TimestampGrade LevelOther AttendeesMeeting DateMeeting FocusNotes/Comments
8/30/2016 14:26:34KindergartenELL Teachers8/30/2016Curriculum planning/mappingThe team chose BBY dates, Classroom Celebration dates and consulted with Catherine Murphy regarding ELL students in Kindergarten.
9/1/2016 10:42:02Grade FiveSpecial Educator(s), Erin Shanley9/1/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
9/7/2016 13:59:36Grade OneMathematics Specialist(s)9/7/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, looking back at last year's AMC math scores.We are going to concentrate on math for morning work this year for some extra math practice!
9/7/2016 15:37:29KindergartenJean Button, Christine Maestri, Kristen Shanahan9/7/2016Curriculum planning/mappingWe created Team Norms and uploaded them. We chose a Kindergarten theme for theme day, completed a team newsletter for September, planned when to begin our Writer's workshop and when we will meet with Math and Literacy specialists.
9/8/2016 11:18:40Grade FiveLiteracy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)9/8/2016Curriculum planning/mapping-Clarified DRA assessment requirements
-Discussed Words Their Way and Vocab. How can we make it more authentic and meaningful?
-Launching new units of study in reading

9/9/2016 10:45:04Grade TwoJust us9/8/2016Curriculum planning/mapping*Sync our plans for Social Studies and Science
*Emailed request for mapping books
*reviewed new Voting Unit
*Discussed Field Trips possibility
*Spt. News review
9/9/2016 15:52:43Grade FourLiteracy Specialist(s)9/9/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
We updated our Grade Level Norms on Google Drive.

Scheduled our meeting dates with Literacy and Math.

Discussed the DRA and RR and how to best get baseline data. Looked at the schedule to have a DRA Day (Monday Afternoon and Tuesday Morning Fluency and Tuesday afternoon writing!!!)

Talked about the first unit of Reading - start to read aloud Tiger rising.

9/14/2016 11:40:13Grade ThreeSpecial Educator(s)9/14/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, dates for upcoming eventsNorms are completed
9/15/2016 11:10:41Grade FiveLiteracy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)9/15/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
9/16/2016 10:50:16Grade TwoJust us9/16/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, just us1) Reviewed Biography Unit to incorporate more structure from teachers.
2) Discussed contacts for in house and out field trips- passing point persons for each. Will share what we found. Looking onto changing some things up :)
3) Quickly touched base for curriculum placement.
9/21/2016 13:59:05Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)9/21/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/reviewWe are working on ways to service the low readers outside of WIN time while we are working on handwriting. Maria and Alex will come into our rooms during reading and writing to help low students.

Launch the Learning - Math Unit with Molly
9/22/2016 11:02:41Grade FiveLiteracy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)9/22/2016Curriculum planning/mapping-discussed DRAs in September vs. October
9/23/2016 9:23:54Grade FourJust US!9/23/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/reviewReviewed our Math MCAS Data and discussed some student needs.

Worked on our Newsletter.

Talked about and planned homework. Discussed sending home a journal for a weekly entry. We will paste a menu of journal topics into the front and wither will assign a topic or let them pick. Students will turn in one journal entry a week to start - maybe working up to two. In addition, they will be working on reading 20 min a night at the minimum. We discussed what to do with students who do not do their homework - can we send the kids out with a clipboard to finish their work? Other suggestions besides sending a note home to be signed for incomplete HW?
9/23/2016 10:35:24Grade TwoLiteracy Specialist(s)9/23/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review1) Reviewed voting lessons to begin the last week in October 24-28th
2) Discussed Launching Science Notebooks next week and beginning Soil the week of Oct 4th week with the BBY launch on the 27th of sept.
3) Planned which students would work with Paula on Thursdays and what to focus on
a) visualizing and planning
b) What is the message the writer is want to convey to the reader
b) zoom in on details
9/30/2016 10:24:04Grade TwoLiteracy Specialist(s)9/29/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Goal setting continued
1) reviewed the numbers we crunched yesterday but are still waiting for a few more kids to be retested to be sure our numbers are correct. We will meet again next week to complete once we are done.
2) Met with Maria to discuss beginning WINS Groups next week during our planning time with coverage. She can take a group now... we discussed who and when. One of us take a handwriting intervention group
2) Reviewed Soil unit to begin next week with the BBY on Wed.
10/5/2016 13:07:33Grade ThreeLiteracy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), ELL Teachers, Special Educator(s), Lisah Rhodes10/5/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, websites
We got so much done!!!
Thanks for the time!
10/5/2016 16:06:52Kindergartenjust K teachers10/5/2016Curriculum planning/mappingWe created an October team newsletter for our website.
We talked about a social solution for some Kindergarten students. We referred to Atlas to check on timelines for the Writing units. We planned for Halloween celebrations.
10/6/2016 21:49:23Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)10/5/2016
Looking at student work, Scoring student work, Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
Reading Specialists will be working with the most needy children ASAP... Lisa's class will get the most support because she has the most need.

10/7/2016 10:32:28Grade TwoJust us10/7/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Goal setting continued
1) shared Safari Montage to make playlists and found a video to into "Election Unit" starting Tuesday. Planned the 5-6 lessons.

2) sent email to Molly about meeting to plan the unit 3 letter and home games packet. She responded next weeks PLC would be good.

3) Worked on our Goal setting with the additional data Molly send fore AMC
10/13/2016 12:13:13Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
10/13/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
10/14/2016 10:43:17Grade Two
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
10/14/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, parent letter planningAnother jam packed PLC!!!

1st half- Met with Molly to plan Unit 3 Letter and activities.

2nd half- Met with Alex and Maria to plan WINS times for struggling readers for the next several weeks until our Nov. Planning time.
10/19/2016 13:34:01Grade One
just our team, Alex went home sick.
10/19/2016Conference Planning and Math Enrichment
10/19/2016 15:44:47KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)10/19/2016Looking at student work, Curriculum planning/mappingWe met with Molly, reviewed AMC data and planned for the Launch the Learning task for Unit 2. We brainstormed tasks to practice making a pile. Molly gave each teacher Tell Me Fast 5 frame cards.
10/20/2016 12:46:17Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
12/20/2016Curriculum planning/mappingUsing picture book, book groups for the end of our Narrative Reading Unit to better meet the needs of our students. We need to focus on identifying theme and using evidence.

Discussing ways to maximize/balance support from Erin and Sheryle R.
10/21/2016 9:44:04Grade FourJust US!10/21/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/reviewReviewed Unit Math tests and spoke about grade level needs - (i.e rounding and multi-digit addition and subtraction).

Spoke more about how to implement and include word study with differentiation. Decided we need to do a slower and deeper understanding of each pattern for kids. Last year, the "work at home" didn't work so we want to include application to writing in home and at school. Possibly have all kids complete one pattern at differentiated word list. Need to also have the lowest in a WIN group.

Discussed a Stop and Jot Assessment from Lucy and the need with inferential questions. Most students misses the point of the story and aren't reading deeply.
10/21/2016 10:07:38Grade TwoJust us10/21/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/reviewTom,
We actually meet for an extended time on Thursday going over our planning for our soil unit and how on track we are according to atlas for other subjects. Taking a linear approach we are noticing that slight changes need to be made to accommodate writing to focus around the soil unit. Because of this meeting and the length of time, we did not meet today to allow us individual time to prep and review student work. Also, we wanted to make note to follow up with your kind words regarding our progress during our PLC meetings. We think it is important to inform you that we meet several times during the week to get the ball rolling on many topics. This allows us to use our PLC time to finalize plans and get through more agenda items.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks again :)
10/28/2016 9:49:10Grade FourMathematics Specialist(s)10/28/2016Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/reviewWe wrote our newsletter!

We met with Molly about:
• LtL: How Many Soda Cases?
Beginning week of 11/1, wanted to have colored copies laminated as a tool for kiddos
Spoke briefly about some patterns in MCAS
• Number Strings and early multiplication
Try to do some more on a regular basis to get kids going, 10 minutes or less, spoke about the 2 pen to consider which strings to choose
• Fasttmath and options - table it for next time
• Numberless Word Problem - Pumpkin, put on hold and talk about it again. (try the pumpkin one on Monday for Halloween)
• Next step for WIM, a follow up for January!
11/4/2016 10:07:56Grade Two
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), ELL Teachers
11/4/2016Intervention planning/review1) Discussed students to have in next round of WINS with team and specialists.

2) Began filling out grid for placement based on needs
11/9/2016 15:36:03Kindergarten
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), ELL Teachers
Curriculum planning/mapping, Data team planning
The first half of the meeting was spent talking with literacy specialists about students. The second half of the meeting we talked with Molly about students then planned when we would meet next to talk about the Launch the Learning task for unit 3. The team also scheduled the Week of Inspirational math with Molly during the month of December.
11/30/2016 14:00:06Grade OneMathematics Specialist(s)11/30/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
11/30/2016 15:49:19KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)11/30/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
As a team, we planned and scheduled the Week of Inspirational math with Molly. We also reviewed the Launch the Learning activity (Shark Bait) for Unit 3. Molly will come into each class to coach us with Launch the Learning and to teach the Week of Inspirational math lessons.
12/1/2016 15:54:25Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
12/2/2016 9:36:04Grade FourJust Grade Level Team12/2/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
Confirmed WIN groups and spoke about initial meeting with students.

Spoke about overall alignment with Atlas.

Area/Perimeter Unit:
MCAS Problem (area/perimeter) to try

Launch Division Unit next week
Want to send a video email tutorial to parents about partial quotients

Launching Historical Fiction Unit with Letters From Rifka (use the Vimeo video). Also, discuss and show students a video about what makes a successful book club. Come up with a book club constitution. Tried to figure out the best use of the new resources.

Ice Cream Essay Bootcamp - Boxes and Bullets Unit

12/2/2016 10:37:07Grade TwoLiteracy Specialist(s)12/2/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
1) Reviewed where we are for Math, ELA and Social Studies and timelines to complete units.
2) Planned BBY for February 1st
3) Met with Lit. Dept. to plan lessons for readers and writiers workshop.
12/7/2016 11:21:45Grade ThreeSpecial Educator(s)12/7/2016
Curriculum planning/mapping, PTO enrichment options
12/8/2016 11:11:03Grade FiveSpecialist(s), Administrator12/8/2016behavior-Strategies for improving behavior
-Developing common language and teaching appropriate social strategies
- explicitly teaching expected/unexpected behaviors
-visual cues: red, yellow, green chart
-think about why, are they even aware of behavior
12/9/2016 10:39:15Grade TwoJust us12/9/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
Based on our Meeting with the Literacy Team we followed up with the planning for the next ELA units and timing.

Discussed missing Enrichment components for Ghana and India and Cara emailed Alex Kuschel to get more information on what other schools are doing. Kristen will be sharing a question sheet for the Ghana magazine.

Continued planning from our last staff meeting for asking questions within our Ages and timelines. Kristen is putting together a simplified 3 Acts sheet to use and a homework piece.
12/14/2016 15:46:05KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)12/14/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
We met with Molly to plan Week of Inspirational Math lesson 3 and to review how things went with lesson 2 in Jean's class.
12/15/2016 10:59:52Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
12/15/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
12/16/2016 10:25:03Grade TwoMathematics Specialist(s)12/16/2016Looking at student work
Met with Molly to go over the Ages and Timelines investigation unit and agree on parts we can skip and ones we need to dive deeper in. The plan is to finish this unit before the holidays while still engaging the students. A positive conversation!
12/21/2016 14:45:26Kindergartenteam only12/21/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
12/22/2016 14:22:47Grade One1st grade team12/21/2016Curriculum planning/mapping
1/4/2017 13:14:34Grade One1st grade team1/4/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Report Card Review with new teammates!
1/6/2017 9:41:22Grade FourMathematics Specialist(s)1/6/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, IXL
Molly gave us a new view of Dreambox Data, which will help us for data teams.

We spoke about the Launch the Learning task for Unit 6 in Math. We tried it with Molly and discussed how to implement into our classrooms.

We also explored the new IXL math online pilot for Grade 4. Tried it out as a student pilot and printed out our roster.
1/6/2017 10:34:25Grade Two
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
Looking at student work, Curriculum planning/mapping
Met with Molly to look at Ages and Timelines assessment and how to tweak it for next year, making it more understandable for students and useful for teaches.

Then Met with Maria and Alex to touch base about next weeks TC meetings. Finalized schedule for the two days. Begin with Bend 3 lesson 16 "how readers share information accross books"
1/11/2017 13:17:32Grade One
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), ELL Teachers
1/11/2017Data team planning
1/12/2017 11:11:31Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, Data team planning
2/1/2017 13:14:27Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s)2/1/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
2/3/2017 10:23:43Grade Two
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
1) shared expectations for changes unit and how to intergrate with with our writing unit.

2) discussed options for our 2nd field trip ( in house)

3) Decided on a song for our ASM and planned what we would sharing on Feb. 16th

2/15/2017 15:31:24Kindergarten
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Teacher's College Training
Maria came to outline the schedule of Teacher's College Reader's Workshop for the week after vacation. We will each pull together groups for a Guided Reading Group and a Strategy Group in each class.
Molly came to help us plan the Launch the Learning task for Unit 5.
2/28/2017 13:34:53Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s)2/28/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Data team planning, Planning for Teacher's College
Thank you for adjusting our Data Team! So helpful!!!!
3/1/2017 11:33:19Grade ThreeMathematics Specialist(s)3/1/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, Data team planning
Meet with Molly on 3/15 to plan what to make sure to teach before MCAS
3/3/2017 12:15:27Grade TwoMathematics Specialist(s)3/3/2017Intervention planning/reviewPlanned for Data teams with Molly regarding 2 digit addition needs and scoped out next few weeks for ELA.
3/8/2017 13:56:28Grade OneELL Teachers3/8/2017Data team planning
3/22/2017 13:44:01Grade OneMathematics Specialist(s)3/22/2017
Looking at student work, Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
3/22/2017 15:22:28KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)3/22/2017Curriculum planning/mapping, pacing
Math enrichment activities--Molly shared some with us.
She shared Think Tank, Fundamentals and Math Challenge journals. We talked about ways to organize these activities. We gave feedback about which ones we thought were appropriate for Kindergarten.
3/23/2017 11:29:36Grade Five
Literacy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
3/23/2017Curriculum planning/mappingLiteracy planning overview, Teacher's College schedule,
3/24/2017 10:27:14Grade Twojust us3/24/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Used the time to touch base where we all are with all the subjects and planned lessons to allow all classes to be on the same timeline with each unit.
3/31/2017 10:26:48Grade TwoLiteracy Specialist(s)3/28/2017Intervention planning/review
We needed to meet on Tuesday because ELA had TC on Friday. We reviewed a recent WTW assessment and discussed how to implement F&P for word study. Paula Shared here alignment of the the F&P lessons and the Lit. team will be working with each 2nd gr. class to launch the expectations and station options after April vacation.
4/7/2017 10:45:37Grade TwoMathematics Specialist(s)4/7/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Molly shared some extension activities she recently got from a conference with Jo Bowler and we worked through two of them as would the students.

4/26/2017 13:21:07Grade One
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
Looking at student work, Data team planning
5/2/2017 14:38:25KindergartenK team only5/2/2017Curriculum planning/mappingPlanning for All School Meeting Performance on Thursday.
5/10/2017 13:15:43Grade One1st grade team5/10/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
5/12/2017 10:18:30Grade Twojust grade 2 teachers5/12/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
-Discussing end of year dates and deadlines for assessments.
-Looking over new science unit Nature's Partners and troubleshooting timeline of coinciding lessons of caterpillars and planting
-Review of newsletter to submit
5/17/2017 13:22:27Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s)5/17/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
5/24/2017 13:46:34Grade OneMathematics Specialist(s)5/24/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
5/26/2017 12:04:33Grade Fivejust us5/26/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
We discussed and listed information for ELA and MATH Atlas mapping and for next year. Maria asked us to share our thoughts on the timeline of units for next year and Kristen g is on the math committee looking at creating 2nd grade math journals to replace EDM. Kristen took notes on everything we shared and will bring them to both meetings.
9/6/2017 11:44:05Grade ThreeLiteracy Specialist(s)9/6/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
9/6/2017 13:47:59Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s)9/6/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
9/8/2017 9:33:21Grade FourLiteracy Specialist(s)9/8/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
We received our "gifts" from Maria and Tom - the Jennifer Serravallo reading and writing books. THANK YOU! We went over how to best use the books to enhance our small groups and lessons as an additional resource.

We also discussed just right books, DRAs, and the writing prompt.

We also had some discussion about word study and best practices. Fountas and Pinnell has a benchmark of 4th grade spelling. We discussed how to adapt Words Their Way to work for kids and teachers. Maria is going to collect some "stuff" to try to use for spelling instruction.
9/8/2017 14:40:15Kindergarten
ILP teacher and Reading Specialist
9/8/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
9/8/2017 14:41:22Kindergarten
Literacy Specialist(s), ILP teacher and Reading Specialist
Received Reading and Writing Strategies books from Maria
9/11/2017 17:15:20Grade TwoLiteracy Specialist(s)9/8/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, going over new R&W Books ordered for us
9/13/2017 11:29:07Grade ThreeMathematics Specialist(s)9/13/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Molly was very helpful previewing the upcoming learning task in atlas. We also talked about the upcoming BBY walk
9/15/2017 9:38:24Grade Four
Mathematics Specialist(s), Math Specialist sharing Bridge and Fiske
9/15/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Met with Math Specialist to go over the curriculum calendar and the assessments for the year. We discussed new launch the learning tasks and homework ideas.
9/22/2017 14:54:48Kindergarten
Mathematics Specialist(s), LeighAnn Malio
9/22/2017Curriculum planning/mappingPlanned Launch the Learning for Unit 1, math. Coordinated materials to use during this.
9/25/2017 12:32:52Grade TwoSpecial Educator(s)9/22/2017Curriculum planning/mapping1) reviewed where we all were in our plans for all subjects
2) shared information regarding Back to School Night and updated power points and handouts
9/27/2017 13:38:51Grade One
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review
9/29/2017 9:38:31Grade FourMathematics Specialist(s)9/29/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
We reviewed and worked on the upcoming Launch the Learning task for our next math unit. We discussed needs of students and how we could modify the task to make the activity accessible for all students.
10/4/2017 12:40:27Grade Three
Literacy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
10/4/2017Intervention planning/review
It seems like there are common themes throughout the third grade classes such as reading regression over the summer, and direction following.
10/4/2017 13:18:00Grade One
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)
10/4/2017Data team planning
10/6/2017 10:45:39Grade Two
ELL Teachers, Special Educator(s)
6/6/2017Data team planning
We have previously met with literacy and math to discuss students of concern for groups for the first round of Data team.
10/20/2017 10:35:15Grade Two
Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s), Counselor/Social Worker
Looking at student work, Curriculum planning/mapping
1) met with Lysa to go over situations happening with 3 girls in C/D/G classes.

2) Met with Molly to review Unit 1 assessment and preview unit 2 lessons and planned a separate meeting time to go over the next LLT task @ lunch on Tuesday 11/7.
10/27/2017 9:13:49Grade FourJust us!10/27/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Newsletter and Conference Debrief/Resources
We sat together and wrote the newsletter. We also went over themes from conferences and discussed some resources we could send home to all families - typing at home, reading book list, spelling No Excuse Words, fact triangles to practice fact power.

Spoke about the new math unit and the Launch to learn.

10/27/2017 14:47:39KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)10/27/2017Curriculum planning/mappingWe began our meeting creating a team newsletter for Kindergarten.
Then we worked on a which one doesn't belong. Then we planned for the Launch the Learning for Unit 2.
11/9/2017 13:43:54KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)11/9/2017Curriculum planning/mappingFeedback from Teachers for Launch the Learning 2017

Christine and Jean had not introduced the Estimation jar. Ann had done estimating with her class.

The idea is an introduction of the vocabulary words.

Ann commented on Molly’s ability to engage the children.

In Christine’s class the children used the whiteboards and that worked well.
In Jean’s class they estimated using their fingers in front of their bellies.

It was a long time to sit, but kids were engaged and participating.

Bringing in pea pods for snack on a daily basis helps with the skill of estimating.
11/17/2017 9:30:59Grade FourLiteracy Specialist(s)11/17/2017Data team planning
Talked about MCAS results for ELA, Data team planning, Teacher's College planning, and interactive read-aloud with literacy specialist support.
11/22/2017 11:42:53Grade Three
Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
11/8/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Tangy Tuesdays could be an option for HW or practice - Kristyn will share the weekly link on Tuesdays :)
Rhombus Rountine is going well - and there will be more in upcoming units - one option is to share out the story problems (or students' favorite box to fill in) to encourage students to think about a context for the problem.
I will work on tweaks to Splat especially to focus on the relationships of multiplication and division. See attached for initial drafting of connecting Splat to the Fact Families...Stay tuned for more!
On November 22, we'll meet to review the LtL The Class Trip.
I will do some data analysis of MCAS data and in December we can look at that and some of the released items
Looking ahead to Unit 6 ~ Fractions, we'll do some sort of modified lesson study - likely two-half days during that first week back from break - more details to follow but it will be based on what you all want to focus on for the unit (small group instruction around a specific idea or number talks with fractions or something else).
We'll do a 3-Week Challenge (similar to last year) in February or March 2018 - focus tbd.
11/22/2017 11:57:50Grade Three
Literacy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s), Special Educator(s)
Curriculum planning/mapping, Intervention planning/review, Data team planning
12/7/2017 15:19:09KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)12/7/2017
Curriculum planning/mapping, Reflecting on Launch the Learning

Jean Button, Christine Maestri and Ann Crogan
Why do we not tape the yarn down?

The goal is to measure it and there may be a struggle.

Molly took pictures on the iPad and we used these to spur conversation.

Could we use Wikki Stix? This could be an accommodation for children who need it.

Ann said kids said “When I pull it, it stretches.”
Jean had kids who asked for tape to tape the string down.
12/8/2017 10:39:18Grade Two
Literacy Specialist(s), Special Educator(s), Alex Kutchel
12/8/2017Curriculum planning/mapping
Met with Alex Kutchel to review the new aspects of our Ghana unit and reached out to Debbie Side to do a site visit with our students. supposed to meet with Molly too but couldn't track her down, so we called in Kate Jones to discuss more push in for our struggling readers and writers
1/10/2018 13:24:01Grade OneLiteracy Specialist(s)1/10/2018Data team planning
1/12/2018 14:27:54Kindergartenno one1/12/2018Curriculum planning/mapping
2/9/2018 9:49:00Grade FourGrade level team2/9/2018Curriculum planning/mapping* First PLC meeting w/ Ann Crogan here full-time
* Explained and planned administration of Social Studies & 2-pen (math) assessments
* Coordinated practice for 2/15/18 All School Meeting song performance
* Planned remaining lessons in current math unit
2/9/2018 14:32:37KindergartenMathematics Specialist(s)2/9/2018
Looking at student work, Curriculum planning/mapping
Reviewing Launch the Learning
Planning Week of Inspirational math (
Math Puzzle Journals-we will try and give feedback at the end of the year
2/16/2018 9:46:16Grade FourLiteracy Specialist(s)2/16/2018Curriculum planning/mapping
* Maria Azeredo joined us to plan and discuss current and upcoming reading and writing units. (Historical Fiction, Literary Essay)
* Began to plan upcoming (May) visit from Teacher's College professional developers.
* Planned post-vacation math.

3/16/2018 9:49:14Grade FourGrade 4 team3/16/2018
Intervention planning/review, Data team planning
After sharing our observations on practice MCAS homework assignments we've given over the past two weeks, our team is thinking that there needs to be some test taking skill review and focus. There are three full weeks before ELA testing dates, but these include two conference early release days and Good Friday. (The week following MCAS is April Vacation, and then the next data meeting is the Friday upon our return.) It seems that the best use of WIN during this next chopped up data cycle would be to focus on computer-based MCAS test familiarity, careful reading, and answering questions completely with our own classes. Using upcoming WIN time in this fashion would allow us to continue with 4th grade curriculum within our academic blocks.
4/13/2018 15:44:46KindergartenLiteracy Specialist(s), Mathematics Specialist(s)4/13/2018Data team planning
9/7/2018 9:31:30Grade Fourno other participants today9/7/2018Curriculum planning/mapping, upcoming dates: EMK, Whipple Hill