers: Crossovers between any of these fandoms I requested would be awesome if that’s your thing as I think they'd all have some really cool crossover potential.
Andromeda (TV) • Tyr Anasazi/Beka ValentineFanfictionkataylaI shipped these two SO HARD. Even though it's been forever and I didn't finish the show, I still think of them from time to time. I'd like to see them together without any deception. I am okay with you ignoring canon events. Porn also okay.
Andromeda (TV) • Trance Gemini/Seamus Harper
• Seamus Harper & Beka Valentine
Fanfictionscribblemyname, humor, shenanigans, and found family, whether that's just adorable or surprisingly serious (Harper has some depth) is what I'm hoping for between Harper and Beka. They're like brother and sister so often, even if she'd probably deny it strenuously and I'd just love to see more of that and them taking care of each other in their own way.

Trance/Harper is my OTP for Andromeda. I'll take just about anything that shows how much they care for each other whether that's grave and dangerous or lighthearted and fluffy.

Also, I skipped out on the tail end of Andromeda when season 4 started going downhill, but I can usually enjoy the story even if it ventures past where I stopped. Just maybe add a couple words context if you refer to later canon.
Angel: the Series • Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
• Angel/Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Fanfictiontielan Or the excess slayer and the unwanted watcher.
Animal Kingdom (TV) • Deran Cody/Adrian (Animal Kingdom)FanfictionNewt (SaintNewt) Likes: Mutual Pining, Unresolved Romantic Tension, UST, Angst, Canon Divergence, Friends to Lovers, Slow Build, Hurt/Comfort, Misunderstandings, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Codependency, Loyalty, Get-Together or Established Relationship, Five Times, Outsider POV, Adventure, Wilderness Survival, Bed Sharing, Twenty-Four Hours to Live, Horror, Humor, Fluff, Soulmate AU

Do Not Want: PWP, Mpreg, Incest, Weddings/Babies/Pregnancies, Genderswap, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Unrequited Love, De-aging, Amnesia, Mundane AUs, Coffee Shop AU, HS or College AUs, Issuefic, Second Person POV

The rest is in the letter!
Animal Kingdom (TV) • Andrew 'Pope' Cody/VinFanart, FanfictionSegaBarrett would love to hear the backstory on their relationship. How did Vin protect Andrew on the inside? Why is he one of the few people Andrew seems to care about? How did Vin deal with Hilty (Andrew's tormenter)? Where does their relationship stand now that Pope (spoiler) set him up but didn't kill him?
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Tobias
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul/Loren (Animorphs)
• Loren & Tobias (Animorphs)
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Tobias (Animorphs)
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Loren
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Ellimist
• Ellimist & Crayak
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Marco/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Jake Berenson/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Cassie/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Tobias (Animorphs)
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill/Jake Berenson/Cassie/Marco/Rachel/Tobias
Fanart, FanfictionConvenientAliasUm, I guess I see these ships fairly differently. I love the OT6-they're good angsty, fluffy, even platonic. Team ships are always fun, and some polyamory would be interesting. Marco/Rachel I'd prefer with some antagonism or some angst, since they tend to have a lot friction in canon. Jake/Rachel I'd like pretty much anything but especially fics focusing on how they're probably the most ruthlessly warlike in the Animorphs by now, although seeing them just chilling would also be pretty cool I guess. Ax and Tobias are my Brotp for this fandom so as long as they're platonic it's great. And Cassie and Rachel are lovely in any dynamic. They're both such great characters.
I do not want character death to be the focus if possible, although I'm fine with canon character death being in the background. Also please no smut.
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Cassie/Marco
• Jake Berenson/Marco (Animorphs)
• Visser One & Marco
• Jake Berenson/Cassie/Marco
• Marco/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Cassie/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Jake Berenson/Tobias (Animorphs)
• Jake Berenson/Rachel (Animorphs)
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Tobias (Animorphs)
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill/Marco (Animorphs)
• Visser One & Marco
• Aftran 942/Cassie
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Marco/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Jake Berenson/Tobias (Animorphs)
• Jake Berenson/Cassie/Marco
Fanart, Fanfictioninterabang Marco/Rachel: AU in which Rachel doesn't die. Can be more 'partners in crime' in which Rachel is bored and bugs Marco for entertainment or to help her with a dangerous mission, or Rachel is depressed and Marco notices and tries to cheer her up.

2) One-sided Marco/Rachel - canon compliant, she did die and Marco drunkenly pines.

3) Back to Before (Megamorphs #4) AU - the world doesn't end right away, Marco and Rachel go on another date (no deaths in this, please, just the date part with optimistic end)

4) Rachel and Marco are trapped away from the group for a long period of time (e.g. Instead of Cassie, Rachel was captured by the Helmacrons with Marco), and resort to bickering until they hook up. Can be a one-time thing with lots of guilt and angst when they make it back to the group.

5) One-sided Tobias/Jake, canon compliant, Tobias's arc from hero-worshipping Jake to slowly becoming disenchanted. Can be unhappy end with loads of angst.

6) Tobias/Jake, canon-complaint, post-war they desperately hook up (Tobias in his human form) out of their grief for losing Rachel.

7) Jake/Cassie/Marco: a) post-war, after Jake and Cassie break up, Marco offers to help Jake get over Cassie and morphs into her, then ends up demorphing during sex and Jake is more than fine with it.

b) Alternately, a moment between all three of them during or after Megamorphs #3

c) #41 AU: Jake and Cassie trap Controller!Marco and starve his Yeerk, then the three of them go on the run/hook up/fight. Can be happy or unhappy ending (e.g. sacrifice in death.)

Specific Dislikes: bestiality, Cassie bashing
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Aftran 942/Cassie
• Illim & Mr. Tidwell
Fanart, FanfictionPoetrySo I'm a little obsessed with Yeerks. And I'm especially obsessed with voluntary Yeerk/host relationships. I love how it's a unique kind of relationship that doesn't map into anything humans can have with each other.

For Cassie and Aftran, I would love to see any kind of AU where they get to be together, whether that's as Yeerk and voluntary host, or with Aftran going nothlit as something other than a whale, so they can have an ongoing relationship. I love the way Cassie and Aftran challenge each other to be more than they are, the way they've forged this unique peace between each other that nobody else seems to really understand.

For Illim and Tidwell.... God, anything, really. I'd love to see their relationship from their perspectives, how Tidwell became a Controller, how Illim saved him from his crushing grief, their involvement in the Peace Movement, and what happened to them after the war. Did they find a way to stay together as Yeerk and voluntary host? Did Illim have to go nothlit? If so, as what? Seriously, they're the most interesting minor characters to me and I'm starving for content.
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul/Loren (Animorphs)
• Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen/Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Tobias
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Loren
• Loren & Tobias (Animorphs)
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul & Tobias
• Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill & Loren
• Loren & Tobias (Animorphs)
• Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul/Loren (Animorphs)
• Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen/Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf
Fanfictionprimeideal see my letter!
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill/Marco (Animorphs)
• Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad/Mertil-Iscar-Elmand
• Jake Berenson/Marco (Animorphs)
• Illim & Mr. Tidwell
• Visser One & Marco
• Jake Berenson/Tobias (Animorphs)
• Rachel (Animorphs)/Tobias (Animorphs)
• Cassie/Rachel (Animorphs)
• Cassie/Marco
Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery • Anne Shirley & Stella Maynard & Priscilla Grant & Philippa Gordon
• Anne Shirley & Stella Maynard & Priscilla Grant
Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery • Walter Blythe & Faith Meredith
• Jem Blythe/Faith Meredith
• Ruby Gillis & Anne Shirley
FanfictionDesertVixen Jem/Faith, would love more about how they hook up, because it's basically assumed - give me an early moment - something pre-war please

Walter &amp; Faith: The Riding of the Pigs and its aftermath, how does that and her relationship with Jem influence this relationship - I didn't nom it but if you wanted to go Jem/Faith &amp; Walter that would be cool

Ruby Gillis &amp; Anne - a fix-it where Ruby doesn't die
Anya's Ghost • Anya Borzakovskaya/Elizabeth Standard (Anya's Ghost)
• Anya Borzakovskaya/Siobhan (Anya's Ghost)
• Anya Borzakovskaya/Emily Reilly (Anya's Ghost)
Fanart, FanfictionViolentFlowers to explicit porn is a-ok!

Anya/Siobhan - I’d love to see these two grow closer while dealing with the supernatural! Possessions, witches, spirits, werewolves, things that go bump in the night. When and how did they become friends? What kind of embarrassing crush has Siobhan been hiding from Anya? Or is it Anya that has the crush? Or does it turn out to be both? What happens when one or the other starts dating a boy/another girl? Does college change anything? Does one of them have supernatural relatives? Getting a car? Getting their driver's license. Sleepovers? Dressing and undressing each other.

Elizabeth/Anya - The popular girl who's not as happy as she seems and the girl that isn't popular but just wants to fit in. I’d love to see them sneak around with each other, maybe not realizing the growing feelings between the two of them. Or is it like fake/pretend dating to get back at Sean? Has Elizabeth been trying to deny that she really likes girls or has it been a thing that she just tries not to think about because of course she likes boys, right? All of the coming of age stories where either of them realize that maybe they’re not straight, but with spooky things. Maybe Emily locks them in a closet together so she can get to Sean. Maybe Elizabeth gets bitten by a werewolf. Maybe one of them gets visions. Maybe they end up working on a school project together and have to battle vampires. Maybe Sean gets turned into a vampire and they have to hole up together and get rid of their virginity. Hate sex. Putting on makeup.

Emily/Anya - Something creepy and messed up for this would be awesome. Non-con or dubcon are both okay for this pairing. Possession, paralyzation, or somnophilia would be really interesting. A missing scene from the book would be great too with creepy creeping. I also like the idea of Emily ghosting her phantom form through Anya's body to touch her under her clothing or inside her. Emily could invade Anya's dreams to interact with Anya in a way that Anya can't escape. Or maybe Emily could become really small and touch Anya sexually in public. What if at the end of the book Emily didn't move on, but instead moved into Anya's body? Sharing it with her. What if she pushed Anya out of her own body? I'm partial to light bondage and restraints.

DNWs - No watersports, scat, vomit, or men raping women(all other rape is okay.)
Archie Comics • Jason Blossom/Kevin Keller
• Jughead Jones/Kevin Keller
• Kevin Keller/Reggie Mantle
• Kevin Keller & Reggie Mantle
FanfictionMaeve_of_Winter Comics (Comics)

I really like it when Veronica and Reggie (especially Reggie) show their softer side. I see Reggie more as a sarcastic, cynical guy than a legitimate jerk, but there's no denying he can have a nasty streak sometimes. I love Kevin being class president and a member of the debate team, and I love Betty and her various community projects—my favorite stories are the ones where she teams up with Ronnie or corrals her into helping her.

Reggie Mantle/Kevin Keller

I'd like to see Reggie meeting Kevin, and Kevin just being his friendly self, which brings Reggie to fall for him. Maybe it's a gradual thing—Kevin was handsome enough for Veronica to fall for him right away, but maybe it takes sometime for Reggie to realize his feelings. I really like the idea of Kevin becoming involved in all sorts of extracurriculars, and Reggie signing up for them, too, as he realizes he wants to be around Kevin. Since Kevin's new in town, I think he'd be more willing than anyone to give Reggie a chance. If you read Kevin's origin issues, Kevin befriended one of the kids he used to be bullied by and helped him into a better home situation—he's just a really nice guy that I can see Reggie letting his guard down around without fear of looking weak or making himself vulnerable. By no means do you have to write smut for this pairing, but if there's sex, I'd like bottom!Kevin with top!Reggie.

Also, I love this page of Reggie helping Kevin choose outfits for a first date.

Reggie Mantle &amp; Kevin Keller

I really want to see a fic with these two bonding. Maybe Kevin opens up to Reggie about the difficulties of moving all over the world all the time, and Reggie tells him how hard it is to have his parents gone all the time?

Or maybe a fic of Kevin dragging Reggie along to his various clubs and meetings, and Reggie pretends to dislike it, but secretly is glad for the companionship?

If you like, you could take inspiration from the comics’ canon fairytale AUs and place Reggie and Kevin in a fantasy setting. I would them as two knights on a quest, or for Kevin to be in the role of Snow White or Cinderella (instead of be stuck doing housework, he’s always moving away) with Reggie as Prince (maybe-not-so) Charming.

Jughead Jones/Kevin Keller

I think these two are really sweet together. I love the contrast between their personalities, and I’d love a fic that emphasized Kevin as the ultimate overachiever and Jughead as laidback and not at all bothered by anything. I can easily see Kevin becoming super stressed and running himself ragged with being involved in his various activities. Maybe Jughead does something nice to relax him, like plan a picnic or take him to the amusement park? Perhaps he cares for Kevin so much that he’s even willing to ask a favor from Veronica to help Kevin, and uses her influence to take Kevin to a fun concert or similar? Or maybe Jughead just does something to show Kevin he doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time?

Another idea is just to have other citizens of Riverdale commenting on the unlikeliness of the pairing while Kevin and Jughead have fun together. I love little bits and cameos from the various Archie characters throughout the decades.

Jason Blossom/Kevin Keller

I love the idea of Jason seeing Kevin in his preppie, overachiever glory doing something as school president or as an officer as one of his clubs, and instantly falls for him and starts trying to impress him. Kevin would probably be taken aback or dubious at first, while Cheryl and Cedric would be rolling their eyes, but I think Jason would persevere and try to convince Kevin through various grand romantic gestures (think of all that he could do with that Pembrooke money!) to give him a chance. Kevin’s friends would probably be skeptical, but I love the idea of Jason chasing after Kevin and trying to become a better person to impress him. Whether or not Kevin gives him a chance (maybe he’s already dating someone else?) is up to you.
Archie Comics & Related Fandoms • Veronica Lodge/Reggie Mantle
• Betty Cooper/Dilton Doiley
• Betty Cooper/Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge/Reggie Mantle
• Veronica Lodge & Scarlet Helsing
• Veronica Lodge/Medlock/Scarlet Helsing
• Betty Cooper & Dilton Doiley
• Archie Andrews & Reggie Mantle
• Archie Andrews/Maria Nacht
• Veronica Lodge & Dr. Beaumont
• Lucinda/Dr. Beaumont
• Veronica Lodge/Nilnewz/Scarlet Helsing
• Veronica Lodge/Scarlet Helsing
FanfictionAFTanith see my letter for in-depth likes, dislikes, and some prompts.

A brief overview:

I adore horror, villain/hero relationships, polyamory, bisexual characters, team as family, etc.

I don't tend to enjoy villain redemption, issuefic, or most AUs/crossovers.

I definitely <b>do not want</b> fem!sub, maiming or loss of limbs/organs/senses, gore/torture porn/snuff, conception/pregnancy, or scat.
Arrival (2016) • Louise & Ian
• Louise Banks/Ian Connelly
Arrow (TV 2012) • Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak
• Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance
• Malcolm Merlyn/Moira Queen
• Laurel Lance/Tommy Merlyn (Arrow)
• Moira Queen & Oliver Queen & Thea Queen (Arrow)
Fanart, Fanfictionsaturnofthemoon
Arrow (TV 2012) • Curtis Holt/Paul Holt (Arrow)
• Curtis Holt/Ray Palmer/Mick Rory (Arrow)
• Curtis Holt/Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart (Arrow)
• Curtis Holt/Leonard Snart (Arrow)
FanfictionThemisto Friend or lover betrayal (unless it's canon), cheating, break up fic between/among the requested characters, gen or pre-slash, one-sided or unresolved feelings, fic ending with hopeless mood.

Please see my letter for likes and prompts. :)
Arrow (TV 2012) • Laurel Lance/Tommy Merlyn (Arrow)Fanfictionuseyourtelescope (thedreamygirl)Prefer up to a M rating and I'd really like canon/canon divergence, preferably in the form of a missing scene – either during season 1 or when they were at school together – but I’d also be interested in post-season 1 aus where Tommy survived, such as how a relationship between the two of these could work post Laurel becoming Black Canary. I just really liked their dynamic and think there could have been more to them if they’d had the chance/time. If you want to include any other characters that’d be great, I especially love Laurel &amp; Sara (I missed noms or that would be an option) and I’d enjoy her opinion on them.
Ars Paradoxica (Podcast) • Carmen & Petra (Ars Paradoxica)Fanfictionanticyclone'm just fascinated by what it would have been like for them to grow up together, always moving, always on this Grand Mission. What's the AU conversation if Carmen decides to take that second bus ticket after all? Petra said she hated having no birthdays - do they ever pick random (or meaningful) days to celebrate instead?

More details/additional prompts in my letter.

General dislikes: Pets dying, epistolary/document fic, body fluids, major character death, dubcon/noncon (except where noted).
Atelier of Dusk Trilogy • Escha Malier/Logix "Logy" Fiscario
• Ayesha Altugle & Nio Altugle
• Miruca Crotze & Logix "Logy" Fiscario
FanfictionNightsMistress<i>Escha Malier/Logix Fiscario</i>
I would love to see more about them in a relationship sense post-game, when Logy returns. What does a relationship look like for these two? Logy's estranged from his family while Escha has a very good relationship with hers; Logy grew up in the largest city that we know of while Escha has only lived in Colseit (and later Stellard); Logy is very methodical and cautious while Escha is very intuitive and impulsive; how do these differences (and the other contrasts) affect their relationship? They're both very complementary characters, and so I'd love to see more about that!

<i>Ayesha Altugle &amp; Nio Altugle</i>
I'd like to see fic that focuses on Ayesha and Nio learning about each other again. Ayesha literally mourned her sister's disappearance for years and had to grow up a lot to be the alchemist that Nio needed to be rescued, while Nio has to learn who her sister is now, as she only got to see her sister in brief moments. They go exploring together, and the game glosses over the "travel", whereas I would love to see a story set in those days! I'd also love to see a story set during the days that pass during alchemical experiments. What do they do in these days? Really, I'm interested in what slice of life looks like for two sisters out in the wilderness, learning about each other as sisters after years apart.

<i>Miruca Crotze &amp; Logix "Logy" Fiscario</i>
Both Miruca and Logy learned their alchemy from Central City, both Logy and Miruca have very negative views on Central, and were very lonely during their time there. I'd love to see them connect over their shared experiences, swap tips about alchemy, or talk about their respective old-school alchemists and how they are the love of their lives (I mean seriously...). I know that in Shallie + Logy and Miruca will have conversations together, but I'm also interested in your take. What's it like to meet another Central-trained alchemist who decided to leave everything and go out as far away from Central City as possible?
Atelier of Dusk Trilogy • Escha Malier/Awin Sidelet
• Eighth Linca/Awin Sidelet
Fanart, FanfictionVampirePaladinAwin/Escha - I love their personalities and the way they interact with each other. I don't have many incest ships. For me it isn't a feature or a bug. I'd love something post Awin's ending or something where they support each other.

Awin/Linca - These two could be so cute together. Both of them can get extremely focused and short sighted. While I prefer the games, I found it interesting that they arrived together in the anime. I'd love to see them having to work together on an assignment? Maybe something malfunction and Linca escorts him to repair it.
Avatar: Legend of Korra • Baatar Jr./Kuvira (Avatar)
• Kuvira & Toph (Avatar)
• Baatar Sr./Suyin Beifong
• Lin Beifong/Tenzin
• Bolin/Desna/Eska (Avatar)
Fanfictionfanfic_nonnieKuvira &amp; Toph, Bataar Sr./Suyin, Lin Beifong/Tenzin

Backstory, backstory, backstory. That's I'm really hoping for. When things were good and Kuvira was learning metalbending or Zaofu was being built or just Lin and Tenzin when everyone still got along famously. I'd love any of these pairings or the following one for backstory and/or puppy love.

Bataar Jr./Kuvira

I doubt Kuvira will ever be able to go back to anything like military or government work, but I'd love to see her putting a life together after everything and whatever sentence she serves. There's a line about how what she did was understandable but inexcusable, which is basically what I subscribe to. I also agreed with Bolin that she was basically like Korra in the early seasons, passionate and arrogant enough to take a might makes right approach often. That said, anything reconciling with Bataar or their growing up together years or anything would be very welcome. I'd really like some shameless romance for these two that's also realistic about the things that have happened.


I love their characters and personality (and Eska and Desna both have personality that shows up around the quirks in the show), and I'd want to see that in how these characters end up together. I'm open for anything from pre-relationship fluff to post-commitment smut. No non-con please.
Avatar: Legend of Korra • Lin Beifong/TenzinFanfictionNary'm very curious what their relationship was like. I'd prefer something set in the past, or in the present looking back - I don't want Tenzin cheating on Pema. Any rating would be welcome.
Avatar: Legend of Korra • Korra/Asami Sato
• Lin Beifong/Tenzin
• Kuvira & Toph (Avatar)
• Korra & Naga
Fanart, FanfictionsilveradeptIf you choose one of the romantic pairings, I'd like to have something on the beginnings of love and new relationship energy, before things settle in.

If you choose a gen pairing, I think the Toph &amp; Kuvira would be a great place to show mentorship and attempting to pass on wisdom. In only the way Toph can. For Korra &amp; Naga, a slice of life vignette of them away from the Water Tribes, or just taking a trip outside Republic City and enjoying each other's company.
Avatar: Legend of Korra • Korra/Zaheer (Avatar)Fanart, Fanfictionthedevilchicken see my letter for likes/dislikes and prompts!
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Toph Beifong/Sokka
• Katara/Zuko (Avatar)
Fanart, FanfictionamutemockingjaySo I am really partial to the dynamic between Katara and Zuko. The bitterness from Katara that turns to genuine caring. Zuko's internal conflict. Their chemistry, of course. I am open to both canon and AU for them.
In terms of Sokka/Toph I know there's an age difference between them, so my main Do Not Want is anything that has an underage Toph. Other than that, I am really flexible.
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Katara/Zuko (Avatar)
• Aang/Zuko (Avatar)
• Zuko & Ursa
• Sokka/Zuko (Avatar)
Fanart, FanfictionArtemis1000
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Mai/Zuko (Avatar)
• Zuko & Ursa
• Azula & Ursa
• Mai & Ty Lee
Fanart, FanfictionBrachylagus_fandom
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Mai/Zuko (Avatar)
• Sokka/Suki (Avatar)
Fanfictionfanfic_nonnieI love both of these pairings and just want to see good times post-ATLA, preferably skipping past any potential breakup to reconciliation. I'd love romantic moments or working together in that time between ATLA and LOK or smut with characterization or married life or just about anything.

I truly love these two pairings and just want to see more of them being happy.
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Aang/Zuko (Avatar)Fanart, FanfictionSaraJaye
Avatar: The Last Airbender • Azula/Ty Lee (Avatar)
• Azula & Ursa
• Azula/Mai/Ty Lee (Avatar)
• Zuko & Ursa
• Katara & Zuko
• Azula & Zuko
• Kanna/Pakku/Yugoda
• Kanna/Yugoda
• Kanna & Katara & Kya
• katara/suki
• katara/yue
• Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee (Avatar)
• Suki/Ty Lee
• Kyoshi/Original Female Character (ATLA)
• Kyoshi/Raava/Yangchen
• Kyoshi/Yangchen
• Kyoshi & Yangchen
• Yangchen/Original Female Character
• Roku/Sozin (Avatar)
• Ursa/Female Dragon
Fanart, FanfictionThe_Wavesinger
Avengers Academy (Video Game) • Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Iron Man/Wasp (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Captain America (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Spider-Woman (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Iron Man (AvAc)
• Singularity & Wasp (AvAc)
Fanfictionflipflop_diva, this game, I love it so, so much. The characters and the animations are the best thing, and I love fics that have a little meta about the actions and buildings and in-game stuff. Natasha is one of my favorites, but there really isn’t anyone I don’t love. I adore Wasp and her enthusiasm, and I love that Singularity is a lot like her. I love Tony being BFFs with Wasp and crushing on Nat. I love Nat and Jess being spy girls together, and I love Nat flirting with Steve and he being a little clueless. Any romantic shenanigans for this would be great, especially when Wasp is the one being the matchmaker.

More details to come in my letter!
Avengers Academy (Video Game) • Black Widow/Iron Man/Wasp (AvAc)
• Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Iron Man (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Captain America (AvAc)
• Singularity & Wasp (AvAc)
• Pepper Potts/Iron Man (AvAc)
• Captain America/Winter Soldier (AvAc)
• Captain America/Iron Man (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Mordo (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Hawkeye (AvAc)
• Captain America/Taskmaster (AvAc)
• Black Widow & Misty Knight (AvAc)
Fanart, FanfictionMeatball42
Avengers Academy (Video Game) • Singularity & Wasp (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Spider-Woman (AvAc)
• Peggy Carter/Black Widow (AvAc)
Fanfictionsaiditallbefore my letter for prompts, likes, and DNWs!
Avengers Academy (Video Game) • Black Widow/Iron Man/Wasp (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Hawkeye (AvAc)
• Black Widow/Captain America (AvAc)
• Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne (AvAc)
• Captain America/Iron Man (AvAc)
Fanart, Fanfictionsunspot (unavoidedcrisis) the Natasha. ALL OF IT. (Also Steve/Tony because they're so damn precious in this 'verse.) I'd love to see some campus hijinks, or a dorm party gone wild. A mission in the Quinjet. Something with witty banter. Something strangers-to-friends-to-dating. Jan being sassy and amazing.
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes • Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov (EMH)
• Bruce Banner/Clint Barton (EMH)
• Clint Barton/Hulk (EMH)
• Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (EMH)
• James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (EMH)
• Clint Barton/Hulk/Natasha Romanov (EMH)
Fanart, FanfictionMeatball42
Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin • Maureen McGill & Rioko Kishi
• Maureen McGill/Richard Spier
• Maureen McGill & Elizabeth Thomas Brewer
• Watson Brewer/Elizabeth Thomas Brewer
• Watson Brewer & Kristy Thomas
FanfictionDesertVixen reading one of the newer/later ones with Stacey, I'm all about her mom (I hear she has it going on)

Maureen and Rioko - Do they have a relationship, given how close their girls are?
Maureen/Richard - Not necessarily a ship but a date at least?
Maureen and Elizabeth - Does Elizabeth give her any advice about the new single mom life? (Does Elizabeth fix up Maureen and Richard on a blind date or a double date? Feel free to walk down this road...)

I'm always on for a Watson/Elizabeth slice of life - sweet and sexy slices too
Watson &amp; Kristy - I also have a stepdad who is hugely important in my life, but that relationship can get rocky. I LOVED the book where they went to ball camp together
Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin • Mary Anne Spier/Charlie Thomas
• Charlie Thomas & Sam Thomas
• Watson Brewer & Charlie Thomas
• Dee Pike/John Pike
• Robert Brewster/Stacey McGill
• Elizabeth Thomas Brewer & Richard Spier
• Elizabeth Thomas Brewer/Richard Spier
• Claudia Kishi/Robert Brewster/Stacey McGill
• Mary Anne Spier/Stacey McGill
• Mary Anne Spier & Richard Spier
• Alan Gray/Mary Anne Spier
• Charlie Thomas & Patrick Thomas
Fanart, FanfictionOzQueen, dislikes and prompts are all at my letter.
Babylon 5 • Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters
• Alfred Bester & Michael Garibaldi
• Mr. Morden & Jeffrey Sinclair
Fanart, FanfictionArtemis1000
Babylon 5 • Delenn/John Sheridan
• Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters
• Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari
• Susan Ivanova & John Sheridan
Fanart, FanfictionCyphomandra
Babylon 5 • Vir Cotto & Londo MollariFanfictionEllaMasonSPEAKING of endlessly devoted employees, I love Vir and Londo and their OVERWHELMING TRAGEDY. Vir growing over the years in Londo's estimation, Vir having to quietly live through all of Londo's bad decisions and keep his secrets, Londo depending on Vir while also being impossible and cantankerous and quietly dying inside from guilt. These are all things I love about Londo and Vir.

I love Londo eventually deciding Vir is the only person he can trust and summoning him for conspiracy purposes. I love Vir loving Londo despite everything.

(I also love all of these things in a shippy way, but I didn't think to nominate them as a pairing. So this is a gen prompt with a note to say that I personally ship them and wouldn't mind ship fic, but obviously that isn't what this prompt is. Because I was foolish and didn't think to nominate the / tag.)
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