Instructions: Please add information for your organization if you offer equity-focused solutions for Black Learners and/or are a BIPOC Founder in EdTech. Also, be sure to include a point of contact and BLM related transactions completed.
Organization NameOrganization URLOrganization Twitter or InstagramProduct or ServiceGrade LevelsBenefit for Black learnersNo. of BIPOC founders and/or executivesWhat do you need help with? (e.g. funding, contracts, resources)Contact InformationDeals done with organizations that made Black Lives Matter statements
Akili Network is the first commercial digital content network distributing educational entertainment to 20 million children in Kenya via televisions, mobile devices, tablets and computers.pre-K to 14. Providing engaging content with learning outcomes for free. Aslo providing a platform for organizations to reach children and parents with behavior change communications. Majority of employees are Kenyans. Funding, partnerships with content providers, underwriters for original production.jeff.schon@akilinetwork.comNot yet
Attenor Collaborative, LLC college & career readiness solution for students in grades 6-12. Robust asynchronous solution for all schools looking for an online platform to support students in acquiring in-demand skills to navigate the 21st century workforce. 6-12Racially minoritized students are able to acquire skills to build a business from start to finish. Students are also able to leverage in-demand skills and monetize their unique talents. It's a solution that helps racially minoritized students disrupt the educational landscape in powerful and impactful ways. 1 Black Women Founder/CEOSecuring annual contracts with school districts across the US and Abroadrwards@attenorcollab.comNone yet
AKALA blended model (tech + one-on-one) college admissions counseling platform that levels the playing field in access to College Admissions guidance8-12
Access to the level of expert guidance previously only afforded to their affluent peers. With the majority of schools in America going online, the need for critical guidance on how to get to college or equivalent pathway has never been more paramount.

Our knowledge economy requires a college degree or vocational certificate to succeed in our society and yet 17,000 high schools in America DO NOT have a dedicated college counselor. That’s 2/3 of our entire public school system! AKALA is a College Admissions Counseling platform that gives customized guidance to students as early as 8th grade and then guides their decision-making all the way through high school so they are the ideal college applicants by senior year. But the students also get access to expert college counselors any time they need it. This blended model (tech + one-on-one) is scalable and will help close the massive Guidance Gap that exists in America today.
One black cofounder. And one Female Cofounder
connections to youth engagement organizations (boys & girls clubs, 4-H, etc). We have also raised $125K of our $1M seed round. So access to funders or foundations would be amazing. 609-915-9997 or Debon Lewis at Boys & Girls clubs, Police Athletic League
Black Tutors of Social MediaWebsite will be launched Mid August (So far it looks awesome)@BlackTutorsofSM Twitter IG:@blacktutorsofsocialmediaDallas and Atlanta based edtech product and service (Directory and Community services) The app will be created just around when the website is completedK - DoctorateBTSM will be creating a directory of the best and hottest black owned private tutoring companies in the world in addition to providing services to the community. The services that will be created are free tutoring services funded by donors, companies, celebrities, and more, financial literacy programming, college tours, mentorship (personal/career), etiquette, and travel opportunities as well as entrepreneurship Article: Black Solo Founder and 5 Board Members so far (2 Dallas, 2 Houston, 1 San Francisco)Once the website is complete, I will need funding and partnerships from the lens of a nonprofit. I'm new to owning a nonprofit although I have been on 2 boards. Need help getting NATIONAL media for this. I have some local media coverage already.blacktutorsofsocialmedia@gmail.comNone yet.
BrownSTEM BrownSTEM offers innovative schools for college and career readiness that are STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medical) focused on serving students of color in grades 6-12 in underserved communities. 6-12BrownSTEM innovative schools graduate students with college-credit, industry certifications, and leadership skills that make them ready for jobs of the 22nd century. BrownSTEM’S innovative school model features Project Based Learning, Early College, and a 4 year paid apprenticeship in a collaborative experiential learning environment and distributed leadership governance.1Strategic Partnerships
Volunteers- Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, Master Teachers, Champions
mzmillis8@gmail.comNone yet
Class Updates www.classupdatesapp.comTwitter @classupdatesapp IG @classupdatesapplicationOnline, remote learning learning app for real-time communication between higher ed professors and studentsHigher Ed, High SchoolBlack learners will be able to stay connected (during this time especially with the coronavirus pandemic and schools closed). Black learners can also work more collaboratively using Class Updates as it fosters teamwork and even the ability to have/create an independent academic social network to help them excel and achieve academically. Class Updates provides an easy way for Black learners to communicate about class related material and school related information. Class Updates is a free remote learning tool that will enhance their overall learning, including remote/online learning by keeping learners connected with their classes/professors and fellow classmates, while keeping informed about class-related updates, and help them stay connected with the school as well. 1 CEO and FounderFunding, partnerships with colleges/universities (HBCU's in particular) and non-profits, and contractstemante@classupdatesapp.comNone as of yet
Classerawww.classera.comTitle 1 LMS-school developmentK-12Classera is designed to help motivate and inspire challenged users by engaging community and business leaders to highlight student effort towards graduation, college and career readiness, and growing positive behavior in the most challenging ministries and districs around the world. Engaging Admins, Teachers, parents, and students alike. 1Direct introductions to district leaders seeking better outcomes, Introductions to the invested local politcal leadership, as well as business community leaders. k.whitfield@classera.comNone to date, but know that our product will have a significant impact year over year backed by data that includes projected graduation rate, college path, STEM, CCSS, and daily tracking of positive behavior management.
ConnectYard, Engagement & Analytics PlatformPK-12, Higher Ed, WorkforceConnectYard improves communication and engagement with Black learners and families, and measures learning loss.2 Black foundersContracts with schools, publishers and LMS vendorsMike Norris, Director of Partnerships, mnorris@connectyard.comNone to date
Diversity run a toy and book drive which encourages donors to choose curated toys and books that feature positive BIPOC representation and then gift those toys and books to classrooms, daycare spaces, and racialized and marginalized children in need.Infant, Toddler, Pre K, K-8. Mentorships and resources available for Grades 9-12Our mission is to normalize diversity by increasing representation of Black and other underrepresented marginalized and racialized groups in children's products. The more diversity young children experience and are exposed to the more likely they are to have empathy for others and be more inclusive. Black Woman founder and Executive Director.
Black woman director, BIPOC male director
Diverse staff (majority women BIPOC, Immigrants)
Funding and/or grants writer, partnerships with BIPOC creators (toys, books, clothing, media, images, etc), mentorships, networking opportunties for potential partners/sponsorsinfo@diversitykidz.orgTwo currently in process
Drone Facebook: Drone Cadets Instagram dronecadetsDrone Cadets is a unique Drone Education program designed to produce safe and responsible drone pilots of any age. Our Certified Drone Instructors have taught more than a thousand students.We work with schools and organizations throughout the Hudson Valley to bring life-changing technology education to families and under-served populations here and throughout the world.K-12Drone Cadets is a black owned Drone Company creating a workforce development pipeline for inspiring drone pilots our main focus is helping and guiding our black & brown be successful in this growing field from the energy sector, oil and gas, construction, agriculture and telecommunications 3 foundersfunding, marketing and 800-228-7412none
FeatherNest CoLearning Group colearning space in a safe, inclusive environment with high-speed internet and learning support10 - 14The worldwide COVID19 pandemic requires many high-school and community college aged students to complete coursework online. This sudden shift in learning delivery exposes the digital divide in our communities. It creates a disadvantage for students who do not have access to high-speed internet, a proper learning workspace or a supportive adult knowledgeable about how to use technology. FNCLG fills this gap by making affordable space available to these students. For as little as $60 per month, FNCLG has set aside four 3-hour blocks of time for students aged 16 and above. During these specific time-blocks, student members can use the workspaces in FNCLG to focus on completing their school coursework in a safe and professional environment. These students are also encouraged to pursue high-paying careers in technology that do not require a college degree but do require certification.Black Woman founder and Executive Director.Marketing, funding, contractsfeathernestcl@gmail.comNone yet.
Future N Focus Dream Catcher Development Software 6-12Dream Catcher is an evidence base software designed to help students discover their purpose and align that purpose with the most suitable career path. Dream Catcher is self contained an available for in classroom and distance learning use. Dream Catcher was founded and created by Steve Ward an African American who has provided a holistic approach to self and career exploration. Dream Catcher has been successful amongst all demographics and effnicities but was created with at risk/ at promise youth and students with IEP's and ITP's as the focus.
1 Black FounderPriorities: 1. Contracts 2. Awarness 3. Funding to scale fasterSteve Ward CEO/Founder (909)437-1180The Goodwill
GABA Inc.gogaba.coTwitter/IG @gogabacoA machine learning platform that helps medical students study more effectivelypre-med to resident3,000 medical students fail out of medical school. The majority of these students are under represented minorites who have worked hard to get accepted. We help them trhough the process from start to finish. 3 Black female Founder, Black maile Founder, Black female Chief Experience Officer (CXO)Funding we are crowdfunding with Morehouse School of Medicine: School of Medicine
Hack to the Future virtual code camp focused on introducing high school students of color to programming and the world of tech9-12As a virtual coding camp, HTTF will be able to reach students wherever they happen to be. This exposure to coding might help to increase # of black who ultimately pursue STEM-related careers in areas with negative and no growth. Long-term impact: 1) Increase # of BIPOC attending college and pursuing STEM degrees
2) Provide a pipeline of BIPOC tech talent and leaders.
3) Create more BIPOC tech entrepreneurs.
This is a volunteer initiative. Of the 16 core volunteers 14 are POC. 9 are BLPOCFunding, recruiting partners for studentsRyan Seashore info@hacktothefuture.orgCurrently we are working with: College Track, New Door Ventures, Latin Startup Alliance,CS for All Philly, Elite Education and several other organizations
Hope for Youth, Incwww.gethype.orgTwitter/IG @gethype_incHYPE offers computer science workshops, after-school programming, virtual solutions, and tech exposure field trips for girls of color, girls in low-income & under-resourced communities

HYPE also supports schools & school teachers in low-income communities
6-12Designed with girls of color in mind, our curriculum is culturally relevant. We invite women of color industry professionals to mentor our students, provide words of wisdom, and help HYPE scholars see themselves in tech careers!1 Black Woman Founder/CEO (Sole Founder)Funding
Partnering with schools & other nonprofits
kristina@gethype.orgCommunity Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Dream Warriors Foundation
GE Power
LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Inspireduwww.iuatl.orgTwitter&IG: @InspireduatlInspiredu is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization that partners with schools, districts, non-profit organizations, and government entities to empower students and their families with the digital tools and training to create a successful learning environment at home. To date, we have connected with over 44 education partners, trained 25,000 individuals, and deployed nearly 14,000 home computers. Our people-centered approach to education technology results in stronger outcomes for students, teachers, and families – so everyone succeeds.Early Learning & K-1295% of the children and families that we serve are black, immigrant, and/or latino in schools where the free and reduced lunch is 75% or higher. We focus all of our work in the community helping under-resourced families have access to high quality technology devices as well as digital literacy, STEM and familiy learning training.4 (CEO and 3 Directors)Corporate partnerships and unused technology assets, Brand awareness and school sponsorshipofreeman@iuatl.orgCommunity Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Atlanta Public Schools
It's Not Complicated Education (INC Education)www.inceducationllc.comTwitter: @inceducationllc IG: @inceducation#1 AA owned private education company in the Southern US. We do tutoring from 1st grade to Doctoral level in STEM subjects, test preps, English, Reading, Writing, and Foreign Languages. We do academic coaching/counseling, mentoring, resume review and writing, literature reviews for physicians and nurses, ghostwriting for authors, and homeschooling services K - DoctorateBlack students are able to receive top tier education services from people who look like them and we have a 95% success rate of students earning As and Bs in over 50 subjects company wide. We service students nationwide online or in person. Article: 1 Founder, and I have a team of 92 tutors in 5 cities nationwide Funding to Scale and contractsj.veal@inceducationllc.comnone yet
Language to Learning, and on-site speech therapy and special education services. We offer social skills groups, parent coaching, and parent training.Pre-K-12Promoting culturally enriched services to Brown and Black communities. We empower children and families to find and use their voice.100% Black and Woman owned. Contracts with charter schools in NC, CA, Native Americn reservations and D.C. ;partnerships;
Career Navideer is a innovative interactive web-based career exploration and readiness that allows students to align lifestyle, education level, work values and work activities in navigating 1,100 occupation areas covering 50,000 job titles. The goal of Career Navideer is to provide career and academic options that are mapped to a person's lifetyle. Career Navideer uses lifestyle as the ultimate motivator to engage students in academic and career decision making!K-12, Higher Ed, Adults and WorkforceProvides learners from underrepresented communities with the information on academic and career options in such a way to reduce educational inequity and increase a student's participation in both academic and career decision-making much earlier in the process. Because the information is mapped to a student's lifestyle, motivation and engagement can be driven by what that student wants. The options and choices provided spurn additional discussions between educators, mentors, parents and students.2 Black Founders1. Contracts, 2. Brand Awareness, 3. Corporate Partnerships and 4. Mentor in Edtech spacepgamble@lifestylelearning.comNone yet.
LINC (Learning Innovation Catalyst) delivers online professional learning to educators for remote, hybrid, and blended learning. K-Adult LearnersSupporting teachers in delivering student-centered, equitable classrooms. Currently building racial equity content for professional learning for educators. Black founder and co-CEO, LatinX founder and co-CEO Funding, contracts, resourcesjasongreen@linclearning.comSeveral
LinkIt! & data analytics platform K-12A robust data analytics platform for measuring student performance, LinkIt! was founded to to give stakeholders access to timely and relevant data on student achievement. The platform is content and data source agnostic, meaning that it can support data and analytics resulting from any assessment or data source. It is currently used across hundreds of school districts in the US and abroad to measure progress towards academic goals, plan interventions and allocate resources to student populations with the greatest level of need. All too often, this means students of color and black students specifically.LinkIt! has two black co-founders, one of whom is currently CEO.Partnerships and collaborations with school systems and organizations looking to improve their abilty to collect and act on student performance data.josh@linkit.comNone yet.
Math Jr.
Mathematician, Jr abacus learning resources, products, services and workbooks offer a way for simplifying abacus-based mathematics and to foster math genius in young children.
PK-2Learning resources feature math problems about prominent black historical figures.1School systems
Early Learning Center
ameerahbelloedd@gmail.comNone yet
MindBlown @MindblownLabsFinancial Education Games and Curriculum, and remote clases4-12, and learn at home parentsMindBlown Labs empowers young people to make better financial decisions. Its unique approach combines fun mobile games that teach critical financial concepts, such as saving, budgeting, the impact of higher education on earning potential and investing, with an engaging curriculum grounded in experiential learning. This information is critical for all learners, but is especially relevant to black communities given the persistent wealth between black workers and white workers and the role that systematic racism has played in perpetuating said wealth gap. Both founders are blackContracts with schools and districtsjason@mindblownlabs.comNone to date.
Pay Your Tuition (PYT Funds) Loan ServiceCollege and Graduate Pay Your Tuition Funds (PYT) connects families and banks to provide innovative solutions to finance higher education. We believe that technology and data can unlock new solutions to bridge the higher education funding gap. PYT offers multiple student-centric solutions to match you with the right money to meet your needs such as the Student Loanership™ Program. The Student Loanership™ will reward students for taking positive steps toward degree completion and future employment.3Follow on Funding to close our seed round. Investors and lenders. We have fast growing open seed round of 350,000 we are looking to close which would put our Black vetern femal founder at over 1 million dollars. However seeking support to finance from philothropic organzations so that we can set up endowments at HBCU's rual colleges and funds dedicated to women in particular women of color, and middle income college students who are not pell elgible or have used up all of their finacial aid package and need access to private dollors. We aslo are in the final stages of apply for CDFI certifcation which would enahnce our ablity to not only fund our students but other programs on this very list.. Richard Adams: info@gopyt.comWe have set up a scholarship at HBCU University of Arkansas Pine Bluff. Our lead investor has made comminity to BLM New Media Ventures out of Oakland California.
Twitter: @WeArePeduL Instagram: @WeArePeduL
PeduL is a data-driven scholarship marketplace. For students it is common application for scholarships and on the otherside of the marketplace it is a scholarship builder for individuals, organizations, and corporations. Seniors in HS through Graduate SchoolWe host corporate scholarships on our platform from companies like Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Audible that are specifically looking for black talent. In January we'll be elevating our corporate scholarship offerings with a $10m scholarship fund for black students around the country. 2 Funding and Corporate PartnershipsChisa@PeduL.comHorizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
28 is a development and distribution platform for engaging, interactive educational content that can take the form of animated books, games, and other actvities.preK-5Pubbly (private beta) was developed out of the Global Learning XPrize challenge which was sponsored by Google. The Pubbly solution won recognition as one of five 5 finalists in the global challenge and a cash prize of $1M funded by Elon Musk for it's innovative solution to address the global literacy challenge that impacts some 250 million children around the world that lack basic access to educational resources, including schools, teachers and books. The Pubbly solution make it easy for non-coders to develop complex, engaging interactions to support learning in any curriculum area and was extensively field tested in remote villages in Tanzania as part of the XPrize challange. The company is now extending its work through collaborations with both non-profits and for-profits entities in the US and abroad, as well as bringing sustainable solutions directly to market.Black founderFunding and partnerships josh@pubbly.comNone yet.
SOLcademy.comSOLcademy.comTwitter is Simple Online Learning. We are the home culturally-responsive education. We exist to empower students with choice and control over their learning to boost their intrinsic motivation and confidence. Our mission is to engage students to generate the data needed to recommend the best content, context and resources for each student to succeed.6-9Equitable access to high-quality teachers and educational content for all students. 1 CEO & FounderWe are looking to raise our seed round and for creators to make content for the platform. beau@solcademy.comTBD!
30 Online content authoring SaaS platform. Visual learners quickly and easily create compelling and engaging content at scale. Enterprise offering. Supports K-12 and Higher Ed.k-12 , higher edIncreased engagement, decreased recitivism, higher outcomes educationally and in terms of Subject Matter Expertise. Please note we also have diverse Global opportunity.Diverse founders and BoD, incl BIPOC Exec staff. (Hispanic, Arab, Persian, Indo-Pak, Black, & Female all of these minority groups represented)Pipeline opportunitiesaherkert@squiglit.comMicrosoft, Classera, TruScribe
STEMBoard and,@stemboardSTEMBoard Education Directorate bridges the STEM opportunity gap for students of color through virtual programming in robotics, cyber forensics, entrepreneurship and coding with LINGO. LINGO is multimedia kit provides young minds with step-by-step guidance to build a real back-up sensor used in autonomous vehicles AND the software code needed to make it function to their preference.Middle and High school Black learners will have an opportunity to increase their knowledge and confidence through a hands-on experience designing, building and testing a protoype use in autonomous vehicles. In addition, they will be taught by a black software developer instructor through a self-pace instructional video and directly engage and develop their network with other black STEM professionals and entrepreneurs.Black Female CEO, Black VP of Ed & OutreachPartnerships with Schools, Contracts and Sponsorship with companies, Staffing: Product Sales supportProduct Tech Support, On-call instructors to support virtual hands-on experience with, hello@stemlingo.comNone yet
STRUT Learning seeks to make children both happier and smarter, making learning easier, faster, and more healthy. This is done through emotional intelligence (EQ) technology. EQ is proven to increases academic, emotiional, social, and career sucess.

We delivers direct value to children and teachers through our digital Social and Emotional Learning Diagnostic Assessment (SELDA) and classroom learning app, eMojo. We created SELDA, the most accessible, comprehensive, and effective research-based assessment tool of its kind. Most schools can’t afford assessments, so we made SELDA a FREE online tool which provides immediate results and assesses an individual’s composite emotional intelligence (EQ) level while highlighting areas of strength and improvement. eMojo is the first application platform of its kind that utilizes technology to adapt in real time to a student’s academic level, learning style, emotional intelligence, and current emotional state. It replaces, integrates, or supplements directly with curricula and provides associated lesson plans for teachers while allowing students to work through lessons at their own pace. It also gives students the capability to choose when they’re ready to proceed. This customization allows for better student focus, increased knowledge retention, and optimal learning. Our first app features the integration of EQ within social studies.
K-8Our initiative was born out of the concern about black boys in particular dropping out of the school system because they are not properly supported. When these individuals drop out, they are not given the self-confidence and social skills to still find a successful path. While in many cases school might be the best path, individuals should still be set up for success in their relationships, families, careers, as well as community members - and if they stay in school, they must also have the EQ to succeed. With our focus on how to improve emotional intelligence, we want to make children BOTH smarter and happier, not just academically proficient. While well-funded schools have the most tech, in the future poorly funded schools will have more tech, because it’s cheaper than teachers. Some of these technologies lower EQ, thus having the potential to create an even further divide. STRUT helps to address such issues, by providing low-cost EQ solutions for communities and schools.Our team is 70% diverse (including Asian, Black, and Hispanic) and 40% female at all levels. Pipeline opportunities, strategic partmerships, and eventually contracts with schools and other orgs.mitch@learn2strut.comnone yet
Tanoshi, Inc., safe and educational computers and contentK-8, and learn at home familiesTanoshi provides every child the opportunity to do distance learning, and to develop 21st Century computer skills, including coding. Develop skills for future workforce. Closing the tech gap1 Black Woman FounderFunding. Investors and lenders. We have fast growing demand. However seeking support to finance growth (additional headcount, R&D, and supply chain)Brad Johnston, CEO, brad@tanoshiinc.comWe are currently running a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to give computers to some of the 12 million K-12 kids in the US who cannot properly do distance learning without. Tanoshi, and our GoFundMe partner, Be the Change Foundation, proudly support Black Lives Matter!
TeachKloud shows that children who have access to quality preschool experiences are more likely to own their own homes, less likely to be incarcerated and earn more than their peers who did not have access to these experiences. Unfortunately, many preschools are deemed non-compliant in areas such as safety and quality learning experiences. Teachers spend 2-4 hours on paperwork per day in an effort to meet these standards but with over 500 different regulatory standards it is a momentous task. To solve these issues. TeachKloud, and Early Years and Pre School Management and Compliance Software helps preschools comply with regulations, communicate with parents and provide quality early childhood education and care.Pre-K Our vision is to provide quality early childhood education to every child, no matter who they are, or where they come from, but especially those from underserved and disadvantaged communities– by empowering their teachers and parents to provide individualised learning and provide safer educational environments.CEO + CTO are blackMentorship from seasoned edtech professionals and investors.wendy@teachkloud.comAdvisory meeting with Troy Williams
Tech Turn Up www.techturnup.comTwitter: @techturnup. IG techturnupTech Turn Up is a non-profit organization that provides underserved students an early exposure to STEM with a specific focus on computer science and technology opportunities and skills and explores the future in this ever-changing industry.K-12 To prepare students with technology skills in this time of crisis. Tech Turn Up proposes providing technology educational services for students within the highest concentration of need. 3Networks and partnershipstim@techturnup.comDC Public Schools
The Social Engineering Project, Inc.www.TheSocialEngineer.orgBoth @SocialEnginProjTSEP is an Oakland based social impact venture with Stanford University designed to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry through pipeline programs for underrepresented students of color.5-12 GradesCulturally relevant tradiational STEM curriculum designed to motivate and inspire students to go to college, major in STEM, and work in the tech industry.2 Black Co-Founders Funding, partnerships with tech companies, and more access to low income students to helpKevin@TheSocialEngineer.orgSeveral.
The Social products for students K-12 - focusing on critical Social-Emotional Learning and Career Path Exploration for ALL students.

Our animated interactive lessons allow users to practice in a safe environment the skills needed to manage real-life social situations. Our fun and easy to use programs help drive learning and success in and out of the classroom.
3-12Provides every learner with sometimes overlooked direct instruction on social interactions, self-regulation, anti-bullying and career exploration. The beautiful part about this program is that students explore scenarios, and outcomes of the decisions they make. Includes prompts for teachers, guardians, parents and students to engage in dialog about critical issues and stressful situations in a safe environment. 0Spreading the word... Marc Zimmerman, CEO and FounderNone to date
Transborder Ventures | @cfectiv Information Systems, Telecommunications, Media and CommoditiesSoftAcademia is a comprehensive educational institution management solution that addresses all the major needs of an educational institution. See : | | https://transbordernetwork.comBlack Owned and operatedPipeline opportunitiesgeraldp@tventuresllc.comSeveral
UncrowdUncrowd.ioTwitter: @uncrowd1 IG: @uncrowdUncrowd connects underrepresented startup founders with investors. The platform is free for entreprenuers. Higher EdBlack startup founders receive less than 1% of venture capital. For aspiring black entreprenuers, access to capital is a tremendous hurdle. We provide an opportunity for real investors to discover products created by student entreprenuers.1 FounderAwareness. The platform is free to entreprenuers. We just want more of them to know we exist and join the platform for more exposure to investors.forest@uncrowd.ioNone Yet
Workforce eTraining Solutions LLChttps://workforceetraining.comtwitter/IG: @WETSetrainingWorkforce eTraining Solutions (WETS) helps to bridge the skills gap and the digital divide through online career and technical training programs for teens, adult learners, women, displaced workers, veterans, and those returning to society. k12 Virtual Solutions a subsidiary of WETS offers a portfolio of some of the most innovative k12 eLearning products and services. We help schools integrate technology into classrooms and virtually for a blended learning experience. We partner with parents and schools offering a variety of online learning styles that will keep students engaged and wanting to learn. Additionally, through Workforce eTraining Solutions schools can provide professional and leadership development to upskill their staff and districts. K-12, Higher Ed, Adults and WorkforceTo provide access to online career and technology training to minorities, women, youth/teens, veterans and underserved communities to better prepare them for in-demand jobs and help uplift them to have a better quality of life. Expose k12 to STEM at an early age to facilitate them to be prepared for HigherEd and encourage interest to persue careers in STEM.1 Black/Latina Founder/CEONetworks & strategic partnerships School Systems Vocational Schools/Career Centers Community College Contracts Advisors Interns Funding sources for Schools and Community-based 800-228-7412None yet
41 paltform to support learners and workersHigher Ed Access to low cost educational content and related job/career opportunites 2Funding and partnerships glen@workschool.coNone yet.
STEM K-12, College Students, Professional Development
Online STEM program that teaches children about engineering and science careers with engaging hands on exercises. We also focus on developing computer coding and mathmatics is incorporated in our curriculum.
K-12, Higher Ed, Adults and Workforce
Pursue non service related careers that pays well3 African American, CEO, CFO and FounderCollaborative Partners, Equipment, Fundingaces@eazz-z.com1