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Pricefreefreefree upgrade to pro 9.99free and user must buy in app purchasesfreefreefreefreefreefree | $3.99 Premiumfreefreefreefreefree | $18.99 Premium | $7.99 City GuidesfreefreefreeFree - $49/year for PROfreefreefreefreefree
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Reason for BeingExperential TravelNavigation, primarily while drivingSave maps and attractions offline. Navigation with no internet Audio Travel Guide using GPS Audio Walks solo or sync audio with friends. Explore new cities with Detour.There's wonder in the world around you.Inform users of the best of each category in their immediate area while allowing them to share their photos and experiencesspur-of-the-moment planninguses googles search engine to locate restaurants and points of interest in your immediate vicinityGroupon delivers unbeatable deals for 50—70% off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 cities located mostly on earth.A "smart travel guide" to help tourists discover, book, and pay for activitiesForget lengthy, negative reviews. HeyLets is about sharing the experiences you love with a photo and up to 200 characters. Wishlist the experiences you want to check out to get an alert when you're nearby. You can search your wishlist by category and location, so you'll never miss out on that hidden gem ever again.Jetsetter gives you everything you need to dream, plan and book your next vacation. Search, sort and surf thousands of amazing travel images. Then book directly in the app and save upcoming trip details. It’s a whole new way to see the world!Plan trips directly from the app or on the web at, then share them with a group. Friends can add suggestions to the itinerary and travel with their favorite navigation're on foot; you need walking directions to stuff within walking distanceto help tourists take control of planning their sightseeingto provide users with trending information on local events and activities such as restuarant reviews, new art, popular bars, recently announced concerts, theatre and movies.provide users with coupons to various experiences throughout the selected cityallow users to find lodging, food, attractions and transit while enabling them to share their photos and thoughts in a geographically based forumAllows users to organize their itinerarys, tickets, passports, ID and emergency contacts to one spotAllows users to download regional guides to provide an immense amount of information while offline. Global, everywhere from Chicago to Afghanistanto provide users information on the best businesses in the area whether it be a cup of coffee, happy hour specials, best car mechanic or a place to get dry cleaning on the weekend all based on a user rating and reviewPlan your next adventure with Yonder. Created for everyone—from backyard explorers to backcountry adventurers—Yonder connects you to the people, places, and experiences that find events and entertainment in your city and book your ticketsto find tours and attractions within the city you are visiting
Value PropositionPlan a trip guided by 45,000+ unique travel experiences around the world, created by the most knowledgeable experiential travelers and localsNavigate the world.Navigation, Find Attractions, Inisder tips, View and save lists and maps offline.Beautifully produced GPS audio walks that take you beneath the surface of cities around the world. Whether you’re solo or syncing audio with friends, Detour is an entirely new way to experience places.USERS: Discover hidden gems all around you | PUBLISHERS: Reach a broader audience.Helps you find the perfect place to go with friends. Discover the best food, nightlife and entertainment in your areaFind places based on your interests, time of day, weather, locationfind local businesses, view maps and get driving directionsFind local deals on travel, goods, services based on category or distance.Buy tickets to the best experiences a city has to offer. Get last-minute tickets in seconds at a discount. And do your shopping in one place.Explore What Locals Recommend –- Scroll through a beautiful feed of hidden gems and amazing new experiences you never knew existed, or explore your city on a map.Discover new places based on pictures and add to a wanderlist. Book hotels directly from app. Filter images based on interests.The only map built for travelers. Plan your summer road trip with friends or find an amazing place nearby you never knew existed.Discover millions of places, like local diners and quirky roadside attractions, or scenic points, national parks, and hotels.get walking directions to stuff near you that interests youDiscover things to do on your next trip and plan a trip of your lifetimeWorldwide guide to art and entertainment,food and drink, film, travel and morefind a great deal - where ever you are, where ever you go.Unbiased traveler reviews and hotel booking (lacking)Organize your travel plans in one placeYour smart travel guideUser reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, services and more · Discover thousands of geo-located images and videos around the globe
· Share your adventures through photos and videos
· Search or browse our database of over 20,000 destinations
Find things to do in your city with YPlan. Best price guaranteed on theatre tickets, concerts, comedy events, nightlife and more. Fast, simple and secure booking.Tours, things to do, sightseeing tours, day trips and more from Viator. Find and book city tours, helicopter tours, day trips, show tickets, sightseeing day tours
Primary Method for Discoverybrowsebrowse map, browse business categoriesSearch and browse categories such as restaurants, hotels, architecture, shops, bars, etc. Find Streets addresses or attractions and save them for later.User chooses a walking tour by major city and subcategory selectionnotifies you when something interesting is nearbySearch by category; food, coffee, nightlife, funa constantly updated feed of various things to do based on location, time, interests, weathereither select the navigation button to enter an address and obtain directions, or select the key that says explore food and drinks near youbrowse by local deals or categories as well as getaways. Also users can search any word based on a location.browse by city and filter by activity typeFilter by category, from nightclubs and extreme sports to scenic hikes and farmers markets. Or search by keyword to find the ultimate truffle fries. Filter by location to find things to do on your upcoming trip and Wishlist the experiences you want to try.Browse by city or Filter by style, stay, see & do, travel feature, or reason. Then discover through images.Discover places section. Trip guides featured or nearby. Popular, Quick Lunch, Things to do, Shop, Fuel up. Search by showing near mepresents template itineraries when you say which city you're visitingpresents various things to do from "top things to do" chosen by editors to popular restaurants or upcoming activites based on the city you selectselect from various categories (airfare, hotels, cruises, spas, entertainment, car rentals) then choose the city you want to view deals inTop key is "Near Me" that locates restaurants, things to do, hotels as well as suggestions based on your locationno discovery in free version. Only able to add travel plans to a users profileThe primary tool is a prompt asking you where in the world you want to goprimary tool is a search bar at the top of the app. Below are categories; restaurants, bars, food, order pickup or delivery, reservations, more..Look through popular users travel experiences, search by location, or nearby experiences, hashtag.Scroll bar features tabs labled; this weekend, comedy, culture, discover your city, wish listscroll bar featuring tours & activities currently sponsored in the area
Personalizationsave attractions to list; create multiple listsnonePlan trips and customize maps. Remember and save all places you like to visit. Collect travel inspirations from travel blog articles. View and saves and lists on the map.Save your purchased Detours to your librarynoneSee where your friends have been and share with friends where the user has been as well as their review. Users can also save "My Saved Places", "My Liked Places", and have the ability to customize their own lists to save other locationsasks for your interests ("Tribes") on first launch, can edit later; home cityusers can save their favorite or most frequented places and timelinesSaves linked cards, past purchases, delivery take out orders, favorite deal types, background location.noneWishlist the experiences you want to tryCreat wanderlists in your profileSave road trips to profilenear me, groups feature includes friends/familynothing beyond favorites and itineraryability to add types of activities you are interested. Also able to select multiple cities. Ability to save favorite events and placessave personal preference such as default citybased on building your profile by adding cities and allowing users to review and participate in open forumsEntire app is centralized around building your profile with information such as flights, hotel reservations, ID, passports and contactsUsers can set preferences of measurement units, temperature scales, currencyA user can use it as a social network and add friends to their profile. Users are encouraged to leave reviews and share photos of their experiences. Outside of that, it doesn't appear to have much room for personalization as it's encouragin users to build their profile through activity.Create your own yonder adventures in your own profile. Save Experiences and lists.Users can create a profile that will safe their city preference and bookingsusers can create a wishlist for upcoming tours and attractions
Information ArchitecturePRIMARY: City Guide — Theme — Attraction; SECONDARY: 5 categories of attractions (eat, shop...)mapMap, Search categories, Discover travel ideas and access detailed information.City-Category-ExploreInterests — GuidesSearch - Categories - SuggestionsTribe, City, Category (Stay/Eat/Play)Map, Navigation, ExploreExplore, Stay, Eat, Play, CategoryCity — AttractionFilter by category or location. Neighborhood, location, eat and play.Shop by location. Filter by categoryTrip Guides, filter by category, or by popularityCategory — AttractionCity — Places/Tours/Hotels/Car Rental — Attractions/Vendors — Tags (for some attractions)Select City, Select Type of Activity, Presents selections of specific restaurants/attractions. You are given a brief write-up editorial, facts (address, phone, website, hours, transport, UBER estimation), a map, and user reviewsCity - Top 20 deals - Select category to filter"Near Me" tool enables; hotels, restaurants, sights and transit. Tool bar is secondaryAdd trips you are taking, add trips of others you want to monitor, and saves past tripsLocations are broken down by alphabetical order to have their guides downloadedSearch Bar - Categories - View what is near via maps - redundant search tool - recent activity by those in your areaNews feed of popular or trending users, as well as users you follow. Search through user uploaded photos by searching specific categories, locations, or users.Local events this weekend - comedy - culture - discover - suggest. Tickets can be booked through the events found within each tabScroll vertically through current offerings
Account CreationFacebook only, email sign-in brokenn/aFacebook, EmailEmail onlyGoogle account onlyfacebook, email, googleemail, FacebookGoogle, emailEmail, Facebook, GoogleFacebook onlyfacebook, gmail, emailFacebook or EmailFacebook or emailFacebook onlyFacebook, Google, emailemail, facebook, twitter, googleemail, facebookgoogle, facebook, emailemail, facebook, google, yahooemail, facebookgoogle, facebook, emailfacebook, emailgoogle, facebook, emailgoogle, facebook, email
Savingsave multiple lists of ideasnoneSave to my lists, saves maps offline, saves perks and bonusesSave purchases to Librarysave favoritesUsers are able to create custom folders to save their favorite locationsbookmark attractions and save to listsusers can save their favorite or most frequented places and timelinesUsers can save past interests, searches, card info, delivery orders, locationfavoritesInfluencers you can follow or save to your profileSave to wanderlistSave places and sorted by date added, distance, or rating. Or add to a new trip.favoritesFavorites, itinerary builderFavorites, City preferenceCity preference, types of dealssave your favorites, ability to download city content for off line useSave ID, Itineraries and reservation documents within the appaccount preferencesUsers must log in through their profile which will save past reviews, photos. Places can be bookmarked for future reference.Save your own pictures to your yonder profile or follow other users profile.Users can save their profile picture, favorites, and purchased ticketsusers can save events to their wishlist or add events to their favorites
MapWITHIN CITY: shows attracts, supports filtering | WORLD MAP: alternate way to navigate city guides3D, satellite, terrain, trafficMaps are powered by FourSquare. Apple maps, google maps, moovit, Powered by openstreetmapSatellite GPSpoints of interest highlightedMaps are loaded within the app from Googlepoints of interest filtered by Stay/Eat/Play; icons indicate price of accommodations or category of restaurant/venueincredibly thorough. Provides multiple routes via car, public transit, walking, cab or bikeShows location of attraction, service, or good on map. shows location of attraction on map, which can be viewed as fullscreen | no map browseExplore the city with a map instead of through categories.Map pings destination on mapPoints of interest are displayed on map. It can be filteredmap is the primary view; orientation follows compass when you turnShow itinerary on mappoints of interest are displayed on map. Can be filteredpoints of interest that are designated by various icons to represent categoriesMaps can be filtered and layered based on preference. Points of interest are designated by custom pin points based on mapworld map with points of interest pinpointedIntegrates with Google maps within the app. Can view points of interest using the map based on your filters (restaurants, bars, etc.). Markers are numbered with generic pins. Sponsored businesses (ADS) are indicated with a gold star pin on the map.Satellite and Standard map with points of interest marked in red and blue.Integrates with google maps marking your point of interest with a markerIntegrates with Google maps within the app. Points of interest are marked out using red markers throughout the city
Directionsclunky integration with native maps appturn-by-turn walking, driving, and transitGPSGPS audio map. Step by step directions via audio based on your location.Includes turn by turn audio and screen navigationnoneDirections can be directly loaded into users preferred navigation system. Also integrates with Uber to call a rideSeamless transition to native maps appdirections are given in real time and take into account traffic conditionsDirections are opened in Maps app.nonenonenoneGoogle Maps, Waze, Apple Mapseasily accessible within app; designed for walking directionsIntegrates with Sygic's GPS map instead of native mapMajor public transit stops are listed. Integrates with Uber to request carIntegrates with devices GPS and map. Google maps/DirectionsOpens google maps/directions within the applicationno directionsinside of a downloaded guide. Not in the preview modeDirections integrate with google maps once a business is selected.noneno, only through opening google maps outside of the applicationdirections will only open outside of the app through google maps
Wearable Functionalitynoneturn-by-turn directions on Apple WatchnonenoneGoogle GlassnoneyesnononenonenoneApple Watchnonenonewatchnone
City-Level Content"Essentials" section provides executive summary of food, drink, festivals, culture, and more3D flyoverDiscover section provides recommendations based on location.More than audio tours, Detour serves as a broader guide to points of interest, activities, and information around your location.nonenonenonewith an add-on, can view street level and 3D renderings of certain areasnonenonenoneInteractive map showing nearby attractionsInteractive map showing nearby attractionsnoneGuides from 3rd parties like Fodor's that link attractions together in cohesive plan that minimizes distance between subsequent attractionsMajor transit stops are listed near each attraction.nonenonenonenonenonenonenone
Attraction-Level Editorial Content1 entry per attractionsummaries from YelpSynced to FourSquare. Hours, Cost, Location, Phone number, Photos, Tips, Similar places, Accomodations nearby, Detours are narrated by locals who know the city best, and are infused with cinematic scoring and storytelling by some of the best writers and sound designers in the world.guides with attraction summaries sourced from 3rd party publicationsonly facts of the place of interest are listed. Hours, location, phone numberLight editorial content on some attractionsBrief one to two sentence descriptionsDescription of each good, service, getaway, and attraction. Link to website, customer reviews, and highlights.Description of all attractionsShare what you love by posting a video or photo along with a short description about what made it great.Detailed description "what we love" "what to know" sections describing hotels.Very detailed description of each attraction. Each thing to do is rated and reviewed. Sourced from Foursquare UGCSuccinct description, detailed location and contact informatinattractions are rated on a 5 star scale and given a 5 paragraph review/editorialdescription of the deal as well as details and facts (address, phone, website, hours)nonenonepoints of interest indicated on the map with facts listedno write up. However, the facts are very detailed and include the prompt; "Pokestop Nearby?"Mainly pictures but you can find out the name of the location in the picture by clicking on it.Yes, brief 2-3 paragraph write up of each attractionYes. Each attraction is accompanied by a short 2-3 paragraph writeup of the tour
User-Generated Contentcreate recommendations for other usersreport map problemsUsers can write tips, rate places and send photosusers score on a scale of 5 points and can leave written reviewsnoneUsers rate places on a 10 point scale and can leave reviews. Users are also able to leave brief tips in the "What you need to know" section which is more concise than the reviews. Users are also able to "Like" a tip so it gets more visibilityUCG ratings, reviews, photos = the primary contentusers score on a scale of 5 points and can leave written reviewsUsers can leave ratings and reviews as well as ask questions that other users can view.none (but it does tell you that X users purchased in the last Y hours)Users leave a short review and can upload pictures or videos about their experience. Also locals can recommend their favorite things to do to other users.User reviews sourced from TripAdvisorUsers can rate, review, and share trips and destinations.rating and feedback to the developer to correct place informationnone5 star scale and commentsusers reviews as well as rating on a 5 point scaleusers rate on 5 point scale and can write reviews. Destinations are also ranked based on user reviews in the same citynonenoneThe entire app is centered around users submitting their reviews, ratings and photos. Users can even be given status if they are a heavy userThe entire app is centered around users and their experiences traveling. Users can upload pictures and follow other users. only with friendsUsers rate on a 5 point system and have the ability to leave a review of their experience
Incentivescredits contributorsnonenoneSave money when purchasing whole city guidesnonenoneBadges, points, titles like "Connoiseur of Hong Kong" incentivize UGCnoneWeekly, Daily deals and discounts. Alerts users of specials.$25 credit for getting friend to joinBecome An Influencer – Share amazing experiences and build cred as an influencer. Climb the ranks citywide or become an influencer in specific categories. What you love will help others who enjoy the same things discover something great!nonenonenonenonenone$25 credit with a hotel booking through the sitenonenonethose who contribute heavily are given a special indication by their user name. These are used to denote who has submitted a lot of reviews so that other users may follow these users recommendations possibly allowing for special offers or discounts to the original user to give favorable reviews and attract more businessFollowerssmall discounts by purchasing through the appdiscounted pricing on tours and attractions
Websitemarketing. associated editorial website that doesn't extend functionality.marketingmarketingSimilar to mobile app. Good for planning trip. Syncs to google play and apple storemarketingStyled similar to mobile version. Doesn't seem to have an additional functionalityextends functionality to include city guides, forecast; syncs with app account; useful for planningextends functionality to include street view and mulitple layersSame use as mobile appMarketingMarketing and BlogMore options than app version. Offers more categories and a Jetsetter tour option.Similar to mobile app with added featuresMarketingExtends functionality by providing a platform for trip planning that syncs to mobileextends functionality by providing access to local blogs and allows users to view content by a calendar searchextends functionality by allowing users to directly search for hotels by destination and dates on the landing pagewebsite extends functionality by allowing users to search for hotels on the landing page, top and center. There is also a currency conversion tool on the website not available on the appmarketingbeautiful website, marketingwebsite is similar to the app in appearance and functionalityMarketingextension of the appwebsite is a mirror of the app as far as functionality goes
Filteringby activitynonecategory or gps locationby cityby categoryusers can filter by 15 separate categoriesby categoryfilter by types of the point of interest the user is searching forBy category, location, interest, recommendationby categoryEasily and quickly choose from 45 interest categories. Filter by category, filter, imageBy category, location, or guide subcategory.robust and clever category filtering on map view (e.g. Toilets)sophisticated filtering in map viewby categoryby category and destinationcategory, destination, rankingnonefilter across multiple categoriescan filter across multiple categories; restaurants, coffee, automotive, etc. Filters can be applied to a second layer indicating if the business is offering a deal, open now, take reservationscan filter based on location, type of activity, or people you follow.users can filter based on type of attraction they are looking for; comedy shows, theatre, etc..tour type, tours near, hotel pick-ups, deals only
Offline Accesssaved attractions and lists are available offlinenoneyes offline access to maps, saved places, and listssaved tours are availablel offline nonenonenoneusers are able to download local maps to have access while offlinenonenonenonenonenonenoneYes, with Premium ($18.99) get access to maps and walking guidancenonenoneAbility to download cities. This will provide a map, attractions and reviews while offlineyou can view your saved tripsthe entire app is focused around offline access. Tons of content.nonenonenonenone
DifferentiationCaters to the experience-seeker, the explorer with lovely photography and exciting copyNative integration with Siri and with just about any text iOS recognizes as an address.The #1 travel app lets you discover new places, beautiful spots and insider tips at the touch of a button. Collect your personal best-of and save it for later. You will experience your best journeys yet with detailed offline maps and in-depth travel content on your mobile travel companion.An innovative approach to guided tours through podcast like narrative. Allows travelers to explore at own pace. Superb quality.Notifies you when you're near something that might interest youUsers are able to integrate with Uber and call an immediate ride without having to input an address. Users are also notified when they are near a place they had saved for later or already been toGamification of UCG; highly active contributor base; fresh UIThey are the mapping service that almost every other service uses, superior quality.Buy coupons in app without having to print. All local deals in one platform.
buy tickets in-app; live chat with conciergeExplore What Locals Recommend –- Scroll through a beautiful feed of hidden gems and amazing new experiences you never knew existed, or explore your city on a map.A new way to choose a destination based on images and filters.The only map built for travelers. Plan your summer road trip with friends or find an amazing place nearby you never knew existed. Build your own roadtrip and save it in your personalized road map.Built around walking with map view; unique swiping access to categories and scrolling nearby attractionsRobust itinerary feature, supported by estimates of how long activities will takeupdated by trending events and lists events in a calendar viewprovide last minute deals in your area for spontaneous activitiesThe offline access, travel forums based on locationallows users to forward sensitive documents to the app that will then sync with your calendar and create notifications and remindersthe entire app is focused around offline accessThe entire app is setup much like a social network. Businesses rise and fall in popularity depending on the ratings users give. This application also covers multiples verticles outside of food, drink and nightlife.A social media app for travelers. Users are what makes the app work. This app is city specific. Could be a great tool to acquire tickets to live events if the user is in the city. Currently in London, Dublin, and Bristol, CTthe app is solely dedicated to tours and attractions, actual events as opposed to most of the other apps encountered which typically offer food as well. Users can also create a wishlist of tours
ShortcomingsCumbersome information architecture; little incentive to contribute UGC; little proof that the experiences they recommend are as good as they say they are.No personalization; content is all 3rd party; iOS onlyDiscover section is limited. Not enough tours or cities added yet. Some cities don't have many choices. Boring UI; reliance on 3rd party editorial content; lacks restaurants and tours; limited to the history/culture nerdout of the 15 categories listed, the first 7 are different types of food establishments that seem redundant. The only 2 categories outside of food that arent lists like trending and specials, saved, liked are fun and shopping. Seems way too specific with food choices and way too broad with the others. Database contains all businesses (yellow pages-style) and so you can find some truly irrelevant and uninteresting "attractions"no events, limited personalizationLimited to participating businesses.almost no restaurants; no directionsNot a ton of selection, still needs more participants.Confusing interface, only searchable for hotels, no directions Only used in the U.S. and Canada as of nowwalking only; geared to discovery what's nearbyAttractions come from business listings, and not all of them are actually attractions, e.g. an in-service fire station that probably doesn't welcome touristsmobile app does not allow user to sort by calendar or by date, can only sort by "things to do this week"map function looks incredibly busy and there is no way to filter out the unwanted categoriesTo access forums, users must click through 4 separate pagesCan not delete current trips, only edit. Not a lot of functionality with the free versionmust download offline guide in order to access points of interest or get any detail on locations, access to mapssponsored content seems tacky. It makes me wonder if Yelp has more influence or manipulation behind the scenes, but that is just a gut feeling upon clicking on the first sponsored ad.not enough descripiton of the places listed, mostly a social media site and superficially a travel apponly available for London, Bristol, Dublin. Can only suggest cities they create content for nextOnly in select locations
PersonalityadventuresomefunctionalFriendly, Sharing, Curiousinnovative, beautifulcurious, geeky, serendipitousvibrant, exciting, spontaneousfun, participatory, sharing, friendly competitionstraight forward, direct, simpleFun, Sharing, ExcitingConcierge, friendly and knowledgable, excited to helpFriendly, Helpful, SharingBeautiful, fun, innovative, adventuresome Beautiful, Friendly, Helpful, Informativefriendly, simple, helpful, warm, unobtrusivematter-of-fact, succinct, informative, executive summaryfun, quirky, informativebright, inviting, compulsivebusy, wildbland, simplebeautiful, fun, informative, surprisinginviting, encouraging, lots of depthsimple, straight forward, friendly, beautifulwarm, colorful, simpleclean, simple, straight forward
Meaning (Shedroff CCA)Beauty, Creation, Oneness, WonderDutyCommunity, WonderBeauty, wonderEnlightenment, Onenessredemption, communityAccomplishment, Creation, Community, Freedom, ValidationValidation, OnenessBeauty, CommunityAccomplishment, Beauty, FreedomCommunity, BeautyFreedom, Community, BeautyFreedom, HarmonyAccomplishment, Enlightenment, TruthFreedom, Communityvalidation, enlightenmentaccomplishment, harmonydutybeauty, wonderFreedom, communityCommunity, Beautytruth, beautyaccomplishment, freedom
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