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TimestampWhat was today's class about?How is that related to math?What do you think will happen later this week?Describe a Mullet in your own words.What questions do you still have?
12/16/2013 14:14:55it's was about calculating mullet is related because you have divide and stuff.we will do more mullet ratiosa mullet is a type of hair style that they had back in the day.
12/16/2013 14:15:42Today's class was about mullets which ones has more party and more business It is relates to math because you have to calculate the ratio of mulletI think that we are goings to learn about this all this week Mullets is a about like the top is busines and the long hair at the bottom is party how long is the hair
12/16/2013 14:16:31About how to calculate the mullet ratio You were doing ratios We will be learning about ratios A old school haircut
12/16/2013 14:16:51To find which mullet was mullet-r We were looking for the mullet ratioWe will be doing ratio A haircut that is business in the front and party in the back
12/16/2013 14:16:53As a class we had to see who was more mullety and to find the ratio
To party from business
It's related to math because it's like divisionProbably do another survey cause I would love doing it again it was funnyA mullet to me would be like Billy Ray Cyrus. A more likely a bush and the back a party. So a business and a party!
12/16/2013 14:17:19What I learned in class is that mullet is called Perth in the back and bussnesss in the front Because to find the measure of the mullet to see which mullet is bigger you have to divide the party in the back and bussnesss in the fount I think that we began to learn about dividing the numbers A mullet is a strange hair style in back of the days
12/16/2013 14:17:19Mullets Dividing to find the mullet ratio More mullets Busses in front partly in back
12/16/2013 14:17:28The ratio of mullets and how they looked It's related to rounding and all the math we been going overMovies,math,and great classes.A big weird hair style
12/16/2013 14:17:31We were learning about some crazy mullets that are called business and party it was very fun and I saw mrs vauderys when he was a little kidWe had a to find the ratio for the pictures that were shown on the board We will keep doing this this whole week To me it is basically long hair that is cool
12/16/2013 14:17:48Mullets and how there difference It is related to math because we had to find which mullet is bigger Learn mor about mullet It is long hair and it nice from the front and mess from the back
12/16/2013 14:17:51Mullets ratios and how more mullet-y between peopleIt's related to math because it we used numerator and denominater and dividedMaybe we will try to do other problems or other subjects of mathI think a mullet is just a regular hair cut and I don't think it's a combination of two but how you want the hair cut
12/16/2013 14:18:52MulletCause of the ratios Learn more about ratios Ugly
12/16/2013 14:19:14It was about mullets How big the front and how big the back is We would talk about mullets later this weekIt's is cool :)
12/16/2013 14:19:55Today's class period was learning about mullet ratio. Wellllll it's related to math because we were finding out the length of the mullet.We will have to wear mullets and find each other's length?It's a ball of ugly hair with a long ugly tail in the back ?😎😇
12/16/2013 14:20:43It was about how mullets have business in the front and party in the back. Then you take the ratio and divide it.You take the ratio of the front of the mullet which is business and take the back of the mullet which is party and divide those two.I think we will learn about diffrent types of hairstyles and divide the front of the hairstyle and the back of the hairstyle and get an answer.In front of a mullet is slicked front and sometimes big so it's called "business" and the back of the mullet is crazy and long sometimes curly and it's called "party"
12/16/2013 14:21:32Today's class was about mullets and we learned how to tell if he/she mullet was a real mullet and how big it is.This subject is related to math because we did math and we used calculations to see how big the mullet was and how to tell if their mullet is a real one and also we compared people's mullets. I think that we will do this later this week because it is interesting and math related I think we will do this later this week.We'll in my own words a mullet is a business in the front and a party in the back and if you have one you have an awesome head of hair. :)
12/16/2013 14:24:32Today's class is about figuring out who has the biggest mullet and who's actually looks like a mulletIt is related to math becuase we have to measure how long the mullets are and divide them
Umm we'll I'm not so sure lol but I think we might be having like a lot of wigs on a table lol or we can say a lot of mullets and um measure how long they are Mullets are pretty cool and awesome but only if you know how to have them
12/16/2013 14:25:04It's was about mullet ratio It's related to math because it's uses division,length and width.I don't know more about mullets Nice and neat long hair
12/16/2013 14:27:30We were talking about mullets and which looks better Because we we measure inches and do math problemsWe will have a party and have fun and watch a movie because we did a good job in class :)A mullet is a hair style.
12/16/2013 15:39:47Today's class was about mullets
It is related to class because we divided he party from the business I think that will countine the mullet thingy but do different math stuff Mullet is just a hair do from the 1970's that people used
12/17/2013 6:48:40Day 2Day 2Day 2Day 2
12/17/2013 14:29:19About measuring our class mates hair Measuring Finding the most mullet hair It's a ball of hair ?
12/17/2013 14:29:32MulletsWe measured how big the party is and how big the business is We will still learn about mulletsAwesome
12/17/2013 14:29:40Ratios & mulletsBecause we are leading how to divide ratiosMore about fractionsShort hair in the front and long hair in the back
12/17/2013 14:30:04We learned how to find the measure of a pice of hair
We measure a pice of hair
We will keep doing the same thing Bussnesss in the front and party in back
12/17/2013 14:30:25About graphing mullet ratioWe are doing ratio and graph We will do ratios A hair cut that is business in the front and party at the back
12/17/2013 14:30:30it was was about figuring out the party & business. it was related because we are measuring.we will do more things about mullets.mullet is a type of hair style that they used back in the day
12/17/2013 14:30:55MulletsMullets ratioMore mulletsWeird and no fashion
12/17/2013 14:31:15a mullet You dived party by business About x and y with other things A strange hair style
12/17/2013 14:31:27About the length and ratioRatiosMore about ratiosUgly
12/17/2013 14:31:40We learned to find the ratio of the mulletBecause we you division We'll still do mullets but use it with different math stuffA mullet is a piece of hair with business and party
12/17/2013 14:32:07More hair "mullets" and other mathDivision and addition was involved todayA Christmas party on Friday A huge fun key hair dew
12/17/2013 14:32:10It was about more mullets and the ratio of the length of party and business.It related to math because we measure and we round and divide.Just the same thing nothin different.Just a regular hair cut.
12/17/2013 14:32:17Mullet ratios Idk but it's fun and exciting More mullet rations and a mullet day Beautiful and sexy
12/17/2013 14:32:35Today's class is about reviewing how to do lengths.It has numbers that are about lengths.I think we are gonna mix a little old with some new lengths.Are crazy hairstyles that are short in the front and long in the back.
12/17/2013 14:33:11It was about the mullets again but we got to get up and check people's hair which was weird but cool at the same time .We had to use rulers and cculaters We will keep doing this It is a very long hair
12/17/2013 14:33:35Today we learned about the ratio of mulletsIt is related to math in a way because you divide the measurement of the front and the back We will learn more about dividing ratiosA mullet to me is a sign of recognition it was a cool hair style back then and if I could have a mullet now or then I would
12/17/2013 14:34:07Today's class was about how we figured out the ratio of the mullet. The business in the the front and part in the back.You measure the front of the mullet and the back and find out the ratio.I think we are going to do a diffrent hairstyle and measure the front and back.A mullet is a big hairstyle that people used to wear in the 90,s.
12/17/2013 14:34:18Today's class was about messureing the mullets and finding the ratio.This is related to math because we used math to figure out the ratio.I this we might keep on doing this.Business in the front party in the back
12/17/2013 14:34:50The thing I learned today was about ratios of our hair and we also learned about plotting.It's related to math because it's measuring and ratios.The thing I think that's going to happen this week is that we are going to continue during mullets.Mullet is busines in the front of your hair and party in the back of your hair.
12/17/2013 14:47:19It was about mullets and mullet ratioIt's related to math because your dividing and estimating Another mullet day! Hahaha! :)A mullet to me is like a a party in the back and a buissness in the front
Day 3Day 3These two were deleted from the surveyThese two were deleted from the survey
12/18/2013 14:29:14Mullets Divide party and business No
12/18/2013 14:30:13It was the same thing it was about mullets and we got to draw on bold peopleWe still have numbers Why are we will on my
12/18/2013 14:30:24It was the same thing it was about mullets and we got to draw on bold peopleWe still have numbers Why are we will on mullets
12/18/2013 14:30:27Mullets How to find the ratios
12/18/2013 14:30:47We drew hair on bald peolpe We tried to find out the ratio of our drawing None
12/18/2013 14:30:54it was about guessing their mullets ratios and stuff. it was related because we had to used calculators. none
12/18/2013 14:31:04How to measure the hair and find the answerWe had to divide No
12/18/2013 14:31:55MulletsWe are finding the ratioNothing
12/18/2013 14:32:22Mullet Ratios It's related to math because it uses length and width One question is that why is it so funny and a great topic?
12/18/2013 14:32:48We learned how to plot ratios for mullets (:Because we use division to find the party and the businessNone m good you teach well (:
12/18/2013 14:32:48Nothin much you know the usual mullets ratio and drawingThe same just dividing Nothin
12/18/2013 14:34:51Class today was about how to make your own mullet question and answer based on first question so they should get the same answer.It has adding and subtracting and dividing None
12/18/2013 14:35:09About measuring mullets Because you have to measure every thing
12/18/2013 14:35:15About enlarging and shrinking ratiosDilation and ratios Can we do harder math problems next time ,,,,,,
12/18/2013 14:35:20Mullets!!!!!!!! XDBecause we have to estimate and and divide Ur soooooo funny ;)
12/18/2013 14:35:20Today's class was about mullets and we did our own and we had to draw our own.This is related to math because we have to figure out the ratio and we used calculators and we used math stuff.
12/18/2013 14:35:35It was about how you measure mullets from the back which is party and the fron which is businessYou measure the back and front of the mullet in inches None(:
12/18/2013 14:36:15Today's class was about comparing mullet ratios to see which one was the biggestIt is related to math because pin point the location of the mullets on the x and y axisWas today fun
12/18/2013 14:36:40It was about mullets how who's is longer and whos is longer party and busines It's related bro math because it's about width plus the length and sketching
12/18/2013 14:36:59Mullets We graphed the
12/18/2013 14:39:37About enlarging and shrinking the ratio to get the same answer Ratios and dilation Why aren't there harder problems ❗️🔚
12/18/2013 14:44:41It was about measuring mulletsBecause we are measuring and that's mathNone
12/18/2013 14:50:26About mullets .Cause you measure the hair .Nothing
12/18/2013 14:52:06About the mullets again xcBecuse we be measuring how long the party and business is Umm why are are learning about mullets
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