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TimestampFirst and Last Name City (or Borough)State (or Country, Province, etc.)Email addressServices offered Social media Portfolio or linkI identify as More about meList any skills or assetsPreferred Gender PronounsGoogle Group?
11/15/2016 14:02:48Joelle RiffleNew York CityNew Yorkhi@joelleriffle.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@okayjoellejoelleriffle.comPerson of color, Queer, WomanJoelle Riffle is a communication designer from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in communication design in 2013. Joelle has a range of professional and creative experiences, from her time as a graphic designer at the small branding and web studio to her current role as the program administrator at the Parsons Scholars Program. Her design practice and administrative work overlaps in the desire to work from a people-focused approach to collaborate and mobilize for positive change, particularly around underrepresented populations in creative fields.Admin/office skills and experience, Wordpress, Google Drive, Light video and digital photography, project management and organization, social mediaY
11/15/2016 14:21:26Dylan LathropLos AngelesCaliforniadylan@unequal-design.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media, Illustration and lettering@dylanlathrop dylanlathrop.comI'm a designer living in Los Angeles originally from Wyoming.
11/15/2016 14:26:11Joseph HughesKentOhiojosephmhughes@gmail.comBranding, Print Design@nczeitgeisthttp://www.nczeitgeist.comI’m a designer by trade and a writer by education, and I have a firm belief that pride in your craft and a respect for what you do make all the difference. I'm a veteran with a rookie's hustle, am a self-starter who pursues passion projects and I care deeply about my work – and leaving things better than I found them.Graphic designer, writer, creative thinker, community builderY
11/15/2016 14:30:25James ToddLancasterPennsylvaniaJames@JTDType.comBranding, Print Design,
11/15/2016 14:33:58José CazaresPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniajose@josecazares.comBranding, Print Design@joseczrsjosecazares.comPerson of color, ImmigrantI am a Pacific Northwest raised designer/artist, currently working in Philadelphia. Y
11/15/2016 14:42:24Miki SetlurSan FranciscoCaliforniamiki.setlur@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design'm a Product Designer at Facebook leading some of our Civic Engagement efforts. My most recent work was the voting plan we created to help people preview their ballot, plan with the help of friends and family and email themselves a copy before getting into the voting booth:

I'm focused on helping people have a voice, feel like it matters and be more involved in government affairs.
Product Design, Interaction Design, UX/UI
11/15/2016 15:25:13Josh WarnerSt. PetersburgFloridaiamjoshwarner@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, years experience doing everything from print to interfaces and everything in between.him, he
11/15/2016 16:03:28Glenn SongBelmontCaliforniaGlenn.Song@gmail.comCoding@AlbinoGrimby (Twitter/Instagram), Instagram Person of colorI'm cofounder and the engineer at Prisma Wave Studios. We make independent games for mobile handsets. I'm also the author, illustrator, web master for The webcomic This Mortal Coil which is on hiatus. I worked at EA as a C++ engineer for 10 years prior. I also self-published a coloring book via Createspace recently called Lolita Fashion Coloring Book for Adults. Self taught: Inkscape, Scribus, Wordpress backend (PHP), web front end (JavaScript, HTML, some CSS). I've done C++ for 15 years and currently Unity 5. I also know how to deploy apps onto iOS and Google Play stores. Him/he
11/15/2016 16:38:59Margot HarringtonChicagoIllinoisMargot@pitchdesignunion.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print DesignInstagram: @margotharrington / twitter: @pitchdesignHttp://pitchdesignunion.comQueer, WomanMargot works with non-profits & arts & cultural organizations and has run her own business since 2008. Printmaking, illustration, custom partners She/herY
11/15/2016 18:01:36Ethan ParkerPortlandOregonethanparkerdesign@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media, Photo EditingTwitter @eparkerdesign, TransgenderDesigning since 2005. Specializing in print, branding, layout, and packaging. Living in Portland, from Atlanta. Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, communication, responsive, networkerHe or theyY
11/15/2016 20:20:53MensenBrooklynNew Yorkmsmensen@gmail.comPrint Design, illustration / murals / copywritingmsmensen.comQueer, Woman, Working Class / First Generation Illustration, print design, curriculum building, digital photography, workshop facilitationShe, Her
11/15/2016 23:57:32Jingyi LiBerkeleyCaliforniasoundtracknoon@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Coding, UI designhttp://jingyi.mePerson of color, Queer, Immigrant, WomanEECS undergraduate '16 at UC Berkeley. Going on to graduate school in human-computer interaction. Available for freelance Jan - Aug 17 (I will be working an industry design internship). Non-binary Chinese-American immigrant. they/themY
11/16/2016 5:04:35Omar AbreuNew York CityNew YorkOmarabreu92@gmail.comBranding, Social Media, Photography@omarabreu92 of color, Queer, LatinxArtist and designer based in NYC. Prospective fashion student, with experience in social media management, photography, and branding.Film editing, graphic design, illustration, copy editing, social media manement.Male
11/16/2016 5:47:06Yves MoletCurrently Traveling Currently Traveling ymoletm@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Social Media, Industrial and Fashion DesignInstagram @ymoletmwww.yvesmolet.comHe
11/16/2016 7:30:00Monica hofstadterBrooklynNew YorkMonicahofstadter@gmail.comBranding, Print Design@monicahofstadterWww.monicahofstadter.comWomanFemaleY
11/16/2016 7:38:23Shannon CarrollNew York CityNew Yorkshannon@vividstory.coWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Video Productionhttp://vividstory.coWomanShannon Carroll is an artist, filmmaker and creative entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. She is Founder and Creative Director of Vivid Story, a studio focused on the power of visual storytelling for causes.

She produces compelling visual narratives for social enterprises to increase their impact and authentically connect with core audiences. As an experienced collaborator, she brings her multidisciplinary skills spanning video production, photography, interactive and experiential design to engender empathy and catalyze engagement. She has presented projects and held workshops at Brown University, Columbia University, Creative Time Summit, BRIC, Made in NY Media Center by IFP and Storycode. Shannon is a graduate of Tufts University, and was a 2012-13 UnionDocs Collaborative Fellow.
web design, video production, video editing, photography, Wordpress, print design, HTML/CSS/JSshe/her
11/16/2016 8:13:33Aija SuutaPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaasuuta@gmail.comBranding, Print DesignPDF can be requestedPerson of color, Womanshe / them / their / they
11/16/2016 8:14:01Diana LopezLos AngelesCaliforniame@diana.nuWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Coding@pixelswithinhttp://sundaygrind.comPerson of color, Disabled, Womanweb design, branding, web developmentShe/herY
11/16/2016 9:02:13Alice AshtonNew York CityNew Yorkalicegwenashton@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print DesignAlicegwenashton.comWomanShe/her/hers
11/16/2016 9:08:26Alayna CitrinNew York CityNew Yorkalaynacitrin@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, lettering, typography, design strategy@alaynacitrin (Twitter, Instagram)www.alaynacitrin.comWomanAlayna Citrin is a graphic designer interested in working with people in process-driven, collaborative environments where sustainability is key. Currently an Art Director at Green Team Global, she is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Graphic Design BFA program with a concentration in Sustainability and Social Practice.

11/16/2016 9:19:42Tatiana LamQueensNew Yorktatiana.lam@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media, Animation, Motion Graphicstatianalam.comPerson of color, Immigrant, WomanTatiana Lam is a graphic designer and motion graphics animator residing in NYC, specializing in broadcast packaging and communication design for social movements. Her aim is to address and build culture through design. She studied film and anthropology at Yale University. Currently, Tatiana works at Lorne Michael’s post-production house Broadway Video, collaborating with notable clients like NBC, SNL, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, the Emmys and various other award shows.Motion Graphics, Animation, GIFs, Infographics, Editorial Design, Illustration, 3d modellingShe, her, hers, they
11/16/2016 9:26:55Juliet GamarciAustinTexasjulietgamarci@gmail.comindustrial design and manufacturing@julietgamarci on Instagramstudioandmore on FacebookPerson of color, Woman, dual nationality USA-Argentinafemale
11/16/2016 9:32:45David KnowlesBrooklynNew Yorkdavidedwardknowles@gmail.comPrint Designdavidknowles.orgQueerDavid Knowles is a graphic designer and artist specializing in the fields of art, culture, and entertainment. Past and present work includes designs for Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Harper’s Magazine, Taschen, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Movement Research, and Publication Studio. He has collaborated with dozens of individual artists, writers, and musicians on original books, publications, and exhibitions. print design, typography, pre-press, productionHe/Him/HisY
11/16/2016 9:34:06Amel AfzalNew York CityNew Yorkaafzal09@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social MediaAmel Afzal (fb) @amelllii (insta)byamel.comPerson of color, Immigrant, WomanHer
11/16/2016 9:38:52Paul WebbBostonMassachusettspaul@dsgn.ioWeb and Digital Design, Coding@NetOpWibbyhttps://dsgn.ioPerson of colorMy name is Paul Anthony Webb, and I am a Boston-based front-end web designer and developer. I like making awesome things (for awesome people).

I could not decide if I preferred graphic or web design more than the other, so I chose to do both. My last name is a lucky coincidence (or is it? ಠ_ಠ). For the sake of titles, you could say I am a front-end web developer who just so happens to be a graphic designer. That’s called UX design these days.

Since 2008, I have coded and designed websites. Nowadays, I work on web apps, a browser, and an operating system (and a bunch of other crazy/interesting things).
HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass / JavaScript / jQuery / Photoshop / Express / Feathers.jsHe/Him
11/16/2016 11:24:33Katie Osborne Sydney AustraliaKosbornedesign@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding digitalMrs
11/16/2016 11:30:29Kaatherine YaksichBrooklynNew Yorkkatherineyaksich@gmail.comstop motion/motion graphics@sickyakkatherineyaksich.comWomanShe/HerY
11/16/2016 11:36:22Daniel Bogre UdellBrooklynNew Yorkdaniel@wikitongues.orgWeb and Digital Design, Coding@dbudell on Insta and TwitterI haven't been working freelance for a while so I don't have a ready portfolio at the momentI'm a cisgendered white man, but I'm also Jewish; aside from English, I speak Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and French (plus a little Polish and Italian), and am always eager to learn more languages.I run a non-profit called Wikitongues, which is dedicated to fighting for linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. My schedule is very hectic but also very flexible, so I'm eager to help in any way I can!UX/UI design / content strategy / front-end web development (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP) / full-stack Wordpress developmenthe/him/happy to be called something else by people who don't want to use gendered pronouns at allY
11/16/2016 12:20:10Sophie FellerSan FranciscoCaliforniasophie.e.feller@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Designwww.sophiefeller.comWomanI am a graphic designer and illustrator currently pursuing my MFA in Design at California College of the Arts. I reside in San Francisco, California.Adobe Create Suite, Typography/layout, branding, custom logo/ logotype design, illustration, Her, she
11/16/2016 14:00:34Aaron Taylor-WaldmanNorthamptonMassachusettsatdubya@gmail.comBranding design studio since 2008Branding, art direction, typographyHe/himY
11/16/2016 14:29:08Courtney Cedarholm JacksonWyoming courtneycedarholm@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Apperal courtneycedarholm.comWomanI have worked with a NGO in Peru with their women's artisan co-ops and understand the challenges and opportunities there and more recently been a designer for a large corporate brand and now a small outdoor clothing brand. I also write/design hand knitting patterns for knitting magazines Illustrator/photoshop/indesign
Knowledge of manufacturing
Knowledge of branding
Quick project turnaround
Hand knitting
Female Y
11/16/2016 14:48:55Carlos MuesesDominican Republiccarlos.mueses@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, IllustrationInstagram : @charliemuuuwww.charliemu.comhumanIm a dominican graphic designer and illustrator who wants to contribute to making a positive change.ahe, Him, hisY
11/16/2016 14:50:47Jessica PaoliClevelandOhiopaoli.jessica@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media, Coding, animation/motion, content strategy, user experiencehttp://jessicapaoli.comQueer, Woman, Latinxshe/herY
11/16/2016 15:00:58Anna McKendrickChicagoIllinoismckendrickanna@gmail.comBrandingInstagram: @annamckendrickannamckendrick.comWomanAnna McKendrick is a graphic designer and art director based in Chicago and working in branding and advertising. Hospitality branding, cultural institution branding, collateral and website designHer
11/16/2016 15:51:27Alexis LucioSan FranciscoCaliforniaalexisxlucio@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding@alexisxlucio on Twitteralexislucio.comPerson of color, Queer, Woman, first-gen high school, first-gen collegeBackground initially in kids toy design, then went to fintech, now in microservice monitoring and troubleshooting (so no industry is too weird ;) ). I have a soft spot for kids, education, low-income organizations, but really just want to pay it forward. Please e-mail for more recent work.UI/UX, Product Design, Branding, Content Strategy, Logo DesignShe/Her
11/16/2016 16:23:52Colleen JulianoBerkeleyCaliforniajulianocolleen@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Social Mediafacebook, linkedin, instagramhellocolleen.carbonmade.comPerson of color, Immigrant, WomanI do Conversion Rate Optimization with a background in User Experience Research & DesignSocial Media, Content Strategy, Copywriting, SEO, Graphic DesignFemale
11/16/2016 17:05:03Shobana Mani New York CityNew YorkShobana.mani@me.comBranding, Print Design, Business positions, financing Www.shobanamani.comPerson of color, Immigrant, WomanA unique blend of business and design skillsMs.
11/16/2016 18:29:30Libby ClarkeMaplewoodNew Jerseymail@libbyclarke.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@monstress, WomanSharon E. (Libby) Clarke is an artist, designer, and educator living in Maplewood, NJ. Libby has produced a series of multi-media conceptual products under the name Monstress Productions since 1996.

Libby is the Director of the Studio School at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. She began teaching around New York City at FIT, NYU, AINYC, and GSS, teaching subjects such as web design, typography, drawing, and printmaking.

Libby has worked as an interaction art director for over 17 years for such companies as and Scholastic. She is an accomplished designer, producing web sites, apps for phone and tablet, print pieces of all kinds, exhibits, and way-finding systems.
Teaching, arts admin, some Frenchshe, her
11/16/2016 19:40:11Rose KueBrooklynNew Yorkrose@kuesclues.comWeb and Digital Design, Social Media@rosekuewww.kuesclues.comPerson of color, Immigrant, WomanI'm Director, UX at College Board and specialize in UX strategy within the non-profit and social sectors. My specialty is advocating for design and users' needs within complex bureaucratic systems.She/Her
11/16/2016 19:41:55Shweta Lakhani New York CityNew Yorkshweta@newschool.eduFashion and Sustainability, design and research of color, WomanRecent Parsons Fashion Design graduate with experience with Sustainable and Zero Waste Design, as well as Ethical sourcing and production. Zero waste design, sustainable research and development, pattern-making, construction, illustration, CAD, social media.She/Her
11/16/2016 20:19:09Hong YuBerlinGermanyyuh251@newschool.eduWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Sustainability in fashion Please contact me Person of color, Queer, WomanI am a Master's student at ESMOD Berlin. Currently researching on bacteria pigment dyes. Female
11/16/2016 20:56:39Flora ChanNew York CityNew Yorkc.f.t.flora@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Teaching basic graphic design and typographyhttp://floramakesthings.comEditorial design, information design, branding, design education, illustration, workshopping and ideation facilitationShe, her
11/17/2016 4:03:06Jennifer WhittyWellingtonNew Media, design thinking, strategy, making, garment design
Jennifer Whitty is a sustainable design educator, researcher, designer, facilitator, writer and activist. Originally from Ireland, she teaches and practices at Massey University’s School of Design in New Zealand as Senior Lecturer of Fashion Design. She is focused on developing new green business models and systems for alternative ecologies of fashion practice, which are connected to and have an impact on society. She strongly believes in the positive aspects that fashion can impart to both the individual and to our culture. Jennifer is involved in taking action to harness this power and to catalyse change in the current system by developing alternative roles for the fashion designer through activism and social innovation.
positivity, interest in social good, good strategist, good at implimentationshe
11/17/2016 6:02:34Linda Keppinger PortlandOregonLinda@materialsmove.comMaterials design, development, sourcing MaterialsMove.comMaterialsMove.comWomanSee my website at MaterialsMove.comMaterials, Photography MsY
11/17/2016 7:44:48Brenna PladsenTorontoCanadabrenna.pladsen@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Social Mediacatzinglybrennapladsen.comQueer, WomanMy experience is mostly in strategizing and executing branding. I think in sets and systems, so if you're looking for a set of materials or a months worth of Instagram posts, I can help you out. I can also do special one off illustrations, and publicity materials. The caveat is that I picked up and moved to Toronto to pursue a Masters degree, so photography is hard, but I can send files. lettering, illustration, brandingshe/herY
11/17/2016 7:51:51Lindsay Lee LongNew York CityNew Yorklindsayleelong@gmail.comPrint Design@lindsayleelonglindsayleelong.comPerson of color, WomanI'm here and willing to lend my talents! She/HerY
11/17/2016 7:56:58Debra CartwrightBrooklynNew YorkDebrakcartwright@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Print Design, Social of color, WomanGraphic designed for publications like essence, vogue and people mag. Illustration for companies like HBO and McDonald's
Graphic design, illustration She
11/17/2016 9:15:35Paris GlickmanNew York CityNew Yorkparisglickman@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, motion graphics, animationwww.parislondonglickman.comWoman, JewishManhattan based design/animation artist. I work mostly in 2D motion graphics but am also able to do logo, merch and print design.Animation, Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding,she, her
11/17/2016 14:05:52boyeon choiQueensNew Yorkbo@boyeonchoi.comPrint Design, of color, Woman, artist on visaBoyeon Choi is an illustrator/graphic designer from South Korea. She holds BFA in Communication design from Seoul National University and MFA degree in illustration from School of Visual Arts in New York. Before coming to New York, she worked as a member of design activist group ‘FF’, serving as a residency artist at Seoul Art Space for a year to be engaged in community based design projects. She had internships at Printed Matter where full of books and stuff she loves, and at a design studio MTWTF working in a wide range of projects. She now works as a freelance designer/illustrator always looking out for other exciting projects opportunities.illustration(hand drawn, vector), graphic design for print + web, drawingMsY
11/17/2016 14:34:55Youngshim GontijoBrooklynNew Yorkyoungshim.gontijo@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, she, her,Y
11/17/2016 14:54:42Kelsey BrydenBrooklynNew Yorkkelseybryden@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media@kelseybrydenkelseybryden.comWomanShe/Her
11/17/2016 15:22:01Beth ColeDC, Baltimore, NYC (I work remotely in a lot of cities.)Remotecoleer@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@elizryancole (instagram)elizabethryancole.comWomanshe
11/17/2016 15:54:20ÉdouardNew York CityNew Yorkmail@edouard.usWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Physical Product Design/Spatial Design of colorHi, I'm Édouard Urcades, and I work at Tumblr. Before that I was at IBM.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona. It is a military town, a university town, an optics town, an art town, and a desert town. Each of these respective facets of the city have had a huge influence on my design practice, and will for the foreseeable future. Before I wanted to be an industrial designer, I wanted to be an epidemiologist. Before that, I wanted to be an astronaut. I can build any system, large or small.

I spend any extra time I have thinking about art, Mars, and death culture(s).
Systems Design, Organization Design, Futurism, Industrial Design, Digital Product DesignHe/Him/They/ThemY
11/17/2016 18:06:20Laci WhiteSan FranciscoCalifornialaciwhite48@gmail.comUX research, Project Management, Ops Design, Event Production @lacijwhitewww.laciwhite.comWomanMs
11/17/2016 18:07:02Noemie Le CozNew York CityNew Yorknoemielecoz@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social
11/17/2016 21:58:46Charis AlexanderNew York CityNew Yorkcharis.alexander.0@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Coding, Production, Brand Strategy, Fashion Design, Visual and Spacial Art or Person of color, WomanCharis is a multidisciplinary designer who earned her BFA at Parsons The New School for Design, and BA in Culture & Media Studies at Eugene Lang. Her expansive knowledge and interest in societal and cultural habits and trends provides unique insight into her creative process, manifesting in work that resonates with and attracts targeted consumers in a thoughtful way.

Passionate about creating innovative things in the spirit of good design, Charis is always looking for ways to push the boundaries in whichever medium she's utilizing. Among many things, she enjoys architecture, textiles, nature, and learning new skills.
11/18/2016 8:21:06Kim BostBrooklynNew YorkKimberly.Bost@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Designwww.kimbost.comWomanSheY
11/18/2016 8:21:53Jeremy Perez-CruzBrooklynNew Yorksleepingplanes@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Photography / Art direction@sleepingplanessleepingplanes.comCurrently Senior Design Manager at Uber, helping to refine and scale the world’s #1 car service. Formerly of PepsiCo, he managed global brand design for the world’s favorite beverages. Previous to that, he worked at Etsy as a founding member of the Etsy Brand Studio, a full-service in-house team providing art direction and design for all sorts of awesome. Etsy was recognized in 2014 with a National Design Award by Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.In addition to design, branding, photography I've already assembled a strong network of willing and able creatives to help in this cause. Mr
11/18/2016 8:45:00Michelle CruzNew York CityNew Yorkhello@michellecr.uzWeb and Digital Design, CodingInstagram: @michellecr.uzhttp://michellecr.uzPerson of color, WomanI'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer born & raised (and currently living) in Queens, NY. I work full time at a boutique product design agency, but definitely have some time to help out and contribute in any way I can!web development, graphic design, photographyshe/herY
11/18/2016 9:45:04Shannon KellyGreater NY AreaNew Yorkhello@shannonkelly.meWeb and Digital Design, Print DesignTwitter: @shannonlee023 Instagram: shannon_lee_kelly Pinterest: shannonkelly623shannonkelly.meWomanI enjoy making information more accessible and engaging through my design work, whether it be on the web or in print, and believe in designing for social good.I'm proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud and my coding skills include HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I also have knowledge in printmaking and photography.She/her
11/18/2016 10:08:04kathryn hendersonBrooklynNew Yorkhenderson.katie@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Social Mediatwitter: hondohondohondo // linkedin: Creative is an agnostic creative agency that specializes in strategy-led design and content development, with a focus on marketing and branding. We take an analytic and strategic approach to creative, bridging the gap between business challenges and creative solutions, regardless of the media. Our expertise has spanned from branding to digital to experiential design and everything in-between. We believe that good design strategy shouldn't be pigeon-holed, and that proper empathy for both audiences and businesses, coupled with a deep understanding of the design process, can create endlessly successful creative business solutions.Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Brand Management, Strategy, Digital, Marketing, Photography, Art Direction, Web Design, Blogging, Business Development, Creative Strategy, Typography, InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Writing, Marketing Communications, Brand Awareness, experiential design, event design, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Team Management, Digital Photography, Analog Photography, Research, Dreamweaver, Copy Editing, Image Manipulation, Editing, Logo Design, Image Editing, Presentations, Copywriting, HTML, Flash, Presentation Development, Presentation Design, Photo Editing, Content Development, Blog Development, Image Management, Photo Retouching, Image Rights, Exhibit Design, Studio Lighting, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Management, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategyher/she
11/18/2016 10:34:20May Shek New York CityNew Yorkmayshekhy@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, brand strategy/marketing/innovationmayshek.comImmigrant, WomanMay is a brand strategist who believes that craft without strategy is lifeless, and strategy without craft is mute. She brings a global perspective on branding and always thrive to bring clarity and simplicity to a complex challenge.

May has led consumer and trend research to uncover insights and build brand strategy platforms for companies in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In Shanghai, she helped craft the brand for Louis Vuitton Group’s first retail destination and Kerry Properties modern mixed-used property. In New York, May collaborated with a diverse range of clients such as Four Seasons Hotels, Boston Consulting Group, Pepsi Co and Morgan Stanley.
Design, brand positioning, innovation Miss
11/18/2016 10:39:59Jessica NecorPortlandOregonjessicanecorstudio@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media@jnecor on and www.jessicanecor.studioPerson of color, Woman, Filipino, First generation AmericanJessica Necor is a graphic designer at R/GA and a maker, living and working in Portland, Oregon with roots in the Bay Area. She studied design & digital media at the Laguna College of Art + Design and has worked for companies such as Hurley, Vans, Nike. She launched her small accessories brand, Jessica Necor Studio in 2016. She is passionate about activism and causes related to poverty alleviation, women's equality, racial equality, ethical and sustainable fashion, and access to media studies.Web design, surface/pattern design, print design, printmaking, user interface design, user experience design, prototyping, photography, social media, videographyShe
11/18/2016 10:53:18Adriana AnguloOrange and Digital Design, Branding, Social Media, UI / UX@adrianaaaangulowww.adrianaaaangulo.comPerson of color, WomanDesign that is Clean, Gold, and Crisp. Kind of like a chicken nugget. :)Adobe Creative Cloud and UI / UXshe and herY
11/18/2016 11:07:52Emily AtwoodLaguna BeachCaliforniaemilyatwood@lcad.eduWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social MediaInstagram: @the_em_dash, Twitter: @the_em_spacewww.ematwood.spaceWomanOvercoming odds has been a common theme in my life. The more opposition I face, the more motivated I become to prove people wrong and to shift people's thinking. This idea of creating the unexpected and is central to my design perspective.Typography, conceptual thinking, brand strategy, identity design, UI/UXHer
11/18/2016 17:14:06Nora EarlieLos AngelesCalifornianeearlie@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Print Design, Storyboarding and Illustration@nearlie (twitter), @neearlie (instagram)noraearlie.squarespace.comWomanBackground in storyboarding for animation and live action. Experience in illustration and design.Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash.she/her
11/19/2016 20:01:22Champ EnsmingerSeattleWashingtonchampensminger@gmail.comvideography and video of color, Naturalized former immigrantThai American working at a small production house creating branded video content. Former staff at Worked with nonprofits in SE Asia involving photojournalism and documentary photography.Video Production, Video Editing, Video Upload, Video Content Management on Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Sound Recording / ProductionHe / HimY
11/20/2016 16:51:06Alina KeayBrooklynNew Yorkalina.keay@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, 3D paper projects, WomansheY
11/21/2016 8:01:40Jenna StempelBrooklynNew Yorkjennastempel@gmail.comPrint Design@likenickeljennastempel@gmail.comWoman, Jewishhand-lettering, typography, illustration, righteous angerHer/sheY
11/21/2016 8:05:28Alicia TatoneNew York CityNew Yorkaliciatatone@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Illustration/Letteringaliciatatone.comWomanCurrently working as a book cover designer at Simon & Schuster, as well as focusing on conceptual/editorial illustrationBook covers and interiors, graphic illustration, lettering, copywritingShe/herY
11/21/2016 8:09:27Datrianna MeeksNew York CityNew YorkMeeksdd3@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, User experience and user interfaceWww.datriannameeks.comPerson of color, Queer, WomanShe/ Her
11/21/2016 8:20:52Haley StarkBrooklynNew Yorkstark.haley@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social am a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, and I’m passionate about creating work with the potential to disrupt boundaries, especially in the fashion industry. I balance collaboration, creativity, and strategy to create effective work that is energizing for everyone involved.Her, she
11/21/2016 8:27:44Jen EpsteinBrooklynNew Yorkepstein.jen@gmail.comBranding, MotionInstagram: @epsteinj, Twitter: @jen_epsteinhttp://pixel-party.tvWoman, JewishI'm a designer and animator in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating MICA's BFA program in 2007 I took a position with MTV in the on-air design department. Three years later I ventured out on my own to start Pixel Party: my one-woman design shop specializing in early 90s references, animated patterns and general fabulousness. Since then, I've honed my craft working with a variety of clients including the NRDC, Luna Bar x Women's Equality Day, Our Health California, The Rubin Museum, Ray-Ban, Ford, AT&T, Starbucks, Showtime and The New York Times.

Recently, I've taken my work in a more socially conscious direction and hope to keep working with companies who fight for environmental and social causes.
After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign, Final CutShe, her
11/21/2016 8:31:16Aurora ParlagrecoBrooklynNew Yorkaurora.parlagreco@gmail.comPrint Designwww.auroraparlagreco.comWomanGraduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BFA in Communication Design. Currently working as a book designer at HarperCollins Children'shand-lettering, book design and interiors, graphic designShe, her
11/21/2016 9:44:41LaTiesha CastonBrooklynNew Yorklatieshacaston@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social of color, WomanPOC Designer with a goal to provide services to those who really need it. Graphic Design, Branding, Web DesignSheY
11/21/2016 10:31:24Cassie RajotteBurlingtonVermonthello@cassie.rajotte.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media@www.cassierajotte.comWomanBFA Graphic Design & Digital Media & currently working at an Ad Agency in Burlington, Vermont. Strong typography and layout design. Typography, Editorial Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Hand LetteringShe/Her
11/21/2016 11:26:55Chris HeubergerBrooklynNew Yorkchrisheuberg@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Coding@chrisbupwww.chrisheuberger.comI am a web developer with a background in design. I am particularly interested in data visualization, environmental causes, and urban social impact projects. Here's my most recent side project: www.fightthestupid.comfrontend web development (e.g. HTML/CSS, JavaScript)he, him, his
11/21/2016 15:53:10Franco CastilloBrooklynNew Yorkfrancomariacastillo@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Designfrancomariacastillo.comPerson of color, LatinxHi, I am a freelance graphic designer originally from Puerto Rico. I specialize in branding design. Looking to contribute in whatever way I can!graphic design, branding, print design, adobe cche/himY
11/22/2016 17:20:12Taylor ZankeNew York CityNew Yorktaylor.zanke@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Print Design, Coding, Spatial, architectural,, www.taylorzanke.infoWeb, digital product, UI/X, book designer, architect in training. HTML/CSS/JS(Query), all Adobe CS, Rhino 3d and Autocad.He, Him
11/22/2016 19:06:25LeonardoNew York CityNew Yorkleonardo@leonardoalexander.comWeb and Digital Design, Print Design of colorI'm a hispanic graphic designer living in Brooklyn NY, and working with clients like Atlantic Records, and 300 Entertainment.Speaks SpanishHe
11/22/2016 20:32:06Katie Klimowicz BoulderColoradoKatieklimowicz@gmail.comBranding, Print & fiveoneltd.comWomanFormer book cover designer, lover of baseball and standing up for rights for ALL. Fluent in Ai, In, PsShe
11/22/2016 21:20:04Supisara NgaovithunvongBrooklynNew Yorksupisara.ngaov@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media@supisara.nwww.supisara.spaceImmigrant, WomanCurrently a Designer at THINX, I specialize on creative for marketing. Particularly interested in visual storytelling through still and moving imagery and typography. Graphic design, photo+videoShe/Her
11/23/2016 9:39:40Nina ZilkaBrooklynNew Yorknina.zilka@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Mediaaldernewyork.comWomanOwner and Creative Director at Alder New York, and beauty and lifestyle brandDesign, Graphic Design, WritingFemale, She, her etc.
11/23/2016 10:07:49Tori HinnNew York CityNew Yorktorihinn@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@torihinnhttp://with.torihinn.comWomanI'm a designer based in Brooklyn and currently working at Google Creative Lab. I hold a BFA in GD from Rhode Island School of Design. I also run Women of Graphic Design and come from a digital + branding background. I'm down to help and fight in any way I can!print design, typography, poster design, web design, digital design, art direction, branding & identity work, book design, HTML / CSSShe, her
11/24/2016 10:10:44Jeemin ShimQueensNew YorkJeemin.shim@gmail.comBranding, Print DesignJeem.inPerson of color, WomanShe
11/26/2016 8:25:34Barbara GeorgesOaklandCaliforniabmgeorges@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@poserfeelstudio-kyeo.comWoman A multidisciplinary designer offering creative direction, photography, graphic design and illustration.Adobe CCHer/She
11/27/2016 21:25:13Sabrina HallNew York CityNew Yorkhello@sabrinahalldesigns.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design@SabrinaHallnyc sabrinahalldesigns.comPerson of color, WomanFemale / Ms
11/27/2016 23:04:11Jen SmooseSeattleWashingtonjen@jensmoose.comPhotography@jensmoose or in Visual Art with a focus on photography. My personal work leans abstract, but I have a background in photojournalism/commercial photography/photo editing, graphic designshe/her
11/28/2016 10:12:23Luis QuispeQueensNew Yorkluisitos_way@hotmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Coding certified junior software developer with three years experience using applications such as javascript, jquery, css, html5, and adobe programs. I am open for a software or front-end position in NYCReliability, positive work ethic, good attitude, dedication: staying until the job is finished, punctual, dependability, ability to listen, team oriented, desire to learn or train, and people skills.Mr
11/29/2016 17:52:50Pema Domingo-BarkerNew York CityNew Yorkpema.db@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social of color, Immigrant, WomanCurrently the Communications and Digital Media Manager at the Queens Museum and can help with social media as well as graphic design work. Also -- Hi Joelle!!She/Her
12/2/2016 11:28:09Sara DierckNew York City/PhiladelphiaNew York and Pennsylvaniasara.r.dierck@gmail.comDesign Research and Strategy; Design Education@saradsaradsaradierck.comWoman, cancer survivorI'm a designer, educator, and artist.

I am Director of Design Research at a not-for-profit educational organization and have a background in consultancy work focusing on consumer electronics and household goods.
I am also an adjunct professor of Product Design at Drexel University.

My experience includes conducting research with and designing for people who have a diverse range of needs and backgrounds. My primary experience is in education, digital technologies (hard and soft), and consumer products.

Child and adult education is a main interest of mine. I am particularly interested in work that reaches rural communities.

I live in New York City and grew up in rural Washington State.
Listening, Observing, Synthesizing, Teaching, Learning.

Design Research (contextual inquiry, ethnographic research, user testing, co-design, and more); Design Strategy (design thinking, workshop facilitation, project planning); Design Education (design process, creative problem solving, research and strategy techniques); Project management

I have decent photography and writing skills.
12/8/2016 9:14:40Skylar RidabockBostonMassachusettsskylar.ridabock@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print DesignLinked Inwww.skylarridabock.comWomanBoston Based print/web designer with a BFA in graphic design from Champlain College. Passionate about women's rights, animal right's and sustainability. Print design, web design, infographics, presentation design, tradeshow/event design.Her, She
12/9/2016 15:43:10Shantal HenryGreater NY AreaNew Yorkhenry.shantal@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Social Mediashantaldesign.comPerson of color, WomanRecent undergraduate in graphic design. Several years in internship experience. Passionate about helping people gain agency and authority on matters that effect them most.Graphic design, listening, empathetic, attentive to detail, organized SheY
12/15/2016 9:30:16Cindy HwangBrooklynNew Yorkcindy@cindyhwang.infoWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Designcindyhwang.infoPerson of color, WomanI was part of the design team of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and am prepared to continue the fight for progressive values.InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mandarin ChineseShe, herY
12/15/2016 23:14:37Carolina PistoneSan FranciscoCaliforniacarolpistone2@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media, Packaging, WomanA multi-cultural, multi-disciplined designer currently creating in San Francisco, I believe that effective design is relevant, authentic, informed, and expressed through impactful, concept driven messaging and visuals. Fluent in Spanish. Skills: Graphic Design, Branding, Print Design, Package Design and Production, Editorial, UI/UX Design, Web Production, Iconography, Art Direction, Project Management, Illustration, Writing, Adobe Creative Suite, Some HTML and CSS, Sketch, InVision, familiar with Wordpress, Shopify and Squarespace.
she, herY
12/24/2016 10:09:10Melody ButcherGlasgowUnited Kingdomesramelodyb@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Social Media masters on design innovation with a specialism on citizenship after studying bachelor graphic design.
Interested in creating things that as long as other designers, other citizens will also appreciate.
Keen on challenges and trying to create connections between design and society.
Much interested in user experience design and design thinking and as already have been practising them with relevant projects.
Miss Y
1/3/2017 12:14:44Jessica SchulenburgAtlantaGeorgiajschulenburg24@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, PresentationsJessicaSchulenburg.orgWomanBackground in data visualization, journalism, print design, and currently a presentation designerShe/her
1/3/2017 12:26:39Briee EikenberryMuncieIndianabriannaeikenberry@gmail.comWeb and Digital Design, Branding, Print Design, Social Media@vivalabrieeee (instagram) @vivalabrieee (twitter)briannaeikenberry.comWomanI am starting my final semester of graduate school where I will receive a masters degree in emerging media design and development. I have a bachelor degree in journalism with a focus in graphic design. Graphic design, illustration, user experience design, project management SheY
1/10/2017 16:06:02Sam Stringer-HyeBrooklynNew Yorksam.stringerhye@gmail.comBranding, Print Design, Social Media DesignHeY
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