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Status (open/ closed)RaisingRespons- ibledue date for next feedbackactual date completed:
Junior ExcoCreation of Junior exco - including how it will function in relation to EXCOAcceptance in principle by EXCO; to be addressed in first 2020 meetingopenunconfirmedEXCO28/02/2020
QGM/MembershipIncrease youth-parent-age membership and attendanceto be addressed in first 2020 meetingopenD PhillippidesEXCO28/02/2020
Fibre installationReinstatement of pavements is inadequateletter has been sent to COCTopenLyn McLeanEXCO30/05/2020
Beach parking feeReconsider/improve collection/statusLatest: letter sent to COCT
Proposed that funds here are used for beach facility upgrades; FHVRRA Exco think that the fee system should be scrapped (it's potentially illegal)
openLyn McLeanEXCO28/02/2020
Sewerage PollutionOutflow on beach - progress updatesLetter sent by FHVRRA & issue tabled at suncouncil meeting held 14 June 2019
Peter Scott described the inspections and sampling work done on various occasions by groups consisting of City officials from various departments, Professors Barnes and Petrik and FHVRRA Exco representatives. Although the source/s of sewage pollution had not been fully established and/or eliminated yet, several projects such as camera inspections of piping and inspections by environmental health officials had been initiated
openNorman GreenfieldEXCOongoing
Street Lighting Request for lighting Latest (17Dec2019): email feedback from Shaun Kemp (Energy Directorate - public lighting development): "Will be installing lighting along Abington Road until the gates of the complex at end of the road (River Sands) - Commence with the design work and... capital schedule for implementation in the 2020/21 financial year."
To be done at Abington Crescent as a step on the path to an improved entrance to Fish Hoek
openIan HoveyEXCO28/02/2020
Tree plantingPlanting at Clovelly entrance to Fish HoekSuggesting to plant in the 'barren' land near the police station. Karen Gray Kilfoil informed the meeting that City Parks would supply trees, but to survive they needed 40L of water once per week for two yearsopenIan HoveyEXCO28/02/2020
Signage - no dogsrequest for addition of “No dogs” to the beach signage on Jager Walkto be addressed in first 2020 meetingopenJohn JamesEXCO28/02/2020
Restaurant leaseFish Hoek Beach Galley LeaseRequest status of lease, comments received input and relevance to SDF and IDPopenEXCO28/02/2020