AEF DC - Event Log 2018 - rev (Responses)
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TimestampDate TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of EventPosted by:
3/1/2018 14:27:293/1/20184:26:00 PMtesttesttestpfernf1_AEF
3/1/2018 14:48:283/1/20187:00:00 AMMr. PresidentArrivalTestPwhite_AEF
3/1/2018 14:49:043/1/20184:48:00 PMMr. PresidentOn nestMr.P is at nest kaco4_AEF
3/1/2018 14:49:433/1/20181:38:00 PMThe First LadyPerched on lateral branchTFL spent the better part of two hours perched on lateral branch. Her time at nest and in nest area is increasing daily. Is this a sign of hopeful expectations?
3/1/2018 15:22:483/1/20181:38:00 PMThe First LadyPerched on lateral branchThe First Lady perched for quite a long time on the lateral branch. She is at nest or in nest area more and more. Is this a sign of hopeful expectations?DLoebel2016_AEF
3/1/2018 15:31:523/1/20185:30:00 PMWeather Stormy weekend at ArbWet and windy weather is forecast for the DC area through late Saturday with win gusts up to 50 mph. Hunker down eagles!kaco4_AEF
3/1/2018 15:46:083/1/20185:40:00 PMMr. PresidentEvening has arrivedMr.P is perched in the ppt looking regal and well nourished. His white chest blaze is in view indicating he had a good dinner!kaco4_AEF
3/2/2018 4:25:363/2/20186:13:00 AMMr. PresidentArrivalAs the saying goes "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb", the March winds are growling and howling today. Some morning rain and wind gusts higher than 50mph are expected. Hang on to your tail feathers MrP and TFL. It could be a bumpy flight. Nothing stops the ever diligent MrP. He has come soaring in through the wind, begins aerating the fluff and shimmies down into the nest bowl. He walks over to the V, gazes out into the dark and returns to the nest work. He jumps down onto the Lateral branch, takes a quick look around and flies towards the Primary Perching tree. earlybird_AEF
3/2/2018 4:52:463/2/20186:47:00 AMMr. PresidentIn NestSnowflakes are floating around in the wind, the nest is rocking and rolling, MrP flies into the nest but immediately departs.earlybird_AEF
3/2/2018 5:09:383/2/20186:55:00 AMMr. PresidentNest WorkMrP is back with a huge Y shaped branch. He easily places it next to the Right V branch. Well... not so fast. He seems to be trying to pull it into the V Perch. It really doesn't look like it can fit there but the ever persistent MrP begins biting off some of the little branches attached to it. He's managed to pull it partially in the V and goes back to fluffing the nest. A quick fly by an eagle as MrP climbs up the Right V branch. It may have been TFL but it was too quick to know for sure. MrP flies off and there is eagle chatter in the distance.earlybird_AEF
3/2/2018 6:43:423/2/20188:24:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival and DepartureI believe this is MrP who has just returned. A quick check on the nest then he climbs up the Left V branch. He perches for just a short while and with a strong gust of wind he flies into the trees.earlybird_AEF
3/2/2018 9:21:253/2/201810:05:00 AMMr. PresidentWorking on the nest.Mr. President spent about 15 minutes in the nest arranging sticks and keeping the nest in a state of readiness.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 10:31:003/2/201812:26:00 PMMr. PresidentNest checkMr. President paid a very short visit to the nest, possibly checking to see if an egg had miraculously appeared.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 10:48:263/2/201812:35:00 PMMr. PresidentNest workMr. President paid another brief visit to the nest. He did some aerating, re-impressed the nest bowl, tidied up a blade of grass or two and a stick or two. Finding everything satisfactory, he departed at ~12:42.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 12:43:503/2/20182:21:00 PMMr. PresidentNest checkMr. President stopped in for another 5 point inspection of the nest. He stayed about 20 minutes. TFL joined him for less than a minute at 2:37. Mr. President departed at 2:40.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 12:45:323/2/20172:37:00 PMThe First LadyNest checkThe First Lady made a very brief visit to the nest while Mr. President was doing his routine nest check. She stayed less than a minute.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 13:12:003/2/20172:50:00 PMMr. PresidentNest checkMr. President arrived shortly after his last departure. He perched on VRight for a while and then in the nest for a wile. He did a wee bit of nest maintenance and departed at 3:09.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 14:32:403/2/20184:12:00 PMMr. PresidentNest checkMr. President does another nest check, staying perched in nest until 4:32pm.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 15:06:143/2/20184:42:00 PMMr. PresidentNest check and stick deliveryMr. President arrived with a nice long stick which he placed with his usual fastidious care. He conducted his routine maintenance inspection and perched in the nest for about 20 minutes, working hard to keep his balance in the mighty winds. He departed at 5:04.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/2/2018 16:09:173/2/20185:40:00 PMMr. PresidentFood delivery for TFLMrP and TFL arrive, one after another, with MrP delivering a big fresh, wiggling fish. TFL squees and moves in to accept her gift from MrP. She immediately goes for the tail section and starts gobbling it down. MrP gently nudges his beak toward the fish but quickly understands that the fish is all for TFL and perches nest side. Around 6pm, TFL flies off, MrP grabs the small leftovers and departs as well. MrP never ceases to amaze me. What a wonderful mate to bring his Lady a good meal on such a stormy and windy day.freebird_AEF
3/3/2018 5:24:553/3/20186:00:00 AMMr. PresidentBoth on nest Both spend some time on the next pre sunrise Pwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:26:483/3/20187:21:00 AMMr. PresidentIn with a stick Attempts to place in V but goes overboard. Flies offPWhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:36:173/3/20187:25:00 AMThe First LadyArrives on overhead branchTFL arrives followed by MrPPWhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:37:183/3/20187:27:00 AMMr. PresidentWorking on nestBoth TFL and MrP working on the nest; crows loudly heard; TFL goes to overhead branchPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:38:353/3/20187:33:00 AMTFL and MrPBondingMrP leaves the nest, circles around in front of TFL; arrives on the overhead; bonding; MrP departs and TFL remains on the overhead branchPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:45:173/3/20187:42:00 AMMr. PresidentIn with nesting materialMrP arrives with nesting material and works on the nestPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 5:52:033/3/20187:50:00 AMTFL and MrPDepartFirst TFL from overhead followed by MrP from the nest depart the nesting tree and the nesting areaPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 8:09:553/3/20188:15:00 AMMr. PresidentIn with nesting material and sticksMrP arrives with a large amount of nesting material, and a stick which managed to stay in the nest this timePWhite_AEF
3/3/2018 8:10:583/3/20189:15:00 AMMrP and TFLTime on the nestBoth TFL and MrP spend time on the nest, testing the nest bowl, aerating; TFL spent time on the lateral branch. Both appear to have nice sized cropsPWhite_AEF
3/3/2018 8:46:043/3/201810:44:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP in with more moss and a very fresh, still moving catfish!Pwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 8:56:433/3/201810:55:00 AMMr. PresidentFeedingMrP dines on about half the cat fish and has a very visible blaze; now working on the nesting materialPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 9:42:463/3/201811:41:00 AMMrP and TFLArrival and bondingBoth arrive on the overhead branch with a bonding at 11:41 AMPwhite_AEF
3/3/2018 10:04:383/3/201812:00:00 PMChatSaturday ChatChat is from noon to 2pm today. And TFL has decided to join us for the opening. Good afternoon, everyone!freebird_AEF
3/3/2018 10:09:413/3/201812:06:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingTFL is perched on the overhead branch relaxing and gazing about, while MrP is off doing who-knows-what! He left the nest about 15 minutes ago after bringing in a stick. What will he bring back this time? More sticks? Lunch? We'll have to wait and see.freebird_AEF
3/3/2018 10:13:263/3/201812:10:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureTFL flies off.freebird_AEF
3/3/2018 11:46:073/3/20181:45:00 PMEmpty NestEmpty NestWhat a difference a day makes. Yesterday the winds were growling and howling and today we have a nice breeze. It has been a gorgeous sunny day and MrP and TFL have been here several times busy with the nest renovations. MrP has left the remains of a nice juicy catfish on the nest presumably for TFL. Hopefully this will entice her to come back soon.earlybird_AEF
3/3/2018 12:34:333/3/20182:09:00 PMMrP and TFLArrivalMrP has just flown in and right behind him comes TFL. TFL digs into the catfish while MrP aerates the nest then climbs up the Right V branch. MrP gazes around his domain, almost as if he is on watch while his Lady enjoys her meal. TFL continues to eat but every now and then she stops to also scan the area. The closer it gets to egg laying the more cautious and protective they will be of their nest. TFL has finished eating, she moves some fluff, flies onto the Lateral branch and does some feaking. She cranes her neck looks to the right, then behind her, then to the right again. Something seems to have caught her attention but she continues to perch.earlybird_AEF
3/3/2018 12:50:263/3/20182:34:00 PMMrP and TFLEating and DepartureMrP flies from the Right V branch and lands back in the nest. He grabs a piece of the leftover catfish and off he goes to a nearby branch. How nice of MrP to wait until TFL had her fill. He is truly the ideal mate. TFL continues to perch on the Lateral branch, her lovely feathers blowing in the wind. It doesn't take MrP long to finish that piece off. TFL takes a final look around and soars into the trees with MrP following after her.earlybird_AEF
3/3/2018 14:00:093/3/20183:40:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP arrives with part of a fish in a bag. He must have gone to the market for this one. He looks at the fish, fluffs up the nest, looks at the fish, moves a stick... Between all that, he continuously has an eye out for TFL. "Look what I've brought you, TFL. A present, wrapped and everything." Quite proud of himself, he settles down for a second to check out the comfort of the nest bowl. Still on lookout for TFL, MrP hops over to the lateral branch.freebird_AEF
3/3/2018 14:11:573/3/20184:04:00 PMMr. PresidentPerched Mr. P is perched on the lateral branch, sporting his white blaze. He is intently looking around, possibly trying to spot TFL, for whom he has brought in a a bag. It is a lovely sunny afternoon with lots of avian sounds nearby, especially blue jays, those tuneless yakkers.. Mr. P hops back into the nest, eyes the fish partially sticking out of the bag, and takes off.kaco4_AEF
3/3/2018 14:19:533/3/20184:15:00 PMThe Beauteous ArbAfternoon Arb View and WeatherThe sun streams in discordant waves through our tulip poplar creating arcs and metallic orbs. A view of the nest reveals a fluffy golden nest bowl kissed by the wind and an incongruous bag with fish parts sticking out to the right of the bowl. The temperature in DC is currently 50 degrees with winds of 24 mph. Temps will remain around 50 for the nest few days with sunny skies.kaco4_AEF
3/3/2018 14:35:283/3/20184:25:00 PMMr.P and TFLAn Homage to a Persistent PairAfter observing our beloved couple this season, I must admit that the word persistence Is how I would characterize their behavior. Be it eagle hard wiring, or feelings of duty and love, TFL and Mr.P keep at it...nest building and caretaking, bonding, hunting, and taking lots and lots of time to simply be in each other's company. Their persistence is a testament to what is most precious in nature, and a trait we humans could use more of. Are they happy? We cannot possibly answer that. But it almost doesn't matter whether they are. Their very existence with each other is proof of lives well lived.kaco4_AEF
3/3/2018 14:41:283/3/20184:45:00 PMOur Eagle CouplePersistence CommendationFound a quote so apropos of our eagles:

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first: hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; and third, common sense" Thomas Edison.
[No pun intended on "stick-to-itiveness", but if the stick fits.....]
3/3/2018 16:00:403/3/20185:30:00 PMBoth eaglesFeedingBoth TFL and MrP fly into the nest. TFL consumes the food in the plastic bag very carefully, pulling it out and eating it. She goes to the lateral branch, the flies off with MrP right behind her while a beautiful sunset shows with gold and orange in the sky on Cam BPwhite_AEF
3/4/2018 4:24:303/4/20186:00:00 AMMrP and TFLArrivalThe sky is pitch black, the birds are already singing, it's going to be beautiful sunny day with a high of 50 degrees. The perfect day to lay an egg? We will have to wait and see. MrP and TFL have already been at the nest this morning working on the renovations. Everything looks ready from this vantage point, the nest full of soft and fluffy moss, the rails built up nicely around the perimeter, the nest bowl sharply defined. I believe this is TFL who is perching on the Lateral branch. She preens herself and gazes out into the dark. MrP is no where to be seen right now. Perhaps he is out getting provisions for the nest or breakfast for his Lady.earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 4:38:593/4/20186:27:00 AMMrP and TFLMating SoundsThe sky is beginning to lighten, TFL continues to perch on the Lateral branch. MrP comes flying in and lands on the Left V branch and into the nest, TFL immediately follows. MrP begins fluffing the nest, TFL walks over to check out the plastic bag that had the fish in it yesterday. I think she was hoping for some breakfast but nothing is left there. She returns to the Lateral branch and at 6:33am flies towards the Primary Perching tree. MrP quickly follows and we hear what sounds like mating from afar.earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 5:10:233/4/20186:49:00 AMMrP and TFLNest DutiesMrP returns to the nest, moves some fluff and walks over to the edge of the nest. TFL is down below on the ground. It's hard to tell exactly what she is doing, perhaps gathering moss, perhaps catching her breakfast. She flies over to a tree close to the Primary Perching tree while MrP looks on. MrP flies up the Right V branch as TFL flies back into the nest through the V. TFL goes onto the Lateral branch, MrP aerates the nest.earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 5:39:423/4/20187:08:00 AMMrP and TFLDepartureTFL flies off into the trees and out of sight. MrP cranes his neck as he watches her depart. 7:15am MrP flies into the trees and out of sight.earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 6:20:093/4/20188:16:00 AMMr. PresidentIn with a stickMrP arrives with another stick, then jumps up the right V and perches for a bitPwhite_AEF
3/4/2018 9:12:363/4/201810:06:00 AMBoth EaglesBonding, perching, nest maintenanceMr. President and The First Lady arrived together at nest, The First Lady to the overhead and Mr. President to the nest. Mr. President joined The First Lady on the overhead and bonding followed. Mr. President departed, leaving The First Lady perched on the overhead surveying her domain. The First Lady departed just as Mr. President returned to the nest where he spent only a few minutes before flying off to join The First Lady. DLoebel2016_AEF
3/4/2018 13:23:353/4/20183:05:00 PMMr. PresidentNest duties and PerchingAn eagle flies to a nearby tree. It could have been MrP because here he comes flying into the nest. He aerates and moves some of the fluff around the nest bowl. MrP climbs up the Left V branch, does some feaking, rouses his feathers and gazes out at this lovely sunny day. The remains of a fish is left in the nest. Lunch for TFL? I wonder? earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 13:43:533/4/20183:23:00 PMMr. PresidentPerchingMrP looks bathed in sunshine as he perches on the Left V branch, the call of a Flicker woodpecker can be heard in the distance, the buzz of an insect, some rustling sounds below. MrP calmly observes it all. 3:40pm Off he goes.earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 14:28:063/4/20183:58:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP comes flying in with a nice fat fish. But does he eat this fish? No he does not! This delicious looking fresh fish might be meant just for TFL. Instead he eats the remains of another fish from earlier in the day, not so fat, not so fresh, probably not as delicious but enough to give him a full looking crop. He does walk over and give the new fish another look. It does look mighty tempting. He puts his talon on it but...Look out! That fish is still flipping and flopping around. Yes, this is a very fresh fish. How nice of him to save this one for his Lady. earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 14:57:083/4/20184:24:00 PMMrP and TFLIn NestLooks like MrP might be waiting for TFL to come and claim her prize. He's just standing in the nest, looking this way and that. No sign of her yet just some flying insects that seem to be annoying him. Some loud rustling below has caught his attention, he moves his head quickly and intently looks around. He begins to fluff the nest but stops again to look around. MrP is craning his neck, looking above. What is he seeing? TFL has come to claim her prize. She whistles her approval as she begins to eat that delectable fish. earlybird_AEF
3/4/2018 16:11:253/4/20186:05:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingTFL has been perching at the lateral branch for about an hour now. At 5:16pm, she and MrP had a quick little mating session before he flew off away from the nest tree. TFL has remained still, quietly perching nest side ever since.freebird_AEF
3/4/2018 16:22:113/4/20186:18:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureTFL departs the lateral branch at 6:18pm. She took a downward flight upon departure.freebird_AEF
3/4/2018 16:28:073/4/20186:21:00 PMDC CoupleArrival / DepartureMrP flies in at 6:21, with TFL soaring in to join him at 6:22pm. MrP digs in the nest and TFL has the nerve to fly off. That's exactly what MrP's stance and look appears to say. "Hey! Get back here!" He keeps a lookout for her, then swoops off the nest and out of cam view. We hear mating sounds in the distance within seconds. I think he found her. They are most likely perching together somewhere nearby.freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 4:04:443/5/20185:36:00 AMMrP and TFLArrivalMrP has flown in from the dark, begins aerating the nest and shimmies down into the nest bowl. 5:46am He takes a look around and flies back out into the dark. Eagle chatter is heard and MrP and TFL arrive together. Both are very busy fluffing the nest. TFL flies onto the Lateral branch, rouses her feathers and scratches her face with her talon. MrP works on some sticks near the Lateral branch, both stop and gaze out into the darkness. MrP joins his Lady and seems to want to mate but she doesn't seem interested and there is no attempt by him. They perch together, TFL reaches over to preen MrP. Such a sweet moment.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 4:23:063/5/20186:04:00 AMMrP and TFLMatingThey continue to perch together on the Lateral branch. MrP preens himself as TFL looks on. They seem very content, every now and then giving each other a special look. TFL makes a few sweet chirps, MrP answers her with a few of his own. 6:18am MrP sweetly chirps at her once again and they mate. He flies off and she remains on the branch.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 4:31:533/5/20186:28:00 AMThe First LadyDepartureTFL cranes her neck, looks around the area intently and flies off into the trees.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 5:06:183/5/20186:44:00 AMMr. PresidentStick PlacementMrP returns with a big stick and places it quickly in the nest. He moves some fluff, stops to take a look around and climbs up the Right V branch. Off he goes to the Primary Perching tree.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 5:57:313/5/20187:47:00 AMMr. PresidentMoss DeliveryMrP flies from the Primary Perching tree and returns to the nest with a clump of moss. He climbs up the Right V branch and looks out to the left of the nest and vocalizes. Perhaps a warning call, perhaps he's calling TFL. No other eagles are in our view. He departs from the branch flying over the nest and out of sight.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 7:07:093/5/20188:26:00 AMMrP and TFLNest Duties/DepartureMrP and TFL return and do a little nest work. TFL moves some fluff and flies onto the Lateral branch. MrP finishes his aeration and joins her. He departs and flies in with a stick. TFL looks on while MrP moves a stick into the V Perch. 8:50am It looks like TFL has flown from the branch while MrP remains in the nest.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 10:27:423/5/201811:14:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP arrives for a short visit to the nest, moves to the Right V branch and departs at 11:36am. He returns with a fish at 12:10am and dives right in. He leaves a nice piece on the nest, climbs up the Left V branch and gazes all around. Perhaps he's looking for TFL so he can share this fish with her.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 11:02:383/5/201812:53:00 PMMrP & TFLArrivalMrP and TFL are in the nest together. TFL is eating some of the fish MrP brought in earlier.freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 12:04:543/5/20181:28:00 PMMrP and TFLPerchingBoth of our eagles are nearby, MrP on the Left V branch, TFL on the Lateral branch. They seem to be tracking something from above. 1:48pm They have departed from the nest.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 12:30:293/5/20182:18:00 PMMr. PresidentMoss DeliveryMrP arrives with a large clump of moss. He places it in the nest and shimmies down into the bowl. He climbs onto the Right V branch, gazes around and flies off.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 13:24:413/5/20182:58:00 PMMrP and TFLNest DutiesTFL is eating on the nest as MrP flies in. TFL moves onto the Lateral branch and perches. 3:08pm TFL returns to the nest and together they aerate the moss. She returns to the Lateral branch, MrP continues fluffing and repositioning sticks. 3:19pm MrP has departed from the nest while TFL continues to perch.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 14:12:163/5/20184:04:00 PMMrP and TFLArrival of Prey and by whomTFL lands on the Overhead branch, MrP comes soaring into the nest with a fish. TFL flies down and claims her prize, MrP departs. TFL finishes her meal and moves onto the Lateral branch.earlybird_AEF
3/5/2018 15:21:353/5/20185:13:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingAt the 5pm hour, TFL is still calmly, quietly perched at the Lateral branch. She stares down at some rustling noises coming from below and then decides to do a little preening.freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 15:40:513/5/20185:21:00 PMMr. PresidentArrivalMrP arrives and lands in the nest. With no time for lolly gagging around, he immediately gets to work aerating, making it nice and fluffy. TFL cocks her head and watches MrP. He stops working and seems to be finding little mini scraps of food and goes on a mission to find more. TFL is on to him, watching with that serious look that she appears to give. They lock eyes. MrP adjusts some sticks near the Lateral branch where TFL remains perched. Instead of joining her, he moves back to the nest, lowers himself, kicks his feet backwards in order to scooch himself snuggly down into the bowl. Then back to work digging, while TFL stretches her wing and stays put, looking like the queen of her kingdom. At 5:31, MrP makes his move and walks onto the Lateral branch to sit next to TFL but she decides to fly over him and into the nest. He follows. TFL checks out the nest bowl and tries to nudge MrP out of the way as he digs. She joins in to fluff up nest material. MrP keeps nudging her away from the center. They work together to break up a clump of mossy grass material. MrP keeps lowering himself into the nest bowl, so TFL decides to go back out to perch. We need to advise MrP that at some point, TFL is going to need to gain access to the nest bowl. But he sure does love it!freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 15:55:593/5/20185:41:00 PMMr. PresidentBusy at workMrP gets a far way look on his face as he stares out from the V just as the ice cream truck starts playing its song. At 5:43, MrP departs. One minute later, he returns with a nice big and sturdy stick. Now to find just the right place to put it. He quickly finds a new home for the stick but has now decided to wrangle other sticks along the nest rail. At 5:49, MrP flies off once again.freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 15:59:203/5/20185:56:00 PMChatMonday ChatJust a reminder that live chat will begin in just a few minutes. Monday night chat goes from 6-8pm ET. Gather your questions to ask our moderators and join in the fun!freebird_AEF
3/5/2018 16:27:573/5/20186:19:00 PMMrP and TFLArrival / DepartureMrP arrives at 6:19pm. He lands in the nest and immediately gets back to work. TFL hops into the nest at 6:21. She hovers over him as he digs at her feet. At 6:22, TFL flies off and MrP is hot on her tail after her. What appears to be mating sounds are heard in the near distance.freebird_AEF
3/6/2018 4:07:443/6/20186:00:00 AMMrP and TFLNest DutiesMrP and TFL arrive at 5:25am. They both seem intent on getting the nest ready for some eggs. They aerate, move some fluff and even grab a stick together to reposition. TFL has seemed much more interested this week in helping MrP with the nest duties. This could be a good sign that an egg is not far away. We will be sitting on the edge of our "nest" waiting in anticipation. TFL moves over to the Lateral branch, MrP does a face plant and shimmies down into the nest bowl.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 4:24:263/6/20186:08:00 AMMrP and TFLDepartureMrP is on the nest, TFL on the Lateral branch, both gazing around at their surroundings. TFL joins MrP in the nest and they continue with the aeration. She returns to the Lateral branch, MrP joins her and vocalizes as if he wants to mate. She doesn't seem interested so they just perch side by side together. 6:16am TFL flies off as MrP watches from the Lateral branch.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 4:52:283/6/20186:36:00 AMMr. PresidentDepartureMrP cranes his neck and looks below, he looks behind him, but still continues to perch on the Lateral branch. It's another beautiful sunny day but a little colder with a temperature of 25 degrees. It is expected to get as high as 46 degrees but a little rain is possible this afternoon. 6:43am MrP flies off in the direction of the river.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 9:02:393/6/20189:30:00 AMVisitorOn NestWe had another visitor at the "Nest and Breakfish" Inn this morning. MrP must have forgotten to put out the No Vacancy sign. This was a gorgeous subadult who looked to be close to 4 years. She/he had a beautiful head of white feathers with dark streaks through it and the beak was a mixture of black and yellow. We have been so fortunate to see so many eagles at the nest this year. Each stage of their growth as beautiful as the next. This beauty didn't hang around long, just checked out the nest, perched for awhile and was on her/his way.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 9:10:263/6/201810:13:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival/DepartureMrP arrives at the nest with what looks like a talon full of reeds. He moves them around the nest, eats some leftover pieces of fish, moves up the Right V branch and flies to the Primary Perching tree.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 9:20:393/6/201810:55:00 AMMrP and TFLMatingBoth MrP and TFL are working on the nest renovations. TFL moves onto the Lateral branch while MrP aerates the fluff. He joins her on the Lateral branch and they mate.earlybird_AEF
3/6/2018 11:07:543/6/201712:50:00 PMMr. PresidentNest dutiesMr. President dropped in for some nest maintenance. He flew to the PPT where he perched until something caught his attention and he flew off into the wild blue yonder.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/6/2018 11:57:023/6/20181:20:00 PMMr. President and The First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomMr. President delivered a fairly flat UFO (unidentified furry object). He left it for The First Lady and flew off into parts unknown. The gift was successful in bringing The First Lady to the nest a few minutes later. She looked like she had to think about it a bit but she eventually dove in and made quick work of it. The First Lady moved to the lateral branch and Mr. President arrived immediately following, looking for leftovers one might presume. There were none. The First Lady joined Mr. President in the nest where both worked quite diligently on the nest bowl until Mr. President gave her the squeeze. The First Lady, having put in her 15 seconds of nest duty, moved back to the lateral branch to digest. Mr. President, having no such need to digest, continued working on the nest. Amazingly enough, the sticks closest to The First Lady needed the most attention and Mr. President worked his way to joining The First Lady on the lateral branch. Bonding ensues and Mr. President departs, leaving The First Lady perched on the lateral branch. Will he bring a stick, a fish, or some fluff?DLoebel2016_AEF
3/6/2018 12:18:023/6/20182:14:00 PMMr. President and The First LadyPerching and nest maintenanceAnd the answer is, Mr. President returned with some fluff. He didn't stay long, just long enough to deliver his hallmark, post-mating nest gift. The First Lady departed for the PPT at 2:14 p.m. where she remains perched.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/6/2018 12:34:043/6/20182:26:00 PMMr. President and The First LadyBondingMr. President joins The First Lady at the PPT for bonding. Mr. President departs.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/6/2018 15:14:183/6/20183:28:00 PMMr. President and The First LadyNest maintenance, perching, Mr. President arrived at the nest at about 3:28 p.m. The First Lady flew from the PPT to the nest to join Mr. President in some minor nest maintenance. She moved quickly to the lateral branch while Mr. President perched in the nest. While on the lateral branch The First Lady appeared to have a somewhat dazed and sleepy look, observed from about 3:36 p.m. to about 3:42 p.m. At 3:42 she flew into the nest and made talon contact and vocals with Mr. President, either trying to initiate mating or to evict him from the nest. She returned to the lateral branch and remained in the same state until she flew off at about 4:25 p.m. She was gone only moments and at about 4:28 p.m. she flew back into the nest. Mr. President did his usual squeeze on her but The First Lady held her ground for a few minutes. She moved to the lateral branch and began to look herself again, tracking things on the ground and in the distance. At present (5:12 p.m.) she is on the lateral branch and is showing perfectly normal perching and surveying behavior. She did attempt (unsuccessfully) to cast a pellet earlier this afternoon (~4:00pm) and she did consume a large portion of what appeared to be some sort of road kill, swallowing several long bits of bone. She may be digesting, she may need to cast a pellet or, she may be finally getting closer to giving Mr. President what he's been patiently waiting for. DLoebel2016_AEF
3/6/2018 15:40:293/6/20185:30:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingAs of 5:30pm, TFL is perched nest side on the lateral branch. She appears a bit puffed up and pensive this afternoon as she sits quietly. What a stunning beauty she is -- resting on her favorite perch with spring buds displayed behind her on the Poplar Tulip tree branches (Cam A).freebird_AEF
3/6/2018 16:06:053/6/20186:00:00 PMThe First LadyPerching / DepartureTFL remains perched in the same spot as last posting. The wind has suddenly begun to pick up and TFL responds by doing a backward leg forward stretch yoga pose and finishes it off with the accordion spread wing. She preens feathers on her leg, front and back, then gives the contented tail wiggle at the end. She seems to spot something in the distance and departs at 6:03pm.freebird_AEF
3/6/2018 16:23:053/6/20186:15:00 PMMrP & TFLArrival / DepartureMrP flies into the nest with TFL right behind. They both start fluffing and fussing with nest material. MrP still seems to have more control of the center of the nest. TFL moves in closer, then backs up and flies off at 6:17pm. MrP appears confounded by this move! Where did she go and why did she leave? He walks to the nest's edge, then flies off after TFL one minute later.freebird_AEF
3/6/2018 16:31:233/6/20186:23:00 PMMrP & TFLArrival / DepartureWell, guess who is back? Our beloved eagle couple! Both land in the nest one after another and begin digging in the nest bowl together. They look like such love birds right now. MrP is in the center of the nest as he watches TFL suddenly decide to fly off again at 6:24. Stunned, he sits there craning his neck and watching after her. Well, if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join them MrP, so he flies off to track down his woman once again at 6:28pm. I feel like I'm at a hotel with one of those rotating doors. What sounds like potential mating calls is heard in the distance at 6:29pm.freebird_AEF
3/7/2018 4:30:293/7/20186:03:00 AMMrP and TFLArrivalThe nest bowl is covered in snow, the nest rails and branches lightly dusted. There was a rain/snow mix last night and it continues this morning. This should be clearing out soon and a high of 39 degrees is expected. I believe this is MrP who flies in from the dark and begins to aerate the nest and move the fluff. He has his work cut out for him this morning but he persists, pulling on the grasses to free it from the snow. He shimmies down into that wet, cold snow twice, moving the moss around him. Already there is a patch of grass showing in the nest bowl where he has cleared it. He looks quite bedraggled this morning, all wet from the rain with that spikey look going on. He stops to look around the area and tries out the nest bowl again. 6:26am He flies off but quickly returns with TFL.earlybird_AEF
3/7/2018 4:48:493/7/20186:29:00 AMMrP and TFLPerching/DepartureMrP continues fluffing the nest, TFL moves onto the Lateral branch. MrP joins TFL and they calmly perch together, the rain pouring down on them. 6:36am MrP flies off, TFL craning her neck to watch him go. TFL sits regally in the rain as she preens herself and looks over her Queendom.earlybird_AEF
3/7/2018 5:32:583/7/20187:10:00 AMThe First LadyPerchingTFL perches on the Lateral branch, MrP has not yet returned. I wonder if he is out fishing for her breakfast. She just might be thinking the same thing. She crouches down her head, looking at something intently. Could it be MrP? No sighting from this vantage point. Hurry home MrP. Your Lady is waiting.earlybird_AEF
3/7/2018 6:20:323/7/20187:48:00 AMMrP and TFLPerchesTFL perches on the Lateral branch and does her morning stretches. She holds one of her talons up to rest it a bit and preens herself, still calmly sitting in the rain. 8:01 MrP flies by and returns to the nest, TFL joins him. No breakfast but they aerate the nest together. TFL moves back to the Lateral branch, she flies off to the Primary Perching tree, MrP follows her there. 8:08 MrP attempts to mate with TFL.earlybird_AEF
3/7/2018 8:04:193/7/20188:30:00 AMMr. President and The First LadyPerchingMr. President and The First Lady are perched together at the PPT. Mr. President departed at about 8:40 a.m.. The First Lady finally cast the pellet she’s been working on since yesterday. The First Lady departed at 8:47 a.m.DLoebel2016_AEF
3/7/2018 10:59:023/7/201811:06:00 AMMrP and TFLMatingMrP has been on the nest several times this morning getting the nest cleaned up after the snow. It looks like just about all of it has melted. 12:23pm MrP arrives at the nest, TFL lands on the Overhead branch. MrP flies up and perches with her, loud vocalizations by both of them. They fly down into the nest and do some additional aeration. TFL moves onto the Lateral branch, MrP joins her and they mate. 12:46pm MrP flies through the V and out of sight while TFL remains on her perch.earlybird_AEF
3/7/2018 15:13:153/7/20185:04:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomTFL is perched in her favorite spot when MrP flies in carrying a fish. She squees with delight, hops into the nest and claims her dinner. MrP gets to munch on nest material while TFL digs in to a nice fresh fish. MrP meanders over towards TFL casually, picks up a loose piece of fish and flies his little tail feathers off the nest. Very sneaky move, MrP. TFL was so entranced with her meal, she didn't even seem to notice. Well! That fish only took TFL about six minutes to eat. She does some feaking and then hops back onto the lateral branch, using larger branches to feak some more. Get that beak nice and clean, TFL!freebird_AEF
3/7/2018 15:27:533/7/20185:14:00 PMMrP & TFLDeparture / BondingMrP is seen flying below and across the nest area while TFL watches him. He loops back around and flies into the nest from the opposite side. MrP situates himself in the center of the nest and starts doing some serious digging. TFL moves to the V and flies off at 5:16. She lands on a tree near the nest tree but to the left of the primary perching tree. MrP takes off hot on her tail moments after her departure and upon arrival they immediately bond. They remain perched together; TFL relaxing and observing her queendom while MrP fervently nips, pulls and tugs at some small easily accessible tree branches, no doubt in hopes of adding them to the nest rails. Our beautiful couple remains perched together amidst their peaceful surroundings.freebird_AEF
3/7/2018 15:37:033/7/20185:30:00 PMMr. PresidentDelivery of nesting materialMrP decides it's time to get some work done. He flies downward to the forest floor, picks something up then soars around ever upward until he brings some fluffy nesting material into the nest. He continues to sit in the nest while TFL remains perched at the nearby tree.freebird_AEF
3/7/2018 15:49:113/7/20185:42:00 PMMrP & TFLAlert / DepartureMrP is looking at something and sounding off with eagle calls and chatter. TFL is now observing from her perching spot as well. MrP is highly attentive, keeping his eagle eye on something that's bothering him. He flies off at 5:42pm and TFL leaves her perching spot apparently heading the same direction as MrP. And... they're outta here!freebird_AEF
Mar 2018
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