Team Classiness
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Team Classiness
HCLiquigasCredible leaders for all big races (ex. P-R), recognisable kit - takes all big races seriously
Tier OneOmega Pharma Quick StepFirst rate classics team - comfortable with weight of favourites. Strong stage threat / shorter week races. Old skool - can play dirty peloton politics. Lefevre
Negatives: Nowhere near as good post April, but no whining...!
SkyStrong all round team - Stage winning machine with Cavendish - big week long races covered with Wiggins.
Negatives: Gimpy, chimps, marginal gains etc. Making out EBH is better than Merckx. Never really dominate - like to shut races down for Cav - DUUULL
BMCIn theory, the best roster of riders by miles, with a classy tour winner, classy all round flatlander (Hushovd) and the best Ardenne rider for a while.
Negatives: Can't actually seem to win anything. Seem to think that's ok. It's not.
Tier TwoMovistarSolid all round team, with exception of cobbles classics. No outright favourites for big races anymore. Shite kit.
RadioshackThe Schlecks, Cancellara. In theory, all the big races covered. Horner to clean up the pointless week long races:
Negatives: The Schleck combo, Horner (waay too gimpy.) Bruyneel (sloan ranger bastard).
LampreGood set of riders for GTs, hilly classics. Can pull of pink & blue without looking like gimps.
Negatives: Positives are limited to Italian races. Cunego whines too much.
GreenedgePositives: Seem to win lots of races, unexpectedly.
Negatives: They're all english speaking and say stuff like "surf's up" and eat "shrimps on the barbie". Just. Not. Cool.
EuskatelPositives: Bigging up the opressed seperatism through cool sport. The best example of cycling's beautiful European anachronisms.
Negatives: Never win anything, especially not in the Pyrenees in the Tour, despite every commentator & pundit saying they'll be up for it. Crash a lot "bleeding carrots etc"
KatushaProbably a good bunch of riders, or a good bunch of doctors and scary men with macs, brief cases and concealed weapons. Oscar Freire
Negatives: The above, except Freire.
AstanaSee above - but with slighty better riders, but no Freire. Probably a vehicle for a shady gov't. Never been European enough for me to bother finding out
RabobankOnly squeeze into tier two by sheer force of will and cash. Richest team, been around a while, are great grassroots supporters.
Negatives: full of riders with promise, no actual results. Have been tactically bizarre so often, it's now known as "doing a rabo". Pure rabo PTP picks will leave you very near last. A bad sign. Especially with their cash.
VaconsoleiRidiculously agressive racing. We like. No riders good enough to win anything of note though. Good fun.
Negatives: Their riders could probably win more if they stopped dicking about ( yes yes, I see the contradiction). Thought Ricco was a good idea.
GarminPositives: The squeeky clean, shown before 5pm team. Millar.
Negatives: Way too much whining. A DS that spends most of his time getting frisky with Festinagirl on twitter. Too much attention for their palmares. New skool
Tier ThreeAG2RPros - Gadret, Dupont, good kit.
Negatives: French. They're all old skool and European, which should be good, but they're so rubbish it counts against them.
Saxo bankPros - were once a good team. Contador won them stuff.
Negatives: The only good thing about them was Contador, who was already under scrutiny. Nuyens doesn't come across as a hard man enough to count as anything worthwhile, and he got lucky anyway. Sans Contador they are beyond bad.
FDJLike AG2R, only with worse riders. Had a good kit, bit BigMat ruined it. Probably clean
LottoGreat kit. The leftovers of the QS OP merge. Feels like it's a bunch of amateurs helping out Greipel and Jelle Vanendert. Meersman seems a good rider
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