2017 FPBA Convention Schedule
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Monday, November 13
Lenore KopplemanLaClede Room
Maternity Madness (8am t0 12pm)
Aaaaagh! You really want to paint bellies! But how to begin? Silly you! No need to stress! I have painted close to 50 bellies now, and counting. The art of belly painting is far less intimidating than it initially seems. Belly painting is fun and easy. I can show you how! In this workshop, you will learn how to: Build a belly painting portfolio Advertise in your city Become THE belly painter that all of the local expecting moms want to go to Map out and create a design Make mommy (and yourself!) feel comfortable and at ease Avoid common mistakes (I’ve made them all! Come heed my warnings!) Take great photographs of your finished work of art In this workshop, you will be training hands on. (They may not all be pregnant bellies, but we can pretend, n’est pas?) So bring along a friend who is willing to bare it all (or at least just his or her midsection), your paints, and a notebook. Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to make some MATERNITY MAGIC!
Building a Better Brand (1pm - 5pm)
LaClede Room$75
Sure, we all love to do the fun stuff when it comes to our business. The designing of the faces. The creating of the bling. The shopping for new supplies. Fun fun FUN! But what about the business end? That’s the part that so many of us with strong creative minds falter. We perceive it as “NOT FUN”, and have a tendency to avoid it at all costs. Creating and sending invoices? Not fun. Keeping track of inquiries as they come in? Not fun. Organizing your schedule so that gigs never overlap or go forgotten? NOT FUN. Well what if I told you that I have a system that can help? In this workshop, you are going to learn how to: ● Organize all of your creative ideas ● Prioritize tasks throughout your workday ● Accomplish tasks towards your business goals on a daily basis Tackle all of those crazy great ideas swimming around in your head that you keep forgetting to make time to do ● Feel in control of your business and your workflow ● Become a kick-ass business owner ● Make more time to spend making your business more awesome ● Make more time for your family and friends, and best of all, YOURSELF! In Building A Better Brand, not ONLY will we cover how to work via a system that will help you be more focused and in control of your business, but we will also discuss how to show off and display that focus and control to your prospective clients as well. Including tips on how to: ● WOW people with your website ● Impress people with your business card design ● Have a logo that works FOR you, not AGAINST you ● Get noticed via social media ● Attract bigger and better clients ● Impress your corporate clients And so much more! This is going to be the workshop you NEED in order to set your business apart from the others in your area. Besides… who says that business classes can’t be FUN? With me, The Cheeky Chipmunk by your side, how can it be anything BUT? (Heeheehee… I said “butt”.) So SIGN UP TODAY!
Arla Albers and Jenny Henry2:00-5:00Manchester Room$25
Getting in Shape to get the job, earn more money, and keep your clients coming back.

Learn more about presenting yourself to potential clients so that you get the job. How you answer the phone, what you wear, how you present yourself, how the client sees you, all have to do the clients first impression of you.

We have all experienced losing jobs to someone else, to someone who can’t even do the job as well as you. Sadly why does someone who even charges more then you, isn’t as good as you still get the job? It’s time for you to be the winner in this. It’s time for you to impress the client, to win them over, to show them from the first impression that YOU are the professional and you will give them the best value for their money.
This class is just the beginning, there will be lots of follow up. If you show up on time and stay until the end of class, you will receive a certificate for $25 off next year's FPBA. (Not transferrable to someone else.)
MARK REIDBallroom 1
The best class for starting a convention! Learn all the basics from lines to sponging and symetry. Learn some basic and progressive designs. TO BRING Basic kit Practice head or sheets Camera Donuts Each student recieves a #4 Mark Reid Signature brush and a Paradise sponge.
2 hours of each and your creativity is at a new level! Learn design and use of color fore intense creations! TO BRING Basic kit Practice head or sheets Camera Dessert Each student recieves a #2L Mark Reid Signature brush and a Glittermark.
KIM BRENNAN (1pm-5pm)Frontenac Room $75
Introduction to Indian Bridal Henna!
Indian bridal styles and modern contemporary Indo-Western design. Longer class as we break down some of the elements to building bridal designs. How to ‘nail’ the paisley that is the staple of most ethnic Mehndi designs. Depending on time we will also touch on cultural aspects, contracts, expectations and ethics. I will need to be seated under the camera so that everyone can view the process on the big screen. This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows)
PATY DELEON (1pm - 5pm)Choteau Room $75
ON THE JOB PAINTING I will be teaching all my favorites designs from sophisticate to the fast and effective to move large events. Each design is going to be explained step by step during the class we going to talk about placement, techinques, how you can create you own designs, and when and where is perfect to apply glitter, this is a class you must take, you cant miss out on this opportunity to take you own skills to another level!
Staging The Mystical ($10 materials fee) (8m -12pm) Face and Body Art is made more magical by setting the stage for photography or costume play. In this pre-class we’ll cover some important elements to expand your art with wigs and fingernails. Learn to finish your face or body art before photography to boost your portfolio Mystical Manes: A wig can create a look to set your artwork above the rest or ruin the look you envisioned. This class will cover the basics of types of wigs, proper wig use and care. Learn how to make cheap wigs look like real hair. This class will show you how to add a major headpiece directly into the wig. Come and learn some valuable tricks about wigs and the importance of hair for your portfolio images. Elemental Nails: This portion of the class will have students creating a set of fingernails for an art or body art artpeice or costume. The class will cover how to enhance nail blanks with pre-made embellishments and how to use thermoplastics to create dark creature claws. Make a set of fingernails of your choice for a light pretty or a dark creepy character.
Fabricating The Forest ($15 materials fee) (1pm - 5pm) Face and Body Art can be the base to creating something really magical. In this pre-class we’ll cover some important elements to expand your art with props and add-on costuming. If you want to gain an understanding of materials and build your confidence to dive into prop making this class is for you.$75
GypsyLaClede Room
Airbrush 1:00-5:00$75
A hands-on class so you can see and feel the difference in the airbrushes before investing in them. Paasche, Badger, Iwata, knock offs, Power Pallet and ZeroG II will be compared in this class. There will also be a couple of different manifolds, compressors and stencils to compare. No experience or equipment needed. Also, learn how to care for and clean your equipment to keep it in perfect running condition.
LEA SELLEYMissouri Room
Empowerment Techniques for the Face Painter’s Soul (1pm - 5pm)
This class is for intuitively sensitive face painters seeking empowerment in both their technical painting skills as well as their mental and emotional stress coping strategies. This 4 hour session is designed to align individuals on a path of abundance thru examining our current realities, and getting a clear vision on our desired future state of being. You will leave this class with a surge in confidence, and the opportunity to go forward thru the rest of the convention and experience your magic, your ability to manifest instant results. This class is for you if: - You feel like face painting chose you and you experience the unique energetic exchange that occurs between yourself and your model.
- You want techniques and tricks to allow your charm and talent to overflow with confidence.
- Even with your ability to experience your subtle energies of influence through your artwork, You still experience anxiety, obsessive nerves before a gig, self doubt when it comes to your designs, disappointment in the number of jobs you are booking, or feel awkward about the amount of money you are charging for jobs. We are going to dive deep into the divine frequencies of our co-creative power as artists and entertainers. This class will cover the following topics: 1. Technical skills - Sponge work, Line work, Stencilling and Photography. This is a combination of confidence, muscle memory and charm. The most physical 3D results you will experience from this class. These skills once mastered with confidence and spun with your own style will result in the cash money tips, gasping “ohhhs & ahhhs” from the crowd, and heartwarming hugs that we all want to manifest more of. Hands on practice will enable you to gain incredible levels of confidence on the most requested face paintings. - Learn how to dance with your paintbrush when you outline a butterfly and have the moms say every single time: ”Oh she knows what she is doing” - Master exactly where and how to drop those tiger stripes so that people start whispering “Oh my goodness this is the best face painter ever!” - Become a ninja with your sponge at how fast and delicately blended your base coat application is.
- Stencils, one of the most powerful tools in your face painting kit, (well glitter of course is a close tie!) we will go over WHEN to use a stencil and HOW to get PERFECT transfers.
- Photography - how to ask to take pictures, how to take great pictures, what to do with those pictures!
Setting Intention - Our Face Painting Kit embodies our magic. Do you even think beyond getting paid for the job? Consider a larger energetic impact you have as you prep for a job and when you open your kit ready to paint. Together we will explore how we imbue energy and intention into every single tool in our kit, and when placed out before us to work - this is the equivalent of an altar that we work from. We are going to de-clutter and empower ourselves as we realize how we pull energy from our tools and channel it into our paintings.
Identifying and breaking limiting beliefs in your success - become consciously aware of the language you are using when talking about your face painting business. This is levelling up beyond just thinking and keeping a positive attitude. We are going to identify our fears, face them head on and step right into them and engage in some creative visualization. By doing this we will magnetize what we want to achieve with our artwork, and the impact we want our business to have in our local community
Self Acceptance - Loving Yourself, as you are, Right Now - Become the creator you envision. Once you get past the fears and engage in a certain amount of self love, you are ready to show up and become the creator and really know you are. This is beyond the concept of leaving your ego at the door - this is about dissolving individuality and merging with the universe.
Maintain Desire versus Lack based needs or wants - it is so important to desire things for yourself. This is not to be confused with thinking and feeling that you do not have something. Desire keeps us moving forward and places us in situations that is on the path to attaining our goals.
Everyone who signs up for this class will receive some essential gifts for their face painting kit including full size stencils, sponges, glitter and a few other tokens to remind them on the job how powerful and essential their role in their local community is as a face painting artist.
This class is 4 hours of “I CAN!” “I am Great” “I am talented” I am loved” “I am successful” and “I am Confident”
You are going to raise the vibratory signature of your artwork and leave a lasting impression on the people you interact with. Come to class, step into flow - this is a safe place and become witness to your creative power.
Denise ColdClayton Room
One Stroke Revolution is just beginning 8:00-12:00 $75
We will hit the ground running. in this intensive hands on, one stroke master class based on the beginning class of my ONE STROKE REVOLUTION workshop. I'll be covering all the basics to get you going with one stroke or help you perfect the techniques you are already doing to take you to the next level.
This is not really a design based course: I will be teaching you the building blocks; flower petals, leaves, butterflies and feathers for you to build your own amazing designs upon. Great class to start the convention with so you can take one stroke classes with confidence. You will get personalized feedback and critiques so you can breakthrough personal barriers.
Dare to Decolletage (Advanced) 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. $75
Somewhere between body paintings and face painting is a beautiful area of the woman's body called the decolletage that includes the bustline, shoulders and neck. It's the last area to age and a very sexy area and sensual area to be painted.
I'm converting the super popular convention class into an intensive preclass to give it the time and attention it deserves. The class will begin with more advanced one stroke feminine elements like roses, lillies, hibiscus, daisies, poinsettias, and fantasy flowers: then we will take the last hour for you to create a decolletage of your own. If you get into this class, please bring a sketch or pictures of decolletage designs that inspire you. You may also want to bring flowers, headpieces, scarves, or jewels to enhance the photogrphy of your model.
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