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Application no.
DecisionLocationProposalDate decidedTree lost
10/05215/VDNOOBJWorcester House 1 & 2 Worcester Road Bristol BS8 3JL Fell a dangerous Catalpa (Indian Bean Tree) in rear garden. (5 Day Notice).14-Jan-11
11/00136/VDNOOBJ9 The Avenue Clifton Bristol BS8 3HG Fell one dying Sorbus located to the front of the property (5 day notice).14-Jan-11
11/00207/VDNOOBJTellisford House Clifton Down Bristol BS8 3HT Fell one diseased Holm Oak located to the side of the property (five day notice).19-Jan-11
11/00916/VDNOOBJ8 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ Fell diseased Pear tree located in rear garden. (5 DAY NOTICE).15-Mar-11
11/00947/VDNOOBJTrinity College Stoke Hill Bristol BS9 1JP Five Day Notice of works to trees. T2 - Yew, remove deadwood, T2C - Yew, remove deadwood, T10 - Horse Chestnut - fell, T12 - Ash, fell, T27 - Ash, fell, T34 - Sycamore, remove deadwood, T75 - Cedar, fell, T92 - Ash, remove deadwood, and T135 - Horse Chest14-Apr-11
11/01602/VDNOOBJ5 Wellington Lane Bristol BS6 5PY Felling of diseased Horse Chestnut tree in garden (Tree T1 of Tree Preservation Order 694) - 5 DAY NOTICE.26-Apr-11
11/01895/VDNOOBJ16 Cotham Park Bristol BS6 6BU Fell dead Beech tree. (5 Day Notice).11-May-11
11/01900/VDNOOBJ3 Stoke Park Road South Bristol BS9 1LS Fell dangerous and diseased Horse Chestnut tree located on front boundary at corner by Marchlands at 2 Stoke Park Road South (5 Day Notice).16-May-11
11/02005/VDNOOBJ1-7 Homefield Drive Bristol BS16 2EB Fell one dead Sorbus tree (T1) located to the front of the driveway adjacent to Manor Road. FIVE DAY NOTICE.17-May-11
11/02189/VDNOOBJ141 Cheltenham Road Bristol BS6 5RR Fell tree to rear of property to allow scaffolding to be erected at property. Tree has rooted in a very unstable location. (5 Day Notice).27-May-11
11/02538/VDNOOBJ24 Alexandra Park Redland Bristol BS6 6QD Fell one dead Japanese Maple tree located in the front garden. FIVE DAY NOTICE.22-Jun-11
11/02536/VDNOOBJHampton House Cotham Hill Bristol BS6 6JU Fell two Sycamore trees (T1 and T2) located on the Woodland Road side of the car park. T1 has lost virtually all of its canopy and is in severe decline. T2 has very poor canopy cover. FIVE DAY NOTICE.18-Jul-11
11/02947/VDNOOBJHenbury Hill House College Park Drive Bristol BS10 7AN Fell two dead and unstable trees (T1 and T2 as shown on submitted sketch). 5 Day Notice.22-Jul-11
11/02931/VDNOOBJ45 Alma Road Bristol BS8 2DE Fell Bay tree to ground level. Five Day Notice.22-Jul-11
11/03105/VDNOOBJ3 Goldney Road Bristol One dead Goat Willow tree located to the rear - fell because it is at risk of falling down. FIVE DAY NOTICE.29-Jul-11
11/03216/VDNOOBJ37 Old Sneed Road Bristol BS9 1ES Fell one dead Viburnum Finus Grineum located in the front garden. FIVE DAY NOTICE.04-Aug-11
11/03391/VDNOOBJ3 Wyecliffe Road Bristol BS9 4NH Fell one dangerous Pine tree (T1) located to the rear and protected by Tree Preservation Order number 1165/R. FIVE DAY NOTICE26-Aug-11
11/03496/VDNOOBJ5 Downfield Road Bristol BS8 2TG Fell one dead Lime tree (T4) located to the front. FIVE DAY NOTICE.26-Aug-11
11/03619/VDNOOBJ57 Ravenswood Road Bristol BS6 6BP Fell one dead Cherry tree in the front garden. FIVE DAY NOTICE.31-Aug-11
11/03618/VDNOOBJ23 Stoke Hill Bristol BS9 1JN Fell one dangerous Thuja tree located on the corner of Church Road and Stoke Hill. FIVE DAY NOTICE.01-Sep-11
11/03845/VDNOOBJPrabhu Krupa Villa Passage Road Henbury Bristol BS10 7FE Fell an Ash tree next to road protected by tree preservation order No. 184 (5 day notice).15-Sep-11
11/04274/VDNOOBJBroadmead Management Centre Quakers Friars Bristol BS1 3AP Fell one dead Silver Maple tree (ref 197). Tree protected by Tree Preservation Order number 1174. FIVE DAY NOTICE.18-Oct-11
11/04384/VDNOOBJ32 Holmwood Gardens Bristol BS9 3EB Fell one dead Birch tree located on the drive. FIVE DAY NOTICE. Tree protected by Tree Preservation Order number 347.21-Oct-11
11/04442/VDNOOBJ1 Stoke Park Road Bristol BS9 1LE One dead tree (species unknown) located in the front garden - fell. FIVE DAY NOTICE.10-Nov-11
11/04784/VDNOOBJ19 Charlotte Street City Centre Bristol BS1 5PZ Fell a dead robinia tree in rear garden (5 Day Notice).22-Nov-11
11/03381/VDNOOBJ27A Druid Stoke Avenue Bristol BS9 1DB Fell one diseased and dangerous Ash tree located to the rear and protected by Tree Preservation Order number 1101/R. FIVE DAY NOTICE.24-Nov-11
11/05297/VDNOOBJBristol Society Of New Churches Cranbrook Road Bristol BS6 7BU Fell one dead and dangerous Ash tree located to the rear of Church building and protected by Tree Preservation Order number 318. FIVE DAY NOTICE.20-Dec-11
11/05248/VDNOOBJ35 Stoke Hill Bristol BS9 1LQ One dying Cedar tree (T1) located in the front garden - fell. FIVE DAY NOTICE.22-Dec-11
12/00198/VDNOOBJ5 Apsley Road Bristol BS8 2SH Fell a dead Prunus tree hanging over pavement (5 Day notice).26-Jan-12
12/00226/VDNOOBJEaster Garden High Street Clifton Bristol BS8 2YE Fell dead flowering cherry tree. 5 Day Notice.02-Feb-12
12/01035/VDNOOBJ16 Brighton Road Bristol BS6 6NT Fell two dying conifers in garden (5 day notice).16-Mar-12
12/01068/VDNOOBJColstons Collegiate School Bell Hill Bristol BS16 1BJ Fell 26 hawthorn trees in grounds of school. ( 5 Day notice).21-Mar-12
12/02278/VDNOOBJ216 Shirehampton Road Bristol BS9 2EH Fell truck of a lilac (T1) growing at dangerous angle and prune top of tree (5 Day Notice).18-May-12
12/02332/VDNOOBJ131 Knole Lane Bristol BS10 6JN Fell a dead willow tree to rear protected by tree preservation order no. 621 (5 Day Notice).23-May-12
12/02521/VDNOOBJThe Garden Flat 61 Springfield Road Bristol BS6 5SW Fell a dead sumach tree in rear garden. (5 day notice).07-Jun-12
12/02661/VDNOOBJ17 Cotham Vale Bristol BS6 6HS Fell unsafe corckscrew hazel in back garden (5 day notice).13-Jun-12
12/02762/VDNOOBJBristol Haematology And Oncology Centre Horfield Road Bristol BS2 8ED Fell 2 dead pine and 1 ash protected by tree preservation order no.541 on area adjacent to Oncology car park 5 day notice.20-Jun-12
12/02886/VDNOOBJTowerleaze Knoll Hill Bristol BS9 1RU Fell a large sycamore on the south eastern boundary with 9 Cooks Folly Road (5 day notice).28-Jun-12
12/02960/VDNOOBJ14 Bramble Drive Bristol BS9 1RE Fell a Laburnum leaning toward house (5 day notice).05-Jul-12
12/03063/VDNOOBJEaton House Clifton Down Bristol BS8 3HT Fell a dying Alnus Glutinosa which is also shedding branches located in the front garden. (5 day notice).13-Jul-12
12/03264/VDNOOBJLand Adjacent To Maritime Heritage Centre Gas Ferry Road Bristol BS1 6TY Fell a dead alder (5 day notice).20-Jul-12
12/03324/VDNOOBJ39 Trelawney Road Bristol BS6 6DY Fell a lawson cypress (T2). (5 day notice).25-Jul-12
12/03349/VDNOOBJ41 Canynge Road Bristol BS8 3LH Fell a dead laburnum in garden (5 day notice).02-Aug-12
12/03275/VDNOOBJFirst Floor Flat 23 Freeland Place Bristol BS8 4NP Fell dead Ash tree causing damage to wall. 5 day notice.03-Aug-12
12/03593/VDNOOBJ14 Fernbank Road Bristol BS6 6PZ 1 X Dead Silver Birch - fell.. Five days notice.20-Aug-12
12/03687/VDNOOBJ4 Beaufort Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2JR Fell a dead Rowan tree (T1) in rear garden (5 day notice).23-Aug-12
12/03727/VDNOOBJ100 Portway Bristol BS9 2HT Fell a dead silver birch protected by tree preservation order no. 857.24-Aug-12
12/03925/VDNOOBJBristol Zoo Gardens Guthrie Road Bristol BS8 3HA Fell a dead sorbus near the running track.11-Sep-12
12/03990/VDNOOBJ116 Hampton Road Bristol BS6 6JD Fell dead Sambucas (Elder) in rear garden. (5 Day Notice).24-Sep-12
12/04252/VDNOOBJ2 Frenchay Park Road Bristol BS16 1EB Fell a dead Spanish Oak tree in the rear garden. 5 Day Notice.28-Sep-12
12/04508/VDNOOBJVictoria Gardens Victoria Court Durdham Park Bristol Fell a dead yew tree to the rear of 2 Victoria Court (5 day notice).23-Oct-12
12/04853/VDNOOBJ7 Sion Hill Bristol BS8 4BA Birch tree - fell dead tree as leaning & rotten at the base.08-Nov-12
12/04923/VDNOOBJ12 Carmarthen Road Bristol BS9 4DU Fell a dead Lilac tree. (5 day notice).19-Nov-12
12/05370/VDNOOBJLand To The Rear Of 41 Bangor Grove Bristol BS4 4BZ Fell a dangerous ash tree on land rear of 41 Bangor Grove. (5 day notice).07-Dec-12
12/05349/VDNOOBJBannatynes Health Club 80 Redland Road Bristol BS6 6AG Fell Ash (Fraxinus exelsior) - bark damage, stem decay, progressive stem deterioration, suppressed tree, poor long term specimen. 5 Day Notice.10-Dec-12
12/05251/VDNOOBJClifton Wood House Clifton Wood Road Bristol BS8 4TW Fell Laurel or Bay tree - dangerous - damaged in recent storms, dropping limbs.14-Dec-12
12/05553/VDNOOBJ8 Small Lane Bristol BS16 1AN Fell a dead beech tree in rear garden.20-Dec-12
12/05668/VDNOOBJ49 Cotham Road Bristol BS6 6DN T1 - Sycamore, multi-stemmed. Dead and dangerous, about to collapse on to garden sheds and property etc. Fell to ground level. (5 day notice)31-Dec-12
13/00072/VDNOOBJ36 Old Sneed Avenue Bristol BS9 1SE Monterey Cypress - fell as left with split limb caused by recent storms. Protected by tree preservation order no 247.09-Jan-13
13/00263/VDNOOBJ40 Salisbury Road Redland Bristol BS6 7AT Fell 2 dead robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' trees in rear garden. (5 day notice)28-Jan-13
13/00423/VDNOOBJElectricity Sub Station Richmond Lane Bristol T1- Conifer- damaged, reduce and reshape. T2- cherry- dead, Fell (5 Day Notice).08-Feb-13
13/00698/VDNOOBJ137 York Road Montpelier Bristol BS6 5QG Fell T1 Weeping Ash - Sevier decay and leaning over road and parked cars. (5 Day Notice)19-Feb-13
13/00976/VDNOOBJThe First House Kensington Place Bristol BS8 3AH Fell a dead tree in the rear garden dropping limbs on the neighbouring properties. (5 day notice).11-Mar-13
13/01295/VDNOOBJ18 Redland Court Road Bristol BS6 7EQ Only tree in front garden to be felled due to rot in trunk which is clearly visible causing tree to be unstable and dangerous.05-Apr-13
13/01412/VDNOOBJ50 Downs Park East Bristol BS6 7QE Fell an unknown dead tree (T2) in rear garden.08-Apr-13
13/01323/VDNOOBJBaltic Wharf Managed Estate Cumberland Close Bristol Fell a dead cherry (6) outside 30 Hope Court and fell a dead rowan (7) outside Portland Court (5 day notice).17-Apr-13
16/04555/VDNOOBJUniversity Of The West Of England Glenside Campus Blackberry Hill Bristol BS16 1DD Holm Oak - Fell 5 Day Notice25-Aug-16
10/05234/VCNOTPO1 Worcester Terrace Bristol BS8 3JW Fell one Holly tree located adjacent to a detached garage in the rear garden.06-Jan-111
10/05181/VCNOTPO5A Glenavon Park Bristol BS9 1RS Front Garden: Fell row of three Juniper trees located to south side of property. Rear Garden: Fell one Eucalptypus tree located near northern boundary. (Replacement trees to be planted as detailed on notification form).
10/05167/VCNOTPO18 Downs Park West Bristol BS6 7QJ Fell one Cypress tree located in the front garden.06-Jan-111
10/05017/VCNOTPO37 Henleaze Avenue Bristol BS9 4EU Fell one Cherry tree located in the rear garden.06-Jan-111
10/05169/VCNOTPO54 Barkleys Hill Bristol BS16 1AD Fell the Sycamore tree located in the front garden closer to the house.06-Jan-111
10/05284/VCNOTPOSt Monica Home Of Rest Cote Lane Bristol BS9 3UN Fell Horse Chestnut tree located south of bungalow opposite junction of Westbury Road and Henleaze Gardens.06-Jan-111
10/05168/VCNOTPO2 Tower Villas College Road Westbury Bristol BS9 3EH Fell one Magnolia tree (1) located in the rear garden.06-Jan-111
10/05432/VCNOTPO21 Old Sneed Road Bristol BS9 1ES Fell one Conifer tree (T1) located in the rear garden adjacent to the pond.19-Jan-111
10/05429/VCNOTPORownham Mead Bristol Fell one Sycamore tree (T7) located on open space outside 82-88 Merchants Court.20-Jan-111
10/05278/VCNOTPO8 St Pauls Road Clifton Bristol BS8 1LT Fell an Ash tree in rear garden (located adjoining boundary wall with no. 6 St Paul's Road).20-Jan-111
10/05434/VCNOTPO30 Old Sneed Park Bristol BS9 1RF Fell an Ash tree and a Lawson/Leyland Cypress hedge located on the north side of the property.21-Jan-111
10/05442/VCNOTPO21 Bellevue Crescent Bristol Leylandii tree (T1) - fell; and Leylandii tree (T2) - reduce by up to 30%, both located at the rear of the property.21-Jan-112
10/05440/VCNOTPO18 Rokeby Avenue Bristol BS6 6EL Fell Rowan tree located at front of property.26-Jan-111
10/05435/VCNOTPO90 Redland Road Bristol BS6 6QZ Fell Alder tree, Fell Lime tree, Crown reduce Cherry (T1) tree by 30% & Crown reduce Damson (T2) tree by 30%, all located at the rear of the property.26-Jan-112
10/05569/VCNOTPOArnos Vale Cemetery Bath Road Brislington Bristol BS4 3EW Various tree works as outlined in the submitted Tree Health and Safety Survey and maps provided by Wotton Tree Consultancy. These works include a number of fellings.28-Jan-112
10/05526/VCNOTPO25 Downs Park West Bristol BS6 7QH One Copper Plum tree (T5) and one Laburnum (T6) located to the front of the property - crown reduce by 25%. Reduce two Yew trees (T1 and T2) to a height of 3.5m and re-shape as feasible. Fell one Leyland Cypress (T3) located to the rear of the property. 01-Feb-111
10/05439/VCNOTPO30 Ambra Vale Bristol BS8 4RW Fell Rowan tree.01-Feb-111
10/05437/VCNOTPO22 Grove Road Coombe Dingle Bristol BS9 2RL Fell dead Cherry (T1) tree in rear garden. Crownlift Lawson Cypress (G1) to clear neighbouring garage roof by 1 metre.01-Feb-111
10/05585/VCNOTPOKelman The Avenue Sneyd Park Bristol BS9 1PD Fell an Apple tree; Crown reduce by 20% a Cherry and an Ash tree located near rear boundary; and reduce height of Leylandii hedge that borders 'Crossways' to a height of 6 feet.02-Feb-112
10/05568/VCNOTPORockleaze Cottage Julian Road Bristol BS9 1NQ Fell one dead Cypress tree (T1). Fell one small Cypress tree (T2). One Purple Leaved Plum (T3) - reduce to clear from telephone lines, re-shape (20%) and formative prune. All trees located in the garden behind the garages adjacent to Julian Road.02-Feb-112
11/00070/VCNOTPOThe Garden Flat 124A Redland Road Bristol BS6 6XY Fell diseased Rowan tree located in rear garden.03-Feb-111
10/05513/VCNOTPOThe Lodge (off Carriage Drive) Charlton Road Brentry Bristol Fell three Conifer trees and one Ash tree. One Yew tree - overall reduction of 20% with re-shaping. Lift and re-plant one Lime tree. All trees located to the rear of this new building.03-Feb-114
10/05530/VCNOTPO78 Coronation Road Bristol BS3 1AT Fell two Ash trees (T1 and T2), one Apple tree (T3), one Cherry tree (T4) and four Beech trees (G1), all located to the front of the property.03-Feb-118
11/00035/VCNOTPO5 St Matthews Road Bristol BS6 5TS Felling and removal of Elder tree to rear, which is causing damage to two boundary walls.15-Feb-111
11/00001/VCNOTPO32 St Johns Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2HG Fell a Cotoneaster tree located close to rear of building.15-Feb-111
11/00020/VCNOTPO24 Granby Hill Bristol BS8 4LT Fell one Ash tree located in the rear garden adjacent to the boundary wall with number 26 Granby Hill.15-Feb-111
11/00046/VCNOTPOGarden Flat 3 Greenway Road Bristol BS6 6SF Fell Sycamore tree located at end of rear garden.18-Feb-111
11/00106/VCNOTPO19 Glenavon Park Bristol BS9 1RS Fell Cherry tree in front garden.18-Feb-111
11/00155/VCNOTPONetham Lock Lockmaster's Cottage Netham Road Bristol BS5 9PQ Fell two Willow trees (NR1 and NR2). Re-plant with one Alder. (Discussed with Mr R Horsey in light of the proposal to replace the existing lock gates).22-Feb-1121
11/00218/VCNOTPO22 Freeland Place Bristol BS8 4NP Fell one Eucalyptus tree (T1) and treat the stump.01-Mar-111
11/00162/VCNOTPOThe Grange 1 Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1TB Fell diseased Copper Beech tree located to northern end of car parking area.01-Mar-111
11/00209/VCNOTPO4 Parrys Lane Bristol BS9 1AA Fell two Leyland Cypress trees (T1) located to the rear of the property.03-Mar-112