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What is your name?Investment Portfolio [Pop Stars Popsicles]Investment Portfolio [Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee]Investment Portfolio [The Loop Teen Club]Investment Portfolio [Mo-Town Sporting Goods]Investment Portfolio [Sheldon's Fine Clothing]Investment Portfolio [Alternative Personalized Programs (APP)]Investment Portfolio [Mark's Cupcakes & Frozen Yogurt Shop]Investment Portfolio [Ares Fitness & Nutrition]TOTAL Individual InvestmentWhat were the most important factors you considered when making your investments?Feedback #1Feedback #2Feedback #3Feedback #4Grade x/5
Spencer Morris$4,000$4,000$0$0$0$4,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Potential risk or lossAres fitness and nutrition - that video was beautiful, not sure how to improve on that ideaPop star popsicles - more trucks based on investments and demandMark's cupcakes - don't use emoticons in a business proposalMo-town sporting goods - more information in powerpoint4.5 - elaborate, at least one suggestion for each group
Adam Eisenberg$4,000$0$0$0$0$8,000$4,000$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersFor Marks Frozen Cupcakes and Frozen Yogurt Shop, you have a great idea that will be succesful since everyone likes frozen yogurt and cupcakes, but you need better marketing for maximum profit. Make your advertisements more professional and more memorable and you will get a ton of profitFor Pop stars popsicle, you have a good idea but you need to explain more. How will you incorporate pop-stars in it? You didnt thoroughly explain that part but once you do, I'm sure your company will prosperFor Mo-Town Sporting Goods, you guys are way to vague on what you are selling. We dont really know what you are selling so I'm not willing to take a chance and random sports equipment For MoselyBeach Surf and Coffee shop, I do not think people will want to buy a surf board and then buy coffee. Since your business is on the beach, most people dont want a hot drink on a hot day, especially not when they are buying a surfboard. I saw that you are planning to sell other food and drinks, but I just dont think you should have the coffee being grounded in a surf board shop5
kenny whichard$0$0$0$0$12,000$0$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersfor the clothing company, the idea was very good and you had a good selection of clothesfor the fitness company, it was a good idea because fitness is very important for the teen club, the idea was very cheesy and did not seem appealing to teensfor the popsicle company, I dont think it was a very good idea that will get much of a profit4 - feedback needs to be more constructive, give suggestions
Conner R$4,000$0$0$0$0$8,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniquesTo Popstar Popsicles
Expand your buisness not into just popsicles example sherbert icecream other frozen treats popsicles in general appeal to the youth only to gain more return appeal to the older middle aged people.
To ares fitness and nutrition
You need something else to appeal to more people its just basically any other old gym add something else.
Loop teen club
It will most likely not be a profitable return because most teenagers do not want to go out to hangout me personally just like to hang out at someones house and i dont want to pay to hang out with friends
Surf and coffee
Does not appeal to most teenagers who do not know how to surf and do not like coffee no one could read your proposal needs to be short and to the point
Matthew Nolfo$0$0$4,000$0$0$4,000$0$8,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersThe Reason that I decided to invest in Alternative Personalized Programs (APP) is because of the fact that many people have great ideas for apps, but do not have the technical knowledge to create the app themselves. One suggestion I have for this busniess is to offer some ideas in their pitch/cartoons
Another busniess that i decided to invest in was The Loop Teen Club, I sometimes used to go to a similar place called the St. Monica Teen Center in downtown raleigh. There were several people there on a consistant basis, so i think that this idea will be profitable. One suggestion would be to maake longer membership possibilities.One business that i decided not to invest in was Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee, although I think that this is a good idea, i beleive that there is too much risk for my likeing. If they were to find a way to decrease risk i think that it would be a very good busniness to invest in.Another busniness that i decided not to invest in was Pop Stars Popsicles, i mean who would want to taste people, isnt that like practicing canibalisim. I personally don't ever want to know what it tastes like to have skin in my mouth.All feedback needs to be constructive
Susannah Bloom$4,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$0$8,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossFor the "Pop Stars popsicles", I liked your video. It was informative and also was more creative than a prezi or powerpoint. A suggestion I have is to elaborate on prices of popsicles, and your location. Also, when you said you would move to the south in the winter, wouldn't this cost alot of money to move your whole location? Good job overall!For the "Ares Fitness and Nutrition", I loved your proposal. It was creative, and using the information about the spreading of obesity was very persuasive. One thing you could elaborate on is the prices of membership. Maybe you said the price and I just missed it? Overall your idea was creative and I think that it will make a profit.For the "Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee", I liked your idea, but I thought it needed a little more elaboration. For example, maybe you could offer surf lessons as well? Because I don't know anyone that can surf. But I thought it was a good presentation overall.For "The Loop" Teenclub, I would have invested, if I had more confidence that people would come to your club. "Risks: That teens won't come to our club,": That was a line from your proposal that discouraged me from investing. I thought you had a good idea in a teen club, but it is too risky for me to consider investing right now.5
Kasey Quesenberry$4,000$0$4,000$0$0$4,000$4,000$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersMark's Cakes: I really liked the idea of combining the cupcakes and frozen yogurt. Your presentation was a little sloppy and could be improved, but your idea won me over. Make sure in your advertisement that you are brief, but provide adequate information about your idea.Pop Stars: You have a very novel idea. I would definately buy popsicles from you. However, I think that you should sell another product during the winter so that you don't loose sales and you don't have to "move south." Moving your entire business would probably cost more than your revenue. Also I think you should replace the line "Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity tastes like?" Change it around so it doesn't sound like cannibalism!Surf and Coffee Shop: I thought your idea was good, but I'm not sure that these two products would sell well together. You said that you did not currently have a beach front property, which would be a problem for your business. If you could obtain a beach front property, and prove that people would buy surfboards and coffee from the same place, then I would consider investing in your business. It is a good idea, it just needs a little more work before I can invest.Ares Fitness and Nutrition: Your idea may produce a profit, however some of the other ideas were more creative and have never been seen before. I invested in those because I think people will be more likely to buy things from a new and original business. If you added something orignal and new to your business, then I would invest in you for sure. Everyone will always need gyms, but there are already so many that people may not pick you. Add something different.5
Sarah Arney$4,000$4,000$0$0$0$4,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Diversifying your investment portfolioI invested in the Mosleybeach Surf and Coffee Shop, but just barely. I wished to diversify my portfolio, and the shop was the last option. I really appreciated the effort other groups put into their proposals including video and a face to the company. In future commercials, add video and increase images to show consumers how great your shop will be.Fitness and Nutrition was very professional in its presentation, but uncreative in its idea. What makes this gym different from all the gyms before it? Obesity is a problem, but previous gyms have tried appealing to overweight citizens and we still have obese people. Try adding a free package with membership including meal guides or free nutrition tips which will encourage better diet. Once people's bodies start feeling better, they will be more willing to exercise.The Sporting goods store had a very good idea and a large potential audience, but the presentation was lacking. There was no video, voiceover, song, or even images to accompany the boring text. Work on selling your product. People will respond to your presence in the video more than statistics.The Loop Teen Club was a good idea, but boring. The cost seems way too high to accommodate the 'maybe' success. Also the images were not accompanied by a voice which would establish a personal connection between your company and the audience. How is your club different from any local hangout, YMCA, or modern church youth building? Add new ideas and improve your video.5
Nick Perry$4,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$4,000$4,000$16,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersI was very intrigued by the whole "pop star" flavored popsicles. This is an innovative twist on an american classic that i think will be gobbled up by the teen population. However, i do beleive that you might have a hard time selling to older generations, so you might consider selling flavors from the 80s such as Michael Jackson and other people that parents and grandparents will fall in love with all over again. I beleive that frozen yogurt and gourmet cupcakes definatley have a market and will be successful. However, gourmet cupcake shoppes are currently losing popularity. If the Loop teen club charged higher admission i beleive it would be more of a profitable idea.I also think if they coffee/ surf shop had trained proffessionals already on staff it would increase my confidence in a really cool idea. However, i think it will be hard to find a trained surfboard maker and pay that person enough.5
Hannah LaCava$4,000$4,000$0$0$0$4,000$0$4,000$16,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniquesMosleybeach Surf and Coffee- Loved the song choice and pictures. It might be helpful to provide more information on how you will be successful in the Winter.Ares Fitness and Nutrition- Did a great job with persuasive techniques and catching our attention. The information went by a little fast, so in the future you might want to either talk slower or slow the slides down.The Loop Teen Club- There is too much risk in highschoolers not showing up. Advertising will have to succeed really well in your business in order to for the club to work.Mo-Town Sporting- When advertising, use more animation or videos to catch attention. You could have also added more about whether your product will be low cost or high cost and the details with that.5
Juan Esteller$4,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$0$8,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Diversifying your investment portfolioFor APP: Your prices are way too low. A complex app will require days of work and you are only charging $100, which will result in a loss. Although you have a good idea, you must change your pricing.Area Fitness and Nutrition: You should not purchase used fitness gear. Oftentimes, the determining factor for when a person decides whether or not to go to a gym is the quality of the equipment. In addition, you should find a location near a neighborhood or school so that people will attend the gym due to the convenienceThe Loop Teen Club: Many teenagers prefer to hang out at their own house or go to shopping centers. Instead owning your own club, you could be a party catering service, in which you set up a teen's house for a party. In addition, your prices are way too low, and will definitely result in loss. If you only charge a teen $5 for entry, that will not even cover for his/her meal. Mo-town Sporting Goods: Although there is a large market for sporting goods, it is largely monopolized by big companies such as Dick's Sporting Goods. To be able to compete in this field, you should reconsider your approach and try to become part of a large franchise.5
Tyler McKee$0$4,000$0$0$0$8,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investmentFor APP I think their is a lot of return potential in your buisness for me the invester and you as a company. But i didnt fully understand the situation of how much money does the person who created the idea for an app gets in return. If you could explain that a little more that would be great.I'm investing Ares Fitness and Nutrition because who knows your company could be the next Planet Fitness. their is a lot of potential profits, but I would like if you added a twist or something that gives you better and more special then the other fitness companies.I did not invest in Loop teen club because I dont feel that your company would make will make any profits. Their is to much money going in to start your company then you would get in return.I did not invest in sheldons fine clothing because think of how many clothing stores are out in the world. Your company will just be another store in a sea of clothing stores. Their is not much special about your company 5
Zac Macia$4,000$4,000$0$0$4,000$0$0$4,000$16,000Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersTo Sheldon's Fine Clothing-
I would add something different to your store to seperate you from the competitors. Maybe you should include some sort of in store promotions like buy a vineyard vines t shirt and get a free whale hat or coozie.
To Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee-
Maybe you should have your store location straight on the beach. People could take a break from the bech and come up to your store and relax under the shade while still enjoying the view. I also think your store should be open (no walls) like a bech bar & grill, but with coffee.
To The Loop Teen Club-
Instead of charging on entry you should offer memberships that in the long run are cheaper then charger per entry. Like the YMCA.
Mo-Town Sporting Goods-
Try to add something to seperate you from the competition. Your company is a little to regular.
Robert Ennis$0$0$0$4,000$0$12,000$0$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential risk or loss, Diversifying your investment portfolioMo-Town Sporting Goods

I believe that investing in this product is smart and cost worthy. This product will go far in becoming and well known business and helping people that can't afford sports equiptment. Being a athlete myself i know how expensive this equiptment is and how hard it is to find low prices. I hope that you fulfill my expectations for this company.

With our generation growing up in technology, I believe that this company will go very far and be very successful in the technology business. I'm investing $12,000 into this idea, make me proud.
Mark's Cupcakes

There are many cupcake bakeries with this idea, i don't believe that this idea will be very successful.
Pop Star Popsicles

I know that this idea is a great idea, but I just don't see this idea going anywhere. I'm sorry, but tasting Chuck Norris is a little weird.
4.5 - feedback for #3-4 needs to be more constructive
Cary Baldwin$0$4,000$0$0$0$8,000$0$4,000$16,000Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential to partner companies and have them sell our product.APP
I thought that this proposal was very high quality. More explanation of the percentages of profit earned by customers vs employees would be nice.
Area Fitness and Nutrition
The video was nice, but many of the visuaklss were unrelated to the content of the proposal.
Pop Stars
Honestly, the dissuading factor of the proposal was the fact that the video was recorded vertically.... :/
Cupcake and Frozen yogurt stores are not very new ideas, and have been one before. More uniquity would be good.5
Trenton Selden$0$0$0$0$8,000$0$0$8,000$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumersTo Sheldon's Fine Clothing, i think that your business idea is a great one, the clothing industry can definitely be a very profitable industry if you get your store well know. The brands you are going to sell are well know and extremely popular. A problem that brings is that there are already many retail stores, like Belk and Macy's that already sell what you are going to. Because of that you will need to do something to make your store standout like having lower prices, and advertising that. To Ares Fitness and Nutrition, i really like your business idea and how you used facts about obesity to back up your reasoning for why you chose this business plan. I think that you need to come up with the price that your going to charge for a membership. Also to really attract more customers you can really advertise your nutrition part of your business, because there a lot of gyms but most of them don't have both. To Mosleybeach Surf and Coffee i thought that you had a good idea but your proposal just left me with too many questions. For you to improve my confidence in your business i think that you should have included more about what the costs are going to be, and how your business will be profitable.To Mo-Town sporting goods i thought that your plan had a high possibility to make a lot of money, but i thought your presentation was just too vague. Like you never did really say what you were going to sell exactly, all you said was that you could sell everything. To improve on your presentation i think you should just explain your business in more detail and explain better what makes it a profitable idea. 5
Conner Tracy$4,000$0$0$0$4,000$4,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Diversifying your investment portfolioAres Fitness and Nutrition has a good idea with a high potential for return based on how many people buy a gym membership and then hardly ever come to the gym. However I would suggest not buying used equipment because it will probably break down faster which will cause a loss in profit.Sheldon's Fine Clothing I believe that the clothing brands that you plan on carrying will provide you with some good profit as long as you don't set up near a retailer that carries the same brands. I would suggest not making the percentage of markup you will have on the clothes you buy too high. If someone finds the same clothes at a lower price they will defiantly buy the product at the lower price especially those at a younger age as they don't have as much money. Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee I like your idea of the surf shop but I am a little skeptical about the coffee end of your business. You said that you planned to produce coffee but when I think of the beach I think of the warm sun and how hot it’s going to be. This might just be me but if I am going to be somewhere hot or in the hot sun I don't want something that is going to make me hotter. Maybe think of adding some cool items like iced coffee also or something else to attract those kinds of customers.Loop Teen Club your idea can be conflicting with the ideas of teens as why would someone want to pay money to go to this hang out place when what most of you have is at someone’s house with no entry fee needed. Then if people were to come to your club I believe that your fees are too low compared to what you plan on building based on your pictures and bringing in for food. If teens do come though I don't believe that you will make a great enough profit.5
Davis Raynor$4,000$12,000$0$0$0$0$0$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniquesI really loved this idea! I thought it was new and really cool. It will definitely appeal to the younger generation. The music was a great touch. The only suggestion I have would be to break up your information more within the prezi - it was a lot to take in at most slides. This idea was really original and I liked it. Only feedback would be to have more written information, so you could review it without having to watch the video. Sheldon's Fine Clothing - There are already many similar businesses out there, so really focus on what makes yours different. The Loop Teen Club - It was a really good idea but it didn't seem to attract a ton of interest. Maybe you could figure out a way to make it more marketable - prezi, video, etc. 5
Alison Boegel$8,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Potential risk or lossAPP: what resources do you need for your business? they were not stated in your proposal... if you need many other things then people will not want to invest in your business Pop Stars: I think it's a great idea to move to the south for the winter. Is there a main location where people can get the popsicles or is there only the truck? During the winter times when you move, would there also be a main location or only the truck there? Mark's: I think combining cupcakes and frozen yogurt is a good idea, but what kind of risk is involved in the combination because it is a new idea?--identify the risks because of the fact that it is a new ideaLoop Teen Club: I feel like either the membership fee for the month is too low because its only $10 more than 1 entry fee for the day/night--people might try to take advantage of that and you could lose money 5
Shafwat Islam $4,000$0$0$4,000$0$8,000$0$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumersMoTown Sporing Goods, i love your idea and i know that i will use it a lot. You guys could also repair equipment and allow people to sell you their old equipment for money or store credit. the way i see it it's kind of lieka gamestop for sports equipment. Also a bit more creativity and quality please, i expect a fantabulous advertisement. APP, you guys havea great idea, however many apps fail nto all of them are succesful and catch on, and those that do are usually free apps, how much of the money from the apps would you get and how much would your consumer get?Sheldons Fine Clothing and Ares Fitness & Nutrition there are already many succesful tores that do basically tee same thign as you. I don't see how your small store could grow and compete with the others, how are you guys unique? Add a spin to your business that will seperate it from teh competition it could be anything from free bananas fro every costumer or having a fully loaded kThe Loop Teen Club, you have a great idea but i don't really think teens will go to your club.4.5 - proof-read, give the Loop more constructive feedback
Max van Welzen$0$0$4,000$0$0$8,000$4,000$0$16,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Opinion of consumersTo APP
I very nice and well thought threw idea
You guys should better explain how you will determine the prices of creating certain apps
To Loop Teen Club
A great way for teens to hangout in a club legally
You may want to think about security, for example if a fight breaks out what do you do?
To Mosleytown Surf & Coffee
Considering you are planning on putting this near the beach I do not believe this will appeal to people living in Mosleytown because most people don't live at the beach. Also, there are many surf shops and coffee shops around the beach area, how will you guys compete?
To make more money and not have to deal with competition you could establish this near a local lake
To Popstar Popsicles
Moving for the winter south would take a lot of money and your employees would have to move too.
You should better explain your ideas of moving.
Daniel Nance$0$4,000$0$0$0$8,000$0$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Diversifying your investment portfolio, Marketability to consumersFor Ares Fitness & Nutrition, your proposal is very well done and creative. The narration is solid, and the graphics used are very eye-catching. Your service also is a very important one in today's society, that will no doubt attract many consumers. My only suggestion is to go into more detail on what exactly your fitness and nutrition trainers will do for consumers. Altogether, your product looks very solid.For APP, your proposal is a great one. It's a great idea, and a very profitable one as well. With the popularity of applications on smartphones now, this is a needed service that could really benefit smartphone users, as well as investors in APP. The only suggestion I have for your proposal would be to give a better idea of what is included in each starter pack, so that consumers aren't worried about buying a bogus product. Overall, I am very impressed, and intrigued to see how your idea will do.For Sheldon's Fine Clothing, I was mainly concerned with the originality of your service, and the size of your target market. It worried me that there are many other stores like yours, and it was difficult to determine what made yours unique and better. However, it is not a bad idea, and I look forward to hearing new information about Sheldon's.For The Loop Teen Club, I was concerned with the profitability of your service. The cost to maintain your establishment and the cost of entry seem much too different. I don't know how your business will stay afloat without adding other costs or raising prices, since all of the electronics and food and other supplies will need to be paid for. It's a very original idea, but I would need to see how it could be profitable before I would invest my money into it.5
Alexandra Sykes$0$0$0$0$4,000$8,000$0$4,000$16,000Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersSheldon's Fine Clothing should look for upper end retail malls. Also, customer service is as important as quality of goods. So hire good employees that will help customers.Ares Fitness & Nutrition should look for populated areas that do not already have a fitness club and be aware of fixed costs like rent.Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee should already have an experienced surf board maker to help them start their company.Popstars Popsicles should offer other products like ice cream and slushies since they are already going to get freezers.5
Jarrett Wood$0$4,000$4,000$0$0$4,000$4,000$0$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalismFor marks cupcakes and frozen yogurt I felt that they could have put more effort into their presentation but think its a great ideaFor the mosleybeach surf and coffee I feel like that u shouldnt just sell coffee but other drinks as well.For the sporting goods they needed a whole lot more information to present. It didn't have much info on it.For the sheldons fine clothing I dont think their idea is very creative or different.5
Asma Idries$4,000$0$0$4,000$4,000$0$4,000$0$16,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersFor Mark's Cupcakes & Frozen Yogurt Shop I thought they had a great idea and it will probably get a lot of return on investment. I don't really see any need for improvement, I guess maybe they're needs for the store seem a little too expensive, maybe instead of a seating area in the store customers just take their orders to go. But other than that I think the store would make a lot of profit. For Sheldon's Fine Clothing I thought they had a really good idea that will probably bring a lot of return on investment. For improvement I guess they could do something to their store to make it a bit more unique and to distinguish it from all the other stores that sell the brands they are selling. Other than that I think the store will make a lot of profit. I didn't invest in The Loop Teen Club. They could increase my confidence by making their idea a bit more achievable. I mean they have great idea that seems like a really nice place but the cost for it seems very high and they cannot guarantee that it will be a popular place for teens. Other than that they have a really good idea. I didn't invest in Mosleybeach Surf & Coffee. It was mostly because I only had $16,000 to use and I had already invested in four other businesses. I guess they could increase my confidence by changing their service in a way that would bring in more money, because I don't really think that it would. Other than that I thought their idea was great and unique. 5
Brenderia Cameron$4,000$0$0$0$0$0$8,000$4,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersAres Fitness & Nutrition: Y'all have such a good idea! Appealing more to all the health benefits would give you even more customers. :)Pop Stars: I like how you guys have a product that's completely new and different. I would suggest setting up booths and selling the popsicles at different events around the community to get more customers. :)The Loop Teen Club: the potential risk of loss was to high. How do I know that people would really want to go there? I would have liked to know if you already had potential buyers or interest in the club.Sheldon's Fine Clothing: Why would I go to you for name brand clothing that I can buy from lots of other department stores? Discounted prices would increase my confidence.5
Jack Swingle$0$0$0$0$8,000$0$0$8,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersFor Sheldon's Fine clothing i would suggest getting more brands and products to sell.I think you could offer certain packages for people that would be like a monthly membership.for the Surf and Coffee shop, I wanted to invest but i think it would be really hard to market coffee at the beach. Other then that i really liked your proposal.For APP Your prices confused me slot and im not sure how big the market is for your product.5
Jennifer Davis $0$0$4,000$4,000$4,000$0$0$4,000$16,000Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossI invested in Sheldon's Fine Clothing. Their idea was very well thought out, because people now a days are very particular about their clothes and will only wear certain brands. Some advice is too many be more specific on how you will sell the clothes, and why people should come to you, and not outlets and such to by the brands!I invested in the Loop Teen club. This is perfect because teenagers are always complaining about having a place to hang out with friends that is cheap and fun. One way to improve this is to maybe reconsider how big the place will be, and the cost to get it. It seems a little too good to be true!I did not invest in Mark's Cupcakes because it did not show me how it was going to be different from all the other cupcake shops. I did not invest in Pop Star Popsicles. Their presentation was good, but they didn't really tell me the backround information about the product. 4 - late
Seth$0$8,000$4,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Diversifying your investment portfolio, Marketability to consumersI believe investing in Mosleytown coffee & surf is a wise choice because it is an interesting idea and there are a few perks of it too. surf boards sell in the summer, and coffee sells year round. One comment though, the knowledge of how expensive surf board are is needed. Whether they would buy surfboards from a company or produce their own, both are very expensive.For Ares fitness, health is very popular so this is very promising. The target for fitness is to promote everyone to exercise, so how can you convince everyone to.i have not invested in the clothing store because not all people care about fashion.I have not invested in cupcake because there is nothing quite innovative.4 - late
Marisa$0$0$4,000$0$0$0$4,000$8,000$16,000Potential for return on investment, Diversifying your investment portfolio, Marketability to consumersFor Marks Cupcakes & Frozen Yogurt Shop, I think they should state why they are so different then the other cupcake shops and why we should choose them. Also have more enthusiasm about the company.For the Ares Fitness and Nutrition they should also state why they are different. I also want to know more about the price I would have to pay to join. For Sheldon's Fine Clothing I would add more excitment to the company, the presentation was kind of flat and didn't catch my attention. They should also talk about the prices a little bit more. Pop Stars Popsicles is too similar to all the other popsicles, theres already a popsicle company that shapes their popsicles into shapes. I was not fascinated by this company. 4 - late
Dj$4,000$0$0$0$0$4,000$0$8,000$16,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquesAres fitness and nutrition , use more creative and persuasive ads.pop stars popsicles , more proffesional business.Mo-town sporting goods , make presentation more creative.The loop teen club , show me there will be no loss in investment.5