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Author nameTime periodEthnicityGenderPrimary GenreAuthor SummaryFiction WorksNon-Fiction WorksPoetryCriticism available in AHS Library?Biographies
Mosley, WalterContemporaryAfrican-AmericanMaleMysteryMystery and noir writer; his main characters are usually African-American. His mysteries are often in an urban setting and are commentaries on race relations and money and power.-Devil in a Blue Dress -Always outnumbered, always outgunned -Bad Boy Brawly Brown -Fortunate Son -Gone Fishing -A Red Death -Little Scarlet -RL's Dream -Walking the Dog -White Butterfly -47 (young adult)No
Toomer, JeanEarly 20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMalePoetryMajor writer of the Harlem Renaissance.-short storiesCollected poemsNo
Angelou, MayaContemporaryAfrican-AmericanFemalePoetry and MemoirsHugely prolific writer and activist, Angelou became famous for her poetry and memoirs.-Even the Stars Look Lonesome -Won't Take Nothing for My Journey Now -All God's Children Need Travelling Shoes -Gather Together in My Name -The Heart of a Woman -Swingin' and Singin' and Getting Merry Like Christmas -I Know Why the Caged Bird SingsManyYes
Hurston, Zora NealeEarly-20th centuryAfrican-AmericanFemaleRealismHurston was a prominent author of fiction, poetry, plays, essay and folklore during the Harlem Renaissance.-Tell my horse : voodoo and life in Haiti and Jamaica -Every tongue got to confess : Negro folk-tales from the Gulf States -Mules and men -Spunk : The selected stories of Zora Neale Hurston -Their Eyes Were Watching GodDust tracks on a road : an autobiographyYesZora! : Zora Neale Hurston, a woman and her community
Kincaid, JamaicaContemporaryAfrican-AmericanFemaleRealismOriginally born in the Caribbean, now a professor in the United States. Her works of fiction are loosely autobiographical.-Annie John -Lucy -The Autobiography of My MotherNo
Walker, AliceContemporaryAfrican-AmericanFemaleRealismBorn poor in the South to a farming family, Walker became involved in the Civil Rights movement and political activism. Her books often deal with racial conflict and the oppression of women.-The Color Purple -In Love and Trouble -Possessing the Secret of Joy -The Temple of My Familiar -You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down -short story collections-In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens -Living By the WordYesYes
Baldwin, JamesMid-20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealismMid-20th century African-American and homosexual author who was also a political activist.-Go Tell It to the Mountain
-Giovanni’s Room
-Going to Meet the Man
-If Beale Street Could Talk
-Blues for Mister Charlie [play]
-Notes of a Native Son
-The Fire Next Time
-AHS Library has many anthologies of plays and essays with works by Baldwin
Ellison, RalphMid-20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealismMid-20th century African-American author who won the National Book Award. His most famous work, Invisible Man is considered one of the most important American novels ever written.Invisible ManYes
Gaines, Ernest Late 20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealismNational Book Award-winning author who was born into poverty and wrote his first book at age 17. - A Lesson Before Dying - The Autobiography of Miss Jane PittmanMozart and Leadbelly : stories and essays No
Hughes, LangstonEarly-20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealismA major writer and political activist of the Harlem Renaissance. -The Best of Simple -The Ways of White Folks-Fight for Freedom: The Story of the NAACP -Black Magic: A Pictorial History of the Negro in American Entertainment -Autobiography of a people : three centuries of African American history told by those who lived it -A Pictorial history of African Americans -The big sea : an autobiographyLotsYes
Wright, RichardMid-20th centuryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealismWright experienced terrible racism to the degree that he became an expat and moved to Paris to write. Many of his stories deal with the pervasive racism of America. -Eight Men -Native Son-Black Boy -The Outsider -American HungerYes
Morrison, ToniContemporaryAfrican-AmericanFemaleRealism and Magical RealismNobel-prize winning author whose books often deal with relationships between people in the African-American community.-Beloved -Sula -The Bluest Eye -Jazz -Love -A Mercy -Paradise -Song of Solomon -Tar Baby -HomeYes
Johnson, CharlesContemporaryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealism and Magical RealismSlavery is a dominant theme in Charles Johnson's work.-Dreamer -Middle Passage-Africans in America: America's Journey Through SlaveryNo
Wideman, John EdgarContemporaryAfrican-AmericanMaleRealism and Magical RealismWideman's stories are often set in his native Philadelphia and deal with race relations and violence. Some of his work contains magical realism.-Philadelphia Fire -Short stories -Every Tongue Got to Confess: Negro Folk Tales -The Cattle Killing-Brothers and Keepers (memoir)
Butler, OctaviaContemporaryAfrican-AmericanFemaleScience FictionContemporary African-American science fiction writer whose work often addresses race and gender.-Kindred
-Parable of the Talents
-Parable of the Sower
-Short story from a science-fiction anthology
Saroyan, WilliamMid-20th centuryArmenian-AmericanMaleRealismCalifornian-born to Armenian immigrant parents, Saroyan grew up poor. His stories often deal with the immigrant experience. -Subway Circus (play) -Fresno Stories -The Human Comedy-ObituariesNo
Atwood, MargaretContemporaryCanadianFemaleScience FictionContemporary Canadian author who attended Harvard and often sets her novels in America or North America. Many of the stories contain dystopian or science-fictional elements.-The Handmaid’s Tale
-Cat’s Eye
-Oryx and Crake
-The Year of the Flood
-Wilderness Tips [short stories]
Jen, GishContemporaryChinese-AmericanFemaleRealismJen often writes stories that illustrate the immigrant experience from the Chinese-American perspective.-Who's Irish? [stories] -Mona in the Promised Land -Short storiesNo
Tan, AmyContemporaryChinese-AmericanFemaleRealism and Magical RealismOakland native Amy Tan often writes about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, particularly first- and second-generation Chinese immigrants. Her stories often weave in Chinese history and folktales.-Joy Luck Club -The Hundred Secret Senses -The Bonesetter's Daughter - The Kitchen God's Wife -Saving Fish from DrowningThe Opposite of FateYes
Diaz, JunotContemporaryDominican-AmericanMaleMagical Realism and RealismContemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning Dominican-American author. His major themes include immigrant identity, social class, and coming-of-age.-The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Alvarez, JuliaContemporaryDominican-AmericanFemaleRealismContemporary Dominican-American author who often writes about the immigrant experience. Many of her novels are written with multiple narrators-How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents
-In the Name of Salome
-In the Time of Butterflies
-Return to Sender
-Saving the World
-Before We Were Free -Finding Miracles
Something to Declare [essays]Paper Dance: 55 : Latino poets [not just Alvarez]Yes
Lahiri, JhumpaContemporaryIndian-AmericanFemaleRealismBorn in London to Indian immigrants but spent her childhood in the USA. Her stories are often set in either India or the United States and often deal with the issue of characters feeling like they have multiple identities or a lack of identity.-Interpreter of Maladies (short stories) -The Namesake -Unaccustomed EarthNo
Mukherjee, BharatiContemporaryIndian-AmericanFemaleRealismBorn in India and now a professor at Cal, Mukherjee's stories often deal with the immigrant experience or the clash of culture.-Jasmine -Leave it to Me -The Middleman and other storiesNo
Yamashita, KarenContemporaryJapanese-AmericanFemalePost-modernismOakland native and Santa Cruz professor, Yamashita's works deal with multiculturalism and globalization.-Brazil-Maru -I-HotelNo
Stein, GertrudeEarly 20th centuryJewishFemaleRealismStein grew up in Oakland, CA but eventually joined the expats in Paris. The Autobiography of Alice B. ToklasYes
Chabon, Michael ContemporaryJewish AmericanMaleMagical Realism and RealismContemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who lives in Berkeley, CA. He often draws from his Jewish background to create his characters and plots. He has also written screenplays, children's books, and comics.-Telegraph Avenue -The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
-Wonder Boys
-The Yiddish Policeman’s Union
-Gentlemen of the Road [children’s book]
Foer, Jonathan SafranContemporaryJewish AmericanMalePost-modernismContemporary post-modern and non-fiction Jewish-American author who published his first book at age 24. He is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker magazine and has written an opera. His novels are experimental in form and often contain visual elements and humor.-Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
-Everything is Illuminated
-Tree of Codes
Eating Animals [non-fiction about why he opposes meat consumption]No
Heller, JosephMid-20th centuryJewish AmericanMalePost-modernism and SatireOne of the most famous 20th century authors of post-modern satirical fiction.-Catch-22 -Something Happened -God KnowsYesNew Biography by his daughter Erica Heller: Yossarian slept here : when Joseph Heller was dad, the Apthorp was home, and life was a Catch-22
Ferber, EdnaEarly-20th centuryJewish AmericanFemaleRealismEarly 20th-century Jewish-American author who wrote many works adapted into movies.GiantNo
Bellow, SaulMid-20th centuryJewish AmericanMaleRealismPulitzer and Nobel prize-winning mid-20th century Jewish-American writer. Considered by many as one of the best 20th century American authors. He writes with a blend of intellectualism and humor.-Herzog
-Seize the Day
-Henderson the Rain King
-The Adventures of Augie March
-AHS Library has anthologies with Bellow plays and short stories
Fast, Howard Mid-20th centuryJewish AmericanMaleRealismMid 20th century writer of historical fiction and essays about the constitution. He wrote the book that became the basis for the movie “Spartacus”. A member of the communist party.-Citizen Tom Paine
-A Howard Fast Reader: a collection of stories and novels
Malamud, BernardLate 20th centuryJewish AmericanMaleRealismHis stories often concern the Jewish experience, whether in America or Russia. He won the National Book Award for the Fixer and had his book The Natural become a hit movie.-The Fixer -The Natural -The Assistant -short story collectionsNo
Auster, PaulContemporaryJewish AmericanMaleRealism and AbsurdismContemporary author whose stories are often in an urban setting and have themes of absurdity and existentialism-Sunset Park
-Moon Palace
-The New York Trilogy [3 novelettes]
Asimov, Isaacmid-20th centuryJewish AmericanMaleScience FictionScience and science-fiction writer.-Foundation
-Second Foundation
-Foundation and empire
-Foundation and earth
-Forward the foundation
-Foundation's edge
-Fantastic voyage II : destination brain
-Foundation's edge
-Prelude to Foundation
-I, Robot
-Robots and Empire
-The far ends of time and earth
-Prisoners of the stars
-The end of eternity
-Tales from Isaac Asimov's science fiction magazine : short stories for young adults
-Atom : Journey across the subatomic cosmos
-The kite that won the Revolution.
-Realm of measure
-The search for the elements
-Understanding physics
-Words from the myths
Wiesel, ElieContemporaryJewish-AmericanMaleRealismHolocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winning author.-Night -Dawn -The AccidentNo
Wouk, HermanContemporaryJewish-AmericanMaleRealismWouk served in the Navy during WWII, which greatly influenced his writing career.-Caine Mutiny -Winds of War -War and Rememberance
Roth, PhilipContemporaryJewish-AmericanMaleRealism and SatireFamous for his social commentary and satire.-American Pastoral -Goodbye Columbus and Five Short Stories -The great American Novel -The Human Stain -The Iceberg Hermit -The Plot Against AmericaYes
Lee, Chang-RaeContemporaryKorean-AmericanMaleRealismAward-winning author and writing professor. Lee's books often have Korean-American characters who are dealing with their identity and past in the United States.-A Gesture Life -Native Speaker -The SurrenderedNo
Cisneros, SandraContemporaryMexican-AmericanFemaleRealism and Magical RealismContemporary Mexican-American author who often incorporates themes of identity and social class into her work. Her styles vary from lyrical/poetic to realistic to magical realism.-Woman Hollering Creek and other stories
-The House on Mango Street
-Loose Woman [poems]
-AHS Library has lots of anthologies that include stories and poems by Cisneros.
Alexie, ShermanContemporaryNative AmericanMaleRealism and Magical RealismContemporary Native-American novelist, poet and screenplay writer. Often writes about the tensions of being a Native American in the context of mainstream American culture.-Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian
-The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist-fight in Heaven [interconnected short stories]
-Ten Little Indians [short stories]
-War Dances [short stories]
The Business of Fancy-Dancing [poems and stories]No
Dorris, Michael and Erdrich, LouiseContemporaryNative AmericanMale and FemaleRealism and Magical RealismContemporary bi-racial (Native American and white) ex-married writers who often co-wrote or heavily contributed to each other’s books. Both authors often set their novels on Indian reservations and created bi-racial characters searching for their past and identity. Many novels credited to Erdrich, including Love Medicine take place on the same Indian Reservation and contain recurring characters. Novels credited to Dorris often have a more historical fiction focus. Dorris committed suicide in 1999 after the beginning of divorce proceedings with Erdrich.-A Yellow Raft in Blue Water [credited to Dorris]
-Cloud Chamber [credited to Dorris]
-The Crown of Columbus [credited to Dorris and Erdrich]
-Love Medicine [credited to Erdrich]
-The Bingo Palace[credited to Erdrich]
-Beet Queen[credited to Erdrich]
-The Antelope Wife[credited to Erdrich]
-The Birchbark House[credited to Erdrich]
-Tracks [children’s book] [Erdrich]
-The Last Report of the Miracles at Little No Horse [Erdrich]
-The Game of Silence [Erdrich] -Shadowtag [Erdrich]
-AHS has many anthologies containing poems and short stories by Erdrich
-AHS has three very short children’s stories by Dorris for elementary age readers, including Morning Girl.
The Broken Cord [memoir about his adopted son’s Fetal Alcohol Syndrome]
London, JackEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleAdventureOakland native who often wrote adventure tales of the wild nature and frontier life of the Yukon.-White Fang -Call of the Wild -Short storiesNo
Lethem, JonathanContemporaryWhiteMaleMagical Realism and RealismPostmodern writer interested in themes of urban life and "differentness". Uses magical realism.-Fortress of Solitude -Girl in a Landscape -Motherless Brooklyn -As She Climbed Across the Table -Chronic City -Gun, with Occasional MusicNo
Jackson, ShirleyMid-20th centuryWhiteFemaleMysteryInfluential writer of mystery, suspense and horror fiction.-The Haunting of Hill House -We Have Always Lived in the Castle -"The Lottery" [short story]No
Chandler, RaymondEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleMysteryEarly 20th-century author credited with creating hugely influencing the American noir/detective genre. Criticized at the time for writing “pulp” fiction (i.e. trashy) and critized today for being “politically incorrect”, Chandler is still praised for his evocative writing and influence on the “hardboiled” detective genre.-The Big Sleep
-Farewell My Lovely
Hammett, DashiellEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleMysteryHammett is one of the most famous "hard-boiled" mystery writers. Many of his novels have been turned into movies, particularly his works with his detectives Sam Spade and Nick & Nora Charles.- The Maltese falcon ; The thin man ; Red harvestNoDashiell Hammett, a life
King, StephenContemporaryWhiteMaleMysteryConsidered the contemporary American master of the horror novel.-11/22/63 -Wizard in Glass -The Wastelands -Two Dead Girls -The Talisman -The Stand -Song of Susannah -Skeleton Crew -The Shining -Salem's Lot -Nightmares and Dreamscapes -Night Shift -Night Journey -Green Mile series -Misery -Lisey's Story -Hearts in Atlantis -The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon -Gunslinger -Gerald's Game - Firestarter -Duma Key -Dreamcatcher -Dead Zone -Dark Tower -Cujo -Christine -Cell -Carrie -Collections of Short StoriesYes
Poe, Edgar Allen19th centuryWhiteMaleMysteryOne of the first American horror and mystery writers.Many collections of short storiesYes.Yes
Whitman, Walt19th CenturyWhiteMalePoetryA poet of the Transcendental school, his poems are famous for their portraits of America, rich and poor and for the sensuality and sexuality of some of his verses.Lots and lotsNo
Plath, SylviaMid-20th centuryWhiteFemalePoetry and MemoirsPulitzer Prize winning poet who wrote deeply personal poems as well as the semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar.The Bell JarManyNo
Burroughs, William S.Mid-20th centuryWhiteMalePost-modernismPost-modern writer who experimented with both innovative storytelling styles as well as a variety of drugs which influenced both the content and style of his writing.Naked LunchNo
Eugenides, JeffreyContemporaryWhiteMalePost-modernismContemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning Greek-American author. His novels often have a dream-like quality and shift between forwards and backwards in time. Middlesex is narrated by a man who explains how he was born a hermaphrodite and spent his early years as a girl. It is also the story of the social and economic shifts of Detroit in the 1970s.-Middlesex
-The Virgin Suicides -The Marriage Plot
Faulkner, WilliamMid-20th centuryWhiteMalePost-modernismMid 20th century Southern post-modern Nobel Prize-winning novelist. Most of Faulkner’s novels are set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County. Faulkner often uses the technique of stream-of-consciousness.-As I Lay Dying
-The Sound and the Fury
-Absalom, Absalom!
-Light in August
-Knight’s Gambit
-Intruder in the Dust
-The Reivers
-The Famous Short Novels of William Faulkner
-The Faulkner Reader
-Collected Stories of William Faulkner
-Faulkner: Novels
Kerouac, JackMid-20th centuryWhiteMalePost-modernismOne of the most famous Beat poets.On the RoadMany anthologies of poetryNo
Kesey, KenMid-20th centuryWhiteMalePost-modernismPart of the Beat and pyschedelic group of writers in the later '50s and '60s-One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest -Sometimes a Great NotionTom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is largely about KeseyNo
Wallace, David FosterContemporaryWhiteMalePost-modernismKnown both for his creative and highly readable non-fiction essays as well as his post-modern fiction, David Foster Wallace suffered from depression and committed suicide in 2008. Hailed as a genius by many.Infinite JestConsider the LobsterYes
DeLillo, Don ContemporaryWhiteMalePost-modernism and SatireContemporary post-modern writer and winner of the National Book Award. He often employs stream-of-consciousness and moments of magical realism or absurdity. DeLillo often writes of the perils of commercialism, mass media, technology, and capitalism.-Underworld
-White Noise
Ellis, Bret EastonContemporaryWhiteMalePost-modernism and SatirePost-modern satirical author who often writes stories that are dark, amoral and explore both sexual and moral deviance. American PsychoNo
Pynchon, ThomasContemporaryWhiteMalePost-modernism and SatirePostmodern and absurdist writer whose works comment on American culture.The Crying of Lot 49No
Buck, Pearl S.Early-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismEarly 20th-century writer who grew up in a missionary in China. Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner.-The Good Earth
-House of Earth
Cather, Willa Early-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismPulitzer Prize-winning early 20th century author who often wrote novels based in the frontier of the Great Plains. She was known to go by the name “William” and never married. Some feminist scholars debate whether her sexuality influenced her novels.-O, Pioneers!
-My Antonia
-The Song of the Lark
-Death Comes for the Archbishop
-Willa Cather: Early Novels and Stories
-Willa Cather: Later Novels and Stories
-Stories, poems and other writings
Chopin, Kate19th centuryWhiteFemaleRealism19th century novelist and short story writer who is now considered by many to be a proto-feminist. She often wrote about women and race.-The Awakening
-The Awakening and selected stories
-A Vocation and a Voice [short stories]
Didion, JoanContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismContemporary journalist and novelist, Didion explores themes of anxiety, the individual in society, and other modern themes. -Where I was from -The Last Thing He Wanted -A Book of Common Prayer -Play It as It Lays-Slouching towards Bethlehem -The White Album
Hinton, S.E.Mid-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismWriter of books often involving teens; Hinton wrote her most famous book, The Outsiders, as a 17-year old college freshman.-The Outsiders -Tex -Rumble Fish -That Was Then, This is Now -Taming the Star RunnerYes
McCullers, CarsonMid-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismSouthern Gothic writer whose work often deals with loneliness and isolation.-The Heart is a Lonely Hunter -The Member of the Wedding (play) -The Member of the Wedding and other short stories -Yes
Millay, Edna St. VincentEarly-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismConsidered one of the earliest American feminist writers.-Make Bright the Arrows (play) -The Murder of LidiceYes.No
Mitchell, Margaret19th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismSouthern writer most famous for Gone with the Wind.-Gone with the WindNo
Oates, Joyce CarolContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismOne of the most famous and prestigious professors of writing in the USA.-Foxfire: confessions of a Girl Gang -Sexy (young adult) -Big Mouth and Ugly Girl (young adult) -short storiesNo
O’Conner, FlanneryMid-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismSouthern Gothic writer who is considered one of the best short story writers of all time.Many collections of short storiesYes
Patchett, AnnContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismContemporary author who often puts her characters together in trapped situations.-Bel Canto -The Magician's Assistant -State of Wonder -RunNo
Proulx, AnnieContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismBest known for writing the short story "Brokeback Mountain" and her novel The Shipping News, both of which became major movies.-The Shipping News -Close Range: Wyoming Stories -PostcardsNo
Rand, AynMid-20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismBorn in Russia, Rand came to American and became famous for writing books that praised capitalism and industrialism. The Tea Party is a big fan of Rand's works.-Atlas Shrugged -The FountainheadNo
Robinson, MarilynneContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismHer books paint characters in great detail and often involve themes about family and spirituality.-Housekeeping -Gilead -HomeNo
Smiley, JaneContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealismSmiley is a creative writer with a wide range of styles. Her A Thousand Acres is a modern retelling of Shakespeare's King Lear.-Ordinary love ; & Good will : two novellas -A Thousand Acres -Duplicate KeysNo
Stowe, Harriet Beecher19th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismA supporter of the Underground Railroad, Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin was a huge pro-Abolitionist influence.Uncle Tom's CabinNo
Wharton, EdithEarly 20th centuryWhiteFemaleRealismWharton's stories often deal with social classes and often use the device of irony.-The Age of Innocence -Ethan Frome -The House of Mirth -other writingsYes
Banks, Russell ContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismContemporary writer of novels, short stories and poetry. Stories are often about working-class people facing challenges or disappointment.-Rule of the Bone
-Continental Drift
-The Sweet Hereafter
Capote, TrumanMid-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismMid-20th century writer who was openly gay and a bit of a celebrity in his time. He was good friends with Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Capote is perhaps most famous for his “fictional non-fiction” book In Cold Blood about a real life murder of a family in a rural town in Kansas.-Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-Breakfast at Tiffany’s plus 3 short stories
-The Grass Harp: a play in two acts [play]
-In Cold Blood
-Music for Chameleons [essays]
-A Capote reader [short stories, novellas, travel sketches, reportage, portraits, and essays]
Cooper, James Fenimore 19th centuryWhiteMaleRealismBorn just 12 years after the U.S.A. became a nation, Cooper was an early 19th-century author of pre-Revolutionary War historical adventure novels often featuring sailors, early colonists and Native Americans. His writing style may seem old-fashioned and challenging to the modern reader, but Cooper is worth reading to get a sense of early American attitudes and style.-The Last of the Mohicans
-The Spy
-The Leatherstalking Tales [short stories]
-Sea Tales [short stories]
Dreiser, TheodoreEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismEarly 20th century writer whose novels deal with moral ambiguity, social class, and politics. He wrote in the “naturalist” style, a literary movement rooted in the realistic portrayal of people and setting.-Sister Carrie
-Sister Carrie and other stories
-An American Tragedy
Eggers, DaveContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismContemporary novelist, memoirist, non-fiction and short story writer and founder and editor of the (now online) literary magazine McSweeney’s. He lives in the Bay Area and is the creator of the “store” 826 Valencia in the Mission in San Francisco. 826 on the outside looks like a pirate-supply store but in reality is a writing workshop for teens. There are similar writing workshops in Los Angeles and New York based on the 826 model.]-What is the What
-You Shall Know Our Velocity!
-A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius [memoir]
-Zeitoun [non-fiction about one Muslim-American family’s struggles after Hurricane Katrina]
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Early-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismEarly 20th century “Jazz Age” novelist and short story writer most famous for The Great Gatsby.-The Great Gatsby
-Tender is the Night
-The Last Tycoon
-This Side of Paradise
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and other Stories [short stories]
-Zelda [biography]
-The Art of the Personal Essay [contains one essay by Fitzgerald]
Harte, Bret19th centuryWhiteMaleRealism19th century Bay Area writer of pioneer and western life.-Bret Harte : stories of the early West -The luck of Roaring Camp, & other storiesNo
Hemingway, ErnestEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismNobel-prize winning author who wrote often of war and American life in Europe. Hemingway had a distinctive spare style of writing.-Across the River and into the Trees. -A Farewell to Arms. -For Whom the Bell Tolls. -The Old Man and the Sea. -Short Stories. -The Sun Also Rises. -A Moveable FeastYesErnest Hemingway: A Life Story
Henry, O.Early-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismEarly 20th century writer of short stories, often of everyday people living in cities; often the stories have a surprise or twist ending. 2 collections of short storiesNo
Irving, JohnContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismContemporary author and screenwriter of fiction that often involves unconventional relationships or eccentric characters.-The Cider House Rules -The World According to Garp -A Prayer for Owen Meaney My movie business : a memoirNo
James, Henry19th century and Early 20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismMajor American writer who often wrote novels in which the New World and Old World collide and conflict. James used his American characters as a way to comment on American culture. Many of works have become films.-The Portrait of a Lady -Daisy Miller -The Bostonians -Novel collections-A Little Tour in FranceYes
Lewis, SinclairEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismFirst American to win the Nobel Prize. His works deal with American themes and he often satirizes American life and commercialism.-Babbit -It Can't Happen Here -Main StreetYes
McCarthy, CormacContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismHis writing style is deceptively simple and spare, but his stories are often powerfully grim and violent.-No Country for Old Men -The Road -All the Pretty Horses -Cities of the Plain -The Crossing -No
McMurtry, LarryContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismPulitzer Prize winning author who often sets his novels in Texas or the West. Many of his works have been turned into successful movies.-The Last Picture Show -Pretty Boy Floyd -Sin Killer -Lonesome DoveNo
O’Brien, TimContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismA veteran of the Vietnam War, O'Brien often sets his stories during that conflict.-The Things They Carried -Going After Cacciato -In the Lake of the WoodsIf I Die in a Combat ZoneYes
Salinger, J.D.Mid-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismA famously reclusive writer.-The Catcher in the Rye -Franny and Zooey -Nine StoriesYes
Sinclair, UptonEarly-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismExtremely political, Sinclair ran for office in California. The JungleNo
Steinbeck, JohnEarly 20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismWinner of both the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, Steinbeck is one of America's foremost authors. A native of California, Steinbeck's stories combine intense detail to character development and political themes.-Cannery Row -East of Eden -The Grapes of Wrath -In Dubious Battle -Of Mice and Men -The Moon is Down -The Pearl -Tortilla Flat -The Winter of Our Discontent -The Red Pony-The Log from the Sea of Cortez -Travels with CharleyYesThe true adventures of John Steinbeck, writer : a biography
Styron, WilliamMid-20th centuryWhiteMaleRealismStyron was friends with both James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison. Having participated in the Korean war, Styron became an activist against the Vietnam War. His books often deal with racial and ethnic violence and war.-Sophie's Choice -The Confessions of Nat TurnerNo
Udall, BradyContemporaryWhiteMaleRealismUdall comes from a powerful Mormon family and has relatives who are or who have been involved in US politics. Udall's "The Lonely Polygamist" explores one fictional polygamist family but more than that is the examination of families and fathers in general. Udall has stated that he does not want his Mormonism to completely define him as an author.-The Lonely Polygamist -The Miracle Life of Edgar Mintno
Franzen, JonathanContemporaryWhiteMaleRealism National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning contemporary authors who many critics agree is one of the best American writers today. His books deal with the dysfunction of families.-The Corrections -FreedomHow to Be Alone: essaysNo
Melville, Herman19th centuryWhiteMaleRealism and AdventureFamous for Moby Dick and other seafaring adventure tales, Melville is considered by some critics to be one of the first post-modern American writers. His stories are both tales of man vs nature and the psychology of his characters.-Moby Dick -Billy Budd -Typee -collections of short storiesYes
Kingsolver, BarbaraContemporaryWhiteFemaleRealism and Magical RealismOften sets her stories in America's Southwest. Kingsolver spent part of her childhood in rural Africa; this experience shows itself in her masterpiece The Poisonwood Bible-Bean Trees -Animal Dreams -Poisonwood Bible - The Lacuna -Pigs in Heaven -Prodigal Summer-Animal, Vegetable, Miracle -Small Wonder -High Tide in TucsonNo