House Cleaner/ Housekeeper Recommendations Nextdoor Sandy Springs/ East Cobb
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ServiceBusiness/ Person NameContact InfoRecommended bySample ReviewsRecommendation Date
House CleaningMariza Myers678-755-6259Joni House, Aliny Wells, Ramos Irosi, Barbara Witt1. Mariza Myers has been cleaning my home for years. She’s great with pets, I trust her with my stuff, house keys, etc. and she’s so detail-oriented that she found a tiny aquamarine earring I thought was gone for good. I sort of wander from project to project leaving a trail of stuff and she reins me in and makes the house look great. Best to text her as she reads English perfectly. 2. I have just started to use Mariza Myers and her daughter. Found her on this app. She is currently taking new clients. So far, she is working out for us. Detailed, on time, reasonably priced, non-smokers, and efficient. Her English is limited but is sufficient to communicate about cleaning.6-28-19
House CleaningElizabeth Sanchez678-500-6673.Alicia Kellum, Margaret Denny, Judy Perdue1. Love the woman who helps me! Have worked with her for about 9 years now. Elizabeth Sanchez. She is conscientious, a great cleaner, and very trustworthy! She cleans for a few other families in the area as well. She is flexible and can usually work with you to find a good time and day. 2. I highly recommend Elizabeth Sanchez for house cleaning. She is responsible, trustworthy, and does an excellent job.6-21-19
House CleaningJulyane Santos404-660-5507 (text)David and Alessandra Paul, Lauren McClintock, Abby Ersin1. I am writing to recommend Julyane as a house cleaner. Julyane has performed house cleaning services at my home for a couple of years now. During this tenure, she has proved herself to be a professional and prompt cleaning professional with great attention to detail. She is thorough in all aspects of her job. When the home is cleaned by her, it has always been left in outstanding condition. She has a polite and friendly attitude as well as the ability to follow directions accurately. In addition, she has great skills of organization and completing tasks in an orderly and timely manner. I have been able to count on her to complete all tasks and duties while she has worked for me. I would be pleased to employ Julyane, if I ever have the need to hire some cleaning personnel in the future. Since Julyane just started to learn English now, you may contact my wife who is also Brazilian and will be Julyane's translator. My wife's name is Alessandra and her phone number is 470-349-1568. I wish her the best of luck in her employment search. 2. Julyane cleaned my house yesterday with two other ladies, Beth and Perla. They did an amazing job as I asked for a deep clean. We have her coming every other week now. My house has never ever felt this clean! We are very happy with her and she is super sweet! I called Alessandra from the number above and the two of them came to give me an estimate last week. Alessandra helps translate a little for the initial conversation since Julyane is working on her English and has trouble on the phone. Now I'm working with Julyane by text to set up her appointments. I highly recommend her! :)5-30-18
House CleaningMaria Lopez678-663-9635Cynthia Moore, Tonda Valentine1. I just wanted everyone to know that Maria Lopez is the best house cleaner that I have ever had. She worked like a beast. Very detailed and very efficient. My condo looks amazing, just in time for the pictures for the listing. And thanks also to Maria's sister in law, also a Maria! Thank you Cynthia Moore for recommending Maria. I couldn't have been any more satisfied!5-30-19
House CleaningLidia Alvarado770-846-8030Kelcey Folbaum, Debbie Lenowitz1. Just wanted to recommend our cleaning woman who just had a couple days open up. She’s punctual, trustworthy, and does an excellent job. Somewhat limited English but I have no problem communicating with her. Lidia Alvarado. 2. My housekeeper Lidia Alvarado, is extremely thorough, reliable, and trustworthy. She has worked for me and other neighborhood families for years, as a nanny and house cleaner. She does a great job with linens and bedding. Lidia has some days free right now and is looking for work in this area! 5-6-19
House CleaningRDR Cleaning (Raquel and Dylan Duarte)404-484-1880Marsha Reynolds, Shelley Milakofsky1. RDR Cleaning - Wife and husband team, Raquel and Dylan Duarte. They clean my 2BR/2BA condo and they love dogs. Very trustworthy and thorough. They have many customers in the Sandy Springs area. Give them and please tell them I referred you. 2. I also use Raquel and Dylan. They are thorough, accomodating, courteous, very meticulous, and bring their own products including Bona for hardwood floors. I like how they work together efficiently but unhurried, and everything sparkes when they are out the door!4-20-19
House CleaningGleide Santos678-300-2541Tracey Brabant, Stephen Booker1. Gleide Santos of Prime House Clean cleaned our house after we had our kitchen remodeled. We immediately let our regular housekeeper go and hired Gleide. She was very thorough and took care of the dusty mess we had. If you are looking for a housekeeper, look no further than Gleide Santos 2. We have used Gleide Santos for 2 years now and are extremely happy. She is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese but is learning English. She is a delight, dependable, and professional. We have referred her to several people who are equally happy with her. Sometimes she brings a helper who does converse in English very well, but I've never had a problem communicating with her. Amazing and sweet. We were referred to her by our neighbor. She even cleans windows!3-4-19
House CleaningHernando Gaviria 678-768-8363Donna Stearns, Tracy Buckalew1. Hernando Gaviria has a great team of cleaning folks. He works in this area. Hernando’s House Cleaning. I highly recommend him.6-16-18
House CleaningFabian Hoyes678-770-8679Heather Borreca, Ken Glass1. I’ve been using these cleaners for almost three years (since we moved to Atlanta). They clean for friends of mine and their parents and other friends so lots of good references. I gave them a key and trust them 100% to come in while I’m gone during the day. For our three story townhome with a bi-weekly cleaning, they charge $80 and do a wonderful job! His name is Fabian Hoyes.1-6-18
House CleaningClean Break Cleaning and Organizing Services (Mandy Lermon)706-671-0647Whitney Maxwell1. If you need another reference, we use a women whose service is called Clean Break Cleaning and Organizing Services. Her name is Mandy Lermon. She cleans my house as well as my mother's and does a great job. I really like that she is flexible and is open to feedback, which I have not found to be true of other folks I have used. For instance, we were having work done at the house this week on our normal day so she couldn't access part of the house. Instead, I had her help me organize my pantry and a couple of areas that needed sorting. It's hard to get that flexibility with a normal service. 8-11-19
House CleaningRoseann Santos678-887-8421Kaye Mulkeen1. Roseann Santos has worked for us for six years and is fantastic! Dependable, thorough and trustworthy. We highly recommend her. 8-11-19
House CleaningSonia Trista678-654-0942Beth Balga1. Sonia Granillo Tista has cleaned our home and many of our neighbors’ homes in River Chase (as well as the pool house) for 6+ years. She does not speak English but is a whiz with Google translate. Never a problem to communicate. And my house is clean as a whistle at least two days a month! Text her. Honest and reliable.8-10-19
House CleaningSissi Ramirez678-608-8328Beth Balga1. Sissi Ramirez has cleaned my husband’s Dunwoody office and my parents’ home in Smyrna for over a year and we are all very pleased. She speaks English.8-10-19
House CleaningKenia Chacon678-677-3526Lana Sensening1. I highly recommend Kenia Chacon and her family as house cleaners. Kenia speaks English fluently and works with her family members. Kenia has worked for me for more than 10 years. Kenia and her family are very reliable, do an excellent job, and are open to specific requests regarding products and cleaning. 7-24-19
House CleaningLarissa Junqueira678-520-5370Ron von Holt1. We have been using the same house cleaner for several years and think the world of her. Her name is Larissa Junqueira. She usually comes with her husband Thiago or her mother. They are hardworking and honest. She is from Brazil and although her English is getting better, it’s much easier to communicate with her via text as she has an app that translates to English. This has worked very well for us over the years.7-20-19
House CleaningJaime Agudelo770-605-5565Nancy Scott1. Jaime Agudelo. I have used his crew (1 man, 1 lady) for years and they are great! Always on time, work very hard, in and out quickly, and trustworthy.7-20-19
House CleaningPerla Perez706-352-8924Lori Wagner Holland1. Perla Perez and her crew are wonderful! I’ve used her for years. Always confirms appointments and arrives when they say they will.7-20-19
House CleaningMorena Rivas404-916-2820Julie Skaggs1. I highly recommend Morena Rivas, who has been doing great work for me and other neighbors for years. I keep the cleaning products I want her to use. She is pleasant, thorough, and will do whatever I ask. I appreciate her flexibility. 7-7-19
House CleaningMichelle Grady Jenkins404-680-4620Sharon Kirsch1. I use a wonderful woman named Michelle Grady Jenkins. Michelle has been coming to me for a number of years. I trust Michelle and she is very reasonably priced. I have referred Michelle to 3 other families in my subdivision and they use her too. I cannot say enough nice things about her.7-4-19
House CleaningJamie Aquello770-605-5565Ned Neece1. Jamie Aquello's team has serviced our house for years. They are always reliable. And we've had bad service prior to that, so we know what that's like.6-28-19
House CleaningRoseangela Campos678-201-6788Anne Foster1. I have used Roseangela Campos for 4 years and she does an incredible job and such a kind person. She will do anything extra you ask her to do. She cleans for my mom too and we love her. She charges $100-$125 depending on the size of house.6-27-19
House CleaningFernanda Araujo770-771-4754Rebecca Reeves1. Fernanda Araujo has cleaned our home for five years now. She’s efficient and reliable, and she’s seeking more work in the Sandy Springs area. You can call or text her.5-18-19
House CleaningVilma's Cleaning Service678-451-5576Betsy Thurston1. Vilma. I can’t remember her last name, but she’s a very hard worker. Extremely thorough and she comes with her daughter who is in her late 20s and sometimes another relative. They sing and hum as they work! They are fast too.5-17-19
House CleaningLaryssa and Wes Silva404-838-3304Suzanne Alley1. I can recommend Laryssa and Wes Silva. Very nice, hard working, dependable, and trustworthy. They have worked for me for years.5-17-19
House CleaningLaura Batista678-825-7475Kathy Richardson1. Our cleaning lady, Laura, asked me to put the word out because she’s looking for a few more houses. She has been cleaning our home for two years, and she does a fantastic job. She is punctual, efficient, kind, and honest. You can contact her directly: Laura Batista. She's great with text messages or calls.5-10-19
House CleaningThe Best Cleaning Service (Ione Coelho)770-572-7384Dale Erridge1. I’d like to recommend Ione Coelho with The Best Cleaning Service. She just had a few spots open up in our area, so if anyone is looking for a good and honest cleaning service, I highly recommend her. She’s been cleaning our house for over two years now and does a great job. 5-6-19
House CleaningPollyanna Lima404-980-4503Kerri Cufaro1. Pollyanna Lima. Awesome Cleaning. She and her team have been cleaning my 2600 square foot townhome for over four years. We have a dog and a cat. She is reliable, affordable, dependable, and very sweet. We trust her with the keys to our home, literally! She cleans about 12 homes in the Terraces at Glenridge based upon my recommendation!4-20-19
House CleaningChris Glymph770-881-1776Martha Novak1. Much better than a service. By far, the best cleaner I've ever had in all my years. Her name is Chris Glymph. Honest, kind, smart, funny, generous, accommodating, and a genius when it comes to cleaning and straightening. Works for a lot of people in Sandy Springs and her husband Sam is a marvelous handyman.4-20-19
House CleaningKarla Pardo404-790-8429Sara Bertino1. Karla Pardo runs a company and I use and refer them all the time. I’ve never had an issue or a complaint. Tell her Sara Bertino sent you. I’m a Real Estate agent and send her tons of business. Good luck!4-18-19
House CleaningNancy Melo404-944-6318Purna Sharma1. Just wanted to let people know if they are looking for a reliable, trustworthy person to clean their homes, do laundry etc., my housekeeper who has been with for 8 years is now available. Please contact her directly. Nancy Melo. She does laundry and changes bed sheets for me.4-16-19
House CleaningPaula Dapaz404-545-2066Yingling Zhu1. Paula Dapaz is part of a wonderful husband and wife team which has been cleaning in this area for many years. She may not be taking new clients, but let her know I recommended her and she maybe can fit you in. She does excellent work and she is very careful and thorough. I use her for all of my homes.3-23-19
House CleaningLeticia Hernandez770-882-9536Wendy Marx1. Leticia Hernandez. She has been cleaning for me for 10 years...great with dogs, too! Tell her I gave you her information.3-23-19
House CleaningRute and Clovis Dos Santos770-896-0867Angela Herrington1. I've used Rute and Clovis Dos Santos for many years - very reliable and trustworthy. Their business is called Georgia Amazing Cleaners. Please tell her that Angela Herrington gave you her number!3-5-19
House CleaningSilva Cleaning Service404-492-0509Charles Cornwell1. I have been using the same cleaning service for 10 years and it is a family owned cleaning operation. They clean homes and businesses. They are insured and bonded. Their name is Silva Cleaning Service. They are one of the best in Atlanta and service the North side from Buckhead to Kennesaw. They have had many clients for more than 10 years!3-4-19
House CleaningGabriela Baggett678-755-0016Anne Tamm1. I love my cleaning lady, Gabriela Baggett. She has open access to my homes as a trustworthy and reliable extension of my household. 3-4-19
House CleaningJulia Ponce404-259-1206Mariam DePriest1. I love my cleaning lady too. Used her 15 plus years. Has a key - like family. Julia Ponce.3-4-19
House CleaningAna and Julio Sibanda404-839-7726Denice Earle1. Several of us in Sibley Forest use Ana and Julio Sibanda (our family has used them for 10 years). They do a good job, are reasonably priced, do not require that you commit to a regular schedule, and most importantly, they are very trustworthy. Ana responds to text best.3-3-19
House CleaningWalter Nascimento404-388-1178Rosalyn Devine1. Our house cleaner has availability in his schedule, so I thought I would try to help him out by offering a recommendation here. If you need someone, he is fast, thorough, careful and reliable! His name is Walter Nascimento.2-18-19
House CleaningEvellin Lima770-896-4426Lisa St.1. My housekeepers do a great job, are reliable, and are also very sweet. I have used them for almost 3 years and they cleaned the home for the previous owners as well. You can contact Evellin Lima and feel free to tell her Lisa recommended her.2-14-19
House CleaningZoily and Andrea Pagani678-558-7088Belinda Jackson1. Hi Neighbors! Zoily and Andrea Pagani have been cleaning my house after I let go of my previous house cleaner. They are a mother/daughter duo. They have been polite and considerate and always get the job done how I like it. They write notes on what I need and ensure things get done. Please consider them and have them come by for an estimate. Zoily can be reached by phone or text. They speak perfect English2-6-19
House CleaningFabio Maura678-598-2576Jan Morgan1. I have used Fabio Maura for over 10 years. He also works for 6 of my friends. He is such a nice guy, very dependable, and trustworthy. He speaks great English. His company is called More Cleaning.1-25-19
House CleaningOscar and Elsa Osores404-573-9026Betsy Mercier1. My housekeeping team is great...very reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. They are a married couple, Oscar and Elsa Osores. 12-31-18
House CleaningMarcos Nascimento770-374-8847Kristen Savery1. Hello Neighbors,
I wanted to tell you all about some great cleaning guys I found recently through a friend. I have been using these guys for a few months now and am sooo happy with them that I wanted to share them with anyone who may be looking for regular cleaning. Their price is very fair and what I think is standard to maybe even on the low side. I appreciate hard working people who do a great job so I thought to spread the word. Call Marcos Nascimento. You'll be thrilled with them, I promise.
House CleaningAurea Silva404-804-1508Kevin Thompson1. Aurea Silva - She and her partner are amazing, by far the best I've had. She will do laundry and other related tasks if needed. She cleans my office as well.12-5-18
House CleaningPatricia and Fernando Izaguirre404-319-2291Chris Cashman1. We have used Patricia and Fernando Izaguirre for about four years and we love them. 11-17-18
House CleaningClaudia Moreira404-604-0642 (text)Betty Smith1. I have the very best house cleaner that I have used for years. Dependable, reliable, and word of mouth referrals only. My daughters and many friends use Claudia and her mother! So much better than a service, from the inside of your coffee pot to the triangle on the toilet paper :) She texts and doesn’t answer her phone while cleaning for others. She comes to your house, meets with you about your needs, wants and how often and looks at the size of your house. She is more than fair compared to any I have heard about in this area. I know for me she does exactly what I ask and deserves every penny. She has never missed or canceled a cleaning and is always on time. And can usually accommodate a change on your part for company or entertaining before and/or after.11-16-18
House CleaningEmilia Angeles678-558-7950Cara Mills1. My housekeeper is amazing. So sweet and honest too! Her name is Emilia Angeles and her number is. I have had her clean my house for probably 5 years now and I can’t recommend her enough. She’s also amazing with my pain-in -the rear hyper dog. 9-30-18
House CleaningLivia Pinhiero770-262-9807Carol Armstrong1. This is my recommendation for an honest, dependable, and thorough house cleaner. I've known Livia Pinhiero for 20 years. She works quickly and efficiently, and we trust her with keys to house even when we are out of town. She even recommended a product that keeps my hardwood floors looking like they are almost new. 9-23-18
House CleaningHortencia Cruz404-354-4214Margaret Geer1. I have used Hortencia Cruz for several years. She is very good and honest. She speaks English pretty well, but she is better with texting.8-14-18
House CleaningValeria Alessandra dos Santos470-443-4696Stephen Williams1. Valeria Alessandra dos Santos cleans my house. She is Brazilian, came here legally and works with her niece Bruna. Their English is not perfect, but they can understand house cleaning talk with no problems.7-26-18
House CleaningJuany Zatarain404-434-1224Christin Coffin1. We have a fantastic mother/daughter team who have been with us for over 3 years. The mother's name is Juany Zatarain. We recently moved to Sandy Springs from Midtown and she is still with us. My mom, old neighbors, friends, and clients use her as well. She has a key to our house as she is very honest, reliable, extremely thorough, and very reasonable. Her husband is a contractor and has done work for us in the past in case you need some work done in the future.7-16-18
House CleaningMayene Roberito770-875-7271Amy Dozier1. We are in River Chase by Riverwood. Mayene Roberito and her helper have been with us for 8 years. Very reliable, honest and does a great job. She comes when we are not home most times. 7-15-18
House CleaningTeresa Loewer404-392-5395Shauna Trainer1. Teresa Loewer. I’ve used her for several years and she’s great, very thorough and doesn’t mind me leaving my cat and dog out when she’s there. She will change sheets, throw in laundry, clean baseboards, windows, whatever you need!7-11-18
House CleaningEledi Massaranduba404-484-8483Ellen Mesnick1. Eledi Massaranduba is the very best! Does an amazing job! Very responsible, thorough, great with kids and pets! We've had her for years and highly recommend her!7-11-18
House CleaningIdelma Cardoso404-441-8337Jan Matlock1. My housekeeper became an American citizen about a year after her arrival from Brazil where she was a teacher. Now her 2 children are citizens also; one is at Emory in medical school and the other is at Kenesaw. Idelma is an amazing mother and housekeeper!7-1-18
House CleaningAngela Mendez678-634-7026Greg Crenshaw1. If you want your home cleaner than you've ever seen it call Angela Mendez. She is incredible, takes everything off your shelves, wipes them all down, cleans the shelf, then puts them all back up. You will not find someone more detailed and she's a wonderful person. Cleans my home, office and about 10 friends.5-22-18
House CleaningSonia Campos678-913-3275Amy Mitchell1. I have a wonderful husband and wife cleaning team who are amazing and they worked for me for over 15 years. The wife is Sonia Campos.4-9-18
House CleaningRosa Garro770-617-4986Monica Pappas1. I have a lady that I have known for almost 14 years. She has worked for a friend for over 20 years.
Extremely trustworthy and reliable.
House CleaningDora Monzon770-315-6172Leslie Burns1. Dora Monzon cleans for us and for a friend. She and her sister do a great job.2-20-18
House CleaningKatherine Barlow678-508-5486Denise Spiegel1. We have used Katherine Barlow for 20+ years. She also works for 6 different families and we know all of them. Very dependable and thorough! Honest. Text or call.1-2-18
House CleaningCynthia Villalpando404-901-8714Albert Yang1. Have had a great experience from local Sandy Springs resident Cynthia Villalpando 1-2-18
House CleaningYukaren and Ester Yamada404-551-6519Tracy Fleck1. 2 lovely sisters- Yukaren and Ester clean several houses in Hampton Farms here. They are sweet and trustworthy and very good! 1-1-18
House CleaningLeyde Villegas770-572-3292 or 404-839-4263Diana Cohen1. I have used Leyde Villegas for 3 years now and several of my neighbors use her too now. She's dependable and willing to do whatever you want, just tell her. She and her mother are a great team. Tell her Diana Cohen recommended her. She's accomodating.12-31-17
House CleaningBianca Aquilar404-514-9132Jennifer Donacik1. I've been using Bianca Aquilar for over a year and she is WONDERFUL! Always on time, trustworthy and thorough! She very reasonable as well. 12-31-17
House CleaningAracelli Torres770-572-3227Lynn Baker1. Araceli has been with me for 15+ years and does a very thorough job and I am very particular. She is also very careful with personal belongings.10-23-17
House CleaningMaria Arroyo404-547-9551Lindsay Pede1. We have a great housekeeper that we've had for over two years. She is looking to take on some new clients and I highly recommend her! She always comes personally and has one other person who helps her. She's always on time and does a great job. Her name is Maria Arroyo. Let her know I sent you - I promised her I would post. 10-11-17
House CleaningSobeida Flores404-784-6563Frances Randall1. Sobeida Flores, her husband, and another team member work together. In and out in a flash. They clean our house and provide quality service. Good luck!8-25-17
House CleaningJefferson Silva404-246-3987Katie Reynolds1. I love my housekeeper of 2 years, Jefferson Silva. He cleans with one female assistant and they are reliable, courteous, and do great work. Can't say enough good things. He is the sweetest young Brazilian man with two small children and is growing his business so looking for a couple more clients.8-15-17
House CleaningChristina Pedrosa678-334-4431Mandy Cornwell1. Christina Pedrosa has cleaned our home for several years. She is extremely trustworthy and cleans even when we aren't able to be there. Highly recommended!8-15-17
House CleaningPaula Oliveira 770-744-7766 and Nora Dougherty-Zee1. Paula Oliveira is 1/2 of a 2-party team which has worked for me for several months. They are on time and bring their cleaning supplies. I am very pleased with their work. 7-5-17
House CleaningLeal and Barbara Araujo404-399-9300Liz Lagana1. Leal and Barbara Araujo --- they are a married couple and do a super job on my house. Please tell them that Liz Lagana gave you his name and number. I know they are looking for more clients as they have had some clients pass away.7-3-17
House CleaningIta Richenberger1. After looking for a house cleaner for a long time we recently had Ita Shouldeen begin cleaning our house. She's reliable and has an attention to details. Most importantly, she takes pride in what she does. If you've been looking for a house cleaner I would recommend that you speak with her. You can email her at
House CleaningLiliana Jamocha404-397-9824Fred Lennon1. We are pleased to recommend Liliana Jamocha and her team. They have been doing our housekeeping for over 15 years in Chimney Springs.3-29-17
House CleaningGloria Vega678-266-0119Julie Salcines1. I tried several cleaning ladies before I found Gloria Vega. She pays attention to details, and she is very dependable. I highly recommend her.3-28-17
House CleaningRose Gill404-808-6749Todd Molkner1. My home cleaner has 18 years experience and is looking to add some new clients. She is great, prompt, thorough and reliable. Her name is Rose Gill, and her email
Rose is great with families and dogs. You will love her work! Thank you, Todd Molkner
House CleaningMartha Alzate678-886-2727Jamie Segel1. We use Martha Alzate. There are usually about 4 women that come and they are done within two hours. Very thorough and super sweet. I have referred her to a few friends who now use her and love her team. 10-31-15